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^ [ANN] Ramaze 2008.06
304823 [m.fellinger ] VGhpcyB0aW1lIHdlIGFyZSBwcm91ZCB0byBhbm5vdW5jZSBWZXJzaW9uIDIwMDguMDYgb2YgUmFt
304850 [james.britt ] Sweet!

^ each with else
304825 [thorsten 80b] that's just an idea I came up with and thought worth a discussion.
+ 304829 [robert.dober] Hmmm maybe you should use map than
| 304832 [thorsten 80b] thanks for your reply.
+ 304834 [shortcutter ] No.  This does not work because your bit translates to
  304851 [robert.dober] This is one of the cases where the elegance of Smalltalk shines, you
  304862 [thorsten 80b] Yes :-) That would be something in the right direction.
  + 304863 [martindemell] More simply, you can define an Object#if_empty
  | 304869 [robert.dober] Martin I think you did not read my reply reagrding this technique, it
  | 304870 [martindemell] I did - mine is different in that it doesn't require explicit use of
  | 304871 [robert.dober] Indeed you did!! I only now grasp your concept, very nice indeed :).
  + 304868 [rick.denatal] Although it's true that you can define additional control flow in Smalltalk

^ Insert large binary file in database (MySQL)
304827 [axyd80 gmail] Probably a stupid question ...
+ 304853 [axyd80 gmail] File file = new File("/home/sumedha/sumedha.jpg");
+ 304927 [ninja slapha] You probably shouldn't.
+ 305041 [alandacosta ] You can create a text field in your table, and convert to/from Base64/

^ irb differs from script
304828 [martijn.de.n] i'm trying to remove special characters from a string using iconv and it

^ webrick cpu usage?
304831 [christian.ke] Hey!
304928 [ninja slapha] That depends very much on your application. Maybe your browser is holding a
304933 [christian.ke] The funny thing is, the cpu load stays on a high level only on vista.

^ [ANN] vimrecover 1.0.0 Released
304837 [leslieviljoe] vimrecover version 1.0.0 has been released!
304841 [ruby anthrop] You're working too hard. In vim :help DiffOrig
304846 [leslieviljoe] Hmmm, and I had been searching for something like that for weeks.

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304842 [82484658 qq.] You can find amazing pictuers ,interesting and lovely . Give you the

^ Re: openssl error - ubuntu
304843 [gdprasad gma] This information helped me when I was struggling with this problem

^ Socks v5 protocol
304844 [444ert666 gm] I can not understand connection under the report socks5 in any way, and
304845 [shortcutter ] - firewall blocks access
304847 [444ert666 gm],

^ how to avoid multiple inclusion of a file
304854 [suresh.amrit] My program is split up into multiple files, each containing a set of
+ 304855 [jameskilton ] As long as the require lines are exactly the same, there's nothing to
| 304857 [suresh.amrit] Will tell you what happened to me. I had some database populating code
| + 304859 [jameskilton ] I just told you how to avoid it. If you're getting collisions, then
| + 304861 [ara.t.howard] if you are writing the files that are included you can self-protect them
+ 304856 [ara.t.howard] unless defined? A

^ Hash Bubble sort?
304864 [tekmc hotmai] How does one implement a bubble sort algorithm for a hash?
+ 304865 [sepp2k googl] One does not as hashes are unordered and thus not sortable.
| + 304866 [tekmc hotmai] Ah, I see! Thanks
| + 305046 [davebass mus] Well if the keys can be ordered (e.g. are Comparable), the hash can be
+ 305074 [lloyd 2live4] If you want to write your own sort, you should know that bubble sorts

^ Keyword parameters
304874 [glenn_ritz y] I have a question about keyword parameters in Ruby.  I know that v1.8.6 doesn't do this and v1.9 does, and that you can 'trick' v1.8.6 into doing it with hashes.
304906 [mikael hoilu] No.
304915 [fedzor gmail] What makes an *actual* keyword argument, and why don't symbols suffice?

^ write byte array to file
304875 [rolafson gma] Helo
304899 [TimHunter nc] I'm guessing that you're on Windows. Open the file with the 'b' flag,
304905 [rolafson gma] Thank you.
304909 [TimHunter nc] Then I don't understand. What do you mean you "just get text"? If you're
304924 [rolafson gma] I do like
304939 [robert.dober] File.open( 'new_foo.gif', 'w' ) do |output|
304940 [robert.dober] ooops make this
305065 [rolafson gma] Thank you Robert. it work now.
345731 [alexis.alule] reaseemble a binary stream to file. I tried the same code you are using
345732 [rmagick gmai] Open the file with "wb"'.
345733 [alexis.alule] Cool, that was great and it finally worked. Thank u very much.

^ dchat
304877 [jocke gnu.or] I've got one comoputer on which I start dchats.rb. When I try to connect

^ instance method added?
304878 [george nutru] Does anyone know if there's a hook, or other means for capturing the
305034 [pit.capitain] module Bar

^ array collect - nil can't be coerced into Float (TypeError)
304879 [jason.lillyw] I have this simple program that has a problem that I just can't find a
+ 304881 [stefano.croc] Array indexes go from 0 to the number of elements of the array minus one. In
+ 304882 [robert.dober] this should be i < 4, however ....

^ Re: *** Massive Copyright Violation by the US Government ***
304880 [bmilliron gm] This group is to answer questions about the Python programming
304888 [btricha gmai] Wait... I thought this group was for Ruby, not Python!!! :)
304914 [tomcloyd com] Yes, really. What an outrage, to be getting Python list spam. We should
304932 [ttmrichter g] Hang on, this isn't the paranoid-wingnut-conspiracy-clod-talk list?

^ Re: array collect - nil can't be coerced into Float (TypeErr
304883 [jason.lillyw] thank you!
304885 [jason.lillyw] class MyArray
+ 304886 [dmerrick ics] class MyArray
+ 304887 [stefano.croc] while i < a.length
  304889 [jason.lillyw] this is great! thanks so much.

^ ||=
304891 [tekmc hotmai] what does ||= do?
+ 304893 [caduceass gm] irb is your friend :-)
+ 304894 [martindemell] a ||= b is shorthand for a = a || b
| 304896 [Rob AgileCon] a ||= b
+ 304895 [lyle lylejoh] x ||= y
| + 304897 [Rob AgileCon] x || x=y
| + 304898 [caduceass gm] Not exactly.
+ 304931 [d_rems yahoo] if a == nil
  + 305007 [mike cargal.] careful..
  + 305008 [mike cargal.] (need to finish replies before clicking "send")
    305010 [mikael hoilu] However, be aware that this particular operator has an optimization =20

^ Re: [Discuss] ruby, enum all? bug
304900 [cdemyanovich] That the code does what the docs indicate is beside the point (though
304985 [rubytraining] I guess I'm a contrarian here, because I think Ruby's current behavior
304988 [robert.dober] I am surprised that some of you find it counterproductive that [].all?

^ Re: Array inject function problem
304901 [jason.lillyw] going back to
304902 [TimHunter nc] irb(main):003:0> steps = []
304911 [rick.denatal] [1,3,5].inject([]) {|s,e| s = s.to_a; s << e + ( s.last || 0)}
+ 304934 [dblack rubyp] [1,3,5].inject([0,[]]) {|(i,acc),e| [i+e, acc << i+e]}[1]
+ 304936 [sepp2k googl] [1,3,5].inject([0]) {|s, e| s << s.last + e}
  304937 [robert.dober] and if you are not
  304951 [rick.denatal] Which I had in my original offering before Sebastien trimmed it. <G>
  304954 [robert.dober] I only steal from the best of course!!!!

^ Re: eventmachine and rev
304904 [rogerpack200] Looks like EM supports 1.9.  Might want to try them both out speed-wise
304920 [tony medioh.] Let me say right off the bat that Rev is much slower than EventMachine on

^ Class (not instance) Initializer
304907 [lists gregwi] I would like to populate a class variable using a method
+ 304910 [TimHunter nc] Well, if you want to wait to do the initialization until the first
| 304912 [lists gregwi] Duh. I should have figured that one out. Thanks.
| 304946 [robert.dober] It is most unfortunate that class variables are still advocated so much :(.
+ 304922 [ pm ubit.com] Your issue here is that code within a class is executed a line at a

^ Need Help!! oci8lib.so: ORA-06550 error..
304913 [schitturi gm] stmt.c:541:in oci8lib.so: ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: (OCIError)
+ 305014 [wilsonb gmai] Do smaller, "hello world" procedures execute properly for you?
+ 305020 [kubo jiubao.] You cannot bind a number argument as OCI8::Cursor.
  305083 [schitturi gm] Great!! You r correct. It worked.

^ subtracting arrays
304916 [jason.lillyw] I suspect there is a cleaner way to do this with inject or collect.
+ 304917 [avdi avdi.or] => [0, 1, 2]
+ 304918 [avdi avdi.or] BTW, this kind of loop is what Enumerable#each_with_index is for.
  304919 [jason.lillyw] OK, I see.

^ How to get 'NewMail' event from Outlook
304921 [r91921080 nt] ================newmail.rb=======================
304986 [flo andersgr] I don't know you system, but what should k = gets do? This usually
305255 [r91921080 nt] The answer is found by my friend. The script below works on my windows

^ Re: Erubis 2.6.1 released - Rails 2.1 support
304929 [sireleo gmai] This doesn't install for me, at least on Windows.
304952 [mhodgson gma] I'm receiving this exact same error on Windows, except there is no
304989 [sireleo gmai] It doesn't get created for me either.  It's a file within the gem.  If
+ 304993 [leejeffery g] =C2=A0If
| 304997 [sireleo gmai] Yeah I was JUST about to post that here.  I didn't realize I could do
+ 305016 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released Erubis 2.6.2 which fixed the above problem.

^ Design question on threads.
304938 [srijayanth g] I have a script that launches a bunch of threads. Each thread sleeps
+ 304942 [jan.svitok g] put your thread body in  a while loop and catch the exceptions inside
+ 304944 [erikveen gma] I would rather keep the retry in the body of the thread. I

^ Forum for beginners
304943 [cowkiller123] share little portions of code and help each other with some mistakes on
304949 [robert.dober] Welcome
304961 [cowkiller123] print "First number: "
304975 [robert.dober] No as STDOUT exists as built in, so das $stdout, same for STDERR,
305031 [cowkiller123] That was revealing :D

^ Newby Ruby Regular Expression Question
304947 [ruchira.bomi] Dear Expert,
+ 304948 [robert.dober] maybe String#scan does the same, sorry my perl times are too remote
+ 304950 [dblack rubyp] str.scan(/A/). I can't help wondering though... what made you think
  304955 [robert.dober] Hey it does not only happen to Rick, it happens to me too;)
  304969 [ruchira.bomi] Thanks Robert, str.scan(/A/) does what I wanted.

^ Re: Webrick
304953 [randy11 free] I use WEBrick and Erb too and I want get all data (a array whith 3

^ ruby 1.9 + hpricot + merb
304956 [rogerpack200] Has anybody had success getting the following to work with 1.9?
326870 [konstantin.m] I'll add hpricot later.
326882 [rogerpack200] Cool.  I should try merb with 1.9 again sometime :)

^ downloading specific file
304958 [tim.wolak gm] Morning all,

^ How to get a connection with an existent database?
304959 [peyisar gmai] Can somebody say me how to read an existent database with sqlite and
304962 [damnbigman g] You could always use the SQLite gem (http://sqlite-ruby.rubyforge.org/)
305026 [peyisar gmai] I ve looked teh SQLite gem, but there donĀ“t say how to get a connection
305060 [cmdjackryan ] Then you didn't look close enough. If the file/db doesn't exist, it will

^ Help with Ruby under cygwin
304960 [byrnejb hart] In order to use git on my laptop (MS XPproSP3) I ended up installing the
+ 304965 [shortcutter ] Hm, the path to your ruby.exe looks suspicious.  What's the output of
| 311701 [peterk livin] I guess I will ask myself - this is long but complete :)
| 311729 [peterk livin] Replying with my own message.
| + 311731 [peterk livin] so a default install of cygwin produces mount locations as follows.
| | 311736 [peterk livin] default for the setup program which appears to be/usr/bin.ruby.
| | 311751 [peterk livin] synopsis which I wish I had found earlier :)
| | 311775 [chris.lowis ] Is it not possible to do
| | 311805 [peterk livin] It is, but it doesn't install the "rake" command to the /usr/bin area,
| | 311811 [chris.lowis ] $ gem list | grep 'rake'
| | 311817 [peterk livin] all I can do is report my experience.
| + 311821 [micathom gma] I don't know what you have done here but it seems to me that you made
|   311838 [peterk livin] I deliberately removed GEM_HOME and tried it again and it still
|   311948 [chris.lowis ] i) Is there any reason you want to use rubygems 0.8.11 ? The current
|   311953 [peterk livin] i) ooops - I must have used a stale link somewhere :)
+ 304966 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not on my Cygwin system at the moment; I can check it later today
| 304967 [byrnejb hart] Thanks.
| 304972 [byrnejb hart] I removed the windows install of ruby and all the gems.  I then
| 304978 [robert.o.ehr] RUBYOPT=;export RUBYOPT
| 304979 [byrnejb hart] Those were the magic words.  Many thanks.
+ 304968 [micathom gma] I'm not sure if I understand. MSysGIT sounds like it would be
  304973 [byrnejb hart] I only installed the cygwin environment when it became obvious that the
  304983 [micathom gma] It didn't show up in your output which is why I suspected that you

^ Instance variables
304970 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
+ 304971 [avdi avdi.or] Since you haven't defined an attr_reader for @children, you have to
+ 304974 [klcompt gmai] It depends on your intent with the variable children. If it is just a
  304981 [avdi avdi.or] Good catch.  I think I missed the point of the OP's question.
  304984 [tekmc hotmai] Great, thanks. So what if I DID specify attr_reader :children, but still
  304990 [robert.dober] No the parser identifies @children as an instance variable.

^ Problems with net-ssh
304976 [daniel.leuen] Dear community,

^ Problems using UUID (universally unique identifier)
304980 [paqs140482 g] require_gem 'uuid'
304982 [avdi avdi.or] require 'uuid'
304987 [Rob AgileCon] require 'rubygems'

^ Resynchronizing my gem list with actual gems installed
304991 [weyus att.ne] All,

^ a simple patch for the ri utility
304992 [dhchoi gmail] to easier to look up ambiguous methods. Please check it out and send
+ 304995 [dmerrick ics] This looks great! Thanks.
+ 305009 [ryand-ruby z] Rad. Please file this patch on the ruby project on rubyforge,
| + 305018 [lists kalama] Yes, please do so that it can get incorporated upstream.  Thanks for
| | 305055 [dhchoi gmail] I'm glad it's useful. I'm filing the patch today.
| + 305053 [dhchoi gmail] Thanks, Ryan, I will file the patch today. - Dan
+ 305030 [leslieviljoe] I had that ambiguous lookup problem yesterday!
| 305054 [dhchoi gmail] Thanks for the suggestion!
+ 305062 [dmerrick ics] I get a bug when I try "ri enum"
| 305205 [dhchoi gmail] I may have updated the patch since you tried this. Please try the new
+ 305077 [dhchoi gmail] Just an update. I expanded my ri patch to provide a way to browse all
| 305101 [leslieviljoe] Works great on my system (Ubuntu 8.04).
+ 305123 [drbrain segm] I don't see a patch there (created by diff), just a file.
  + 305129 [dhchoi gmail] OK thanks for tipping me off to rdoc 2.
  + 305133 [dhchoi gmail] I also resubmitted my patch for ri in RDoc 1 as a proper patch.

^ PhP Foxware Question? Don't Know Where to Turn.
304999 [rlawilliams ] I am curious if anyone willing to offer advice can tell me a

^ [SUMMARY] Preferable Pairs (#165)
305002 [matthew.moss] Apologies for being a little late today... Took a little bit to understand
305064 [eric.mahurin] Did anybody try to analyze the complexity of the final solution from Thomas?

^ Net::SSH Problems
305012 [nicholas.e.h] Ok Guys,

^ [ANN] Erubis 2.6.2 released - Ruby 1.9 support
305015 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released Erubis 2.6.2.

^ Re: Erubis 2.6.2 released - Ruby 1.9 support
305017 [sireleo gmai] Heh, thanks.

^ how to install gem from differnet location
305019 [junkone1 gma] i always try to install gem using the gem tools. for eg gem install
+ 305022 [d_rems yahoo] gem install activerecord-sqlserver-adapter
| 305066 [junkone1 gma] I tried installing using your suggestion
| 305068 [cmdjackryan ] cd c:\temp
+ 305122 [drbrain segm] action_messenger is in the gems.rubyforge.org repository.

^ array to string conversion
305021 [clement.ow a] ex = {}
+ 305023 [botp delmont] ZnIgW21haWx0bzpjbGVtZW50Lm93QGFzaWEuYm5wcGFyaWJhcy5jb21dIA0KIyBBbGwgaSBtYW5h
+ 305024 [stefano.croc] ex[0].join ','
| 305027 [sandro.pagan] irb(main):004:0> ex
| + 305028 [clement.ow a] It works! Thanks guys for the input! ;)
| + 305029 [botp delmont] # irb(main):004:0> ex
+ 305035 [alandacosta ] I'm not exactly sure what's up with your hash wrapper. I think it
  305036 [botp delmont] # ex.map {|i,v| v * "," }
  305304 [clement.ow a] Thank you guys, for your kind inputs! =) it really helped me alot!
  305305 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogY2xlbWVudC5vd0Bhc2lhLmJucHBhcmliYXMuY29tIA0KIyBIb3dldmVyLCBJIG5vdyBl
  305308 [clement.ow a] ex = {}
  + 305310 [stefano.croc] res = ex.values.flatten.partition{|v| v[0..0] == '.'}
  + 305311 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQ2xlbWVudCBPdyBbbWFpbHRvOmNsZW1lbnQub3dAYXNpYS5ibnBwYXJpYmFzLmNvbV0g