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^ Characters
302524 [hjkim8203 gm] I am wondering how to add characters to a ruby model.
302525 [jameskilton ] Well, um, yeah. There is no possible way anyone can help you with your

^ Ruby on Rails, Vista, and Segmentation Faults
302529 [bob1 florian] I've just switched from Window XP to a new Vista machine and my Rails
302540 [cmdjackryan ] - - How are you running Ruby/Rails? Administrator (i.e. via 'Run as..', or
302554 [bob1 florian] Thank you for the suggestions, Phillip.  My specific problem appears to
302555 [cmdjackryan ] Then you should log a bug against the JSON gem.

^ [S3] S3 recordings available online
302530 [Schmidtwisse] I'm just forwarding this to the list, since I know, that some of you
302537 [ryand-ruby z] thanks

^ custom serialization problem 2 (marshal_dump, marshal_load)
302536 [sayoyo yahoo] I have a problem with the marshal_dump and marshal_load...
302552 [vjoel path.b] What version of ruby? What platform?
302553 [vjoel path.b] I tried it for 1_000_000 with no problem, and that generated a 1.4Mb file.

^ [ANN] Mack 0.5.5 Released
302538 [markykang-ru] Mack 0.5.5 has been released. With a new rendering engine there is now

^ to_yaml method for array
302539 [neeraj.jsr g] irb(main):001:0> a =  %w[ 1 2 3 ]
+ 302541 [jameskilton ] require 'yaml'
+ 302542 [cmdjackryan ] require 'yaml'
+ 302543 [sean.ohalpin] You need to
+ 302546 [stefano.croc] You need to require 'yaml' before using the Array#to_yaml method (or any other
+ 302550 [james.britt ] rdoc, run over the ruby source, is dopey in that it parses the yaml
  302551 [stefano.croc] Actually, you don't need to mix-in yaml. When you require yaml.rb, it will add
  + 302557 [shevegen lin] You followup-guys are overkilling on such a simple question with such a
  | 302558 [cmdjackryan ] Though, if somebody uses a search engine, the chance of finding a
  + 302568 [james.britt ] Yes, you are quite right.

^ Re: custom serialization problem 2 (marshal_dump, marshal_lo
302556 [sayoyo yahoo] I'm using ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24 patchlevel 111) [x86_64-linux] and
302564 [vjoel path.b] I would try to come up with a minimal characterization of the

^ Working with SRV records...
302559 [mcpierce gma] On my current project at work I've been tasked with integrating LDAP into
303438 [mcpierce gma] resolver = Resolv::DNS.new

^ Re: Problem installing gem
302560 [iphan isb-si] Just installed ruby 1.8.6 on CentOS 5 in my local directory. It installs

^ htpasswd
302561 [ania7007 poc] How to generate apache password  with ruby? I have to generate from ruby
+ 302573 [jeremy hineg] gem install htauth
| 302596 [ania7007 poc] Thanks. It works
| 302629 [jeremy hineg] Glad to help out, let me know if you find any bugs.
+ 302575 [ara.t.howard] the webrick library, which is included with ruby, has tools for

^ Multiple processes logging to single file
302562 [clintpachl g] When using the native ruby logger, is it save to have multiple
302563 [cmdjackryan ] Yes, the OS should manage that (it is file-system level, rather than

^ Prevent ruby constant variables from changing?
302565 [stdcells yah] I understand that ruby constant variables are declared by using
+ 302583 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogR2VvcmdlIFdhbmcgW21haWx0bzpzdGRjZWxsc0B5YWhvby5jb21dIA0KIyBJcyB0aGVy
| + 302618 [ara.t.howard] module Namespace
| + 302652 [jeremy hineg] Interesting new knowledge for me when I test this out.  I didn't know that what
| | + 302655 [fxn hashref.] Class names are strings.
| | + 302668 [sepp2k googl] It's not. A  class/module ... end  block returns the value of the last
| |   302704 [robert.dober] Now I am a big user of 42 but you surely made a mistake here, freeze
| |   302715 [botp delmont] ff is my limited understanding of ruby.. pardon in advance..
| |   + 302719 [mark mwilden] charset=US-ASCII;
| |   | + 302724 [davebass mus] See Pickaxe 2nd ed. pp 349-50
| |   | + 302726 [ara.t.howard] 'in any context'::upcase
| |   |   302799 [sepp2k googl] class A; class B; end end
| |   |   302811 [mark mwilden] The context I was thinking it did not apply was 1.2 :)
| |   + 302728 [robert.dober] <skip>
| + 302730 [davebass mus] I was inspired by Perl's use of subroutines as wrappers for constants to
| | 302782 [vjoel path.b] you have to stick to the self.Const syntax though.
| | 302805 [davebass mus] Yes indeed, self.Const and Const are two different objects.
| + 303813 [stdcells yah] Thanks to everyone for their helpful replies.  Actually I want to be
+ 302599 [davebass mus] Am I the only person who thinks that constants should be unchangeable?
  + 302601 [flo andersgr] If you noticed, class names are constants. As you can change classes
  | + 302603 [shortcutter ] No, not necessarily: you can change a class without reassignment to the
  | + 302605 [robert.dober] Not necessarily.
  | | 302611 [flo andersgr] So how does the creation of an anonymous class hurt the argument that
  | | + 302616 [ara.t.howard] it's not not anonymous, it's held in a variable, just as normal
  | | | 302621 [robert.dober] Hmm Ara, are you sure?
  | | | 302625 [ara.t.howard] heh - point taken.  i think we are saying the same thing: the concept
  | | + 302619 [robert.dober] I will try to answer your question with another one.
  | |   302624 [ara.t.howard] really?  that's interesting.
  | |   302638 [robert.dober] You are right I better recheck that ...
  | + 302642 [mark mwilden] Sure, you can change classes at runtime, but should you be able to
  |   302691 [flo andersgr] "Hot code replace" comes to my mind. Completely reloading a class
  |   302718 [mark mwilden] You're not really loading a different class - you're just updating the
  |   + 302725 [ara.t.howard] *sometimes*
  |   + 302729 [flo andersgr] "Updating" is a bit of a wild guess in a language where a class can
  + 302602 [shortcutter ] Probably not.  However, there are more spots like this in Ruby (e.g.
    302627 [davebass mus] Maybe we could have the option of generating an error rather than a

^ JRuby RailsConf Roundup
302566 [charles.nutt] I figured I'd put this all in one email for anyone interested in JRuby

^ Why can't I define vars in caller's binding using eval?
302569 [cjbottaro gm] In other words, why can't I do this?
302702 [amitchell tt] Worked for me.
302707 [phasis gmail] But it works only in irb.
302713 [flo andersgr] As far as i know, this is because local variables have a lexical scope.

^ Why does returning from a block cause a LocalJumpError
302572 [christopherb] I'm hoping someone can set me straight about something. Take the
302672 [rubytraining] A return within a block returns from the scope that the block is
302689 [christopherb] Thanks Eric, that does help. But, I'm still a little puzzled.
302723 [rubytraining] I see your logic -- you're trying to look at how the language runtime
302734 [christopherb] Thanks again! Yes, your counter code looks very familiar from working
302760 [TimHunter nc] Check out Lua [http://www.lua.org] then. Not as a replacement for Ruby,

^ [ANN] launchy 0.3.2 Released
302574 [jeremy hineg] launchy version 0.3.2 has been released.

^ Write images in PDF format
302576 [jazzezravi g] I have 10 jpeg images in my local system(C:\jazzezravi\1.jpg).
302587 [jan.svitok g] it's easy, I think you'll find some examples either in pdfwriter docs

^ I lost /bin
302577 [albertschlef] I was compiling the 'fxruby' gem....
302578 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
302579 [kangarooster] Albert - you are probably going to encounter unrecoverable damage if
302580 [vjoel path.b] Maybe he can boot from an ubuntu cd and copy stuff over.
+ 302586 [albertschlef] YEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!
| 302650 [vidar.hoksta] Now that you have successfully recovered is the time to read this
| 302658 [shevegen lin] This taught you ;)
+ 302748 [robert.dober] I need I site call pinoint to say how you did that well;)

^ Unable to write in notepad
302581 [pranjal.jain] I am trying to write the data in the notepad. But I the data going in it
302585 [phasis gmail] require 'win32ole'
302590 [pranjal.jain] I am sorry
302592 [phasis gmail] I guess you did not try my code.

^ How to Select a Table Row
302588 [venkatesh.k.] I'm new to Watir. I'm able to locate a row using the following statment.

^ Unable to  run(automate) different file via Ruby
302591 [pranjal.jain] I am having a LoadRunner File which I want to  run via Ruby Script.
302620 [gthiesfeld g] Kernel.system doesn't know how to handle these files.  You'd get the
302688 [pranjal.jain] Thankx it worked.
302722 [gthiesfeld g] I'm not sure I understand your problem, but if you're wanting to just

^ Server maintenance
302593 [shugo ruby-l] Services on ruby-lang.org except SVN will be down for server maintenance
302686 [shugo ruby-l] Successfully done.  Thank you.

^ Re: reading data from excel
302595 [coolwong85 y] I cannot read excel in require 'fox16'. How can I do to run excel file?
302699 [nnnnon gmail] win32ole
302700 [shevken gmai] Simplier approach, if possible, save the excel in csv format.

^ How can I get value of output parameter using DBI library
302597 [hongseok.yoo] I'm coding with DBI and MSSQL.

^ implementation of xpath in ruby?
302600 [martin angle] Dear Friends,
+ 302622 [jan.svitok g] You probably need to keep info about the current path from the root
+ 302648 [ruby thomasz] Why are you intentionally reinventing the wheel? Is it because you
  302649 [cmdjackryan ] Learning exercise, for example.

^ Is rdoc (http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/) complete?
302604 [victor.reyes] Although I have over a dozen Ruby books (and still do not master the
+ 302606 [stefano.croc] find_all is not a method of the Array class, but an instance method of the
| 302610 [victor.reyes] Please forgive my ignorance and thank you for the information.
| 302614 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,4,5,6,7,8,7,8,9]
| 302633 [victor.reyes] Thank you all.
| 302682 [botp delmont] #thank you for the code snippet.
| 302736 [victor.reyes] The beauty of Ruby!
+ 302607 [net4info gma] "*The
+ 302608 [albertschlef] This method belongs in the Enumerable module, which Array included. Do
  302609 [larsch belun] It's not easy for new user's to know where to look for such

^ Probelm with backgroundrb
302613 [varun.rajesh] I am using backgroundrb latest version i did every thing like
302640 [gethemant gm] AFAIK, backgroundrb doesn't work on windows yet.

^ customized serialization unreliable????
302628 [sayoyo yahoo] I have a strange problem with the customized serialization...
+ 302636 [vjoel path.b] Another thing to try: call marshal_dump on your top-level object.  You
| 302641 [sayoyo yahoo] First, Thanks you very much for helping me, Yes, I have tried it, and
| 302662 [shortcutter ] My gut feeling rather points to an effect caused by different ordering
+ 302674 [apeiros gmx.] Your problems most likely are caused by you returning an array instead
| 302710 [shortcutter ] I don't think a String must be returned?  Apparently the standard lib
+ 302701 [amitchell tt] If there are actually classes built on instance methods marshal_dump and
  302711 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel /cygdrive/c/Temp

^ OOP in Ruby?
302632 [aidy.lewis g] Anyone know of any good resources regarding OOP in Ruby?
+ 302634 [cmdjackryan ] Err, about everything, I guess. ;P
| 302921 [aidy.lewis g] On 22 May, 09:29, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
+ 302635 [kanden123 go] Can you be more specific?
+ 302644 [james.britt ] You might do well to first look for good OOP references, then see how
| 302666 [rick.denatal] A classic indeed!
| 302669 [shortcutter ] Without wanting to start an indepth discussion about OO, but aren't
| 302673 [james.britt ] Here's the key difference to me:  Taking a message-orient POV, you do
| 302837 [shortcutter ] I believe there is usage for both approaches - even within the same
+ 302645 [davebass mus] Ruby is so object oriented that's it's almost impossible *not* to learn
| 302922 [aidy.lewis g] I feel that you could learn about OO Ruby, but the language does not
| 302938 [dezertir pos] In Ruby, everything is an object.
| 303006 [aidy.lewis g] The 'if' expression is not an object.
| 303023 [huw darkneon] There are many things in Ruby that are not objects - not only keywords
| 303027 [robert.dober] I agree upto here, but...
| + 303031 [huw darkneon] Therein lies the difference. If you write a block in Smalltalk it has an
| | + 303043 [rick.denatal] In theory, but not necessarily in practice. In reality most Smalltalk
| | + 303053 [robert.dober] This might become very interesting, please do not take any offense but
| |   + 303054 [rick.denatal] I don't think that this is true Robert.
| |   + 303055 [danbernier g] No one's mentioned "A Little Ruby, A Lot of Objects"!
| |   + 303078 [huw darkneon] No, it doesn't seem to me that they are. As I said before, in Ruby a
| |     + 303081 [dblack rubyp] I agree that this subtle point is important. It's one of these things
| |     | 303175 [robert.dober] Rick, Huw, David
| |     + 303156 [davebass mus] irb(main):006:0> x = lambda { i += 1 }
| |       303320 [robert.dober] I am not sure, is it not simply a question of optimization, assume this case
| + 303058 [vjoel path.b] def foo
+ 302853 [huw darkneon] compared which, perhaps, you may find of some interest. Here are the
  302858 [mark mwilden] Using the late, lamented Dolphin Smalltalk. RIP. :(
  302875 [huw darkneon] It's not quite as dead as it seemed. At any rate, in August they
  302951 [mark mwilden] That news made my day. I don't use Smalltalk or even Windows anymore,

^ OSX Finder selected files
302637 [me privacy.n] I'm new to both Ruby and OS X. What I'm aiming for is to rename some
+ 302678 [dev-null pma] ,----
+ 302705 [has.temp3 vi] Scriptable Mac apps are notorious for their inadequate API
  302801 [dangerwillro] In addition, before going terribly far with OS X scripting outside of

^ The Ruby Programming Language book
302639 [mark mwilden] I'm surprised that RPL (does it even have an abbreviation?) hasn't
+ 302643 [lyle lylejoh] I can't cite any specific references, but I've heard a lot of good
| + 302646 [rmagick gmai] I also own a copy. I don't have it with me right now so I can't cite any
| + 302654 [mark mwilden] I wonder if most people are like you and me: bought it as soon as it
|   + 302657 [shevegen lin] Cant speak for anyone else but normally when i buy something i will read
|   + 302664 [lyle lylejoh] Well, I've read parts of it, but given that it's more of a reference
|     302667 [rick.denatal] I too am reading it slowly.  Most of the time it sits ready for a
+ 302647 [dmerrick ics] If I were to take a guess, I'd say the RPL hasn't made such a splash=20
  302653 [dave pragpro] Actually, not wanting to toot my own horn too much, but... The new

^ [SUMMARY] Obfuscated Email (#163)
302659 [matthew.moss] Welcome, Ruby coders and coderettes... Tonight we bring you the Obfu Awards,
+ 302660 [dmerrick ics] I learned something cool today: "man ascii" provides an ASCII table.
+ 302665 [james graypr] Your summaries are always more fun than mine were!  ;)
+ 302821 [caduceass gm] I didn't contribute because I can't keep up with you people :).  But

^ Zsh prompt in ruby?
302661 [shevegen lin] Zsh has a beautiful thing going for it.
318881 [dominikho gm] Hehe, nope, not even close. Its just a basic prompt, actually even

^ ERROR in ruby gem
302676 [coolwong85 y] I type "gem --help" in the command, there appear the "Bad Command". Now
302764 [rogerpack200] make sure gem's in your path. Are you on windows or linux?

^ Lambda Block vs. Method
302677 [APNelson.L g] I was just wondering what the benefit would be of creating a block
+ 302679 [cmdicely gma] You can pass a lambda or proc to another method, which you can't
| 302690 [ pm ubit.com] Actually, you can pass a method to another method using the method
| 302692 [ttmrichter g] All these gyrations.  Wouldn't it just be simpler to give Ruby
+ 302680 [rubytraining] Well lambda returns a Proc instance, and you can store a Proc in a
+ 302706 [davebass mus] I've been having conceptual problems with blocks and lambdas too. "I

^ Re: Is there a One True Postgres interface? Is Ruby-postgresmaintained?
302685 [pbooth nocoi] I can see Jeff's point. If both libpq and the Postgres JDBC drivers
302844 [ruby j-davis] Libpq is widely used. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by reliable,

^ Yup, it's call SQLite! :-)) Re: Is there a One True  Postgresinterface? Is Ruby-postgresmaintained?
302687 [john.carter ] Having started this huge thread on PostgresSQL, I found...
+ 302731 [mo_mail ongh] John,
+ 302746 [caduceass gm] If the shoe fits.  I would use SQLite more if it had proper relational
| + 302839 [oudeis nodom] Would you mind explaining what you mean my that?
| | + 302854 [ruby j-davis] One example is that SQLite uses a very different typing system. In an
| | + 302856 [caduceass gm] No solid constraints for data integrity.  Like foreign key
| |   + 302859 [caduceass gm] Oops, there was supposed to be a values after measurements there.  The
| |   + 302866 [caduceass gm] Even worse, I missed the required type with measurement and ingredient
| |   + 302867 [billk cts.co] What actually happened there?  Is it that SQLite added the space
| |     302868 [caduceass gm] I don't think so, because, even though I could repeat it, I could add
| + 302881 [john.carter ] Yip, I was speaking, half tongue-in-cheek hence the smiley :-)) in the
|   302884 [vjoel path.b] On the subject of sqlite (and tangentially ruby), and with all you smart
|   302886 [cmdjackryan ] 1) Use indexes, as that will improve your performance, and it might just
+ 302751 [dev-null pma] Don't ever use MySQL then, freaking permission system from hell.
+ 302847 [ruby j-davis] I'm glad it worked out. If you have some time, would you mind doing a