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^ unescaping html
311653 [krishna.vive] Is there a method or any library which allows me to unescape encoded
+ 311659 [uzimonkey gm] I believe you're looking for the CGI::unescape method.  If for some
+ 311661 [oga_emmanuel] encoded _HTML_ ? what you will need is hpricot (which is amazing :-)
+ 311662 [larsch belun] I think you mean encoded URL, not encoded HTML. For URL encoding, you
  311666 [krishna.vive] Thanks for the replies , actually I want to unescape some form

^ emulating an ANSI terminal ?
311654 [unbewusst.se] I'd like to emulate an ANSI terminal from Ruby[Cocoa] using ssh.

^ Advices on Rake tasks organization
311657 [skateinmars ] I am using some Rake tasks for various actions (from backup to project

^ `expand_hash_conditions_for_aggregates
311658 [vamsikrishna] NoMethodError (undefined method `expand_hash_conditions_for_aggregates'

^ Ruby 1.8.* convert string to utf-8
311660 [p.drobushevi] I has problem with convert string or file to utf-8 encoding. input file
311673 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Pavel,
311692 [p.drobushevi] Dear Axel,
+ 311719 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Pavel,
+ 311753 [hramrach cen] Have you tried enca?
  311785 [p.drobushevi] Dear Axel,
  311839 [hramrach cen] tellenc is limited to English and Chinese (and multibyte encodings for
  311931 [p.drobushevi] Dear Michal,

^ speed tests for ruby interpreters
311667 [krishna.vive] Are there any published tests for the speed of various ruby
+ 311671 [uzimonkey gm] Shootout is an interesting benchmark.  Not sure how relevant it is though.
+ 311672 [znmeb cesmai] M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

^ Hash#each vs Hash#each_pair
311668 [wpdster gmai] Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I'm curious to learn the rationale behind
+ 311669 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 311674 [wujciol gmai] #!/usr/bin/ruby
| + 311677 [wpdster gmai] I am just trying to understand why hash.each returns [key, value]
| | 311693 [Rob AgileCon] (It seems that my first response got swallowed by the web)
| | + 311696 [transfire gm] On Aug 18, 11:38=A0am, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
| | + 311697 [wpdster gmai] ...which brings me to my next question... it seems strange to me that
| |   + 311702 [robert.dober] You are making a statement here that I consider extremely unfair, how
| |   | 311704 [hjast89 gmai] ...
| |   + 311705 [m.fellinger ] dataset.each{|key, x| do_something(x)}
| + 311678 [robert.dober] Well explained indeed, it might however be worth noting for nubies
+ 311676 [robert.dober] Hmm, your approach is making some sense, I however believe that

^ easiest way to access rb_sprintf
311670 [alex deletem] I want to create a ruby method in a C++ extension that will spit out the
+ 311683 [rmagick gmai] Instead of calling Ruby's sprintf, use C's standard sprintf with the %p
+ 311714 [nobu ruby-la] rb_sprintf is a function added in 1.9, and you can use it like
  311748 [alex deletem] excellent, thank you both. i'm ultimately targetting 1.9 so this is ideal.

^ make gedit color-format rpdf like an rb file ?
311675 [toastkid.wil] Sorry, i know this isn't really a ruby question but thought someone here
311679 [uzimonkey gm] I don't know how to do it permanently, but you can select View ->

^ how to move on to next url if current one is a dud
311686 [adamtemporar] hmm wasnt too sure how to make the subject both concise and
311687 [stefano.croc] begin open( url )
311694 [Rob AgileCon] You might want to rescue just Errno::ENOENT.

^ Rope for Facets
311688 [transfire gm] I'd like to add a Rope implementation to Ruby Facets. Is there a good
+ 311689 [james graypr] Not on my site (the original), no.  They are in the order they were
+ 311690 [djberg96 gma] Dunno if it was ever published, though.
+ 311972 [robert.dober] Talking about RQ, I had a look at the benchmarks and the solutions and
  311973 [james graypr] It definitely should be discussed with the author, yes.

^ accented letters
311691 [angico angic] I'm developing an application using FXRuby and need to enter text that
311727 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Angico,
311730 [angico angic] Thank you for the hints, but I think I didn't express myself clearly.
+ 311732 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Angico,
| 311739 [angico angic] I use Ubuntu Linux 8.04. All the applications I have installed on my
| 311777 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Angico, dear all,
| 311784 [angico angic] Thank you very much, Axel. It was very kind of you. I hope somebody at
+ 311810 [lyle lylejoh] I checked the FXRuby mailing list archives, and found where you posted
  311841 [angico angic] Well, it was actually myself, who thought it was a Ruby matter.
  311853 [lyle lylejoh] Hope this helps,
  311877 [angico angic] Thanks, Lyle.

^ command line options hash
311698 [aidy.lewis g] I have an options hash map as a run method's second parameter
+ 311699 [wujciol gmai] run File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "../projects/#{filename}", "-
+ 311700 [pit.capitain] Aidy, you call the run method with only one parameter, the result of

^ Need ruby code to get a latest file from a Directory
311707 [rajeswarr iv] I am having log files with time stamp in a log directory, how to open a
+ 311708 [nathan natha] Dir.entries('.').sort_by {|f| File.mtime(f)}.reverse[0]
+ 311709 [brabuhr gmai] newest_file = Dir.entries(Dir::pwd).sort_by{|e|

^ Help needed getting started with Mod_ruby
311718 [patrickli_20] I just installed mod_ruby under Windows XP, and I need some help getting
311747 [jballanc gma] mod_ruby doesn't seem to have been touched in over 2 years. If you want

^ require not working on server
311726 [jp jeffpritc] I'm developing on a Mac and deploying to a RHEL4 linux server.  For some
311728 [kyleaschmitt] RHEL4 is slightly...dated
311733 [jp jeffpritc] Yes, I have been updating ruby and rails as time went on.  Both at 1.8.6
311738 [jp jeffpritc] Even if you don't have an idea to share, can somebody fill me in on how
311790 [kyleaschmitt] Well, more or less, I don't know.  But I know _some_ of it.

^ Outlook, MAPI, Sending Mail
311734 [jtucker xoje] I am trying to write a program to test that our email servers are
+ 311743 [loadeddesign] Hey there,
+ 311780 [botp delmont] # I am trying to write a program to test that our email servers are
  311797 [damnbigman g] ...
  311815 [jtucker xoje] Thanks for the tips.  But yeah, I can't test with SMTP and I already

^ Hartford Ruby Brigade 8/25 meeting
311740 [danbernier g] Monday, 8/25

^ reading x bytes at a time
311741 [iwasinnamukn] I'm trying to write a little script to read files in a directory (x
311742 [iwasinnamukn] File.open(path, "r") do |fh|
311799 [shortcutter ] Somehow my posting from today morning neither made it to Google news

^ Iterating over a hash of hash of hashes
311744 [swhirsch nyc] Is there a more "rubyesque" idiom for iterating of a multi-dimensional

^ =?windows-1252?B?UmU6ICJnZW0gaW5zdGFsbCByYWlscyDDouKCrOKAnHIiID0+ICggVVJJ?= =?windows-1252?B?OiA6SW52YWxpZFVSSUVycm9yKQ==?=
311749 [RichardDummy] Hey Eric,

^ [ANN] zomg 1.0.0 Released
311750 [aaron tender] zomg version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ when are web frameworks needed?
311755 [goodieBoy gm] With the recent birth of Phusion Passenger (and Rack), I'm wondering
311819 [martindemell] Mostly that it's a well-understood, rather routine problem that you're
311824 [eleanor game] Just because other people have already solved a problem doesn't mean
311828 [martindemell] Yeah, if your problem is to write a web framework and you have a new

^ (none)
311757 [robert wagne] ...

^ passing a variable from a block back to the method
311758 [jdinkel gmai] I have several files that I have to read, check the contents, and then
+ 311761 [jgabrielygal] class File
+ 311765 [uzimonkey gm] This works well.  However, you have to be careful the last statement in
  311791 [jdinkel gmai] ah, I think I like the catch and throw method.  That's pretty close to
  311888 [uzimonkey gm] Oh yeah, that is a typo left over from the other example.  That line
  311999 [jdinkel gmai] class File

^ Fools Filing
311762 [transfire gm] Ya know, it always seems like I'm jump'n all around with these file/
+ 311764 [ttmrichter g] ...
| + 311827 [avdi avdi.or] +1
| + 311875 [transfire gm] Where's that lib been hiding?
|   311959 [ttmrichter g] ...
|   312319 [transfire gm] Well, worms or no, I put out a first draft of the project today. The
+ 311766 [uzimonkey gm] This is wrapping the diropen function from C.  Calling opendir returns a
  311876 [transfire gm] I see. That's good to know actually. These are some cases were I could

^ CAP DEPLOY problem
311767 [palani.apk g] Any one please help me to solve the problem.when i try to the cap
311921 [ninja slapha] This is probably better asked on the Capistrano Google Group.

^ [ANN] ActiveRecord English Like Queries v0.0.2
311768 [rogerpack200] I am pleased to announce the release of English Like Queries [pronounced
311774 [uzimonkey gm] That's interesting, but I have to question the code:payoff ratio.  Most
311825 [james.britt ] I see that as a plus, not a minus.  SQL is well-known, so if you need to

^ Re: Web scraping article, episode 1
311770 [adamtemporar] many thanks for both of your replies
311771 [adamtemporar] wooops ignore my last comment, it was to the completely wrong thread

^ Array API
311776 [tushar_gandh] I am going through the ruby Array API. In the API , there is staetment
311778 [frederick.ch] Not inheriting. That means the Enumerable module is mixed in to Array
+ 311779 [tushar_gandh] Is sort_by method will cause performance problem? or Is it faster
| + 311788 [jgabrielygal] The theoretical performance comparison between sort and sort_by is
| + 311820 [frederick.ch] It's what is often known as a schwartzian transform.
+ 311794 [shortcutter ] Actually, it is a form of multiple inheritance.
  311801 [frederick.ch] Of course. it would also mean that adding methods to a module after it

^ 'Try Ruby' (hobix.com) - Bad Gateway Error?
311781 [grahamoneale] I am receiving an error on http://tryruby.hobix.com/ just with the Try
+ 311941 [grahamoneale] Any admins see this error yet... ?
+ 311949 [jan.svitok g] IIRC, Admin/author of tryruby is _why.
  312082 [grahamoneale] Thanks Jano.

^ Pretty 0.3.1 released
311783 [wujciol gmai] - Code is now using rules files to parse files specified by user
+ 311826 [avdi avdi.or] Is there somewhere I can download this?
| 311830 [wujciol gmai] You can download it from http://rubyforge.org/projects/pretty/
| 311835 [avdi avdi.or] Thanks :-) Might want to include that info in future announcements...
+ 311894 [robert.dober] really = %{code

^ grabbing html from pages that require login
311786 [adamtemporar] information.
311816 [Rob AgileCon] You might be able to use httpclient for this.  It manages a session
+ 311905 [adamtemporar] Thank you for that rob, ill look into it now.
+ 311906 [brabuhr gmai] You may also wish to look at: mechanize, scrubyt, firewatir, etc.
  311986 [hjast89 gmai] ...

^ [ANN] Gecode/R 0.9.0
311787 [ruby-talk lo] Gecode/R version 0.9.0 has been released.

^ profligacy / jruby gem question
311789 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,

^ How to remove a remote source from gem 'remote sources'
311793 [markus.arike] Good afternoon, everyone.
311800 [frederick.ch] gem sources -r http://example.com
311833 [markus.arike] That did the trick, that you very much.  $ gem list --remote no longer

^ Re: Gecode/R 0.9.0
311795 [oga_emmanuel] Con-gra-tu-la-tions Andreas, that's a big accomplishment! Thanks for

^ Newly created thread blocks all others in Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 72 on Cygwin
311802 [daniel.merk.] ...
+ 311854 [pit.capitain] ...and I don't think that what you see is a problem. It may be that on
| 311933 [daniel.merk.] ...
| 312140 [pit.capitain] From looking at the source code of 1.8.6 and from running some tests
| 312279 [daniel.merk.] thanks again for the response. I backgraded to Ruby 1.8.6 to make some
+ 312285 [ara.t.howard] that code looks completely non-deterministic to me and i've had

^ Cut a string if length > n
311803 [pal palbergs] What's the best way to cut a string if the length is above n characters?
+ 311809 [ara.t.howard] this_always_works =3D string[ 0 .. n ]
| + 311813 [shortcutter ] irb(main):011:0> s=3D"abcdefghijklmnop"
| + 311823 [pal palbergs] Found a problem with this. It messes up swedish letters that, I guess,
|   311832 [pal palbergs] Don't say I've run into a classic encoding issue. :-(
|   + 311844 [Rob AgileCon] I did this for a project (way back in Rails 1.1.6)
|   + 311856 [pal palbergs] This seems to do the trick. Will it always work?
|     311863 [Rob AgileCon] You likely want an exclusive range unless you want the space at the end.
|     311920 [shortcutter ] =2E
|     311923 [pal palbergs] fragment of it if it's to long.
|     + 311934 [shortcutter ] As has been mentioned you probably should use the ... range form
|     + 311994 [ruby thomasz] s[0..70].gsub(/\s?\S*$/,'')
|       311996 [pal palbergs] I'll try it.
+ 311859 [ruby thomasz] truncate(text, length =3D 30, truncate_string =3D "...")
  311860 [pal palbergs] Perfect :-)

^ mechanize problem, cant require nor install
311804 [adamtemporar] i fire up irb
312105 [aaron tender] Don't use extconf.rb to install gems.  You need to use the "gem" command
312109 [etaern yahoo] even when installed with gem , I encounter a problem ( if it's really a

^ Easy code generation in Ruby.
311806 [patrickli_20] I know how to dynamically create methods and classes in Ruby, but is
311808 [jameskilton ] You could try ruby2ruby.  http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/ruby2ruby/
311812 [patrickli_20] That's perfect. Thank you.

^ ruby callback for a SWIG wrapped C function
311807 [lyesjob gmai] ...
311954 [alex deletem] You haven't supplied enough detail to provide specific advice so you'll
311982 [lyesjob gmai] ...

^ Find element in array of hashes
311814 [adgar.marks ] Dear all,
311818 [shortcutter ] I assume _DownloadData and _FilesData are of type Array.
311822 [adgar.marks ] Thanks for the fast answer,
311829 [shortcutter ] This shows that you did not try it out or read the docs.  Sorry to say that.
311834 [adgar.marks ] Dear Robert,
311842 [pit.capitain] I'm not Robert, but at least we both live in the same country, so I'll
311924 [shortcutter ] Hm, Adgar has a yahoo.de address and you claim "we both live in the same

^ hpricot install failure on amd64
311836 [david vizion] I have reported the following to rake-devel@rubyforge.org

^ Serializable Proc
311837 [patrickli_20] For my current project I need to be able to write an object to disk and
311862 [james graypr] You mean where the closure would point to the same variable after
311868 [patrickli_20] Yes. ie.
+ 311869 [jcoglan goog] ...
| 311872 [patrickli_20] Good to hear I'm not the only one with interest in this.
+ 311874 [will.bailey ] test
  312024 [jcoglan goog] ...

^ Shortest Ruby crash #49
311843 [melezov gmai] 5**6**7
+ 311845 [Rob AgileCon] (irb):17: warning: in a**b, b may be too big
| 311850 [melezov gmai] I've installed ruby exactly 8 minutes ago.
| + 311849 [melezov gmai] It seems your kung-fu is stronger than mine. :P
| + 311878 [rmagick gmai] I tried with the identical version of Ruby on WinXP and I get the "b may
+ 311846 [dave pragpro] On 1.9, I get a number of 195,667 digits that starts 736 and ends 635.
| + 311897 [robert.dober] ...containing 42 exactly 1922 times.
| + 311943 [sandor.szuec] Really?
|   311945 [robert.dober] If I remember modulo calculations from school correctly it surely is a typo=
+ 311848 [joost zeekat] $ irb
+ 311852 [jballanc gma] Exponentiation has reverse precedence as compared to division,
| 311855 [melezov gmai] Well, I kindof gathered that so far :/
| 311864 [fburton nyx.] ...
+ 311858 [martindemell] Ruby follows the actual mathematical usage, where a^b^c (imagine it
+ 312018 [charles.nutt] Appears to be working fine on JRuby trunk.

^ Hard question: Any ideas why this code leaks memory?
311847 [schween snaf] could someone help me understand why this code leaks memory? (I am using
311890 [fxn hashref.] No idea about the leak, just wanted to point out for the archives that

^ Ruby CGI
311851 [benaroia gma] You can also find the source at http://pastebin.ca/1178939 if you do not

^ Re: ActiveRecord English Like Queries v0.0.2
311857 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  You can also use named scopes to accomplish something

^ some method help ... not really sure about proper title
311861 [etaern yahoo] I'm kinda new to ruby , and was wondering about the following stuff ,
311932 [jgabrielygal] class Whatever
311935 [etaern yahoo] That was exactly what I was looking for!