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Arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities
305784 [mberrow1@pa ] You may want to take immediate action on this.
+ 305789 [botp@de mo t] # Some people seem to be seeing problems with the 1.8.6-p230 upgrade,
| 305791 [jeremy@bi sw] . wait for the rails upgrade. ask the rails list or dhh.
| 305822 [znmeb@ce ma ] 1. Is this on simple reproducible cases or do you need Rails to get a
+ 305857 [mberrow1@pa ] Situation summary from RubyInside

Regex - Exclude Multiple Characters and Global Scanning
305785 [donttrustben] I have 2 problems.
305794 [dblack@ru yp] irb(main):029:0> offsets = []
305850 [donttrustben] That will work, thanks. It would seem intuitive to me that scan (or a
305890 [botp@de mo t] # > irb(main):029:0> offsets = []

Rex & Racc : howto?
305788 [fdelente@ma ] I'm looking for documentation on rex & racc, as what I have found up to now
305825 [nicholasmabr] I haven't run across any rex and racc tutorials online, but there are
305828 [ryand-ruby@z] This is all good advice. For a more complicated racc example (doesn't
305832 [fdelente@ma ] Thanks for the answers.
306153 [no@sp m. le ] It is very sweet and clean and all kinds of good things, and since you're

socket not connected
305805 [mawiniarski@] require 'net/http'
305806 [gelios@gm il] Yes

Printing with ruby under windows
305807 [shevegen@li ] Anyone knows if there is an easy, straight-forward way to print a i.e.
305811 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Marc,

Where does ruby excel?
305810 [francis.ramm] I have only used ruby for writing little scripts. Things that are
+ 305820 [vjoel@pa h. ] As a high-level API wrapper (or domain-specific language) around some C
+ 305821 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well, certainly Rails is a large part of it, but I would say that the
+ 305824 [jjbuckley@gm] Rails carries Twittr, apparently, and that's pretty huge - there are
| 305873 [shevegen@li ] Any place perl is used, ruby beats it with ease.
| 305897 [ttmrichter@g] (Ob. Disclaimer: I use Ruby for most of my programming except where
| 305914 [robert.dober] Agree 100%
| 305939 [ttmrichter@g] dice
| 306040 [robert.dober] you probably did and I missed it, thx for reposting them.
+ 306504 [ninja@sl ph ] The trick is, first of all, programmer time is more important than
| 306507 [znmeb@ce ma ] For some business models, this may be true. In general, it is not. If
| 306510 [dangerwillro] Basically, Ed is spot on with this.
| 306511 [mike@hu ka .] ...
+ 306515 [ara.t.howard] anything which requires high level abstraction - ruby is easily in a

Re: save file in win32 os
305812 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Raphael,
305827 [jjbuckley@gm] If you know how to do it in C/C++ using the Windows API, then you can

Changing the program to work with files
305831 [hisastro@gm ] I have a program that is working with Console ( input - output)
+ 305834 [gelios@gm il] which difference with file i/o and stdio that confuse you?
| 305835 [hisastro@gm ] May I ask you to help me modify the program to take input form files
+ 305864 [davebass@mu ] Use the builtin File class.
  305940 [paqs140482@g] ...

stone and concurrency
305839 [junkone1@gm ] has anyone used the Stone gem before. http://stone.rubyforge.org/

[ANN] Initial release of amalgalite - v0.1.0
305844 [jeremy@hi eg] Amalgalite embeds the SQLite database engine in a ruby extension.
+ 305845 [vjoel@pa h. ] Is that really better than linking with libsqlite?
| 305846 [jeremy@hi eg] That depends on what you mean by "better" :-).  If it is performane, I
| 305849 [vjoel@pa h. ] You mean like postgis, but in a sqlite sized package? That would be
| 305851 [jeremy@hi eg] Yup, its in the source tree but not part of the released version of
+ 306053 [unbewusst.se] 2008/06/21/amalgalite-0-1-0-released.html
  306074 [ara.t.howard] Bulk updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org
  306083 [unbewusst.se] may be u aren't running Mac OS X 10.4.11 ??? :[
  306109 [unbewusst.se] just to say, finally i get it (ie. amalgalite), after mkrf update.
  306258 [jeremy@hi eg] That would be a bug on my part in amalgalite, thanks for fiding it.
  306261 [unbewusst.se] fine !
  306606 [jeremy@hi eg] The sqlite_master has information about tables and views, but no columnar
  306627 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks !

In GServer will socket will be closed when Thread.exit?
305848 [ibc@al ax ne] def serve(io)

my idea to read my email from my cell phone
305852 [wbsurfver@ya] I have an idea on how to read email from my cell phone, I want to do
305879 [justincollin] I did something like this a while back, but without the 2nd requirement
305899 [wbsurfver@ya] I can get yahoo email, but it seems usefull to be able to read my

Multiple HTTP Sockets or Threads for file uploads.
305853 [gberz3@gm il] I have a client for whom I developed a small application using Ruby
+ 306029 [shortcutter@] You just need to fork multiple curl processes.
| 306030 [gelios@gm il] you should use DRb with multi-process architecture since ruby uses
| 306051 [shortcutter@] This is not necessarily true for IO bound tasks. Also, if curl is used
| 306125 [gberz3@gm il] Alright, I'm currently using Threads and it has sped things up
| + 306148 [shortcutter@] But note that the speedup likely comes from using multiple curl
| + 308998 [todd.fisher@] This could be caused by a bad domain name causing a dns to take a long
+ 308997 [todd.fisher@] You could try the curb library.   This version included support for the

[ANN] KABLAME! 0.2.1 Released
305854 [jacob.dunphy] This is the first "announced release" of KABLAME!
+ 305859 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Jacob,
+ 305860 [ttmrichter@g] So... lines of code is good?  Cut-and-paste coding, here I come!
| + 305874 [znmeb@ce ma ] Dijkstra once said that he referred to that metric as "lines of code
| + 305875 [vjoel@pa h. ] Adopt the practice of gnirotcafer.
+ 305865 [flo@an er gr] This scheme is faulty not only because of the assumption that more
| 305869 [jacob.dunphy] I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize, here.  The original
| + 305870 [flo@an er gr] Thats quite another way of putting it. From your original post, it
| + 306039 [eleanor@ga e] You are aware that code 'quality' is a far more complex concept than
|   306062 [jeremymcanal] I'm sure he does.  I'm sure he also realizes that C0 analysis like
|   306068 [znmeb@ce ma ] Ah, but the perception outside of the Ruby and Rails communities was
+ 306075 [ara.t.howard] it would seem you've got the order reversed!?   seriously ;-)
  306102 [jacob.dunphy] The source is available.  Feel free to make modifications.  ;)

[ANN] RubyGems 1.2.0
305855 [drbrain@se m] = Announce: RubyGems Release 1.2.0
+ 305904 [botp@de mo t] # =3D Announce: RubyGems Release 1.2.0
+ 305907 [leslieviljoe] Yahoo! I have been waiting for this!
| 305912 [sandro.pagan] ...
| 305913 [saji@ap c2 .] Great...thanks for the update!
| 305980 [drbrain@se m] Why do you care?
| + 305982 [ara.t.howard] because it's been modified locally.
| + 305983 [ara.t.howard] also, because the environment may not be the same installing something
|   305987 [drbrain@se m] RubyGems does not reinstall dependencies that already exist, so you
|   306012 [ara.t.howard] oh yeah i see that - i guess i just tend to install deps by hand so
+ 305975 [ara.t.howard] yes, we really all do love eric.
+ 305979 [jbarnette@gm] FYI, You can include development dependencies during an install or
+ 305984 [unbewusst.se] ~%> sudo gem update --system
| + 305991 [unbewusst.se] ~%> sudo gem install amalgalite
| | 305997 [rick.denatal] ...
| | + 306007 [cdemyanovich] Just to add a success story.... I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.3. I had no
| | + 306025 [unbewusst.se] I've heard, weeks ago, that rubygems is broken over Mac OS X 10.4.11,
| | | 306391 [sandor.szuec] I can not confirm this.
| | | 306397 [unbewusst.se] Yes, i'm using G5-PPC, and have installed ruby using MacPorts.
| | | 306407 [sandor.szuec] I am unsure, but I think you are right.
| | | 306415 [unbewusst.se] in my opinion, it's clear enough.
| | + 306217 [drbrain@se m] RubyGems itself never accesses these URLs.  Forbidden here is ok.
| + 306218 [drbrain@se m] As I responded to Rick's message, this should now be fixed.  If you =20
|   306259 [unbewusst.se] unfortunately, nope ))
|   306725 [drbrain@se m] If you run sudo rubygems_update now, does it install 1.2.0?=
|   306878 [unbewusst.se] ~/gems%> sudo update_rubygems
+ 306395 [damphyr@fr e] I run into an issue with multiple gem servers: I added the datamapper

changing a file inline on Windows
305856 [jdinkel@gm i] <code>
+ 305863 [shortcutter@] This is a killer because it will transform the whole file into a single
+ 305898 [lrlebron@gm ] You can use the rio library to simplify this
+ 305923 [lrlebron@gm ] There was a small error in my previous post. Here a more complete
  305945 [jdinkel@gm i] Thanks for all the information.  I'll try out these methods and try to

rex: howto use the lexer class?
305858 [fdelente@ma ] I'm trying to get rex to parse my inputs. After reading some of the sample
306020 [nicholasmabr] Hey Fabrice,

WSDL Driver connection error / timeouts
305877 [rforum@th si] well but, how can I set a timeout and handle connection / timeout

Read THIS!
305878 [Wirelesselec] MAKE MONEY!!!MAKE MONEY!!!

extending a class
305880 [lcalje@gm il] class Person
305881 [dblack@ru yp] irb(main):001:0> class C; X = 1; end
305986 [lcalje@gm il] class << Person

Is it ellegant to use a global variable to store a Logger object?
305882 [ibc@al ax ne] different places (into classes, into methods...) I use a global variable in
+ 305884 [ snk@gn .o g] module Kernel
| 305885 [ibc@al ax ne] How ellegant is using Kernel module? Imagine you are programming a framework
| 305886 [ snk@gn .o g] True.  In that case, I would put the debug() method or the LOG object in
| 305888 [ibc@al ax ne] Humm, I don't like adding "include Logging" to every classes I use since
| 305889 [ snk@gn .o g] You could use meta programming to include Logging in all nested classes
| + 305891 [ snk@gn .o g] Hmm, I should have used duck-typing in the above line (all the Java
| + 305908 [shortcutter@] ce
|   + 305911 [ibc@al ax ne] Ok, thanks all for your help and advices :)
|   + 305963 [ snk@gn .o g] Not really.  You can refactor that bit of meta programming into its own
|     305968 [ara.t.howard] this is a bad idea.  try to use rails' code with other code that uses
|     + 305992 [ibc@al ax ne] Could you please explain me what the last line does? (::Logger.new)
|     + 306000 [ snk@gn .o g] Perhaps they modify ruby's logging class directly?  I am proposing
|       306011 [ara.t.howard] yup.
+ 306058 [andrea.fazzi] Maybe and IMHO you can use a simple dependency injection pattern. You
| 306066 [ibc@al ax ne] That's a cool solution :)
| 306161 [shortcutter@] I do not think so.  Reasons: it clutters every instance with a
| 306168 [robert.dober] Could not agree more with you. May I add some other reasons.
| + 306173 [shortcutter@] Absolutely!
| + 306176 [andrea.fazzi] I would known if, in your opinion, DI is not DRY in general or you are
|   306180 [robert.dober] ive
|   + 306185 [andrea.fazzi] Don't worry :-)
|   | 306208 [cremes.devli] I typically provide a setter on my classes for configuring the log
|   | + 306266 [robert.dober] That is why my debugging or logging routines normally look like this
|   | + 306268 [andrea.fazzi] Ok, you're using setter injection instead of constructor injection.
|   |   306442 [cremes.devli] Correct. I haven't had a situation where I needed to do selective
|   + 306193 [shortcutter@] That's a classical bug: off by one. :-)
|     306265 [robert.dober] I fail to understand Robert, look at this IRB session, as you see I
|     306281 [shortcutter@] Amazing!  And I thought I knew something about numbers - at least below 100. :-)
+ 306267 [larsch@be un] If Ruby handled modules more like namespaces in C++ or similar
+ 306288 [ shot@ho .p ] One more elegant (IMHO) opinion, assuming you have a common namespace
  306351 [ibc@al ax ne] Ok, this seems really ellegant and I've tested that I can
  306387 [ shot@ho .p ] No =E2=80=93 by using class << self, you=E2=80=99re operating on the Logger=
  + 306393 [robert.dober] Amen
  | + 306412 [ibc@al ax ne] It's not the first time I read this, but could I know a good reason for not=
  | + 306427 [robert.dober] l ;)"
  + 306414 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks, in fact I didn't understand the meaning of "class << self" until now.
  + 306416 [ibc@al ax ne] The only I don't like about the above code is the need of using .init method
    306499 [ shot@ho .p ] ne
    306501 [ara.t.howard] ruby classes are evaluated top down at load time so, to achieve the =20
    + 306502 [ibc@al ax ne] Yeah! I just realized of that today doing some tests. It's really great!
    + 306550 [ shot@ho .p ] =E2=80=A6
      306552 [ibc@al ax ne] The problem here is that those code is runned in load time, so if that code
      306576 [ shot@ho .p ] Right. I also figured out that in my case, I need to be able to reset
      310119 [cremes.devli] I hate to resurrect this thread, but I have a problem that I can't
      310126 [ara.t.howard] module Namespace
      310140 [cremes.devli] For lurkers, here is some slightly corrected code (the above doesn't
      310147 [cremes.devli] Hmmm... I puzzled through this all the way home and came to the
      310150 [cremes.devli] Here's proof it doesn't work as currently written. I'm hoping there's

openssl error after upgrading to 1.8.7
305883 [ljjarvis@go ] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/openssl/ssl.rb:26: uninitialized constant
306280 [jeff@he vy b] Did your openssl.so build? Mine didn't, and this is the error I got.

[ANN] Gerbil 3.1.0
305887 [ snk@gn .o g] Gerbil is an extensible document generator based on eRuby

Rails - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' ...
305892 [allergic-to-] I suppose I should post this in a Rails mailing list or wiki, but the
+ 305894 [james.britt@] This looks like a MySQL user configuration issue.
| 305896 [eric@se pe e] SSBoYXZlIGhhZCBzb21lIGlzc3VlcyB1c2luZyBhIGJsYW5rIG15c3FsIHBhc3N3b3JkIC8gbm8g
| 305906 [kranthicu@gm] ...
+ 305910 [allergic-to-] I found a fix for the problem, so I'll answer my own question in case it
  305918 [dave@ch ne .] If I can suggest that using the root account on mysql is not

RoR Help Authoring App
305901 [jedi.aayla@g] Ive spent the whole morning searching for a help authoring application,

Re: RubyGems 1.2.0
305905 [rpasay@an re] I second that thank you! I was worried because gem kept updating the
305974 [rogerpack200] Nice new features!  Sweetness.
305981 [rogerpack200] So that if you run
306013 [saji@ap c2 .] Exactly! It wastes time ..
306023 [damien@mc ke] Personally I'm having a problem with the latest update - my mongrels
306024 [damien@mc ke] Not sure if this caused the problem, but I noticed my ~/.gemrc
306117 [rogerpack200] It appears I am destined for poor luck with this upgrade.
+ 306120 [tristin.colb] ...
+ 306146 [unbewusst.se] What do u mean by "installing from scratch" ?
| 306177 [rogerpack200] Une Bév
+ 306220 [drbrain@se m] You either ignored the NOTE in the release notes, or did not read the
+ 306264 [aldursys@gm ] I've kicked off a couple of groups on Launchpad to deal with the

[ANN] Vancouver.rb - Open Ruby Hack Night #3 - Today 7pm - Whenever (9ish) @ Waves Coffee
305909 [geraldbauer2] Just a reminder that you're invited to drop by for the weekly

Decorating "types"
305915 [shevegen@li ] @array_foobar = []

'ArgumentError: bad value for range' for range of Times
305916 [bird.d.k@gm ] When using the calendar_date_select plugin, Rails kept throwing an
305933 [tmacedo@st d] 39 years ago is before 1970, I believe there is some sort of problem in

rake tasks aborting with weird postgres issue
305920 [nicyoungster] Hey guys, if anyone could help me here I'd really appreciate it.

I am a new to Ruby
305924 [fredchingota] Guys

I am new to Ruby
305925 [fredchingota] Guys
+ 305926 [fredchingota] I am new to Ruby
| + 305928 [gelios@gm il] ...
| + 305931 [stas@Fr eB D] Try to get one of best ruby books: The Ruby Way,
+ 305929 [saurabh.purn] ...

Timeout when reading from a pipe
305951 [emanuelef@ti] I would like to launch a process (external executable) and raise an
305954 [ara.t.howard] if you are windows no, otherwise yes.
305965 [emanuelef@ti] Ok, we discussed about that but it was in another thread.
306491 [emanuelef@ti] I can emit and trap custom signals from two processes.