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^ problems with throw/catch (newbie)
309311 [thomas.luede] I'm trying to do something that I think would be pretty trivial.  I've
+ 309312 [shortcutter ] If your file is really that large you'd probably rather want to read it
+ 309327 [jballanc gma] Definitely, evaluating the file a line at a time will be more efficient,
  309328 [vjoel path.b] There's nothing wrong with using catch/throw as a control flow
  309331 [jballanc gma] Ah, the classic debate...this could go on forever....
  309351 [davebass mus] Every processor instruction set I've seen has an unconditional jump
  309363 [shortcutter ] Sorry, but this is ridiculous. Assembler and Ruby are two completely
  309382 [thomas.luede] What is annoying to me is that even Fortran 95 has the capability (using
  + 309385 [shevegen lin] The biggest argument against catch/throw is that, when one looks at
  + 309457 [shortcutter ] Interestingly I cannot remember having to break from a nested loop.

^ [ANN] Planet Vancouver.rb Now Live - Ruby Postings, Discussions and More from Canada's West Coast
309319 [geraldbauer2] Planet Vancouver.rb is now live collecting and publishing Ruby/Rails

^ [ANN] Radiant CMS 0.6.8 "Incise" Release
309323 [seancribbs g] Radiant 0.6.8 "Incise" adds a number of new features that enhance

^ [ANN] Ditz 0.4 released
309325 [wmorgan-ruby] Ditz version 0.4 has been released! This release features improved git

^ Re: Is there a better way to do this wxPython example in Rub
309329 [jballanc gma] What about passing the method name as a Symbol and then using

^ Camping not saving @state
309332 [fophillips f] I have a sqlite3 database with the sessions table and schema set up
+ 309416 [jontyjont bt] As far as I remember the saving is automatic, why_ always makes it
| 309419 [fophillips f] =20
+ 309475 [fophillips f] Okay the problem was with ActiveRecord 2.1, downgrading to 2.0.2 fixed
  309485 [jontyjont bt] Thanks for finding the problem as I am using Camping quite a bit at the
  309491 [fophillips f] =20
  309492 [fophillips f] Sorry, that should be /tmp/tlcms.db

^ Is it possible to change the superclass of one class dynamic
309335 [seanliugm gm] I want to change the super class of one class in one of plugins, for
309336 [cmshea gmail] No.  That is not possible.  It is, however, possible to include (and

^ Re: Is it possible to change the superclass of one class dyn
309337 [seanliugm gm] Thanks for quick reply, Chris.
309348 [robert.dober] T24gTW9uLCBKdWwgMjgsIDIwMDggYXQgNjo0OSBBTSwgU2VhbiBMaXUgPHNlYW5saXVnbUBnbWFp

^ gem_original_require
309338 [satishbarot ] I m new to Ruby and trying to add 'require' statement in my program i

^ Single Line replacement in file
309339 [jazzezravi g] code.rb
309568 [brusch4_remo] "Raveendran Jazzez" <jazzezravi@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
309634 [jazzezravi g] Thanks for your detailed explanation.
309644 [robert.dober] You might want to check out the -i option of Ruby.

^ insert 10 line of code in .doc file
309344 [babu038 gmai] when i click one link its opening one document but i need to insert
309567 [brusch4_remo] "babu nair" <babu038@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ "or" and "and"
309352 [esuomikim gm] I'm just getting to discover ruby, but I find it very nice programming
+ 309353 [toastkid.wil] As far as i know ruby deals with multiple ors and ands perfectly well.
+ 309354 [alexg rugged] This won't fly (as you've noticed). you'll need to do either
  + 309356 [toastkid.wil] Note to self - read question properly before answering :)
  + 309426 [rick.denatal] And as for WHY it doesn't fly.

^ Export to PDF with google maps + msacces export
309355 [flippie124 h] my client is looking for an application with different forms. Things are
309377 [flo andersgr] There is a static version of google maps. Take the locationdata, ask

^ regarding validation of email address.
309361 [vamsikrishna] i used the following reg. expression
+ 309362 [farrel.lifso] Have a look at http://tfletcher.com/lib/rfc822.rb
+ 309378 [phlip2005 gm] E-mail address validation is a FAQ in the Regular Expression discipline.
  309389 [kyleaschmitt] Actually I believe it _can_ be done, but it's next to useless to do so.

^ Q: postgres access in Windows
309365 [ grk usa.net] I spent a couple of hour this weekend trying to get Ruby to talk to
309369 [ondemannen g] My current use of postgres is done like this (but I think you can
309390 [ grk usa.net] That worked like a charm!

309366 [babysudha.s ] while i am using captcha GEM to get for CAPTCHA images.

^ Gsup with variable when replacing
309367 [touffik gmai] 123232321
+ 309371 [fophillips f] f3 =3D line.gsub(/(\d+)$/,'<number>\1</number>')
+ 309372 [sepp2k googl] \1 means "first group", but there are no groups in your regex. \0 means "whole
| 309936 [shortcutter ] I wasn't aware that \0 does the job as well.  I always use \& for the
+ 309453 [sathyz gmail] while line =3D f2.gets

^ Re: "or" and "and" -- still problems, brackets don't work
309368 [esuomikim gm] Thanks for help!
309370 [dblack rubyp] It looks OK to me. What isn't working here?
309373 [esuomikim gm] It checks if st is 2, 5 or 10. I set st to 5 and it says, "wrong"
309374 [sepp2k googl] No, it checks whether st is not 2, st is not 5 or st is not 10.

^ Re: "or" and "and": now know what's wrong, my errors
309375 [esuomikim gm] Stem and Leaf plot     N = 15     Steps / 5

^ Hai you looking Real Esate Agents India
309381 [mathi.gomath] ...

^ [Help] My simple downloader doesn't work
309383 [WujcioL gmai] I'm learning Ruby for some time. Today I started to write simple code

^ problem in popup handling
309386 [karthic.gane] i have to handle the popup in my client page.
314387 [huyingtuo gm] Is this a JS pop up or a modal dialog?

^ Win32ole equivalent for Mac OS X
309387 [4namlet gmai] Is there an equivalent library for the Win32ole library on the PC?  I
+ 309392 [hjast89 gmai] Look at ruby cocoa
| 309398 [4namlet gmai] Is there a word .doc format reader class in Cocoa?  I wasn't aware of
| 309438 [znmeb cesmai] There are open source libraries that will read a Word doc. Maybe you can
+ 309399 [4namlet gmai] Just to clarify, I'm trying to read a word .doc file on OS X, not do
  309401 [damnbigman g] "Hey brother Christian with your high and mighty errand, Your actions speak
  309403 [4namlet gmai] Thanks, but for some reason, I can't install rb-appscript.  I get this
  + 309405 [damnbigman g] Sorry, can't help you there.  I'm not at all versed in build environments in
  + 309406 [laurent.sans] Did you install the Xcode package? Ruby's header files, as well as the
    309410 [4namlet gmai] No, how do I do that?
    309421 [laurent.sans] Laurent
    309425 [dangerwillro] RubyCocoa is to interface with the Cocoa API.

^ running ab command in cron
309388 [zak_hyder ho] def get_web_performance(instance_url)
309393 [ara.t.howard] maybe the full path to ab - cron does not have your environment.
309440 [zak_hyder ho] yap worked like charm. thankx

^ IO.pos bug?
309394 [Andrey.D.Nik] irb(main):001:0> f = File.new("/etc/host.conf")
+ 309396 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):001:0> f = File.new("/etc/hosts")
| 309528 [johan556 gma] irb(main):007:0> f = File.new("/tmp/jhjh")
+ 309598 [john.slobbe ] Same here...on ruby 1.8.7 (2008-06-20 patchlevel 22) [i686-linux]
  309630 [botp delmont] # Same here...on ruby 1.8.7 (2008-06-20 patchlevel 22) [i686-linux]
  309637 [nobu ruby-la] You're correct, it depends on underlying libc, since 1.8 uses

^ what is %w
309395 [talk joelsal] What is the %w used for in ruby?
309397 [dblack rubyp] %w{ one two three }   # same as ["one", "two", "three"]
309428 [sam.haskins ] What sort of situations is that syntax useful in?
+ 309429 [dblack rubyp] It's very handy for saving typing. It's just faster. Also, if your
+ 309430 [martindemell] When you need an inline array of strings. Compare

^ Ruby on Windows
309402 [darrin_allen] Which application is best for ruby on windows?
+ 309404 [jdinkel gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 309408 [dejan.dimic ] I rely do not understand this kind of questions.
+ 309409 [       m t.u] device drivers.
+ 309414 [gdonald gmai] The one with the most threes in the name?
  309418 [jdinkel gmai] 743 1n3 w174 743 m0s7 74r335 1n 743 n@m3!!1!111!!1

^ Re: Ruby and MS WORD
309412 [4namlet gmai] How do you open a document in read only mode??
+ 309424 [james.britt ] You may need to poke around the Microsoft developer site to see what the
+ 309435 [david.mullet] doc = word.documents.open(path_to_file, 'ReadOnly' => true)

^ String.intern vs String.to_sym
309413 [ian codedao.] Can anyone make a case for ever using String.intern?  It seems to be
309415 [drbrain segm] #intern came first, #to_sym is an alias of #intern.
309422 [stephen.celi] It's worth noting that Symbol#intern is defined in 1.9.0.

^ Rails or Tomcat - which one to be used for background task?
309427 [renumehta ho] I need advice on a decision that I have to make to decide whether I

^ Running methods in parallel
309434 [skaverat rf-] is there a way to parallelize ruby methods?
+ 309436 [stephen.celi] 5.times do
| 309439 [phlip2005 gm] foobars = (0..5).map{ Foobar.new("somestuff") }
| 309955 [deanwampler ] Take a look at Forkoffhttp://rubyforge.org/projects/codeforpeople
+ 309956 [erikveen gma] Have a look at ForkAndReturn [1,2]. ForkAndReturn implements a

^ WxRuby GridCellChoiceEditor Segfault
309437 [damnbigman g] Does anyone have a specific experience with WxRuby's GridCellChoiceEditor

^ Concurrent Ruby?
309441 [kmurph79 hot] Apologies if this is a really stupid question, I am new to programming,
+ 309454 [ninja slapha] Not like Erlang, no.
| + 309467 [flo andersgr] Nice writeup. You forgot one thing about Erlang, though: It is
| | + 309480 [shortcutter ] Absolutely agree.  Thanks David!
| | + 309490 [ninja slapha] Thanks!
| |   309499 [ara.t.howard] fan out multiple processes with a message queue each - easy to do with
| |   309541 [ninja slapha] That implies a full copy (I think), which isn't always what's needed.
| |   309545 [ara.t.howard] DRb handles references.  DRbUndumped provides a means to pass
| |   309546 [ninja slapha] Alright. What if I send a complex datastructure? Strings, I can live with, =
| + 309496 [charles.nutt] I'm not sure what you mean by problems...there have not been problems
|   309542 [ninja slapha] There
|   309548 [charles.nutt] Well if there are specific threading issues, we'd like to solve them.
+ 309591 [tony medioh.] Rubinius is able to spawn a VM per CPU core, and allow quasi-Erlang style
  309600 [charles.nutt] It's worth mentioning JRuby also supports the MVM API, and sub-VMs share

^ and and or in case
309442 [botp delmont] why does ruby not compile the following case-when clause if using "and" =
+ 309444 [neogia4 gmai] Peña,
| 309458 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQmVuIEJyaWdodHdlbGwgW21haWx0bzpuZW9naWE0QGdtYWlsLmNvbV0gDQojIFRoZSB3
| + 309460 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUGXDsWEsIEJvdHAgW21haWx0bzpib3RwQGRlbG1vbnRlLXBoaWwuY29tXSANCiMgaWYg
| + 309461 [alexg rugged] The point is that case/when has different precedence to if/elsif. The =20=
| | 309483 [botpena gmai] yes,  but why the  difference in precedence for case-when and if?
| | + 309493 [hjast89 gmai] yeah make a change to the language then or maybe we should ask matz and then
| | + 309497 [alexg rugged] Why? There is no why. Only 'principle of least surprise' ;)
| | | 309538 [botp delmont] # Why? There is no why. Only 'principle of least surprise' ;)
| | + 309547 [wieczo.yo go] Yes, I agree with you. I think when and if should act the same, this
| + 309481 [shortcutter ] allowing in case-when clause yet allowing it in if-elsif,
+ 309540 [det135 psu.e] The operators "and" and "&&" (and likewise "or" and "||") have different

^ Another Deaf Grandma Topic, different issue
309443 [phee92 gmail] I'm trying to learn using a tut, and I'm getting stuck on one of the
309446 [neogia4 gmai] Phee, in the expression for your while loop ( you != 'BYE' ), your
309447 [phee92 gmail] I haven't yet learned count, and so I'm assuming that there's another
309448 [martindemell] Just have a variable called bye_count that contains a number
309449 [phee92 gmail] Thank you so much!
309624 [faderosten h] I think I've spent maybe two hours or more solving this, but I finally
309628 [faderosten h] Actually, after thinking about it a bit more, the on/off switch isn't

^ ncurses-ruby installation in cygwin
309445 [phil quietth] i'm trying to install ncurses-ruby on cygwin on windows. if i open up a
309527 [phil quietth] my problem was that i didn't include the gcc and make packages when

^ Can't connect to MySQL server
309455 [darshna.17 g] I am trying to get connect to mysql database .
309456 [kranthicu gm] Hey did you check with the premissions of mysql.
309509 [dejan.dimic ] ong

^ Does Railway department need private Security Agency?
309459 [acceleratedb] Recently I amd my friend were visiting one of the best raily station in

^ Can't control regular expressions
309462 [Guillermo.Ac] I need to extract from an html file all the scripts. So I have written the
+ 309465 [larsch belun] You can use the '?' regexp operator to make a lazy match rather than a
+ 309466 [flo andersgr] explanation on why that is, you can

^ about class in module
309463 [kdream95 gme] class C
+ 309464 [stefano.croc] C and C::M are two different classes. Modules work as namespaces, so that you
| 309471 [sandor.szuec] You mean M::C.
+ 309489 [dan-ml dan42] Hhmm, this is actually a little tricky. If I had to hazard a guess I

^ Ruby 1.9 Binding#exec and introspection
309468 [hetkcpi yaho] I'd like to open up a discussion about extending the Binding class we
309639 [nobu ruby-la] I suspect it won't work as you expect.  At the time block is
310013 [hetkcpi yaho] Hmm, I see what you're saying about the binding being unknown at parse

^ [jRuby] net/ssh unsupported algorithm: DSS1withDSA (OpenSSL::PKey::PKeyError)
309469 [unbewusst.se] I've migrated from CRuby to jRuby with the same code for ssh connection.
+ 309494 [charles.nutt] I assume you've installed JRuby-OpenSSL, so what's probably happening
| 309498 [charles.nutt] After a little poking around, it looks like the only references to
+ 309495 [charles.nutt] FWIW I'm not sure net/ssh has ever had the last bugs worked out in
  309614 [unbewusst.se] OK !

^ libxml: is it possible not to use doctype declaration?
309472 [r.grosmann g] I have tried to find elements in XML documents with xpath expression
+ 309477 [phlip2005 gm] xp = XML::HTMLParser.new()
| 309478 [r.grosmann g] thanks for the suggestion. The document is not an HTML document. It is
| 309488 [phlip2005 gm] Use string surgery to yank out the DOCTYPE.
| 309501 [r.grosmann g] thank you for the hint. I did it already, but I was wondering if there
| 309504 [phlip2005 gm] Libxml-ruby is the most complete & accurate parser of the big three (REXML,
| + 309517 [binary011010] I tried to reply to this via the ruby-talk mailing list and it didn't
| + 309522 [binary011010] To start, the rdoc documentation can be found at
|   309531 [binary011010] Whoops, those were supposed to be class variables. What you really want
|   309558 [r.grosmann g] parser = XML::Parser.file( file)
|   + 309569 [phlip2005 gm] When I was researching the difference between the normal XML parser and the HTML
|   + 309584 [binary011010] Hey Ruud,
|     309779 [shortcutter ] Hm, Java XML parsers I know have a special callback that you can set
|     309968 [r.grosmann g] thanks everybody,
+ 309503 [tommy.nordgr] Check wether your xml processor supports xml catalog files. They
+ 309635 [segfault has] Give fastxml a try. It's also a ruby interface to libxml.
  309640 [r.grosmann g] thanks for this hint. I had decided libxslt was not for me because of

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.0-3 is released
309473 [babu038 gmai] wats a main advantage of ruby-1.9 with older versions like

^ text comparision
309474 [karthic.gane] i need to check the text "Test" from a dropdown list that contains more
309476 [farrel.lifso] b = /Test/

^ Hot Tip For Amazing Eyes
309479 [balau.raj gm] Results! Your Lashes-Healthy Fuller Use Revitalash The One That Works

^ [BUG]- error message from script
309482 [r.grosmann g] /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/pp.rb:490: [BUG] object allocation during garbage
309559 [r.grosmann g] the problem arises when I do in my document
309560 [r.grosmann g] Sorry for my previous post.

^ Inexplicable failure
309484 [bluegate010 ] I'm getting an inexplicable error when I try to run this script.  Here's
309486 [peter semant] Here you go, this is a Cism you need to write errorCount += 1 in ruby
309487 [bluegate010 ] Thank you soooo much, it works now, this was really bugging me.

^ OT: comp.lang.ruby spam
309505 [aidy.lewis g] It seems a lot of google groups are receiving spam posts.
309508 [transfire gm] Unfortunately the ruby-talk-google and ruby-core-google lists have not
309551 [shortcutter ] I am also under the impression that some legitimate posts do not get
309554 [wieczo.yo go] I am using GoogleMail to read the newsgroup. I marked the spam and
309588 [shortcutter ] Thanks for the reminder!  I checked but found no legitimate email in "spam".

^ Hampton's Ruby Survey 2008
309507 [hcatlin gmai] If you guys have a minute, I'd love for you to take my 2008 Ruby

^ the old sorting ip addresses problem
309512 [       m t.u] i am sure there has to be some ruby way of doing this in a really simple way...
+ 309514 [martindemell] a.sort_by {|x| x.split(/\./).map {|i| i.to_i}}.reverse
| 309516 [       m t.u] thanks. this is much cleaner.
+ 309625 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -ripaddr -e 'puts ["", "",

^ how regenerate ri data?
309520 [matt tidbits] Big-iMac-Attack:~ mattneub$ rdoc --version
+ 309526 [ryand-ruby z] % sudo make install-doc
| 309539 [matt tidbits] Didn't help, presumably because the rdoc being used is the one in the
| 309549 [ryand-ruby z] nope. same data. you've got something else going on.
| 309626 [drbrain segm] RDoc 2.1.0 won't generate RDoc from 1.8 due to a bug introduced before
+ 309552 [botpena gmai] on your ruby source directory, try running
  309613 [matt tidbits] Actually what I did was to blow away /usr/local/share/ri/1.8/system and
  309623 [ryand-ruby z] % ri File::read