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^ method chaining via symbols
313919 [snacktime gm] If this is too strange just say so.  Tonight I was working with a
+ 313920 [jcoglan goog] 2008/9/5 snacktime <snacktime@gmail.com>
+ 313921 [jcoglan goog] Actually, could you clarify how this should be expanded? Should it turn

^ how to read digits in a number
313923 [jsnit jsnit.] I would like to read all the characters in a string. For example
+ 313926 [ jupp gmx.de] For strings use
| 313928 [shortcutter ] For me, glasses work extremely well. ;-)
+ 313932 [botpena gmai] => "1234"

^ Bug in the YAML library: #dump fails for certain multi-line strings
313925 [jtrupiano gm] Hey guys,
313959 [jtrupiano gm] Just upping this because I think it's particularly important.  Is

^ Extend OpenStruct's functionality with explicit default value
313930 [shortcutter ] I just had a use case where I wanted to have several counters and not
+ 313939 [transfire gm] I recently submitted a patch that allowed OpenStruct to take a self
| 314054 [shortcutter ] Sorry, somehow I seem to have forgotten to send this earlier.
| 314101 [transfire gm] Glad you agree. Hell of a lot faster then send(key) and
| 314120 [robert.dober] I followed this discussion rather loosely, but sometimes that gives a
| 314121 [robert.dober] and implement defaulted also as a self returning instance method to
+ 313950 [ara.t.howard] why not simply
  314006 [botp delmont] # why not simply
  314007 [ara.t.howard] in all fairness that's *probably* not true.  aka, if the code reads
  314009 [botp delmont] #...

^ How to use a template library class using rubyclr
313940 [harshad gsla] I have a created a dll using c# .net. The dll contains a few function

^ Re: win32 unicode filename support?
313941 [jkubos amber] Is there any new progress in support of unicode filenames? Plans?
313943 [billk cts.co] I went with a crude workaround.  In our case, we're embedding ruby into

^ [QUIZ] Equation Graphing (#176)
313942 [matthew.moss] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 314240 [brabuhr gmai] I didn't follow the requirements, but inspired by the quiz did a
+ 314409 [martindemell] Here's my solution, using _why's wonderful little shoes toolkit. Run like
+ 314573 [hramrach cen] I think this is the time to show what RubyX11 can do.

^ ruby based mysql sniffer
313944 [junkone1 gma] therei sone in perl. i am looking for a equavalent in ruby. i just
+ 313957 [joost zeekat] 1. why don't you just turn on logging in mysql and check out the query
+ 313969 [phlip2005 gm] If you use ActiveRecord, try assert_latest{}. It returns an array of arrays

^ how to search a website
313945 [chen_li3 yah] I want send a query to a website(which has a search button), wait for
+ 313948 [mikeisgreat ] check out curb. http://curb.rubyforge.org/
+ 313953 [james.britt ] Look at Mechanize.
  313960 [chen_li3 yah] I download gems for both "mechanize" and "hoe" but still have problems
  313961 [brabuhr gmai] If you are downloading the gems to install locally, you also need to
  313962 [brabuhr gmai] ...
  313963 [adamtemporar] regarding mechanize, ive been tinkering with it and i want to knwo if
  313967 [etaern yahoo] agent.page.body ( or whatever method you want to call on it )
  314092 [adamtemporar] excellent lex that did the trick. I checked the core but that method
  314114 [etaern yahoo] which method Adam ?

^ Who's Charles angry at?
313946 [jballanc gma] Mymymy...such vitriol! Look, I've never had anything against JRuby. In
313983 [charles.nutt] I don't think there was any vitriol at all. I avoided that kind of rant
+ 313993 [billk cts.co] Every time I see one of the JRuby team's posts on ruby-talk about a
| 313999 [james.britt ] In fact, Charlie, Tom, et al, have broken several Kick-ass-O-meters.
+ 313996 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Charles, dear Joshua,
+ 314004 [jballanc gma] True. Vitriol was probably too strong. What caught me most was the form
  + 314012 [billk cts.co] My feeling as a lurker on ruby-core, is that all implementations (and
  | 314017 [matz ruby-la] +1 They have declared they'd follow "Ruby", and we have good
  + 314014 [dblack rubyp] Matz gets to say. There's never been any ambiguity about that.
  + 314018 [matz ruby-la] It's our bad.  We just forgot the set up the date for the next one at
    314019 [charles.nutt] Yes, absolutely. I can meet next week, but the following two might be
    314021 [charles.nutt] I should also say that although I might not be available the last two

^ alias_accessor
313949 [transfire gm] I don't understand why something like this isn't in core.

^ camping web framework question
313952 [his2000x gma] my camping server is strage.

^ Why use __FILE_, __LINE__ in class_eval?
313954 [bjohnson bin] class_eval src
313955 [ara.t.howard] raise an error inside the eva'd code and see

^ closing DialogBox in FXRuby
313966 [MAwiniarski ] Greetings,
313984 [lyle lylejoh] getApp().stopModal(dialogBox, true)

^ [ANN] wordnet 0.0.5
313971 [ged FaerieMU] Version 0.0.5 of Ruby-WordNet has been released.
313988 [fophillips f] y, an

^ accessor methods for class methods
313972 [jason.lillyw] It seems odd that cattr_* (i.e. cattr_accessor, cattr_reader,
+ 313973 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D-----------
+ 313974 [dblack rubyp] I can't answer that directly, but I can tell you why I'm glad it
  313987 [shevegen lin] I can not answer this but personally I have stopped using class
  313989 [jason.lillyw] Thanks. That makes sense. I want to do what is simplest, but it seems
  313990 [dblack rubyp] You're not actually using any class variables in your example. If you

^ String sanitizing
313975 [twarlick gma] I have implemented a sanitize! method into the String class to
+ 313976 [dblack rubyp] I know that's not an answer to your question, but I'm not sure about
+ 314026 [robert.dober] ),
+ 314035 [shortcutter ] Copies won't be affected.  E.g. if you do
  + 314036 [dblack rubyp] But what would String#sanitize and String#sanitize_robert_paranoia do?
  | 314118 [robert.dober] Assuming a conservative GC and Memory Management, also assuming that
  + 314079 [twarlick gma] ry),

^ is it possible to turn a private method into a public one?
313980 [etaern yahoo] hey guys !
314045 [fxn hashref.] Sure.

^ Re: is it possible to turn a private method into a public on
313981 [tpreal gmail] class K
313982 [etaern yahoo] Thank you ! This will come in handy !
314028 [davebass mus] Also, it's possible to bypass the protection using the Object#send

^ Gateway Down (was Re: Parsing a CSV file column-wise)
313985 [james graypr] It has been brought to my attention that the gateway is misbehaving.
314279 [james graypr] This was my fault.  I tried to upgrade TMail on the gateway server and

^ Singular vs Shared Development of Ruby projects
313986 [shevegen lin] This may be an awkard question.

^ dynamically assigning class constants
313992 [phodgson lyr] class Level
313994 [phodgson lyr] Apologies, s/Comparable/Level/ in the example code.
314000 [azimux gmail] there might be a method for specifically creating constants,but if not
314003 [fxn hashref.] module M
314005 [phodgson lyr] Wonderful, thank you Xavier!

^ How to parse <pubDate> in RSS
313995 [rubyongirl g] Is there another way to get a valid date from pubDate in RSS like this
+ 313998 [AEtzold gmx.] require "date"
+ 314008 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUnVieSBHaXJsIFttYWlsdG86cnVieW9uZ2lybEBnbWFpbC5jb21dIA0KIyBJcyB0aGVy

^ Request: arguments by reference
313997 [ei04065 gmai] Would be possible to include the option to pass arguments by reference
+ 314020 [tpreal gmail] I think not. In Java you cannot pass by reference, and that's not
| + 314022 [tpreal gmail] Sorry. What I said is not what I meant, and is not correct. This
| + 314027 [ei04065 gmai] This is obviously a "solution" but with considerable performance
|   314029 [tpreal gmail] Well, of course there is some performance penalty, but I guess it is not
|   314037 [ei04065 gmai] 1 - Everything is supposed to be an object;
|   314039 [tpreal gmail] So I think that the best solution could be not to add syntax for passing
+ 314051 [ruby anthrop] First off, you're talking about a rare need. It's generally poor practice
+ 314213 [shortcutter ] Maybe.

^ Why is Ruby dynamic?
314001 [youhaodeyi g] People say Ruby is a dynamic language. I don't understand what the
+ 314048 [james lazyat] itself =20
| 314053 [shortcutter ] There are several aspects to Ruby's dynamism: methods and classes can
| 314088 [youhaodeyi g] It is also same for other scripts like perl, python, so they are all
| 314102 [avdi avdi.or] Yup.
| 314107 [lists bertra] class Time
| 314286 [perrin apoth] Python is "dynamic" compared to, say, C or Java.  People tend to want to
+ 314288 [phlip2005 gm] class Narcissus
  314293 [ninja slapha] A nitpick, but... string evals considered harmful!
  314320 [phlip2005 gm] I recently tried define_method and it didn't work, so I fell back to eval. (Note
  + 314323 [dblack rubyp] define_method is a private instance method of Module, so a typical use
  + 314344 [ninja slapha] This is worth bearing. I don't have a problem with eval, only with string

^ Is Ruby good at GUI develop?
314002 [youhaodeyi g] I want to choose a script to develop a GUI program. I want to know more
+ 314011 [james.britt ] There are assorted C-based options for GUI toolkits (Tk, Fox, wx, GTK,
| 314395 [cameronjc200] I must say I'm not totally happy with _any_ of the current offerings
| + 314411 [james.britt ] NetBeans.  Built in GUI editor that Just Works.  Cross-platform.  Free.
| + 314412 [farrel.lifso] You can use Glade to do this with Ruby-GNOME2.
| | 314413 [pilz osp-dd.] You can use Aptana IDE with Ruby for the Code, the Qt Assistant for
| + 314414 [logustus gma] Jason,
| + 314417 [huw darkneon] Don't fight it ;-)
|   314432 [youhaodeyi g] I do not quite care about the developing IDE for ruby GUI. What I want
|   314434 [pilz osp-dd.] qt4-qtruby is kinda wrapper for Qt4, GUI is nearly same speed as with
|   314444 [cesare.diaz ] You can use Glade. I made a software with Ruby + ActiveRecord + Glade
|   314465 [cameronjc200] Wow.  Quite the storm!  Oh well.
|   314483 [logustus gma] charset=WINDOWS-1252;
|   314674 [cameronjc200] I've got to remember to start with small projects before I go for big
|   314682 [logustus gma] All of your files should be named with underscores
|   314788 [cameronjc200] I followed the example on the site and created a working app.  I tried
+ 314501 [timrandg gma] It won't work for linux users, but I am interested in macruby--an ruby/
  314506 [f3ler0x69 gm] 2008/9/10 timr <timrandg@gmail.com>

^ Question About TCPServer & TCPSocket classes
314010 [poeticjustic] I've been messing around with socket programming in Ruby lately, and I've
+ 314013 [vjoel path.b] This method reads until newline, and binary data (such as Marshal.dump
+ 314016 [shortcutter ] Steve, you are mixing #read, #write on one side and #readline on the
  + 314057 [vjoel path.b] Good point. I forgot that the output of Marshal records how long the
  + 314084 [poeticjustic] Robert,

^ restarting design meeting (Re: Who's Charles angry at?)
314023 [matz ruby-la] I am available on September 11th, 18th, 19th (in JST).  As usual, they
314031 [charles.nutt] 10th/11th only will work for me, but other JRubyists can probably cover
314032 [matz ruby-la] I always feel bad for European people about the timezone issue.
314033 [charles.nutt] Moving the meetings to evening JST would help the Europeans out I
314034 [matz ruby-la] JST midnight (0:00) corresponds to

^ Frustrated: System call timeouts
314025 [raasdnil gma] I am having some (un)fun with timing out a database calls.
314040 [ara.t.howard] try this
314300 [raasdnil gma] Ara, thank you _so_ much for this.
+ 314307 [martindemell] I agree, that was very clever :) Bookmarked in case I ever need this.
+ 314324 [hramrach cen] Since you are using popen anyway you can just have your ruby process
| 314339 [ara.t.howard] correct.  this is basically how systemu does it, which you could use
+ 314340 [ara.t.howard] i keep meaning to turn this into a library but have not.  any other
| 314397 [raasdnil gma] No, the pid issue is the only thing... it sometimes misses.
| 314398 [ara.t.howard] oh that's good!  i can give you commit rights to codeforpeople and we
+ 314502 [rogerpack200] There's also a timeout replacement lib [though I haven't tried it].
  314545 [raasdnil gma] Thanks for that, I had already tried it.  This doesn't _always_ catch

^ [ANN] JVMScript
314030 [charles.nutt] In honor of the new project-hosting site kenai.com, I've spun off a

^ TCP Socket Programming
314038 [magic07 redi] I am trying to establish communication between 2 applications.
314058 [vjoel path.b] Different ports :) And I'm not sure the string '1025' will be
314065 [magic07 redi] sorry...that was a mistake..typo error.

^ attr_*, *variables_*
314041 [ei04065 gmai] It wouldn't be nice if all these methods respect a unique arguments
+ 314043 [dblack rubyp] I guess so. I don't really care too much.
| 314046 [ei04065 gmai] Of course this is a minor detail in how methods process their arguments.
+ 314056 [tpreal gmail] (Did you mean 'uniform'? Or I don't understand this sentence.)
  314059 [dblack rubyp] attr_accessor :@a is ultimately confusing, though, because the

^ [ANN]  September Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
314044 [james.britt ] September Phoenix Ruby Users Group Meeting

^ [ANN] NLize (Native Languageize Ruby's error messages)
314055 [artonx yahoo] I've just released NLize.

^ any way to write it in one line ?
314061 [yves_dufour ] works =  Array.new
+ 314062 [buddhamagnet] session[:cat_works].each_pair do |key, value|  works = Array.new unless
| 314064 [jgabrielygal] I think that in this case works is not visible outside of the block
| 314068 [piyush.pr gm] works =3D  Array.new; session[:cart_works].each_pair {|key, value| works <=
+ 314063 [jgabrielygal] works = session[:cart_works].inject([]) {|w, (k,v)| (v== user_id)? w + [k]: w}
+ 314067 [richardjharr] works =3D session[:cart_works].keys.select { |key| session[:cart_works]
| + 314069 [richardjharr] works = session[:cart_works].keys.select { |key| session[:cart_works]
| + 314194 [yves_dufour ] thanks a lot, all answers show exactly what I was looking for, ...
+ 314070 [w_a_x_man ya] works = []
| + 314072 [dblack rubyp] I tend to use the literal constructors, but either technique is OK. I
| + 314195 [yves_dufour ] nge",
+ 314115 [shortcutter ] You cannot do it inside the block because then it is not know after the
| 314196 [yves_dufour ] k}
+ 314142 [jesnault gma] h =3D Hash[ * %w(apple red lemon yellow bananna yellow orange orange) ]
| 314197 [yves_dufour ] thanks a lot ...
+ 314168 [m.fellinger ] works = session[:cart_works].reject{|k,v| v == user_id }.keys
  314169 [m.fellinger ] works = session[:cart_works].reject{|k,v| not v == user_id }.keys

^ Ruby 1.9 curses library on windows - detect arrow keys?
314066 [richardjharr] I have been using ncurses-ruby with Ruby 1.8 on Windows. Upon

^ Convert special characters from HTML to utf-8 or iso-8859-1
314073 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
314082 [AEtzold gmx.] Found it: htmlentities.

^ Ruby interpreter bug?
314074 [iobass email] I get a core dump when executing the following code.
+ 314075 [stefano.croc] It works correctly for me (ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i686-linux])
| 314078 [stefano.croc] Sorry, I was wrong. I missed the last line when copying the text. The code
+ 314076 [dblack rubyp] It's actually not a syntax error; it's infinite recursion, because
+ 314081 [richardjharr] You have left out the quotes in << puts #{name} >>. This results in

^ Can't install any gems...
314077 [joshnabbott ] I'm on Mac OS X running Rails 2.1, Ruby 1.8.6, gem version 1.1.0 and

^ assemble many images files into one .mpeg or .mov
314080 [andrew geni.] to generate several 100 images, and then run some other ruby program to
314134 [TimHunter nc] Check out RMagick for generating the images. You can also RMagick to
314136 [andrew geni.] Thanks, I started using ffmpeg and it couldn't have been easier.
314140 [TimHunter nc] Wonderful! The right tool for the job.

^ json for extjs (without rails)
314083 [gurpal gmx.c] I trying to generate some simple json for extjs use *without rails*.
314086 [ara.t.howard] gem install json
314091 [gurpal gmx.c] an example would actually be helpful. i already looked at the rdoc, i'm
+ 314093 [mguterl gmai] There's an example of serializing a custom class (Range) on
| 314099 [mguterl gmai] I just realized this code is flawed due to the nature of unordered
+ 314097 [ara.t.howard] # i prefer the pure-ruby version of json
  + 314106 [vjoel path.b] Why's that?
  | 314109 [ara.t.howard] simply because it's easy to drop in a rails project's lib dir and
  + 314871 [gurpal gmx.c] mydata = [ C.new(4, 2).to_json, C.new(1, 3).to_json, C.new(5, 6).to_json
    + 315021 [gurpal gmx.c] example if i put multiple Cars in a hash or asrray and then wrap that in
    + 315022 [ara.t.howard] mydata = [  C.new(4, 2),  C.new(1, 3),  C.new(5, 6)  ]
      315034 [gurpal gmx.c] `to_json': wrong number of arguments (2 for 0) (ArgumentError)
      + 316025 [g gurpal.co.] BUMP! i'm still stuck here. Any ideas most appreciated.
      + 316097 [mark thomasz] This means that you are trying to supply two arguments to to_json,