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^ [ANN] RubyKaigi.live!
305624 [l.g.chin gma] RubyKaigi 2008, the Japanese Ruby conference, begins tomorrow and will

^ Magic 'show' action
305625 [alex birkett] I can't understand why my action, 'login' is being redirected to 'show'
305632 [eleanor game] You'll probably get a more useful answer from the rails mailing list,
305639 [alex birkett] Thanks for you response, I'll have to subscribe to the list.
305647 [eleanor game] I'm not a Rails expert so I'm sure someone will step in and correct

^ Advice for pluggable architecture
305629 [robert.dober] Dear list
305634 [shortcutter ] Hey, this sounds like fun!
305641 [robert.dober] Excellent point, that was what I wanted to avoid in the first place.
305648 [ara.t.howard] i rather like the concept of writing a custom filter entailing
305736 [robert.dober] Thank you both for your input, it showed me that in matter of fact my
305742 [shortcutter ] Are there any particularities about the kind of text processing that
305749 [robert.dober] Robert you just gave me the "simple" answer to what I really want, and
+ 305814 [shortcutter ] That's great to see that I could be of any help.
+ 305815 [mguterl gmai] Maybe you're thinking about http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/markaby/
+ 305817 [ara.t.howard] it's been done for you

^ I don't really understand inject
305630 [barton.micha] I think these methods should both do the same thing. The second works,
+ 305636 [Rob AgileCon] hash    # value of block will be the last expression
+ 305637 [jgabrielygal] an accumulator and one of the elements in the enumerable
  305643 [barton.micha] I see, I see, I see.
  305646 [robert.dober] Nice one, fortunately you did not ask for help on reduce (which is an

^ Why metaclasses?
305635 [jcoglan goog] I've dug around a little bit here but can't quite find the answer I'm
+ 305638 [shortcutter ] Ruby version 1.8.6
| 305686 [jcoglan goog] So x is a class, y is a class that inherits from x (which is to say, y
| 305702 [shortcutter ] Your quote: "Given that you cannot instantiate them [...]". :-)
| 305706 [sepp2k googl] What's wrong with that? You can't.
| 305716 [shortcutter ] Ah, we're running in that terminology issue again: for me Class is a
+ 305710 [calamitates ] Well, I don't think instantiability by itself is a requirement for a
  305714 [jcoglan goog] Singleton classes cannot be 'included' either, which is to say they cannot
  305718 [calamitates ] I don't know why exactly --only Matz knows-- but IMO the choice is
  + 305804 [shevegen lin] At times I wanted a language that does away with the distinction between
  | + 305830 [james.britt ] I wonder if Io fits the bill?
  | | 305838 [jcoglan goog] Possibly JavaScript fits the bill, as at its core it's simply composed of
  | + 305840 [Joerg.Mittag] The prototypical (SCNR) example for such a language would be Self (and
  + 305842 [Joerg.Mittag] Some time ago, during a discussion about the addition of a
    305843 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ [SUMMARY] Circle Drawing (#166)
305640 [matthew.moss] Okay, now perhaps I should have thought about this before giving the "Circle

^ Works on my machine, not on his machine after he edits
305642 [promos burch] This is weird.  I have a script I've written to reformat a file for this
305650 [doodpants ma] Offhand it looks to me like there's a problem with the script's line
+ 305652 [shortcutter ] On 19 Jun., 17:29, Karl von Laudermann <doodpa...@mailinator.com>
| 305662 [promos burch] Could be, but that seems strange.  Of course, the whole scenario is
+ 305653 [promos burch] Right.  I use TextWrangler and have my line-end setting to be Unix (LF).

^ Two Ruby equivalents to Powershell commands...
305651 [nick.calvert] Im in the process of transferring a bunch of script from powershell to
305668 [gthiesfeld g] I'm not sure that you need PSBASE outside of powershell, I could be
305721 [nick.calvert] Cheers Gordon, you are a life saver. Whilst im on the same subject, i am
305722 [jan.svitok g] This is how I create GUIDs (requires win32utils gem, might not be
305733 [nick.calvert] Thanks Jano. If you have a minute, do you think you could run through
305737 [jan.svitok g] (these are C functions from ole32.dll)

^ How to Have 46 Characters Show up In A Table Cell
305661 [atharshiraz ] So I have a background primarily in server side + basic front end. I
+ 305669 [jjbuckley gm] <em style='width: 46em'>That's not really a Ruby question, now, is it?</em>
| 305670 [atharshiraz ] Yes please accept my apologies again but I mentioned it because there
+ 305671 [ jupp gmx.de] fixed-width font and 46em should do ^^
  305675 [atharshiraz ] I tried 46em as width tag of the table td tag but sometimes its ok and
  305678 [jjbuckley gm] There are probably better write-ups on this somewhere, though.

^ Ruby Goodness at O'Reilly News
305665 [gregory.t.br] This is one-time announcement about a shift in my blogging schtuff.

^ How to load a Texture in Ruby-Opengl
305666 [onionblossom] I don't get it working in Ruby. I try to load a texture which works
305720 [jan.dvorak k] It works the same way as in C or other languages, you need library (like

^ Using win32api
305672 [tristin.colb] Can anyone point me in the right direction for some good, in depth examples

^ [ANN] ruby-community-announcements Mailing List
305673 [gregory.t.br] As an experiment, I created a Google Group dedicated specifically to
+ 305691 [james.britt ] chris2 created an RSS feed that only server up r-t items that contain
+ 305719 [mailing.mr g] For people that are tu stupid to create filter that moves everything
  305728 [jeremymcanal] care about the ANN/ADV stuff and don't care about the some of the
  305829 [mailing.mr g] Creating filter that removes everything else instead of moving to

^ Class question
305676 [tekmc hotmai] class Box
305677 [stefano.croc] The error is in the initialize method. Writing

^ Re: ruby-community-announcements Mailing List
305679 [rogerpack200] Might be even more useful if it auto CC'ed ruby talk, or had a one stop
+ 305683 [gregory.t.br] Let's see how it looks after a few weeks and then I might bring that
+ 305685 [murray.steel] I'm not poo-pooing the idea, but I've always found that a filter / mail rule

^ Re: Why ":symbol" failed but 'symbol' successed with JRuby 1
305680 [rogerpack200] might want to ask the jruby group

^ RegEx
305684 [tekmc hotmai] 1.1, 1.12, 12, 12.1 and 12.12
+ 305687 [nightphotos ] /(1?\d)?\d(\.\d\d?)?/
+ 305688 [martindemell] /^(100(\.0{1,2})?|(\d{1,2})?(\.\d{1,2})?)$/
+ 305689 [mikael hoilu] Perhaps try /\d?\d(\.\d\d?)?|100(\.00?)?/ (untested).
| 305693 [martindemell] fails for 2100.0123 - you need to anchor with ^ and $ or at least \D and \D
| 305694 [tekmc hotmai] /^(100(\.0{1,2})?|(\d{1,2})?(\.\d{1,2})?)$/
| 305704 [shortcutter ] Depending on the situation I'd probably just match floating point
+ 305726 [gareth.adams] I hate to wheel out this overused quote, but meh: ;)
  305745 [tekmc hotmai] Awesome, thanks for the help... I have one other regex question though,
  + 305747 [nightphotos ] Try
  + 305748 [prubel bbn.c] One interesting thing to note is that it will match 7.1 but not 7.11.
    305768 [dblack rubyp] And, in this case, the characters ( and ) :-)
    305770 [nightphotos ] Great observation!
    305775 [tekmc hotmai] Wonderful help guys!
    + 305776 [nightphotos ] Not to be picky, but I think you actually meant to place the
    + 305792 [dblack rubyp] They're grouping items. (And see Wayne's correction.)

^ create dynamic variable
305690 [nicolas.papo] is it possible in ruby to create dynamic variables like in php by doing
305705 [shortcutter ] This is usually an indication that you rather want a Hash.
305741 [krusty.ar gm] This was the way I dicovered arrays back when I was 11 years old. I

^ Net::SSH Force tty
305697 [shawnjan gma] Hey guys,
305701 [jjbuckley gm] Umm.. Ruby isn't a shell. Can you please explain what you want to do, exactly?
305754 [shawnjan gma] Well, I want to use Net::SSH with ruby to excecute some commands via
305758 [chris nodnol] and search for "request_pty" (assuming you're on the current v2

^ Eventmachine parameters to post_init
305707 [leslieviljoe] I have a module which EventMachine mixes in to implement a UDP server.
305708 [leslieviljoe] Nevermind, I see you can get EventMachine to make use of a class

^ rbconfig not indicating correct ruby-dev libaries locations
305725 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
305743 [ara.t.howard] package managers *often* completely hose rbconfig since it ends up

^ Ruby 1.9.0/1.8.7/1.8.6/1.8.5 new releases (Security Fix)
305727 [shyouhei rub] Some vulnerabilities were found on Ruby, one of which allow attackers to
+ 305808 [jg connectio] Any chance to get more detailed information about the security
| 305809 [gelios gmail] check patches?
| 305816 [mperham gmai] The new 1.8.6 release does not appear to work with Rails (2.0.2 in our
+ 305866 [x-ruby-forum] "Detailed"?
+ 305893 [igal pragmat] All versions of MRI Ruby that claim to fix the vulnerabilities are
| + 305900 [tom.hurst cl] FreeBSD backported the relevent patches to 1.8.6 p111, perhaps use
| | 305903 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the information, Thomas. Could you or someone else with
| | + 305917 [roberto REMO] Ollivier ROBERT -=- EEC/RIF/SEU -=-
| | | 305919 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the assistance. That FreeBSD web site's UI sucks. Their "Get
| | | + 305927 [stas FreeBSD] =20
| | | + 305930 [stas FreeBSD] You rocks! The file you trying to get has only a single revision, and
| | |   305935 [igal pragmat] According to
| | |   305942 [stas FreeBSD] ported both.
| | + 305967 [tom.hurst cl] rspec runs fine, though I needed to modify a regexp to work with my
| |   305969 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the update.
| |   305970 [igal pragmat] It's great watching this come together. Thanks to Stanislav and Hongli's
| |   + 305999 [hongli phusi] Does anybody have access to the CVE details? Selecting patches based on
| |   + 306017 [znmeb cesmai] I've posted some links to the Gentoo Linux Bugzilla
| |     + 306022 [znmeb cesmai] How about openSUSE? I just moved the Linux side of my dual-booted laptop
| |     + 306037 [igal pragmat] Thanks for contacting them, seems like there's some activity over there
| + 306009 [phil.ross gm] It looks like a fix for the segmentation faults was committed on 21 June
| | 306036 [igal pragmat] Phil, thanks for posting the link and patch.
| | 306061 [phil.ross gm] Igal,
| | 306063 [igal pragmat] Ah, thanks for the update.
| | 306077 [rst ai.mit.e] Well, as noted earlier, really understanding this code requires
| + 306010 [rst ai.mit.e] FWIW, I managed to get 1.8.6p230 all the way through a Rails 2.0
|   306044 [igal pragmat] We may have a winner!
|   307157 [rfunk funkne] I was running Ruby-1.8.6-p230 with this patch for about a week on our
|   307227 [barjunk attg] So I've seen a bunch of different ideas about what folks should
|   308262 [mberrow1 pac] If I want to use a 1.8.6 which solves the security issues but does not
|   308482 [mberrow1 pac] Uhmmm, should I have asked this on core?
+ 305895 [brian.andrew] When will the binaries for the latest 1.8.7 patchlevel be available for
+ 305934 [hongli phusi] We at Phusion have just released Ruby Enterprise Edition (pardon the
  305936 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the quick response and for publishing the patch. However, are
  305943 [hongli phusi] Now that you mention it, Keita Yamaguchi sent me an eval.c security
  + 305947 [stas FreeBSD] eval.c doesn't pose a security fix as safe_level isn't secure by design.
  | 305949 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the updates.
  | + 305953 [hongli phusi] So is my patch set now complete, or is there still something missing? I
  | + 305955 [stas FreeBSD] Sorry for the silly mistake, it's been a long=20
  + 305956 [igal pragmat] The analysis Zed Shaw described in his blog was based on reviewing all
    306045 [igal pragmat] We have another potential winning solution!
    + 306072 [rst ai.mit.e] Well, if we want the Japanese team to be more rigorous in applying test
    | + 306082 [chessmess gm] Any idea when the Windows one-click installer will be updated to Ruby
    | + 306135 [igal pragmat] People have reported that the current versions are broken on every
    |   306137 [dsisnero gma] Maybe you should try posting a issue on the new redmine bug tracker
    |   306139 [igal pragmat] I've added a ticket on RedMine and it sent out a broadcast to ruby-dev.
    |   + 306214 [jcrystal gma] Just wanted to say that we all appreciate those fixes you guys have been
    |   | 306273 [shevegen lin] Please don't speak for everyone. I personally rather not want to be
    |   | 306289 [igal pragmat] That's nice. I have companies that depend on me to deliver applications
    |   | 306290 [znmeb cesmai] ...
    |   | 306299 [igal pragmat] Thanks for the reminder.
    |   | 306308 [ler lerctr.o] Has anyone ported this "fix patch" to 1.8.5-p231?  I get patch errors
    |   | 306324 [igal pragmat] I haven't heard of any such effort.
    |   | 306336 [ler lerctr.o] We have one RoR app that is basically unmaintained.  I'll see if it'll
    |   | + 306337 [igal pragmat] I've personally confirmed that both the Stanislav Sedov and Hongli Lai's
    |   | + 306341 [ler lerctr.o] 1.8.6-p230 + http://dev.smartleaf.com/misc/p230_fixit_patch.txt
    |   |   306444 [zerohalo gma] Has anyone tried the latest 1.8.6. releases p231 through p236 to see if
    |   + 306477 [mberrow1 pac] I've been watching http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/199
    |     306497 [igal pragmat] Good news: Urabe Shyouhei responded and fixed the segmentation faults in
    + 306516 [canaclerio g] Could somebody please explain how to apply the Smartleaf Stanislav and
    | 306518 [jcrystal gma] 2. Download the patch here (and and stick it in the ruby-1.8.6-p230
    | 306520 [igal pragmat] Jason, thanks for the explanation. However, I'd argue against that last
    | + 306521 [jcrystal gma] Igal,
    | + 306525 [canaclerio g] Ok, I took the stow route and followed the steps below.  However, now
    |   306531 [igal pragmat] The problem is that the copy of RubyGems installed via Yum
    |   + 306546 [canaclerio g] Thanks, Igal!  So when I want to go back to using /usr/bin/ruby and it's
    |   | 306548 [igal pragmat] Not quite. When you want to get rid of a version, first tell stow to
    |   | 306785 [roland.mai g] I run Arch and just upgraded to ruby-1.8.7_p22 but it seems the string
    |   + 306949 [canaclerio g] Are you sure these are the right steps for installing gems for the
    |     307012 [igal pragmat] Cheri,
    + 307002 [dougalcorn g] Our production Rails environment has been having some memory problems
      307016 [igal pragmat] Thanks for reporting that, Doug.
      307019 [dougalcorn g] Not only to the community, but also my client.  I've been working on it
      + 307025 [igal pragmat] Your findings may be very important. Most people are running versions of
      | 307081 [znmeb cesmai] "watch" is for wimps ... just about every Linux system has "top". :)
      + 307040 [igal pragmat] I've got potentially bad news according to Robin Ward at
      | 307057 [igal pragmat] There are bugs in the Ruby interpreter that cause it to leak memory.
      + 307082 [znmeb cesmai] I've never used it, but I believe "valgrind" is the tool one uses to
        307144 [rst ai.mit.e] In many cases, yes --- but I tried it for the 1.8.6-p230 segfault
        + 307146 [rst ai.mit.e] [ stuff that got mangled by the line-wrapper at ruby-forum.com. ]
        + 307182 [znmeb cesmai] "I love it when a plan comes together". :) Jessee Hallett was talking

^ Some quastions about Webby
305730 [komarov.anto] I want to build my oown simple application based on Webby for making
+ 305731 [stephen.dunc] -Stephen
+ 305732 [tommy.morgan] Anton;

^ Ruby upgrade in Mac OS X Leopard
305734 [Guillermo.Ac] I am working with the standard Ruby delivered within Mac OS X Leopard. It
+ 305740 [stadtkind2 g] I don't think anybody here will recommend touching apple's ruby version,
| 305752 [Guillermo.Ac] Thanks for your answer Stefan.
| 306130 [charles.nutt] Soon! JRuby 1.1.3 will have a --1.9 flag that allows you to switch
| 306291 [Guillermo.Ac] Good to know it Charlie!
+ 305765 [drbrain segm] I would just grab the tarball for 1.9 and run ./configure --program-
  305767 [Carey.Nation] [Nation, Carey]=20
  305833 [nick wundrba] Dan Benjamin has a very clear walkthrough on installing Ruby from

^ variable corruption when using ioctl?
305735 [asussex goog] I'm attempting to read the address assigned to an interface. After
305744 [decoux moulo] Well, on linux it can't know the size of the argument given to
305922 [asussex goog] So I guess I'm seeing bits of irb's memory because the extended part

^ Ruby and OpenTransport.h:723
305739 [sandro.pagan] While trying to run ogre.rb (but the same problem seems to appear also with

^ One strange question
305750 [dezertir pos] Ruby.
+ 305753 [deo.manish g] You are great.
+ 305937 [fox nscl.msu] It all depends on how you use them.
+ 305938 [pjb informat] Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
+ 305941 [lloyd 2live4] While it is not clear what level of expertise you indicate when you say
  305998 [dezertir pos] Thanks Manish.

^ Regular expressions and long text
305751 [Guillermo.Ac] I've started with Ruby a month ago and I am doing some works with strings
+ 305763 [sandro.pagan] I did not understand if you want to split the string on the full stop
| 305798 [jjbuckley gm] You can split on a regex for a full-stop followed by (optional) whitespace.
| 307237 [hassan.schro] Very late to this thread, but...
+ 306046 [noone nowher] [cut]
| 306049 [gelios gmail] even more simple
+ 306147 [jazzezravi g] I think u expect this output.. so pls try it..
  307228 [carloshrsouz] If you want to stick to a regex based solution.