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^ Will help accredited diploma programs  to get railway job
310544 [americans123] standard now i am going to accredited high school diploma programs from
310571 [shortcutter ] You picked the wrong forum, this is ruby-talk.

^ [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, UniversitçÕ zu K÷Ín
310548 [jens.wille u] [re-posting as the previous mail doesn't seem to have come through]

^ storing encrypted password in to database
310552 [gananapragas] I want to store encrypted password in to database....
+ 310555 [kranthicu gm] ...
+ 310562 [rfiorentino ] hash_pw = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(params[:name] + params[:password])
| + 310574 [shashank_hi ] Like MD5, there's SHA1 as well. You'll be fine using either with
| + 310594 [rubytraining] Salt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_%28cryptography%29) serves the
+ 310563 [fophillips f] This[1] is an excellent module for password hashing.

^ Regex. How to return multiple lines
310554 [d_rems yahoo] I have a text file containing some data. Rows are normaly delimited with
310556 [shortcutter ] ["aaa\n", "a\n", "aaa\n", "a\n"]
+ 310557 [shortcutter ] returns each line individually.
+ 310566 [d_rems yahoo] I would baisicly like to have somekind of fulltext search.
| + 310569 [shortcutter ] If you just want to find all lines with certain words and print them
| + 310578 [phrogz mac.c] In case it helps, here is my own ruby script for searching for files
+ 310752 [sepp2k googl] p File.open("x") {|f| f.grep /a+/}
  310757 [shortcutter ] The original request stated "I assume that file would be read in one
  + 310759 [sepp2k googl] Oh, sorry, I did not notice that.
  + 310832 [d_rems yahoo] Thank you very much guys.

^ BIG memory problem
310558 [tobyclemson ] I'm having a really odd memory problem with a small ruby program I've
310564 [perfectly.no] I _think_ I have found a problem. In the main loop (in bin/dedupe),
310588 [tobyclemson ] Sorry I don't quite understand the problem - I can see that it
+ 310598 [perfectly.no] Arguments are passed by reference. Not a reference to the variable,
+ 310599 [tobyclemson ] Ok I've gone and had a little play and yes the memory problem was

^ BIG memory problem
310560 [tobyclemson ] I'm having a really odd memory problem with a small ruby program I've
310565 [znmeb cesmai] Are you on a platform that has GNU "sort" available? GNU "sort" can do
310589 [tobyclemson ] Yes I am but I don't think sort will perform the required task. The

^ Juggernaut problems
310568 [abrahamyan.a] I am new at RoR, I am trying to do "gem install juggernaut", this
+ 310656 [coder68 yaho] You need to install nmake for windows.. I am a linux guy and wouldn't
+ 310668 [rogerpack200] JSON for some reason doesn't have a binary executable available for

^ Non-Threaded Timeout?
310580 [btrichardson] Hell all,
+ 310583 [gethemant gm] ...
| 310585 [btrichardson] Thanks for responding.  I am running my application on Windows (the
| 310614 [vjoel path.b] Why can't you use threads to drive your Monte Carlo simulation?
| 310617 [btrichardson] Well, for one thing, I'm short on time and haven't designed it to work
| 310623 [adam.shelly ] I'm probably very confused, but isn't the the OLE interface
| 310626 [btrichardson] Well, now I think I'm confused too! :)
| 310635 [adam.shelly ] How exactly do you wait for results?  Do you test some property?
| 310642 [btrichardson] i don't test a property because the ole interface is not asynchronous.
| + 310643 [btrichardson] what about starting another thread to monitor my results variable... i
| + 310657 [vjoel path.b] I don't know much about ole... is RunScriptCommand blocking on a tcp
|   310663 [btrichardson] RunScriptCommand is a OLE/COM call, so it's not going over TCP.  I would
|   310669 [vjoel path.b] Ah, so then ruby threads are not going to help at all. The whole ruby
|   310672 [ara.t.howard] signals should still work though - even on windows...
+ 310662 [ara.t.howard] something like this should be able to work, even on windows....
| 310853 [btrichardson] I tried the code you suggested on my Windows box and the test fails.  I
| 310870 [ara.t.howard] did you try the 'INT' signal?  there are only a few signals supports
| + 310879 [btrichardson] I agree that the *principal* of the idea is about the only one to pursue
| + 310927 [btrichardson] Actually, after taking a closer look at the timeout method distributed
|   310938 [ara.t.howard] with ruby, only one thread runs at once because they are green
|   310939 [btricha gmai] Got it.  Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.
|   311052 [btricha gmai] If I kill the external application that I'm using the OLE/COM
|   311064 [ara.t.howard] can you prove that it's popen blocking?  seems very strange...
|   + 311070 [btricha gmai] At this point I can't say I've proven it...  about the only thing I've
|   + 311079 [billk cts.co] I'm just jumping into the middle of the thread, so apologies if
|     311095 [btricha gmai] Thanks for the reply.  I hate Windows. :)
|     311097 [ara.t.howard] see if you can sort of get it going with system - i know you can
+ 310664 [ara.t.howard] slightly more complete - may need tweaks for windoze....
  310676 [btrichardson] Wow... thanks!  I need to come up to speed a little more on Signals and
  310711 [ara.t.howard] it's not perfect to be sure, but i don't think anything else will be

^ emacs .el files
310602 [alex.katebi ] ...
310606 [schulte.eric] emacs .el files
310611 [alex.katebi ] ...

^ [ANN]  August Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
310604 [james.britt ] August Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ BJ and env hash
310605 [gustin entry] I am attempting to get the env hash from within the worker process.
310615 [ara.t.howard] did you simply try it?
334839 [dmahony iol.] I've been struggling to get this to function.. Any help would be
334913 [dmahony iol.] Update on my previous message/query...
335457 [dmahony iol.] * Update II *

^ Rubygame -- need help with zoom
310607 [btrichardson] I'm trying to get a Rubygame example to zoom, and can't seem to do so.
310608 [lister pikkl] is a 1pixel x 1pixel object fixed at that size, ignoring scale?
+ 310616 [btrichardson] Ah... good point.  I'll try that.
+ 310630 [btrichardson] So I drew a polygon using the code below, but the screen still doesn't

^ [ANN] ruby-doc.org now showing 1.8.6 docs by default
310632 [james.britt ] I changed ruby-doc.org to offer up the 1.8.6 docs by default.  My

^ Works in irb but not elsewhere
310637 [patrickli_20] functionality.It works fine in irb but when I run it from the
+ 310638 [patrickli_20] Temp.rb:11:in `method': wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
+ 310645 [cardboard42 ] class A
  + 310647 [adam.shelly ] you are calling Object#method', which expects one parameter.  You
  + 310648 [patrickli_20] Hey that works. Thanks that's a suitable workaround for me. Though I see
    310650 [patrickli_20] I think there's a bug in how ruby treats block parameters.
    310654 [mikael hoilu] For reasons I cannot quite understand at the moment, the block for =20
    + 310660 [cardboard42 ] I think what's happening is that yield is calling the block passed to
    | 310689 [shortcutter ] Absolutely correct, there is no bug - at least not in Ruby.  You can
    + 310661 [calamitates ] se

^ find_all_by returning nil with rspec
310651 [jmark faster] The statement

^ Inconsistent block parameters handling by instance_eval
310653 [patrickli_20] class A
310655 [stefano.croc] The effect of instance_eval is to set the variable "self" to the receiver for
310659 [patrickli_20] hmmm.... that makes sense.

^ What to do ?
310673 [miniskirt yo] Hey, I learnt Ruby for a school project I had to do a while ago.
310687 [shortcutter ] Sort of.  If nobody gives you a programming task or if you do not have

^ rdoc hoe dependency
310683 [botp delmont] For the benefit of us nubies, maybe rdoc should also update hoe if it =
+ 310691 [ryand-ruby z] huh?
| 310694 [gethemant gm] the
+ 311211 [drbrain segm] I think it is RubyGems' bug that has since been fixed.=

^ what is the ruby C API equivalent of this...
310695 [jrmair gmail] I'm having a hard time implementing the equivalent of this in the ruby
310707 [tim.pease gm] static VALUE

^ Ruby Spec...
310697 [kathe.mayure] Is there a Ruby language specification?
+ 310698 [farrel.lifso] Rubinius and JRuby use a shared RSpec suite which they use to test
| 310736 [ryand-ruby z] that is so far from an actual specification it isn't funny.
| + 310737 [ninja slapha] Erm, how? Is there something particularly deficient about the actual specs?
| + 310835 [jballanc gma] I think that substituting a suite of tests (or "expected behaviors") is
+ 310734 [jballanc gma] I don't know that Ruby will ever have a formal spec (a la Python), but

^ gem native extension installer  failure on winxp pro 64 system
310699 [david vizion] Updating installed gems
+ 310886 [rogerpack200] Looks like with hpricot the latest version doesn't come with a
| 310889 [david vizion] VC6 is installed. This seems to be a pathing error in the install script which
| 310896 [rogerpack200] Looks like it might be an hpricot bug then.  Either hack out a fix or
+ 310923 [drbrain segm] Update RubyGems (and, probably, everything else) to handle paths with

^ XML -> Ruby mapping: is there a 'standard' approach?
310703 [bill.walton ] ...
+ 310718 [piyush.pr gm] ...
| 310721 [bill.walton ] ROXML looks promising.  Don't know why Google didn't find it for me.  I'll
+ 310730 [transfire gm] a set of Ruby objects. =A0The XML files conform to an ASTM standard and the=

^ &block question
310706 [jrmair gmail] I'm having a hard time implementing the equivalent of this in the ruby

^ DSL challenge. Do you guys have any elegant ideas?
310727 [patrickli_20] I'm writing a DSL for some parsing. And would like the following
+ 310732 [vjoel path.b] If you want to avoid instance_eval (and that's a good idea for DSL
+ 310735 [ara.t.howard] # following is an example dsl built from my current idea of dsl best
+ 310758 [rubytraining] Here's another solution.  You didn't specify the problems you were
  310770 [patrickli_20] Thanks for all the solutions.

^ Problems with gem system update
310739 [jason oursce] Im fairly new to ruby and have been playing around with rails, merb and
310746 [lister pikkl] maybe because there is no merbivore gems repo any more?

^ [ANN] dokkit 0.4.4 released
310741 [andrea.fazzi] dokkit 0.4.4 has been released!

^ hot movies and videos
310742 [priyaalali g] hot movies and videos

^ Ruby ruffus scheduler doesn't work on Sunday's
310748 [paqs140482 g] ...
310751 [jmettraux op] Best regards,
310769 [paqs140482 g] ...

^ Pure Ruby App that receives events
310754 [pedz easesof] Does anyone know if it is possible to have a Ruby application that
310762 [francis.ramm] y,

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.3
310755 [kubo jiubao.] ruby-oci8 1.0.3 is released. This is a Oracle module using OCI8 API.

^ x days add to date format
310765 [aidy.lewis g] Can anyone tell me how I can add 10 days to this date format please?
310767 [rubytraining] SECONDS_PER_DAY =3D 60 * 60 * 24

^ module_eval question
310766 [jrmair gmail] hey guys, im looking at the C API function rb_mod_module_eval() and i
310768 [TimHunter nc] Looks like it corresponds fairly closely to Module#module_eval.

^ why does the initialize method not return the last expression?
310771 [aidy.lewis g] In Ruby the last expression in a method is returned.
+ 310772 [sepp2k googl] It is.
+ 310773 [fxn hashref.] Because you are not really calling initialize, you are calling new,
+ 310774 [mguterl gmai] You have a few options.  Depending on what you're really trying to do.
+ 310775 [wieczo.yo go] Like the others expressed, you can't return a value with initialize.

^ "puts" without line feed
310776 [bobminer lob] Is there a way to show output on a single line in the command prompt,
+ 310778 [patrickli_20] it's "print"
+ 310780 [mguterl gmai] try print instead of puts
+ 310781 [wieczo.yo go] Heya!
+ 310784 [sepp2k googl] $stdout.sync = true
  310785 [bobminer lob] uze guyz are SO close.
  + 310788 [TimHunter nc] Try Sebastian's example. It does what you want.
  + 310793 [fred lacave.] Try writing a "backspace" control caracter (ctrl-h, ascii code 8) ; for
  + 310798 [fophillips f] =20

^ Hpricot and path of an elememt
310777 [chen_li3 yah] I use hpricot to load a page. Then I  try to find the path for an
310783 [ninja slapha] (doc / 'font')
310850 [chen_li3 yah] I need to extract text within this tag. I follow you code and I find

^ Using XPath to retrieve an XML element which contains a given text
310786 [anne wjh.har] This code returns the first dataformat element.
310797 [dejan.dimic ] xpathquery=3D"//dataformat[contains(., 'SPPT')]"
310802 [anne wjh.har] Thank you, the first formulation works.
310863 [shortcutter ] welcome back!
310877 [shortcutter ] Wait, change "correct" to "more appropriate".

^ Lil help with VIM...installation, execution....
310787 [bobminer lob] I hope this isn't too broad a question......
+ 310789 [farrel.lifso] Vim isn't installed via Gem. Perhaps you installed the vim-ruby gem
+ 310792 [hassan.schro] You have my sympathy. Is your resume up-to-date?   :-)
+ 310795 [james.britt ] Is it not possible to do a local install, and have everything go under

^ Re: Pure Ruby App that receives Apple events
310790 [has.temp3 vi] Installing event handlers via NSAppleEventManager is fine for simple
310811 [dangerwillro] Also take a look at MacRuby

^ [SUMMARY] Code Heuristics (#172)
310799 [matthew.moss] Apologies for the late summary... Very interesting techniques in the
310800 [frederick.ch] The call to raise is just something left in there by accident -

^ How to redefine != method?
310803 [ibc aliax.ne] def ==(string)
310804 [dave pragpro] !=3D is simply a negated call to =3D=3D, so defining =3D=3D also changes =
310805 [ibc aliax.ne] the

^ [ANN] 7th batch - Free Ruby Programming Course
310807 [satish.talim] ...

^ Ruby 1.8.7-p72 / 1.8.6-p287 released (Security Fix)
310808 [shyouhei rub] Sorry for a fuss, but it turned out that taintness check of dl in last
310971 [hramrach cen] Thanks for your continued effort to bring us quality ruby 1.8 releases.

^ Segfault - How do i find whats causing it?
310809 [alex prohost] In my last couple of commits i'm getting a segfault, but i can't work
310810 [ara.t.howard] yaml.
310812 [alex prohost] Thankyou for your awesomely quick reply. The developer who is actually
310827 [alex prohost] The issue was that an anchor label was reused in a YAML file.

^ Basic question about Ruby's class hierarchy
310813 [patrickli_20] I thought I understood this, but apparently not.
+ 310818 [rubytraining] o is not the same as String.  o is String's metaclass.  The exact role
+ 310819 [cmshea gmail] In your example, String is an instance of Class, and o is the

^ chinese antique furniture
310815 [mingdragonga] Dear Sir or Madam,

^ Expanding variables in a string
310816 [aman.thind l] If I have a string containing variables, how can I expand them?
+ 310817 [czechripper ] You mean you wish to execute in Ruby code you have in a string ?
| 310822 [aman.thind l] Thanks for the reply=21
| + 310824 [czechripper ] Sorry, I misunderstood your problem.
| + 310826 [phasis gmail] myaction.gsub(/#\{(.+?)\}/){eval($1)}
|   310839 [frederick.ch] Or even
+ 310820 [rubytraining] Have you tried putting double quotes (rather than single quotes)

^ Navigation through folders
310821 [gananapragas] I want to know is there any plugin for folder navigation... plz reply
310825 [ninja slapha] Plugin to what? Ruby? Ruby doesn't have plugins.
+ 310828 [shortcutter ] Just in case not: there is Find.find() which will enumerate all files
+ 310830 [gani_chinta ] Yes i need for rails list
  310834 [kranthicu gm] ...
  310848 [john.slobbe ] Dir.glob('**/*').sort.each { |entry| puts entry }

^ Backgroundrb Problem running twice?
310833 [varun.rajesh] My experience through Backgroundrb is good it's working fine for me but
313187 [varun.rajesh] @@running=false

^ rbgccxml dependency on hpricot question
310836 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,

^ gem (update ?) problem
310837 [pk.hot hotma] Does anybody know how to deal with this gem problem ?
+ 310842 [frederick.ch] Do you have a working C compiler available ? The error message suggest
| + 310844 [pk.hot hotma] thanks a lot for your answer !
| + 310937 [ryand-ruby z] I thought that hpricot had a pre-built binary gem for windoze?
+ 311113 [gerson.minic] gem install hpricot --platform mswin32 --source http://code.whytheluckystif=
| + 311120 [redveedub gm] On Aug 12, 7:53 pm, Gerson Minichiello <gerson.minichie...@gmail.com>
| | 311321 [pk.hot hotma] could you tell me, please, what exactely you did; as for me - I am still
| | 311414 [pk.hot hotma] Visual C 6.0 won#t install in Vista (at least I can't) get it istalled.
| | 311419 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Peter,
| | 311928 [pk.hot hotma] Dear Axel
| | 311944 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Peter,
| | 313213 [pk.hot hotma] Dear Axel,
| | 313339 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Peter,
| + 313371 [41mortimer g] Hey, that worked for me too!  Thanks Axel for referring me here.  I had
|   313383 [AEtzold gmx.] I don't know, but I don't think so.
|   313395 [pk.hot hotma] Dear Axel,
|   313403 [AEtzold gmx.] you're welcome :)
|   313406 [pk.hot hotma] Dear Axel,
|   313407 [pk.hot hotma] Dear Axel,
+ 316611 [windsinger r] SP2. If you just want to skip hpricot and continue updating your other
  318156 [lastps gmail] 1    gem uninstall hpricot