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^ Ruby or Perl?
303809 [joec_49 hotm] I wonder if I should stop using perl and start using Ruby. I need inputfrom=
+ 303811 [james.britt ] 1-Can ruby programs create Guis much like C# and VB.NET?
| 303841 [joec_49 hotm] Thanks - that is what I wanted to hear....I have used perl heavily and it h=
+ 303814 [znmeb cesmai] Probably not. Perl has certain advantages, not the least of which is the
| 303837 [robert.dober] Not stopping perl is ok; not starting Ruby might be a missed
+ 303831 [eeklund gmai] More or less.  The Perl convention of having empty string and 0 mean

^ CMS Alongside Game Engines
303820 [cbabcock kol] My primary application is a play-by-email game written in C that stores
303830 [roberto REMO] You could lok at RadiantCMS[1], a Ruby on Rails CMS system, small, fast an

^ Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError
303829 [emmie_882002] I would like to install mysql in ruby as i need to use mysql in rails
303893 [rogerpack200] looks like a dns problem.  Make sure dns is working.  Maybe use opendns
304035 [drbrain segm] Also, check to see that all the URLs listed in `gem sources -l` resolve.

^ Killing Win32 process
303832 [anukul.singh] def killQTP
+ 303843 [david.mullet] Change
| 303846 [shevegen lin] Are you guys sure that anything
+ 303855 [gthiesfeld g] You might look at win32-process, but if you want to use WMI, remember

^ Re: Price Ranges (#164)
303838 [toby tobyoro] A simple solution to my first Ruby Quiz

^ Watir: Clicking on a Window pop-up
303840 [anukul.singh] I am working on an app which requires me to fill in the login

^ Auto_Complete problem?
303842 [varun.rajesh] I am using Rails2.0.2 and i wanna use plugin auto_complete with
303845 [thehcdreamer] you need to use an external plugin with rails 2

^ Web browser with video input
303844 [fmpfmpf yaho] I have learnt how to create Rubyzilla from the following website:-

^ unsubscribe
303851 [maiku41 sbcg] Ok... How do I unsubscribe from this list?  I've tried several variations and nothing works.

^ best Ruby book for experienced programmer?
303857 [joec_49 hotm] What is the best book for an experienced programmer (Perl, C#, VisualBasic,=
303863 [rick.denatal] Two really,

^ invoke irb during execution of code
303859 [junkone1 gma] how do i invoke the irb during the execution of my code.
+ 303860 [martindemell] ruby-breakpoint, while currently unmaintained, does (did?) just that.
+ 303885 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
| 303981 [junkone1 gma] thanks for trying to help. But i am lost with this code. do i have to
| + 303994 [leslieviljoe] First, run "gem install -r ruby-debug"
| + 304019 [vjoel path.b] Copy the module..end and class..end part into your code. Then look at
|   304022 [yazmin.carde] What I say.. is why don=B4t any of you take my job offer seriously....   :(=
+ 304024 [paradisaeida] Have you seen/tried Live_Console?

^ Beginner help
303861 [tekmc hotmai] def meth(proc)
303864 [dblack rubyp] If there's no block, that yield is going to have caused an exception
303865 [tekmc hotmai] def meth(proc)
+ 303875 [ninja slapha] def meth
+ 303897 [overlord gmx] You are confusing blocks and procs. Every method can have a single
+ 303906 [benjohn fysh] Definitely read the other answers in this thread. I'll try to add some

^ ActiveRecord ids differ outside of rails for rails data table?
303866 [xcampanoli g] Say, for a record with label 'Home', inside Rails I get an id of 1, and
303868 [xcampanoli g] Nevermind.  I was using the .id on the array object rather than the

^ Simple Object Relational Database? Ruby db40
303870 [pikseli NOUU] I have built a *simple* object store that runs on the local filesystem.
+ 303877 [ninja slapha] A good filesystem makes this a moot point, unless you are deliberately looping
+ 303878 [ara.t.howard] are you aware of fsdb?  it sounds remarkably like your project and is
+ 303888 [vjoel path.b] Sounds interesting, a bit like fsdb, but possibly with different goals

^ Commercial Calendar Calculations
303872 [james.herdma] I'm interested in doing calculations with a commercial calendar.  For
+ 303879 [donald.ball ] The runt gem provides a nice library for working with recurring
| 303895 [james.herdma] Donald,
| 303944 [donald.ball ] Sure thing, I'll describe briefly here and you can feel free to email
| 303949 [james.herdma] Oh, I see!  So if you wanted to get the Date object corresponding to a row
+ 303889 [rubytraining] ng a
  303896 [james.herdma] Eric,
  303903 [tbradt gmail] you could try something like this......very rough pseudo code, but the

^ About 1.8.7 Array#map! without a block
303873 [eustaquioran] I was wondering how to use Array#map! with a block. On the usual way, we

^ QtRuby TableWidget fill all
303874 [la.bizzz gma] i'm still a ruby-newbie :) and will be very thankful for any advise.
304218 [richard.j.da] I don't think Qt::TableWidget is the best class to use for this, as
304226 [la.bizzz gma] Thank you, Richard, second time :)

^ deleting first line from a file
303876 [suresh.amrit] I have a HUGE data file multiple lines of data. I want to delete just
+ 303880 [cmshea gmail] Would this work for you?
| + 303909 [suresh.amrit] Thanks, I was not aware of the +2 option...
| + 303911 [suresh.amrit] BTW is there any equivalent method equivalent to linux tail in ruby?
| | + 303913 [phasis gmail] ruby -n -e 'print $_ if $.>1' original.file > modified.file
| | | 303922 [suresh.amrit] Thanks. But how can this be done inside a .rb file? The above must be
| | | 303930 [phasis gmail] It is equivalent to
| | | 303932 [suresh.amrit] Thanks Park Heesob, thank you
| | + 303967 [ninja slapha] Not really, but it shouldn't be difficult to build. Maybe trickier to build
| |   304042 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
| + 303979 [ snk gna.org] sed 1d original.file > modified.file  # 1d means delete line 1
+ 303882 [ninja slapha] Depends what you mean by "efficiently".
+ 304029 [botp delmont] # I have a HUGE data file multiple lines of data. I want to delete just
| 304030 [Rob AgileCon] If that's all you want (and you're not frightened by the command-line =20=
+ 304058 [koflerjim ma] csplit file 1 '{1}'
  304059 [koflerjim ma] csplit -k file 1 '{1}'

^ Ruby SOAP Bug?
303881 [russianbandi] I've spent a few days now looking on how to access a wsdl over ssl.
303884 [       x y.z] maybe it is of some use to you.
303887 [russianbandi] I actually have looked at your blog as well when developing/debugging.
303907 [email fin.ta] cool :) at least i did not write that post only for me alone :)
303958 [russianbandi] So I think I might have figured out what the problem is.
303968 [russianbandi] OK, I was able to solve this by using the soap4r gem. All I did was
303977 [       x y.z] Great. Thanks for sharing.

^ instance_eval, regexp with block : losing $1
303883 [like.space g] To build a wiki-like engine (or DSL) with dynamically generated
+ 303892 [rogerpack200] # maybe pass it as a parameter or save it away to some global variable
+ 303912 [like.space g] class Base
| 303915 [like.space g] instance_eval(&block) works definitely better here.
+ 303936 [charles.nutt] The backref and numbered group globals are tied to the containing

^ win32ole , WIN32OLE_EVENT.new and Microstation Please Help!
303891 [dsisnero gma] I am trying to control a Microstation application through its VBA api.

^ fund raiser for rubyforge cert
303894 [rogerpack200] Do we need to run a fund raise for rubyforge.org to buy an SSL
304698 [tom infoethe] Nah, Ruby Central has the money, I just need to get with David and get
304711 [rogerpack200] Let me know if I can help.

^ Array#choice on 1.8.7
303898 [eustaquioran] I just tested on one machine, but seems that if we make some call to
303899 [botp delmont] # I just tested on one machine, but seems that if we make some call to=20
303901 [eustaquioran] No, please check that the three times I run the program without rand,
303904 [m.fellinger ] T24gV2VkLCBKdW4gNCwgMjAwOCBhdCAxMTowMSBBTSwgRXVzdGFxdWlvICdUYVEnIFJhbmdlbAo8

^ extending CI::Reporter
303900 [timm zillow.] Specifically, I wanted to change some formatting, so that failure

^ [ANN] Gerbil 3.0.1
303905 [ snk gna.org] Gerbil

^ cannot start a transaction within a transaction on 1.8.7
303908 [christian.ke] Hy!

^ Job: Ruby on Rails developer
303910 [ludmila.volk] We are looking for an experienced developer who is comfortable with

^ Image scraping from behind a proxy
303914 [abhishek.gho] I was looking at this post in the forum for downloading image files from
303917 [abhishek.gho] While I was writing my query I figured out what I am supposed to do :)

^ Mering an array of hashes
303916 [luke.g inner] I have two arrays of hashes and I would like to merge them.
+ 303919 [jgabrielygal] Is this what you are after? Not sure if I understood your description
| 303920 [luke.g inner] Close, but not quite.
| 303953 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> a = [{:id => 1, :name => "a"}, {:id => 2, :name => "b"}]
+ 303921 [benjohn fysh] I'm very confused by your notation above. Sorry to sound picky, but would
  303923 [luke.g inner] Sorry B, late at night here :p
  + 303924 [benjohn fysh] Ah, okay, that's clear, but pretty weird data :-)
  | 303926 [luke.g inner] Ah, that does work too!
  | 303927 [luke.g inner] a1 = [{:name=>"File1.rar",
  | + 303928 [benjohn fysh] Hey - that comes out really cleanly. Cool.
  | + 303933 [dblack rubyp] You can use #find rather than #select plus #first.
  + 303925 [ums zuehlke.] a1 = [{:name=>"File1.rar",

^ Ruby Dictionary Lib
303918 [sean_warburt] Does anyone know of a dictionary API for Ruby that's similar to
303937 [AEtzold gmx.] Maybe Wordnet for Ruby ? http://www.deveiate.org/projects/Ruby-WordNet/

^ fails to connect to gtalk (TLS)
303931 [darren.hoo g] Platform : Debian GNU/Linux Unstable

^ Module philosophy
303934 [leslieviljoe] Sorry to beat a dead horse, but to confirm: the only way to mix a
+ 303935 [stefano.croc] Because String.extend(Crc) would add the instance methods of the Crc module as
+ 303938 [shortcutter ] You need to be able to distinguish between importing class methods and
+ 303969 [ninja slapha] Short answer: You'll have to mess with it dynamically, but that is far from
  303975 [leslieviljoe] Holy macaroni, thanks for these replies!
  + 303978 [shevegen lin] It might be rare because in reality this is not so much a
  + 303986 [ninja slapha] Probably included, then, rather than extended.
    303989 [leslieviljoe] Perhaps people don't have this problem very often, but I once spent
    + 303993 [donald.ball ] I had a similar experience a while back wherein I inadvertently
    | 303995 [leslieviljoe] ruby -w does warn on method redefinitions!
    | 304002 [donald.ball ] True, and I ought to have thought to try that at the time, but unless
    + 303996 [ninja slapha] How was it require'd, though?

^ wiki.rubyonrails.org (referral)
303939 [mcmohd gmail] This tutorial gives you complete knowledge starting from basic to

^ [ANN] Cachetastic 1.7.0 Released
303940 [markykang-ru] The simple, yet extremely powerful, Ruby caching framework, Cachetastic

^ A complete guide for Ruby Progammers
303941 [mcmohd gmail] This tutorial gives you complete knowledge starting from basic to
+ 303942 [mcmohd gmail] I'm sorry by mistake I have posted wrong subject.
+ 303943 [davividal si] Sorry, but what do you mean by "this"? :-)
  303945 [mcmohd gmail] Thanks.
  + 303947 [thehcdreamer] Thanks for your work ;)
  | 303948 [leslieviljoe] This tutorial looks strangely familiar!
  | + 303952 [rick.denatal] And given the "required tools"
  | | 303971 [ninja slapha] Just a bit old, yes... and wrong. There is no such thing as Linux 7.1 -- Linux
  | | + 304020 [nntpspy janv] 2.4 ? Hmmm, from which quadrant do you post ?
  | | + 304073 [phrexianreap] uname -srv
  | |   304074 [dblack rubyp] I once compiled a kernel whose timestamp was earlier than the
  | + 303954 [lyle lylejoh] Yeah, plagiarism never gets old, does it? ;)
  |   + 303966 [james graypr] Is this content copied from somewhere?
  |   | 303974 [lyle lylejoh] Not wholesale, but several bits from his "Ruby Quick Reference Guide"
  |   + 304061 [fox nscl.msu] Stealing from  yourself is not plagiarism.  It's just re-use, and
  |     + 304065 [lyle lylejoh] No, but stealing from other authors' work is. So unless the authors of
  |     | 304072 [eeklund gmai] Yes, there's a problem - however, assuming this is actually edited
  |     | + 304077 [tomcloyd com] I want to concur. Please remember that most people are NOT malicicious,
  |     | + 304086 [mcmohd gmail] Friends,
  |     |   + 304157 [leslieviljoe] It is a great thing to share knowledge, but copying other peoples work
  |     |   + 304252 [joec_49 hotm] I would like it - I am an experienced programmer but new to Ruby
  |     + 304141 [kamhung.soh ] See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarism#Self-plagiarism
  |       304256 [caduceass gm] What's funny is how we are allowed to publish college text books as
  + 303951 [martindemell] Good work!!

^ [ANN] NNTP client Library ruby-net-nntp 1.0.0 released
303946 [tony twincod] ruby-net-nntp is a simple pure ruby NNTP client library.

^ ruby-ftp -  directory vs file?
303950 [shevegen lin] How do I find out whether "foobar" is a remote directory, or a remote
303988 [shevegen lin] Solved it via .list (and help of someone else)
303997 [ninja slapha] By convention, I think. That's a Unix-style mask, as you would get
+ 303999 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"
| + 304001 [JAMES.T.MCLA] charset="UTF-8"
| + 304011 [cmdjackryan ] Change the password. Now.
+ 304049 [shevegen lin] No I haven't. :)

^ Beginner: Read file
303955 [tekmc hotmai] report = File.open('ReportTxt.txt', 'r') do |L|
+ 303959 [rubytraining] A couple of things.  You've combined two distinct ways of using the
| 303964 [tekmc hotmai] Thanks so much for your help. I'm reading O'Reilly Ruby Cookbook, which
| 303973 [rubytraining] Given your previous posting on procs and the code you submitted here,
+ 303961 [stefano.croc] 1) you use the variable report in the block, but the variable is assigned a=
+ 303962 [globyy3000 h] Posting 'Beginner:' doesn't merit anything special :)
  303972 [ninja slapha] I believe that's why each_byte is depricated -- each_char will read each
  304009 [rubytraining] Well, unless I'm mistaken....
  304013 [ninja slapha] Absolutely... I should have been more specific. It certainly is depricated for

^ download a file
303956 [ferasc hotma] I have a file on the server and i want it to be downloadable by users
303960 [cmdjackryan ] Is this Rails, Merb, or...?
303963 [ferasc hotma] On Jun 4, 1:26 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
303965 [cmdjackryan ] Have you looked at the link I mentioned? It solves the exact problem you

^ A crosspost from the Perl Community
303957 [starx axisof] All,
+ 303983 [ninja slapha] Very true. But can you make Perl as pretty as Ruby?
| 304212 [jenda cpan.o] BS. Not unexpected. Besides beauty is in the eye of the beerholder,
| + 304215 [rogerpack200] Somewhat of an inflammatory response.
| | 304216 [shevegen lin] Oh, something was lost. I actually meant we BOTH (ruby folks, and perl
| | 304221 [jenda cpan.o] Who's gonna be the judge? Besides, define cleaner!
| | 304263 [caduceass gm] You would need a third party.
| | 304265 [jenda cpan.o] Someone who doesn't know either language? Which would not help much
| | 304531 [caduceass gm] Yes
| | 305045 [jenda cpan.o] I suggest to drop the idea. A beauty contest in this area is just a
| | 305072 [caduceass gm] I'm just going to have to agree with you again.  I'm torn, you see.  I
| + 304303 [ninja slapha] People who don't know me often make the mistake of assuming I ask rhetorical
|   305043 [jenda cpan.o] And I don't think Ruby can be made pretty at all.
|   + 305048 [rimantas gma] In English you do not write every sentence on the separate line, hence
|   | 305076 [billk cts.co] Precisely.  Further, when we do write phrases on separate lines in English,
|   | 305202 [billk cts.co] Apologies for replying to my own post - but it's been bothering me that I forgot
|   + 305049 [shortcutter ] <snip>rant</snip>
|   | 305130 [damphyr free] Ditto . I'm programming in Ruby for more than 6 years now and I still
|   + 305079 [jeremymcanal] Did you just join this mailing list to be a douchebag?
|   | + 305094 [dblack rubyp] I think the word is "troll" :-)
|   | | 305195 [robert.dober] Right, Jenda is one of the most intelligent trolls I have ever seen,
|   | + 305099 [shevegen lin] This discussion has almost died, so let's increase the ante...
|   |   305102 [davividal si] Indeed. I really need this!
|   |   305134 [ttmrichter g] ith=20
|   + 305189 [ninja slapha] Difference of philosophy -- with the simple setters and getters, the idea is
+ 303987 [rogerpack200] Yeah some people consider it a 'feature' that you don't know what you're
| + 303990 [cmdjackryan ] int[] numbers; //straight from MS's C# tutorial on Arrays
| + 304012 [jan.svitok g] The funny thing is that this was my feeling about ruby back when I was
+ 303998 [shortcutter ] Thank you for sharing this!
+ 304018 [s.korteling ] (...) and as a result, when I'm presented with a
+ 304066 [asandstrom a] [ SNIP ]
+ 304075 [davebass mus] Coming to Ruby recently from Perl, these are my comments.
| + 304084 [eric.mahurin] No, ruby is still call-by-value.  The "value" is an object reference
| | 304175 [davebass mus] So you pass a reference to a function. Isn't this call-by-reference???
| | + 304177 [asandstromtw] [ SNIP ]
| | + 304178 [eric.mahurin] The traditional "reference" in "call-by-reference" is an lvalue reference.
| | | 304180 [shortcutter ] Can you give an example?  I'm curios because I never missed this and
| | | 304196 [eric.mahurin] A general category would be data structures of a linked set of nodes -
| | | 304206 [shortcutter ] The usual solution in Ruby would probably be a) which I find perfectly
| | | 304270 [eric.mahurin] Definitely no urgent need, but a nice thing to have in a bag of
| | | 304282 [shortcutter ] irb(main):002:0> s=SimpleDelegator.new nil
| | | 304296 [eric.mahurin] separate
| | | 304321 [eric.mahurin] class Ref
| | + 304209 [ninja slapha] It depends very much what your intent was -- upcase without the bang will
| |   304214 [shevegen lin] Does Star Cross reply?
| |   + 304262 [asandstromtw] Perl calling a method will look like
| |   + 304304 [ninja slapha] That would still potentially be a comparison of standard libraries. And you
| |     + 304333 [yermej gmail] Not that I have anything to contribute, but now you have me thinking
| |     + 305044 [jenda cpan.o] We all live in certain communities and we tend to socialize with people
| + 305871 [joerg joergm] Perl is call-by-reference when you modify the arguments array @_
|   305872 [shevegen lin] Compared to what? It takes discipline to write good code. Some languages
+ 304118 [drbrain segm] I no longer think this way about programs I write.  Enumerable and