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^ Re: ruby wish-list
309521 [rogerpack200] Would the following be a good idea?
309523 [vjoel path.b] a = []
+ 309524 [rogerpack200] Definitely a consideration.
| 309525 [vjoel path.b] Oh, I wasn't understanding your idea, which does seem to make sense now.
| 309585 [rogerpack200] Now that you mention it, this might would work even better in
| 311432 [rogerpack200] Turns out that just increasing the malloc limit to 80MB or so gives a
+ 310622 [mikael hoilu] Perhaps a bit controversial, but I'd like to see a keyword for the =20
  + 310625 [adam.shelly ] nt
  | + 310644 [mikael hoilu] That's not optimal if it's just for a single usage, especially not if =20=
  | + 310904 [rogerpack200] Though a little hackish, I wonder if you can receive a named block then
  |   311314 [rogerpack200] Rubbing the lamp....
  |   311330 [ymendel pobo] 1) In my mind, this general thread is somewhat ridiculous. It's been
  + 310640 [vjoel path.b] pr = proc {|h,k| h[k] = Hash.new(&pr)}
  + 317142 [rogerpack200] Cheers.

^ Time.rb path
309529 [matiasbrutti] V2hpbGUgd29ya2luZyBvbiBhIHByb2plY3QgSSBjYW1lIGFjcm9zcyB3aXRoIGEgcHJvYmxlbSB0
+ 309530 [fophillips f] ny
+ 309532 [vjoel path.b] Doesn't this work?
  309533 [matiasbrutti] eWVzIGl0IGRvZXMsIHRoZSBwcm9ibGVtcyBpcyB0aGF0IHRoZSByc3MgbGliIHRvIHZhbGlkYXRl
  309535 [matiasbrutti] SSB0aGluayB0aGUgcHJvYmxlbSBpcyBvbiBsaW5lIDI4MCBvZiByc3MucmIgKHNob3duIGJlbG93

^ A couple of basic questions
309536 [RichardDummy] Find.find(wd) do |item| # Subordinate file/directory fully-qualified
+ 309537 [phlip2005 gm] For the sake of the deity or not of your choice, use Pathname!!
+ 309550 [shortcutter ] if ...
  + 309927 [RichardDummy] Thank you both very much for clearing the fog from my brain :-)  BTW,
  + 310054 [RichardDummy] I just want to add that I tried both your suggestions and they worked

^ Antwrap problems
309543 [srinivasa_ra] My Requirement: I need to execute ant tasks,then get the status whether

^ Interfacing the parallel port
309544 [darudude gma] I'm working on a project that requires the outputting of data via the
+ 309557 [chris.lowis ] I've had success interfacing with the serial port using the
+ 309562 [brusch4_remo] Use class Win32API.
+ 317443 [zcvohland gm] Hope it helps!

^ [ANN] mms2r 2.1.0 Released
309553 [mikemondrago] mms2r version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] impostor 0.1.0 Released
309556 [mikemondrago] impostor version 0.1.0 has been released!

^ Q: Documentation for PGconn
309570 [ grk usa.net] Is there any documentation for PGconn (or postgres/postgres)? When I
+ 309574 [funkaster gm] 1) google for ruby postgres
| 309654 [ grk usa.net] I did this. The documents are out of date. There is no 'connect'
| 309668 [jcmoore pres] a couple of notes...
+ 309579 [jcmoore pres] Or for those of us who can't be tethered to the Internet *all the
  309580 [jcmoore pres] ** so much for 'tabs' **

^ How to recognize object
309571 [chaitanya.po] I want to automate my flex application, and i found that Funfx and Ruby

^ Re: How to do methodsoverloading in
309572 [jcmoore pres] def ovl(*a)
309573 [shadowfirebi] I think I'm right in saying that a OOP does not require method overloading?
309575 [phlip2005 gm] How do you polymorph without overloading a method?
+ 309576 [gregory.t.br] Granted you can't literally get the method back but if you use *args
+ 309577 [shadowfirebi] Well, okay.  I was taking overloading to mean, defining two methods
+ 309578 [shadowfirebi] Okay, *there* you caught me.  I was grossly oversimplifying.
  309581 [dblack rubyp] Not grossly :-) Type in Ruby is kind of a tautology: an object's type
  309583 [shadowfirebi] I must admit that I love Ruby because it manages to combine brevity
  + 309652 [dblack rubyp] I agree.
  | + 309669 [jcmoore pres] I know I'll take clarity, convenience and expedience over theoretical
  | + 309694 [flo andersgr] I really liked you talk at EuRuKo about that topic which illustrated
  + 309793 [rick.denatal] But why does it have to?  Why should it?

^ Compile on windows
309582 [ronnbus gmai] I'm running Ruby on windows xp. I made changes to the keywords file and
+ 309586 [rogerpack200] You could download and tweak the source for the mingw download.  I think
+ 309641 [nobu ruby-la] 1. install cygwin including necessary packages: autoconf,

^ Suggestions for improving a trivial tag parser
309589 [gregory.t.br] I need to take strings that have embedded <i> and <b> tags and split
+ 309593 [robert.dober] What about
| + 309594 [gregory.t.br] I needed something a little more restricted than that, but you gave me
| | 309595 [gregory.t.br] segments = text.split( %r{(</?[ib]>)} ).delete_if{|x| x.empty? }
| + 309596 [funkaster gm] => ["Hello ", "<i>", "Fine", "<>", " ", "<b>", "World", "</b>", "</i>"]
|   309611 [robert.dober] It passed the specs did it not? I did not know what Gregory wanted
|   309612 [gregory.t.br] My implementation was tighter than my specs, but I added an extra one
|   309617 [robert.dober] Yes but these two passes are quite fast, see below.
|   309618 [gregory.t.br] Interesting that it's faster to do a double pass with split than a
|   309621 [robert.dober] Anyway for small strings even scan will take only one split second,
+ 309597 [ara.t.howard] require 'yaml'

^ My simple downloader doesn't work
309590 [wujciol gmai] I'm learning Ruby for some time. Today I started to write simple code
309592 [gregory.t.br] I didn't find out why your code doesn't work, but using open-uri from
309638 [WujcioL gmai] I thinking about some bug in open-uri and net/ftp. Code is simple and
+ 309643 [boesemar gmx] require 'open-uri'
| + 309662 [wujciol gmai] I get TypeError: Cannot convert Hash into String.
| + 309780 [wujciol gmai] There's no working firewall or ftp server on my host.
+ 309818 [gregory.t.br] The code I showed worked on my machine.  Tested on OS X (10.4),
  309820 [frederick.ch] Beyond firewalls, active ftp won't work behind a NAT device.
  309830 [wujciol gmai] It can be it cause i'm connecting from small LAN. Got any idea how to
  309837 [frederick.ch] You need to be using passive ftp. According to the docs you just need
  309850 [wujciol gmai] With ftp.passive my first code works but version using open-uri was

^ Loop behavior not understood (newbie)
309599 [thomas.luede] ===================================================================
309601 [gregory.t.br] Does this code give you what you want?
309602 [thomas.luede] If I change "detailedModelModified.puts line" to "puts line" in my
309603 [gregory.t.br] Actually, I didn't notice your nested ifs.  This should be equivalent
309605 [thomas.luede] OK, your version seems to work.  I'm confused, however, because I don't
309606 [gregory.t.br] The primary functional difference is that when you use the block form
309607 [gregory.t.br] Whoops.
309608 [gregory.t.br] Sorry, I totally have confused myself (but hopefully not you).
309610 [thomas.luede] Actually, your explanation of the loop closing the file handle makes a
309645 [shadowfirebi] Maybe your original code was writing to the file, but only a few

^ How to run Ruby on 64-bit Windows?
309604 [bdezonia wis] Is there a way to get a precompiled binary or compile Ruby for 64-bit
309609 [bdezonia wis] I just tried installing the OneClickInstaller assuming its 32 bit and
+ 309633 [daniel.varta] Which exactly problem do you have with one-click-installer on 64-bit
+ 309642 [alex.shulgin] It can and should work w/o any problem, since any 32-bit Windows
  309681 [bdezonia wis] No. I assumed 32 bit apps would not work. I'm glad Ruby does. Thanks.

^ Checking to see if a file is open (newbie)?
309619 [thomas.luede] I'm almost embarassed to ask this, but does Ruby have any method (e.g.
309620 [gregory.t.br] File#closed?

^ gc doesn't collect?
309627 [rogerpack200] 1.times { a = 'a'*1000};
+ 309629 [drbrain segm] Ruby's garbage collector walks the C stack looking for values that
| 309632 [ryand-ruby z] well... I think in this case it is because he never dereferenced a, so
+ 309648 [sandor.szuec] In my opinion GC has not collected 'a' at the time you run through your
+ 309682 [davebass mus] The thing with garbage collection (in most languages, I don't know about
| 309754 [znmeb cesmai] gc.start ... right?
| 309757 [rogerpack200] I believe that
| + 309765 [drbrain segm] Well, if there's no garbage then there's no collection.
| | 309771 [shortcutter ] But does it also make finalization happen before program exit?  (This
| | 309853 [drbrain segm] Yes, but the suggested patch was not correct.  See [ruby-core:18050]
| + 309772 [shortcutter ] Yes, if forces a GC run.  But I would not be so sure about whether it
+ 309760 [john sinodun] I presume you don't really want both those invocations of "print"?
  309959 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  Maybe there's a difference among versions.  For me it has

^ [ruby & win xp] Captha problem
309631 [slijspam gma] forum. Login form has also php generated token. Im using hpricot &

^ super with block
309646 [lzell11 gmai] I'm looking for a bit of help.  I can't seem to get the block to "pass
309647 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):023:0> class NString < String
309692 [lzell11 gmai] => nil
+ 309697 [mikael hoilu] Looks like this is a problem with using $1 inside the block. Replacing =20=
| 309700 [lzell11 gmai] Mikael, I can deal with that, I'll swap out the $'s with block params.
| 309731 [lzell11 gmai] Actually, this did not work the way I expected.  It is fine for a case
| + 309733 [gregory.t.br] If you don't mind a little redundancy, you can match the string first,
| | 309737 [robert.dober] Well, maybe, but do not despair, while the $ special variables are not
| + 309734 [gregory.t.br] => "match1match2"
|   309741 [lzell11 gmai] Indeed.  But all is not lost.  I *think* this will work fine for what I
+ 309699 [robert.dober] your problem has nothing to do with passing the block along in gsub!
| 309701 [robert.dober] ERRATUM
| 309703 [lzell11 gmai] Wait, why would s be empty?  I can use Nstring.new just like String.new
| + 309705 [robert.dober] you are right I am wrong, no idea what I did OMG.
| + 309706 [gregory.t.br] ruby 1.8.6 (2008-06-20 patchlevel 230) [i686-darwin8.11.1]
+ 309758 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, it seems that my $1 was set by previous tests in IRB :-(
  309777 [robert.dober] I know that and I still managed to screw up my String subclass

^ [ANN] webgen 0.5.1 released
309649 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!

^ Help me with this Numerology code please...
309650 [webreservoir] I am planning to implement a Numerology code like this.
+ 309651 [sepp2k googl] => [82, 85, 66, 89]
| + 309657 [webreservoir] Thanks a lot for your helping attitude. Unfortunately its too tough for
| | 309755 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogd2VicmVzZXJ2b2lyQGdtYWlsLmNvbSBbbWFpbHRvOndlYnJlc2Vydm9pckBnbWFpbC5j
| + 309664 [kh.wild wico] ...
| + 309665 [kh.wild wico] Nice code!
|   309688 [davebass mus] Obviously the harder to understand, the better.
|   309709 [adam.shelly ] There's also the small issue it gives inconsistent results.
+ 309656 [jazzezravi g] i think this code satisfy your need...
| + 309658 [webreservoir] I will be getting most of the details from the web only.
| | 309661 [jazzezravi g] trail.rb
| + 309666 [dblack rubyp] You're working waaaaay too hard :-) Let Ruby do the heavy lifting.
|   309675 [shadowfirebi] I think the original poster may be new to coding, in which case, can I
+ 309851 [thopre gmail] 2008/7/31 Web Reservoir <webreservoir@gmail.com>
+ 309854 [caduceass gm] golfing solution...
  + 309856 [caduceass gm] Oh, I didn't see Sebastian's previous solution.  I also forgot the +1
  + 309862 [dblack rubyp] I get 20 for that, but every result should be a single digit.
    309899 [caduceass gm] So 'IRREVERSIBLE' should result in 4, I suppose.  In any case, I

^ Cool Projects
309653 [alasdair see] So, anyone working on something awesome?
+ 309660 [kyrreny broa] You want ideas? :)
| 309667 [shadowfirebi] I think perhaps "awesome" is in the eye of the beholder.
| 309680 [mark cortex-] I'm still working on the Ruby BBS.  Sometimes I even have it working.
+ 309671 [uwe kubosch.] Working on a system with administration using Rails, central operations
| 309674 [jameskilton ] Since you ask
| 309718 [paqs140482 g] rb++, I didn't know that this cool stuff exist! Thanks
+ 309678 [dmerrick ics] My pet project has been a robust MediaWiki table editing automation tool.=
+ 309679 [ninja slapha] At my day job, I'm working on a Rails app which powers...  Actually, I can't
+ 309686 [james.britt ] Monkeybars
+ 309714 [mneumann nte] RubyJS? A Ruby to Javascript compiler.
+ 309719 [caduceass gm] - IT knowledge base and ticketing system.  It's been done before, but
+ 309720 [gregory.t.br] Currently working on Prawn, a PDF generation library designed to kill
| 309799 [d_rems yahoo] Do you have any plans to support non English characters in PDF
| + 309808 [gregory.t.br] We already support embedding unicode aware TTF fonts and can render
| + 310099 [yahivin gmai] Dungeon Farmer, a tile-based strategy simulation game that runs using
+ 309721 [ezmobius gma] I'm working on a project called Vertebra. This is a p2p XMPP based
+ 309844 [synfinatic g] Since you asked, I'm working on Cabernet- a RoR powered personal wine
+ 309915 [eleanor game] I'm slowly porting SQLite to pure Ruby, although like most of my
| 309922 [james graypr] That's a really neat idea.  I thought about doing just Lemon in the =20
| 309935 [eleanor game] I'm hoping to substantially reduce the code count whilst still keeping =20=
+ 309952 [szerener gma] - building a small set of network utility classes (nothing big, it's
| + 309954 [mo_mail ongh] Not really awesome and in no way comparable to the work that some of you
| + 310085 [perrin apoth] I don't know if I have anything to brag about.  I'm working on an
+ 309953 [charles.nutt] I've been rewriting the Java integration layer in JRuby for performance
+ 310100 [btrichardson] A co-worker and myself have been working on a passive network mapping
| 310125 [damnbigman g] I'm working on a small app to manage the scheduled start-up and shutdown of
+ 310192 [martindemell] I'm working on a crossword editor (mostly biased towards UK-style
  310222 [dan fluentra] It's rb++ but for the Vala language.
  310231 [phlip2005 gm] Block closures?
  310235 [dan fluentra] public void run () {

^ Is Ruby 1.9 released
309655 [sijo maxxion] Is Ruby 1.9 released? I am currently using 1.8.6  If released what
309659 [webreservoir] Have a look here, for complete ruby 1.9 Road map details.

^ CORBA and Ruby
309663 [jwillemsen r] Remedy IT has released last year R2CORBA which makes it possible to

^ Input redirection in ruby
309670 [hramrach cen] I could not find any way to redirect input and output of programs in ruby.
+ 309672 [shadowfirebi] Well, you can say $stderr.puts "message", for example.  But I'm
+ 309695 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel ~
  309746 [hramrach cen] Yes, this makes stuff much easier. Still to do what shell does when
  309762 [shortcutter ] Well, I was actually on Windows (although I have to admit that I use

^ (no subject)
309673 [jepaish inte] ...

^ How to get special directories?
309676 [niklas.baums] how can i get ruby to get me some special directories, such as the
+ 309683 [wujciol gmai] ENV #hash with many info
+ 309684 [shashank_hi ] I'm not sure if this'll work, but "/" should get you the home folder in
| 309687 [niklas.baums] surely it should not.
| 309766 [nobu ruby-la] It works with 1.8.7 and 1.8.6-p127 or lator, even on Windows,
| 309767 [niklas.baums] File.expand_path("~") ?
| 309770 [nobu ruby-la] Yes.
| 309773 [niklas.baums] irb(main):001:0> File.expand_path('~')
| 309774 [niklas.baums] ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [i386-mswin32]
+ 309685 [davebass mus] p ENV
| + 309689 [niklas.baums] sry, haven't seen this before posting. the problem is, that it's an app
| + 309690 [sepp2k googl] Not that it makes any kind of a difference, but ENV isn't actually a hash.
+ 309691 [drbrain segm] To get folders like 'documents and settings' on windows you need to
  309693 [niklas.baums] okay so i have to make a platform switch... is it possible that you
  309696 [gthiesfeld g] You can also use the win32-dir gem
  309698 [niklas.baums] Thanks that'll help alot! Is something similiar available on linux as
  + 309712 [frederick.ch] Dunno about linux, but here's something that will work on mac os x.
  + 309722 [s.korteling ] Can't test, but on linux
    309740 [niklas.baums] thank you all for your answers, i'm now gonna use win32-dir and etc,