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^ some method help ... not really sure about proper title
311861 [etaern yahoo] I'm kinda new to ruby , and was wondering about the following stuff ,
311932 [jgabrielygal] class Whatever
311935 [etaern yahoo] That was exactly what I was looking for!

^ One more Deaf Grandma topic
311865 [bgz umich.ed] Obviously, I'm working through Chris Pine's Learn to Program, and I'm
311884 [adam.shelly ] Look closely at what happens when bye_count is 2 and you type 'BYE' again.
312040 [bgz umich.ed] Thanks so much for your help! I managed to write/finish the program
312086 [adam.shelly ] One way to avoid the break would be to also increment bye_count after

^ Marshal/Serialization Question
311866 [btrichardson] I'm trying to Marshal some Ruby objects to file and I have a question
311922 [shortcutter ] Try it out.  I'd say, most likely they are not dumped as classes are not

^ [ANN] JS.Class 2.0
311867 [jcoglan goog] Do please forgive me if this is a little too off-topic but I thought some
+ 311870 [joost zeekat] * It seems fairly large for what it appears to do. But I've not
+ 311939 [mneumann nte] That looks pretty complete and well documented.

^ overprinting characters
311871 [iwasinnamukn] I have a script that does things to large files > 1Gb and I want to be
+ 311880 [_mwryder wor] You can use curses with Ruby to do what you want.  Otherwise if you can
+ 311881 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Matt,
+ 311882 [Rob AgileCon] In addition to print "\r" you might want to look at the docs for
  311886 [iwasinnamukn] Excellent, first I managed to get it working as I said in my post,
  311910 [Rob AgileCon] OK, here's the context:  getting CSV files from a url and saving them

^ Nested Arrays in Method Definitions--a puzzle
311879 [jsb2142 colu] I am writing because I am somewhat stumped by why the following
+ 311883 [martindemell] When you say 'x = [2]' you aren't redefining the object x, you are
+ 311889 [adam.shelly ] Variables and Array entries hold references to objects.
  311898 [jsb2142 colu] Many many many thanks, Adam and Martin! I do think this clears it up.

^ YAML dumping custom object that needs type conversions
311885 [marick visib] class T < Struct.new(:template)

^ [ANN] io-reactor 1.0.4
311891 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.4 of IO-Reactor has been released.
311892 [tony medioh.] Just curious, what motivated you to write this?  I can't imagine it performs
311926 [ged FaerieMU] I needed a way to multiplex the IO from many sockets, and found the

^ [REMINDER] RubyConf proposals due by Thursday!
311893 [dblack rubyp] Don't forget to submit your RubyConf presentation proposal by August
312087 [ben bleythin] Is there a particular time that you're going to be shutting off
312092 [dblack rubyp] Tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon is fine.

^ define_method issue
311895 [neeraj.jsr g] Based on the following example should I conclude whether I use
311902 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUmFqIFNpbmdoIFttYWlsdG86bmVlcmFqLmpzckBnbWFpbC5jb21dIA0KIyBCYXNlZCBv

^ Newby Help
311896 [rgunsolus ya] I've just found ruby and want to teach it to my son & myself, and have
+ 311899 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUm9uIEd1bnNvbHVzIFttYWlsdG86cmd1bnNvbHVzQHlhaG9vLmNvbV0gDQojIGkgdHJ5
+ 311900 [uzimonkey gm] You need to give more information such as which platform (Windows, OSX,
+ 311903 [phlip2005 gm] The first should report your ruby --version, and the second has a shot at

^ [Bug:1.8] Re: Hard question: Any ideas why this code leaks memory?
311901 [nobu ruby-la] Seems a bug.
311908 [schween snaf] -S.
311930 [nobu ruby-la] Hmmm, indeed.  But it seems to occur with the latest 1.8.
311956 [schween snaf] I tried some of the patches mentioned on the page on my ruby-1.8.6, and this is
312056 [nobu ruby-la] It has been applied to the latest 1.8, of course.

^ Re: The Jihad Candidate
311904 [thermate2 in] DUDE, have you gone mad ? The ZIONIST MEDIA never barked that it was a

^ why is the plugin not installing
311909 [bishalachary] I wanted to install plugins to my application but its not working.
317212 [jason.lillyw] I'm sorry I don't have an answer, but I found that the auto_complete

^ Marshaling an object destroys dynamically created methods
311913 [patrickli_20] Unmarshaling a marshaled object, makes all dynamically created methods
+ 311918 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUGF0cmljayBMaSBbbWFpbHRvOnBhdHJpY2tsaV8yMDAxQGhvdG1haWwuY29tXSANCiMg
+ 311936 [mikael hoilu] I'm not in a position to test, but it looksnto me like the method =20
+ 312141 [pit.capitain] Patrick, that's not correct. Classes and methods aren't changed upon

^ problem with rapt
311917 [bishalachary] directory.  Please change to the top level of a Rails

^ Can Someone Explain This to Me?
311925 [ron.green gm] class Body
+ 311927 [jgabrielygal] When you have a variable with @ in front, it's an instance variable of
+ 312098 [ninja slapha] Well, in this case, you're defining an instance variable... on Body, the

^ Re: io-reactor 1.0.4
311929 [transfire gm] IO

^ A Mascot...
311937 [kathe.mayure] I've been doing a lot of miscellaneous reading and thinking about Ruby.
+ 311969 [phlip2005 gm] Yay! Another reason Ruby Rules!!!
| + 311979 [kathe.mayure] ...
| | 311980 [hramrach cen] From the last discussion on this topic I got the impression that the
| | 311983 [cdj goh-inc.] V2hpY2ggaXMgd2h5IGEgZ3JlYXQgZ3JhcGhpYyBkZXNpZ25lciBjb3VsZCBjb21lIHVwIHdpdGgg
| | 311984 [kathe.mayure] Clinton, what's your opinion about http://www.hexley.com/
| | + 311990 [cdj goh-inc.] I think it looks cute. It's easy to identify with. My only gripe would
| | | 311991 [kathe.mayure] The likeliness to the BSD Devil is intentional, Darwin uses a lot of BSD code.
| | | + 311992 [dblack rubyp] You should talk to Matz. There's no official Ruby mascot unless Matz
| | | | + 311995 [John.Hyaduck] Perhaps the Pickaxe?=20
| | | | + 312025 [gregory.t.br] I vaguely recall some creepy post on RubyTalk with someone asking for
| | | |   312032 [hramrach cen] It looks like mascots are in general out of fashion these says. Even
| | | |   312033 [gregory.t.br] But I think individual projects can get away with more than a
| | | + 311993 [cdj goh-inc.] Definitely get more momentum. Looks like 2 for mascot, 5+ against so
| | | | + 311997 [rmagick gmai] If we're gonna have a mascot, can it be one of those guys that dresses
| | | | | 312002 [chris.lowis ] And gets into fights with other mascots ? +1
| | | | + 312045 [robert.dober] Maybe I am just too conservative about it. I believe Ruby does not
| | | |   312046 [fred lacave.] (But we need to choose an adequate beast...)
| | | + 312084 [perrin apoth] That's a daemon, not a devil.
| | + 312004 [shevegen lin] I suggest a lobster as mascot.
| |   + 312007 [cdj goh-inc.] Q291bGQgeW91IG1ha2UgYSBjdXRlIGxvYnN0ZXI/IE9yIHlvdSBjb3VsZCBnbyB0aGUgb3Bwb3Np
| |   | 312107 [znmeb cesmai] So this guy gets on the plane with a lobster in a box. I ask the guy,
| |   | 312112 [robert.dober] We shall create a Ruby joke, BTW Ed, did the lobster like the movie?
| |   + 312012 [michael.c.li] I'd like to suggest a miner (you know, a pick-axe toting miner). Maybe
| |     312014 [paqs140482 g] I think that we must use a kind of artificial animal, like dogs. I mean, an
| |     312047 [rmagick gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| |     312079 [hramrach cen] Shouldn't the duck be red?
| + 311989 [robert.dober] Amen
+ 311987 [marcelo.mach] What do you think of a minerador?
| 311988 [marcelo.mach] minerador = miner
+ 312083 [perrin apoth] Last I checked, that was spelled Daemon, and his name was Beastie.
+ 312226 [ snk gna.org] False.  Ruby has had a mascot since 2004: the cute anime character
| + 312228 [paqs140482 g] WFT!
| + 312232 [iwasinnamukn] A mascot for a grown-up programming language has a version which is nude???
| | + 312236 [nx-2000 fast] Ruby-tan. I knew that there had to be one... (And there is even the
| | + 312252 [ninja slapha] *gasp* Nudity! That could never be art...
| |   + 312262 [robert.dober] ... and I still do not know if the lobster liked dinner!
| |   + 312280 [dblack rubyp] Starbucks isn't my role model as a Rubyist (or in any other respect).
| |     312436 [ninja slapha] Starbucks is massively popular, despite being as expensive as they are.
| |     312454 [gregory.t.br] Technical Blaag at: http://blog.majesticseacreature.com | Non-tech
| + 312237 [dblack rubyp] Ruby has no mascot, and I hope it stays that way.
|   + 312238 [vjoel path.b] Let's not forget the snail fiasco :)
|   | + 312240 [has.sox gmai] +1 for Ruby never having a mascot.
|   | + 312241 [dblack rubyp] Snailgate.
|   + 312239 [jballanc gma] Ruby has _why, ergo no need for a mascot!
|     312284 [doodpants ma] Actually, didn't _why create this duck to be a ruby mascot?
|     + 312302 [paqs140482 g] I like it! :D, but If you haven=B4t read all post before please do it,
|     | 312305 [gregory.t.br] I don't think that was David's point at all.  I think he believes that
|     | + 312312 [emmaheroe ho] the mascot)
|     | | 312316 [paqs140482 g] I think that this is the reason of why If it=B4s a Manga, it must be a girl=
|     | + 312322 [rick.denatal] 1) She was cute and
|     |   + 312323 [gregory.t.br] Now just show that to most other female Ruby programmers and we'll see
|     |   | + 312330 [ snk gna.org] Why is everyone so focused on the nude drawing?  There _are_ *other*
|     |   | + 312438 [ninja slapha] I'd have to see it. Some large, muscular, naked men are prettier than
|     |   + 312325 [jayeola gmai] OK then!
|     |   + 312440 [ninja slapha] it,
|     |     312452 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|     |     + 312456 [wilsonb gmai] Well said. We should just link to this message when this topic arises
|     |     + 312459 [ninja slapha] You're one person... but I was generalizing.
|     |       312479 [dblack rubyp] It's not that Ruby is particularly male-dominated; it's that it isn't
|     + 312490 [why ruby-lan] It is only a duck used to evade copyright infringement.  A personal
|       + 312548 [mikael hoilu] ory.html
|       + 312551 [mauriceroman] Hey _why,
|         312552 [phlip2005 gm] Here's a bird that writes (anything) with the tip of its beak.
+ 312303 [avdi avdi.or] From my point of view the ruby-mascot discussion is moot, because it's
| 312315 [joost zeekat] Note that Perl's camel is not actually the official mascot; it just
| 312328 [Usenet Googl] 35 years, actually: Ruby celebrated its 15th birthday this year, Lisp
| 312331 [joost zeekat] You're right, of course.
| 312333 [emmaheroe ho] you are right.. there are too many people just talking about the nude
| + 312335 [phlip2005 gm] Unless I'm mistaken, I think someone googled for "ruby manga", and then
| | 312338 [billk cts.co] ;)
| | 312379 [maili31s cli] * I'm actually not for having official Ruby mascot in any sense.
| | 312380 [CHubas7 gmai] I don't know much about marketing (which has nothing to do with
| + 312336 [emmaheroe ho] here is a small example about the mascot that i suggest :P it is just a
|   312337 [emmaheroe ho] with capital R :P this forum should have edit post option :P
|   312404 [hramrach cen] T24gMjMvMDgvMjAwOCwgRW1tYW51ZWwgUnViaW8gPGVtbWFoZXJvZUBob3RtYWlsLmNvbT4gd3Jv
+ 312373 [mauriceroman] (SNIP)
  + 312374 [kathe.mayure] What you find silly might now be silly to another, else there wouldn't
  | + 312376 [tommy.morgan] Regardless of whether or not I agree with that... you have a self-selection
  | | 312386 [james.britt ] Well, there is no *one* Ruby community; there are many.  And some
  | | 312387 [tommy.morgan] True, that's what I meant. Since no community (either the community at
  | + 312464 [mauriceroman] Most posts are not in favor of a mascot from what I have read of this
  |   312477 [kathe.mayure] Going by your logic, even the logo is irrelevant, but it was an effort
  |   + 312489 [wilsonb gmai] The logo is irrelevant. I can't recall ever having seen it on
  |   + 312550 [mauriceroman] Nice try on your part, yet laughable. You stated "essential", and I
  |     312558 [kathe.mayure] Your analytical system is seriously flawed and so is your logic.
  |     + 312559 [mauriceroman] Interesting, coming from you. See below.
  |     | 312605 [kathe.mayure] This thing is going to go on for ever, it's pointless discussing
  |     | 312614 [mauriceroman] If it is pointless it is only because you have clearly demonstrated
  |     | + 312616 [cdj goh-inc.] Wow, I haven't been in this thread for a while. Getting a little hot in
  |     | | 312627 [hjast89 gmai] how about everyone just waits for Matz to say something, everyone is just
  |     | | 312628 [cdj goh-inc.] Gah, I said I wouldn't post anymore.
  |     | + 312634 [Usenet Googl] This community is also driven by the principle "Matz is nice so we are
  |     + 312561 [ninja slapha] It's too late, and I'm too tired to give this the hearty laugh it deserves...
  |       312565 [billk cts.co] Bemused chuckle accompanied by a slightly incredulous and rueful
  |       312580 [phlip2005 gm] To delete c, they typed Right, then Delete.
  |       312810 [ninja slapha] To be fair, it's now possible to get a reasonably full-sized keyboard from
  + 312381 [phlip2005 gm] Okay, point the camera at the Ruby gem, and slowly push in, with atmospheric
  + 312406 [caduceass gm] You obviously haven't studied marketing/branding.  To hope that the
    312458 [ttmrichter g] * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_of_the_bikeshed

^ Viewing documentation for installed modules
311938 [krylon gmx.n] This is probably a stupid question, but it has been a while since I last
311940 [krylon gmx.n] [stupid question]
312009 [zhao.lu.us g] Thanks Benjamin for answering your own question because that was my

^ Ruby/SerialPort Library is slow/delay/portions on Windows
311942 [che_lex mail] I was doing serial port reading software with Ruby and Ruby/SerialPort
312020 [rogerpack200] Does eventmachine do anything with serial ports?
312113 [che_lex mail] I do not use eventmachine in my code. It does not have any GUI, just
312215 [adam.shelly ] It does sound like a buffering configuration problem.  Under Windows,

^ [ANN]GrowlNotifier 1.0.1
311946 [psychs limec] Growl Notifier 1.0.1 has been released.
312035 [tim.pease gm] How does this compare to meow ?

^ ruby help
311947 [sunny_bogawa] Can someone enlighten me about
311964 [jcoglan goog] 2008/8/20 Sunny Bogawat <sunny_bogawat@neovasolutions.com>

^ array of hashes - need to iterate and calulate stats but how
311950 [adamtemporar] I making a script which generates some basic stats for completed
+ 311952 [etaern yahoo] statistic_hash = {}
| + 311955 [adamtemporar] Thanks for the response,
| | 311957 [adamtemporar] unique_identifier in the above code is merely refers to the model
| | 311967 [adamtemporar] im not so hot on ruby, could you expand on what you mean by that?
| | + 311970 [wieczo.yo go] You can also create Structs in Ruby if you prefer them
| | + 311971 [etaern yahoo] well , for a hash , you can have an object as the key , and an object as
| | + 311978 [dlb.id.au gm] I quite like the class and struct approaches already mentioned but I had
| + 311962 [dblack rubyp] You can use a hash with a default value to make all that hash testing
|   311963 [etaern yahoo] you could use select on the array , and lose those if's . something like
|   + 311965 [adamtemporar] rather htan a class for the moment.
|   | 311966 [etaern yahoo] adam , how about an array ref as the value for a certain key?
|   + 311975 [dblack rubyp] What if's? You mean the unless?
|   | 311977 [etaern yahoo] I was referring to the first snippet I posted.
|   | 311981 [dblack rubyp] Whoops, I forgot you had posted the one I had responded to in the
|   + 311976 [dblack rubyp] To answer my own question: I guess you do mean the 'unless'. I
|     312125 [adamtemporar] Thanks everyone for your help. Its a small script and im apart from the
|     312126 [adamtemporar] and aplogies for my dreadful typing and spelling, im actually british
+ 311958 [dblack rubyp] You could probably generate a report fairly easily in this case with

^ Inter process communication
311951 [pegrlom bigp] please advise on the following.
311961 [uzimonkey gm] You have a few options.

^ [ANN] Cuca Web Framework - v0.05
311960 [boesemar gmx] Version 0.05 - First announcement

^ Help with creating gem
311974 [wujciol gmai] Can you told me howto create gem which will add containing files into

^ Faking username to "install" for build system
311985 [shevegen lin] A few packages insist on installing itsell as name "root" instead of the

^ mapping betwing a standard type and a user defined type with SWIG
311998 [lyesjob gmai] gave it the name "my_char". Every things worked well when I gave constant
312010 [alex deletem] You are passing a C function that expects a 'my_char*' a Ruby string,
312013 [lyesjob gmai] Thank you for your help, I will try this.

^ Jruby and gems
312000 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
+ 312001 [nicksieger g] PATH doesn't have any effect on gems, but GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH do. Do
| 312005 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Nick,
| 312006 [nicksieger g] That's good. I recommend to leave them unset -- I was asking just in
| 312008 [AEtzold gmx.] Nick,
| + 312011 [nicksieger g] Sorry, I can't think of anything else that could be wrong, other than
| + 312019 [ruby thomasz] And to install the gem, did you type
|   312029 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Nick, Logan, Charles and Mark,
|   + 312041 [logustus gma] Axel,
|   + 312093 [charles.nutt] Try "jruby -S gem install profligacy" and stop by #jruby if it still
|   + 312094 [ruby thomasz] This means that env can't find jruby. You're likely to have problems
+ 312015 [logustus gma] Axel,
| 312017 [charles.nutt] And you can certainly stop by #jruby as well for assistance getting the
+ 334518 [brucewata 16] I had resolved this problem!"no such file to load -- profligacy/swing