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^ display file contents in browser
308910 [gananapragas] I have uploaded file and i am showing all uploaded files in browser with
325913 [jeremysdr ya] ping!
325925 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ read document in browser itself
308916 [sujithkumar ] it will download the file , but i dont want to download the file,
308941 [eleanor game] Well to display it in the browser you're going to have to download it
308970 [flo andersgr] This has nothing to do with JavaScript, but with the disposition

^ Good exercises for beginner
308918 [sam.haskins ] I am an unexperienced programer, and though things like why's guide
+ 308923 [chris.lowis ] 2f9a657/5739f21adceca0d1?lnk=3Dgst&q=3Deasier+ruby+quiz#5739f21adceca0d1
+ 308934 [dblack rubyp] A very good source of exercises is to try to (re)implement some of
+ 308950 [martindemell] to be a good learning project. It's intended as a followup to Chris
+ 308952 [caduceass gm] Try the quizes and make extensive use of irb.  Best education, ever.
+ 308979 [s.korteling ] one, you can see how others did it, in all kinds of languages.
  308984 [shevegen lin] - write a simple IRC bot in ruby (hehehe that was my first task)

^ Using  Antwrap in Ruby
308922 [srinivasa_ra] I am trying to install Antwrap-0.7.0.gem and rjb-1.1.x gems in cygwin
308928 [caleb.powell] SGkgU3Jpbml2YXNhLAoKdGhlcmUgYXJlIHR3byBkaXN0cmlidXRpb24gb2YgQW50d3JhcDoKCi0g
309452 [srinivasa_ra] Thank for your helpful suggestions.

^ Errors installing RedCloth 4.0 on Windows XP
308927 [johnts chart] I tried installing/upgrading RedCloth to 4.0 on this Windows XP box, but
+ 308992 [jawjaw gmail] I recieved the same sort of problem on my WinXP SP3 box today.  I don't
+ 309018 [jg jasongarb] I think I know what happened--you're using an older version of RubyGems
  309026 [johnts chart] Nope. I'm using the latest Rubygems: (I included that I'm running the
  309034 [jg jasongarb] You were right, it wasn't a gem version problem.  Somehow the win32 gem
  309042 [johnts chart] Yep! That did it! Thanks! (though I had to do a require 'redcloth' in
  309044 [jawjaw gmail] Yay!  Works for me too now, thanks Jason!

^ Gem Installation Failure
308932 [darshna.17 g] We are trying to install gems on Linux- CentOS 5 machine however, it
308954 [drbrain segm] Set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, and optionally

^ Fashion In China
308939 [hu19900524 h] wholesale and retail

^ [ANN] WSO2 Web Services Framework For Ruby (WSF/Ruby) - 1.1.0  Released
308948 [dimuthuc gma] WSO2 Web Services Framework For Ruby (WSF/Ruby) - 1.1.0 Released

^ Of GUIs threads and scheduling woes
308951 [damnbigman g] I have a small GUI app that I have written the purposes for it's creation
+ 308961 [farrel.lifso] I was just
+ 308963 [ara.t.howard] this sounds alot like a process being put to sleep by windows and
| 308967 [damnbigman g] Unfortunately it is, which is what I had feared was happening.  I'm not sure
| + 308969 [damnbigman g] I assume the problem stems from the fact that my "sub threads" are already
| + 308974 [ara.t.howard] drb is the best best - just bind localhost and you'll be fine
| + 309005 [pit.capitain] Glen, what version of Windows are you using? I run a couple of
+ 309014 [alex deletem] Most of the GUI libraries for Ruby are based on C/C++ and while a GUI
  309028 [damnbigman g] Thanks for the tip Alex.  I'll definitely look into it.  I'm using Wx so
  + 309038 [aff28 delete] You may want to have a look at this thread on the wxruby-users mailing
  + 309039 [pit.capitain] OK, so it might well be an issue with the thread handling of your GUI
    309166 [damnbigman g] Alex,

^ multiple constructors?
308953 [aidy.lewis g] Is it possible to use multiple constructors in Ruby?
+ 308955 [caduceass gm] You can send your initialize an array or hash, or you can do
+ 308956 [robert.dober] First of all initialize is not a constructor but an initializer,
| 309076 [pstickne gma] I prefer to use different names for "different constructors".
+ 308957 [Rob AgileCon] No, but you can have optional parameters by giving a default value or
+ 308958 [sepp2k googl] No.

^ Is CGI::Cookie::parse terribly broken?
308962 [ryan ryantm.] Is CGI::Cookie::parse meant to be used on the contents of the Set-Cookie

^ Cisco tftp upload via snmpset
308966 [linux piard.] whoever is interested in it.

^ BJ - Reaping 1 threads for slow workers because of 'shutdown'
308968 [dusty.doris ] I'm calling Bj from inside a controller in rails.
308972 [dusty.doris ] Here is an update.  I tried in development vs production and that
308975 [ara.t.howard] it's a mongrel bug - mongrel tries to reap threads it does not own.
+ 308976 [dusty.doris ] Great.  Thanks.
+ 312784 [nathan.sutto] But what's the solution to it delaying the shutdown of mongrel?
  312786 [ara.t.howard] patch mongrel.

^ text tag configuration in rubytk
308973 [lcl tarazed.] In the following code snippet I am trying to configure a tagged field
308986 [lcl tarazed.] text = .....

^ using (word|other) in str.include?
308980 [jdinkel gmai] Using ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [i386-mswin32]
308983 [sepp2k googl] do something if mystring =~ /something (word1|word2): something/
309088 [jdinkel gmai] yep, that works.  Thanks!

^ http://www.aaa-pharmacyonline.com
308982 [gui530408 ho] Serving over 225,000 customers,  AAA PharmacyOnline is your trusted

^ RubyWeekend #2 game contest this weekend
308988 [jacius gmail] The second RubyWeekend game creation contest is this weekend. The
309183 [jacius gmail] T24gV2VkLCBKdWwgMjMsIDIwMDggYXQgNjowMCBQTSwgSm9obiBDcm9pc2FudCA8amFjaXVzQGdt
309534 [jacius gmail] T24gRnJpLCBKdWwgMjUsIDIwMDggYXQgMTE6MTcgQU0sIEpvaG4gQ3JvaXNhbnQgPGphY2l1c0Bn
310329 [jacius gmail] T24gVHVlLCBKdWwgMjksIDIwMDggYXQgOTowNCBQTSwgSm9obiBDcm9pc2FudCA8amFjaXVzQGdt

^ Scope Vs Extent
308989 [bparanj gmai] The scope of a variable describes where in a program's text, the
308999 [ara.t.howard] extent = scope

^ Re: Problems with Mirror
308990 [transfire gm] It would seem that this address would have to be present, since

^ checking response in Net::HTTP
308991 [skaverat rf-] How can I check if a requested document has a specific status (i.e. 200)
+ 308994 [todd.fisher ] }.first[0].to_i rescue 500
+ 308995 [phasis gmail] res = Net::HTTP.get_response('www.ruby-lang.org','/en/')
  309032 [skaverat rf-] res.code workes super, thanks

^ curb updates, including multi interface
308993 [todd.fisher ] I've been working on adding multi interface support to curb along with

^ word document in html html format
309001 [sujithkumar ] i am uploading one word document
309002 [rogerpack200] use google docs?
309004 [sujithkumar ] what is google docs?
309082 [jeremyheiler] Try using Google to find out!

^ differnce between .nil? , .empty?, .blank?
309006 [sijo maxxion] Could you please tell me when to use .nil? , .empty?, .blank? .What
+ 309007 [fxn hashref.] nil? tests whether the object is exactly nil, that is whether it is
+ 309008 [stefano.croc] .nil? tests whether the receiver is the nil object, that is the only instance
  + 309009 [sijo maxxion] Thanks for all your reply.Now I understood
  + 309035 [bill.walton ] It's a Rails method on the Object class that 'combines' the test for nil?
    + 309046 [shevegen lin] Isn't .nil? and .empty? in a way testing for a very similar situation?
    | 309051 [bill.walton ] Not in Ruby.  empty? is true for a String of length 0.  The value of the
    + 309053 [niklas pirab] blank? is not only a combination.
      309055 [fxn hashref.] More precisely any \S. Also false is blank? but the integer 0 is not.

^ Re: Missing time and seviority in the log file
309017 [saytoprasad ] Please help me in this matter

^ how to use hpricot in views
309019 [judearasu gm] how to parse xml file in html.erb
309029 [ruby anthrop] This does not belong in the view. Put it either in the controller or the

^ Ruby-Talk Admin
309021 [transfire gm] Who is the Ruby-Talk Admin?
+ 309024 [robert.dober] AFAIK nobody, it is only an administrative address.
| 309036 [phlip2005 gm] Please hold while we transfer to another call center, in another time zone,
+ 309132 [matz ruby-la] Me, among others.

^ u just click,u see male&f-male health fitness tips
309030 [rajagopalr76] ...

^ Gem install of rubyzip working, but not.
309031 [4namlet gmai] Successfully installed rubyzip-0.9.1
309106 [justincollin] Always need to
309181 [4namlet gmai] Thanks!  Crazy that I've never done that before, but I have used gems
309207 [justincollin] Depending on your environment, it may be done automatically for you.

309033 [mayuradev gm] CLICK THIS!!!

^ resolv.rb issues with metasploit3.1 on OSX 10.5.4 ruby 1.8.6
309043 [cristian.ber] I don't know whether this may be an issue related to the metasploit

^ Rendering an mp3 as a waveform image in ruby??
309045 [toastkid.wil] Does anyone know of a way, in ruby, to render an mp3 into a waveform
309056 [farrel.lifso] I don't think there's a Ruby gem to allow direct decoding of mp3
309153 [toastkid.wil] Ah, that's useful, thanks farrel.

^ earn from home blogging
309047 [trinityedusy] visit for more information

^ error running .class generated by jrubyc
309048 [Guillermo.Ac] I have a ruby script that runs perfect from the command line using jruby.
+ 309057 [robert.dober] Maybe you should post this to the JRuby ML rather than ruby-talk.
+ 309400 [charles.nutt] Basically you just need to specify where JRuby is located with the

^ Output an array as XML
309049 [cgallagher g] Im currently trying to build a sitemap.xml file with ruby code.
309050 [dustin.barke] urls = ["http://www.google.com", "http://yahoo.com"]

^ XSLT for ruby
309052 [adityanerkar] What is the best xslt software for ruby?
309068 [tmacedo stud] Perhaps you could use Saxon with JRuby? It supports XSLT 2.0

^ what is "p"?
309059 [       m t.u] => nil
309058 [       m t.u] oh. i found out: it comes from Kernel. put this raises another question: are
+ 309060 [dblack rubyp] Yes.
+ 309063 [farrel.lifso] That's correct. The Kernel module is mixed into Object (and hence is
| 309065 [       m t.u] Ok. Thank you both. But...
| 309066 [james graypr] => true
| 309069 [       m t.u] Doh! :)
| + 309070 [james graypr] some_rand_obj.p =85
| | 309073 [       m t.u] All right, that sounds like a really good reason :)
| + 309072 [       m t.u] All right... I am starting to look like a 3y old why, why, why, why...:)
|   309075 [james graypr] They are both String objects and there is no difference between them.
|   309079 [       m t.u] clear as mud :) thanks!
|   309095 [jcmoore pres] like so...
+ 309168 [phrogz mac.c] d?

^ Library Metadata Storage Format
309064 [transfire gm] I've been trying to decide the best way how to store library/project
309227 [ninja slapha] YAML is also in the standard library, so if you're targeting anything
309310 [transfire gm] Thanks for the response David. Thinking through thes issues all by

^ Re: NoMethodError: private method `to_date'
309067 [wayoutwest g] Here's a simple implementation that fixed my Mephisto installations.

^ [SUMMARY] Records and Arrays (#170)
309071 [matthew.moss] It is worthwhile to note that, for most real situations, this week's

^ Simultaneously URL call, is it possible?
309074 [toki84 gmail] I need to test a functionality of an application before to go in
+ 309080 [       m t.u] Yes. You could spawn threads and call the url from those.
| 309083 [toki84 gmail] Thanks for the answer.
| 309085 [ibc aliax.ne] %w[uri net/http].each{|l|require l}
| 309087 [toki84 gmail] %w[uri net/http].each{|l|require l}
| 309146 [non.sto.gioa] Yes.
| 309200 [toki84 gmail] Thanks, I saw that the first curly brace need to be on the same line of
| + 309204 [bret pettich] I think this needs a call to Thread#join after all the the threads have been
| | + 309206 [ara.t.howard] why make it hard?
| | | 309211 [toki84 gmail] Thanks for the help.
| | | + 309213 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
| | | | 309215 [toki84 gmail] Thnaks for the help, but I keep getting the same error, it seems like
| | | + 309288 [pit.capitain] You shouldn't give the test script the same name as the file you want
| | |   309309 [toki84 gmail] Thanks, but I keep getting the same error even changing the name of the
| | + 309210 [toki84 gmail] require 'net/http'
| + 309212 [       m t.u] It works if you run it from irb. If you call it from a script just call
|   309214 [toki84 gmail] Ok, this would work well?
|   309217 [       m t.u] did you try? WFM.
|   309223 [toki84 gmail] Of course, but I don't know if on the google servers I've send 10
+ 309081 [bret pettich] Watir can support multiple, concurrent calls. Create separate Watir::IE.new
  309084 [toki84 gmail] Thanks, I didn't know that watir support concurrent calls. If I create
  309086 [bret pettich] Yes. But you can use Watir::IE.new_process instead and then each one will be

^ avoid reinstalling gem (if its already installed?)
309077 [rsanheim gma] Is there a way to have rubygems not reinstall a gem if the latest
309108 [drbrain segm] Why do you care?
309109 [rsanheim gma] I'm going to be setting up machines with stock set of gems, and then
+ 309110 [ryand-ruby z] If only I could wipe this series of words from people's brains...
| 309118 [avdi avdi.or] Seriously, like our users who have this crazy notion that web pages
+ 309117 [drbrain segm] No, your "stock set of gems" should be a gem that only has

^ [ANN] RedCloth 4.0.0 -- Total rewrite - less buggy - 40x fas
309078 [jg jasongarb] I sent this message to the list early Tuesday morning, but it never
+ 309098 [charles.nutt] This is new, right? So with the addition of a C extension, I guess this
+ 309104 [rogerpack200] Thanks for doing that.  I've been using the SVN version of this for

^ inline comments in future release?
309089 [mike.schwab ] Are inline comments a potential feature of Ruby 2.0?
+ 309090 [ara.t.howard] p :you # can do this....
| 309091 [mike.schwab ] ha ha sorry if I was unclear.  I meant comments that can have more code
| + 309092 [hjast89 gmai] you mean like /* and */ in Java or C#. That isn't ruby and makes the code
| | + 309099 [jeremymcanal] BLOCK COMMENTS ARE FOR THE WEAK.
| | + 309102 [TimHunter nc] You mean other than =begin and =end?
| + 309096 [ jupp gmx.de] I am confident that Matz will oppose that idea. Such comments almost
| | 309100 [mike.schwab ] fair point, it can make things hard to read if you're not careful
| | 309294 [shortcutter ] That's more a question of programmer discipline than of having inline
| + 309190 [robert.dober] There is no general case, but you can do terrible things if you must, e.g.
+ 309101 [TimHunter nc] If you have so much code on one line that you feel the need for inline
  309111 [mike.schwab ] my point was about other peoples' code, including much of the stuff
  + 309112 [_mwryder wor] The best way to provide in-line documentation is to use names that
  | 309113 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogTWljaGFlbCBXLiBSeWRlciBbbWFpbHRvOl9td3J5ZGVyQHdvcmxkbmV0LmF0dC5uZXRd
  | + 309114 [jeremymcanal] total_charges =3D line_charge_1 + line_charge_2 + misc_charges
  | | 309119 [botp delmont] #=20
  | | 309122 [avdi avdi.or] object and methods names however, eg, attributes may be more descriptive  =
  | | + 309123 [znmeb cesmai] Global search and replace is a poor substitute for refactoring. ;)
  | | | 309125 [avdi avdi.or] No argument there, but my comment goes equally for the Rename refactoring.
  | | + 309126 [avdi avdi.or] Avdi
  | | + 309127 [botp delmont] # It is worth considering that if your favored style leads to unclear
  | |   309145 [shadowfirebi] /* this does look too much like a regex for my comfort */
  | |   309293 [davebass mus] On a line-by-line basis, it's certainly true that code should be
  | + 309115 [_mwryder wor] Personally, I find this much harder to read, especially if you are
  + 309116 [avdi avdi.or] This is a case of Ruby nudging you to name your variables/methods better :-)

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^ Graphic Designers : Prawn needs a logo!
309103 [gregory.t.br] I'll be releasing an alpha version of Prawn[0], the fast, nimble PDF
309197 [  tvw s4r.de] Great!! I was looking for a PDF library a couple of weeks ago, but could
309252 [gregory.t.br] On 7=D4=C225=C8=D5, =CF=C2=CE=E72=CA=B103=B7=D6, Thomas Volkmar Worm <t...@=

^ how to disable ctrl + c key in ruby on rails
309128 [sujithkumar ] I am showing document in browser
309131 [rogerpack200] trap :INT, proc { °∆ha got your ctrl-c!°« }
+ 309149 [flo andersgr] too=E2=80=99}
+ 309152 [eleanor game] too=E2=80=99}

^ how to disable keyboard options in ROR
309130 [sujithkumar ] i want to disable the keyboard options in browser page using ruby on

^ reading from a .ini file
309133 [kishore007 g] I have a .ini file that looks like below.(in the same directory where
309135 [rogerpack200] Have you tried googling
309137 [kishore007 g] Thanks Roger.
309141 [kishore007 g] got the solution.
309142 [dejan.dimic ] look at http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/4918
309150 [kishore007 g] WoW..
309151 [kishore007 g] Typo error sorry ..Thanks a lot Dejan Dimic