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^ just a thank you
31568 [dempsejn geo] to Matz and the whole ruby community....

^ Is there a way to use Sql server database with ruby?
31570 [fred magicbo] ...
31577 [chris.morris] Check out Ruby/ODBC
31587 [fred magicbo] ...
31624 [chris.morris] DataSource Name. If you're on Windows NT, open Control Panel, ODBC Data

^ Newbie question: RubyTk and Observer ?
31571 [dlc-usenet h] Greetings,
+ 31572 [mcix gmx.net] I am a newbie in ruby as well, but I have years of experience in OO and in
| + 31574 [Jean-Francoi] how you do this with tk ?
| + 31607 [dlc-usenet h] Actually it looks like there's such a thing as a ClientMessage XEvent,
+ 31608 [ggirton mac.] maybe a 2D game of life would be a possibility. I remember one that ran on
| 31610 [dlc-usenet h] Booch, Jacobson, and Rumbaugh.  The UML guys.
+ 32091 [comp.lang.ru] ...
  32227 [kero chmeee.] ...

^ Observer [was: Newbie question: RubyTk and Observer ?]
31590 [mcix gmx.net] gtk+, fox, fltk (and, I guess, qt), but NOT with tk.

^ Re: Using DirectX from Ruby (was: this ruby-parser)
31591 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Printing on Windows with Ruby
31592 [david.naseby] I've been banging my head against a series of walls trying to get simple

^ Can we use constant for a method name?
31593 [moontoeki ao] ...
+ 31595 [matz ruby-la] Yes.
| 31602 [theschof cs.] ...
| + 31603 [theschof cs.] ...
| + 31605 [matz ruby-la] A method which has captialized name is a method by definition.
|   31611 [theschof cs.] ...
+ 31596 [harryo zipwo] I think Ruby can tell that you're writing a method by

^ Mega-widgets
31598 [mwilson crt.] ...
31629 [alwagner uar] There is a Tk extension pkg for Ruby on RACC.  Is this what you

^ Re: [Fwd: Re: more parrot-questions..]
31604 [dan sidhe.or] Not a problem, and I've Cc'd it back to ruby-talk. It's been a busy
32049 [erik bagfors] You're right :)
+ 32097 [decoux moulo] ...
| 32147 [mike stok.co] "simple" matter of programming
+ 32443 [dan sidhe.or] Such is life, alas. :)

^ [ANN] SIE 1.10 Expert system in Ruby
31615 [peter semant] The SIE expert system shell has been updated.

^ Difficulties with dates / using the date.rb module
31617 [neil sentine] Would anyone be able to help with the following date problem - I am
31814 [matju sympat] if you only worry about month boundaries, then you can get the year and
32002 [neil sentine] mb=(ay-by)*12+(am-bm)

^ foozboozer
31618 [tobiasreif p] Who invented the word "foozboozer"? What does it mean?
31631 [paul atdesk.] I've never seen the word before.  Where have you seen this word in the
31634 [james rubyxm] It appears to be a derivative of "foo" or "foobar", invented for the purpose of
31646 [matz ruby-la] FYI, it's not in the original Japanese version.  Translators made up

^ Solving equation for a variable
31619 [list chromat] Is there any Ruby module that allows something like that, or do you
+ 31635 [hipster xs4a] Mupad (www.mupad.com, free for personal use) is a CAS that has many of
| 31637 [feldt ce.cha] There is also Ginac (www.ginac.de) and HartMath (www.hartath.com), both
| 31639 [akimichi mbo] I found another CAS called PARI-GP (http://www.parigp-home.de/)
| 31709 [list chromat] For now I've solved by just p'opening YACAS and letting it perform the
+ 31818 [matju sympat] see [ruby-talk:16383] and [ruby-talk:16387]. It only does very simple

^ Database Extensions
31626 [tihen.willia] Trying to install Postgresql extenions on a RH7.2 machine.  I tried as
31628 [decoux moulo] ...
31702 [tihen.willia] Thanks Guy,

^ class method notation
31632 [alwagner uar] I don't remember tripping across this before, but if Class#method
31633 [decoux moulo] ...
31638 [alwagner uar] Oh.  I've seen THAT. I assumed that, just as the specific

^ What's a wiki?
31636 [DHable phmin] I've been reading the mailing list for some time and I'm still a little lost on what a wiki is?
+ 31640 [anany ece.vi] Finally, I get my chance! I asked the very same question not too long
+ 31641 [armin approx] A wiki allows you to edit the html-page you are viewing in your webbrowser
| 31700 [kpj kki.net.] ... and of course appropriately
+ 31642 [chris darkro] Think of a Wiki as the result of a website and a scratch pad. It allows for
  31752 [ddevilliers ] WOW! Cool! Now me too have learned something new ! :-))

^ Submission: Ruby shard for config files
31643 [ser germane-] Here's a code snippit I find myself using quite a bit.  I thought others
+ 31657 [ser germane-] I got a request to do a line-by-line walkthrough of this code, so here it
+ 31660 [ser germane-] Ok, so now I have a question.
  31703 [decoux moulo] ...
  31723 [ser germane-] Thanks, Guy.  I'd forgotted about extend.

^ Client side tool - GUI - sockets
31651 [rune jarnes.] ...
+ 31669 [dsafari xtra] Without having done anything GUI related that is sizeable, off the cuff, I'm
+ 31704 [leon ugcs.ca] Yes. I've been writing a multiplayer board game in Ruby and

^ Is freetds working with ruby?
31655 [fred magicbo] ...
31689 [daniel zeped] with
31691 [fred magicbo] ...
31746 [daniel zeped] Why?
31763 [fred magicbo] ...

^ dynamic method creation
31658 [alwagner uar] I have a need to dynamically create methods with method names
+ 31661 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 31664 [alwagner uar] I think it's needed to close the class << rec, just above it.  I
| 31672 [chr_news gmx] wierd it should not be necessary - anyway modulo the `case issue'
+ 31668 [see_signatur] You just asked for lisp/scheme type macros. This issue has come on this list
| 31670 [dan sidhe.or] Dunno about python, but there's nothing new about this for perl.
| 31817 [matju sympat] Write how you do this in Perl without using eval. You can do it with eval
| 31819 [dan sidhe.or] Sure.
| 31822 [chr_news gmx] Someone correct me if am wrong but that seems to be Perl's
| 31826 [dan sidhe.or] Got me with that one--hopefully someone more experience could fill in
+ 31679 [theschof cs.] ...
+ 31690 [alwagner tca] Wow!  Thanks a lot guys.  There are several different approaches mentioned
| 31701 [feldt ce.cha] I'm not sure it fits your bill but I didn't see anyone mention
| 31733 [alwagner tca] I haven't kept up with what is coming.  I'll watch for that. Thanks.
+ 31708 [list chromat] Record = Struct.new(nil, :abc, :dof, :ghi)
  31734 [alwagner tca] Yes, That is how I originally implemented the problem.  It's clean and

^ The Rubyat of Omatz Khayyam
31663 [rcena epcor.] A notebook PC underneath the Bough,

^ Chopping and chomping to no avail
31673 [mike aiinc.c] ...
+ 31674 [timsuth ihug] ...
| 31675 [dempsejn geo] right, but then it won't get the newline by itself...
+ 31677 [theschof cs.] ...
| 31684 [mike aiinc.c] ...
| + 31686 [niklas kagi.] Try
| + 31698 [flori eavesd] ...
+ 31699 [nobu.nokada ] 1.7 works as you want.
| 31773 [ mwh shaw.ca] ...
+ 31745 [not here.com] You could use

^ A matter of style
31680 [thomass delt] I'm relatively new to ruby (about a month worth) and I'm wondering if
+ 31683 [matt lickey.] There is very little reason not to.  Users of your package can include
+ 31685 [niklas kagi.] I think the consensus is "yes". If you have a package (or something like

^ Re: webfetcher
31688 [w3gat bellso] I tried out webfetcher and got the following response

^ New Rubygarden poll
31692 [Dave Pragmat] I run Ruby primarily on
31693 [gehlker fast] I found that poll a little strange. Linux was left off the list. MacOS X was
31695 [Dave Pragmat] When I made the categories, I though that Linux is the baseline. Mac
+ 31717 [bobx linuxma] I would agree with your reasoning.
+ 31724 [gehlker fast] I do see your reasoning. It's just that where I, and I presume others, want
+ 31726 [ser germane-] Perhaps the poll should read: "In terms of platforms other than Linux, I'd

^ zip on Linux
31710 [tobiasreif p] Will .zip be OK for users on Linux / other Unixes, or should I provide
+ 31711 [webmaster mo] Should be no problem, as unzip is available on most systems. However, I'd
| + 31712 [tobiasreif p] That's what I thought.
| | + 31713 [webmaster mo] By default there is no unzip on the system I am running (NetBSD), so I have
| | + 31719 [Dave Pragmat] Basically the same as the advantages of zip over tar on a Windows box.
| | | 31721 [tobiasreif p] ... which are?
| | | 31847 [eric badtux.] ...
| | + 31729 [matju sympat] The problem with .zip is that it was Not Invented Here (NIH).
| |   31849 [eric badtux.] ...
| |   31875 [matju sympat] Well that maybe one problem. But there's still a significant advantage at
| |   31945 [eric badtux.] ...
| |   31961 [matju sympat] er, as i remember it, in 1992 i downloaded PKZIP 1, PKPAK, PKARC, SEAARC,
| + 31714 [guaracybm ig] It's Shareware, not free.
| | 31716 [michael loca] ...
| + 31728 [james rubyxm] site, and had to make PowerArchiver shareware
| + 31732 [tobiasreif p] Thanks all for the helpful comments. PowerArchiver 2001 creates a
| + 31846 [eric badtux.] ...
+ 31715 [guaracybm ig] FilZip is free and suport zip,arj,mgz, ...
+ 31718 [egorst egors] ...
+ 31720 [tom.hurst cl] Tarball's prefered, since tar and gzip are common among all Unix
+ 31725 [ser germane-] tar.gz IMO is preferable, and tar.bz2 is even better.  zip tools come with

^ Location of Ruby modules in the filesystem
31722 [list chromat] I know Dave has set up a wiki page on this.  Hopefully he will forgive

^ Keeping track of multiple Ruby discussion sites.
31727 [james rubyxm] This got me thinking that there are multiple Ruby discussion centers, and threads or ideas
31760 [list chromat] Rather than a mirror across the three services, I'd go for a mirror
31764 [eirikur1 med] I went shopping and bought some minor clothing stuff.   First time I've
+ 31765 [eirikur1 med] Whoops.   My bad.   Mailer did something unexpected.
+ 31766 [tom.hurst cl] Er, last time I looked, the Linux kernel didn't include a bundled

^ [OT] Re: zip on Linux
31730 [decoux moulo] ...

^ installing mod_ruby --> seg fault in ruby-rdtool
31735 [craig cheeta] At least that's where core dumped. FreeBSD/Alpha (4.4-RELEASE). New to
31955 [shugo ruby-l] It may be a bug of ruby with racc.
32001 [craig Cheeta] ...
32090 [aamine mx.ed] ...
32318 [craig Cheeta] ...
32387 [aamine mx.ed] Don't mind. My description was insufficient.
32416 [craig Cheeta] ...
+ 32450 [aamine mx.ed] I think so too  :-)
| 32486 [nroche home.] ...
| 32530 [aamine mx.ed] ...
| 32583 [craig cheeta] I know what I did and I was careless. NOW the racc script is for
| 32619 [aamine mx.ed] $:.delete_if {|path| %r<site_ruby/1.6/alpha-freebsd4> === path }
| 32650 [craig Cheeta] felix# racc --runtime-version
| + 32704 [aamine mx.ed] Thanks. All results seems good.
| + 32711 [aamine mx.ed] You don't need to recompile kernel, but if you have time,
+ 32452 [nobu.nokada ] What does `where' command produce here?

^ Re: Proc.class vs yield : propose keyword procs
31736 [charleshixsn] Possibly a new reserved word:  procs
31774 [s3225202 stu] Sorry, I don't see any use to this. That's adding typing information to

^ Ruby geography lib?
31739 [not here.com] Does anyone know of a library for Ruby that can do geographical
32016 [alan digikat] You could try freegis.org.  They probably don't have (m)any ruby wrappers,

^ $_ as default parameter for a function
31741 [thomass delt] I'd like the fragment below to produce "blah blah", but it doesn't
+ 31750 [harryo zipwo] While I don't have an answer to the specific question, it seems to
| 31751 [harryo zipwo] Well, just because I was interested, I tried this. Here's what happened
| + 31755 [theschof cs.] ...
| + 31756 [gnhurst hurs] In fact, it is not a global, although it is a built-in.
|   + 31771 [matju sympat] Yes, $_ is a local, and yes, built-in methods have access to the $_ of the
|   | + 31781 [thomass delt] Could you, or someone else explain whats going on below?
|   | | 31782 [dblack candl] The basic idea is that #set_trace_func takes a proc as an argument,
|   | | 31783 [decoux moulo] ...
|   | | 31784 [dblack candl] Yes, I see what you mean -- I guess in my demo it did what I wanted,
|   | + 31786 [thomass delt] I'd expect a significant performance penalty for the code above. Any
|   |   31811 [matju sympat] Most of the performance penalty should be in the call to fork(), even on
|   + 31785 [ysantoso jen] Just curious, how do you ignore the effect of PUSH_SCOPE within ruby?
+ 31809 [ddevilliers ] Thomas,
  31812 [matju sympat] er. i think i woke up in a parallel universe this morning. how come we

^ ANN: Ruby shard Config.rb posted at RubyCookbook
31747 [ser germane-] I've posted that Config.rb thing at the RubyCookbook site
31749 [matt lickey.] I didn't notice it before, but your suggested names of Config and

^ ssh module? (not zebedee)
31748 [dempsejn geo] Anyone seen/worked on one? Are there any plans to support SSH natively
31770 [djberg96 hot] ...
+ 31777 [tobiasreif p] I think the idea/concept has potential, so I'd pay for some stuff.
+ 31790 [chadfowler c] ...
+ 31804 [tom.hurst cl] Heh, tall order, but maybe worth a look.

^ Ruby 2 Java ?
31753 [ddevilliers ] I notice that Ruby and Java is almost the same (both very OO etc !!) Is
+ 31758 [curt hibbs.c] Check out JRuby.
+ 31759 [james rubyxm] Oh god, I hope not ... :)
+ 31808 [ddevilliers ] Thanks! For all your replies - JRuby is exactly what I need ! :-)
+ 31878 [ser germane-] While I don't think that Java and Ruby are anything alike, except that they

^ _The Ruby Way_: Call for errata
31757 [hal9000 hype] In a few days I need to send off a marked-up copy
+ 31762 [curt hibbs.c] When you get your completed list, please send it out to the ruby ML -- I'll
+ 34182 [kentda stud.] Not sure if these are actual errors, but after scratching my head
  + 34184 [josb cncdsl.] Heh, I spotted this one.
  | 34192 [hal9000 hype] Thanks, Kent and Jos...
  | 34197 [curt hibbs.c] You could create a wiki page on Ruby Garden.
  + 34560 [jbrunjes ctr] I think that on page 398 this line...

^ require wierdness on WinNT
31767 [ptkwt shell1] ...
31769 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ GC oddity
31768 [chr_news gmx] on my cygwin 1.7.2  (1-19-2002) the following script
31778 [decoux moulo] ...
31810 [chr_news gmx] meaning that I should live with the occasional resource leak? Oh well,
31834 [matz ruby-la] No.  It just may not be released at the time you expected.

^ Rubicon anonymous CVS access
31772 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Ok, so this bonehead can't seem to get an anonymous CVS copy of
31787 [chadfowler c] ...
31807 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Works beautifully; thanks for the tip.
31816 [anany ece.vi] The password is 'anonymous'.

^ Ruby ib Linux disrtos (was: Keeping track of multiple Ruby discussion sites.)
31776 [tobiasreif p] My Mandrake 8.1 came with Ruby.
31823 [bobx linuxma] As does RH 7.2...
+ 31824 [anany ece.vi] As does, surprisingly, FreeBSD (4.3 and above is all I've checked). How about that? ;-)
| 31844 [tom.hurst cl] As an integral part of the core system?  Right..
| 31862 [tobiasreif p] How do your comments relate to the topic? The original post seemed to be
| 31865 [tom.hurst cl] [snip useless quote]
| 31866 [tobiasreif p] For a Ruby program to run, it doesn't matter if the interpreter is
| 31868 [tom.hurst cl] But most systems do not (and should not) come with Ruby (or Python, or
+ 31864 [pixel mandra] - redhat has been using python in its tools for quite a few time now.