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Backquotes vs. system (was Re: Best way for platf. independent compression?)
31110 [kjana@dm la ] Here.... I believe using system for external command execution is more
31152 [list@ch om t] Yes, I have tar extracting a control file from the packet to stdout,

Ruby GTK: problems with GdkImlib
31119 [jfreeze@fr e] Trying the sample jpg image viewing program below I get the
+ 31120 [mutoh@hi hw ] Have you already installed gdk_imlib.so?
+ 31122 [eh@ma .s ie ] require 'gdk_imlib'

[ANN] RDoc Alpha 7
31121 [Dave@Pr gm t] RDoc is a Javadoc-like documentation system for Ruby. Version alpha-7
31230 [leon@ug s. a] (Sorry bout spamming the list, can't seem to log into SF...)
31270 [Dave@Pr gm t] Oops - fixed in the CVS. Thanks.

questions: TkText, TkTextTag, etc
31143 [nilzn@du io ] excuse my bad english, please ;)
31148 [alwagner@ua ] What you want is in a submanual called Tk Commands.
31329 [nilzn@du io ] jeah thx
31359 [alwagner@tc ] The code is fine.  It certainly shows that you have mastered TkTags.  But, I
31361 [nagai@ai ky ] And, here is an another script. :-)
32055 [nilzn@du io ] many many thx to you both

Any comments? Programming style, protocol for methods
31144 [rokosm@kl ka] I'd like to ask you if you're going to (love|hate) this approach.

Problem running DBI under cron
31150 [djberg96@ho ] Ruby 1.6.4, DBI .11, Solaris 8

Re: [OT] Question about RubyCocoa and GnuStep
31169 [cjack@cj ck ] I should be a little more clear. The Objective-C runtime library is the
31183 [gehlker@fa t] Thanks for a very informative reply of which I'm only quoting a sample. I

Re: Announcing Log4r - A flexible logger for Ruby
31174 [marick@vi ib] This looks pretty cool. There are a couple of things you might want to copy
+ 31200 [leon@ug s. a] Do you mean the execution trace? That's generated when requested :)
+ 31487 [marick@vi ib] Whenever the code logs a message, I'd like to see what line of code it came
  31528 [leon@ug s. a] Customizer.custom_levels 'TODO', 'DEBUG', etc.

RAF web address update
31179 [julian.romer] As you not know, raf is not a ruby app, but an alternative website to
31240 [Stephan.Kaem] BTW, I get

ROSA (pre-announcement)
31182 [dempsejn@ge ] Over the last few weeks a couple threads emerged in which an online
+ 31185 [dblack@ca dl] I think it's a great idea to organize all this stuff.  I would
| 31221 [dempsejn@ge ] I definitely agree. The design possibilities of a system like this are
+ 31186 [curt@hi bs c] Often time s piece of code can fit into more than one category, so it would
| 31222 [dempsejn@ge ] Very true Curt. Thanks for the good point. I'll keep that in mind if I keep
+ 31193 [j.travnik@sh] don't forget to include things found in jtutil.rb from
| 31223 [dempsejn@ge ] thanks for the note! when ROSA's developed further it'll need lots of
+ 31323 [lafor@ar ak ] First of all I think is a nice initiative.
| 31354 [dempsejn@ge ] Ahh, very good suggestion...I like the author ranking a lot, will certainly
+ 31989 [chrismo@wo k] Sorry to jump in late here ... what's the difference between ROSA and

File management routines
31198 [K.Hodges@ft ] Have you guys had a look at the path.rb implementation. mike and I were only
31216 [ronjeffries@] What's "Path"??
31254 [ronjeffries@] Answered above. I'll check it out. Thanks!

(non-)destructive methods (was: Re: a wishlist for ruby 2.0)
31206 [dblack@ca dl] In my code (and yours :-) add_three isn't a method of Array, and it

installing ruby on linux: simple newbie question
31207 [philmi@pl oc] I've just installed ruby on RH6.2 into /usr/local/lib/ruby,

HOWTO compile MySQL/Ruby for Cygwin
31208 [philmi@pl oc] Hopefully my last word on this topic: I have tried quite a

[ANN] WString 0.0.8
31209 [metal@mi e. ] WString is a library to use Wide Characters in Ruby. Its interface is

require and file extensions
31210 [ptkwt@sh ll ] require "somefile.rb"
31212 [dblack@ca dl] There shouldn't be any difference between the '' and the "" syntax.
31439 [ptkwt@sh ll ] So far I haven't able to reproduce this on a simple example, but I have

A possible class variable bug? - Re: a wishlist for ruby 2.0
31211 [chr_news@gm ] Well following this logic it might make sense to (re)unfiy the concepts
31272 [paul@at es .] I don't think this is safe.
31315 [chr_news@gm ] Hm, that is actually a very good point (besides the fact that you can easily

Ruby on Windows.
31219 [BMahadevan@N] ...
31232 [WYS@he bl ng] ...
31257 [BMahadevan@N] ...

benefits of callbacks
31224 [dempsejn@ge ] A co-worker asked today what they were and why they are so useful, and to be
31229 [ralph.mason@] A callback gives the power of a virtual or late binding function to a non OO
31282 [dempsejn@ge ] Ok, but being in Ruby (which most certainly is OO =P), why are callbacks so
31283 [elanthis@aw ] Signals.  You can register a function (or an object, in Ruby) to listen
31284 [dempsejn@ge ] Ok...the idea made sense before, but I can see how this would really save
31290 [pehrens@no p] And event loops are more portable and more robust
31291 [dempsejn@ge ] Hey Phil,
31300 [pehrens@no p] Yeah, I realised that 5 seconds after hitting send... sorry,

ANN: Locana, a new GUI tool kit for Ruby
31225 [mdavis@se ai] I would like to announce a new project I recently started that allows me
31244 [tobiasreif@p] Small examples, with code and screenshots?
31260 [mdavis@se ai] Great suggestion.  I will add some soon.

31226 [mdavis@se ai] Would it be possible to get the following methods added to mswin32.c?
31228 [usa@os .a t.] ext/Win32API/Win32API.c ?
31259 [mdavis@se ai] Yes it is ext/Windw32API/Win32API.c.  I have already added and tested

need help with Ruby-Gtk
31227 [nekrothos@ao] I need to know how to make a borderless window, like the taskbar in gnome. Do I
+ 31231 [eh@ma .s ie ] gtk/sample/testgtk/shapedwindow.rb
+ 31234 [nobu.nokada@] taskbar.show

Re: Locana, a new GUI tool kit for Ruby
31239 [nhodgson@bi ] GUI projects gotta have screen-shots to motivate visitors. Especially

list of all class names
31248 [tobiasreif@p] method "methods" gives me all methods for an object
31249 [feldt@ce ch ] A simple way is to use ObjectSpace.each_object(Class)
+ 31250 [feldt@ce ch ] Oops, uniq shouldn't be needed there...
+ 31263 [tobiasreif@p] Robert,

Swig Ruby documentation mods.
31251 [hgs@dm .a .u] I have been trying to use Swig Ruby recently, and in attempting to
+ 31310 [alan@di ik t] Have you thought about sending to the swig project?
| 31384 [hgs@dm .a .u] Of course.  No feedback so far from swig-dev on this. But I need
| 31386 [ballabio@ma ] However, it might be that he sent the mail to the list and not to you
| 31388 [hgs@dm .a .u] This was since then. I have joined the list, then started on the mods.
| 31389 [ballabio@ma ] Oh, I see. Then I agree: SWIG is correct in complaining, but this needs
+ 31360 [vor_lord@ho ] I use Ruby SWIG quite a bit, but have not built anything in the manner you

wait for Windows application to finish
31253 [ms@ia ta e. ] 30733, 15050, etc. for running Windows apps from Ruby scripts.  But does
31255 [ms@ia ta e. ] Added note: this does seem to be the default behavior in W2000 but not
31295 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Let me see if I understand correctly, you mean that if you redefine

grabbing stuff from web pages
31262 [ronjeffries@] Part of my web site has recommended books. I use the cover jpegs from
31264 [Pierre-Charl] I have not tested it, but RAA contains a library called WebFetcher
+ 31266 [WYS@he bl ng] what an honor to help Ron Jeffries ;-)
| + 31274 [WYS@he bl ng] a) the following snippet is from the "Programming Ruby" book (just before
| + 31285 [ronjeffries@] Just another fat old ignorant guy when it comes to this stuff.
+ 31279 [niklas@ka i.] Yes it does. I'm the author so I should know ;)
| 31335 [ronjeffries@] GET http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0201708426/
| + 31338 [chris.morris] I dinked with the redirects some, but didn't have time to figure it all out
| | 31351 [ronjeffries@] We'll hold off on that until I'm really desperate, I'd have to learn too
| + 31339 [niklas@ka i.] Hmm... someone else reported a similar error, but I have been unable to
|   31350 [ronjeffries@] 1.6.4. Time to upgrade anyway I spose ... what would you like me to try?
|   31353 [niklas@ka i.] Hopefully you won't have to try anything. I think I have squashed the
|   + 31357 [ronjeffries@] I'll get right on it. Thanks!!
|   + 31358 [ronjeffries@] Works like a charm, thanks! Great! I owe you a beer or a book or
+ 31332 [ronjeffries@] Thanks for the pointer ... it seems neat. Doesn't read my amazon pages

Windows Automation
31267 [BMahadevan@N] ...

Recall: Windows Automation
31268 [BMahadevan@N] ...

Windows Automation
31269 [BMahadevan@N] ...
+ 31281 [WYS@he bl ng] ...
+ 31322 [mike_thomas@] My Windows skills are a little rusty, but you should be able to get the
  31355 [peter.hand@b] require 'win32ole'

how to get all the reserved words?
31275 [tobiasreif@p] how can I get all the reserved words, like
+ 31303 [tobiasreif@p] If there is no way (global var, method, etc.) to get a list of all
| 31307 [hal9000@hy e] Here is my list. (I think yours has some that are not
| 31324 [tobiasreif@p] Hmm; they are included in the list in RiaN, p9.
| + 31342 [tobiasreif@p] and all also give parse error, so I have to check for those too.
| + 31343 [hal9000@hy e] OK, I was working from an older doc... obviously
|   31345 [tobiasreif@p] def begin= val
|   31349 [chr_news@gm ] This would be
|   31370 [tobiasreif@p] Could you explain what you mean here?
|   31416 [chr_news@gm ] yes I get the same (sorry I should have checked this), but
|   31417 [tobiasreif@p] Thanks. But since 1.6.5 etc. will probably around for a while, I don't
+ 31365 [nobu.nokada@] See the `keywords' file.
  31372 [tobiasreif@p] I can't find it in my PragProg tree.
  31375 [matz@ru y- a] If you have ruby source distribution, it's in it.
  31376 [tobiasreif@p] [keywords file]
  31377 [tobiasreif@p] It would be great if this array would be available from some predef

Re: Markus' ruby-parser (part 3)
31278 [matju@sy pa ] This is another such post to comment on some other goofs, etc.
31280 [decoux@mo lo] Well, it's best if you give a _small_ script to reproduce the problem.
31286 [matju@sy pa ] Dans un monde parfait. It's 300k of required files including a big RACC
31287 [decoux@mo lo] With a complete example I can explain this :-) You must know that Struct

memory usage question
31289 [mchahn@fa el] I need to write a script that will use a hash with 4 million strings of 16
+ 31293 [hal9000@hy e] Four million strings, eh?  :)
| + 31294 [mchahn@fa el] Doing 200 million lookups in a db would take way too long for my script.  If
| | + 31297 [ptkwt@sh ll ] How does java acheive this feat?
| | | + 31298 [matt@li ke .] 4 million 16 character strings is only 64 megs.  Even if the overhead
| | | | 31304 [ptkwt@ar cn ] They're not wide characters in java?
| | | | + 31309 [matt@li ke .] You're right, think Java does us 16 bit Unicode chars.  Ruby doesn't.
| | | | + 31313 [mchahn@fa el] should work without any problem
| | | + 31312 [mchahn@fa el] I only know I've done this before in Java without running into trouble.  My
| | + 31299 [mdavis@se ai] Have you considered using a btree?  There is a btree class in Aruna (at
| | + 31302 [alan@di ik t] It might be worth a try.  A quick ruby script connecting to a
| | + 31305 [hal9000@hy e] If
| |   31316 [mchahn@fa el] No it didn't.  And mine was meant to be pleasant also.
| + 31296 [ptkwt@sh ll ] And in my day we had 16K of RAM and no Shugart floppy, we saved our
|   31318 [tobiasreif@p] I think it's time for a Wiki section ThoseWereTheDays, or
+ 31306 [billk@ct .c ] Interesting, I tried it under ruby 1.6.2 (2000-12-18) [i386-cygwin]
| + 31317 [mchahn@fa el] I was running under cygwin, but got a decent error message and no crash.
| | 31325 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I tried it under ruby 1.6.4 on Linux and monitored it with top.  The peak
| | + 31330 [lucsky@ma .c] For fun, I just tried it with Ruby 1.7.2 on my G4/500 (512MB of RAM) under
| | + 31331 [huber@al m. ] total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
| |   31341 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Where can I get one of those cheap?  ;-)  (although, the fact that you
| + 31362 [eban@os ri .] $ regtool -i set '\user\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\heap_chunk_in_mb' 512
|   31385 [billk@ct .c ] Thanks - an interesting read. . . . at least the source says
+ 31321 [eric@ba tu .] 64mb of string data
  + 31337 [matt@li ke .] Thats because for a 16 byte string, ruby has more like a 125%
  + 31348 [matju@sy pa ] 64mb of strings
  | 31352 [mchahn@fa el] I coded the Java version and ran it before this discussion ended <grin>.  Of
  | 31393 [erik@ba fo s] Did you think about trying to do this using jruby??  I don't know how
  + 31383 [schmitt@sc 1] <nitpick mode>

[OT] Re: memory usage question
31301 [alan@di ik t] Ahhh, That brings back the senior project for my Aerospace Engineering

Any comments? Programming style, protocol for methods (2?)
31308 [rokosm@kl ka] Sorry to bug you again - I sent this post, but nobody responded

Vote for Windows Installer packages
31311 [andy@to ls e] I'm making up the latest Windows Installer version
+ 31381 [Stephan.Kaem] Anything in the source distribution @ ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/
| 31395 [andy@to ls e] Oh yes -- I'm just asking about the extra packages from RAA, etc.
| 31420 [cbroult@sa i] ...
| 31422 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, it is a Wiki :-).
+ 31475 [alwagner@ua ] I noticed that some names fell off the list from last night to
| + 31481 [rich@in oe h] Please note I added several web service entries (which were conspicuously
| + 31537 [acagle@su im] It seems as if the names on the mysql component are mostly gone and the line
| + 31543 [ljohnson@re ] Yes, I was noticing this when I checked in last night. It looks like the
|   + 31558 [tobiasreif@p] Perhaps you should, in case it was unintended. Or you could email them
|   | 31573 [ljohnson@re ] I probably should have added a smiley in there somewhere ;) I am 100% sure
|   | 31576 [tobiasreif@p] Absolutely.
|   | 31584 [curt@hi bs c] There may be more going on that just that one-time damage. Because I already
|   | 31586 [tobiasreif@p] Or there's sabotage going on?
|   + 31561 [rich@in oe h] Hope to goodness it wasn't me.  If it was...I'm sorry in advance :-)
+ 31623 [bobx@li ux a] What will be the criteria for you including. Looking at the list it is
+ 31744 [not@he e. om] Would someone PLEASE make a self-contained RubyWin that runs 100% in

Naive thread question.
31314 [Eirikur@Mi r] This is just killing me.   I need to do a bunch of shell commands in parallel.
+ 31344 [harryo@zi wo] My first guess here is that your "sout.each_line ..." is reading
+ 31346 [harryo@zi wo] I just realised what the problem is!  You've been bitten by
  31347 [Eirikur@Mi r] In trying to show off my problem for Harry, I found a smoking gun.

Ruby and Parrot at the 1/16/2002 Boston Perl Mongers meeting
31319 [dan@si he or] Dunno if anyone's interested, but there'll be both a short presentation on
31326 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Sorry, can't make it I'm on the other coast.  Are you giving the Ruby
31609 [dan@si he or] Nope. I don't know enough about Ruby to be comfortable giving a

Re: this ruby-parser
31333 [markus.lado@] Ok, now that you understand your ideas ... :-)
31580 [matju@sy pa ] Oh boy. I actually waited half a year for someone else to do the work
31581 [shawn@an rc ] Are there any links or help on how to use the DirectX libraries from

Ruby gems?
31334 [crowell02@li] like to learn a little more by looking at a nontrivial, real-world Ruby
31336 [hal9000@hy e] An interesting question... I'm afraid I don't have a great answer.

Re: SSH + Ruby....
31363 [deichert@wr ] Ahhhh, the whole reason I switched to ruby in the first place.  I was
31379 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Please do release it.  I know I could use something like this and it would
+ 31398 [deichert@wr ] Okay, I've got to use it today for a project I'm working on.  I'll take a
+ 31400 [mulperi@ik .] My words excatly!

Any chance that WIN32OLE might work on Macs
31366 [gehlker@fa t] I know the idea seems wild and maybe rather pointless since RubyAEOSA

BlackAdder: good IDE?
31373 [tobiasreif@p] did anyone try
+ 31374 [tobiasreif@p] " (A Ruby interpreter, debugger and ODBC support for Ruby are not yet
+ 31431 [mfeathers@ob] Don't know about the IDE, but you gotta love the name.

Pre-compiled binaries for Mac OSX?
31378 [ptkwt@sh ll ] A friend is interested in trying out Ruby on his Mac OSX machine.  I don't
+ 31392 [Dave@Pr gm t] Chris Gehlker told me there's a precompiled binary of Ruby for Max OS
| 31440 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Wow.  Thanks.
+ 31472 [johann@ph si] Most people are compiling their own, AFAIK.  After that, there's the

A question on Ruby Threads
31380 [mjais@we .d ] this is more of a general question on Ruby Threads.
+ 31399 [gehlker@fa t] I'm a Ruby newbie but I'll take a shot.
| 31404 [anany@ec .v ] linux??)
| + 31405 [paul@at es .] From what I understand, pthreads are POSIX threads, and can be
| + 31415 [comp.lang.ru] - - Perl5.6 and higher had an experimental interface to native
| + 31419 [matz@ru y- a] I guess pthread here means POSIX thread (means API), not the MIT
| + 31427 [pehrens@no p] Tobias's humor holds a very important point.
| | + 31436 [avdi@ya oo c] Oddly enough, having read partway through this, I don't
| | | 31448 [anany@ec .v ] Why do you say that not every API has access to event-based programming?
| | | 31507 [avdi@ya oo c] select() isn't an event-handling framework though; it's one
| | + 31456 [paul@pr sc d] That's not what Ousterhout said.
| + 31470 [paul@pr sc d] That is not true. Python's threading has almost nothing in common with
+ 31412 [matju@sy pa ] You can't find the truth in a bad java book any more than by watching
+ 31418 [matz@ru y- a] I meant thread library which is provided along with OS, i.e. pthreads
+ 31499 [martin@v. oe] I think the biggest advantage from using native threads would be that
+ 41567 [qrczak@kn .o] Sorry to respond to such an old message, but I have to disagree.