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^ Getting Folder Size
307246 [clement.ow a] When I use File.size("C:/ruby"), all it returns is 0.
+ 307250 [ruby alphaon] since a directory is just something virtual, it has a size of 0.
| 307251 [ruby alphaon] or use your operating system to determine the folder size ... like
| 307252 [clement.ow a] I have options that has nonrecursive requirements.. There isnt a direct
| + 307317 [gthiesfeld g] => true
| + 307349 [usenet-nospa] There is no non-recursive solution.  There are solutions that put the
|   307355 [dangerwillro] To explain it a little further... technically, even the system is
|   307394 [davebass mus] If you right-click on a large Windows folder such as My Documents and
|   307396 [phlip2005 gm] Right. In terms of transactions, a file system is a database tuned to rapidly
|   307460 [clement.ow a] Thanks for all your input, guys, really helped me alot! I actually went
|   307464 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogY2xlbWVudC5vd0Bhc2lhLmJucHBhcmliYXMuY29tIA0KIyBUaGFua3MgZm9yIGFsbCB5
|   307466 [clement.ow a] Hmm yea, this is quite an interesting way too, and more handy if you
|   307467 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogY2xlbWVudC5vd0Bhc2lhLmJucHBhcmliYXMuY29tIA0KIyBCdXQganVzdCBjdXJpb3Vz
|   307470 [clement.ow a] Ah icic. Very interesting indeed.. :)So to know what to put in the
+ 307480 [djberg96 gma] Regards,

^ Manga:Naruto 407,Bleach 317,One Piece 506
307248 [1428579 gmai] the hottest and lastest manga infos.

^ Stored Procedure + sql server 2005 + insertion
307265 [sumantacapta] i want to insert data into sql server(2005)database...
307266 [sumantacapta] i need it urgently.... plz helppp
307279 [shortcutter ] Don't push people.  All of us do this for the fun of it.

^ Re: how to install/use ruby and tk on winxp?
307270 [oxymorphone ] I fixed the same problem by simply uninstalling ActiveTcl 8.5.x and

^ initialize and super with parameters
307271 [ak_joel hotm] Some example code
+ 307272 [matz ruby-la] Why not?  You can explicitly provide arguments to super, e.g.
+ 307273 [stefano.croc] You want to use
| + 307274 [benjohn fysh] Note that you can also call the inherited initialize with any other
| + 307308 [ak_joel hotm] Thanks for the prompt replies everyone. So I had just missed something,
+ 307276 [cremes.devli] Take a look at FAQ 5.9 here for your answer [1]. The call to "super"

^ Re: Slide Show (S9) Gem Now Includes S5 Support (Including Built-In  Gradient Themes)
307280 [micathom gma] How difficult would it be to plug in another input filter instead of
307290 [geraldbauer2] The slideshow (S9) gem also supports markdown (using the maruku)
307342 [tim.pease gm] Inspiration found here ...

^ [QUIZ] Statistician II (#168)
307281 [matthew.moss] Apologies if this appears as a repost, but the mailing list complained it

^ Re: Statistician II (#168)
307282 [matthew.moss] require 'statistician'
307283 [matthew.moss] I found that there was at least one instance of a number over one

^ from ruby/RoR to Java (framework unknown) :(
307284 [       x y.z] My company today decided to ditch ruby development and to develop new web
+ 307286 [ryand-ruby z] most people at this stage would be posting their resume, not a
| + 307288 [       x y.z] monster.com and rubynow are my friends :)
| + 307291 [robert.dober] Maybe, but as someone who certainly is not like most people (with the
+ 307287 [phlip2005 gm] Quit.
| 307289 [       x y.z] i probably will.
| + 307292 [robert.dober] Of course there was, you stated it yourself above, "developers were
| | 307294 [       x y.z] I don't think they are *that* evil :)
| | + 307299 [robert.dober] Sure, if you trust that they are honest, first thing to do is to ask
| | | 307305 [       x y.z] Sorry, I think I misunderstood what phlip meant with rationale. I thought
| | + 307300 [james.britt ] You need to be able to explain to them just why you get "goose-flesh".
| |   + 307303 [       x y.z] Well yes. That part is in the past. Our small RoR group already explained
| |   + 307307 [znmeb cesmai] I wouldn't say that everyone is automatically sympathetic just because
| |   | 307310 [billk cts.co] Wait... have you ever actually endured much Java programming?  <grin>
| |   | 307311 [znmeb cesmai] I once picked Java for a queuing theory model. I tried Visual Basic,
| |   | 307313 [eleanor game] It started out a pretty sweet language: simple to learn and less
| |   | 307323 [robert.dober] Or Smalltalk, IIRC it was just of these *stupid* license issues that
| |   + 307377 [ttmrichter g] A major supplier of, among other things, medical software recently lost
| |     307393 [eleanor game] My partner in crime Romek has just had a similar experience with a
| |     + 307401 [       x y.z] This is one of the disadvantages when you are forced to use a tool that is
| |     + 307410 [znmeb cesmai] Actually, living in tents and digging for roots isn't all that bad now
| |       307444 [martindemell] Living in tents and sniffing for root, perhaps :)
| |       307474 [eleanor game] All the cool kids have yurts for war driving ;)
| + 307293 [phlip2005 gm] You would have been faster and more ... assertive ... with unit tests.
|   307295 [       x y.z] Yes. I asked to get some devs and PMs together and get an analysis done on
|   307296 [phlip2005 gm] At my day job we use pure XP with RoR. We use promiscuous pair programming,
|   307301 [       x y.z] I think they know RoR is better. But that's not their main argument. Their
+ 307304 [ml e4net.com] Rather than berate your management for the decision I'll try to answer your actual question ;)
| 307306 [       x y.z] Thank you!
+ 307336 [anibalrojas ] - Grails: http://grails.org/
  + 307337 [       x y.z] I am being naive maybe, but I don't get the point of Grails. It's a
  | 307339 [eleanor game] Because they like Groovy :)
  | 307348 [znmeb cesmai] And they probably didn't have performance requirements -- Groovy is slow.
  | 307369 [eleanor game] Indeed. Although its not that slow compared to other dynamic JVM
  + 307341 [phlip2005 gm] How about TDD, MVC, ActiveRecord, and block closures?

^ Does Ruby have any advantage over Python to create semantic  applications?
307302 [CMValma gmai] I'm trying to choose between Ruby of Python as almost my first
+ 307312 [rubytraining] Your description is not clear enough for me to say whether Ruby would
+ 307334 [davebass mus] If you're working with natural language, then Ruby, Python and Perl can
  307340 [shevegen lin] Sounds highly advanced :D
  307368 [CMValma gmai] Thanks a lot Eric, Dave and Mark,
  307374 [shortcutter ] Not necessarily: when we talk about "text processing" we usually refer
  + 307397 [motoakira ma] Let me add one thing here;
  | 307485 [CMValma gmai] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
  | 307505 [motoakira ma] er=85well, I tend to use too broad or exaggerated expression(^_^;)
  + 307486 [CMValma gmai] Thanks Robert, I understand that "text processing" here refers to the

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.2.0 Released
307309 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.2.0 has been released.
307331 [unbewusst.se] i've tested your online example "gem-db.rb", looks good at insertion,
307351 [jeremy hineg] This would be a bug in the example. I've run it so many times that the db
307375 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks, it rocks !
307379 [jeremy hineg] Then yup, firefox 3 bookmarks file can be accessed via amalgalite now it look
307384 [unbewusst.se] ==========================================
307386 [unbewusst.se] the method is #string )))

^ http://vivalacuba.blogspot.com/
307314 [thisisspam0 ] ...

^ false || not(true)
307316 [motoakira ma] This is my 1st post to this ML,
307320 [matz ruby-la] "||" is an operator that takes "expressions" for both operands, so that
307330 [motoakira ma] Thank you >Matz-san=E2=80=A6

^ MySQL/Ruby Module
307318 [tekmc hotmai] After downloading the mysql-ruby-2.8pre4 from
+ 307322 [gethemant gm] You need mysql client libraries and header files. On ubuntu hardy, I
+ 307324 [luislavena g] There is a pre-built gem for mysql-ruby for Windows (since It seems
  307440 [tekmc hotmai] Doesn't seem to work, error with rdoc
  307461 [luislavena g] It doesn't say "1 gem installed" ?

^ unsubscribe
307319 [benbanquil g] Engr. Benedict B. Banquil, MEngg (AIT)

^ ======> Secret Video CLIPS <=========
307321 [cutegirls4bo] watch and enjoy SECRET WEB-CAMS at LADIES HOSTELS and INTERNET CAFE

^ [ANN] Autumn 3.0: Easy, fresh, powerful IRC bots
307325 [riscfuture g] Autumn 3.0 has been released and is now on GitHub. Autumn is still one

^ title avoiding spurious response
307326 [unbewusst.se] sql = SELECT DISTINCT * FROM moz_bookmarks WHERE title LIKE '%\U%';

^ Regexp help please
307327 [none emailad] I am trying to extract quoted text fromlines in a file. Assume I have
+ 307329 [robert.dober] 453/22 > irb
| 307338 [none emailad] Thanks Robert, that was exactly what I was looking for. I knew there
+ 307335 [davebass mus] line=%<"first" and "second">

^ sqlite3 Re: title avoiding spurious response
307328 [unbewusst.se] sorry i forgot to mention the root subject ))
307352 [jeremy hineg] select id, typeof( title ), typeof( guid ) from moz_bookmarks;
307376 [unbewusst.se] id   INTEGER PRIMARY KEY -> integer
307378 [jeremy hineg] Possibly, but I wouldn't be for sure.  In the other thread it looks like you
307383 [unbewusst.se] using amalgalite, yes no prob with spurious response.

^ Open a remote file and edit it
307332 [pauldon16 ho] Guys i want to open a file on another machine lets say test.txt, read it
307333 [phlip2005 gm] require 'net/ssh'

^ Don't understand NoMethodError
307343 [michael.lomm] <code>
+ 307346 [shortcutter ] ^^^ error line
| 307345 [shortcutter ] Sorry for the noise.  My newsreader fooled my.
+ 307347 [james graypr] In the line shown above, you read the contents of a file into a

^ rainbow tables
307353 [woe trashyma] require 'digest/md5'
307403 [fedzor gmail] do 'a' to  "ZZZZZZZ"

^ irb not recognized in windows command line
307357 [bert.ameche ] I'm reading Beginning Ruby and followed the installation process , using
307358 [bill.walton ] Have you checked your PATH?  It should contain an entry to ruby/bin.  If
+ 307359 [bert.ameche ] Thank you, Bill!
+ 307360 [bert.ameche ] I forgot to mention that 'ruby -v' does not work either - get the same
  + 307361 [TimHunter nc] Your path has nothing to do specifically with Ruby. It's part of the way
  | 307364 [bert.ameche ] Thanks you very much, Tim!
  + 307362 [vjoel path.b] Are you using a command prompt window that was open before you installed
    307365 [bert.ameche ] Thanks so much, Joel.  I got it working in the meantime by uninstalling
    334393 [pavelzet poc] Start

^ ANN: Sequel 2.2.0 Released
307363 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ [ANN] 0.0.5 releases of LogBuddy and CapGun
307373 [rsanheim gma] Some long overdue releases of cap_gun and log_buddy - both have been

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.2.1 Released
307380 [jeremy hineg] A quick bugfix release for amalgalite.  If you had a bug running amalgalite

^ arts
307382 [illhal.try g] This is a all the news so we have use web many other detials

^ u just click, u get more dollars
307385 [babuvinoth54] ...

^ book
307387 [no_mail no_m] I am a C++ and Java developer and I would like to have a look at ruby in my
+ 307388 [phlip2005 gm] That's "The Pickaxe Book" - it's a good read. The free version will learn you
| + 307392 [dblack rubyp] And since this is "Link To Something Other Than Wikipedia!" Week,[1]
| + 307398 [no_mail no_m] What do you mean, I have created a couple of them using Antlr, I think I
|   307400 [phlip2005 gm] Rails contains several very good examples of DSLs invented _within_ the base
|   + 307402 [no_mail no_m] Thanks for the clarification.
|   + 307426 [dblack rubyp] I don't think DSL's are obliged to be any more like English than any
+ 307389 [micathom gma] With the library reference it's about 900p (3rd ed). The ruby part
| + 307390 [victor.reyes] Although I have over a dozen Ruby books (always looking for "the killer"
| + 307391 [shevegen lin] Always nice. The more C++/Java people that know ruby at least, the
| + 307399 [no_mail no_m] Ooops, I am realising now my mistake... I meant "The ruby programming
+ 307395 [davebass mus] About a year ago I bought the Pickaxe and the Ruby Cookbook, and

^ File.extname("foo bar") = " bar" .................?
307404 [micathom gma] I just realized that the result of
307406 [nobu ruby-la] Thank you, fixed now.

^ [ANN] Bacon 1.0, a small RSpec clone
307405 [chneukirchen] Today I'm proud to release Bacon 1.0.
307407 [james.britt ] Sweet.  Well done!

^ mkmf isn't finding my shared object to link with
307408 [tristin.colb] The directory structure looks like this.
307409 [stefano.croc] I'm not sure, but I think you shouldn't put the lib prefix in the call to
307413 [tristin.colb] Thanks Stefano, that worked.  Now I get this though.

^ google finance libraries
307411 [junkone1 gma] are there any ruby based libraries to get google finance data.

^ implementing a simple and efficient index system
307414 [janus urban-] I'm writing a program that will automatically download protein sequences
+ 307415 [phlip2005 gm] How do you know that? Did you try it, as an experiment?
| 307421 [janus urban-] No, I didn't try it and it might actually work: Every sequence has a
| + 307425 [igal pragmat] Here are some simple alternatives for persisting and retrieving your
| | 307430 [vjoel path.b] PStore writes the whole file at once, not incrementally. Not really what
| | 307435 [igal pragmat] It takes ~2s for my machine to read or write the 50MB PStore file. This
| | 307437 [vjoel path.b] I got the impression that Mr. O. P.  was trying to avoid waiting until
| + 307428 [r.blum gmx.n] Try it with random data first. That way, you know the behavior under
| + 307459 [robert.dober] make that "without a value".
|   + 307501 [davebass mus] For sets in Perl I've used hashes with an arbitrary value of 1, or
|   | 307520 [robert.dober] true might be a better choice than nil ;)
|   | 307521 [vjoel path.b] Tsk. Don't you know that "true or nil" evaluates to "true"?  :-P
|   + 307522 [rick.denatal] Which makes an interesting contrast between Ruby and Smalltalk.
+ 307416 [vjoel path.b] It's not so bad to use true as a hash value. But if it bothers you,
+ 307417 [vjoel path.b] Can you simply use the id as a filename, and check for file existence
+ 307450 [ara.t.howard] the simplest and most robust method is probably going to be to use
+ 307616 [ilpuccio.feb] BioRuby+BioSQL ?
+ 307640 [ilpuccio.feb] You can use BioRuby+BioSQL, fetching data from a remote server and

^ Re: Statistician II (#168)
307418 [reitinge in.] Thanks for this quiz, it was actually quite fun! You can find my
307419 [matthew.moss] Here's my own solution for this quiz (which I made sure I could do

^ Accessing variables when loading a file to irb
307420 [bordelentout] I'm new to Ruby. Coming from Perl I really do enjoy the syntax and...
307427 [vjoel path.b] $ cat x.rb
+ 307438 [bordelentout] Thanks a lot. Very clear and useful.
+ 307453 [vjoel path.b] Ok, I said no local variables, but it's possible to expose them to the
  307524 [bordelentout] Thanks again. Good to know this.

^ rubygems won't run on WinXP after system update
307422 [x11 arturaz.] Anyone tried to upgrade rubygems from windows xp?
+ 307436 [luislavena g] Dunno your previous setup configuration, but your username contains an
| 307473 [x11 arturaz.] Thanks, it seems to work :)
+ 307454 [micathom gma] You could try to add the --debug flag for additional output.
  307472 [x11 arturaz.] Exception `NameError' at

^ #pragma and index_info() was ([ANN] amalgalite 0.2.1 Released)
307423 [unbewusst.se] now, i'm running this version.
307441 [jeremy hineg] Replace this section with
307468 [unbewusst.se] I should have catched that point, because there is no yield, in the

^ .include? for string
307429 [kylejc gmx.n] I have an array a
+ 307431 [TimHunter nc] Try
+ 307432 [vjoel path.b] Enumerable#grep can be helpful here.
| 307434 [dblack rubyp] => nil
+ 307433 [dblack rubyp] a.delete_if {|ary| !ary.any? {|string| string.include?('ghi|ghi') } }

^ Array Combinations
307445 [gananapragas] I want to find array combinations is there any way find combinations in
307446 [raasdnil gma] Yes.
307447 [gananapragas] i am having an array for ex:[1,2,3,4]
+ 307448 [martindemell] martin
+ 307452 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogUHJhZ2FzaCBNci4gW21haWx0bzpnYW5hbmFwcmFnYXNhbUBzcmlzaHRpc29mdC5jb21d

^ Origin of a definition
307451 [oliver.saund] Is there any way to find out the filename and line number of a
307488 [dusty.doris ] I ran across this blog post once and bookmarked it, perhaps this will

^ Find matching elements in array
307455 [gananapragas] I have one array for example[1,2,3,4]
+ 307456 [raasdnil gma] T24gTW9uLCBKdWwgNywgMjAwOCBhdCA0OjA0IFBNLCBQcmFnYXNoIE1yLgo8Z2FuYW5hcHJhZ2Fz
| 307457 [raasdnil gma] Note however, this will only work if the match is in order.
+ 307458 [sandor.szuec] class Array
| 307553 [ymendel pobo] 1) This doesn't work. Try ('a'..'z').to_a.include?('a')
| + 307555 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | 307872 [ymendel pobo] Oh, I'd probably put a safeguard in there, possibly a check on the
| + 307570 [sandor.szuec] ack.
+ 307495 [cohen.jeff g] On Jul 7, 1:04=A0am, "Pragash Mr." <gananapraga...@srishtisoft.com>