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^ openssl error after upgrading to 1.8.7
305883 [ljjarvis goo] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/openssl/ssl.rb:26: uninitialized constant
306280 [jeff heavyob] Did your openssl.so build? Mine didn't, and this is the error I got.

^ [ANN] Gerbil 3.1.0
305887 [ snk gna.org] Gerbil is an extensible document generator based on eRuby

^ Rails - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' ...
305892 [allergic-to-] I suppose I should post this in a Rails mailing list or wiki, but the
+ 305894 [james.britt ] This looks like a MySQL user configuration issue.
| 305896 [eric sempere] SSBoYXZlIGhhZCBzb21lIGlzc3VlcyB1c2luZyBhIGJsYW5rIG15c3FsIHBhc3N3b3JkIC8gbm8g
| 305906 [kranthicu gm] This happens generally when  the mysql is not reached by the rails
+ 305910 [allergic-to-] I found a fix for the problem, so I'll answer my own question in case it
  305918 [dave cheney.] If I can suggest that using the root account on mysql is not

^ RoR Help Authoring App
305901 [jedi.aayla g] Ive spent the whole morning searching for a help authoring application,

^ Re: RubyGems 1.2.0
305905 [rpasay andre] I second that thank you! I was worried because gem kept updating the
305974 [rogerpack200] Nice new features!  Sweetness.
305981 [rogerpack200] So that if you run
306013 [saji apcc21.] Exactly! It wastes time ..
306023 [damien mc-ke] Personally I'm having a problem with the latest update - my mongrels
306024 [damien mc-ke] Not sure if this caused the problem, but I noticed my ~/.gemrc
306117 [rogerpack200] It appears I am destined for poor luck with this upgrade.
+ 306120 [tristin.colb] You have to manually remove the old gem and everything associated with it. I
+ 306146 [unbewusst.se] What do u mean by "installing from scratch" ?
| 306177 [rogerpack200] Une Bév
+ 306220 [drbrain segm] You either ignored the NOTE in the release notes, or did not read the
+ 306264 [aldursys gma] I've kicked off a couple of groups on Launchpad to deal with the

^ [ANN] Vancouver.rb - Open Ruby Hack Night #3 - Today 7pm - Whenever (9ish) @ Waves Coffee
305909 [geraldbauer2] Just a reminder that you're invited to drop by for the weekly

^ Decorating "types"
305915 [shevegen lin] @array_foobar = []

^ 'ArgumentError: bad value for range' for range of Times
305916 [bird.d.k gma] When using the calendar_date_select plugin, Rails kept throwing an
305933 [tmacedo stud] 39 years ago is before 1970, I believe there is some sort of problem in

^ rake tasks aborting with weird postgres issue
305920 [nicyoungster] Hey guys, if anyone could help me here I'd really appreciate it.

^ I am a new to Ruby
305924 [fredchingota] Guys

^ I am new to Ruby
305925 [fredchingota] Guys
+ 305926 [fredchingota] I am new to Ruby
| + 305928 [gelios gmail] ...
| + 305931 [stas FreeBSD] Try to get one of best ruby books: The Ruby Way,
+ 305929 [saurabh.purn] You can refer to these,

^ Re: Zed and Luis drop the bomb on Ruby's poor performance
305932 [rogerpack200] Yeah I have come to the sad conclusion that, at least with the 1.8.x
+ 305944 [kyleaschmitt] Agreed, but hasn't this dead horse been beaten enough?
| 305993 [lloyd 2live4] I would call them a sadistic necro-equine but that IS beating a dead
+ 305948 [znmeb cesmai] Well, Zed's rant *was* published some time ago -- before the 1.9.0
  + 305950 [ara.t.howard] though clearly you would accumulate some mighty bad karma if you'd
  + 305958 [micathom gma] Your server or the server of a client?
  | 305959 [znmeb cesmai] Good question. :) I am not an attorney. I'm guessing "your server" is
  | 305964 [robert.dober] "a
  | 305966 [ara.t.howard] it depends.  you can easily server the binary such as allowing a
  | 305988 [lloyd 2live4] Wasn't there a comment on how great French was for cursing in a sequel
  + 305960 [cdalten gmai] On Jun 23, 7:24=A0am, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>
    + 306295 [ shot hot.pl] It applies both to BSD and GPL, but not to AGPL =E2=80=93 which is basicall=
    + 306298 [jfs.world gm] And yes, you're wrong there. It's about not (Shot's made the point about the

^ Timeout when reading from a pipe
305951 [emanuelef ti] I would like to launch a process (external executable) and raise an
305954 [ara.t.howard] if you are windows no, otherwise yes.
305965 [emanuelef ti] Ok, we discussed about that but it was in another thread.
306491 [emanuelef ti] I can emit and trap custom signals from two processes.

^ Spacing data into columns
305971 [tekmc hotmai] properly spaced out so it's more readable.
+ 305972 [ara.t.howard] # compute widths expensively
| 306052 [shortcutter ] Here's another approach - a bit more lightweight but you need
+ 306050 [fox nscl.msu] If you're going to do a lot of this sort of thing.

^ Reorder a XML file by distance from a location
305973 [ibnooo gmail] I'm quite the newbie and I'm looking for some help. I need to do
306002 [vjoel path.b] There's nothing to sort on until you compute distance. Start by googling
306021 [ibnooo gmail] thanks, but my problem is not with the distance, but merely sorting
306065 [ruby thomasz] class Location
306089 [ibnooo gmail] Very helpful, thank-you-very-much !
306119 [ibnooo gmail] So I can compare and sort two items..
306123 [ruby thomasz] The solution works for any number of items. sort() uses <=> during the

^ mock web services through ruby
305976 [aidy.lewis g] Has anyone managed to mock web services through Ruby. And if so, could
305977 [kitplummer g] Are you looking for a specific kind of web service?  Or, just HTTP
305985 [aidy.lewis g] On Jun 23, 10:20=A0am, "kitplum...@gmail.com" <kitplum...@gmail.com>

^ RDoc formatting
305978 [mcnulla gmai] I found a few formatting bits in the RDoc RDoc. But I am looking how
316180 [tony.strauss] Clicking on any RDoc link in the document will take you to a list of

^ Re: botched debian install
305989 [labyrinthins] I still want to solve this--I just switched over to a different server.

^ [OT] Re: Zed and Luis drop the bomb on Ruby's poor performance
305990 [ara.t.howard] afaik they have more 'four letter' words than any language in the
306038 [robert.dober] you mean more than in Italian, ridicolous, believe me I lived in both

^ date intervals for graphs
305994 [nostef gmail] I'm in a position where I have to create dynamic date based Line graphs.
+ 306008 [Rob AgileCon] gruff or GoogleCharts, perhaps?
+ 306067 [ruby thomasz] Why is 100 points too much? If your graph will be 200 pixels wide or

^ Remote MySQL server and Ruby on Rails
305995 [wedix mac.co] I have 1 DB server (MySQL) and 1 server with my application. I've
+ 306154 [kranthicu gm] I think the socket on which your remote server is different from
+ 306247 [rogerpack200] You may need to specify a port number, and/or protocol: tcp.  GL!

^ Rails threaded file upload via cURL.
305996 [gberz3 gmail] I am currently working on a project that needs to upload multiple

^ Suggestion: Enumerable#all?/any? with argument
306001 [farrel.lifso] I was thinking about Enumerable (one of Ruby's more powerful modules)
+ 306003 [farrel.lifso] I should also add that the argument would be optional with any? and
+ 306004 [vjoel path.b] Makes sense, because
+ 306005 [mikael hoilu] I love it.
+ 306028 [shortcutter ] +1
+ 306031 [devi.webmast] +1

^ Upgrading Ruby
306014 [caliwildman2] I currently have Ruby 1.8.5 and Rails 1.2.3. I want to upgrade Ruby to
306131 [jan.svitok g] I'm that someone ;-)
306145 [caliwildman2] Unfortunately due to the fact that htree uses site_ruby instead of gems,

^ Running system() without output
306015 [kirbykirbyki] Heya,
306018 [ara.t.howard] `#{ command }`
306019 [kirbykirbyki] That works! Thanks.

^ (none)
306026 [chriscederst] unsubscribe

^ Faking named parameters and enforcing required params
306027 [lists gregwi] I come from years of using a language with named params. I prefer the
+ 306041 [robert.dober] Maybe something like
| 306042 [robert.dober] BTW I guess Facets has things like these already!
+ 307372 [rogerpack200] Interestingly, I have also been working on something very similar to
  307622 [rogerpack200] My question is does anybody know the C code for 'adding' a variable to
  307632 [rogerpack200] It appears impossible [from casual glancing at the code] to add an
  307723 [rogerpack200] Appears that ParseTree and ruby2ruby provide this type of functionality

^ Regex extracting certain characters
306032 [clement.ow a] I need a regular expression which can select just 2008 and utilise the
+ 306033 [devi.webmast] I'm not exactly certain, but you may want /\D\/2008$/
+ 306034 [stefano.croc] If the part you're interested with is at the end of the string, you can use
| 306035 [stefano.croc] Sorry, I think I misunderstood what you wanted. You need a regexp which
+ 306043 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogY2xlbWVudC5vd0Bhc2lhLmJucHBhcmliYXMuY29tIA0KIyBDOi9SdWJ5LzIwMDgwMjA1
  306140 [clement.ow a] Thank you for all your prompt replies =)
  306141 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQ2xlbWVudCBPdyBbbWFpbHRvOmNsZW1lbnQub3dAYXNpYS5ibnBwYXJpYmFzLmNvbV0g
  306144 [clement.ow a] hmmm, for this string I might want to exclude.. Any ideas how it can be

^ Expression introspection?
306047 [matt mattsou] I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for handling a design question

^ How to determine the current controller?
306048 [sven.gehring] I want to build a generic navigation menu with partials in the style of
306055 [nasir35 goog] you have an instance variable available in your views called

^ [Mac OS X 10.4.11] unable to upgrade rubygems
306054 [unbewusst.se] download locally rubygems-update-1.2.0.gem
306056 [rick.denatal] Installing the rubygems-update-1.2.0.gem just installs the upgrading tool,
306057 [unbewusst.se] $ sudo update_rubygems
306059 [rick.denatal] Hmmmm, I don't know what to say.
306060 [unbewusst.se] anyway, thanks for your reply ))

^ require is not the same in irb as in ruby?
306069 [q8pb97u001 s] $ irb
306071 [q8pb97u001 s] Interesting...
306111 [TimHunter nc] Print the value of $: to determine the directories in which Ruby will

^ Threads in JRuby vs standard Ruby
306070 [Guillermo.Ac] This is the first time I am working with threads and so far it gave me a
+ 306073 [ibc aliax.ne] Well, Ruby threads are "green" threads, this is: they only exist into the R=
| 306078 [gelios gmail] T24gVHVlLCBKdW4gMjQsIDIwMDggYXQgNjoyOSBQTSwgScOxYWtpIEJheiBDYXN0aWxsbyA8aWJj
| 306079 [ibc aliax.ne] Could you please give a tip of your solution using Drb + fork?
| 306080 [gelios gmail] Y29yZSBhcHAgc3RhcnRzIERSYiBzZXJ2ZXIgd2l0aCBzZWxmIGFzIGZyb250IG9iamVjdC4gdGhl
| 306081 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks a lot, it seems interesting.
+ 306128 [charles.nutt] If you would like your app to take advantage of multiple cores without

^ gem update --system: how to tell if it's making progress?
306076 [boss airblad] Today I decided to upgrade rubygems on my server from 1.0.0 to 1.2.0.
306086 [why ruby-lan] Just unzip (or tar xzf) and run `ruby setup.rb` inside the extracted
306094 [boss airblad] That worked perfectly, and took but a few seconds.

^ Sequel primary keys
306085 [damnbigman g] I posted to the Sequel Google Group but it's horribly slow, assuming it took
+ 306100 [shortcutter ] So, if int is enforced there is a bug - either in your code or in
| 306110 [damnbigman g] Thanks for the input Robert.
| + 306114 [caduceass gm] I don't want to hijack this thread, and people may be mad about me
| + 306149 [shortcutter ] You're welcome.
|   306178 [damnbigman g] I didn't run across it in my initial search.  The pirmary_key method
+ 306196 [davebass mus] If you mean a floating-point primary key, that doesn't sound like a good
| 306198 [damnbigman g] No, I was looking to do more what Todd was talking about.  I've never seen
| 306201 [rimantas gma] The problem with "real world" unique identifiers is that even if they
| + 306215 [damnbigman g] I'm curious as to when and why it matters if a primary key is mutable or
| | 306263 [rimantas gma] Well, the first time you have to handle those side effects in your
| | 306285 [damnbigman g] I've always believed it was more the role of the DBMS to handle such things
| + 306338 [caduceass gm] You mean schema change, or something else?
+ 306435 [caduceass gm] Hey Glen, can you give us an answer about whether primary key and
  306438 [damnbigman g] class Computer < Sequel::Model
  306441 [caduceass gm] Thanks a lot.  I think I'll really look into using the sequel gem!

^ Server crashes since ruby upgrade
306087 [kd panix.com] I've built ruby 1.8.6-p230 due to vulnerabilities in older versions.
306091 [rst ai.mit.e] It's not just you.  There's been quite a bit of discussion on

^ Performance improvement possible?
306088 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 306095 [Rob AgileCon] Are you looking at all solutions?
| + 306103 [phil pricom.] Rob,
| + 306225 [phil pricom.] Rob,
|   306237 [cremes.devli] Phil,
|   306243 [phil pricom.] Chuck,
|   306255 [Rob AgileCon] OK, even knowing that it started as shell+C, it needs help ;-)
|   + 306306 [phil pricom.] Rob,
|   | 306316 [Rob AgileCon] Ruby v1.8
|   + 306333 [eleanor game] A further modified version of statz which should changes the way IO is
|     306345 [phil pricom.] Eleanor,
|     306350 [eleanor game] Paste in haste, repent at leisure ;)
|     306357 [phil pricom.] Ellie,
|     + 306358 [shevegen lin] Is it only me or is that profiling tiresome and arduous?
|     + 306368 [eleanor game] I'm surprised at the behaviour you're seeing so I ran a quick
|       + 306371 [znmeb cesmai] Not to mention directory fragmentation in many filesystems. :) I'd be
|       | 306384 [phil pricom.] Ed, Ellie et al,
|       + 306381 [phil pricom.] Ellie,
|       | 306389 [eleanor game] Your experience runs counter to all of my experience, both in terms of
|       | 306413 [phil pricom.] Ellie,
|       + 306399 [shortcutter ] This can't be the exact code you were benchmarking since "x" is
|         306401 [eleanor game] I was using IRB and x was already defined earlier in my session, so
|         306417 [shortcutter ] Ooops, right you are.  I missed that bit completely.  Hopefully you got
|         306418 [eleanor game] Mental note to self: do _not_ start fiddling in IRB at bedtime ;)
|         + 306486 [ryand-ruby z] nonsense... just don't post your results. ;)
|         | 306492 [eleanor game] lol
|         + 306488 [shortcutter ] robert
+ 306096 [ara.t.howard] post your code.
| 306104 [phil pricom.] ara,
+ 306097 [tim.pease gm] The general approach I've followed is to write the code in Ruby, see
| 306105 [phil pricom.] Tim,
| 306108 [tim.pease gm] Yes
+ 306099 [shortcutter ] Difficult without seeing the Ruby program.  But I'd also start with
  306106 [phil pricom.] Robert,

^ IRB not finding "rubygems"
306090 [bhutchins te] This an odd one.
+ 306092 [stefano.croc] The value returned by require doesn't tell whether there was an error or not
| 306098 [bhutchins te] Hmmm . . . then I have a different problem.
| 306112 [stefano.croc] That's because rspec doesn't provide a rspec.rb file but a spec.rb file. So
+ 306093 [ibc aliax.ne] ~$ irb

^ Question concerning TkText list
306101 [htruax stf.c] charset="us-ascii"
306152 [nagai ai.kyu] Please use TkTextTag.

^ dbi connection
306107 [aidy.lewis g] Could anyone please tell me where I place the database name in this
+ 306113 [aidy.lewis g] I seem to be getting a connection
+ 306115 [aidy.lewis g] Panel

^ COBOL copybook parser
306118 [todd.chamber] Does a Ruby parser for COBOL exist?  I've done some cursory searches

^ Difference between site_ruby and gems
306121 [caliwildman2] I am trying to understand the difference between site_ruby (Ruby
306132 [jan.svitok g] site_ruby is directory for global addons for ruby.
306143 [caliwildman2] Thanks for the confirmation, I subsequently found out that same thing

^ Problem with Array#delete ?
306122 [djberg96 gma] In messing around with Array#delete I think I've uncovered a problem.
306126 [rick.denatal] Well, I haven't dug into the implementation of Array#delete enough to fully
306129 [rick.denatal] And having now looked at the Ruby 1.8 implementation of Array#delete, I

^ [ANN] Trollop 1.8.1 released
306133 [wmorgan-ruby] Trollop version 1.8.1 has been released! http://trollop.rubyforge.org
+ 306138 [wmorgan-ruby] William <wmorgan-ruby-talk@masanjin.net>
+ 306156 [matt.mower g] Should we be afraid?
  306262 [raasdnil gma] Nyah... from what I've heard it's just a bunch of trollop anyway...

^ File access
306134 [tekmc hotmai] writeable only through my program.
+ 306136 [ibc aliax.ne] In which file system and operating system?
+ 306150 [shortcutter ] ...