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305380 [moneymakecas] DIGITAL TV    http://digitaltvtech.blogspot.com

^ syntax change for 1.9?
305381 [rogerpack200] case 3
305382 [nobu ruby-la] Using a colon instead of `then' wasn't an official feature.
305384 [rogerpack200] Thanks!

^ Can I find out the memory used by an object?
305398 [robert.hulme] I'm 99% sure the answer to that question is no, but I thought I'd ask anyway :-)
305400 [shevegen lin] Good question :)
305439 [shortcutter ] This comes up from time to time.  If you think about it for a moment
+ 305445 [robert.dober] I think it could be defined, however I do not know if this is useful,
| 305486 [shortcutter ] Exactly what I mean: a simple definition is more often than not useless
| + 305572 [robert.dober] As simple as possible, but not simpler.
| + 305573 [robert.dober] Stupid me, you said indeed it is pretty hard to define, and not that
|   305575 [shevegen lin] What about really simple objects?
|   + 305592 [nicholasmabr] I agree with the previous responses. The overriding concern with this
|   + 305601 [shortcutter ] They are probably pretty easy to memory diagnose.  But even they can be
+ 305485 [ninja slapha] I think this is analagous to a filesystem structure. It is possible to do
  305503 [shortcutter ] That's a good analogy for reasoning about this topic.  But there are
  + 305544 [ninja slapha] Noting that du won't count hardlink'd files more than once, it seems your
  | 305600 [shortcutter ] Exactly.  They would work but the output would be less meaningful or
  + 305546 [bramski gmai] It sounds to me like you want to patch ruby's garbage collection.

^ Uniqid(php) for ruby:
305404 [444ert666 gm] $uniq_id = md5(uniqid(time()));
+ 305419 [davebass mus] Coming from Perl, I use a combination of the system time and the process
+ 305425 [hassan.schro] prompt%  gem list --remote --no-update-sources  | grep uuid

^ Ruby & WMI (win32ole)
305408 [nick.calvert] First off, hello :) New to the community, looks very helpful and active
305513 [masaki.suket] I have not used Powershell, so I'm not sure, but

^ Wrong load path and/or require
305423 [remigillig g] I am just messing around with Ruby and its internals. I am embedding
305867 [remigillig g] - it works perfectly under Ubuntu 8.04 and GCC 4.1
306006 [remigillig g] OK, nobody helped in any way, but I found out why it did that.

^ Authentic Designer Handbags at www. yoyobag.com
305428 [kalra.shrut ] Authentic Designer Handbags at www. yoyobag.com

^ Avoiding copies of method arguments
305433 [tekmc hotmai] v = 'abc'
+ 305436 [schreiber.ar] No, this will not send a copy of v to some_method, but v itself.
| 305437 [tekmc hotmai] Great, thanks so much!
+ 305438 [nefigah gmai] irb >> def change(str)

^ Is there any way to package a Ruby Shoes app into an .exe File?
305434 [fischer.jan ] It's not really very redistributable if I have to tell people to
305487 [ninja slapha] I do hope you provide it that way, too, though, seeing as Ruby and Shoes run
308021 [vircheck gma] it's easy!

^ Amrita : how to define the field VALUE of the tag INPUT.
305435 [randy11 free] I'm using Amrita to build a FORM with some "<INPUT  ...>" fields, I
305497 [ pm ubit.com] I'm not quite sure what you are wanting to do as you only gave an html
305501 [randy11 free] You 're right !

^ Regular Expressions
305440 [tekmc hotmai] file,
+ 305442 [jgabrielygal] I think there's some information missing here: how many of
+ 305443 [shortcutter ] Yes, that's easy, just /./ as an expression.
  305519 [davebass mus] The problem with regular expressions is that they can easily get out of
  305524 [shortcutter ] Actually the RX I presented was not complete and was intended to

^ ANN: Sequel 2.1.0 Released
305444 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
305475 [sgwong513 ho] Can I use sequel for MSSQL database?
+ 305476 [no spam.plea] Yes, preferably using the ADO adapter on Windows, or the ODBC one on others.
+ 305477 [ttmrichter g] Are there ADO or ODBC drivers for MSSQL?  (Hint: yes.)

^ parsing text into usablle numerical data
305446 [weedmasterp ] Hey total ruby n00b here...
305462 [jgabrielygal] If you need a "name" for the entry then you might be thinking of a hash, in
305489 [shortcutter ] s.
305538 [weedmasterp ] that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the very elegant
305545 [weedmasterp ] Still having some problems with this program. I'm getting a TypeError
+ 305547 [weedmasterp ] oh... and also, I'm not sure exactly how idx is being incremented?
+ 305552 [chris.hulan ] looks like the blank line between records is the culprit
| 305554 [dblack rubyp] That scan/map/compact! line is still wrong. The block should go with
| 305558 [weedmasterp ] read_data.rb:72:in `[]=': no implicit conversion from nil to integer
| + 305560 [dblack rubyp] The scan(/\d+/) will scan for digits, and will ignore everything else,
| + 305603 [shortcutter ] Your condition for next is pretty weak because it will let all lines
|   305644 [weedmasterp ] Thank you all for the valuable suggestions.
+ 305553 [dblack rubyp] There won't be any nils in the array resulting from line.scan(/\d+/).

^ scaffold doesnt work...
305447 [manish_leo g] i issue the following command at terminal...
305459 [manish_leo g] guess what i updated rails version to 1.2.6 and aprevious problem get
305460 [manish_leo g] hey got solution to my problem ....

^ detect if required or executed?
305448 [  i 0x09.com] Is anyone aware of a way to detect if a file has been required from
+ 305449 [vjoel path.b] There was a good discussion recently about making sure only one instance
| 305451 [vjoel path.b] Oops, I think Ara answered the right question...
+ 305450 [ara.t.howard] executed = __FILE__ == $0
  305461 [  i 0x09.com] clever, thanks!

^ No rmagick after update
305452 [macacoangel ] Some days ago I've updated my kubuntu and my ruby server just stop,  I

^ Re: Why "Dir[*.rb]" doesn't get files ordered by name? [SOLVED]
305453 [ibc aliax.ne] Dir["hdr_*.rb"].sort.each do |file|

^ [ANN] meow 1.1.0 Released
305454 [aaron tender] meow version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ send_file confusion
305463 [lynnlobash y] Anyone see where I am going wrong here?
+ 305464 [ryand-ruby z] you're sending a rails-related question to the ruby list instead of
+ 305482 [jjbuckley gm] I'm guessing your uploads table doesn't have a string column called "filename".

^ regex: splitting conditionally on |
305465 [travis.hume ] I'm parsing mediawiki markup and I'd like to split a multi-line string
+ 305492 [shortcutter ] str.scan %r{
+ 305496 [sepp2k googl] str.split /\s*\|\s*(?=\s*\w+\s*=)/
  305543 [travis.hume ] On Jun 18, 12:35=A0am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>

^ quick question about how array objects are handled
305467 [chanceusc gm] Btw, thanks in advance for any help - this community seems great!
+ 305469 [teleolurian ] I don't think there's an in place editor for delete_if, so you'd want
| + 305488 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3]
| + 305506 [shortcutter ] You could as well do
+ 305470 [stephen.celi] You want array.delete_if
  305478 [chanceusc gm] Thanks guys, I apperciate it - these.. dynamic methods (is that what
  + 305479 [ara.t.howard] they are normal functions but one's which take anonymous functions
  | 305491 [dblack rubyp] I'd leave room, though, for the fact that in Ruby, you can provide a
  + 305490 [dblack rubyp] The methods that expect a code block as part of the method call are
    305507 [shortcutter ] Yes, but not in all cases.  The presence of the block does not tell
    305521 [dblack rubyp] I said "typically" :-) One lesson at a time....

^ Object not missing constant... what am I doing wrong?
305468 [teleolurian ] decided it would be a good idea to put all my models into subfolders,
305480 [jjbuckley gm] Looks like you're trying to reinvent something that Rails already
+ 305481 [jjbuckley gm] oops, didn't mean to double-post, sowwy.
+ 305539 [teleolurian ] Thank you very much! Adding module namespaces around the model classes

^ [ANN] miniunit 1.2.1 Released
305471 [ryand-ruby z] miniunit version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] ZenTest 3.10.0 Released
305472 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 3.10.0 has been released!

^ errors with hawler gem on os x 10.5
305473 [margrymouse-] install --source http://spoofed.org/files/hawler/ hawler) and got it
305474 [drbrain segm] There is no shebang, so the file was run with sh.
305493 [margrymouse-] As expected, that did the trick.
305528 [margrymouse-] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ADV] New episodes of the Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming screencast are up...
305483 [dave pragpro] Episode 4, on instance_ and class_eval, and episode 5, which shows 9
305484 [vjoel path.b] Episode 5. It is a dark time for the rubellion...

^ [ANN] hoe 1.6.0 Released
305494 [ryand zenspi] hoe version 1.6.0 has been released!

^ newbie
305495 [pavan_mane r] i am a newbie to the world of Ruby, i intend to use ruby in testing
305534 [damnbigman g] You might want to use something like ScRubyt (http://scrubyt.org/) or
305786 [pavan_mane r] Thank you for the immediate reply!

^ Re: New episodes of the Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming screencast are up...
305500 [shevegen lin] lol

^ hash, key, problem...
305502 [psy matt-sch] I cant get something done since a while. Its very basic stuff.. :(
+ 305504 [shortcutter ] Then just put the names in the Hash as keys.
| 305509 [psy matt-sch] *blush*
+ 305505 [srijayanth g] hash={:name => "John Doe", :age => 23}
  305511 [psy matt-sch] Yeah, this would work, but now there is another problem - it dont prints

^ Newcomer
305508 [sumayah.hame] I am a newcomer to ruby on rails. I am looking for tutorials on
+ 305532 [damnbigman g] If you are doing ruby on rails you will want to post on the rails boards.
| 305597 [sumayah.hame] Thanks alot.......much appreciated
+ 305541 [elizabethbar] This may be helpful to you...
  305598 [sumayah.hame] Thanks alot....will have  a look

^ SOAP4R: running wsdl2ruby server/client as https
305512 [duncan.stuar] Is it possible to run a StandaloneServer over HTTPS?

^ Unicode characters in ruby
305515 [martin angle] Dear all,

^ gsub and regex
305516 [tomcloyd com] I'm trying to replace all /\n / with /\n/ in a string, but gsub won't
305517 [stefano.croc] I'm not sure I understand you. Do you want to replace all newline charactes
305520 [tomcloyd com] Man, this list is absolutely amazing. Here I am programming at 4:30 in

^ Using qt ruby
305522 [flukus gmail] I'm not particularly new to ruby or QT but I'm having trouble getting
305523 [stefano.croc] Which version of QtRuby are you using? I'm using an old version from KDE4 svn
305540 [richard.j.da] I changed ExtraSelection to a Ruby Struct for the QtRuby 1.4.10
305620 [flukus gmail] On Jun 19, 2:38 am, "richard.j.d...@gmail.com"

^ DNS-SD Gem (0.6.0) on OSX Leopard 10.5.3
305526 [levandon gma] charset=US-ASCII;
305533 [levandon gma] I was in error in my last email. In fact, DNSSD.browse is returning

^ Accessing Parent class
305527 [philcooperki] Okay I am a rails  guys coming over to ruby, perhaps the wrong way
305529 [mguterl gmai] attr_reader :monster
305535 [philcooperki] thanks :)

^ Please connect with me :)
305531 [thucdat hotm] I looked for you on Reunion.com, but you weren't there. Please connect with me so we can keep in touch.

^ Why ":symbol" failed but 'symbol' successed with JRuby 1.0.3?
305542 [songmash gma] I was running the test cases from Rails 1.2.6 Action Pack. The full text
308615 [charles.nutt] You really ought to be using JRuby 1.1.x...1.0.3 is the last maintenance

^ Rather validate values or use exceptions?
305557 [forum josh.c] I'm working on a little Rails application and have a general coding
+ 305566 [eleanor game] I'd tend to use the second version but conceivably performance gains
+ 305567 [ara.t.howard] the first method is a classic race condition.  if you care about
| 305568 [forum josh.c] After googling for Race Condition I guess I know now what this should
| 305571 [ara.t.howard] try to find it, if it doesn't race an exception you're all good.
| 305576 [robert.dober] the
| 305577 [forum josh.c] Thanks to you all, guys, always happy to learn something new :-)
| 305590 [ssmoot gmail] Yes, the second example. Because not finding the record for a known
| + 305595 [ara.t.howard] only when they occur - having a rescue block defined cost next to
| | 305656 [ssmoot gmail] =A0
| + 305599 [robert.dober] Another point might be which exceptions to rescue!
+ 305570 [ara.t.howard] realized i should have been a bit more clear, you have at least two

^ regular expression
305561 [petrdupovnik] string = "some miscellaneous text [sdfsdf.wer], some more miscellaneous text
+ 305563 [sepp2k googl] "some miscellaneous text [sdfsdf.wer], some more miscellaneous text
| 305569 [robert.dober] scan( /\[(.*?)\]/ ).flatten
| 305631 [kyleaschmitt] Often it's a good idea just because it keeps you from using explicit
+ 305564 [kyleaschmitt] string.scan /(\[[^\]]*\])/
  305565 [petrdupovnik] Perfect.

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^ Threads and synchronized access to an array
305574 [bob.bobrov g] ===============================================
305579 [Rob AgileCon] require 'thread'
+ 305580 [Rob AgileCon] snip
+ 305619 [bob.bobrov g] Thank you, exactly what I need!

^ Ruby lib to make a net use connection
305578 [tristin.colb] Can someone point me to a Win32 module that can do net use commands from
305587 [cowkiller123] There are some ssh gems and alike on gems repos, if that's what you are
305588 [tristin.colb] I'm not looking for anything ssh. :)  I'm trying to stay away from using

^ Add new text to files
305582 [chris.m.conl] I'm trying to insert new text into the middle of a file with the
+ 305584 [cowkiller123] file = File.open("file.rb", "r+")
| 305585 [Rob AgileCon] Uh, no, that would just cause the writes to go the end of the file.
+ 305596 [dezertir pos] Try count lines, and when line = (what do you want, exmaple 10),
+ 305667 [jjbuckley gm] To edit a file in place, you could try something like
  305674 [chris.m.conl] def gsub_file(path, regexp, *args, &block)

^ Ruby/GD2: generate image that strictly fits a text
305589 [jmetillon gm] I'm trying to use GD2::Image and GD2::Font::TrueType to get an image to

^ Detect non-ascii substrings in a file
305594 [killy971 gma] I have files encoded in Shift_JIS, that mainly contains JSP source
305617 [fox nscl.msu] Any character that has the top bit clear is potentially valid ascii,

^ glimmer: jruby + swt
305604 [martindemell] A nice addition to the list of ruby GUI toolkits

^ Presentation on Ruby, require suggestions
305605 [srijayanth g] My company has a policy which requires that at least one person
+ 305609 [shevegen lin] Contrast Ruby for common problems and contrast it with perl and php :)
| 305611 [srijayanth g] Good idea. Know of any DSL that I don't have to build from scratch? :)
| 305613 [jjbuckley gm] A presentation based around Why's Poignant Guide To Ruby might be good
| 305615 [srijayanth g] I did consider it, and while it is hilarious and why the lucky stiff
+ 305612 [robert.dober] This is a marvelous idea, we once implemented it informally amongst
| 305616 [srijayanth g] Thank you Robert.
+ 305618 [fox nscl.msu] The Beatle's LSD experience sounds like a better topic ;-)
| 305622 [robert.dober] I protest LSD is not even open source :)
| 305628 [shortcutter ] Isn't it amazing that apparently they have people in their company
+ 305654 [mneumann nte] I held an introductory presentation about Ruby a few month ago, which
| 305660 [srijayanth g] I will take a look at this.
+ 305663 [lloyd 2live4] What about the classic ruby on rails demo?
+ 305664 [lloyd 2live4] I want to add that I think that this is a wonderful thing and wish that

^ JAX - it's all about Technology, Architecture, Agility
305606 [nitind sda-a] JAX (http://jax-conf.com/) is the the most comprehensive conference on

^ Re: openssl error - ubuntu
305614 [james islets] Thanks a lot pal, it worked perfectly for me too. I had the same openssl
305645 [shevegen lin] So much for distribution's package managers making your life easier,
305709 [lucas lucas-] I don't think anybody reported a bug about that to Ubuntu or Debian. And
305876 [gdprasad gma] from source of ruby-1.8.6 or ruby-1.8.7 after Ubuntu-8.04 fresh install.
313033 [nate wiger.o] 1) Compile SSL from scratch
323402 [lasiksurgery] What does this error message on my blog mean?
331711 [david seattl] If you'd rather not build form source, just do this (it worked for me on

^ Texture/image similarity with ruby? (computer vision)
305623 [pikEISPAMMMs] Still no luck so far, still looking. Anyone?
+ 305626 [AEtzold gmx.] well, what does similarity of two images/textures mean for you ?
| 305921 [pikEISPAMMMs] Perceptual similarity as a human subject would experience it. Let me
| + 305946 [kyleaschmitt] If I'm recalling properly, a lot of research has had success doing
| + 305952 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Casimir,
+ 305627 [znmeb cesmai] First step -- define the image processing algorithms that do what you want.
+ 305723 [fox nscl.msu] Uh well this is a >HARD< research project. I would not expect an
+ 305957 [chris.hulan ] Have you seen Camellia (http://camellia.sourceforge.net/index.html)?
+ 305962 [ara.t.howard] and another