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315676 [earlsoliloqu] spankwire

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315677 [earlsoliloqu] adultloop

Database Query
315679 [jon.erik.joh] Im trying to fetch a value from a field in our database, using this
+ 315680 [b.candler@po] You'll need to provide more info first.
+ 315741 [caduceass@gm] You specify here your table and fields, but no mention of the

Merging two arrays
315683 [kylejc@gm .n] products = Array.new
+ 315686 [Rob@Ag le on] products.collect! {|p| p << links.assoc(p[1])[1] }
+ 315687 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):017:0> products.map {|x| x + links.assoc(x[1])[1..-1]}
+ 315689 [b.candler@po] Are these two arrays already aligned and of the same size? If so just
+ 315692 [h.bekel@go g] products.each do |product|

Good docs & tutorials for ruby cairo?
315691 [kyleaschmitt] Are there good documents and tutorials for ruby cairo?
315764 [tucano@re ip] the documentation (API reference) of rcairo is here: http://
+ 316254 [mo_mail@on h] Kyle,
+ 316446 [kou@co mi ng] I want people who write documents of rcairo in English.
  316465 [mo_mail@on h] I would like to help although I'm busy.  I use Ruby and I use Cairo -
  316559 [kou@co mi ng] Great!!!

File path operations?
315702 [kenneth.m.mc] Ruby has an abstract File/path type which is nice (I'm mainly a Python
315703 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> require 'pathname'
+ 315705 [kenneth.m.mc] Thanks!
+ 315717 [mike.gold.44] I went for years without knowing about Pathname.  It seems rather

Re: [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, Universitt zu Kln
315706 [ jupp@gm .d ] Where precisely are German language skills listed as a job requirement? As
316331 [jens.wille@u] First, thanks, Rob, for supporting posts like mine and for pointing

how to extract something in between a pattern
315711 [happy.go.luc] I'm not very familiar with ruby's library. I wonder if there a method
+ 315716 [chen_li3@ya ] irb(main):001:0> require 'hpricot'
| 315718 [todb@pl nb s] Ya, in this case (HTML/XML), Hpricot is your best bet.
+ 315929 [suroot57@gm ] (a.split %r{</?p>})[1]
  315943 [ittay.dror@g] ...
  316265 [patrick.he@g] irb(main):004:0> a = 'aabbcc<p>ccddee</p>ccc<p>eee</p>'

[ANN] MysqlTableSyncer 0.2
315712 [rogerpack200] Released a script recently to sync the contents of tables between two
+ 315723 [mguterl@gm i] It would be great if you could package this as a gem.
+ 315727 [bill.walton@] Nice!  I took a look and posted a little feedback at the link provided.

1.8.x public send?
315714 [transfire@gm] Oh crud,
315726 [mguterl@gm i] Works for me.
315728 [transfire@gm] My bad, I mistook my trouble for this issue. But actually the trouble

Streaming media with net/http
315720 [st34lth.h4x0] So I was wondering how one would capture a continuous stream of data
315724 [why@ru y- an] require 'net/http'
315737 [lucas.dicioc] And don't forgot to put a "stop" condition to the loop in case of a

subscribing to ruby-core
315732 [fxn@ha hr f.] I've tried to subscribe to ruby-core both via the web interface and
315752 [shortcutter@] Did you check your email client's spam folder for confirmation emails?
315755 [fxn@ha hr f.] Ugh, for some reason in gmail I completely forget there's a spam

South Carolina Ruby Conference
315739 [jason.dew@gm] ...

Ruby Debug with Textmate
315742 [jody.glidden] I read the following link about integrating debug with textmate.  It
315743 [ninja@sl ph ] If I had to guess, I would say -s is the part that's needed for textmate

[ANN] Path to Ruby Mastery Weekly Interview Series
315744 [satish.talim] ...

To be not, or not to be not?
315746 [twscannell@g] That is not the question
+ 315747 [ymendel@po o] It's as simple as it looks, which is up for debate. The point of the
+ 315757 [tpreal@gm il] In fact, it is "Not (current_user == Nil Or current_user == False)"

Protecting Ruby code
315750 [rubyman77@gm] We are just starting a new project and it is going to be a commercial
+ 315751 [james.britt@] Make it a JRuby app (effectively making it a Java app) and compile the
+ 315759 [adrian.teasd] Sascha, I agree with James that its worth looking at making it a java
| + 315792 [rubyman77@gm] Ade, thank you for your suggestion. I have tried www.rubyencoder.com
| + 315810 [mike.gold.44] "The RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code
|   315824 [ryand-ruby@z] I was curious about that as well... zenobfuscate did its job without
+ 315882 [dido.sevilla] Call a good lawyer.  Have the lawyer draft a contract that  everyone
  + 315894 [james.britt@] You run the risk of having your customers feel that you consider them
  | 315939 [ninja@sl ph ] Not really. Almost every piece of commercial software in existence is subject
  + 315900 [martindemell] OTOH the more expensive you make it to do, the less people will do it.
  | + 315901 [mark@co te -] I know some people who think that makes it more fun... and a more
  | + 315940 [ninja@sl ph ] It depends what you're trying to prevent.
  + 315906 [caduceass@gm] I new a police officer that would often say, "We don't lock our doors

Debugging Ruby Core
315753 [saladin.mund] is there a debugger which I could use for debugging the C-Core if I
315800 [alex@de et m] There's nothing special about Ruby's C core. You can use whatever
+ 315841 [saladin.mund] Thank you,
+ 315849 [etaern@ya oo] But , in order to do this ( with gdb ) , shouldn't ruby be recompiled
  315859 [aff28@de et ] -g flag to gcc is needed, but recompilation isn't always going to be
  315861 [saladin.mund] I also use MingGW.
  315863 [rmagick@gm i] Typically you specify additional/overriding gcc flags with the CFLAGS
  316672 [pit.capitain] Saladin, did you succeed in debugging the MinGW Ruby? I'm interested
  316698 [saladin.mund] Hey Pit,

Returning the names of each defined method
315756 [kainnobel@ho] Good day everybody!
+ 315760 [b.candler@po] What do you mean by a "hidden class", or "code that isn't viewable"? If
+ 315762 [s.korteling@] p File.methods

Multiple C-Extensions with mkmf
315763 [weather@sp a] I was wondering if there's a way to separate multiple C-extension classes
+ 315778 [jeremy@hi eg] I think we'll probably need some clarification.  Do you have 1
+ 316603 [pbrannan@at ] Ruby loads extensions with RTLD_GLOBAL, so you should be able to access
  316630 [nobu@ru y- a] Don't rely on it, since it's not possible on all platforms.

Trouble running 'rubyscript2exe'  for compiling my code
315765 [shekarls@gm ] All,
315767 [erikveen@gm ] Yep. You missed a couple of threads where this issue has been
315791 [shekarls@gm ] ==================================================================================
315834 [erikveen@gm ] Does unsetting RUBYOPT work, even if "unset RUBYOPT" doens't work?
315839 [shekarls@gm ] =================================================================

learning WxRuby
315766 [l.cioria@gm ] I decided to learn WxRuby. I'd like a book or something about it, can
+ 315773 [list.push@gm] You could start here.
+ 315779 [aff28@de et ] Aside from the wiki, I'd recommend looking at the samples that are

net/sftp problem
315768 [d_rems@ya oo] I am trying to transfer a file to remote server with net::sftp.
315769 [d_rems@ya oo] Nevermind. I found out that destination filename must be specified.

Shortcut for "if options.key?(:full)" ?
315770 [form@aw ba o] If I pass an options hash into a def, how do I easily check to see if an
+ 315774 [shortcutter@] If nil is not used as valid option value you can usually do
+ 315781 [phlip2005@gm] You can generally use options.fetch(:some_option, default) to pass a default

Optionally pass a parameter?
315771 [form@aw ba o] In general, how do you optionally pass an optional qualifier to a Ruby
315772 [jcoglan@go g] ...

The World Trade Plaza - Free Trade Leads
315775 [merwick.k@gm] FREE INTERNATIONAL TRADE LEADS ==>
315782 [transfire@gm] It looks like these SPAM messages are actually coming through the
315790 [gregory.t.br] If the situation gets bad, maybe James could install a spam filter at
315802 [james@gr yp ] I guess we technically could.  However, the gateway makes posts to the

Breaking apart arrays for arguments?
315783 [kyleaschmitt] Is there a way to break apart an array to use it as arguments to
315784 [tpreal@gm il] meth(*args_array)
315789 [kyleaschmitt] Thanks.  Evidence there isn't enough coffee in my office :)
315793 [tpreal@gm il] Hmmmm.
315795 [kyleaschmitt] Very odd indeed, because those are more like the numbers I would have expected!
315801 [kyleaschmitt] Even wierder now.  I grabbed the latest 1.9 source from subversion
315819 [caduceass@gm] I get the same numbers.  Not knowing the internal workings of Ruby, it
315862 [kyleaschmitt] Sames numbers as me?  Or as Tom?
315905 [caduceass@gm] Same numbers as Kyle.

How to get Ruby objects printed out in their 'natural' form
315785 [kenneth.m.mc] For debugging purposes, I'd like to be able to do something like
+ 315786 [chen_li3@ya ] irb(main):001:0> a=[1,2,3]
+ 315881 [dido.sevilla] p [1,2,3]

How to get a string to print with "special" characters showing as escape sequences, rather than as whitespace etc?
315787 [kenneth.m.mc] Again, this is for debugging purposes. Thanks for the help.

Re: How to get Ruby objects printed out in their 'natural' f
315788 [tpreal@gm il] Each object has method inspect and it does the trick. The irb in fact

[ANN] Great Lakes Ruby Bash -- Registration Now Open
315798 [eric@gr at a] Registration is now open for the Great Lakes Ruby Bash.  This is a one-

Exiting ri on a mac terminal
315804 [jody.glidden] I've been avoiding using ri for my docs because when I type it I can't
+ 315806 [Rob@Ag le on] q?
+ 315807 [fophillips@f] ri uses less(1), press q to exit.
  315808 [jody.glidden] That was it.  Thanks!
  315813 [matt@ti bi s] alias ri='ri -f ansi -T'
  + 315815 [jody.glidden] I just put it in my .profile but didn't notice any difference.
  + 315827 [drbrain@se m] export RI=-T -f ansi

re-factoring a browser class
315805 [aidy.lewis@g] I have a large Watir Browser class. It relates to specific actions I

undef_method and method lookup algorithm
315812 [fxn@ha hr f.] Descriptions of the method lookup algorithm normally describe a path
315829 [calamitates@] ...
315836 [fxn@ha hr f.] Of the implementation?
315888 [calamitates@] ...

[ANN] Inviting Talk Proposals for the Great Lakes Ruby Bash
315817 [eric@gr at a] We are pleased to announce that we are accepting talk proposals for

Small, simple Ruby applications and sample code?
315818 [nathan.wisma] Is there a collection (the bigger the better) of small, simply ruby apps
+ 315820 [gregory.t.br] Many are not exactly simple, but all the RubyQuiz solutions offer
| 315822 [nathan.wisma] Nice.  These are far more advanced tasks than I am able to cope with -
| 315831 [b.candler@po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 315921 [perrin@ap th] Most excellent!  I hadn't seen that.
+ 315821 [ara.t.howard] here are a few small one's i've written
+ 315828 [wieczo.yo@go] I like Topher Cyrill's _Practical Ruby Projects_
+ 315880 [huw@da kn on] Sounds like one of my eBooks might be right for you. They are both free
| 315902 [nathan.wisma] All of these are great suggestions.  Huw - the books look awesome.
+ 315922 [perrin@ap th] of interest.  I took an absurdly simply toy application idea (a program
| 315957 [thomas.pekla] Learning Ruby by programming can be fun, too. Just try out ruby-
| 316902 [nathan.wisma] Okay, so my lack of skills are definitely showing...
| 318984 [perrin@ap th] =20
| 319089 [nathan.wisma] I never really did figure out how to use the game.  (I completed the
| 319095 [perrin@ap th] ,=20
+ 317135 [richard.conr] Its not conventional Ruby, but if the challenge <-> feedback loop isn't working

understanding inheritance and class singleton methods
315823 [ittay.dror@g] class Foo
+ 315826 [shortcutter@] Basically yes.  Although singleton classes are a bit tricky - they are
+ 315830 [b.candler@po] Splat turns an array into an argument list, or vice versa.
| 315833 [ittay.dror@g] ...
| + 315837 [b.candler@po] Then I refer you to that post :-)
| + 315838 [shortcutter@] I believe this is not completely correct (see below).
+ 315850 [dblack@ru yp] The singleton class of Foo is the superclass of the singleton class of

Re: How to get a string to print with "special" characters s
315832 [b.candler@po] Do you mean String#inspect?

soap4r and method overloading
315840 [cn.kknd@gm i] There are two methods with different number of parameters in a wsdl. I
315856 [mark@th ma z] Did you use wsdl2ruby to generate a sample Client.rb file? It creates

Simulate a scheduled job in ruby
315842 [slogeshwaran] is i should run that service at the specified time. I tried with
315970 [paqs140482@g] ...

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How to run a standlone Ruby application in Windows XP
315848 [schang@wx .n] I made a Ruby application and I will run it as as a standalone
315853 [etaern@ya oo] Try ruby2exe .
315871 [erikveen@gm ] Does this project "ruby2exe" really exist? I see a lot of people

Strange ruby problem
315864 [christoforev] So i've cut the program down to about 4 lines to give the idea of
+ 315865 [gdprasad@gm ] ...
+ 315866 [gdprasad@gm ] ...
+ 315877 [rubytraining] On Sep 24, 10:18=A0am, "christofore...@gmail.com"
+ 315891 [shortcutter@] As others have said: arguments are the problem.  "gets" tries to read
| 315908 [caduceass@gm] As robert says.
+ 315926 [w_a_x_man@ya] On Sep 24, 9:18=A0am, "christofore...@gmail.com"

Rake dependencies unknown prior to running tasks
315867 [joe@ta kh us] Say I don't know what all the dependencies are until I've already
315872 [mike.gold.44] This is what 'import' is for,
315873 [mike.gold.44] Sorry I just realized you meant that you actually create new tasks after
315879 [joe@ta kh us] Cleaner, maybe.  But inefficient in my case.  That would mean a lot =20
315885 [mike.gold.44] I don't see why it would be inefficient or require unnecessary
315886 [joe@ta kh us] The reason is because I have to build things before I know (or can
315892 [mike.gold.44] If you can't determine programmaticaly what is built, then how does a
315903 [joe@ta kh us] I didn't say what was being built couldn't be determined =20
315928 [quixoticsyco] If you really cannot know what is going to be built, for example if a
315930 [quixoticsyco] If only the Internet came with an Undo button...
316008 [joe@ta kh us] Thanks for the patch.   Here's a clunkier variation on your
316031 [quixoticsyco] The following is a better implementation which could be made to work
316354 [joe@ta kh us] I've had a chance to play with your solution a bit.   It is a much =20

better test/unit progression display
315868 [gaspard@te i] I must often run the 1300+ tests of zena and I would really like to
315870 [transfire@gm] =A0
315874 [gaspard@te i] I cloned the repository and did "rake gem", "rake gem:install"
315878 [transfire@gm] =A0
315887 [gaspard@te i] I tried
315913 [transfire@gm] Well, I could only get so far. I get the following when running 'rake
+ 315944 [gaspard@te i] It's nice trying to test zena, but installing all the proper
+ 315952 [gaspard@te i] I start working today and manually included the test count, the
  315999 [transfire@gm] Yep. That is on the "TODO" list. Not sure yet how that will pan out,
  316003 [gaspard@te i] Did you receive my pull request from github ?

Win32::Console and IRB
315869 [reachme@ch r] I'm using IRB with Wirble and Win32::Console in order to colorize the
316203 [luislavena@g] irb -f --noreadline
316592 [reachme@ch r] Many thanks for this. This solved the problem (I put

Filthy Pink Sneakers. By Marina Cooper
315875 [fernandena@g] SEXY story. The cute doorman gives me an enigmatic look when I say I'm

I'm having a problem getting my website onto the internet.
315883 [lola.interli] I really need help getting my website onto the internet. I do have a
315909 [caduceass@gm] I can't see any Ruby relevance, but...

erb reference anywhere online?
315884 [kenneth.m.mc] I have "Ruby for Rails" coming in in a few days, but in the meantime,
+ 315907 [b.candler@po] Also, the documentation for erubis (a better, faster implementation of
| 316021 [perrin@ap th] True.  What's really needed is some guidelines for getting things done
| 316079 [b.candler@po] Perhaps then you're talking more about Rails and ActionPack (e.g. how
| 316128 [perrin@ap th] =20
| 316309 [b.candler@po] As far as I understand it, raw ERB is just
| 316345 [perrin@ap th] s)=20
+ 317026 [dev@ne zm rk] Just to mention http://www.gotapi.com/rubyrails

Re: How to get a string to print with "special" characters showing as escape sequences, rather than
315893 [robyonrails@] use p()