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^ define_method with block
306396 [leslieviljoe] Is there a way that methods defined with define_method can take a block?
+ 306398 [shortcutter ] AFAIK there is no way (yet) to define a method that needs a block via
| 306400 [leslieviljoe] neo(lambda do
| 306402 [sandro.pagan] module Taikwando
| 306446 [leslieviljoe] Ok, that's a bit better, thanks!
+ 306405 [robert.dober] Short answers
  306411 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> RUBY_VERSION
  306440 [robert.dober] Good of Robert to point out that 1.9 is not yet stable of course, but

^ [ANN] Ruby WX
306403 [fugalh ziane] Ruby WX (not to be confused with wxRuby) version 0.1.5 is released. This
306430 [devi.webmast] In your readme, you state "WX is shorthand for weather in aviation

^ [ANN] rosc
306404 [fugalh ziane] rosc - OpenSound Control for Ruby - version 0.1.3 has been released.

^ printf goober
306419 [lloyd 2live4] puts printf("%s is %d years old.", "booboo", 12)
+ 306421 [eleanor game] puts (printf("%s is %d years old.", "booboo", 12))
+ 306422 [kyleaschmitt] perhaps you're thinking of sprintf?
  306429 [lloyd 2live4] Perfect!  Thanks!
  306437 [lloyd 2live4] It turns out that I mixed the

^ [QUIZ] Statistician I (#167)
306420 [matthew.moss] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 306604 [krusty.ar gm] My first quiz, it's very rough but it works most of the time.
+ 306642 [jgabrielygal] This is my try at this quiz. I thought it would be cool to store the

^ Explanation of overriding method with lambda
306431 [twscannell g] and I understand everything except this last method override code.
306439 [ymendel pobo] Yes
306467 [twscannell g] That is/was exactly my problem, I don't understand the *args part.
306480 [robert.dober] I think that is a good decision as they cannot be accessed at all.

^ Problem with array
306433 [fhernandoq g] best for can solve my problem but this time im stuck in this i hoe you

^ What port does RubyGems use for outbound traffic?
306436 [kodama bluex] I'm setting up Ruby in a non-conventional environment where I need to
306447 [leslieviljoe] Correct.
306449 [kodama bluex] Thank you very much! : )

^ changing the shebang of ruby files best way ?
306448 [unbewusst.se] I've a lot of ruby files (grabed from net) having a wrong shebang for my
+ 306450 [gdonald gmai] for file in *.rb; do
| + 306451 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks, i'll switch from ruby to zsh ;-)
| + 306453 [igal pragmat] for file in *.rb; do
+ 306473 [efriedNOspam] Just create a symbolic link to /usr/bin and leave the shebang
| 306537 [unbewusst.se] there is another ruby there...
+ 306505 [ryand-ruby z] the problem is that /usr/bin/env absolutely sucks on linux. -w is not =20=
  + 306570 [gdonald gmai] You can set $VERBOSE, $-w, or $-v to true to get the same effect as ruby -w.
  | 306736 [ryand-ruby z] what about -s? or a myriad of other options...
  + 306617 [drosihn gmai] uby
    306739 [ryand-ruby z] I've been told that FreeBSD is going to start acting like linux in
    + 306748 [shevegen lin] Actually relying on env in itself as absolute path is pretty weird.
    | 308674 [drosihn gmai] It is a little weird, but I think it's the best tactic we've got for now.
    | 308872 [ninja slapha] How about via RubyGems? (Assume we can use more complex workarounds to get
    + 308671 [drosihn gmai] I'm not sure what you mean.  The last I checked, freebsd parses the
      + 308672 [drosihn gmai] (apologies if my previous message to this thread
      + 308696 [ryand-ruby z] What I meant was, currently all the versions of freebsd that I use as
        309261 [drosihn gmai] For what it's worth, this is what I do for a safe cross-platform way

^ raise
306454 [tekmc hotmai] Can you create your own raise types?
306461 [martindemell] Sure - take a look at

^ Re: RubyGems 1.2.0
306455 [orion mh2o.c] Uh something appears to be broken with sources other than the main ruby
306732 [drbrain segm] There was a bug fix post 1.2.0 for gems that have "" for a platform
310104 [orion mh2o.c] How do I check or set the platform of my gem?
310107 [rogerpack200] ~ irb
310115 [orion mh2o.c] Yeah mine is coming out as "ruby". Anyway I just regenerated the index
349836 [ndgiang84 ya] Did you successfully install sonic_logger gem? I'm facing the same

^ Re: [ANN] First gathering of #ruby-pro on 27th of June, 23:0
306456 [apeiros gmx.] Small reminder to those interested: The gathering will take place in
306458 [apeiros gmx.] And a last minute notice: ruby-pro.org might be down several times

^ fallthrough routing in a web microframework
306457 [martindemell] I've already asked on the Halcyon list, but if any other
+ 306460 [martindemell] Oh, and as for the ever-recommended "what problem are you really
+ 306476 [ara.t.howard] you can easily do this in ramaze, simply define
  306479 [martindemell] Thanks, that's 99% of what I'm looking for - ideally I'd like to match
  306500 [ara.t.howard] you can do that too with ramaze

^ Two Dimensional Array
306459 [tekmc hotmai] class Tda
+ 306561 [shashank_hi ] I haven't tried this, but this method might help -
+ 306590 [caduceass gm] Marshal.dump and Marshal.load might help you.
+ 306598 [ara.t.howard] gem install narray
+ 306601 [dblack rubyp] See Ara Howard's advice about using narray. Still -- I just wanted to
  306603 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks for all the help!

^ ANN: 7/11 & 7/25 ShoesFests with Why The Lucky Stiff
306464 [ernest.prabh] why the lucky stiff and friends invite all interested Ruby hackers --
306483 [alec arlross] <122f8dfa-6745-40e1-b8be-3456fe8468fe@i36g2000prf.googlegroups.com>, Dr.

^ RedCloth: table with empty value
306465 [rodrigo.berm] I am trying to build a html table from a string using RedCloth.
306506 [michael.c.mo] Force empty cells to span 1 column with \1.  In my test the cell

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^ Determining lists,strings and numbers(Newbie question)
306478 [cool.vimalsm] name = "vimal"
306481 [botp delmont] # How can one determine whether a given object is a list or string or
306482 [cool.vimalsm] Thanks for ur reply
306503 [allergic-to-] What reply?

^ Big empty file creation
306484 [gelios gmail] I need to creat an empty file, over 10GB size.
+ 306485 [decoux moulo] use IO#sysseek followed which a IO#seekwrite
| + 306487 [decoux moulo] IO#syswrite
| + 306489 [shortcutter ] But note that this will not work on all OS in case the file must be
|   306490 [gelios gmail] i can't use dd, cause i want a cross-platform application
|   306495 [shortcutter ] dd runs on my Linux, cygwin, Solaris, HP UX... - pretty cross platform
+ 306493 [eleanor game] Pick a value of x that's a multiple of 512 bytes as this will match

^ Where to post code relevant to a newsgroup question
306496 [RichardDummy] Nobody likes to see a post with a bunch of embedded source code.  It's
306498 [sepp2k googl] www.pastie.org
306509 [RichardDummy] On Jun 28, 9:48 am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
306679 [lyle lylejoh] Whoa. How did we make the leap from Pastie to Public Key Crypto?
306860 [RichardDummy] As always,  you help A LOT.  Thanks!

^ Lambda calculus & functional programming - the view from Ruby
306508 [phil pricom.] People,
306514 [james.britt ] Well, right off the bat, Ruby allows for global state and side effects
+ 306517 [igal pragmat] I gave a presentation on this recently. Because Ruby is an object
+ 306519 [znmeb cesmai] I don't think that's ever been tested, mostly because every time someone
  306526 [james.britt ] Not sure what you mean by that, given the existence, and flourishing,

^ how to disable rdoc method autolink
306513 [fxn hashref.] This documentation
306645 [drbrain segm] The rdoc-2.0.0 gem supports this by prefixing with \.

^ Internet secrets¡§The nobody know of place
306522 [xushunttr2 y] We engaged in the development of the depth of resources¡¤Now we need to

^ Come to see laughly photos
306523 [superphoto61] ...

^ Random Generation of Characters
306524 [nonstickglue] How could you generate a list of all possible combination's of lowercase
+ 306527 [billk cts.co] If you didn't need mixed letters and numbers, you could use: (for
| 306528 [nonstickglue] Perhaps this would be more practical if it was put into a MySQL
| 306696 [jan.svitok g] I guess you should change the other part of your program to not rely
+ 306699 [m.fellinger ] order = 'aaaaaaaa'

^ Rubinius is in Gentoo Linux
306529 [znmeb cesmai] I just discovered that Rubinius is in Gentoo Linux. Does anyone here

^ Difference in iconv between ruby and irb
306530 [edekzkrainyk] require 'iconv'
306659 [ shot hot.pl] accents
306663 [dan fluentra] Sad to say but this is a problem that we have spent many hours trying to

^ mysterious memory corruption, very confused
306533 [usenet-nospa] ruby 1.8.7-p22, OS X 10.4.mumble, PostgreSQL 8.3.1, ruby-pg 2008-03-18.
+ 306534 [usenet-nospa] I experimentally added an array of N "VALUE" objects.  After the first
+ 306605 [rogerpack200] valgrind might tell you if memory is being tramped.
  306636 [usenet-nospa] It is.  There's a loop of
  + 307412 [ruby j-davis] Thanks again for the detailed analysis.
  + 307442 [nobu ruby-la] It's your bug.
    307507 [tim.pease gm] I am wondering why the strings (returned from rb_obj_as_string) will
    + 307508 [vjoel path.b] IIUC, 'VALUE array' is a local, hence on stack, hence GC marks it. The
    | 307511 [tim.pease gm] Thanks, Joel! That makes sense.
    + 307560 [ruby j-davis] Thanks for mentioning that, I had the same question.
      307562 [nobu ruby-la] Basically, "x" is safe as long as it is refered from an

^ Combinations of Letters and Numbers (was: Re: Random Generation of Characters)
306536 [shortcutter ] Just a note: this is by no means random.  It seems you rather want all
306557 [nonstickglue] Combinations of Letters and Numbers (was: Re: Random Generation of Characters)
+ 306566 [rubytraining] First realize that if you're looking for an 8 digit sequence, where
| 306571 [nonstickglue] Haha, that sounds funny, but is so true. :(
| 306589 [billk cts.co] How do *humans* find that link, above?  Is it possible to find that
| 306591 [nonstickglue] Theoretically yes, but that wouldn't be efficient because ultimately the
+ 306641 [shortcutter ] IMHO a far better approach is to crawl the site and record all image

^ Ruby cache
306539 [bonnet.benja] about using ruby cache (http://www.nongnu.org/pupa/ruby-cache.html).
306540 [igal pragmat] That code provides no specs or tests, and hasn't been updated in nearly
306555 [ben bleythin] Aside from the fact that it hasn't been updated in 6 years and doesn't
306558 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the info.
+ 306573 [ben bleythin] Not necessary.  There's already a gem, called ruby-cache.
| 306640 [bonnet.benja] Sure that if it hasn't been updated for so long it doesn't need to and
+ 307490 [ged FaerieMU] $ gem search cache

^ Classical nurses site
306541 [xushunttr2 y] Recommended for everyone to an Asian pornographic website¡¤There are

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.2
306542 [kubo jiubao.] ruby-oci8 1.0.2 is released. This is a Oracle module using OCI8 API.
+ 306577 [       x y.z] Just want to say THANK YOU for this.
| 306619 [yizhih gmail] It's Great. Thanks KUBO.
+ 306637 [yizhih gmail] I failed to install ruby-oci8 gem on Linux.
| 306693 [kubo jiubao.] Is it an instant client rpm package?
| 307075 [yizhih gmail] Thanks.  Actually I export LD_LIBRARY_PATH for non-root user but not for
+ 306655 [roberto REMO] That is looking very nice, thanks. Does that mean that I can install it on
  306691 [kubo jiubao.] No. It needs Oracle client libraries and a C compiler.
  306697 [roberto REMO] You need to clarify what are the differences between a "pure ruby gem" and a
  + 306698 [gdonald gmai] Greg Donald
  | 306802 [roberto REMO] Thanks but connecting and using Oracle DB is not a problem, having a working
  + 306710 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/

^ Re: Ruby WX
306544 [shevegen lin] Hehe the first time I have read about RubyWX got me thinking whether

^ Re: Wordnet and Ruby
306545 [davebass mus] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Recursive Logic - Examples and Resources?
306547 [major_genera] Hey all,
+ 306549 [matt matt-da] range = 0...10
| 306553 [major_genera] Thanks for the suggestion Matt, it seems like a good start.  That seems
| 306563 [AEtzold gmx.] Dan,
+ 306572 [rubytraining] You've left off some details, such as what a User is and what order of
+ 306575 [ian.hobson n] People more expert than I have proven that recursion is not necessary -
| 306615 [major_genera] Thanks Ian, Erik and Axel for your replies :)  I'll get to giving them
+ 306754 [davebass mus] For those of us who dislike recursion*, it may be worth pointing out
  306767 [marick visib] Buy _The Little Schemer_ (or, if you can find it used, _The Little
  + 306772 [martindemell] How To Design Programs is a better way to wrap your head around
  + 306777 [matt tidbits] Hmmm, that could be recursive right there!
    306784 [marick visib] Sorry - I meant _The Little Lisper_, an earlier edition of the same
    306906 [major_genera] Well, after looking over all the suggestions on here yesterday, I

^ How to doing a "grep -v" to hide "---" line added by Hash#to_yaml ?
306551 [ibc aliax.ne] ed=20
306559 [shashank_hi ] Try this
+ 306562 [ibc aliax.ne] Great ;)
+ 306565 [stephen.celi] {1=>2,"ABC" => {"a"=>"A","b"=>"B"}}.to_yaml[5..-1]
  306568 [shashank_hi ] Awesome. Totally forgot about negative indexes.
  306593 [phlip2005 gm] I would use the .sub option because it is explicit about what it is removing.
  306594 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, that's true, that "---" is part of the YAML grammar, but the fact is t=
  306674 [phlip2005 gm] ...

^ New Ruby on Rails Windows group
306554 [caliwildman2] At the suggestion of a fellow RoR Windows developer, we thought it is a

^ Why can't I return "Threads.list" Array in DRb?
306560 [ibc aliax.ne] in=20
+ 306564 [ibc aliax.ne] =3D> #<DRb::DRbObject:0xb7b8d384 @ref=3D-608642478, @uri=3D"druby://
| 306569 [ibc aliax.ne] Well, I am understanding that if DRb server return an object unknown for th=
| 306672 [larsch belun] ll
| 306730 [ibc aliax.ne] Really espectacular :)
+ 306665 [shortcutter ] y in
  306729 [ibc aliax.ne] My projects binds for TCP connections (threads) and I want to monitorize th=

^ rjb heap size OR call ruby methods from java
306567 [shashank_hi ] I've been using rjb (ruby java bridge) to use a method from a Java
+ 306574 [AEtzold gmx.] Best regards,
+ 306694 [tmacedo stud] I believe that when you load the jvm, you can pass along the max heap

^ Re: Statistician I (#167)
306578 [matthew.moss] Here's my own submission for this problem. Once you wrap your head
306588 [matthewrudyj] does the rule string not need to be regexp escaped  somehow if it's
306608 [matthew.moss] On Jun 29, 3:19=A0pm, Matthew Rudy Jacobs <matthewrudyjac...@gmail.com>
+ 306610 [reima gmx.ne] Here is my submission. I hope it's flexible enough for the followup
| 306630 [micathom gma] It's for ruby19 only.
| 306631 [micathom gma] So I thought I could use pastie for a change so that I could still
+ 306644 [jgabrielygal] I had to escape the string in order to make my solution work due to
  306689 [benjamin.bil] Here is my solution to this weeks quiz. It's also my first RubyQuiz.
  306948 [benjamin.bil] Added some lines to show the unmatched input.
  307106 [sandro.pagan] Here's mine solution: (http://pastie.org/226949)
  307202 [micathom gma] Foo \[bar\] foo.
  307205 [micathom gma] Okay ... well, uhm ... rewind ... undo e-mail ... I assumed escape
  307213 [matthew.moss] Basically, the quiz specification isn't too specific about these sorts

^ Any book on CGI programming in Ruby?
306579 [tommy.nordgr] Do anyone know of a book about CGI programming with the Ruby language?
+ 306581 [AEtzold gmx.] I don't know of an entire book dedicated to CGI and Ruby exclusively, but
| 306583 [dblack rubyp] It's probably not relevant to this inquiry, but I can't help
+ 306824 [list.push gm] Here is some more info.

^ implicit vs explicit self in private methods
306580 [dusty.doris ] I'm trying to understand the difference between implicitly and
306582 [stefano.croc] It's at the same time quite simple and quite confusing. It's simple because
+ 306584 [dblack rubyp] Unless it ends in = :-)
+ 306585 [dusty.doris ] se
  306586 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,