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Re: Fixing RUDL C extension and Ruby for Visual C
30922 [danny@fr uk ] Hmm, how do you mean? I haven't tried it, if it works, it really should be

30923 [dempsejn@ge ] PHP has this function
30934 [bdelmee@ad a] it
30947 [dempsejn@ge ] ahh, ok, i was looking at that but wasn't sure it actually did what i

raf - ruby application finder
30936 [julian.romer] Yet another RAA web browsing site.
+ 30940 [mikkelj-anti] Well, there is a slight delay, but with ADSL it is no problem.
+ 30942 [ralph.mason@] How very useful.
+ 30963 [harryo@zi wo] Very nice, indeed!  I found it much quicker to use than RAA.
+ 30970 [tobiasreif@p] very fast!
  30987 [james@ru yx ] Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but what is that annoying pop-up window for?
  30996 [lafor@ar ak ] Sorry for the pop-up, is not mine, is from the eresmas.com ISP. For now,
  31037 [curt@hi bs c] You can use one of my domains if you like. I've got a virtual server ISP

Ruby on Minix (Re: Hexadecimal float)
30937 [matz@ru y- a] Never tried before.  I'd like to know if someone succeeds.

FXRuby: tk like Canvas?
30939 [mcix@gm .n t] I am a newbie in this list. I have experience with

Another suggestion for FreeRIDE
30949 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Based on some discussions over at comp.lang.python...
+ 30954 [dempsejn@ge ] Here's the code for that: easy, but it'll do the subs...i left the
| + 30955 [Dave@Pr gm t] Try running it on itself...
| | 30959 [dempsejn@ge ] Could you please elaborate? I just caught the "" bug, but otherwise it seems
| | 30961 [Dave@Pr gm t] Unless you perform a pretty complete tokenization, you'll never really
| | 30962 [dempsejn@ge ] yeah, as i was pouring over david's response it all kinda hit me.........
| + 30956 [dblack@ca dl] I seem to be in thorn-in-the-side mode tonight :-)
|   30957 [dempsejn@ge ] ok, i can see the problem, what do you suggest for the solution? a check to
|   30958 [rich@in oe h] This is a good idea.
+ 30968 [curt@hi bs c] That's a great idea. I will add this to the feature list on our wiki.
  31026 [vruz@in er e] I remember Matz said in an interview he wishes he hadn't

subbing English vars into code text (was: RE: Another suggestion forFreeRIDE)
30960 [dblack@ca dl] My example included one case where it's not included in [], as well as
30966 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Nope.  But FreeRIDE will have to have some kind of tokenizer/parser in

SSH + Ruby....
30967 [sean@ch tt n] Anyone figured out how to use SSH + ruby in a way that lets me send a
+ 30973 [ttate@kt ja ] require 'pty'
+ 30981 [djberg96@ho ] I'm hoping to bribe Ben Trott into porting his Net::SSH::Perl module to Ruby

Changes to block behavior in ruby 1.6.6
30971 [niklas@ka i.] It used to be that I could do this
30979 [matz@ru y- a] It was intended change.  It was a bug since 1.6.3 til 1.6.5.
30982 [niklas@ka i.] [Yukihiro Matsumoto]
30989 [tobiasreif@p] I'm on Win, and have 1.6.5 only.
30990 [decoux@mo lo] yes, because you call the block which is given to the method

possible problem with PLruby (Re: Possible bug with struct.c)
30974 [decoux@mo lo] Just to give you an example : I've released a new version of plruby
31235 [nobu.nokada@] I may misunderstand, but is this only with C extension?  It's
31243 [decoux@mo lo] Well, this is at least the case for all my extensions because when I call
31265 [nobu.nokada@] But you always overwrite the methods.  If the conflict can
31271 [decoux@mo lo] No, why ?

30975 [dcorbin@im e] I'm trying to use RubyUnit.  I've copied testall.rb, and modified it's
31028 [200201171621] I would dump that stuff.  With newer versions, you need only do
31032 [dcorbin@im e] That's fine, but what tools are available for running all the TestCase
+ 31096 [masaki.suket] The following sample is run TestYourClassA test and TestYourClassB
+ 31164 [200201191033] $LOAD_PATH.unshift(".")  # get our stuff first

I/O gets and integers
30988 [geek@sp ng .] Whenever i use gets to retireve user input, it always retrieves it as a
+ 30994 [dempsejn@ge ] Unless you changed the behavior of gets itself, I believe it'll always
| 30997 [tobiasreif@p] #!Nobu Nakada
+ 31000 [matz@ru y- a] Try Integer(str) and Float(str). Method names are self-explanatory.
+ 31001 [matju@sy pa ] There's no method that does exactly that, because instead you combine gets
  + 31002 [tobiasreif@p] In this case, perhaps simply
  | 31024 [matju@sy pa ] oh. you are right. didn't think about this one.
  + 31340 [geek@ch .s u] thanks, that helps.

eval.rb on cygwin
31005 [jb4mt@bb .n ] Greetings from the latest 'ruby nuby'.  I'm running Ruby 1.6 on Cygwin 1.3.6
31010 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Welcome.
31015 [jb4mt@bb .n ] Excellent.  I missed point #1.  As for point #2, irb does indeed come with

31008 [dblack@ca dl] Yes, a Ruby Change Request Change Request.
+ 31031 [200201171627] What is the practical problem with the current system?  Is the RCR
| + 31033 [dblack@ca dl] I do think there are too many RCRs, though that isn't my main focus
| + 31034 [vruz@in er e] *snip*
+ 31048 [jwheeler@ne ] I am not one to say that the US government might have the right
| + 31051 [ronjeffries@] These seem like wise words to me ...
| + 31054 [dblack@ca dl] [Interesting but, to me, not very Ruby-world-scaleable/applicable
+ 31106 [matz@ru y- a] My only wish for RCR is that I want to discuss about RCR
  + 31117 [Dave@Pr gm t] Would it help to have RubyGarden post an announcement to the list? The
  | 31156 [matz@ru y- a] Is it possible to create forum accessed both from web and mail?
  | 31162 [Dave@Pr gm t] Possibly, although jitterbug isn't particularly interactive on the
  + 31163 [200201191053] I too like the idea of RCR discussion being mainly list based.
    31441 [hensleyl@pa ] While I am not in tune with the ruby community enough yet to comment

Easy way to interactively use Ruby with program
31014 [vor_lord@ho ] So I've read through the pickaxe book's chapter on extending Ruby, and the
+ 31020 [billk@ct .c ] require "irb/main"
| 31023 [vor_lord@ho ] er... <sheepish grin> probably doesn't get much simpler than that.  For some
+ 31029 [list@ch om t] load '/path/to/initfile.rb'
| 31049 [vor_lord@ho ] I lose control of ARGV this way.  Perhaps some variant of this would get
| 31159 [billk@ct .c ] D'oh!  Interesting.  I'm using ruby 1.6.2 (2000-12-18) [i386-cygwin]
| 31217 [vor_lord@ho ] script
+ 33253 [neumann@s- i] Take a look inside sqlsh.rb from the Ruby/DBI distribution. It's an interactive

Why I think Ruby will eventually be more popular than Python
31017 [gandy@te hi ] Ruby and Python both play in the same niche: they're both Object
+ 31019 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I have to admit I've been lurking in comp.lang.python lately and I do
+ 31021 [jb4mt@bb .n ] I'm a newbie, my first post was today, and I only have about 4 or 5 years IT
| 31041 [tim@ve et .a] [ snip ]
| 31084 [mkelly2002NO] I can't argue with that.  I like both Ruby and Python but which
+ 31030 [list@ch om t] Shall we propose comp.lang.advocacy? ;-)
| 31056 [schneiker@ju] Let's also keep the largest possible picture in mind. The Perl world is much
+ 31075 [paul@pr sc d] I think that your sense of Python's inflexibility derives from not
+ 31076 [paul@pr sc d] One interesting point is that Java is more puritan than Pascal and

destructor in Ruby
31022 [cedric.foll@] I'm new in ruby. How can we code a destucter in Ruby ?
31025 [harryo@zi wo] There are no destructors per se.  Ruby does provide a facility to add

31035 [djberg96@ho ] Well, I was wondering if someone was going to come out with this...
31036 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Cool.
31040 [harryo@zi wo] Yes. That's what we need.

Re: FINAL NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal <- A bad joke, I hope?
31042 [sprodj@ti ec] Tell me this is a prank!
31046 [ronjeffries@] It's a prank.

syntax checking and error message
31044 [maverick@cs ] What is the proper way to implement syntax checking of Ruby programs using
+ 31061 [decoux@mo lo] Well, I don't know what you are trying to do, but ruby first compile the
| 31233 [nobu.nokada@] VALUE ruby_errinfo is also available.
| 31242 [decoux@mo lo] I know this but I always use the previous line because I think that it
| 31246 [nobu.nokada@] ruby_errinfo can be used from 1.2 at least, just hadn't been
| 31247 [decoux@mo lo] What do you do if the code is completely modified and ruby_errinfo became
| 31252 [nobu.nokada@] Matz looks to guarantee it, at least, same interface (macro or
+ 31063 [kjana@dm la ] -c              check syntax only

FileHandle (was: Re: Dir.entries have no home)
31045 [list@ch om t] Still talking to myself.  LOL
+ 31052 [ronjeffries@] Because then all we have to do is read all that code and figure out
| 31066 [list@ch om t] Because all you have to do is to use all that code and see if you like
+ 31055 [ronjeffries@] So if the method id is one of our keys, namely location mode path name
+ 31057 [ronjeffries@] A couple more things, then I really am going to bed. Seems like that
| 31065 [list@ch om t] (Which it is.)
| 31081 [ronjeffries@] Yes. Another approach I've sometimes used effectively, rather than
| 31092 [list@ch om t] It wouldn't do things that I need it for, that's what would happen.
+ 31064 [dblack@ca dl] Doesn't "filehandle" mean (by definition or maybe just convention) an
  31073 [list@ch om t] As in ``open function returns a file handle''?  Argh, you're right.
  31082 [ronjeffries@] Maybe it's a Filename, and maybe it has too much functionality. What

Markus' ruby-parser
31058 [matju@sy pa ] I checked-out ruby-parser (aka RubyInRubyParser 0.1-alpha) from the ruby
31135 [feldt@ce ch ] * Lexer is pretty well tested but not all constructs in the language has
31145 [matju@sy pa ] I'm sorry that I lost the log of my first irc conversation with you...
31149 [feldt@ce ch ] tests) used RubyUnit while Marcus used a home-grown variant (based on some
31364 [matju@sy pa ] It should be easy to convert everything to RubyUnit. I can take care of
31387 [feldt@ce ch ] Great!
31589 [matju@sy pa ] Okay, let's try it then.

ANNOUNCE: aes-rb-0.0.1
31059 [eric@ba tu .] I just finished porting my twofish-py encryption module to Ruby. In

Ruby for Palm ?
31060 [ddevilliers@] Is there a Ruby avialable for Palm handheld devices (PalmOS) ?
31087 [ser@ge ma e-] I looked for the same thing a couple of months ago, but didn't find
31088 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Isn't there a Python for PalmOS?  I don't think Ruby would be any bigger.
+ 31103 [bobx@li ux a] There is and it is called Pippy. I think that what they had to do was
+ 31175 [ddevilliers@] Phil Tomson,
  31177 [ptkwt@sh ll ] If you'd like to try getting Ruby on PalmOS, that would be great.

Multiple Copies of Messages
31062 [martin.zsdfh] Is anybody else receiving 2 copies of every message posted to the mailing

Conflicting method names with modules
31068 [trayde@di l.] I'm working my way through the Pickaxe book and am on Chapter 9 Modules.
31069 [decoux@mo lo] at this step you have ScaleDemo < Object
31071 [trayde@di l.] Thank you Guy for that very clear explanation. :)

FXRuby or GTK?
31070 [mcix@gm .n t] I am new to Ruby. I have experience with perl/tk and java/awt, java/swing.
31072 [barry_shultz] The FXRuby tarball includes a scribble.rb example that
31074 [mcix@gm .n t] Thanks for answering.

Markus' ruby-parser (part 2)
31077 [matju@sy pa ] This is a follow-up to comment on some of the goofs I made in the version
31078 [tobiasreif@p] Would it's serialization method (offer various options for) pretty

Best way for platf. independent compression?
31080 [list@ch om t] Currently, rpkg builds packets by tar'ring and gzip'ping the source
+ 31083 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Unfortunately, it's not gonna generally be available on Windows unless
| 31093 [alan@di ik t] Actually many compression tools will open a gnu tar, win-zip for example
| 31095 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Yes, but does it have a commandline interface?
| + 31100 [list@ch om t] Totally agree.
| + 31102 [alan@di ik t] Actually, yes.
|   31180 [tom.hurst@cl] A custom file format is just asking for trouble imo.  Keep it simple and
+ 31112 [gehlker@fa t] Tools. It a pretty safe bet that she did in order to build ruby in the first
| 31153 [list@ch om t] Good, this leaves a door open.
| 31173 [erik@ba fo s] No,  Hopefully there will be binary packages for the average-user to
| + 31191 [gehlker@fa t] I guess I wasn't very clear. The 'average' Mac user will have BSD tar. The
| + 31195 [list@ch om t] <sound of door shutting>
|   31197 [tom.hurst@cl] The tar format is rather simple.  With zlib support, and a minimal
|   + 31199 [ralph.mason@] I think someone already did a ruby tar implementation.
|   | 31258 [list@ch om t] You're right.  A quick glance at ruby-talk.org and the name of Al Chou
|   + 31390 [list@ch om t] I don't know if you were serious.  In the (hopeful :-) ) case you
|     31451 [tom.hurst@cl] Depends if I get a free bag of cookies when I download any package that
|     31545 [list@ch om t] Is it enough if I instead refrain from reiterating jokes about cookies
|     31740 [tom.hurst@cl] No.
|     31761 [list@ch om t] Ok, so you get your free bag of cookies.  Just look in the browser's
+ 31154 [thomass@de t] I don't know CompressionR at all.
  31194 [list@ch om t] does rubyzip only decompress?  (Which would be fine for our purposes!)
  31220 [thomass@de t] So far yes - adding rudimentary support for writing zip files is not
  31245 [feldt@ce ch ] I haven't followed this thread so I'm probably out of line. As the

Small Methods - a ramble
31085 [ronjeffries@] I noticed in some code that Chet and I were writing that, as Smalltalkers, we tend to write really
+ 31090 [harryo@zi wo] I certainly dislike reading large pieces of code.  However, the
+ 31091 [tobiasreif@p] It's true; either I have large methods, and it's a mess, or I break lots
| 31105 [ronjeffries@] Typically there will be three panes: top left a list of classes, top
| + 31113 [rich@in oe h] I think the best editing component right now for Ruby on Win32 is Scintilla
| + 31126 [curt@hi bs c] CodeWright does this. See http://www.premia.com/products/codewright/
|   31128 [Laurent.Jull] Over the last decade I have use many different development
|   31129 [curt@hi bs c] This is a very interesting idea -- I haven't seen this before. I can see how
+ 31094 [dblack@ca dl] <gratuitous, unsolicited style comment>
| + 31108 [ronjeffries@] Yes, well, I wouldn't do that, and especially wouldn't use each in two nested loops ...
| | + 31111 [dblack@ca dl] I didn't think you would (!) -- I was just curious whether that
| | + 31130 [tobiasreif@p] Hmmm.
| + 31109 [ronjeffries@] Yes. I have the same mixed feeling about the regex in a pattern match, which I often break
+ 31114 [mike_thomas@] I find that my methods have become shorter over time, regardless of the
| 31116 [alwagner@tc ] Hear, Hear.  This is what I was trying to say on an earlier post.
+ 31115 [alwagner@tc ] I too am an ex-smalltalker, and I too tend to "end up" with small methods,
| 31141 [ronjeffries@] I'd like to hear more about this last sentence ...
| 31151 [alwagner@ua ] I was referring to those times when I take a snippet of code from
+ 31123 [dsafari@xt a] I wish one of you XP book writers would put an example like this actually in
| 31214 [ronjeffries@] We meant that small. I think the Test-First code in XP Installed uses methods about that
+ 31124 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I think I have a tendency to start out with longer methods and then over
| 31215 [ronjeffries@] That's one reason to do it. Another is communication. I think the latter is at least as
+ 31161 [Stephan.Kaem] I personally can't handle/parse such a number of chained method calls
| 31241 [peter@se an ] One that was given to me (read YOU WILL DO IT THIS WAY) was meaningful variables. Which sounds like such
| 31256 [chris@da kr ] My teacher at school alway wittered on about meaningful identifiers (this was
| 31261 [ronjeffries@] Maybe sometimes even /you/ forget the next step: I know I do.
| 31273 [chris@da kr ] Oh of course it's inevitable that I will forget - I'm human aswell.
| 31292 [billk@ct .c ] This does seem to point to an interesting difference of approach.
+ 31170 [marick@vi ib] As you probably know, Ron, I've hung out with Smalltalkers for a long time,
  + 31176 [curt@hi bs c] This is precisely, why I like the hybrid approach of having the edit window
  | 31201 [avi@be a4 co] Part of what I very much like about the smalltalk browser has to do
  | 31218 [curt@hi bs c] I think that is an excellent point!
  + 31184 [dblack@ca dl] Cf. Fish's experiment (is this in "Is there a text..."?) where instead
    31187 [tobiasreif@p] exactly. That's why,
    + 31188 [dblack@ca dl] OK, but how far would you take that?  Someone who knew no computer
    | 31190 [tobiasreif@p] far :)
    + 31189 [armin@ap ro ] Hm, I disagree. Programmers spend a lot of time with their code and language.
    + 31205 [rich@in oe h] There is a problem with targeting the newbie.  Its a classic product design

[ANN] rpkg 0.2
31098 [list@ch om t] What it is

a wishlist for ruby 2.0
31099 [matju@sy pa ] This is part of my wishlist for Ruby 2.0. Some serious and some less
+ 31104 [dblack@ca dl] What's the reasoning behind that?
| 31107 [hal9000@hy e] Not to speak for matju, I can see a logic behind this.
| + 31147 [djberg96@ho ] That would be considered an lvalue sub, right?  How do most other
| | 31167 [matju@sy pa ] there is no consistent behaviour among languages. In C++ it is done by
| | 31192 [matju@sy pa ] main argument _list_. =)
| | 31203 [djberg96@ho ] (Are(you)(having a(problem))(keeping(your(parenthesis) straight(?))
| + 31166 [200201191005] Whatever the reason, it certainly violates my principle of least
+ 31118 [djberg96@ho ] * Keyword/Named arguments (of course).  I actually *prefer* the commas -
| + 31125 [bingalls@pa ] This had been considered for C++, until one of the language wizards at
| + 31132 [tobiasreif@p] Sounds interesting. Sample code? (using the new concepts, not
| | 31202 [djberg96@ho ] I'll respond to two comments in one stroke here...
| | + 31236 [tobiasreif@p] a little clumsy IMHO
| | | 31652 [schneiker@ju] A bit off topic here, but what you seem to be thinking of is a very common
| | | 31656 [tobiasreif@p] Yep; it's an overused misquote.
| | + 31277 [dfan@ha mo i] This is the opposite of what I'd expect.
| + 31178 [tom.hurst@cl] I'd make do with passing hashes arround for the few times I feel the
| + 31181 [dblack@ca dl] I don't mind the separate methods, but if I did... :-)  I wouldn't want
| + 31196 [paul@at es .] I have already started something like this.  A *LOT* of works still
| | 31204 [djberg96@ho ] # Sample code, stolen from previous post...
| + 31238 [matz@ru y- a] I'm afraid this one is too big change.
| + 31650 [schneiker@ju] Yes.
+ 31171 [toddg@ma l. ] * thread safety -- multiple interpreters embedded in the same process.
| + 31172 [hal9000@hy e] No problem. Just check your browser's temp files.
| + 31414 [olivier@vi e] I was about to suggest these... This would rock!
+ 31237 [matz@ru y- a] I think these two requires specific threading implementation (or at
| 31276 [matju@sy pa ] Last time I checked, Ruby still had its own thread system. I don't know
| + 31288 [matt@li ke .] I would like a version of eval that took a file instead of a string.
| + 31320 [chr_news@gm ] I completely agree with you on this point. Also, since I am probably
| | 31327 [chr_news@gm ] Oh well, never mind (I am stupid all right, or my example are stupid ..)
| + 31356 [matz@ru y- a] Ruby 1.x does.  But we're talking about Rite, right?
+ 31486 [jobeicus@ho ] Ok i had two ideas for the next version of ruby but can only remember
  + 31490 [dblack@ca dl] Isn't it then doing exactly what String#delete does?
  + 31492 [matt@li ke .] matt