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304601 [moneymakecas] ...

^ Ruby-Postgres connection with libdbd-pg-ruby library
304602 [caseyrick gm] I'm got Ruby on Rails 6.1 installed but am trying to hook it up to
304642 [ninja slapha] ...are you from the future?

^ Basic data structures question
304609 [tekmc hotmai] I've been reading about tries and binary trees, atrees, etc... but I'm
+ 304619 [ElectricTeep] ...
+ 304632 [TimHunter nc] Yes, you could implement your own hashes in Ruby, using arrays. I'm not

^ I'm New
304621 [stanislaus_d] First of all, let me just express my happiness at finally finding a
304622 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogc3RhbmlzbGF1c19kQGhvdG1haWwuY29tIFttYWlsdG86c3RhbmlzbGF1c19kQGhvdG1h
304624 [stanislaus_d] puts 'Speak up Sonny I can\'t hear you.'
+ 304627 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogRGF2aWQgU3RhbmlzbGF1cyBbbWFpbHRvOnN0YW5pc2xhdXNfZEBob3RtYWlsLmNvbV0g
+ 304692 [victor.reyes] David,

^ Random Number Stuff
304623 [stanislaus_d] How would you create a random number generator thats limited to a
+ 304625 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogc3RhbmlzbGF1c19kQGhvdG1haWwuY29tIFttYWlsdG86c3RhbmlzbGF1c19kQGhvdG1h
| 304628 [stanislaus_d] Oh man...
| 304629 [stanislaus_d] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 304630 [stanislaus_d] Ok, i guess I kind of understand it but why (20)? shouldn't it be 1950?
| 304688 [rick.denatal] rand(i) if i is nonzero, returns a number between 0 and  i - 1. (Actually i
+ 304626 [TimHunter nc] Observe that Kernel#rand accepts an argument. If present and not 0, then
| 304633 [rubytraining] x =3D 1930 + rand(21)
| 304648 [stanislaus_d] I think I have it, Thanks a bunch all of you, for helping me!!!
| 304647 [stanislaus_d] But one more thing, just for reference what does the x value/thingy
| 304649 [stanislaus_d] puts "SPEAK up, Sonny, I can't hear you."
| 304657 [dblack rubyp] puts "no not since #{1930 + rand(21)}"
| 304727 [stanislaus_d] puts "SPEAK up, Sonny, I can't hear you."
| 304731 [Rob AgileCon] Perhaps you could look closely at what David gave you and then make
+ 304668 [rimantas gma] Generate random number between 0 and 20 and add that to 1930.
+ 304699 [davebass mus] If you want to do this a lot, you could add your own method to the
  304724 [Rob AgileCon] class Range

^ Working with arrays
304631 [clement.ow a] still a novice in ruby thus i'll need help once in awhile. I'd
+ 304643 [programdrago] I'm not an expert and I can't tell you for sure what to do here, in my own
| 304806 [clement.ow a] I'm using globals because i have a config file that contains all the
| 304820 [shortcutter ] You have time to ask questions but you do not have time to evaluate
| 304824 [clement.ow a] I think i didnt explain myslef properly, I was trying out your solution,
| 304833 [shortcutter ] A "wrapper method" wraps the other method, i.e. it calls the other
| 304925 [clement.ow a] So what you are saying is I create a method to call another method which
| 304926 [clement.ow a] So what you are saying is I create a method to call another method which
| 304935 [shortcutter ] Separation of concerns.  The innder method (the version I provided)
+ 304651 [dblack rubyp] I think you mean extensions, not exceptions.
+ 304696 [shortcutter ] I pasted a solution to a this very question on May 30th (Subject "Find

^ something wrong with case/when syntax
304635 [satanowicz g] Can You tell me please why this instruction doesn't want to work
+ 304634 [satanowicz g] q=1
+ 304645 [justincollin] Kernel#gets returns a string. You are comparing the resulting value to
+ 304646 [dblack rubyp] q is a string, and you're comparing it with integers (0, 1, etc.).
  304675 [satanowicz g] THX!!!
  + 304697 [davebass mus] Homework? ;-)
  + 304708 [shortcutter ] This gives me the creeps: you are modifying global variables like
    304725 [satanowicz g] thx, corrected

^ [ANN] ZenTest 3.9.3 Released
304636 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 3.9.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] miniunit 1.2.0 Released
304637 [ryand-ruby z] miniunit version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.7.0 Released
304638 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.7.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ParseTree 2.2.0 Released
304639 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 2.2.0 has been released!
+ 304671 [mneumann nte] I'm curious. Does that mean, ParseTree now works with Ruby 1.9?  That
| 304803 [ryand-ruby z] Unfortunately, no.
+ 304690 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ryan,
  304804 [ryand-ruby z] I'm confused... above it seems you're asking for something like
  305150 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ryan,

^ accessing class variables from the outside (beginner question)
304640 [progcat comc] I am still learning Ruby and   I am trying to get something
+ 304650 [dblack rubyp] You don't have any class variables in your example, only instance
| 304659 [ryand-ruby z] While probably true in this case, I think this statement is
| + 304665 [ pm ubit.com] Where would you recommend using class variables over class level
| | 304678 [tbradt gmail] if you want a variable available to all instances that says how many
| | 304815 [ pm ubit.com] Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.  As far as I know, you can accomplish all
| + 304681 [robert.dober] May I suggest to trust David more than grep ;). I do not know of any
|   304753 [ryand-ruby z] that is a grep on MY code... I trust my code more than I trust your
|   304813 [dblack rubyp] Also, I'm not saying that there are no uses for class variables. And
+ 304652 [stefano.croc] As first thing, variables like @try and @ones in your code are not class
  304682 [robert.dober] Hmm I do not know what to say, of course it is possible, but you are
  304686 [stefano.croc] Of course, you're right. I meant: the normal way to access instance variables

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.9 Released
304654 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.9 has been released!

^ [ANN] RubyWeekend Game Contest, June 13-15
304655 [jacius gmail] QSBiaXQgb2Ygc2hvcnQgbm90aWNlLCBidXQgd2UndmUgaGF2aW5nIGEgc21hbGwgZ2FtZSBjcmVh
+ 304762 [shawn42 gmai] It's about time!  I'm in.
+ 304768 [williams.jay] Me too. Wooo Hooo!
| 304770 [ravwar gmail] Yeah, lets rock =)
+ 304836 [julianraschk] Maybe you can plug the next RubyWeekend on the gamecompo.com

^ webby, ubuntu and gems
304662 [martindemell] I've recently switched distributions to ubuntu, and I'm having
+ 304667 [ninja slapha] Check /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin -- and you may want to add that to your path.
| + 304693 [leslieviljoe] My webby executable ended up in /usr/bin/webby. I installed gems via the
| | 304722 [martindemell] Thanks for the pointer to wajig! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling
| + 304721 [martindemell] Thanks, that was it :)
+ 304706 [miles.sterre] I am running Ubuntu 8.04.  I installed RubyGems from source.  I just
  + 304720 [martindemell] The apt-got rubygems placed the executable in /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/,
  + 304726 [ninja slapha] However, if I install RubyGems from apt, all gems are entirely contained
  + 304741 [drbrain segm] I don't recommend installing RubyGems from source over a package.
    304758 [leslieviljoe] Oh? Perhaps 'gem update --system' should check if it was installed via Apt
    304765 [drbrain segm] This would have to work for every packaged RubyGems.  I don't know of
    304767 [leslieviljoe] Ah, now that I think about it I have noticed that sort of thing happening!
    304779 [drbrain segm] Hrm, I will consider it.
    304783 [tomcloyd com] Yeah, SOMETHING needs to be done about this mess. For the perpetual
    304796 [martindemell] Ironically, I switched to Ubuntu because I needed to get useful work

^ To and from hex nibbles
304666 [daniel.akeru] there a smarter way for this?
304673 [botp delmont] # 'testing 123'.scan(/./).collect { |i| i.unpack('C')[0].to_s(16) }.join
304674 [botp delmont] # s.scan(/../).map{|i| i.to_i(16)}.pack("C*")


^ allocate particular amount of memory to a ruby thread ?
304679 [bad_good_lio] how to allocate particular amount of memory to a ruby thread or to a
304705 [jan.svitok g] AFAIK, the memory is shared among threads, no matter whether system or ruby's.
304744 [shortcutter ] Exactly.  That's the whole point of threads.
304801 [jan.svitok g] Pokkai, what's your primary goal/problem? Why do you want to limit the memory?

^ [ANN] BIND DLZ on Rails
304691 [kenneth.kalm] Excerpt from README

^ Ruby IDE
304701 [Guillermo.Ac] I've been trying Ruby for a while in Mac OS X 10.5, but I am working with
+ 304704 [leslieviljoe] Netbeans and Aptana are two IDE's that offer debugging. Netbeans
+ 304707 [dmerrick ics] th=20
  304840 [Guillermo.Ac] You are right! Textmate can do some of those things. But I have downloaded

^ Making separate File
304702 [zul_haq hotm] The given two classes (TestClass1 and TestClass2) are in a single ruby
304709 [shortcutter ] For what exactly?  I mean, opening two files in an editor and copy +
304719 [zul_haq hotm] Without opening them. It should seprate the code based on "class"
304723 [AEtzold gmx.] Michel,
304732 [zul_haq hotm] Actually i am new to ruby thats why i have
304735 [AEtzold gmx.] Michel,
304740 [shortcutter ] Or just do

^ validate xml
304713 [jeansebastie] anyone knows how to validate an xml string a schema using with libxml-
+ 308095 [tmacedo stud] xp = XML::Parser.new
+ 334485 [raul.mpad gm] I saw your post searching some help for LibXML.

^ update my gems this morning ;(
304716 [ernst tanaka] I seem to regret updating my gems this morning.
304734 [ernst tanaka] I found the solution.
304742 [drbrain segm] Likely you upgraded to an API-incompatible version of activerecord.

^ DLL Function Type Specifications
304717 [mogbox gmail] I'm not sure if this is Rails specific, but I'm leaning towards thinking

^ Basic Tree Data Structure
304728 [tekmc hotmai] class Tree
304738 [tekmc hotmai] class Tree
304743 [dustin.barke] The second 3 is the second iteration of the parent's child_nodes.each
304761 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks Dustin, that clarifies one bit of the confusion, but I'm still
304766 [dustin.barke] t = Tree.new("a")
304772 [tekmc hotmai] Ok, from this example, I don't know how the #{e} in "child_node.each {
+ 304776 [dustin.barke] That's right, the e doesn't call yield - the 'each' in child_node.each
| 304782 [tekmc hotmai] Your illustration definetely helps. I guess my ultimate confusion comes
| 304795 [dustin.barke] It does, but by way of node b and node a. So let's try with different
| 304798 [tekmc hotmai] GREAT!! That new example demystified the whole problem for me! Finally!!
| 304892 [tekmc hotmai] How would I traverse only one portion of the tree? For instance, only
| 304957 [dustin.barke] If the tree is ordered, you could provide access the nth node by
| 304964 [damnbigman g] You want to implement a depth first search.  Poke around on google a bit and
+ 304777 [dustin.barke] Reposting - forgot to send as plain text and the message was

^ [ANN][ADV] Ruby Hoedown 2008 Talks Selected and Registration Open!
304736 [jeremymcanal] I'm really excited to announce that the Ruby Hoedown (sponsored by

304739 [anjaligroups] ...

^ replacing a character in a string
304746 [sugar_babee_] So I want to be able to take a string with underscores in it ('_') and
+ 304747 [kyleaschmitt] Umm, what exactly makes you think it isn't working?
+ 304748 [james graypr] Well, that code should work to replace the first underscore in a
| 304757 [davebass mus] Coming recently from Perl, this looks very familiar to me. In Perl
+ 304749 [shortcutter ] Works for me - but if you use sub instead of gsub only the first
| 304759 [sugar_babee_] haha my mistake...i thought sub! changed all of the occurrences of '_'.
+ 304750 [tekmc hotmai] cal_name = "testing_this_out"
  304751 [tekmc hotmai] After reviewing everyone elses comments, I'll have to redo my naive

^ anyone using clutter?
304752 [martindemell] Just stumbled across the Clutter toolkit
+ 305106 [vjoel path.b] Looks very promising... I'd like to use this instead of tk canvas for 2d
+ 305110 [devi.webmast] It looks like the ruby bindings haven't been updated in a while

304754 [moneymakecas] *******************************************  http://bankruptcylawyer1.blogspot.com

^ activerecord new version differences
304755 [ernst tanaka] I am sorry, but I am struggling. I installed new versions of my gems and
304756 [ryand-ruby z] this really isn't the place for rubyonrails questions... join the
304760 [ernst tanaka] Ryan; I might be misguided but I am not using rails in this application.
304773 [ryand-ruby z] Active record is developed and maintained by the rails developers.
304775 [ernst tanaka] thanks; I re-posted on the rails section of this forum.

^ [ANN] Bench 1.0.0 released
304763 [janfri.rubyf] Bench version 1.0.0 released!
304774 [ryand-ruby z] If I don't remember how to use the benchmark library, why would I
304822 [janfri.rubyf] Because it has only 2 commands: benchmark and run. ;)
304867 [blaumag gmai] Agree :-)

^ Non blocking UDP
304780 [leslieviljoe] I need to make a UDP server that waits for clients to log on and then drives
+ 304781 [vjoel path.b] IO#select ?
| 304787 [leslieviljoe] Below is my guess that doesn't work - I get connection refused when
| 304791 [vjoel path.b] [~/tmp] cat serv.rb
+ 304785 [billk cts.co] Over the years, I've never been 100% successful getting nonblock
  + 304789 [leslieviljoe] Wow. I looked briefly at Eventmachine but got the idea it was for TCP only.
  + 304792 [vjoel path.b] Interested to hear how that goes....
    304793 [leslieviljoe] My issue is that I was using netcat without -u for UDP - I somehow do
    304794 [leslieviljoe] Here's the version where I actually send data back - note that I don't even have

^ Trie data structure
304790 [tekmc hotmai] I'm trying to implement a trie data structure for my parsing program
+ 304797 [nicholasmabr] wikipedia.org/wiki/Triewhen it says "...no node in the tree
+ 304826 [davebass mus] The example is a set of words with each node corresponding to a
  304852 [tekmc hotmai] Most of the articles I read say that instead of storing a value at a
  304858 [martindemell] Take a look at http://rubyquiz.com/quiz103.html
  304884 [tekmc hotmai] I can't seem to grasp the algorithm for a trie. Can someone please help
  + 304903 [martindemell] here's a quick example of a trie storing the three digit numbers 123,
  | 304977 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
  | 305001 [adam.shelly ] There are a couple of issues with this code, here are some hints.
  | 305003 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
  | 305004 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
  | 305006 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
  | 305013 [tekmc hotmai] def each
  | 305098 [tekmc hotmai] require 'ruby-prof'
  + 304994 [koflerjim ma] Maybe also check out the SimpleTrie class at
    304998 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie
    305000 [tekmc hotmai] class Trie

^ Rails - relations
304800 [israel.guerr] I am noob in rails and started an app to learn. I have the following
304819 [d_rems yahoo] 1. Try asking this questions in rail snewsgroup
304830 [israel.guerr] Oh, it's true, i always end up mixing up rails list with ruby list!

^ [ANN] Halcyon 0.5.0 Released!
304802 [chiology gma] Halcyon version 0.5.0 has been released!

^ Re: Bench 1.0.0 released
304805 [djberg96 gma] I've submitted "bench-unit" as a RubyForge project.
304890 [transfire gm] What is the underlying translation of benchmark? I.e. the original
304941 [janfri.rubyf] def run count=1
304996 [vjoel path.b] x.report(bm.name) { count.times(&bm.proc) }
305037 [janfri.rubyf] Thanks a lot. :)

^ Ryhm sfnet.tiede.matematiikka virallinen kuvaus
304807 [hermanni.nyb] *Koska olemme varsin pitkn tienneet, ettMYS Marssissa on ollut ja on

^ require_gem is obsolete.  Use gem instead
304808 [hazelcrato g] I'm trying to run r or ruby command and I'm using Windows Vista Home
304848 [leslieviljoe] The error indicates that Rails might not be installed. Perhaps you
304860 [hazelcrato g] Thank you Leslie,
304876 [hazelcrato g] Leslie,

^ Re: RubyWeekend Game Contest, June 13-15
304810 [richardjmori] Pressing obligations mean I won't be able to participate this weekend,
304811 [djberg96 gma] com/viewtopic.php?t=3D28>
304945 [aok chariots] If you're not familiar with Ruby game development frameworks, you might find

304812 [aishwaryagro] *******************************************************

^ Anybody tried MSMQ with Ruby
304816 [d_rems yahoo] MSMQ=Microsoft Message Queue

^ Delete Duplicates
304818 [amitkk_84 ya] I want to know how can i delete duplicates entries from
+ 304838 [cdemyanovich] * Figure out how to detect duplicates in your data.
| 304930 [amitkk_84 ya] Thankyou for your advice..if possible can u suggest me how to detect n
+ 304839 [lloyd 2live4] I am not sure if you are asking to learn about rake tasks or database