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^ [ANN] meow 1.0.0 Released
304219 [aaron tender] meow version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Re: Preferable Pairs (#165)
304220 [matthew.moss] Here is some quick code to generate sample preferences. Takes a single
304231 [matthew.moss] In addition to the sample generation code, here are some examples with
+ 304278 [micathom gma] What is the penalty for "unwanted" pairings, e.g.
| 304305 [matthew.moss] tput
+ 304352 [rubytraining] I think that scores 26.  A score of 18 is achievable (see below),
  + 304363 [matthew.moss] Correct you are, sir. My algorithm is greedy, but after a certain
  | 304440 [matthew.moss] Sure looks like it... I probably should have remembered this from
  | 304452 [eric.mahurin] I don't think this quiz is equivalent to the "stable roommates problem".
  + 304441 [rubytraining] An alternative (and more efficient) way to compute the number of
    304442 [rubytraining] I used a genetic algorithm that tries to find the best solution
    304446 [micathom gma] Stable roommates or not, I have two solutions. The second one is
    304522 [micathom gma] I just realized that this behaves differently in ruby18 and ruby19
    304542 [micathom gma] I'm terribly sorry for these repeated posts but I didn't like the

^ Ruby Profiler
304224 [tekmc hotmai] I found ruby-prof, can that do the job? if it does, I have no idea how
+ 304227 [jeremy bitsw] ruby-prof is excellent and can do the job for you.
+ 304228 [vjoel path.b] gem install ruby-prof
| 304234 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks, I got it to install in RubyGems Package Manager...now to run it
+ 304249 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel ~
+ 304288 [pat.eyler gm] thanks,
  304554 [tekmc hotmai] I'm sorry to say that those articles didn't help...I'm trying to run
  + 304581 [luislavena g] Wow, what an answer...
  | 304603 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks, I finally figured it out and was able to print some reports
  + 304680 [jan.svitok g] Create shortcut on desktop, answer the first question with "cmd"

^ Desktop multi-plataform ruby app
304230 [israel.guerr] Hail everyone!
+ 304237 [charles.nutt] JRuby + Swing + NetBeans Matisse + MonkeyBars
| + 304241 [james.britt ] What he said. :)
| | + 304242 [israel.guerr] But guys, maybe im wrong about jruby, but its a ruby interpreter running in
| | | + 304244 [yazmin.carde] HELLLLLOOOOUU
| | | | 304246 [cmdjackryan ] Fco........
| | | | 304247 [gavin.b.lync] On Jun 6, 4:44 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
| | | | 304258 [james.britt ] I can't help you there.  There are alternatives for Ruby GUI apps, but I
| | | | 304260 [israel.guerr] Where can i get a good tutorial with examples on Monkeybars?
| | | | 304272 [james.britt ] There are a few screencasts on monkeybars.org that walk you through all
| | | | 304274 [israel.guerr] i didnt have much time to look at the project. i installed it and i can say
| | | + 304245 [charles.nutt] Yeah, but that's a pretty minor requirement. There's free (as in beer
| | |   304250 [israel.guerr] Indeed.
| | |   304259 [james.britt ] Actually, JRuby may be faster than C Ruby.  Not sure if that's true for
| | |   304261 [israel.guerr] Oki doki!
| | + 304410 [ttmrichter g] Which network?  Freenode?  The #monkeybars channel there has no topic
| |   + 304415 [victor.reyes] Team,
| |   | + 304428 [leslieviljoe] Glade is a form builder, it allows you to drop containers onto forms
| |   | | 304470 [leslieviljoe] For Glade installation tips search this forum for my earlier posts.
| |   | + 304431 [charles.nutt] Continuation support is the only major class intentionally missing. As
| |   + 304482 [james.britt ] Well, it's Sunday, and I just got back home.  I confess that IRC support
| |     304509 [tomcloyd com] James, you're an amazing fellow!
| |     304513 [james.britt ] Thank you.
| + 304271 [victor.reyes] Can JRuby coexist with C-Ruby?
|   + 304273 [israel.guerr] I hardly believe that an interpreter made in java running on a jvm will be
|   | 304382 [charles.nutt] Try JRuby yourself and see. If it's not faster, file it as a bug. We are
|   | 304406 [israel.guerr] Great man!
|   + 304275 [ttmrichter g] ng?
|   + 304276 [james.britt ] Yes, more or less.  There are jruby equivalents of gem, rake, and I
|   | + 304283 [victor.reyes] Thank you very much for your time an explanations.
|   | | 304300 [hassan.schro] No, not necessary at all.
|   | | 304301 [tristin.colb] Try FXRuby
|   | + 304399 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Monkeybars developers,
|   |   + 304451 [james.britt ] David made them on a Mac using some magic Mac software :); hopefully
|   |   + 304597 [david koontz] They were made using Snapz Pro X for recording and Quicktime Pro for
|   + 304384 [charles.nutt] Yes, and you can have any number of entirely separate JRuby installs or
+ 304240 [james.britt ] JRuby + Monkeybars + NetBeans GUI editor = Massive Win
| 304309 [tomcloyd com] This all sounds very interesting, and I want to investigate it, but I
| + 304312 [hassan.schro] I think you'd be better off downloading a JDK from Sun and installing
| | + 304313 [israel.guerr] I would recommend the same.
| | | 304316 [tomcloyd com] Thanks Hassan, and Israel, for you help. The matter resolved itself when
| | + 304317 [ninja slapha] The main reason I still use *nix is because of package managers.
| + 304315 [leslieviljoe] I understand your dread - I have the same dread, and the same problems getting
| | 304325 [james.britt ] If you honestly believe that then we (the Monkeybars crew) have failed
| | 304335 [leslieviljoe] I don't think you failed, and it's not that the process is complex,
| | + 304342 [israel.guerr] One thing i have really liked about monkeybars is the mvc thing. If i choose
| | | 304349 [james.britt ] I don't know if other GUI tools encourages any particular way to
| | + 304402 [leslieviljoe] I'd seriously like to know how to continue here. Either I missed a tutorial page
| |   + 304481 [james.britt ] Possibly.  The monkeybars site has a screencast walking though the
| |   + 304596 [david koontz] There are a few example projects on the site: http://monkeybars.rubyforge.org/examples.html
| + 304324 [james.britt ] So have I.    And David created Monkeybars to avoid all that.
|   304365 [tomcloyd com] Yeah, I'm sold. Did a brief scan of the website and immediately liked
|   304448 [james.britt ] There are usually a few people on IRC, on #monkeybars, hanging out
+ 304310 [michael.broo] I haven't written tons of apps with it but wxRuby (
+ 304318 [ninja slapha] Since no one seemed to mention it...
+ 304519 [mail msryan.] QT, Ruby and Rubyscript2exe is a great combination.  There is qt

^ open-uri and illegal url characters
304232 [bsagert gmai] and index quotes. Yahoo indices start with a circumflex ("^") which a
304233 [bsagert gmai] Oops, that url is ==> http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=%5eDJI,%5eSPX,%5eIXIC&f=sl1d1t1nohgv&e=.csv
+ 304235 [donald.ball ] require 'cgi'
+ 304236 [bsagert gmai] Jeez, I really am a newbie. Of course the above link will work fine in

^ [ANN] Dramatis 0.1.1 released
304238 [smparkes smp] The first alpha release of dramatis hit the streets today.

^ Decoding Multipart responses
304243 [corey.martel] I've been struggling with Soap4R

^ Arrays
304248 [tekmc hotmai] modArr    = Array.new
304253 [kevin sb.org] I've replied below.
304257 [tekmc hotmai] modArr    = Array.new

^ Trying to get a value from cshell script inside ruby
304251 [irina.abramo] I am trying to run the c shell script inside ruby script.
304255 [AEtzold gmx.] Irina,
304269 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"

^ [ANN] MacRuby 0.2
304264 [laurent.sans] After 3 months of development, here comes the second release of
+ 304266 [unbewusst.se] Aparently the "MacRuby 0.2.pkg" needs Leopard, i'm running 10.4.11.
| 304267 [laurent.sans] No it won't, MacRuby will only run on Mac OS X 10.5, or later. Tiger
+ 304414 [ruby anthrop] I realize this is a long shot, but I was wondering if there was any chance
  304430 [dangerwillro] Greg, GC is not that big of a deal. The reference counting mechanism
  304485 [ruby anthrop] Ah, I think you misunderstood what I was talking about. ObjC on Leopard
  304487 [dangerwillro] Well, we'll see soon enough. The NDA period on the iPhone SDK will

^ RI not working
304277 [ron.green gm] I have Ruby 1.87 installed on OS X 10.5.3.. When I try ri gc (from the
304345 [drosihn gmai] For what it's worth, I tried 'ri Array' on 10.5.3 and it worked fine.  That
304358 [ron.green gm] I got it. Needed to run 'make install-doc'

^ Download using Safari's cookies
304279 [towb gmx.net] the httpclient library includes a custom file-based cookie storage.

^ Re: Ruby is much slower on linux when compiled with --enable-pthread?
304280 [shevegen lin] Maybe try with "ldd" on the ruby binaries
304281 [sean.ohalpin] Yes, we've hit this - in Centos 5, the default ruby build is 1.8.5 (!)
304287 [m.fellinger ] tk, by default, compiles with pthread

^ using portions of other methods in a new method
304284 [jason.lillyw] How do you take a piece of a method and use it in another? Here is my
+ 304286 [rubytraining] On Jun 7, 9:10=A0am, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>
| 304289 [jason.lillyw] Thanks Eric!
| 304292 [phasis gmail] Do you want something like this?
+ 304290 [sepp2k googl] There is no array b in your code. b is a number - I think you want the array
  304293 [jason.lillyw] Oh, you are right. Okay now I see what I need thanks to both of you. I
  + 304294 [jason.lillyw] I'm sorry, I meant What if I wanted to create an array_a and array_b and
  | 304295 [sepp2k googl] Either return an array, containing both array_a and array_b as subarrays, or
  | 304297 [jason.lillyw] Thank you! Instance variables! I should have realized that.
  + 304298 [briankohl ho] Jason,=20

^ Re: Desktop multi-plataform ruby app (jruby)
304299 [Maurice.Diam] No, jruby executable is call jruby!
304381 [charles.nutt] In 1.1.2 we have hopefully improved that...for me, startup time went

^ [ANN/ADV] "Advancing With Rails", July 21-24, Edison, NJ
304302 [dblack rubyp] ADVANCING WITH RAILS

^ Glader: quick .glade -> Ruby
304311 [leslieviljoe] programs to make

^ Re: Price Ranges (#164)
304314 [matthewrudyj] I assumed that input had to be taken in the way outlined in the

^ storing values for later use
304322 [progcat comc] I have a group of expensive (as in slow) c functions that take an
+ 304323 [AEtzold gmx.] Tom,
| 304334 [progcat comc] Thanks for the quick reply.
| 304809 [nicholasmabr] Hey Tom,
+ 304330 [ninja slapha] Depends what you mean by "in advance".
+ 304332 [shortcutter ] I'd say you'd better use an array as Hash key.

^ Ruby 1.9 and gems
304327 [leslieviljoe] I'd like to try Ruby1.9 on some of my projects but I'm not sure how it
+ 304329 [jeremy bitsw] It can live alongside your 1.8 install. Configure with a program
+ 304331 [ninja slapha] Ubuntu installed it as a ruby1.9 command, and gem1.9, etc. In theory, it
  + 304347 [drbrain segm] Add --format-executable to the install command line.  (You can set
  + 304350 [jeremy bitsw] It works out of the box.
    304369 [ninja slapha] box.
    304375 [jeremy bitsw] Yup. Lots of Enumerable and string encoding changes, plus a fix for
    304388 [leslieviljoe] I located gem1.9, actually expected it before and missed it.
    304393 [leslieviljoe] Ok I fixed the extension but how do I repackage my changes to the gem so
    304395 [leslieviljoe] Nevermind, I got the .tar.bz2 file for the gem, changed it and rebuilt the gem

^ Windows based Parser
304328 [muzaffar muz] I need to parse a piece Ruby source code file. For that purpose, I need
+ 304344 [devi.webmast] ParseTree comes precompiled for windows, is faster, and does the exact
| 304405 [muzaffar muz] Thanks for helping me. I am able to install ParseTree on my windows
+ 304378 [rogerpack200] If you're truly adventurous you could try to download the win32 mingw

^ rexml & nested loops
304338 [ash tesla.cx] I'm a bit of a newbie to Ruby, and to xpath..... and hoping someone
304391 [shortcutter ] No, it's something about XPath that you do not understand. :-)  "//"
304418 [dedward gmai] I get that part of the syntax -  what I don't (or didn't) get is why
304528 [shortcutter ] Well, they are because they use the node as basis.  But if you give
304572 [dedward gmai] Thanks a lot Robert.. makes perfect sense now.

^ new modern tutorial for Ruby Tk GUI programming
304339 [mark markros] Current, up-to-date tutorial documentation for Ruby Tk is very sparse,
+ 304343 [ravwar gmail] Great, thank you very much!
+ 304511 [lcl tarazed.] Yes, a very big thank you Mark for this very timely exposition.  I have
  304730 [lcl tarazed.] As posted in another thread, problem solved by installing ruby1.8.7.

^ Core dumps in ruby-tk on Mandriva 2008.1
304340 [lcl tarazed.] This may not be the appropriate forum for this problem but I have
+ 304508 [michel.reves] I had excatly the same problem with a 32 bits mandriva 2008.1 running on
| + 304510 [lcl tarazed.] Further investigation reveals that the ttk themed widget set can be used
| + 304769 [lcl tarazed.] If you do need to go back to 2008.1 try installing ruby1.8.7, currently
|   304817 [michel.reves] Thanks a lot for your investigation.
+ 304577 [lcl tarazed.] More debugging runs using various examples from Mark Roseman's website
  304589 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm very sorry, but I don't have x86_64-linux environment.
  + 304599 [lcl tarazed.] Rebuilding ruby from 1.8.7 might be the better choice for me.  I may be
  + 304729 [lcl tarazed.] Thanks again for the advice Hidetoshi.  Installing 1.8.7 did the trick.

^ Can your GUI framework do this?
304341 [martindemell] One of the most interesting facets of a desktop GUI system is how easy
+ 304372 [why ruby-lan] (These examples require a Shoes that's no older than a week or two.)
| 304401 [martindemell] Looking forward to them. The code looks very slick - "check out shoes"
+ 304435 [charles.nutt] Swing can certainly do all this, and with layout tools like Netbeans
+ 306301 [nagai ai.kyu] On Ruby/Tk,

^ [ANN] rmmseg-cpp 0.2.5 released
304346 [pluskid gmai] rmmseg-cpp version 0.2.5

^ Ultimate Prime Sieve -- Sieve of Zakiya (SoZ)
304351 [jzakiya mail] This is to announce the release of my paper "Ultimate Prime Sieve --
+ 304364 [jzakiya mail] The Ruby code from the paper can be seen here;
+ 304518 [michael.ulm ] somewhat overenthusiastic about it. Your sieve looks very
  304607 [jzakiya mail] Have you run all my coded examples?
  304653 [michael.ulm ] Your implementation of the sieve is quite fast and for any ordinary range
  304771 [jzakiya mail] Help me out here.
  304821 [michael.ulm ] Let me start off by saying, that I really like your implementation of

^ Ruby wishlist
304353 [jzakiya mail] n1, n2, n3, n4 = nil
+ 304357 [rimantas gma] $ irb --simple-prompt
| 304361 [jzakiya mail] Sorry for the confusion.
| + 304370 [ninja slapha] Probably easier to simply do
| | 304376 [dblack rubyp] a.each_index {|i| a[i] += 9 }
| + 304394 [shortcutter ] Your variable naming indicates that you are probably using the wrong
|   304422 [jzakiya mail] The names of the variables are not array values, they
|   + 304454 [ninja slapha] Yes, we understand that. It's just probably better design for your program as
|   + 304526 [shortcutter ] The names are irrelevant: the mere fact that you want to treat them
+ 304360 [ttmrichter g] This is a trivial thing to do because the semantics can't really be
+ 304392 [martindemell] This really suggests that n1, n2, n3, n4 want to be n[1..4]. Then see

^ eval bug?
304355 [jzakiya mail] def tm(code); s=Time.now; eval code; Time.now-s end
+ 304371 [miles.sterre] I don't believe that is a bug.  At the time that 'eval' is running the
+ 304429 [mike cargal.] I think a more "ruby" implementation of tm would be...
  304459 [mike cargal.] of course... it's very "unruby" to say return, so...
  + 304483 [ben bleythin] I don't think this is true at all.  There are certainly people who
  + 304608 [jzakiya mail] Thanks, this works great. I learned something. ;-)
    307630 [rogerpack200] My question is why does

^ Date.parse("28/03/2008") gives error???
304356 [greg.hauptma] Date.parse("28/03/2008") gives me an error?
304359 [nicolas.pell] Date.parse("03/28/2008")
304362 [greg.hauptma] but that's not the format I get the data in :(  I'm in Australia.
304366 [miles.sterre] On Jun 8, 12:04=A0am, Greg Hauptmann <greg.hauptmann.r...@gmail.com>
304367 [ray.baxter g] Date.strptime('28/03/2008', '%d/%m/%Y')
304373 [greg.hauptma] excellent thanks,
306163 [subscribepns] Unfortunately for me, the solution by Ray doesn't seem to work too. For
306175 [ruby thomasz] Doesn't look like it.
306179 [subscribepns] Does it have anything to do with the version of Ruby/Rails ? I'm using
306212 [ruby thomasz] if