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^ Refactoring suppoted in DLTK 1.0?
313716 [ruby i-mail.] I downloaded ruby DLTK from HERE

^ Re: rubylexer 0.7.1 Released
313722 [rogerpack200] What's its relationship to ruby_parser and racc?
313964 [vikkous gmai] Sorry for the late reply.

^ Does Ruby has free DES encrypt lib?
313723 [youhaodeyi g] Does Ruby has free DES encrypt lib?
313728 [antonin.aman] I think there is a DES cipher in the openssl api. Unfornutately, this
313750 [B.Candler po] which you can find at

^ Hash optimization question
313724 [rogerpack200] (slow example)
313740 [shortcutter ] No idea, you would have to look at the sources.
+ 313761 [robert.dober] Long time not having been on the same thread Robert:)
| + 313766 [shortcutter ] Binary search might be an additional option for small to medium sized
| + 315914 [rogerpack200] So our goal is to see if Array#assoc is "about as fast as hash based
+ 313835 [rogerpack200] Yeah I guess it's hard to have the best of both worlds. Hmm.  I suppose
| 313838 [shortcutter ] The critical issue is not the size of the Has (at least not only) but
| 313843 [rogerpack200] Yeah--works like a charm.
| 313927 [shortcutter ] Great!
+ 315956 [b.candler po] purpose of faster iteration. It also has the potentially useful
  316139 [rogerpack200] Interesting.

^ Error when running an exe created with rubyscript2exe
313732 [rakeshgpai y] I am getting the following error when i created an exe from a ruby
+ 313748 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Rakesh,
+ 313965 [renard nc.rr] You need to "require" any gem that are required by a gem that you did
  314015 [erikveen gma] Add "require 'rubygems'" _in_ your application and temporarily
  314272 [rakeshgpai y] Thanks for the help guys.

^ Rdoc & Apostrophes
313736 [out_infinity] Rdoc seems to substitute all apostrophes with some fancy versions of
316179 [tony.strauss] What version of RDoc (rdoc --version) are you using?  Thank you!

^ Junebug wiki - status?
313737 [tomcloyd com] I've been trying to get a Junebug wiki running. There appears to be no
+ 314636 [tomcloyd com] OK. Junebug's dead, for some reason. (Except for those which real ruby
+ 314637 [jeremymcanal] It's requiring an older version of ActiveSupport.  Look in the

^ Binary files comparision
313738 [m.tyman inte] I've got 2 folders with content which I need to binary compare (file by
+ 313741 [r.grosmann g] cksum1 = `cksum #{file1}`
| + 313743 [shortcutter ] In that case why not directly use cmp?  I thought the OP wanted a Ruby version.
| + 313746 [m.tyman inte] Not exactly. I run script on Windows.
+ 313757 [TimHunter nc] The FileUtils library includes compare_file(a, b).

^ Re: Sketchup: Constructing Triangle with Ruby
313739 [promos burch] If you want a 3 sided shape, pass 3 points (AKA vertices) to

^ downloading files
313744 [nostef gmail] Which is the proper way to download a binary file?
+ 313760 [TimHunter nc] Are you on Windows? Try opening the output file as "wb" instead of just "w".
+ 313762 [etaern yahoo] require "rubygems"
+ 313763 [tpreal gmail] data=open(remote).read

^ dtabase access with Ruby
313745 [sijo maxxion] If myb doubt is a stupidity please forgive..I was reading a ruby
+ 313751 [rogerpack200] shouldn't be a conflict
+ 313768 [caduceass gm] You can use ActiveRecord without rails.  Also, a few other ORM
  313797 [sijo maxxion] Could you please points to any links explaining to access Ruby(Not
  313803 [cmdicely gma] Here's one: http://rails.aizatto.com/2007/05/21/activerecord-without-rails/
  313806 [sijo maxxion] Thanks for your reply

^ Open4 : undefined method `spawn'
313752 [unbewusst.se] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
+ 313758 [B.Candler po] "include Mod" gives you access to the instance methods of the module, but
+ 313781 [ara.t.howard] 'stderr' =3D>
  313782 [AEtzold gmx.] what platform are you on ?
  + 313784 [ara.t.howard] osx.
  + 314352 [unbewusst.se] MacOS X 10.4.11

^ Recursive file listening???
313753 [m.tyman inte] How to perform recursive file listening? Means that I want to list all
+ 313754 [james graypr] On Mac OS X you can use FSEvents for this.
+ 313755 [farrel.lifso] Dir.glob('**/*.rb')
  313756 [m.tyman inte] Thanks you were helpful :-)

^ IMAP, Gmail & reading the body of the message
313770 [pteale gmail] I have been collecting emails to my Gmail account for some time from a
313807 [lparravi gma] Use Net::IMAP.fetch (
+ 313810 [pteale gmail] This partially worked.
+ 313814 [smgspices ao] gmail is pop3 with ssl encoding.
  + 313816 [pteale gmail] Gmail also supports IMAP
  + 313833 [mark cortex-] Neat!  I can connect the ruby BBS to Google Mail!

^ Re: Simple IMAP client? - imap.store problems
313773 [phil pricom.] People,

^ Send email with attachments in Ruby
313774 [loominator19] I'm trying to find some code to send an email with attachment in
+ 313777 [lloyd 2live4] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 313779 [lists bertra] Two years ago I started to write my own mail library. Initially I
+ 313804 [dave.baldwin] require 'rubygems'
+ 313812 [luka.stojano] I don't think there is an easy way to do so with net/smtp, put
+ 313819 [bob-usenet r] /usr/ports/mail/mutt-lite installed.
  313917 [roberto REMO] There is no easy way to play with this :(

^ Dir.glob doubt
313775 [lbocseg yaho] (Dir.glob("#{@path}/**/*/**") | Dir.glob("#{@path}/**")).each do |file|

^ Re: Problem installing gem
313776 [kingdon tues] For reference, that is obsolete as somebody else mentioned.

^ Re: DBI 0.4.0
313778 [erik hollens] Shameless plug in 3...2...1.....

^ ANN: Sequel 2.5.0 Released
313780 [code jeremye] * Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a concise DSL

^ Calling DLL's from Ruby
313783 [donn cmscms.] I've written quite a bit of logic into DLL's using C#.  I would like
+ 313788 [brabuhr gmai] I have used RubyCLR and ruby-mono[1], but don't know if I still have
| 314489 [brabuhr gmai] require 'mono'
+ 313853 [rogerpack200] Have you looked at ruby/dl?

^ TCPSocket#initialize slow on Windows
313785 [vshepelev im] ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i386-mswin32_71]
313852 [rogerpack200] Could try
313922 [vshepelev im] Seems to work... today :)
313956 [rogerpack200] Kind of reminds me of OS X 10.5's DNS problems--the first lookup
314024 [vshepelev im] Thanks for your help. It seems now the problem somewhere deeper in my
314042 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  Maybe a bug report?

^ How to read a character at a time from STDIN without needing to press return key?
313786 [kenneth.m.mc] print STDIN.getc
+ 313870 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ken,
+ 313937 [nobu ruby-la] print STDIN.getch
+ 313947 [lists bertra] On feasible operating systems you can install the "termios" gem.
+ 313970 [james graypr] Hope that helps.

^ [ANN] recurrence 0.1.0
313787 [edvard majak] git clone git://github.com/EdvardM/recurrence.git

^ How to upcase/downcase utf-8 chars?
313791 [esuomikim gm] I want to upcase/downcase utf-8 characters. How to do it with ruby?
+ 313808 [lparravi gma] irb -rubygems -runicode
| 315977 [esuomikim gm] Thanks for responses. There's some bug in RubyGems, I just send a bug
+ 313935 [esuomikim gm] Getting no response = it is impossible?!
  313938 [mguterl gmai] Did you not see Luis Parravicini's response?  If for some reason there

^ Ruby 1.8.6. - 100% CPU on OS X
313793 [dmritacco ho] Recently Ruby has decided to stomp my CPU. After running for a bit Ruby
313844 [damnbigman g] Are there other things running that you think should be sharing with the
313846 [dmritacco ho] Usually I just kill the process. Not a big problem when it happens once
+ 313850 [rogerpack200] I've had similar problems before--I think it might be some type of an OS
+ 313851 [damnbigman g] Well if the process is actually running (garbage collection maybe) then it
  313877 [hramrach cen] Well, if it's on something like a G3 there aren't many CPU cycles,
  313880 [AEtzold gmx.] I don't know if this applies to your CPU load problem, but I've had several strange errors related to Ruby
  313883 [damnbigman g] en

^ Animated Butterfly gifs - butterfly clip art
313794 [gaypavan gma] ...

^ Download movies
313798 [karaboomtown] Download movies

^ New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now  available
313799 [praveendevar] The new version (0.10.0) of IBM_DB is now available. This release

^ [ANN] recurrence 0.1.0, Ruby library for recurring stuff
313800 [edvard majak] git clone git://github.com/EdvardM/recurrence.git
313857 [ryand-ruby z] require 'date'
313936 [james.herdma] There's a project similar to the GP's called Runt that I used at work for a
314520 [rick.denatal] What I'd really love for my current project is a library for recurring

^ how to analysis a packet?
313801 [fzzqd hotmai] packets
+ 313802 [etaern yahoo] As far as I know , you can find pcap for windows at www.winpcap.org .
+ 314297 [jeremy hineg] You may also want to take a look at packet_fu
  314886 [planb.securi] PacketFu just got up-revved yesterday for Windows goodness, and it

^ String Combine problem
313805 [luckyzenn gm] I have a algorithm problem and I'm trying to resolve it
+ 313821 [lloyd 2live4] In the first place, it seems that rules 1 and 2 combine to just say that
| 313837 [luckyzenn gm] Wow!it helps a lot
+ 313889 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUmljaGFyZCBaZW5uIFttYWlsdG86bHVja3l6ZW5uQGdtYWlsLmNvbV0gDQojIEhlcmUg

^ date picker
313811 [gani_chinta ] I need a plugin for date select from calender... plz reply if anybody
313818 [cdj goh-inc.] Rm9yIHJhaWxzL29uIGEgd2Vic2l0ZT8gSSB1c2UgY2FsZW5kYXJfZGF0ZV9zZWxlY3QgKHlvdSBj

^ Pushing a record into an inst. vaariable.
313815 [jean.moser n] In a study(#31) published by the American Accounting Association, prof
313827 [mguterl gmai] As a former student of accounting this sounds rather interesting.

^ Connecting to SQL Server
313817 [cdj goh-inc.] charset="us-ascii"
314302 [dejan.dimic ] I am too often in same situation. For this I use the activerecord-
314329 [cdj goh-inc.] Actually, last night I JUST figured out a solution.  I wrapped all of my =

^ creating method dynamically
313820 [jrmair gmail] module M
313856 [ryand-ruby z] go read the C code for define_method.

^ [SUMMARY] Where the Required Things Are (#175)
313824 [matthew.moss] Great job on this quiz, everyone who submitted. I know I'll be adding
+ 313825 [jens.wille u] thanks for the fun quiz :-)
+ 313829 [funkaster gm] hey, what about my solution? :-P
+ 313882 [jesse.d.merr] jesse@ricercar $ uname -a

^ Help Using LibCurl
313830 [clarkocb gma] I'm new to ruby and have to use the libcurl library but my code don't
314244 [ruby thomasz] Is there a reason why you can't use open-uri?

^ Extract data from email - Tmail, Hpricot
313831 [geocooper gm] I have an html email that I would like to parse.
313860 [uzimonkey gm] It would help if you posted some code that didn't work, so people can
314247 [geocooper gm] Below is the code I am using to try and get the body out of the html
314280 [transfire gm] en
314630 [geocooper gm] I got Tmail to extract the body of my email. The solution (very simple

^ Re: Where the Required Things Are (#175)
313832 [matthew.moss] Sorry, don't know how I missed that...

^ Time::parse in ruby 1.9 with mm/dd/yyyy
313836 [jecain gmail] $ ruby -rparsedate -e 'p ParseDate.parsedate("09/01/2008")'
313885 [jecain gmail] {:sec=>35, :year=>1975, :hour=>21, :mday=>31, :min=>28, :mon=>12}

^ New to YAML/Ruby.
313847 [tmcdowell gm] So, I have been interested in working in YAML but have found a very
313849 [vjoel path.b] If you have ri (or fastri or qri installed), you've got a good basic

^ String#match vs. Regexp#match - confused
313848 [kodama bluex] a = ".*me"
313855 [adam.shelly ] test.match a
313874 [kodama bluex] Thanks Adam! Yeah...turns out I didn't read the ri docs carefully

^ 'gem list --remote' is blank??
313862 [jgarvin.list] When running 'gem list --remote' on our linux and mac machines, we get a
+ 313863 [ara.t.howard] i installed them all.  all gems are gone.
| 313864 [jgarvin.list] If that was intended to be a helpful suggestion, I'm afraid I don't
| 313865 [vjoel path.b] It was a very droll (or troll?) joke :)
| 313867 [jgarvin.list] Thanks, That's was a good idea. I disabled the firewall and tried again,
+ 313866 [adam.shelly ] I have a similar problem.  I think it's a firewall/proxy thing.
| 313869 [jgarvin.list] Thanks for the suggestion. I disabled the firewall and we're not behind
+ 313875 [jgarvin.list] Ok, it seems to be the issue was the version of ruby. That machine

^ Re: How to read a character at a time from STDIN without nee
313871 [tpreal gmail] def read_char

^ How to save Ruby object as a blob in MySQL
313873 [btrichardson] I'm using Ruby and Sequel on Windows to talk to a database on a Linux
313878 [michael.c.li] Are you sure it's not marshaling correctly? What happens when you
313879 [btrichardson] Thanks Michael... you are correct on both accounts.  I actually made a
313968 [ezmobius gma] In general when you want to store Marshal'd data in mysql you should
313978 [btricha gmai] Ah... interesting.  Thanks!  I assume I have to Base64.decode the data
313979 [ezmobius gma] def marshal(string)

^ Where to learn rdoc?
313884 [bjohnson bin] I know this is a noob question but I decided ot start documenting all of
+ 313886 [keeperotphon] rdoc is pretty well documented... have you had any good luck with ruby-doc
| 316181 [tony.strauss] Actually, http://rdoc.sourceforge.net is outdated (we're working to
+ 316182 [tony.strauss] Try http://rdoc.rubyforge.org.

^ Is Red Dead?
313888 [transfire gm] Is Red dead?

^ How do I quickly search the end of a huge text file?
313890 [gallagherjb ] I am trying to create a ruby script that will search a maya ascii file
+ 313891 [keeperotphon] ...
| 313892 [gallagherjb ] Thanks for your input... I actually tried using SEEK_END - couldn't get
+ 313895 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQnJpYW4gR3JlZW4gW21haWx0bzpnYWxsYWdoZXJqYkBnbWFpbC5jb21dIA0KIyBJIGFt
  313896 [gallagherjb ] It's slow because the script is going to integrated into the companies
  + 313900 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQnJpYW4gR3JlZW4gW21haWx0bzpnYWxsYWdoZXJqYkBnbWFpbC5jb21dIA0KIyBJdCdz
  + 313903 [etaern yahoo] begin
    313904 [etaern yahoo] I meant the rest of the lines . Sorry .
    313929 [gallagherjb ] Thank you very much!! That's exactly what I was looking for!
    + 313933 [botpena gmai] if i'm not mistaken, that would  be
    + 313934 [jreidthompso] 50 megabytes = 52 428 800 bytes

^ Digest Authentication in Rack
313893 [btrichardson] Has anyone been able to figure out how to use the digest authentication

^ FeedTools
313894 [jos.trem gma] While I've got some code working on my Ubuntu machine, trying to get

^ Need a 40 LOC (ignoring comments) to be shorter -- suggestions wanted
313897 [RichardDummy] Within 10 minutes, Use the digits 3 to 7 in any order
+ 313899 [botp delmont] cool daughter. me, only sons, very terrible when they fight each other =
+ 313902 [rubytraining] On Sep 4, 9:40=A0pm, RichardOnRails
| + 313909 [RichardDummy] .org/266447
| + 313912 [larsch belun] (3..7).to_a.permutation.sort_by { |a| a[0..2].to_s.to_i *
|   + 313916 [robert.dober] (i) A trivial trick is to replace (3..7).to_a with [*3..7]
|   + 314085 [RichardDummy] If this were the Olympics for succinct Ruby,  you=92d get the Gold!!
+ 313905 [phasis gmail] Here is a simple and stupid solution.
+ 313907 [robert.dober] I believe it can easily be seen that a number of form xy or abc where
| + 313908 [B.Candler po] Verbose and inefficient, but there was a 10 minute limit :-)
| | 313911 [B.Candler po] Damn this is annoying :-)
| | 313915 [B.Candler po] My final offering, inspired by Park Heesob's solution.
| + 313951 [brabuhr gmai] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
|   313958 [rhkramer gma] Is using a computer a requirement?
+ 313931 [w_a_x_man ya] On Sep 4, 11:40 pm, RichardOnRails

^ anyone having issues with rubyforge at the moment?
313898 [greg.hauptma] Is anyone having trouble with rubyforge at the moment?
313977 [greg.hauptma] Updating installed gems

^ about critical section
313901 [difeiz gmail] Greetings all,
313910 [tpreal gmail] I think you can use Mutex. First

^ [solved] Re: about critical section
313906 [difeiz gmail] man 2 open, there is a O_EXCL

^ How to fetch images from web page with relative path
313913 [yzheng taiho] here is the code, it works when the image has a full path, but I met
313914 [yzheng taiho] BTW, I use rmagick.
313918 [etaern yahoo] What do you use to get the links ?
313924 [etaern yahoo] Would you consider switching to mechanize ? It can handle relative links
314128 [yzheng taiho] Thanks Lex, I will try.
334446 [jazzezravi g] Get all images from given URL