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^ Programming MUD
302693 [andrugator y] 116 days past after last post about MUD and here it back!

^ Where's the best RDoc resource?
302694 [tek.katu gma] For Rails, I use
302716 [boesemar gmx] Run 'gem_server' and open http://localhost:8808/
302717 [stefano.croc] gem install fastri

^ Bug? - Resolv.getnames hanging after being interrupted
302695 [thomas.leitn] I came across some weird behavior and I don't know if it is a bug or

^ Converting  to o,  to u, encoding
302696 [shevken gmai] Does any1 have a ruby snippet to do the conversion? Probably using the
302697 [shevken gmai] Sorry,

^ Help extending Hash to allow hexadecimal encoded keys (problem with "Delegator")
302698 [ibc aliax.ne] SGksIGJhc2ljYWxseSBJIG5lZWQgdG8gaW1wbGVtZW50IGEgSGFzaCBpbiB3aGljaCBrZXlzIGNh
302708 [phasis gmail] SGksCgoyMDA4LzUvMjMgScOxYWtpIEJheiBDYXN0aWxsbyA8aWJjQGFsaWF4Lm5ldD46Cj4gSGks
302714 [ibc aliax.ne] MjAwOC81LzIzLCBIZWVzb2IgUGFyayA8cGhhc2lzQGdtYWlsLmNvbT46Cgo+ICAgICAgICAgICAg
+ 302720 [sean.ohalpin] def eql?(s)
+ 302721 [phasis gmail] SGksCgoyMDA4LzUvMjMgScOxYWtpIEJheiBDYXN0aWxsbyA8aWJjQGFsaWF4Lm5ldD46Cj4gMjAw
  302892 [ibc aliax.ne] MjAwOC81LzIzLCBIZWVzb2IgUGFyayA8cGhhc2lzQGdtYWlsLmNvbT46Cj4gSGksCj4KCj4gSSBn

^ Rubyful Soup/SGML Parser parses newlines as an entity
302703 [srijayanth g] I have a problem with Rubyful Soup parsing "\n" as an entity. This

^ Backgroundrb problems????
302709 [varun.rajesh] I wanna use backgroundrb for running my scheduler task but the

^ how to get back focus on opening firefox via firewatir?
302712 [arun.mehta g] disabilities -- people who cannot use a full keyboard and mouse -- to

^ Ruby http pipelining ?
302727 [cooldudevams] I am not able to find anything related to ruby's net/http and its

^ Module.===(X,X) is false
302732 [calfeld mac.] class Foo
+ 302735 [mark mwilden] I was going to say that Foo is not an instance of Foo, but of Class,
| 302738 [stefano.croc] Try Object === Foo
| 302740 [calfeld mac.] Thanks for all the feedback.
| + 302743 [Rob AgileCon] But what about X = Class? ;-)
| + 302744 [calfeld mac.] Let me further clarify.  I understand how this is false under the
| | + 302757 [ryand-ruby z] No plans that I know of, but you're free to propose it on ruby-core@.
| | + 302800 [sepp2k googl] ase
| + 302747 [ryand-ruby z] Yup. That's just the way that Module#=== works.
+ 302737 [Rob AgileCon] i = Foo.new

^ Problem with ruby + mysql on windows
302733 [brunormoura ] I'm having a problem to conect and use ruby to performe some operations
302763 [rogerpack200] googling for that error message yielded
302926 [brunormoura ] 998: Acesso inválido ao local de memória. (Invalid Access of memory
302927 [rogerpack200] maybe try a different version of the mysql dll?
302928 [brunormoura ] Humm,complicated...
302929 [rogerpack200] For me with your gem, I have
302930 [brunormoura ] My code runs in your machine... puts!

^ Choosing framework
302739 [mlevison gma] I'm helping a friend who is going to be creating a new web app a hand
+ 302749 [ssmoot gmail] /forgotten-ruby-web-frameworks- it at
| 302780 [james.britt ] #ramaze is one of the most active channels I've been on, and have been
+ 302783 [mark mwilden] I would just start with Rails. 1) If another framework is better, that
+ 302788 [cmdjackryan ] Short answer: Yes.

^ Re: File::Separator on win32
302741 [brian.hartin] `md #{File.join("c:","foo")}` fails as well.  STDERR contains 'The
302742 [brian.hartin] `md #{File.join("c:","foo")}` fails as well.  STDERR contains 'The

^ Re: Pathlist separator, Windows and Unix
302745 [brian.hartin] Except that File::SEPARATOR is not platform-dependent, as you would

^ Ruby observer module
302750 [       x y.z] I am reading Design Patterns in Ruby, and was looking at the code of the
+ 302752 [james graypr] I'm totally guessing here, but could it be to keep the list from
| 302753 [       x y.z] How could that ever happen?
+ 302754 [avdi avdi.or] def do_stuff
| 302755 [       x y.z] def do_stuff
| + 302785 [mark mwilden] Maybe it's because there might be another event beside changed ?
| + 302795 [shortcutter ] What you describe is exactly what happens if you use #changed and
+ 302759 [ryand-ruby z] (waste of memory? one array? ... who cares?)
  + 302762 [       x y.z] It just looks like an instruction to much.
  + 302786 [mark mwilden] How would an observer peer have the ability to change the list (other

^ gps gems
302756 [vjoel path.b] what's the deal with the gps gems?
302761 [drbrain segm] There are probably two of the same name from different sources.  Since
302770 [tom infoethe] Yours,
302787 [sean smo.uhi] Lol.

^ Need your recommendations for TCP Server/Client design
302768 [victor.reyes] Team,
+ 302806 [eleanor game] Go to the link in my sig and study the Semantic Networking
+ 302810 [synfinatic g] GServer is great.   I'd use SSL for encryption.  Require the client
  302924 [shortcutter ] Definitively not cook your own!
  302933 [victor.reyes] Actually, ssh was my first choice and we use it for a short period until it
  + 302941 [shortcutter ] From your posting it is not fully clear to me why it was "impractical".
  + 302974 [matt technor] 10 admins for only 100 servers?  You've got it easy!
    302975 [victor.reyes] Thanks for the advise and info.

^ #plural? or #singular?
302769 [seo mkdynami] Does anybody know an easy way to test if a word is singular or plural --
+ 302771 [_mwryder wor] You might be able to use some form of dictionary lookup and that will
| 302773 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Mark,
+ 302775 [transfire gm] English gem may help. If you devise #plural? and #singular? I'd be
| 302777 [shevegen lin] might be also useful to you.
+ 302807 [davebass mus] There are lots of difficulties here.
| 302809 [robert.dober] Even worse sometimes it is undefined I guess, or caption may play a role.
| 302812 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Robert and Dave,
| + 302814 [ray.baxter g] The collective noun in American English is singular, while in British
| | + 302820 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ray,
| | + 302838 [sean.ohalpin] While this is completely off-topic, I feel impelled to correct your
| |   302842 [mark mwilden] "We're going to Tesco's". :)
| |   302851 [davebass mus] I think you'll find it's short for "We're going to Tesco's [store]".
| |   302860 [robert.dober] We're going to Tesco's because *they* have some new -- dunoo what they
| |   302874 [mark mwilden] Well, OK, but it seems to me the same as saying "We're going to
| |   302919 [robert.dober] I guess this sentence is a very precise way to express the complexity
| + 302815 [robert.dober] Impressive, I have to admit :)
| + 302819 [caduceass gm] You will always have problems with collective nouns (brood, flock,
|   302827 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Todd,
|   302861 [caduceass gm] I was talking to the OP, but I guess I didn't say that outright.
+ 302823 [jeremymcanal] A really cheap way to do this with ActiveSupport would be to do

^ Executing javascript from Ruby
302772 [bcparanj gma] I need to execute a javascript from Ruby. The result of the javascript
+ 302774 [AEtzold gmx.] do you want to open the URL in Ruby ?
+ 302953 [aaron tender] Yes....  Johnson bridges Ruby to JavaScript.  We haven't released a gem

^ Railsy Question about redefining ruby methods...
302781 [xcampanoli g] Please this is a Ruby question, not, at least as the main focus, a rails
+ 302791 [cmdjackryan ] You are aware that the port of the URL is not under Rails' nor Ruby's
| 302829 [xcampanoli g] No no no no no no!  I have all the other stuff working.  I've got
| 302830 [cmdjackryan ] Why? Is the application not working? The webserver is smart enough to
| 302832 [xcampanoli g] They aren't absolute at all.  What I get rendered by rails link_to, for
+ 302831 [dblack rubyp] Well, if my answer is correct, it's a very Rails-specific question :-)
| 302833 [xcampanoli g] Thank you David.  I'll look at this right now, and try to have an answer
+ 303016 [fox nscl.msu] Have you looked at the rails routes table?

^ TCP Server/GServer
302784 [victor.reyes] Team,
+ 302972 [dedward ruby] I know it's not what you are asking.. but did you check out Capistrano?
| 302973 [victor.reyes] No but I will check it right now.
+ 303017 [fox nscl.msu] RF
  303024 [victor.reyes] *dsh* is not allowed as it is part of the infamous "r" commands.

^ Where can I get Ruby's design architecture details
302789 [chouhan.rj g] I am new to this forum. Can any one please give me the indication to the
302790 [cmdjackryan ] Programming Ruby, The Ruby Programming Language are probably the most
+ 302792 [chouhan.rj g] Thanks for the reply
| 302793 [cmdjackryan ] Err, I think The Ruby Language is the way to go then. Compiler theory
+ 302794 [james.britt ] Look at The Ruby Hacker's Guide

^ BinData (or alternative)
302796 [ttmrichter g] Is there any documentation out there that shows the full use of this gem

^ Re: BinData (or alternative), detailed question
302797 [ttmrichter g] This is my minimal example.  I'm trying to map terms from a wire

^ How to model something
302798 [towb gmx.net] my programm needs to store persons. They have a weight and a gender. You
+ 302803 [AEtzold gmx.] I'd use Struct ...
+ 302804 [shortcutter ] Some random thougths...
+ 302840 [mark mwilden] charset=US-ASCII;
  302843 [towb gmx.net] In the example, yes. In reality it's 3 attributes and writing is
  302848 [mark mwilden] Beats me!
  303010 [towb gmx.net] I now distributed the possible states along two dimensions and represent
  303036 [mark mwilden] Sounds interesting, but I'm not quite able to visualize it. If you'd

^ Levenshtein 0.1.0
302813 [erikveen gma] I've released the Levenshtein module as a gem. The most
302817 [mgregory22 g] Could you provide a download link?
302818 [erikveen gma] ...

^ Symbian + Ruby + PC
302816 [claudioe gma] Have you already programmed Ruby in Symbian?
302835 [gmane auxbus] Claudio Escudero said...

^ Accessing URL links inside of Tables
302825 [neudev gmail] This is my first post in this forum.
302845 [AEtzold gmx.] unfortunately, I can't help you with Watir, as it's Windows-specific,
302846 [neudev gmail] Thank-you very much for your reply and suggestions.

^ Re: Obfuscated Email (#163)
302826 [matthew.moss] to the rest of this paragraph. Must have accidentally killed a line or
302862 [robert.dober] tes
302863 [vjoel path.b] In other words, you had a brilliant solution to the problem, but it did
302873 [robert.dober] If I had known that I would not have bothered you, well actually I

^ rSpec - added a "either.or.or" Matcher
302849 [matthewrudyj] Hey there guys,
302852 [radek.bulat ] SSdtIG5vdCBleHBlcnQgb2YgQkREIGJ1dCBJIHRoaW5rIHRoYXQgeW91IHNob3VsZCB0ZXN0IHRo
302855 [cdemyanovich] Agreed. You should specify the different conditions under which the
302864 [matthewrudyj] cheers Craig,

^ unsubscribe
302850 [yanghb gmail] unsubscribe

^ Ruby math parenthesis wierdness
302865 [hombre gmail] All,
+ 302869 [kangarooster] I'm getting this type of issue too. It looks like any number you put
+ 302870 [mikael hoilu] This is the cause of the unexpected behavior. =46rom what I can see, =20
| 302872 [hombre gmail] Yes, definitely.
+ 302871 [kangarooster] I see. Thanks Phlip!

^ A simple newbie question (arrays and strings)
302876 [   koi ff.it] Today I started programming in ruby.
+ 302877 [stefano.croc] Dir.entries('.')[2..-1].map{|f| f.split('-')[0]}.uniq
| 302889 [overlord gmx] Dir.entries('.')[2..-1].map{|f| f.split('-')[0].lower}.uniq
| 302890 [stefano.croc] I think you mean downcase, not lower.
| 302942 [   koi ff.it] Yes, .downcase, confirmed
| 303011 [   koi ff.it] list = Dir.entries('.')[2..-1].map{|f| f.split(' - ')[0].capitalize}
| 303018 [davebass mus] That error message means you're trying to call the capitalize method on
| 303073 [   koi ff.it] Ok, but those 2 lines are the same, except that with list2 I take the
| 303083 [caduceass gm] You have entries that either have no dash "-", or have one but nothing
+ 302878 [yermej gmail] unique_array = Dir.glob('*-*').map {|f| f.split('-')[0]}.uniq
  302880 [   koi ff.it] Dir.entries('.')[2..-1].map! {|f| f.split('-')[0]}.uniq
  302888 [overlord gmx] map! changes the array it's called on. since that is a temporary array
  302943 [   koi ff.it] Right..Thank you!

^ Re: Railsy Question about redefining ruby methods...SOLVED BY DAVID'S SUGGESTION
302879 [xcampanoli g] I'm cutting this short and just saying that David Black's suggestion

^ Re: Ruby math parenthesis weirdness
302882 [davebass mus] If you make the line continuations explicit by adding backslashes, Ruby

^ Ruby book for DRb, SOAP and friends
302885 [saji apcc21.] Dear List,
302891 [email fin.ta] Sorry, I don't know about any books that cover soap4r in depth. The
302923 [saji apcc21.] Thanks...
+ 302946 [vasudevram g] ...
| 302949 [vasudevram g] It has a chapter that has some decent coverage of SOAP in Ruby - both
+ 302948 [vasudevram g] It has a chapter that has some decent coverage of SOAP in Ruby - both
+ 302950 [damphyr free] Not to sound pedantic, but maybe you should consider implemening a REST
  302952 [saji apcc21.] Thanks for the tip. Being rather a rank beginner in Ruby, words like REST and

^ Ruby 1.8.7-preview4 has been released
302887 [knu iDaemons] Folks,

^ regular expression question...
302893 [hongseok.yoo] I'd like to make sort of a comment remover for C++.
+ 302895 [sepp2k googl] =2E* tries to match as much as possible (greedy) so the \/\/ will match the=
+ 302903 [shortcutter ] Additional remarks: using the block form of File.open is usually

^ briefest method of generating a list of random numbers?
302894 [boris bagofs] I wondered if there was a more compact method of generating things like
+ 302896 [mikael hoilu] Array(100) { rand }
| 302901 [larsch belun] Don't you mean
+ 302897 [AEtzold gmx.] That's not correct - it draws a random number once, turns it into
| 302899 [boris bagofs] For strings I'll have to use the one above, but arrays now read a bit
| + 302900 [boris bagofs] Duh. I can just use the Array.new, and append a .join at the end to get
| + 302902 [shortcutter ] Note that String#<< understands ints as being character codes - so you
| + 302905 [calamitates ] You could also do
|   302912 [boris bagofs] Pack seems to be faster than the combination of .chr and join, which is
+ 302916 [non.sto.gioa] ("a".."z").sort_by {rand}.join
  302918 [robert.dober] this is not really the same, maybe

^ Not able to send request to radiotime webservice
302904 [frnd4gan yah] am new to RoR,I want to convert one of my PHP application to RoR.
302907 [cmdjackryan ] A tip for the future, once you have Rails specific questions: The Rails
302908 [frnd4gan yah] ignored element: {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap12/}address
302910 [cmdjackryan ] The error seems to be in the query. Either the provider isn't responding
302915 [frnd4gan yah] I know the error is in the parameter which am sending and am here to get

^ Creating a plugin based app
302906 [kimmo.lehto ] Any ideas how to do something like this..?
302909 [jgabrielygal] I think you already have it. The "handles" method could be implemented
302914 [kimmo.lehto ] Perfect, thanks.

^ Why "ABCDE"[0] returns an integer instead of 'A' ?
302911 [ibc aliax.ne] SGksIEkgY2Fubm90IHVuZGVyc3RhbmQgaG93IGEgaGlnaCBsZXZlbCBsYW5ndWFnZSBhcyBSdWJ5
+ 302920 [robert.dober] Maybe because
| + 302939 [phil_meier g] \x is for hexadezimal. 65 is indeed the (decimal) Ascii value of 'A'.
| | 302956 [robert.dober] Thanks for correcting my error Philip
| | 302957 [robert.dober] Just forget it, I cannot take them apart anymore, LOL, sorry for the noise.
| + 302994 [ryand-ruby z] ...
|   302997 [robert.dober] I hope his new one will be as brilliant as was his old one !
|   303084 [ryand-ruby z] yeah... well... in this case, his new mind breaks more of my code than
+ 302932 [ jupp gmx.de] $ echo "#include <stdio.h>\nint main() { return 'A';}" > a.c; \

^ Re: Why "ABCDE"returns an integer instead of 'A' ?
302913 [boris bagofs] string[0,1] and string[0].chr will do the trick for you while you're in
302917 [ibc aliax.ne] MjAwOC81LzI2LCBCb3JpcyBTY2htaWQgPGJvcmlzQGJhZ29mc291bHMuY29tPjoKPiA+IFBEOiBJ
302960 [bbxx789_05ss] Repeat after me: "Ruby does not get in your way.  Ruby does not get in

^ FireWatir: get the text from a frame
302925 [mario betwar] I'm trying to get the text shown in a frame using the text porperty in

^ IRB output format in YAML
302931 [chabotm gmai] I there a way to configure IRB so that it always display the result of a
302955 [vjoel path.b] require 'yaml'
302959 [chabotm gmai] Thanks Joel, it works perfectly.