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^ =?windows-1252?B?UmU6ICJnZW0gaW5zdGFsbCByYWlscyDigJNyIiA9PiAoVVJJOiA6SW52YWxpZFU=?= =?windows-1252?B?UklFcnJvcik=?=
310164 [RichardDummy] Thanks for looking into this issue.  It's not life or death for me:  I

^ [ANN] macaddr-1.0.0
310165 [ara.t.howard] NAME
+ 310180 [djberg96 gma] Covers pretty much every which way to get the info without shelling out.
| + 310183 [ara.t.howard] lines = os.popen("ifconfig", "r").readlines()
| | + 310227 [djberg96 gma] Yes, that's all I meant - that it had a bunch of alternative
| | + 310236 [dmerrick ics] ...
| + 310197 [gethemant gm] But, if you use Python, you are selling out!
+ 310182 [segfault has] <(05/08/08 11:53) ara howard>

^ =?windows-1252?B?UmU6ICJnZW0gaW5zdGFsbCByYWlscyDigJNyIiA9PiAoVVJJOiA6SW52YWxpZFU=?= =?windows-1252?B?UklFcnJvcik=?=
310175 [RichardDummy] I still have 1.8.6 installed along with 1.9.0.  I mention that because

^ Sending email to multiple recipients
310186 [slogeshwaran] I have to send mail to multiple recipients. I have one text file, it
310195 [james.britt ] Show some code you've been writing and plenty of people might be willing

^ Catching (or saving) errors.
310187 [tmcdowell gm] So, I am currently working on an Interactive Fiction like game in Ruby,
310188 [martindemell] exits = {:north => 'front of building', :east => 'fork in road'}
310245 [tmcdowell gm] Didn't know a nice if like that would just take care of it! Also, did
310251 [martindemell] 1. defining exits as a hash
310263 [tmcdowell gm] Thanks a ton! You've helped out a lot! Oh, and btw, I still think the

^ [ANN] Yet Another Seattle.rb Meeting
310189 [ryand-ruby z] world!

^ JUST CLICK   and SEE the all details in cine actress with video AND  PHOTES <<DONT MISS IT>>
310191 [vijayasdfg g] JUST CLICK   and SEE the all details in cine actress with video AND

^ testunit: run single test
310196 [r.grosmann g] I'd like to be able to run one or two testroutines from a
310198 [farrel.lifso] This should work
310203 [r.grosmann g] no. no succes.
310206 [jan.svitok g] Lookup test\unit\autorunner.rb and see how it does its stuff.

^ Problems with rb-gsl on ubuntu
310205 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
+ 310316 [ara.t.howard] 196
+ 310320 [danielhoey1 ] t be used without specially arranging

^ Mailer
310207 [sumitha sris] How to do the multipart action mailer
310211 [gananapragas] Here is the link you can find a better solution

^ [ANN] Mack Released
310215 [markykang-ru] Mack, the lightweight, modular, distributed web framework, has been

^ perl and the culture of libraries
310217 [martindemell] Great article on perl and cpan. I was all ready to say "yeah, ruby has
+ 310219 [peter.fitzgi] ...
| + 310223 [martindemell] I think a minimally invasive beginning would be a documentation
| | 310228 [peter.fitzgi] ...
| | 310232 [martindemell] Not really. For instance, if I had a small program, doc_init.rb, that
| | 310237 [peter.fitzgi] ...
| | 310240 [martindemell] Yeah, but *expecting* it is a pretty disruptive change. it's hard to
| | 310249 [shadowfirebi] I don't wish to be critical (I really don't!  That's not just a way of
| | 310254 [martindemell] You can't have it both ways :) And this is indeed the specific problem
| | + 310255 [shadowfirebi] _Why does a good job of this sort of thing, when he nails the syntax
| | | 310256 [peter.fitzgi] ...
| | | 310259 [gregory.t.br] Nevertheless, that article is utterly devoid of typical _why-isms, it
| | | + 310264 [shadowfirebi] What he said.
| | | + 310268 [ara.t.howard] i humbly disagree with this.  unpack ruby 1.6.8 and look at the docs.
| | |   310269 [gregory.t.br] Fair enough, I definitely didn't mean to overgeneralize.  But I still
| | |   310290 [ruby thomasz] I agree with Advi and Martin that the landing page of a project is
| | |   + 310292 [gregory.t.br] There is a (hair brained) reason why I chose the name.  It is to keep
| | |   | + 310294 [ruby thomasz] hee hee, I didn't mean to snipe at your name in particular, it's just
| | |   | | 310296 [gregory.t.br] No worries, that question came up a few times in the last couple days
| | |   | + 310364 [transfire gm] There's no need to replace.
| | |   |   310392 [gregory.t.br] Except for the fact that I'm the current maintainer of PDF::Writer and
| | |   + 310561 [transfire gm] While there is no hard standard for Ruby, the general convention for
| | |     310646 [shadowfirebi] Is there anything we can do on RubyForge to encourage people with
| | |     310688 [martindemell] Some sort of coverage report would be neat. This (yet again) gets back
| | + 310267 [ara.t.howard] i agreed.  pod is good enough without being complicated.
| |   310388 [martindemell] I had indeed!! Thanks for the reminder.
| + 310307 [tom infoethe] I'm the current maintainer for RubyForge; the site/hardware/domain/etc
+ 310250 [avdi avdi.or] I've always liked the Perl documentation conventions.  Particularly
| + 310266 [ara.t.howard] i have to agree with this.  one of the main goals of my main.rb lib
| | 310284 [dave pragpro] your help message (after stripping the '#' characters).
| + 310412 [kirbykirbyki] Being a relative newcomer to Ruby and coming off of Perl, this is
+ 310293 [djberg96 gma] There are about 14,000 libraries on CPAN, not "tens of thousands".
| 310301 [martindemell] No, he really is right. I'm not coming at this from the perspective of
+ 310312 [ninja slapha] (excerpt quoted from the linked article)
| + 310339 [shadowfirebi] I've seen some things posted in this thread (overnight for me) that I
| | + 310341 [peter semant] A critical thing for me is that when programming Perl the POD usually
| | | 310348 [davebass mus] Hear, hear. Coming from a Perl background myself, I put a synopsis-like
| | | 310349 [shevegen lin] I think we should talk to the rubyforge and RAA guys to encourage
| | | 310369 [james graypr] I would say that github seems to have taken a huge bite out of the
| | | 310374 [dblack rubyp] It has indeed. I think that at this point, it's unlikely to impossible
| | | + 310387 [martindemell] As the guy who brought up the whole 'secton heading' thing, I wasn't
| | | + 310402 [james graypr] That's an interesting view and maybe you are right.
| | |   310403 [dblack rubyp] That's really what I mean by "something like github": a system that
| | + 310353 [  tvw s4r.de] You are somewhat right. Of course no or little documentation is a general
| | | 310355 [tom infoethe] It would be nice to have browseable docs for each project on
| | + 310372 [ninja slapha] I'll agree with that -- but then, I was the one proposing that applications
| |   310383 [shadowfirebi] Well, you can't force them; this is the *internet*.
| |   + 310391 [tom infoethe] Or shut it down, or replace it with some authenticated system.
| |   + 310453 [ninja slapha] If they are on a public system, like Rubyforge, and the admins of Rubyforge
| |     310455 [gregory.t.br] RubyForge already has an Advogato style rating system for developers,
| |     + 310456 [martindemell] Rating *developers* is far less useful in the grand scheme of things.
| |     | 310458 [tom infoethe] GForge doesn't seem to support rating projects AFAIK.  Could be done,
| |     | 310460 [djberg96 gma] There was gemtacular.com, but it appears to be dead. Anyone know what
| |     + 310457 [tom infoethe] There are only 565 rows in the user_ratings table, which I think means
| + 310709 [brabuhr gmai] There is an experimental project to pull parts of ActiveRecord (e.g.
|   310715 [ninja slapha] "Gem-based development" sounds very close to what I meant -- but there doesn't
+ 310705 [gsinclair gm] That's (partly) because Rubygems makes it so easy to "release" small

^ Help with 1.8.7 Binary under MS Windows
310220 [victor.reyes] ...
310246 [jan.svitok g] install rubygems. (download the tarball/zip, unpack, start setup.rb --

^ Install gems on shoes
310225 [marchese58 l] Shoes.setup do
310298 [jballanc gma] I know it's bad form to answer with questions, but...
310337 [marchese58 l] I'm using the latest version, shoes-0.r905.exe for windows XP, and 'I
310405 [jballanc gma] Ok, so I've know r905 doesn't work on OS X...aaaand I just verified that
310479 [marchese58 l] Well... thank you very much. Also if is not a positive answer!

^ break if status =~ /variable/    wildcard possible in Ruby?
310233 [mmc_collins ] Can you use a wild card with a variable? I have StrgErrFieldName as a
+ 310248 [phasis gmail] break if status =~/#{StrgErrFieldName}/
| 310257 [mmc_collins ] You are fantastic!
+ 310343 [sandor.szuec] Use #{var}.

^ [ANN] ANTFARM-0.2.0 Released
310243 [btrichardson] NAME

^ [ANN] dokkit 0.4.2 released
310247 [andrea.fazzi] dokkit 0.4.2 has been released!
310285 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Andrea,
310291 [andrea.fazzi] first of all thank you for your interest in dokkit.

^ Problem linking tables and accessing relationship heirarchy
310260 [brian arielp] I'm not quite understanding this relationship thing between models and
310262 [hjast89 gmai] ...

^ Problem linking tables and accessing relationship heirarchy
310261 [brian arielp] I'm not quite understanding this relationship thing between models and

^ RubyGarden questions: status, prospects, assistance needed
310265 [wruyahoo05 c] Several years ago, the answer would have been RubyGarden -- perhaps it

^ [ANN] earworm 0.0.2 Released
310270 [aaron tender] earworm version 0.0.2 has been released!

^ rb_sys_fail(socket(2)) - errno == 0
310271 [damnbigman g] ...
+ 310273 [binary011010] You can use Ping from the Ruby standard library.
| 310276 [damnbigman g] ...
| 310303 [djberg96 gma] It's a problem with the socket.so file that ships with the one click
| 310344 [phasis gmail] The socket.so has nothing to do with this problem.
| 310576 [djberg96 gma] to
| 310579 [damnbigman g] ...
+ 310575 [djberg96 gma] ICMP)
  310587 [djberg96 gma] O_ICMP)

^ While loop with fixnum - not working
310274 [mmc_collins ] I can't get the while loop to work. When I set ErrorCount.Class it
+ 310283 [frederick.ch] Fixnum is a subclass of Integer. For performance reasons, small
+ 310287 [michael.c.li] Not sure what you mean by "will not work". If you state your
  310334 [sepp2k googl] Actually it's always a NoMethodError as nil doesn't have a > method.
  310359 [michael.c.li] Thanks for the correction.

^ Watir with javascript/css menus and events
310278 [chadwickvm y] So I have a small problem.  I need to create a mock up of a Watir test
310281 [bret pettich] ...

^ State of Ruby 1.8.6?
310295 [cohen.jeff g] Can anyone provide an update to the state of Ruby 1.8.6?
+ 310305 [alex deletem] Yep, you're not the only one. If your RHEL machine is exposed to public
| + 310310 [gregory.t.br] Though I might put it more humble, I couldn't agree more.  I wish that
| | 310475 [dblack rubyp] My understanding of 1.8.7 is that it mainly exists to facilitate
| | 310492 [james.britt ] Would it be better if ruby-doc.org defaulted to showing the 1.8.6 docs,
| | + 310494 [gregory.t.br] Definitely seems like a good idea to me.
| | | + 310534 [ninja slapha] I guess it depends how much is really different in 1.8.7. For example, I
| | | | 310536 [gregory.t.br] Yes, and this works fine for internal code.  Releasing this sort of
| | | | 310538 [ninja slapha] Well, given my example, the only possible conflict would be if someone else
| | | | 310581 [avdi avdi.or] Or if someone else got it *different*.  This is how 1.8.7 broke
| | | + 310570 [znmeb cesmai] I agree. I don't see the need for syntax or semantics changes to either
| | + 310495 [james graypr] I would sure prefer that.
| + 310340 [nobu ruby-la] What is "the underlying extension API"?  Has it been reported,
| | + 310350 [shevegen lin] In all fairness I do not trust Rails code too much. In my experience
| | + 310354 [alex deletem] I was thinking of, for example, making "object allocation during garbage
| |   310470 [nobu ruby-la] Yesterday I twisted GC code and guess the failure would
| + 310468 [charles.nutt] Largely this general opinion of 1.8.7 is what's kept us from moving to
| + 310559 [cohen.jeff g] tch-20080623.txt
+ 310471 [aff28 delete] You might also find this post on ruby-core helpful; it describes how

^ update: NoMethodError?
310297 [laredotornad] I'm trying to update an existing model from form data, by doing

^ Encoding and the windows environment, a question.
310299 [andredeen gm] Contrary to established wisdom I named my user on my windows (Vista)

^ Strange result using String#split
310300 [rywall gmail] I am trying to split a string on all occurrences of ' AND ' except
310333 [sepp2k googl] "text_search '(large red spear OR axe) AND wood'" is what your regex matches.

^ Reverse DNS lookup?
310308 [khurrum1 gma] I'm in an environment with a lot of computers that haven't been
310327 [phasis gmail] s = Socket.getaddrinfo('',nil)
310356 [khurrum1 gma] Thank you very much. That works perfectly :). Any reason why

^ unsubscribe
310311 [joec_49 hotm] ...

^ help with mechanize
310313 [jeremywoerti] I'm using mechanize to log into this form. The redirects aren't going
310408 [aaron tender] I tried out this script, and it looks like Yahoo sends a meta refresh
+ 310415 [jeremywoerti] DUDE!!! Before I even try this out, i'm going to give you mad kudos! You
| 310461 [phlip2005 gm] '/html/body/p' will only match immediate children of <body>. Hence a body/div/p,
+ 310933 [jeremywoerti] I have another issue. The fix you gave me worked, but now i'm getting
  311037 [jeremywoerti] I have also tried this code, and it does the same thing

^ is there a way to AutoParse a string to another type - e.g. if a Date format then date, else if integer than Integer etc ?????
310314 [greg.hauptma] ...
310318 [ara.t.howard] require 'date'
310319 [greg.hauptma] ...
310321 [greg.hauptma] ...
+ 310365 [mguterl gmai] FWIW, it is assuming you want the 123rd day of the year.
+ 310366 [michael.c.li] As far as I can tell, Date.parse doesn't really want a format string
+ 310397 [ara.t.howard] yup - you may have to constrain what you parse with a pattern.  you

^ How can I know whether a file path is absolute or not ?
310315 [kdream95 gme] In Java Language
+ 310317 [jason digita] ...
+ 310526 [fophillips f] Pathname#absolute?[1]

^ [ANN] Moving blogs yet again (blog.majesticseacreature.com)
310322 [gregory.t.br] This is a one time announcement of where the bulk of my Ruby writing
310332 [james.britt ] If possible, have the old site (and feeds) issue an HTTP 301 Moved
310394 [gregory.t.br] None of them have quite died, just been re-purposed, or are so dead no

^ Writing to DBF
310323 [gustin entry] Hey Gang,
+ 310831 [mo_mail ongh] I just posted on my blog about reading from DBF but unfortunately
+ 326930 [nick.gorbiko] Not sure if you still need it - but here is a write up on my blog about

^ Www.topbrandbiz.net What is new releases of apparel and fashion?
310324 [topbrandbiz0] all brand name & designer products,

^ Clearence sale , new releases, and hot sellers all on  www.topbrandbiz.net
310326 [topbrandbiz0] www.topbrandbiz.net

^ Processing code file inline
310328 [lists gregwi] I need to have a script load a file and execute that file as if it was
+ 310330 [lists gregwi] Dang, thought of one more thing right after I sent this and it worked.
+ 310331 [farrel.lifso] Read the file into a string, and then use Kernel#eval. Just a warning

^ Re: Moving blogs yet again (blog.majesticseacreature.com)
310335 [transfire gm] The comment system (or the lack thereof) is a major issue here -- I've
310352 [shevegen lin] I always fancied it this way - the simpler, the better. If it is
310377 [transfire gm] Do you have any idea for a solution?  -- A simpler, better comment
310378 [tim.pease gm] integrates perfectly into static web pages
310390 [gregory.t.br] Oh, thanks for suggesting this Tim, I've integrated it. I'll put it

^ Get Previous month
310336 [gananapragas] I want previous month name
310338 [shadowfirebi] thistimelastmonth = Date.today << 1
310351 [shevegen lin] Your example looks cool :)

^ [ANN] dokkit 0.4.3 released
310342 [andrea.fazzi] dokkit 0.4.3 has been released!

^ redirect_to vs render
310345 [palani.apk g] Can any one explain me what is the difference between redirect_to and
310357 [perfectly.no] redirect_to generates a response that, instead of delivering

^ Threaded IO trouble
310358 [hramrach cen] I do not understand the internals of Ruby IO but what I get here looks
+ 310360 [hramrach cen] while l = buf.shift do puts l end
| 310467 [shortcutter ] $defout.sync = true
| 310469 [hramrach cen] Fixing the mockup is not the right way, I need the ruby script working
| 310473 [shortcutter ] Maybe I am missing your point but the buffering in the mock client is
| 310478 [hramrach cen] Sorry, I did not try that yet.
| 310480 [hramrach cen] Well, I did not quite understand how your client maps to my client,
| 310493 [shortcutter ] Well, that obviously depends on the application you are using for
| 310496 [hramrach cen] I am under the impression it is so. Using single instance of the
+ 310510 [rogerpack200] ./lib/ruby_useful_here.rb:682:in `join': Thread(0x346fc): deadlock
| 311279 [hramrach cen] So it turns out the application I am using has some provisions for
+ 311332 [rogerpack200] It's probably a bug in Ruby.  Most recently I've gotten deadlock
  311370 [hramrach cen] These tests do have the same results in 1.8.1 on OS X.

^ ruby dbi and sql server 2000
310361 [aidy.lewis g] I hava a class that connects to SQL Server 2000
+ 310363 [dejan.dimic ] Take look at http://www.kitebird.com/articles/ruby-dbi.html
+ 310465 [d_rems yahoo] sql_server.dbh.do("DELETE FROM [OrderLineStatus]")