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Global 'include <Some_Module>' conflicts with OpenStruct
314687 [axyd80@gm il] I need to include methods from module 'A' into global scope. But i have
314757 [ryand-ruby@z] OpenStruct works via method_missing... if the method isn't missing, it

Cross compiling Ruby
314688 [stronati@gm ] Does anyone experience with Ruby source cross-compiling ?
314689 [mbj@se ni .n] Maybe you can use the build systems from the various embedded

Sending request  & fetching response for an xml through Ruby
314698 [murtazakhan1] I have downloaded soap4r package and need to send a request for input

Getting Term::Visual to work (require 'eventmanager' failing
314699 [sentinel.200] I am looking at something called Term::Visual which does not have a gem.

strange behaviors in writing/saving file
314703 [chen_li3@ya ] I query a website,extract some info from fetched page, and save/write
+ 314708 [wpdster@gm i] I am guessing from the context that the code you posted is in some
| 314714 [chen_li3@ya ] Thanks for the input.
| 314724 [wpdster@gm i] Just be aware that text will be appended to the file forever.  You
+ 314709 [antonin.aman] What's the class of e.inner_text ? Did you try f.write ?
  314713 [chen_li3@ya ] 1) the class of e.inner_text is String.

Replacing ' with \'
314705 [spam@ni on s] In my practice I need to replace apostrophe with backslash and
314707 [tpreal@gm il] The backslash has a special meaning in gsub. Use str.gsub("'", "\\\\'")
314712 [spam@ni on s] Thanks, that helped me.

unmapped event in wxruby 1.9.8
314711 [rakaur@ma ki] ...
314719 [alex@de et m] Thanks for reporting it. Generally, queries about wxRuby are better
314721 [rakaur@ma ki] ...

Problems with 'gem require' and test-unit gem
314717 [djberg96@gm ] - RUBYGEMS VERSION: 1.2.0
314748 [drbrain@se m] require 'rubygems'
314758 [djberg96@gm ] Ah, ok.

Development Environment for Team Project
314720 [risknet.lee@] I am planning to build an enterprise application using RoR, but I am not
314725 [huw@da kn on] Ruby In Steel is fully integrated into Visual Studio so you can use it

all new  uS>>EXpected/....freee
314726 [skannan034@g] DISCUSS  EVERYTHING  YOU WANT....

Is ruby effective for experimenting with Win32 API?
314727 [siegfried@he] I need to understand some User32.dll functions and I'm making an elaborate

HTTPS POST with basic authentication
314729 [piyush.pr@gm] ...
+ 314739 [btricha@gm i] Have you tried including your username and password in the url when
+ 314766 [billk@ct .c ] require 'base64'  # NOTE: the name of this module may be different
  314767 [piyush.pr@gm] ...

maxim number query about a website from a speficic computer
314730 [chen_li3@ya ] I use Mechanize and Hprioct to submit repeated queries to a website of

Strange Errno::EOVERFLOW error with IO#read and IO#sysread
314731 [djberg96@gm ] Ruby 1.8.6 p114 (32-bit)
314732 [ara.t.howard] your programs are so powerful daniel - they're overwhelming the
314737 [djberg96@gm ] use strict;
314744 [ara.t.howard] /me kids
314746 [djberg96@gm ] As far as I can gather it's a 32-bit largefile issue. The short

Custom WEBrick FileHandler
314734 [tpreal@gm il] Is it possible in WEBrick to make a FileHandler with some elements of
314770 [B.Candler@po] I presume you're talking about when WEBrick returns a directory listing?

Newbie question on regexp in a class method
314735 [bellcolt@ho ] trying regexp in ruby for the first time.  the results from the
314738 [sepp2k@go gl] =! != =~

314736 [buddhamagnet] ...

shoes and standalone appl
314749 [ruby.student] ...
314796 [why@ru y- an] Yes, certainly, as .exe, .dmg, .run or .shy.
314815 [ruby.student] ...

Socket.getaddrinfo and IPSocket.getaddress super slow?
314765 [damnbigman@g] ...
314769 [B.Candler@po] They seem to do reverse DNS lookups on occasions where you might not want
314773 [jcmoore@pr s] The Zeroconf (avahi) mDNS service seems to pretty well bone things up on

[ANN] MiniExiftool 1.0.0 released
314768 [janfri.rubyf] MiniExiftool version 1.0.0 released!

[SUMMARY] Equation Graphing (#176)
314772 [matthew.moss] I have to say, I think Martin provided a great quiz here... His
314777 [martindemell] Another very neat feature is it can handle equations of the general

Beginner User having issue with converting char to ASCII
314776 [bornemann1@n] I am working on this assignment and this is the first class I have used
+ 314783 [james@gr yp ] In Ruby 1.8 you can just index into the String and Ruby will return
| + 314787 [caduceass@gm] Also, if you are required to iterate, you can do String#each_byte
| | 314797 [RichardDummy] e{|b|p
| + 315263 [lloyd@2l ve ] p ?A
+ 315212 [bornemann1@n] Thanks for all the help but with a little more research i found this to
  + 349259 [aaron.burges] This is much easier and more efficient than of the suggestions on this
  | 349263 [devguy.ca@gm] You could also reduce the number of loops from 2xO(n) to O(n) with
  + 349271 [greg5000@ea ] # set up the array

submit multiple forms using Mechanize
314778 [chen_li3@ya ] I wonder if I can submit a form containing multiple queries(or batch
314863 [d_rems@ya oo] Why not. You probably have multiple input fields which can be populated

Eddie Huntington Cvrcko likes hurricanes
314780 [hunt.eddie03] Eddie Huntington Cvrcko

win32ole encript document excel
314784 [ivmafo@gm il] does anybody how to protect a excel document made with ruby and then put
314819 [david.mullet] To password-protect an Excel workbook, set the workbook object's
314823 [ivmafo@gm il] Thanks !!!!

Hi everybody!
314785 [mrkvukovic@g] Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as Cvrcko

Insider information, fackbook labs open today, we the first to  register!
314789 [lily200802@g] Insider information, fackbook labs open today, we the first to

Finding parent-class hierarchy recursively
314790 [RichardDummy] def parents(obj)
314809 [sepp2k@go gl] parents(Class)  = (parents(Module) << Class).reverse
314853 [RichardDummy] On Sep 13, 5:21=A0am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>

radio_button with onclick option
314792 [gani_chinta@] for radio button

unit testing offline with mechanize
314795 [adamtemporar] Although mechanize is designed to navigate around web pages online, is
314820 [phlip2005@gm] That sounds like the assumption you must serve a page through a web server just
314880 [adamtemporar] thanks philip for the reply. Im new to ruby and havnt experimented with
314896 [etaern@ya oo] a tip would be to save the page with mechanize , read it then locally

regular expressions on strings with multiple newlines
314798 [adamtemporar] im banging my head against a wall with this. Im sure theres an easy way
314802 [sepp2k@go gl] => 0
314804 [adamtemporar] ahhhhhh i forgot about that option... i knew it was a simple answer and

how can i find lingering file descriptors?
314799 [bradv@cu mu ] I seem to have an issue with file descriptors that aren't being closed
314828 [ara.t.howard] you can list them all with something like
+ 314849 [bradv@cu mu ] Thanks for the reply.
+ 314850 [bradv@cu mu ] I just tested 0.0.4, and it seems to work just as well as threadify at
  314860 [ara.t.howard] great!
  314865 [bradv@cu mu ] It looks like threadify is.
  314895 [ara.t.howard] i think that's a correct assessment alright.  time and time again i

Hello guys!
314800 [lazarsimic85] Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as Cvrcko
+ 314834 [daszkiew2000] Lazar, did you know that BANJA LUKA in Polish means  BULLSHIT?
+ 314851 [herbzet@gm i] Forwarded in full to groups-abuse@google.com as off-topic for sci.logic.

Milenko Kindl comes to Lousiana
314801 [yuma400000@y] Milenko Kindl

Mechanize for Ruby on Linux not working...
314803 [ihatespam@ho] The administrator for a server I'm using tried installing Mechanize for
314805 [stefano.croc] Alle Saturday 13 September 2008, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
314827 [ihatespam@ho] I think it has!  I haven't written a program that uses these modules in
314903 [cameron.mcbr] yes.

Is my method defined?
314808 [fredjoha@gm ] I have a method by the name methodA. I want to access this method like
+ 314810 [stefano.croc] 1) the name is misleading. Methods ending in ? usually are method which only
+ 314811 [sepp2k@go gl] You should use send if a only contains a methodname.
  + 314813 [fredjoha@gm ] On Sep 13, 6:24=A0pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
  | 314814 [sepp2k@go gl] send("foo") is the same as foo
  | + 314816 [dblack@ru yp] Almost :-)
  | + 314854 [fredjoha@gm ] On Sep 13, 7:37=A0pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
  |   314867 [sepp2k@go gl] It's more specific. And you can call the method on an object other than self
  + 314855 [fredjoha@gm ] On Sep 13, 6:24=A0pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
    314868 [sepp2k@go gl] respond_to? returns false for private methods. If you define a method outside

rexml alternatives
314812 [jluehr@gm .n] I really like coding ruby or ruby on rails apps, but rexml often leads to
+ 314818 [emmanuel.sur] ...
+ 314824 [shortcutter@] Did you investigate this?  It may well be that there were bugs in 1.8.2

BlitzMax and Ruby
314817 [james@du ge ] I'm new to Ruby but would like to use Ruby as a scripting language
314933 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear James,
314943 [james@du ge ] Thanks, Axel.  I'll see if I can fish any information out of it.

Re: Drake: Distributed Rake
314821 [quixoticsyco] I have restored the original 'multitask' for single-threaded mode

[QUIZ] Statistician III (#177)
314822 [matthew.moss] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

RubyConf hotel: Only single-bed rooms available at group rate?
314826 [james.britt@] Yesterday, the day or the day after I got the RubyConf E-mail giving me
314835 [gregory.t.br] The fees will be waived, apparently, but the base rate + taxes are pricey.
314838 [james.britt@] Well, it wouldn't be so bad if shared with another person, but forcing
314842 [cdemyanovich] ...
314856 [james.britt@] Seems all the rooms at the conference rate are now sold out.
+ 314858 [charles.nutt] That was quick. What were there, a dozen of them?
| 314900 [rich@in oe h] We very much apologize if this has inconvenienced folks, our intent
| + 314902 [james.britt@] Things look much, much better now, and thanks very much for your time
| | 314985 [rich@in oe h] All,
| + 314995 [charles.nutt] I was joking.
+ 314884 [rick.denatal] ...
| 314889 [rick.denatal] ...
+ 314893 [dblack@ru yp] If there's something wrong with the hotel system, please let us
  314899 [james.britt@] I tried contacting you personally; I gather it got lost someplace.  I

[ANN] forkoff-0.0.4
314829 [ara.t.howard] NAME

why this website address doesn't change
314830 [chen_li3@ya ] I browse a
314836 [hassan.schro] The page is constructed using frames.
314844 [chen_li3@ya ] But why can't I  see frameset and frame tags in the source view?
314845 [hassan.schro] Actually, I take it back -- it's using an iframe and a lot of JavaScript.
314846 [chen_li3@ya ] Part of the source view looks like the following

How can one get the Hpricot DOM document from Mechanize?
314831 [ihatespam@ho] I was wondering if there were some way of getting the Hpricot DOM (for
+ 314840 [etaern@ya oo] perhaps it's only me , but would you please detail what is it you want
+ 314841 [reitinge@in ] Try page.parser or page.root (they're eqivalent).
+ 315214 [aaron@te de ] You can get at the Hpricot document by using the "parser" accessor on

[ANN] Prawn 0.2 - Fast, Nimble Ruby PDF Generation
314832 [gregory.t.br] Prawn : Fast, Nimble Ruby PDF Generator
314833 [gregory.t.br] Err... 0.2.0 :-/

Trollfeeding (Was: Hello guys!)
314837 [ jupp@gm .d ] What about telling the owner of the Warswa restaurant "Banja Luka" that he

I thought ruby didn't optimize tailcalls?
314839 [circularfunc] Im using ruby 1.8.6 mri. and it seems to optimize tailcalls which I
314932 [b.candler@po] With that program, factail(2000) works for me but factail(5000) bombs

Garbage collecting threads? (was: How to detect blocking?)
314843 [ninja@sl ph ] require 'thread'
314869 [shortcutter@] The usual solution is that the queue will not "go out of scope" before
314898 [ninja@sl ph ] Right.
+ 314907 [shortcutter@] There is no hook in Ruby that is called when the scope of a variable
| 314909 [ninja@sl ph ] What is a "finalizer" in this context?
| 314935 [shortcutter@] You have to close file handles as well (even if you use the block form
| 315025 [ninja@sl ph ] Cool.
+ 315042 [b.candler@po] In principle, if the Farmer is an object, then it can have a finalizer
  315373 [ninja@sl ph ] That's fine. As long as "some time" is reasonably soon, I'm not intending to
  315375 [b.candler@po] Yes, as long as the local variable (bound into the finalizer) refers to
  315382 [b.candler@po] Sorry I didn't read your post exactly - I overlooked that you wanted the
  315467 [ninja@sl ph ] Unless the worker includes a running Thread. Since Ruby does not solve the
  315523 [b.candler@po] A thread of execution has its own stack, and any object references on

rake spec:rcov => [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24)  [i386-mswin32]
314848 [scottnj@gm i] i have a rails app that tests fine with "rake spec" but gets a
314904 [luislavena@g] .............................................generated
+ 314915 [scottnj@gm i] i added --spec format to the bottom of my spec.opts so it looks like
| 314983 [luislavena@g] examples
| 316909 [scottnj@gm i] still gives the seg-fault?
+ 314921 [eric@se pe e] DQpTZW50IHdpcmVsZXNzbHkgdmlhIEJsYWNrQmVycnkgZnJvbSBULU1vYmlsZS4NCg0KLS0tLS1P

How to emit Russian (Cyrillic) or Chinese characters?
314852 [siegfried@he] Can someone point me to an example of a little program that emits non-ascii
314876 [ jupp@gm .d ] ...

314859 [mail.juio22@] Free AJAX Online cource

A new database access framework for any Ruby (Iron or J)
314861 [post-no-repl] I would like to introduce my new exciting research in TUDBC (Truly
+ 314864 [jos@ca no k.] PostgreSQL?
+ 314910 [shortcutter@] Is it just me or do others also get the feeling that this is spam,
  314913 [ninja@sl ph ] I hadn't read thoroughly, but this is the part that reminds me of *ahem*
  + 314917 [caduceass@gm] Umm, yeah.  CouchDB is 'beyond' an SQL database.  Well, if the shoe
  | 314923 [ninja@sl ph ] Well, in the same sense that Ruby would be "beyond" C. Not that there's no use
  + 314928 [post-no-repl] I am trying to give some more details to address a few questions that
    + 314975 [gustin@en ry] does Tudbc support Visual FoxPro tables?
    | 315012 [post-no-repl] It doesn't now. But TUDBC is designed for you to extend to support
    + 315024 [ninja@sl ph ] Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

insert into textfile
314862 [ron.green@gm] I have a text file that I want to insert a new line into between the
314878 [thomas.pekla] content = File.read('test.txt')
314908 [ron.green@gm] Actually, that was close.

Keyzcar - cryptographic toolkit
314870 [jonas.esp@go] Google has released Keyzcar [1], an open source cryptographic toolkit
317716 [jonas.esp@go] It is not really necessary to create a Ruby implementation thanks to
317717 [ben@bl yt in] Sure it is.  I'm not using JRuby.  What do I do?
317725 [flo@an er gr] Wait for the C implementation.
+ 317731 [ben@bl yt in] Yeah :)  It was a rhetorical question; that was my point.
+ 317840 [jeremy@hi eg] Or use Ruby Java Bridge[1], I'm using rjb to access work with Lucene indexes.
  317862 [jonas.esp@go] A great use of JRuby would be to access to libraries that in Ruby

getting an array of unique objects of a class i wrote
314872 [adamtemporar] either totally appropriate or one that i could understand ;> (some
+ 314873 [etaern@ya oo] use a hash
+ 314874 [mguterl@gm i] You need to implement Thing#eql? and Thing#hash in order for a
+ 314875 [sepp2k@go gl] Thing = Struct.new(:name, :job)
  315048 [adamtemporar] Thank you everyone for your reply. Ive implemented the hash and eql?
  315055 [b.candler@po] Look at the source for assert_equal :-)

how do deal with huge numbers and keep them accurate?
314877 [tomi_z@na a.] require "bigdecimal"
+ 314885 [rick.denatal] ...
+ 314887 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Tomi,
| 314891 [rick.denatal] ...
+ 314892 [caduceass@gm] require 'bigdecimal'
  314894 [caduceass@gm] Oops, didn't clarify.  What Rick said, but make sure your denominator
  314964 [tomi_z@na a.] thanks u all for taking a few minutes to answer me. I'm really
  314972 [caduceass@gm] Once again, you are using floats...
  314974 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Tomi,
  315076 [tomi_z@na a.] to Rick, Axle and todd) ... thank u very much for helping me, the code

Passing a method call into a method
314879 [glenn_ritz@y] ...
+ 314897 [jcoglan@go g] ...
+ 314905 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Array
+ 314919 [jballanc@gm ] class Array