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^ Ruby block: why doesn't this work?
309918 [markbuckingh] I'm trying to figure out why my code isn't doing what I think it
+ 309920 [ninja slapha] What block? You mean this one?
| 309923 [markbuckingh] Of course I thought of that about 20 minutes after posting. I was
+ 309921 [mguterl gmai] You need to make the info method call the block.  See the code below.
  309924 [markbuckingh] The yield worked, thanks.

^ Timeout::timeout(time) question - or.. What am I missing here?
309919 [raasdnil gma] OK,  I have a rake task that runs a bit of code which connects up from
309931 [ara.t.howard] windows?
309945 [raasdnil gma] Heya Ara,

^ C++ Wrapper for Ruby
309925 [ChrisKubica ] I am trying to write some open source plugins for FileMaker Pro, but
+ 309932 [ snk gna.org] No.  That's what computers (running SWIG) are for.  ;-)
+ 309934 [jballanc gma] Swig should work, just make sure you have a recent version (earlier

^ Weird: Just unzipped ruby-1.9.0-2.zip -- no Ruby.exe
309928 [RichardDummy] I've been running ruby186-26_rc2 installed from ruby186-26_rc2.exe
+ 309943 [luislavena g] On Aug 2, 7:54=A0am, RichardOnRails
| 309965 [RichardDummy] Thanks a lot for your very insightful reply.
+ 309944 [list.push gm] A post recently (7/28) went through Ruby List that talks about Ruby
  + 309969 [RichardDummy] Thanks for that link, both for the .msi and the site itself: The
  + 309970 [RichardDummy] Please ignore my MD5 question.  I just realized I compared against
  + 309976 [RichardDummy] OK, Harry,

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 12.0.1
309929 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby,
309997 [ snk gna.org] Since nobody has downloaded this release yet,

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.92.0
309938 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.92.0 is now available.

^ Newbie ,needed help learning ruby
309950 [wrapster aol] I am a newbie and trying to learn ruby!
+ 309951 [alex.baumger] Read this =>  Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
+ 309957 [ninja slapha] It also has a link to _why's book, for when you're finished. I've never been
+ 309978 [james.britt ] James Britt
  + 309981 [huw darkneon] fundamentals in 10 chapters of a PDF book and comes with lots of
  | + 309995 [shevegen lin] I think the only way ultimately is to experiment on your own.
  | + 310055 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogaHV3QGRhcmtuZW9uLmNvbSBbbWFpbHRvOmh1d0BkYXJrbmVvbi5jb21dIA0KIyBodHRw
  + 310000 [TimHunter nc] Looks like this page could use a little love. The link to the

^ Ruby 1.9 webservers?
309958 [ninja slapha] The combination I'm trying to make work is Ruby1.9 + Ramaze + Rack? + ?
309962 [ninja slapha] I have to amend this -- the 3-5% was apparently caused by Ramaze's somewhat
309963 [       m t.u] i think something in your environment is broken.
309999 [jdinkel gmai] Considering that Ruby 1.9.0-0 is very much a beta, if not alpha, quality

^ Hey! are You Want Sports Girls Hot Videos & Pictures? Just Click and  Search Here
309961 [mettur4 gmai] ...

^ Read file over SSH
309967 [shashank_hi ] Is there a way to read a file over SSH? I looked at the net/ssh library
+ 309973 [szerener gma] ...
+ 309975 [phlip2005 gm] Here's a wild guess - does it help?
  + 310025 [shashank_hi ] Thanks for your replies. I'll look into SCP and try using SFTP. :)
  | 310053 [jdinkel gmai] The terms are regularly used interchangeably, but it's "SFTP" what you
  | 310086 [perrin apoth] =20
  | 310094 [jdinkel gmai] Yeah, that's probably correct. There are scp and sftp commands for
  + 310087 [perrin apoth] I actually have need of some net/ssh help, too, though I don't need help

^ Back on the List - Two questions
309971 [list.rb gmai] It's been a while but it feels good to be back.
309974 [gregory.t.br] Well, it's a bit like killing a mosquito with a bazooka, but you could
309987 [list.rb gmai] Nice.. that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
309988 [shadowfirebi] content.each do |i|
309992 [gregory.t.br] If you combine this with a function that first figures out an
309994 [shevegen lin] Cool, didn't know this example with ruport :-)

^ Error installing Ruby-Debug : unreachable host???
309980 [bobminer lob] VERY new to Ruby....talk to me like I'm 6 years old :-)
310414 [bobminer lob] Alright...no response.
310428 [adam.shelly ] That is a network error of some sort - I get a similar one due to my
310435 [bobminer lob] Thanks for helpin Adam, but I get this error.
310459 [adam.shelly ] did you use a number -1 instead of the letter -l ?
310720 [bobminer lob] Oops...I'd assumed number one.  But I tried it w/ the letter L (-l) and

^ Case statment not working with strings
309990 [mike onepipe] case event['event_title']
309991 [farrel.lifso] Use a ',' instead of '||'
309993 [shevegen lin] Your code also got rid of a few chars! I like it whenever in Ruby I

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 21.1.0
309996 [ snk gna.org] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to IEEE 1364-2005 Verilog VPI

^ Installing gems/updating for a specific user.
310001 [tmcdowell gm] So, the admin of my Mac Mini (Running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger) has
+ 310002 [sam.haskins ] I don't know much about gems, but the sudo password is the password to
| 310003 [tmcdowell gm] My account or 'side' on the computer doesn't have admin privs, and he
| 310005 [m.fellinger ] export GEM_HOME="$HOME/.gems"
+ 310043 [nospam nospa] Boot with a Mac OS X CD (DVD?) and change the admin password.

^ Re: Code Heuristics (#172)
310004 [jballanc gma] So, based on the sample test case, do we have to worry about Ruby 1.9 as
310022 [jesse.r.brow] Here is my attempt.

^ alphanumeric encrypt/decrypt
310006 [sechelon yma] Is there an encryption (decryption) routine that will return only
+ 310007 [gregory.t.br] You could take any old routine and pack / unpack it as hex.  Would
| 310008 [sechelon yma] Greg, Thanks for the pack hack. I am using it for file names and the
| + 310010 [gregory.t.br] Is there any reason you need to decrypt the filenames?  If not, you
| + 310103 [perrin apoth] Unfortunately, with the encryption string being limited to alphanumeric
+ 310012 [caduceass gm] s = 'aoa3(;12)>,$!'
  310014 [sechelon yma] Todd, thank you. I think that will work for me. Just to note that we
  310015 [sechelon yma] Greg, Since I am using it for file names, I thought if the cipher is
  310033 [caduceass gm] If it's one way...

^ [ANN] Prawn 0.1.0 : Fast, Nimble PDF Generation in pure Ruby
310017 [gregory.t.br] Prawn : Fast, Nimble Ruby PDF Generator

^ Installing sake tasks along with gem (gem install hooks?)
310023 [pergesu gmai] I'd like to install a bunch of sake tasks when a gem gets installed.
310028 [TimHunter nc] Because gem install runs as root, allowing arbitrary code to run during
310031 [ninja slapha] Even if it's trusted, it starts to defeat the purpose of a package manager.

^ Look-around not working in ruby 1.9.0 or my mistake?
310026 [RichardDummy] I just installed ruby 1.9.0 (2008-07-25 revision 18217) [i386-mswin32]
310029 [RichardDummy] On Aug 3, 1:03 pm, RichardOnRails

^ unsubscribe
310027 [pascal.betz ] unsubscribe
310051 [koto.norose ] unsubscribe

^ initialize : permission denied
310037 [bobminer lob] initialize : permission denied
+ 310038 [TimHunter nc] Typically "permission denied" means you don't have write-access to the
+ 310039 [bobminer lob] Never mind....I got it.
+ 310040 [sepp2k googl] I know this is a crazy idea, but would it by any chance be possible that yo=

^ Why am I getting "undefined method" error?
310045 [laredotornad] I have a model, in which I have defined a method ...
+ 310046 [gregory.t.br] You defined a class method, then used it on an instance.  You want an
+ 310047 [TimHunter nc] By adding "self." to the has_items method definition, you've defined it
+ 310048 [frederick.ch] You've defined a class method but you're calling it on an instance
+ 310049 [TimHunter nc] In Ruby, defining your own "new" method is rarely done. In Ruby, new is

^ [ANN] RubyConf 2008 call for talk proposals
310050 [rich infoeth] Ruby Central is pleased to announce that we are accepting
310052 [james.britt ] So the cycling of east coast, west coast, and middle-state location is
+ 310056 [znmeb cesmai] Yes ... I was hoping for Seattle again. I probably won't be going in any
| 310058 [rich infoeth] We are at a size such that its hard to find hotels that can fit us and =20=
+ 310059 [rich infoeth] We are going to go where we can.  We still plan to mix it up and head
| 310062 [james.britt ] Very cool, thanks for the update.
+ 310060 [dblack rubyp] We've softened the algorithm a bit, largely because as the event has
  310122 [james.britt ] Thanks for the info.
  310124 [gregory.t.br] I strongly support this idea.  I'd go a step father and encourage
  310156 [znmeb cesmai] I second or third or whatever this idea. In other
  310161 [gregory.t.br] -greg

^ [ANN] Sup 0.6 Released
310061 [wmorgan-ruby] Sup version 0.6 has been released!

^ Odd CSV behavior
310063 [binh pigbaby] I'm hoping someone out there can help me troubleshoot a strange problem
+ 310065 [kranthicu gm] I think the csv  file you have must be corrupted .
+ 310073 [niklas.baums] seems like a charset issue. maybe you should compare the two files (origina=
+ 310118 [ryand-ruby z] My guess is end of line format for the next file. Maybe you're reading

^ How to change default gems repository on Debian
310064 [climbingrose] I'm trying to upgrade an old gem installation (0.9.5) on Debian machine.
310066 [ninja slapha] It might be worth trying .bashrc -- .bash_profile is specifically for

^ handling special characters
310067 [sajal thaind] I am very new to Ruby (5 days old) so my question might sound very
+ 310069 [sajal thaind] and oh. you would also need to
+ 310071 [phasis gmail] SGksCgoyMDA4LzgvNCBTYWphbCBLYXlhbiA8c2FqYWxAdGhhaW5kaWFuLmNvbT46Cj4gSGkgYWxs
  310072 [sajal thaind] Awesome works like a charm now. Thanks for the prompt response.

^ display pages in different languages
310068 [gananapragas] uk-english,german language etc....
310109 [joost zeekat] This seems as good a page as any to start, assuming you're talking

^ Attachment_fu - Problem in displaying image data from DB
310070 [karthikeyan7] I am using attachment_fu plugin to upload images to database(I am using
310077 [maruthim yah] You can use send_data with the :disposition parameter to make it

^ Q: Packaging JRuby
310074 [ grk usa.net] What are  the options for packaging a JRuby script? I tried the
310097 [james.britt ] Take a look at rawr.  It's intended to make it snake-simple to package
310212 [ grk usa.net] Thanks. I'll take a look.

^ sqlite3-ruby gem install problem
310078 [tomcloyd com] [on Kubuntu Linux 8.04.1, with Ruby 1.8.6 and latest rubygems]
+ 310079 [tomcloyd com] Well, drat. While poking around a blog post about the Junebug wiki,
| 310083 [niklas.baums] hm, a missing header file can mostly be compensated by installing the sourc=
| 310089 [tomcloyd com] Niklas, I would only ask you to consider that there are people out there
+ 310080 [frederick.ch] You probably need the libsqlite3-dev package.

^ Whose fault is my problem?
310084 [poddster gma] I've recently started to write an appliaction in Ruby. It's the first
+ 310090 [shortcutter ] [Vectors with floats in them are not equal according to ==.]
+ 310095 [wruyahoo05 c] You may find something like this useful. Its based on the tolerant
| 310101 [gregory.t.br] require "test/unit"
| 310116 [dejan.dimic ] is
+ 310120 [yahivin gmai] a = 12.60000000000001
  + 310123 [perfectly.no] I think that's a bad strategy. If he has == comparisons of Float
  + 310221 [poddster gma] I did just that for this project. :) Well, not exactly that, but
    + 310325 [shortcutter ] assume you have a bit of code that uses a library which in turn uses
    + 310346 [davebass mus] I think it may be best to regard floats conceptually as reals.

^ problem with rubygems , " no such file to load "
310088 [friofool gma] I'm doing a new installation of rails , but i get a big problem with
310096 [perfectly.no] Maybe you have two Ruby installations. The one that is started by "ruby"
310105 [friofool gma] bingo !
310106 [perfectly.no] It seems that you have one ruby that was installed by your package
310114 [friofool gma] thanks to take all this time to help me....
310121 [perfectly.no] Yes, bash caches the ruby -> /usr/local/bin/ruby association.
310200 [friofool gma] all is working fine...

^ [ADV] Last week to register for the Ruby Hoedown!
310091 [jeremymcanal] This is the last week to register for The Ruby Hoedown, sponsored by

^ rdoc reinstall breaks fast-ri - now what?
310092 [matt tidbits] I am really just not having any luck with rdoc / ri these days. Because
310145 [drbrain segm] Looks like qri is using RDoc 1.0.1, which is shipped with ruby.  RDoc
310306 [matt tidbits] Thx, Eric, as always. If this is right, then it's all up to fastri. I've

^ [ANN] icanhasaudio 0.1.1 Released
310110 [aaron tender] icanhasaudio version 0.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] earworm 0.0.1 Released
310111 [aaron tender] earworm version 0.0.1 has been released!

^ [ANN]  August Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
310113 [james.britt ] August Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ hash code reference - this only returns 'nil' please help me
310127 [mmc_collins ] Please tell me what I am doing wrong. i thought h[ErrFieldID] would work
310128 [sepp2k googl] rrectly shows 25127
310131 [mmc_collins ] ['25127']. I need it to show the value from the hash: 'RefProvNPI'
+ 310134 [michael.c.li] It did work. It means that ErrFieldID is an array containing a single
| 310137 [hjast89 gmai] Check the API of whatever gem you are using and check to see if
+ 310149 [caduceass gm] Try puts ErrFieldID.class to tell you what it really is.  Looks like
  310216 [mmc_collins ] It continues to show the wrong value ['25127']. I need it to show the
  310218 [dblack rubyp] If it's an array and you need the first element, how about indexing it
  310234 [mmc_collins ] Thanks everyone!
  + 310239 [martindemell] StrgErrFieldID = ErrFieldID[0]
  + 310241 [michael.c.li] That will work as long as you can guarantee only one element in the
    310258 [mmc_collins ] Michael

^ hpricot usage
310129 [archi_urs200] can anybody tell me how to write to a xml document using hpricot? Is it
310133 [jameskilton ] hpricot really is just a parsing library for HTML or XML.

^ Still missing the boat on class/instance methods
310130 [laredotornad] Yesterday the group was kind enough to explain distinctions between
310132 [gregory.t.br] You defined an attribute writer but I think you want a conditional check.
310143 [laredotornad] m_id =3D=3D form_item_id
310204 [shortcutter ] Also you can probably simplify this to
310210 [dblack rubyp] ActiveRecord overrides #find for its association collections, so you'd
+ 310282 [shortcutter ] I knew there would be some trouble (hence the "probably" above).  Thank
+ 310586 [cohen.jeff g] It's one of the few things that make me cringe about Rails - some
  310596 [frederick.ch] The association proxy isn't an Array, so an association proxy having
  310621 [dblack rubyp] obj.some_collection.detect {...}

^ Where to upload a ruby script to share it?
310135 [ansuga gmail] I've made a ruby script to translate UTM to LAT,LON coordinates and
+ 310136 [gregory.t.br] gist.github.com will make an impromptu git repository that people can
+ 310142 [ snk gna.org] Since your code does conversions, why not contribute it to the Units
  310253 [ansuga gmail] (http://gist.github.com/4075), and send it to the Units Library

^ [BUG?] Strange behavior in Integer
310138 [joda ieee.or] new user on MacOsX.
310139 [sepp2k googl] => "3379.999999999999545252649113535881"
310151 [caduceass gm] Just playing around a little (no exhaustive testing), but it seems
310152 [joost zeekat] Joost Diepenmaat | blog: http://joost.zeekat.nl/ | work: http://zeekat.nl/
310172 [caduceass gm] Indeed.  These errors occur starting with 32, then 512, then 8192,

^ [ANN] prawn-gallery now on Github
310141 [gregory.t.br] Hey folks,

^ =?windows-1252?B?ImdlbSBpbnN0YWxsIHJhaWxzIJZyIiAgPT4gIChVUkk6OkludmFsaWRVUklFcnJvcik=?=
310144 [RichardDummy] I installed Ruby 1.9.0-03 (ruby 1.9.0 (2008-07-25 revision 18217)

^ =?windows-1252?B?UmU6ICJnZW0gaW5zdGFsbCByYWlscyCWciIgPT4gKFVSSTo6SW52YWxpZFVSSUVycm8=?= =?windows-1252?B?cik=?=
310146 [RichardDummy] On Aug 4, 7:05 pm, RichardOnRails

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_=22gem_install_rails_=96r=22__=3D>__=28URI:?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?:InvalidURIError=29?=
310148 [drbrain segm] gem env

^ Matrix class: How to set a single element ?
310154 [mbraga0001 g] require 'matrix'
+ 310155 [znmeb cesmai] IIRC a Matrix (and a Vector) is an immutable object -- you can't change
| 310160 [mbraga0001 g] Thank you.
| 310167 [znmeb cesmai] Someone explained it to me once, and when I complained about it, they
| 310177 [mbraga0001 g] Hum, Ruby (with just the standard array class) seems to work well with
+ 310170 [list.push gm] Harry
  310173 [mbraga0001 g] m=Matrix[[11,12],[21,22]]
  310176 [caduceass gm] You have to open the class and define the method as in the example...
  310178 [mbraga0001 g] Perfect! Thank you.
  + 310214 [Maurice.Diam] Redirect to fortan just because you need some float usage
  + 310229 [poddster gma] Matrix and Vector are, in my opinion, pretty poor classes. You can't

^ State of the Onion
310159 [znmeb cesmai] Just thought you'd like to know. ;)
+ 310162 [phlip2005 gm] Larry Wall will cure cancer!!
| + 310166 [znmeb cesmai] My sediments exactly. "Version 6 of the Perl will be the first truly
| + 310168 [ninja slapha] ways...
|   + 310169 [gregory.t.br] Enjoy :)
|   | 310171 [gregory.t.br] Oh, to be fair, this doesn't really work the way Lingua does, because
|   + 310174 [djberg96 gma] Can you say "Job Security" boys and girls?
|   | 310184 [ninja slapha] Ruby is already flexible enough to cause that problem -- or have that benefit,
|   | 310224 [djberg96 gma] Except that there's no parser alteration required. Tell me, how do you
|   | 310226 [martindemell] The grammar will be part of the source tree. camlp4
|   + 310181 [no spam.plea] I'm not familiar with Acme::..., but the right answer for Ruby
|   | 310185 [ninja slapha] For what it's worth, this isn't really about Acme, it's just the best example
|   + 310199 [phlip2005 gm] The joke: Flaming O'Reilly for letting anyone into the clich...
+ 310179 [ttmrichter g] So Larry Wall has reinvented Lisp without Lisp's minimalist elegance?
| 310190 [martindemell] I don't understand this hostility to perl6, which (discounting its
| + 310193 [ttmrichter g] Discounting the thing that engenders the most hostility, you're still
| | 310194 [martindemell] Admitted, but it's more a fault of the language proponents than of the
| | + 310202 [ttmrichter g] eft
| | + 310230 [rimantas gma] "The major problems of our work are not so much technological as
| |   310238 [phlip2005 gm] Here's how to diss it for technical reasons.
| |   + 310242 [martindemell] And Perl6 is to a large extent a clean-slate design, which makes all
| |   + 310304 [transfire gm] que is
| + 310201 [phlip2005 gm] Maybe a parallel here is Steve Job's ability to indoctrinate huge crowds of
| | 310252 [james graypr] I wanted to stay out of this, but you are just spreading too much FUD =20=
| | 310272 [phlip2005 gm] How often do you actually need to do that, compared to the beginnings and ends
| | + 310275 [ara.t.howard] would you mind taking this off-list?  i happen to agree with a lot of
| | + 310277 [james graypr] Mac's have keyboard shortcuts for that that work in all applications.
| | | 310289 [billk cts.co] Sorry, I can't resist, but I've had a Mac on my desk for the
| | | 310309 [phlip2005 gm] Mm. First the Apple ][ insisted on adding spaces between BASIC words. Cute,
| | | 310541 [nefigah gmai] Ah, the forbidden fruit of off-topic. I will partake.
| | + 310279 [lloyd 2live4] I must be missing something.
| | + 310280 [nexuapex gma] Click-through is a sticky UI problem. It's inconsistent, yes.
| + 310286 [charles.nutt] I'm excited about Perl 6 in the same way I'm excited about Duke Nukem
|   310288 [dave pragpro] And this is different to Ruby 1.9 in what way... :^)
|   310302 [charles.nutt] Hence why we've held off implementing Ruby 1.9 features in JRuby
+ 310244 [avdi avdi.or] I came to Ruby from Perl (and other languages; but I started out using