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^ Building Windows C Extension
303976 [scotty.prest] All,
+ 303980 [jameskilton ] Building an extension on Windows can be an exercise in frustration.
| 303985 [scotty.prest] Thanks Jason I will give this a try.
+ 303984 [rogerpack200] post the error message to the one click installer if you'd like help
  303991 [scotty.prest] *** target pattern contains no `%'.  Stop.
  303992 [rogerpack200] for me this means that cygwin's path is before my mingw path.  Putting
  304070 [scotty.prest] I installed an old copy of visual studio 6, compiled my extension with

^ Ruby and SAS
303982 [irishhacker ] - Yukihiro Matsumoto ( famous guy, founder of Ruby )
304050 [thehcdreamer] ROFL!

^ [ANN] Vancouver.rb - Open Ruby Hack Night - Every Monday 7pm - Whenever (9ish) - Join Us
304000 [geraldbauer2] If you're in or around Vancouver in British Columbia on Canada's

^ Re: general query about ruby libraries
304003 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"
304004 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"
304005 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"
304007 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"

^ ruby reading files in many directories
304006 [michspam gmx] i have a question. I have a working script, that scans some txt files in
+ 304056 [d_rems yahoo] def scan_file(file_name)
+ 304062 [onurgu gmail] Dir['./**/*.txt']
  304101 [ryand-ruby z] Dir['./**/*.txt'] + Dir['*.txt']
  304122 [michspam gmx] I helped me with a dirthy solution. The script is needed for windows, so

^ Re: Safe sandbox for running untrusted code
304008 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"

^ Re: Killing Win32 process
304010 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"

^ faster csv issue
304014 [junkone1 gma] not sure why fastercsv cannot parse this. cannot find anything wrong
304015 [james graypr] I don't see the "Invalid Argument error here, but you should be using
304094 [junkone1 gma] thanks james.

^ [ANN] ditz 0.3 released
304016 [wmorgan-ruby] Ditz version 0.3 has been released!
304017 [fedzor gmail] loop { puts "Thank you!" }

^ double assignation in a hash
304021 [nicolas.papo] I'm new to ruby, i'd like to know if it is possible to make the
+ 304023 [Rob AgileCon] Your problem is that a[:b] is not a hash.  You can get this effect by
+ 304031 [ruby anthrop] ...
+ 304048 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):023:0> a = Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = Hash.new(&h.default_proc)}
  + 304174 [davebass mus] a = {}
  + 304465 [nicolas.papo] Thanks evebody for yours answers, helps a lot :) !
    304535 [jgabrielygal] Hash.new receives a block, which is executed whenever you try to access

^ Removing Special Chars from a String
304025 [loadeddesign] I'm pulling some fields out of an Oracle database and creating a CSV.
304026 [rodrigo.berm] "\nhere is some text\r\n\r\nsome more text\n\r\n\reven more
+ 304028 [loadeddesign] thanks, that helped a lot! much appreciated!
+ 304153 [shortcutter ] This will glue together words that were only separated by special chars.

^ List of ChartTypeVal for generating excel chart
304032 [lcyeap alter] Greetings,

^ bind variables
304043 [nathan_day m] I am extremely new to Ruby, my company is in the process of evaluating
+ 304044 [drbrain segm] AFAIK, all the database connection libraries support parameterized
+ 304045 [ninja slapha] Probably prepared statements is what would make the difference in performance.
  304190 [nathan_day m] Would there be in point in using a prepared statement if you don't
  304268 [nathan_day m] OK once again in english

^ ero magazines
304047 [lavrey-1 mai] ...

^ variable in lambda
304052 [jarodzz gmai] I came across the following problem.
304054 [onurgu gmail] acode = lambda { |c| lambda {
304055 [onurgu gmail] a missing curly brackets.
304098 [shortcutter ] Much simpler
304136 [jarodzz gmai] many thanks for the help, Robert and Onur.
304154 [shortcutter ] A lot is possible.  But from what you write it is not clear what "it" in
304319 [jarodzz gmai] sure, check below,

^ Re: Static Ruby
304053 [shevegen lin] Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get to recompile ruby for some

^ [ANN] London Ruby User Group - 9th June 2008
304057 [murray.steel] Hey hey,

^ What is the default return type?
304063 [mangog gmx.n] Hey guys,
304064 [avdi avdi.or] The default return *value* is the value of the last statement executed
304067 [mangog gmx.n] def aMethod()
+ 304068 [dblack rubyp] It's nil.
+ 304069 [thehcdreamer] => nil
+ 304076 [davebass mus] I think you mean return value. The default return value is nil.
  304079 [mangog gmx.n] jap, sorry. I was a little bit confused :)

^ 11th June Cape Town Ruby Brigade Meeting
304071 [farrel.lifso] The next meeting of the Cape Town Ruby Brigade will take place at

^ file collaboration
304078 [jason.lillyw] I would like to start collaborating on some very simple ruby programs
+ 304083 [avdi avdi.or] Try darcs or bzr.  Distributed collaboration without the artificial
| 304085 [jason.lillyw] Thank you. I will take a look.
+ 304183 [williams.jay] The FireFox browser has a plugin called GSpace that allows you to use

^ Why use RoR instead Aspx
304080 [paqs140482 g] Does anyone know any article where it's been compared RoR vrs aspx,
+ 304081 [thehcdreamer] What about theese videos
+ 304082 [jameskilton ] Ruby on Rails - Framework
  304087 [paqs140482 g] Okay. I mean, I love programming in ruby so I would like some help in order
  304089 [cmdjackryan ] order

^ system() and `` problem in Multithreading
304088 [leeyouser gm] I want to execute external routines in my ruby program in a
304112 [ara.t.howard] the order threads run is *always* undefined unless you coordinate
304116 [brandon.g.jo] =A0

^ delete cookie
304090 [aidy.lewis g] Does anyone know of an effective way to delete cookies?
+ 304092 [cmdjackryan ] What are the error messages you get, if any?
+ 345956 [jazzezravi g] Its very delayed reply for this thread. But i hope it will help for

^ Help with WIN32OLE and WIN32OLE_EVENT.new, second post!
304091 [dsisnero gma] I am trying to control a Microstation application through its VBA api.

^ Dominos Pizza order tracking script
304093 [dmerrick ics] I just finished throwing together a script to track your Dominos order vi=
304108 [kyrreny broa] That is fucking brilliant!
304203 [dmerrick ics] I'm glad you like it, though I cannot accept responsibility for the idea.=

^ why cannot i put conditions in when clause
304095 [junkone1 gma] irb(main):003:0> case a
+ 304096 [cmdjackryan ] That's what if..else..end is there for.
+ 304097 [vjoel path.b] It's not an expression.
| 304107 [avdi avdi.or] First of all: huh.  Learn something new about Ruby (almost) every day.
+ 304099 [james graypr] when 0..(1.0/0.0)
| 304100 [unbewusst.se] ;-)
+ 304103 [shortcutter ] $ ruby -ce 'case;when a == 0;puts "0";when a > 0;puts "greater";end'

^ marshalling and serialiing to IO problem
304102 [junkone1 gma] i am trying to serialise a object to file. i have errors when i try to
304115 [shortcutter ] Works for me.  Why do you open in nonblocking mode?  That might cause

^ Problem with ruby + mysql on windows , now trying dbi
304104 [brunormoura ] require 'dbi'

^ Accessing a hash in a hash
304105 [tekmc hotmai] to have a hash key whose value is a hash.
+ 304109 [tekmc hotmai] I figured it out
+ 304110 [d_rems yahoo] Blind guess.
+ 304111 [rodrigo.berm] irb(main):001:0> a={}

^ Re: ruby tail
304113 [linux piard.] gem install file-tail -r
304132 [junkone1 gma] ...

^ Strange Webrick Error
304114 [christian.ke] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host
304119 [drbrain segm] I've seen this error when attaching to an Apache web server via
304120 [christian.ke] i have a background thread in my application (that one that runs the
304134 [drbrain segm] The only one I could think of was to rescue and retry.

^ [SUMMARY] Price ranges (#164)
304117 [matthew.moss] In this quiz, James presented us with a practical problem that is

^ [ANN] Erubis 2.6.1 released - Rails 2.1 support
304121 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released Erubis 2.6.1.
304166 [roberto REMO] It is compatible with Ruby 1.9?

^ Object to XML Converter (and visa versa)
304123 [axyd80 gmail] Do you now mature Object to XML and XML to Object converter (like the

^ Histogram
304124 [tekmc hotmai] I've been looking around to learn about histograms, and haven't had any
+ 304125 [Rob AgileCon] Depending on how you get that data, FasterCSV might be a good option,
+ 304160 [boris bagofs] Assuming that you have a file that looks exactly like the one above,
| 304161 [boris bagofs] That line containing only the word "key" is still part of the
+ 304168 [shortcutter ] Age  | Name
  + 304170 [botp delmont] i was not going to send my soln since many had already sent theirs (and =
  | 304173 [shortcutter ] was busy playing :)),
  | 304208 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks guys! Helped a lot
  + 304239 [rick.denatal] or

^ RubyToC Question
304126 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 304127 [cmdjackryan ] Is "require 'rubygems'" necessary for you?
| 304129 [phil pricom.] Phillip and Rob,
+ 304128 [Rob AgileCon] require 'rubygems'

^ Re: Mysql & Ruby in windows, it's possible ?!
304130 [rogerpack200] try the OCI + mysql gem + latest mysql binary.  [?]
304144 [brunormoura ] What's OCI?
+ 304146 [rogerpack200] one click installer
+ 304197 [luislavena g] What version of MySQL? what error are you getting? can you provide
  304204 [brunormoura ] The version is 5.0.27 , but with rails works fine...

^ RubyToC - Second Question
304131 [phil pricom.] People,
304133 [Rob AgileCon] It looks like the preamble is missing.  The one in the rubyforge doc
304222 [ryand-ruby z] it's been touched, but none of the changes have been released.
304223 [phil pricom.] Ryan,
+ 304254 [AEtzold gmx.] Philip,
| 304285 [phil pricom.] Axel,
| 304320 [AEtzold gmx.] Philip,
| 304326 [phil pricom.] Axel,
+ 304306 [ninja slapha] First, you could try Ruby 1.9. Probably more reliable than ruby2c, and much
+ 306064 [ shot hot.pl] As David Masover already pointed out, an approach you could consider is

^ Re: SQL Parser in Ruby
304135 [mpagalan gma] im a newbie and want to know if this sql parser in ruby is already out

^ Newbie question concerning ruby and mysql
304137 [michael schm] The question is, given the code I will be working from, what's the Ruby way
+ 304138 [cmdjackryan ] Ruby way
| 304143 [james graypr] FCSV.foreach(=85, :headers =3D> true) do |row|
+ 304139 [phasis gmail] next if f.lineno==1
+ 304140 [botp delmont] # Here's the code I'll be working from
+ 304145 [michael schm] Well, while waiting for a reply I decided to work out another problem. So,
  304148 [botp delmont] # <snip>
  304149 [michael schm] There is no conversion, I figured out just now that I needed to do that. So

^ Configuration Inquiry
304142 [emillion emi] I've been racking my brain on configurations of Ruby, Rails, and
304152 [thehcdreamer] what's the error?
304184 [emillion emi] Well,
304185 [thehcdreamer] I don't use active scaffold, but are you sure you don't need to include it
304188 [emillion emi] Thanks for the reply!

^ conflict between soap4r gem and stdlib
304147 [vjoel path.b] I installed a newer version of soap4r as a gem, but, when I require
304151 [drbrain segm] RubyGems will only search for a file in a gem when it isn't in

^ erb question --urgent help needed?
304150 [bad_good_lio] i don't know how to explain my problem
304162 [jan.svitok g] Can you tell what do you want to do? Why do you need to know the
+ 304163 [bad_good_lio] in my ROR project i need to show some details with PRINT format
+ 304167 [bad_good_lio] actually there is a empty paper
  304192 [jan.svitok g] I can't help you with a general solution, I guess the way you startes
  304193 [jan.svitok g] One more suggestion: with PdfWriter, you can programmatically produce PDFs

^ [ANN]  June Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting: Rapid Desktop App Development with Monkeybars
304155 [james.britt ] June Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ ruby gems install error
304156 [artie.ziff g] I am hoping to get some ideas here. Being new to ruby, I am not familiar
304348 [drbrain segm] Did you unpack the tarball in /tmp?
304354 [artie.ziff g] Thank you for your interest.
304368 [ninja slapha] That's a reasonable assumption, though. It's kind of like saying "Perhaps the
304374 [artie.ziff g] Is it not good programming practice to check if resource exists before
+ 304379 [ninja slapha] Depends. I tend to develop Ruby a bit more optimistically -- I try to use a
+ 304390 [drbrain segm] It is a good practice.

^ Threading in ruby
304159 [sijo maxxion] I have succesfully send mail from my rails application..I did it like
304169 [shortcutter ] 1. create a thread ad hoc and let it do the mail sending (i.e. call

^ rake task dependencies: via timestamps table in database
304164 [jan.aerts gm] There is some interest in the bioinformatics community for using rake
304517 [pit.capitain] that this shouldn't be very difficult. The code consists of only four
304849 [jan.aerts gm] Thanks for that pointer, Pit. I think I got quite far now based on

^ Net/http and redirects
304165 [srijayanth g] The problem seems to be that google is somehow redirecting and net
304189 [perchr north] The documentation for Net::HTTP
304191 [Rob AgileCon] If you want automatic following of redirects, perhaps you want the

^ StringIO#ungetc returns dupes in Ruby1.9?
304171 [ninja slapha] First, I apologize if this was a known issue -- couldn't find any mention of

^ rspec logging
304172 [aidy.lewis g] I am trying to find some output logging in the Rspec API

^ Net::SSH problems
304176 [bobsmyph hot] I am trying to connect to one of our UNIX servers. I can connect and can
304207 [stephen.odon] Not sure what is wrong - I do something similar (this is snipped from
304533 [eric.ramsey ] I tried the above and I still get the same error.
304578 [luislavena g] start'
304586 [eric.ramsey ] when looking under C:\ruby\doc\ruby it shows ruby-1.8.5

^ pdf for soap4r or any link to study
304186 [sukeerthiadi] Can anyone give me any pdf or any good tutorials for learning soap4r
304187 [irvingld gma] What do you need to know ?
304398 [sukeerthiadi] I need to knw calling remote functions in rails application..

^ newbie: quick question re: windows install
304194 [bill.turner ] I just downloaded ruby and ran the installer(Ruby 1.8.6 One-Click
+ 304199 [gthiesfeld g] Look in %path_to_ruby%\bin (the default is C:\ruby\bin).  You should
| 304202 [bill.turner ] okay. I'll create a folder in my start menu and put shortcuts in for
+ 304200 [luislavena g] Hmn, wierd, all the menus at start menu (under programs) get generated
  304205 [bill.turner ] It is the latest version - 1.8.6.-26, though the binaries download
  304291 [luislavena g] Yeah, the binary release is newer, I had a hard time dealing with
  + 305011 [bill.turner ] American English.
  + 305424 [bill.turner ] I feel like such an idiot! I found it at the bottom of my unsorted

^ hollywood and bollywood
304195 [priyasexy737] hollywood and bollywood

^ Re: Erubis 2.6.1 released - Rails 2.1 support
304198 [kwa kuwata-l] Currently, no.

^ Working more efficiently in Ruby
304210 [elizabethbar] Add flashcards to your studies, click on cram with the learning
304213 [paqs140482 g] Nice, Thanks
304229 [elizabethbar] Thanks! Keep me posted on your thoughts about it.

^ The best sexy photo!!!
304211 [sexy18 op.pl] ...

^ [QUIZ] Preferable Pairs (#165)
304217 [matthew.moss] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 304466 [dustin.barke] Here's my solution - I think I've got it, but haven't found a way to
+ 304471 [eric.mahurin] I have a solution at the end of this message.  This solution finds the
| + 304488 [steverhahn h] Ok, I think this one will always find the optimal solution, because it is =
| + 304497 [eric.mahurin] * The outer loop in #cost was unnecessary.  I believe the complexity before
|   304606 [steverhahn h] I made a couple of minor optimizations to my solution.  It still will not h=
+ 304672 [andrea.fazzi] this procedure *doesn't* find the *best* solution. Instead, it aims
  304700 [andrea.fazzi] Andrea