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Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24 and 4.25 - help !
30512 [alexandre.ab] i have been programming Ruby for a few months now and i have started using it
30525 [Dave@Pr gm t] 1. What happens when you manually telnet to the two different

Re: APT-like RAA? (was: Re: snippet exchange)
30515 [list@ch om t] apt-get install program-name<RET>
30527 [elanthis@aw ] If you wanted to Keep It Simple, why have both raa-get and raa-cache?  A
30541 [list@ch om t] Yes, you're right, I was just mimicing Debian's standard tools.  I
30544 [elanthis@aw ] Ah.  Last time I used feta, it sucked.  A lot.  ^,^  I don't think I'll
+ 30568 [list@ch om t] Either nice or ugly, being GUI would be enough to cut it out from the
| 30573 [esteve@si do] Hmmm, I think there's another approach. What about using EPM? EPM is the
| 30585 [list@ch om t] Uhmmm... not easy to consider this.  Let's see.
+ 30570 [baasad@qu li] did you try "synaptic" IMHO it hits the sopt ;)

working with config. files
30519 [petr.fischer] I need read values from my own configuration files. Where I found
+ 30522 [Stephan.Kaem] Hava a look at the RAA at
+ 30526 [ysantoso@je ] YS.
+ 30552 [nconway@kl m] If you need a more advanced solution than the INI file modules already

Meaning of \G (was: Re: Efficient "lexing" in Ruby (maybe an RCR?))
30523 [1010854868.2] Yes, this works, thanks.  Strangely, the "String#index with \G"
30649 [nobu.nokada@] Hmmm, you might test with -K option?

Possible bug with struct.c (Re:  Re: Structs and Marshalling)
30528 [decoux@mo lo] Unfortunately not, the smallest example is given by
30546 [nobu.nokada@] Another solution is to call rb_clear_cache_by_id() when a
+ 30603 [matz@ru y- a] Could you commit this patch?
| 30639 [matz@ru y- a] Oops, rb_clear_cache_by_id() should be called regardless of
| 30643 [nobu.nokada@] Exactly.
| 30745 [nobu.nokada@] This patch makes rb_define_method() and so on, but I guess it
+ 30610 [decoux@mo lo] yes, but you clear the cache for all ID and not only for the ID and the
  30648 [nobu.nokada@] I guess this change can be a problem only when a certain class

addign class attr reader in C extension
30529 [petr.fischer] #include "ruby.h"
30531 [decoux@mo lo] rb_define_attr(CLASS_OF(self), "str", Qtrue, Qtrue);
30545 [nobu.nokada@] class Plugin2

Re : Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24 and 4.25 - help !
30535 [alexandre.ab] Thank you very much for your help,

[ANN] RDoc Alpha-6 available
30539 [Dave@Pr gm t] RDoc is a Javadoc-alike documentation tool for Ruby source.
+ 30551 [tobiasreif@p] Looking very good!
| 30569 [Dave@Pr gm t] I've done it (it's in the latest CVS) but it's a bit ugly. Is there a
| + 30578 [rich@in oe h] break each title into their own frame with a fixed height
| | 30591 [Dave@Pr gm t] But how do I know the height?
| | 30593 [rich@in oe h] <html>
| | 30595 [Dave@Pr gm t] Right, but is that acceptable, having a fixed size bar for a variable
| | 30596 [rich@in oe h] Well if you want to make a bitmap that has the title on it that will
| + 30620 [tobiasreif@p] Dave,
+ 30559 [tobiasreif@p] 1.
| 30567 [Dave@Pr gm t] Thanks!
| 30611 [tobiasreif@p] Dave,
| 30657 [Dave@Pr gm t] RDoc now let's you call RDoc programmatically
+ 30617 [tobiasreif@p] Dave,
  30661 [W.L.Kleb@La ] Actually, I don't like the source button.
  + 30663 [tobiasreif@p] I like it.
  + 30665 [Dave@Pr gm t] That would work too - is it obvious that it brings up the source?
  + 30829 [jbrunjes@ct ] To me the source pop-up feels a bit clunky.
    + 30834 [nakahiro@sa ] Current CVS version renders inline.
    + 30868 [Dave@Pr gm t] This is now on the features-request list at SourceForge.
      + 30871 [tobiasreif@p] =>
      | 30876 [Dave@Pr gm t] Fixed.
      + 30910 [jbrunjes@ct ] Yes, this new look and feel seems nice and clean!
        + 30913 [Dave@Pr gm t] You can! It looks for http:// ftp:, mailto: and www. If an HTTP url
        | 31027 [200201171614] What if the image isn't on any web site, but on the local disk?  E.g.,
        + 30924 [curt@hi bs c] Is it possible to get the RDoc output with html frames? When you use frames
          30925 [tobiasreif@p] (did you mean 'without'?)

dynamic variable
30542 [benoit.cerri] in the ruby source, I don't understand why in the rb_dvar_curr
30616 [decoux@mo lo] Well, if you want to know such things, it's best to have a node dumper
30685 [benoit.cerri] will
+ 30686 [decoux@mo lo] eval.c ? :-)
+ 30687 [matz@ru y- a] because the first var->id (ruby_dyna_vars->id) is always null.  It's

re: possible addition to rubycookbook.org
30547 [colin@co in ] I'm all for it.  The site intended as a service to the community.

30554 [ralph.mason@] ...
30557 [nat.pryce@b1] ...

ANN: Aruna DB
30555 [mdavis@se ai] If you downloaded Aruna DB and you are running Ruby 1.6.5 or 1.6.6 you

Ambiguous result making the latest snapshot.
30556 [gehlker@fa t] But "make test" says: says it succeeded
30561 [ptkwt@sh ll ] What is MOSX?  I don't see it in the RAA.
+ 30564 [armin@ap ro ] Most likely: maybe a file timestamp is newer than the actual date.
| 30582 [gehlker@fa t] Well this was the advice I needed to track down the problem. It's actually a
+ 30565 [tobiasreif@p] Mac OS X ?
| 30579 [gehlker@fa t] Yep.
+ 30580 [gehlker@fa t] Yeah. See the response to the next message.

Globals and passed objects (dRuby)
30566 [ptkwt@sh ll ] This is related to an application of the Ruby Distributor.

Re: Globals and passed objects (fixed)
30571 [ptkwt@sh ll ] class Tool

[ANN] HTML/FillInForm 0.21
30574 [ikebe@ed e. ] I have released HTML/FillInForm 0.21

Windows XP?
30576 [bobx@li ux a] Any problems running Ruby on Windows XP?

eruby only generates text/plain
30581 [mmaciaszek@g] I compiled mod_ruby with eruby. Compiling went find and the
30586 [sean@ch tt n] Eh, just a guess, but I think your httpd.conf isn't correct.
30589 [mmaciaszek@g] You're right. The error disappeared. But I still have problems
30597 [sean@ch tt n] If you're seeing (verbatum) <% puts "blah" %>, then you need something
30622 [mmaciaszek@g] Setting the content-type explicitly finally helped. I also
30651 [sean@ch tt n] Do you still have the source sitting around?
30652 [mmaciaszek@g] Yes, that works correctly.
30653 [sean@ch tt n] Nope, not really.  I was really hoping that'd come back as text/plain,
30667 [mmaciaszek@g] <0>fastjack@fuchi[7]:~$ echo -e "GET /hello.rhtml HTTP/1.0\n" |

Re: RDoc Alpha-6 available
30588 [nahi@ke na t] I get the new package and update http://rrr.jin.gr.jp/doc/ .
30594 [Dave@Pr gm t] Thanks! That bug (and a related problem parsing yield parameters) is
30598 [nahi@ke na t] All clear now.  Excellent!
30600 [Dave@Pr gm t] Not your fault - I fixed it based on your bug report and then checked
30626 [nahi@ke na t] What a quick fix...
30636 [Dave@Pr gm t] Yes - that's a good idea. I'll work on it.

[ANN] RubyCocoa 0.2.1
30601 [hisa@fo j. o] * Using Ruby thread in a RubyCocoa application is enable.

Another RDoc-6 Bug
30607 [jweirich@on ] Only func1 is listed in the HTML for the following  ....
+ 30625 [Dave@Pr gm t] By coincidence I'm fixing this right now. I'll probably make a new
+ 30633 [Dave@Pr gm t] I just checked a fix into sourceforge. It's currently only available
  30690 [jweirich@on ] Thanks.  It works for me now.  Great job on RDoc!

Don't install RubyCocoa 0.2.1 (was Re: [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.2.1)
30608 [hisa@im sy o] Sorry. the install script of this release 0.2.1 have *SERIOUS

Announcing Log4r - A flexible logger for Ruby
30613 [leon@ug s. a] in Ruby, my logging system began to resemble a certain Apache project. One

Re: [ANN] Log4r - A flexible logger for Ruby
30614 [leon@ug s. a] Whoops, forgot to add the [ANN] tag... I hope whatever daemon listens for

[ANN] RubyCocoa 0.2.2
30615 [hisa@im sy o] RubyCocoa 0.2.2 was released. It is checking whether a problem occurs

"Ruby Way" has many sample pages at amazon.com
30619 [mjais@we .d ] just saw at
30621 [harryo@zi wo] I received my copy this afternoon.  This is a brilliant book!

Problem with OpenGL for Ruby
30623 [isambart@ne ] I am new using Ruby and I would like to use OpenGL for Ruby. I tried
30675 [martin@ma si] I can build the opengl module from http://www2.giganet.net/~yoshi/
30830 [isambart@ne ] Thanks. I watched the Makefiles and as I was building it by hand, I

Child_changed with PTY
30630 [jfontan@ce g] I've been playing with pty, expect and Expecter (from Matz) but now I allwais

chaining methods
30631 [tobiasreif@p] I'm looking for a nice way to chain methods in an API I'm writing.
+ 30632 [paul@at es .] When I look at this, it confuses me.  First of all, why does r.width=5
+ 30634 [dblack@ca dl] I agree entirely with Paul, but one other thing....  In #height=,
  30635 [tobiasreif@p] because

Once again, Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24
30637 [alexandre.ab] (this thread follows my previous post yesterday).
30638 [decoux@mo lo] Well, have you try to have a dump log, to see why it fail ?

Re : Once again, Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24
30641 [alexandre.ab] 10,
30642 [decoux@mo lo] Here the problem it wait for "Password:" and not "password:"

An Update on the FreeRIDE Project
30644 [curt@hi bs c] I wanted to give everyone an update on where we are with the FreeRIDE
+ 30655 [bobx@li ux a] Documentation should also be a big(?) concern. I am new to Ruby as
| + 30662 [vruz@in er e] maybe you want to join the discussion and
| | + 30669 [nhodgson@bi ] Is there any reason why the archives are for members only? I like to look
| | | 30674 [schneiker@ju] look
| | | 30678 [curt@hi bs c] Well, we're mostly trying to keep the volume low but if you want to join the
| | | 30689 [schneiker@ju] the
| | | 30696 [curt@hi bs c] Thanks, for being persistent on this.
| | | 31047 [schneiker@ju] You're welcome.
| | + 30677 [curt@hi bs c] I just wanted to emphsize that the FreeRIDE developer mailing list below is
| + 30676 [curt@hi bs c] Absolutely! I've thought about documentation, but I wouldn't want to start
|   30683 [phlip_cpp@ya] I think (and I'l think this on the Wiki too) that the Help system should
|   30703 [bryan@te ra ] Hey guys,
|   + 30707 [curt@hi bs c] I think that is a great idea. I have used editors that allow that and I
|   + 30738 [dsafari@xt a] If it's class based and you are viewing an entire project - how would you do
|     30741 [curt@hi bs c] The way its usually done in other IDEs is that there is one edit window for
|     30742 [dsafari@xt a] <SNIP good points all round>
+ 127874 [csaba.henk@g] Code completion didn't work for me. Is my installation lacking or code
  131829 [laurent@mo d] Sorry for the late reply. Code completion is yet to come.

Re : Once again, Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24
30645 [alexandre.ab] The "guilty" line that throw a "Timeout" exception in the Telnet class

Re : Re : Once again, Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24 - Conclusion
30646 [alexandre.ab] Right, i haven't been carefull enough when comparing those log files.

Has anyone had success with installing MySQL-ruby on Windows
30647 [kevinethridg] I downloaded mysql-ruby today and I can't get the extconf.rb to find my

Please help with configure.in for Darwin
30654 [gehlker@fa t] I'm trying to edit configure.in so that everything will be installed in the

regex for all possible method names
30656 [tobiasreif@p] ...?
30671 [nobu.nokada@] /\A(?!\d)\w+[!?]?\z/
30672 [dblack@ca dl] Don't forget '=' :-)
30681 [nobu.nokada@] Thanx again.

Proc hash bug?
30658 [ntalbott@ro ] def a(b, &c)
+ 30666 [chr_news@gm ] def a(b, &c)
+ 30680 [matz@ru y- a] Current implementation converts Proc <-> Block for each time, so that
  32746 [ntalbott@ro ] This breaks POLS for me in a big way (but maybe not for you). I expect
  32788 [chr_news@gm ] I guess by now I expect my POLS to be broken, in particular when comes
  32849 [ntalbott@ro ] equality.
  32869 [chr_news@gm ] ... I can see that
  + 32870 [chr_news@gm ] ehm -       inspect.sub(/^(#<#{type}:)/){''}.sub(/(>)$/){''}.to_i(16)
  + 32904 [ntalbott@ro ] */
    32908 [chr_news@gm ] Well it seems that data->tag is also used to determine ``:==''  equality

How to unmap a Tk toplevel?
30660 [kero@a2 07 .] Trying to unmap a Tk toplevel that uses overrideredirect.
30812 [nagai@ai ky ] Please use TkToplevel#withdraw method. (See Wm module)

Visual Studio "marcro" or "expert" in Ruby?
30673 [mkelly2002NO] Anyone working with manipulating text in Visual Studio VC++?

Minor compile-time problem in 1.6.6...
30679 [drosih@rp .e] I'm new to ruby, and trying to compile it on a variety of solaris, aix,
30983 [matz@ru y- a] Thank you (and sorry for being late to respond).

Tk Popup Menu in a TkText widget
30682 [ruby-talk-us] I guess I got this to work. Still seeking improvements to any aspect of
30715 [kero@ch ee .] Have a look at TkWinfo.
30731 [ruby-talk-us] Thanks for the tip. I must have overlooked TkWinfo somehow.

Re : Re : Once again, Net::Telnet problems with QNX 4.24 - Conclusion
30688 [deichert@wr ] or drop the "P" all together, most expect scripts I've seen match on

Ruby Newsgroup FAQ (comp.lang.ruby)
30692 [hal9000@hy e] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-12-13)
30697 [Stephan.Kaem] Hal, shouldn't this one be in the list above? :)
30698 [hal9000@hy e] Ha... danke sehr!

"Visitor" should be "Iterator" in Programming Ruby?
30694 [henning@ik o] """The Visitor Pattern
30695 [nat.pryce@b1] See the pattern write-ups on the Ruby Garden Wiki for a discussion of this

A few questions...
30700 [morten@ma l.] I have a few questions, first of, is Ruby an easy language to learn? And
+ 30701 [erik@ba fo s] In my opinion it's very very easy. Once you get past the part where 0 is
+ 30708 [mike@st k. o] In addition to the previous answer you have received, you might want to
+ 30773 [cmbchris@ma ] There's eRuby.  http://www.modruby.net

Extension to libexpect
30702 [jfontan@ce g] I need to use functionality like expect to use ssh and scp in one of my
+ 30704 [mulperi@ik .] Great news. I think you will have a lot of requests and comments,
+ 30765 [comp.lang.ru] - - It might be worth looking at the Perl version of expect. It's

How to read stderr from another program?
30705 [jfreeze@fr e] How do I go about reading the output of a program
30710 [ysantoso@je ] Take a look at open3.rb (perhaps at /usr/lib/ruby/open3.rb).
30714 [jfreeze@fr e] I looked at open3.rb, but it doesn't seem to allow arguments

ANNOUNCE: FXRuby-0.99.188 Now Available
30706 [ljohnson@re ] All,
+ 30721 [info@mj is d] just downloaded it, but it does not compile.
| + 30726 [ljohnson@re ] <sigh>
| + 30727 [vruz@in er e] I was just having the same problem, and Lyle
+ 30722 [melis@cs ut ] It says in the docs of the tarball that there should be a Makefile.vc to
  30725 [ljohnson@re ] the

instance variables automatically accessible?
30709 [cmlr@ma h. o] Does anyone know the best way to make instance variables in a class
+ 30711 [cmlr@ma h. o] Sorry, I meant
| 30717 [dblack@ca dl] attr_accessor v[1..-1]
+ 30761 [matju@sy pa ] attr_accessor v[1..-1].intern
  30769 [cmlr@ma h. o] Thanks very much!.

IO.popen not the same as Open3.popen3 ??
30716 [jfreeze@fr e] I can't seem to get Open3.popen3 to work the same
+ 30718 [cbroult@sa i] ...
| 30723 [jfreeze@fr e] Thanks. I should have seen that.
+ 30720 [gotoken@no w] Open3::popen3(*cmd) doesn't take read/write mode option because that

Ruby module-of-the-month contest?
30719 [ptkwt@sh ll ] This idea came up a few days back on the thread about an obuscated Ruby

How to override subclass#new
30724 [alwagner@tc ] I have some code similar to below, which expresses my intent, but is not what
+ 30728 [200201141739] I am not actually sure what you want, since the only way you show it
| 30730 [alwagner@tc ] Thank you for the reply, Matt.  I am aware of what is usual in Ruby.
| 30732 [drosih@rp .e] And what would those reasons be?  You said you have a "murky idea" of
+ 30734 [alwagner@tc ] Nevermind.  I've solved my own problem.

eruby and emacs mmm-mode
30729 [alan@di ik t] Just thought I'd share this neat little hint for those

[ANN] rpkg 0.1 (long)
30737 [list@ch om t] <yaaawn>
30739 [Dave@Pr gm t] As follies go, it's a damn fine one :)
+ 30740 [pit@ca it in] I suppose Massimiliano is currently sleeping after having worked
+ 30768 [list@ch om t] As Pit points out (thanks Pit) you have to edit rpkg/config.rb.  Right
  30771 [Dave@Pr gm t] Could you pick up defaults from rbconfig.rb -- after all, you're
  30774 [list@ch om t] I had *no* idea there was something like rbconfig!  It looks perfect.
  + 30777 [Dave@Pr gm t] I wonder if there's merit in syncing up with the RAA.succ folks so we
  | 30785 [list@ch om t] I'd like to.  The basic concepts are quite simple and open (Debian's
  | + 30796 [chadfowler@c] Listening but catching up on an immense amount of email. :)
  | + 30835 [dsafari@xt a] Listening, but not sure to comment on this yet. It is on the TODO list but it
  |   30873 [list@ch om t] I think it checks with rbconfig.rb first, too, at least that is what
  |   30907 [dsafari@xt a] <sniped straight from the install.rb docs as an example package>
  |   + 30908 [Dave@Pr gm t] Perhaps it's time for the
  |   + 30931 [list@ch om t] If you are writing a Linux application and package it upstream for
  + 30791 [200201151546] Another weakness of rbconfig.rb is no differentiation between where
    30795 [list@ch om t] This should not be too much trouble as we're dealing mostly with