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^ Ruby Socket to Java Socket
315932 [seurdge.sawa] I have some problem trying to establish dialog between a Ruby
315981 [seurdge.sawa] in = requestSocket.getInputStream();
316011 [ml e4net.com] The Java server is reading a Marshalled Java object, Usually that will only be used for two Java
+ 316388 [seurdge.sawa] Thx jim...
| 339446 [mistressjann] Serge,
+ 339480 [shortcutter ] 753)
  339512 [seurdge.sawa] The trick is to use java.io.InputStream and java.io.OutputStream to
  342611 [aghidu gmail] I'm also looking for a solution to this problem. Can you provide me also

^ Sqlite, multiple processes and blocking.
315934 [john.carter ] So I have two very independent (linux) processes a producer and

^ [ANN] RDoc 2.2.1 released
315935 [tony.strauss] RDoc 2.2.1 now is available!

^ [ANN] mms2r 2.1.1 Released
315942 [mikemondrago] mms2r version 2.1.1 has been released!

^ How can I post form data via https?
315946 [xpolife gmai] How can I post form data via https?
315948 [etaern yahoo] I'd suggest you take a look over WWW::Mechanize . It can handle
315949 [xpolife gmai] Thank you for your information.

^ [ANN] Famous Ruby Personalities: Who do you recommend?
315947 [satish.talim] RubyLearning pays tribute to the Famous Ruby Personalities (Rock Stars and

^ object allocation during garbage collection phase
315953 [georgiev hea] I am experiancing random "object allocation during garbage collection

^ Gem update on Windows is broken?
315954 [reachme char] When I issue the "gem update" command on Windows, whenever it gets to a
316019 [drbrain segm] There is no pre-built sqlite3-ruby for any platform.
316067 [johnts chart] Yes, and has been posted about previously (without any replies), not
+ 316071 [reachme char] Yes, this is correct.
| + 316091 [johnts chart] Amen. I second this!
| | 316096 [reachme char] Same here, although I don't have nmake installed and thus I'm getting
| | 316099 [johnts chart] Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
| + 316138 [rogerpack200] A little edgey, but hey :)
|   316165 [reachme char] Cool, thanks. I had no idea the new mingw version had come so far.
|   + 316175 [rogerpack200] Well I can't take much credit--I wasn't actually the blog author :)
|   + 316178 [luislavena g] You will require install what we call the development kit, which is
|     316183 [rogerpack200] Wow nice! Rmagick et al. Go OCI team. mingw's looking better every day.
+ 316176 [brabuhr gmai] `gem outdated`.split(/\n/).map{|z|z.scan(/^[^[:space:]]+/)}.flatten.map{|z|system("gem
  316202 [reachme char] `gem.bat
  322448 [alesmana gma] sorry for being so slow... i am new with all these command line
  323050 [reachme char] You need to paste it into a .rb file, then run the .rb file from the
  323074 [alesmana gma] Hey

^ Net::FTP adding port as initialize/open parameter
315958 [lunatyq smis] Why there is no option to supply port parameter to Net::FTP.new/open ?
315959 [lunatyq smis] I mean Ruby Core :)
315964 [etaern yahoo] You could take advantage of ruby's open classes and make a "patch" for

^ Invocation of ruby interpreter for .rb files under bash
315960 [user domain.] don't remember how to have the interpreter launched when typing foo.rb
+ 315961 [etaern yahoo] the first line should be
| 315991 [rhkramer gma] ^ s/script/ruby interpreter/
+ 315962 [lunatyq smis] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 315963 [stefano.croc] You're almost there. It's #! followed by a space then the path of the ruby
+ 315966 [yaserbuntu g] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 316074 [user domain.] Thanks all for you help, now the script files are executed the right way !

^ Watir::IE.new problem
315965 [eric.ramsey ] When trying to create a new IE instance my program keeps failing when
315967 [eric.ramsey ] Also here is the error message that ruby spits out once I close all the

^ Re: One-Liners Mashup (#177 again)
315972 [matthew.moss] Summary coming late today.

^ HL7
315973 [srinivasarao] any body has worked on ruby-hl7??

^ Re: Famous Ruby Personalities: Who do you recommend?
315974 [shevegen lin] matz

^ ruby https post
315980 [prodan.crist] require 'net/http'
315986 [etaern yahoo] Check mechanize at http://mechanize.rubyforge.org/mechanize/ . Read the

^ how to wrap a long string
315983 [chen_li3 yah] I need  to wrap a long string into several small segments.
+ 315984 [tpreal gmail] You wanted either text[x..(x+5)] or better text[x,5]. Have a look at
+ 315985 [etaern yahoo] a = "1112223334444"
  + 315989 [kh.wild wico] ...
  + 315994 [kh.wild wico] great idea!
  + 316028 [erikveen gma] ["bb", "ccc", "dddd"]

^ Re: Guy Decoux.
316010 [transfire gm] On Sep 24, 6:50=A0pm, "Jean-Fran=E7ois Tr=E2n" <jft...@rubyfrance.org>

^ How to get a string using InputDialog with FxRuby
316013 [chen_li3 yah] Does anyone know how to get user input using InputDialog  with FxRuby?
316086 [chris.hulan ] The docs (http://www.fxruby.org/doc/api/classes/Fox/
316089 [chen_li3 yah] I need a code sample.
316100 [chris.hulan ] I was hopping you'd provide a sample of code showing what you are
316105 [chen_li3 yah] ###
316118 [chen_li3 yah] Sorry there is a typo in my earlier post: I am NOT sure what is wrong
316225 [chris.hulan ] Sorry about that, I was on a computer without Ruby so it only worked
316248 [chen_li3 yah] Now the code is working. I have one more question. I copy one method
316322 [chris.hulan ] Don't see anything in the FXRuby docs, but according to the Fox docs
316334 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much. Now I think it is a little bit easier for me to

^ Bug in the money gem?
316015 [ericlin852 g] For anyone of you using the money gem (http://dist.leetsoft.com/api/
+ 316016 [mark thomasz] # File lib/money/money.rb, line 79
+ 316017 [mguterl gmai] # File lib/money/money.rb, line 79
  316652 [ericlin852 g] , currency)

^ How to run a standalone Ruby application in Windows XP?
316022 [schang wxs.n] I am new to Ruby and I made a Ruby application that have to run as as a
316023 [james.britt ] Have you looked at rubyscript2exe ?
316030 [schang wxs.n] Thanks for your advice. I just downloaded the rubyscript-pdf and I

^ How to get terminal dimensions without using curses or ncurses?
316027 [kenneth.m.mc] I'd like to be able to print to terminal and do some reasonable
+ 316029 [kenneth.m.mc] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| 316032 [_mwryder wor] Do you have a command called infocmp available on OS X?  Calling this
+ 316034 [martindemell] It's platform dependent, and curses has already done the hard work of
+ 316036 [james graypr] $ cat term_size.rb
| 316044 [kenneth.m.mc] This looks very nice. Do you know where on OS X highline and its
| 316047 [james graypr] gem unpack highline
+ 316077 [b.candler po] There is code in Ruport that you could try.
  316113 [james graypr] Looks to me like Greg took that code right out of HighLine.  :)

^ How to make Ruby _THE_ scripting language of choice, fold in SQLite
316033 [john.carter ] Much has been written about the OOP / RDBMS impedance mismatch....
+ 316035 [ara.t.howard] i think that's looking backwards.  something like couchdb takes only a
| 316057 [ruby j-davis] Sequel is fundamentally different than a traditional ORM, and in my
| + 316058 [ara.t.howard] indeed.  it's sql that's the issue imho, not acid properties.
| + 316276 [john.carter ] Thanks for the many responses, all made Good and perfectly valid
|   316548 [ninja slapha] In other words: Much like COBOL.
+ 316046 [ninja slapha] The tasks SQL wins for, it wins mostly because it is executed inside the
| 316051 [no spam.plea] However, most of the non-SQL things that are included in such definitions
| + 316055 [ara.t.howard] using them may not even help
| + 316059 [ninja slapha] way
|   316062 [ara.t.howard] not trying to be difficult but...
|   316065 [no spam.plea] Yes, the Walter Tichy method, first used (to my knowledge) by him in RCS.
|   316069 [ninja slapha] Unless you've got data journaling and ordered writes.
|   316088 [no spam.plea] I might be labouring a point here, and I really don't mean to
|   316149 [ninja slapha] No, the point here is that a file is not a whole database, but is rather one
|   316221 [no spam.plea] DVCS exists because isolation isn't needed, since tools like patch
|   316226 [ninja slapha] ich=20
|   316240 [no spam.plea] That's not the definition of isolation. Isolation means that
+ 316056 [ruby j-davis] I suggest you look at Sequel http://sequel.rubyforge.org/
+ 316230 [erik hollens] I think the fundamental problem with changing this (and this applies to

^ mkmf can't find lib then gives target pattern contains no %
316037 [lucaslevin g] I am trying to build a STAF extension for ruby (not made by me). It
+ 316039 [TimHunter nc] Check the mkmf.log file. It should give you some indication as to why it
| + 316040 [lucaslevin g] Whoops, I knew I'd forget something.
| + 316041 [TimHunter nc] Er, I mean "as to why checking for STAFRegister in STAF.lib failed."
|   316043 [lucaslevin g] I posted it above, but I don't get it. I have no idea why there seems to
|   316045 [TimHunter nc] Yes. This is how mkmf "checks" for things, by compiling and/or linking
+ 316119 [nobu ruby-la] This is a makefile for nmake.
  316284 [lucaslevin g] Whoops. I actually meant --, not -. Still doesn't work.
  + 316285 [lucaslevin g] (No edit on mailing list, sorry for double post)
  + 316296 [nobu ruby-la] Since VC2005 is binary incompatible with VC6, so it's absolutely
    316757 [lucaslevin g] Not according to a blog post I read the other day. It said you can fake

^ [SUMMARY] One-Liners Mashup (#177)
316050 [matthew.moss] Thanks to everyone who joined in on the one-liners mashup. I think
+ 316075 [sepp2k googl] It simply divides until the remainder repeats itself (storing the position
| + 316081 [martindemell] Neat :)
| + 316083 [sepp2k googl] Well, almost. "h[30] - i = 6" should of course be "i - h[30] = 6".
+ 316082 [botp delmont] #...

^ web framework camping's problem
316052 [his2000x gma] sorry, i know that this site is ruby forum.

^ Re: One-Liners Mashup (#177)
316053 [matthew.moss] If you saw this the way I saw it here, this is an unfortunate line-

^ Is there a way to find the class methods of a class, just like 'methods' finds the instance methods?
316060 [kenneth.m.mc] The subject says it all, really.
+ 316061 [botp delmont] # Subject: Is there a way to find the class methods of a class,=20
| 316064 [botp delmont] #=20
+ 316063 [ara.t.howard] p Class.methods
+ 316072 [sepp2k googl] methods does not give you the instance methods of a class. instance_methods
  316108 [kenneth.m.mc] Thanks everyone. It appears, then, that Ncurses.init_pair is not

^ ruby
316066 [krishna1853 ] how do i get started with Ruby and Rails
316102 [tim.pease gm] First hit should give you what you need.

^ my ears are burning... ;)
316068 [parrt antlr.] could figure out why Ryan was mad at me. Oh well.
+ 316090 [no spam.plea] Terrence,
| 316184 [parrt antlr.] Templating is nice in Ruby. The problem is it's too powerful in the
+ 316159 [eric.mahurin] This sounds very good.  I'd like to see how you did some of this.  My parser
  316187 [parrt antlr.] There is some really amazing jiggery-pokery in the grammar analyzer.
  + 316227 [eric.mahurin] I do mean LL(*).  I decided up front to make my parser mainly LL(1) for
  | 316264 [parrt antlr.] Howdy.  Well, that's my point.  LL(*) is not backtracking.
  | 316267 [eric.mahurin] I didn't realize the special meaning of LL(*).  I'm really doing something
  | 316366 [parrt antlr.] th
  + 316445 [no spam.plea] Such protocols always consist of a continuous stream of packets,
    316488 [parrt antlr.] Well, I wasn't talking about packets; more protocols and things like
    316537 [no spam.plea] Protocols are just a two-directional sequences of packets. They
    316664 [parrt antlr.] Well, easiest way to look at that is to examine the argument list of

^ [ANN] darkfish-rdoc 1.1.5
316070 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.1.5 of Darkfish-Rdoc has been released.
316145 [drbrain segm] I love you.
316156 [ged FaerieMU] Aw, I'm pretty fond of you, too! :)
316162 [gethemant gm] 1. Shouldn't that search box go on the top, rather than at the bottom?

^ ruby_debug bug: breakpoint may break in inappropriate files
316073 [todd browser] A breakpoint will break in any file being executed for which the current

^ How does Array's each method change its elements ?
316076 [duzuike gmai] I found Array's each method (block) changes its elements sometimes,
+ 316078 [sepp2k googl] It doesn't. You do.
+ 316080 [botp delmont] #..
  316161 [duzuike gmai] I have noticed that Number elements and String elements of an array
  + 316163 [sepp2k googl] That's not true. You simply can not change a Numeric object.
  + 316169 [radek.bulat ] T24gU2F0LCBTZXAgMjcsIDIwMDggYXQgOTo1NSBBTSwgdyB3ZyA8ZHV6dWlrZUBnbWFpbC5jb20+
    316170 [sepp2k googl] Well, I would assume that if Integers were mutable, << would still not be a
    316251 [rick.denatal] MjAwOC85LzI3IFNlYmFzdGlhbiBIdW5nZXJlY2tlciA8c2VwcDJrQGdvb2dsZW1haWwuY29tPjoK

^ Re: darkfish-rdoc 1.1.5
316084 [sgwong513 ho] Looks nice.
316147 [transfire gm] =A0
316148 [aredridel nb] Pluggable, please!
316150 [drbrain segm] I would package the old one as a gem.
+ 316186 [tony.strauss] This looks beautiful!  I love how clean the template file organization
+ 316191 [gregory.t.br] Do it!
  316194 [transfire gm] Why another gem? What's wrong with with having a few choices built-in?
  316196 [drbrain segm] Choice for users means maintenance burden for maintainers. I would
  316214 [transfire gm] =A0

^ start ruby process
316092 [junkone1 gma] how to start a ruby process that is not dependent on the process
+ 316094 [phasis gmail] If you are running on Windows, try system('start ruby myCron.rb')
+ 316107 [botpena gmai] try,
  316112 [junkone1 gma] what is the difference between  exec("ruby mycron.rb") if fork=3D=3Dnil

^ Problem with rake and dependencies
316093 [brock.ryceng] I am new to rake, and I am stuck on a problem with incremental building.
316111 [wpdster gmai] I am not yet a rake enthusiast -- but just this morning I decided,
316120 [wpdster gmai] Look for the post from Jim Weirich.
316126 [brock.ryceng] Actually, I am very familiar with that thread. Been studying that all
316129 [wpdster gmai] If you look at rake/loaders/makefile.rb (which, on my Windoze system
316143 [brock.ryceng] You da man!

^ Short question on regex in Ruby
316095 [kylejc gmx.n] string1 = "He is the 20th."
+ 316098 [mark thomasz] Because the .* is greedy and will get all it can, which is all but the
| 316114 [patrick.he g] IMO, lookahead is the best solution for the problem.
| 316155 [sentinel.200] If you need to get multiple numbers out you could try scan().
+ 316101 [tpreal gmail] here. It's better to simply find the matching part using match and
  316103 [shortcutter ] Agree.
  316104 [tpreal gmail] Yes, I forgot about this one. +1

^ [QUIZ] Cookie Monster (#178)
316106 [matthew.moss] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 316253 [jgabrielygal] It starts from the last square moving backwards (same row, east to west,
+ 316260 [brabuhr gmai] Since Cookie Monster can only make one of 2 moves at any given time, I
+ 316273 [chneukirchen] # A simple recursive solution, not very efficient.
+ 316308 [hmack.gm goo] my solution is also a recursive path finding algorithm, but stores
+ 316369 [hramrach cen] The cookies do not look too challenging ... until there is a forest of
| 316383 [bulliver bad] -d
+ 316381 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU
+ 316408 [list.push gm] Here is my solution.

^ Ncurses.init_pair no longer seems to exist in the 'ncurses' package.
316109 [kenneth.m.mc] Just wondering if this is true, or if something has gone wrong with my
316154 [sentinel.200] Works fine on mine. Check ncurses_wrap.c.

^ [ANN] rcairo 1.8.0
316110 [kou cozmixng] I released rcairo(*1) 1.8.0 that supports cairo(*2) 1.8.0

^ Delphi and Ruby
316115 [anuradha_rag] I am very new to Ruby. We have a Delphi (Borland Delphi version 5)
316189 [lloyd 2live4] I do Delphi too.  You do not give much in the way of specifics but you
316252 [anuradha_rag] Thanks Lloyd. Appreciate your response. How hard is it to work with

^ How to iterate of the attributes of an object?
316116 [sturim hotma] I need to build a string of all populated attributes of a given object.
+ 316122 [chen_li3 yah] irb(main):001:0> foo = {:bar => 'baz', :bar2 => 'baz2', :bar3 => 'baz3'}
+ 316131 [sepp2k googl] Define "attribute". You can print a list of instance variables and their
+ 316132 [gaspard teti] If you are trying to serialize, deserialize an object, you might be