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^ Socket#recv into a buffer
302076 [vjoel path.b] Is there any reason why Socket#recv can't take an optional buffer
302179 [rogerpack200] Sounds like it would make a good patch.  I think the reason it's not is

^ Easy way to use "self" in Proc
302078 [leon tim-onl] I have this piece of code: http://pastie.caboo.se/198524
+ 302081 [dan danfinni] ...
+ 302082 [vjoel path.b] t.code = Proc.new { self.instance_test() }
  302085 [leon tim-onl] Wow, dudes! Thanks!
  302086 [leon tim-onl] I thought I understood the block/proc thing. Guess not...
  302152 [vjoel path.b] The block keeps the original context ("lexical scoping"), including

^ Object#select and method_missing
302093 [bob sporkmon] class SelectTest
+ 302095 [transfire gm] method_missing catches public method calls, not private function
| 302096 [bob sporkmon] That doesn't really answer my question.  I want to know why select()
+ 302102 [ray.baxter g] ...
  302105 [bbxx789_05ss] Why do both the method calls: sel() and self.sel() work in this code?
  + 302106 [bob sporkmon] Did you mean def Kern.sel or def sel?
  | 302107 [bbxx789_05ss] Kern.sel -- pickaxe2 says select() is a module method of Kernel.
  + 302121 [decoux moulo] you define a singleton method
    302140 [bbxx789_05ss] I tried to model how Object mixes in Kernel and thereby recreate what
    + 302142 [bob sporkmon] Afraid not.  Object#select is what's being called, not Kernel.select.
    | 302191 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ri Object#select
    + 302144 [decoux moulo] In the example given, #select is a global function this mean
      302192 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) module methods(i.e. like class methods)
      302194 [decoux moulo] To take your example, it do this

^ using lambda in class_eval
302104 [jimmy.soho g] def test(name, proc)

^ Dude?
302112 [robert.dober] Dear native speakers
+ 302113 [robert.dober] advance LOL
+ 302117 [m.fellinger ] Well, I'm no native speaker myself, but I'm pretty certain that you
| 302118 [shevegen lin] Can a duck be dudified whilte it types strongly?
| + 302120 [micathom gma] "Dr. Strangeduck: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the
| + 302122 [shortcutter ] What is the sound of one duck typing?
|   + 302124 [flo andersgr] An what does the dude[1] himself think of all this?
|   | + 302127 [michael schu] "I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this
|   | | 302133 [robert.dober] Lots of funny stuff, I still do not know about Dude, I guess I will
|   | | 302139 [billk cts.co] Growing up in southern california, I heard "Dude" a lot.  :)
|   | + 302161 [mguterl gmai] ...
|   + 302165 [ezmobius gma] When a duck quacks in the woods does any.respond_to? his calls?
|     302184 [nefigah gmai] To clarify, "dude" is not always used as a term for someone; it can be a
+ 302125 [shortcutter ] Although it may well be the case that meaning has changed and / or
| + 302126 [micathom gma] BTW I found it quite funny.
| | 302135 [shortcutter ] Thanks for that link!  Loads of detail in there.  I liked especially the
| + 302136 [shortcutter ] can someone who had curly hair but went bald be correctly attributed as
|   + 302137 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... the original "Curly" aka "Babe" Howard (Horowitz) had a full
|   + 302138 [rick.denatal] Well, the person probably best known as Curly might not have been
+ 302141 [cmdjackryan ] A good translation of 'dude' would be 'Kumpel'. A synonym something like
| 302143 [robert.dober] It was quite what I thought, although I would be honored to be called
| + 302145 [znmeb cesmai] Or, since we're talking programmers, herded *cats* with her. :)
| + 302146 [cmdjackryan ] Culture clash, really. The US (and especially California) are less
| | 302154 [robert.dober] Rather a generation clash, I used to life in the States and ind South
| | 302196 [shortcutter ] Why "only"?  Are you lacking something compared to us Germans (like=20
| | 302197 [robert.dober] aware of that, where is my Psy :-0
| + 302147 [petite.abeil] "Avoir gard=E9 les vaches ensemble" or not...
|   + 302148 [AEtzold gmx.] ... or tracked the bugs together ?
|   + 302153 [robert.dober] You are the native speaker, but I know that my wife says "gard=E9 les
|     + 302158 [rick.denatal] Dudes, Guys, Mecs
|     + 302188 [petite.abeil] Goats in Britany? Very unlikely. Something must have been lost in =20
|       302193 [robert.dober] ).
|       302200 [jayeola gmai] What's wrong with "chap"?
+ 302201 [       z q.w] I am not a native speaker, but I think you really need to relax.
| 302203 [robert.dober] You might be right of course and I do not take that advice badly, at
| 302222 [john.d.perki] It's all good, dude.
| 302272 [robert.dober] Sure no problem, I have learnt again that I have to learn for the rest
+ 302223 [martindemell] A common usage, especially in a single-word sentence, is "You have

^ [OT] Re: Dude?
302123 [shortcutter ] I would not use it on a regular basis - certainly not here.  But then

^ Hex to decimal?
302149 [TimHunter nc] Since nobody else has any Ruby to talk about today... :-)
+ 302150 [ara.t.howard] def hex2decimal string
| 302151 [ara.t.howard] oops
+ 302157 [Rob AgileCon] A bit different that Ara's, but this is a nearly method-for-word
| 302159 [TimHunter nc] Dude! I am so busted.
+ 302175 [bbxx789_05ss] hex_str = ARGV[0]
| 302206 [ tel jklm.no] "f0 d7e228".scan(/\w\w/).map{|n| '%03d' % n.to_i(16) }.join('\\')
+ 302303 [sastph sas.c] Thanks to everybody who responded! I learned something from each answer.

^ dude, hex to decimal
302155 [vjoel path.b] def hex2dec hex

^ [ANN] 6th batch of FORPC101-6C starts 5th July
302170 [satish.talim] ...
302172 [tristin.colb] ...
+ 302173 [satish.talim] ...
+ 302174 [cmdjackryan ] - --

^ sub/gsub bug?
302178 [mgregory22 g] Is this a bug?
+ 302183 [mgregory22 g] Thanks for the reply, Phlip.  As it turns out, when I was researching
+ 302186 [nefigah gmai] irb(main):002:0> puts "matt's test".sub(/'/, "\\\\'")
| 302189 [mgregory22 g] Yeah, I get all that, but I didn't think that \' was a backreference.
+ 302198 [shortcutter ] There is no bug.
  302199 [shortcutter ] This was wrong of course as Matt demonstrated

^ load bug?
302181 [rogerpack200] => true
+ 302208 [dev-null pma] No, it's not, it's just what Ruby does.  Some people would argue that
+ 302209 [ara.t.howard] it's been a 'feature' up until 1.9, which fixes. this.

^ newbies : howto manage session using mongrel lib
302195 [vrabah enviv] figure out how to manage user session ?

^ Rake 0.8.1 command line parameter problem?
302213 [mikewoodhous] This could be just me and my ignorance,  but I can't seem to figure it
302292 [mikewoodhous] Hah. Got it. I needs :needs

^ Is it possible from a class to grab the name of the object instance?
302215 [rubisher sca] I fall in love of ruby some years ago when I reach to re-write in a couple of days with ruby only a scripts I spent some
+ 302324 [ibc aliax.ne] I remember asking if it's possible to get a variable name using any
| 302767 [rubisher sca] Yes I remember vaguely to have read something like this some where (obvioulsy no means to find back when you want).
| 302776 [shevegen lin] Is your code available somewhere? Especially the above quoted part
+ 302334 [mailing.mr g] self.class.to_s should work
  302411 [rubisher sca] Sorry this return me the class name itself not the instance name?
  302508 [shortcutter ] There is no such thing as an instance name - unless you define a
  302765 [rubisher sca] Ok what I did.
  302779 [cmdjackryan ] Well, you could modify your MyClass#initialize method to do something
  302824 [rubisher sca] Good, very good idea, I will investigate.

^ [QUIZ] [SOLUTION] Obfuscated Email (#163)
302217 [billk cts.co] Here's my solution... (longest line is 78 characters)
302245 [sandro.pagan] ...

^ Array.sort with bignum fails?
302218 [r.basura gma] I have a array with big numbers and sort method does not order it
+ 302221 [francis.ramm] ...
| 302231 [r.basura gma] Thanks, now this ok.
| 302238 [sepp2k googl] @array1 = @f.map do |linea|
| 302241 [r.basura gma] Ok
| 302243 [konstantin.m] there is no "bsearch" gem, at least not in the default repos.
+ 302224 [Bill Walker-] Looks like you are sorting strings not bignums.  Therefore the sorting is
+ 302228 [konstantin.m] Try using Integers instead of Strings;
  302230 [konstantin.m] Just wasn't fast enough.

^ unsubscribe
302227 [alimills gma] unsubscribe
302313 [maxipelay ya] unsubscribe

^ How to wrap either forkoff or map depending on a config variable?
302232 [ shot hot.pl] Im trying to write an Enumerable#parallel method that, depending on
+ 302233 [ shot hot.pl] FWIW, the spec to pass is
| 302236 [ shot hot.pl] ...
+ 302257 [dan danfinni] ...
  302526 [ shot hot.pl] ...
  302532 [ shot hot.pl] ...

^ Using Mechanize and hpricot  to get property taxes
302234 [info bibotu.] after reading about hpricot, mechanize and htree gems, I made an attempt
+ 302244 [konstantin.m] 04:in
| + 302251 [info bibotu.] Hey Thanks! But what the heck? I just reinstalled ruby gems, hpricot and
| + 302256 [info bibotu.] I tried it using fxri and i think the output you're showing is for first
+ 302246 [_mwryder wor] With Scite once you name the file name.rb or select Ruby from the
  302248 [info bibotu.] By auto-indent, i meant indenting an entire chunk of the code not indent
  302255 [avdi avdi.or] I know that Emacs, Netbeans, and TextMate all do this for Ruby code.

^ Re: WET/RubyGems won't work
302237 [luislavena g] What you're experiencing is a bad gem specification.

^ Needing to pipe commands to automate program
302240 [shawn.kerche] I am fairly new in the ruby language.  I have a ruby program that
+ 302263 [bbxx789_05ss] #original program: r1test.rb
+ 302279 [bbxx789_05ss] #original program: r1test.rb
  302280 [bbxx789_05ss] pipe = IO.popen("ruby r1test.rb", "w+")
  302670 [shawn.kerche] Hey Thanks for the reply!  It worked great!

^ Ruby 1.8.7-preview3 has been released
302242 [knu iDaemons] ...

^ unsubscribe
302252 [tirengarfio ] ...

^ Ruby Project Recommendations
302253 [brett-brown ] small to medium sized projects. A top 3 list of recommendations would be
+ 302254 [dan danfinni] ...
| + 302290 [ruby-talk lo] If you're only looking to solve polynomial equations then you could use
| + 302302 [micathom gma] BTW it seems that many rubyforge projects no longer register at RAA
+ 302259 [znmeb cesmai] I would say the most "bang for the buck" is to be obtained by
  302261 [chiology gma] My recommendation is to start using some tools, find some things that

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 11.0.2
302258 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog

^ defining a variable from the command prompt
302264 [loadeddesign] I have a script that sends emails out to my company, and I would like
302265 [botp delmont] # sendemail.rb "this is my message"

^ Mutex question
302266 [clark.snowda] Ok ... I'm not sure what the story is with this (perhaps I'm just
302267 [bbxx789_05ss] m = Mutex.new
302275 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'thread'

^ [ANN] Slide Show (S9) Gem Now Supports Syntax Highlighting and Headers for Gradients, Title, etc
302269 [geraldbauer2] I've published an update to Slide Show (S9) - a Ruby gem that lets
302450 [geraldbauer2] To test the new code syntax highlighting machinery powered by the

^ unsubscribe
302276 [dnoelte goog] ...

^ Serial Number in Pagination Results
302277 [saravanankri] I want to display serial Number (s.no) for pagination results.
302278 [saravanankri] I forget to say... i'm using will paginate.
302283 [cmdjackryan ] www.rubyonrails.com/community

^ unsubscribe
302281 [gprabhas gma] ...

^ Re: [SOLUTION] [QUIZ] Obfuscated Email
302284 [gm.vlkv gmai] Mine is at the bottom (2 lines).

^ tenjin template engine caching?
302285 [christian.ke] Hy!

^ How to clear browser cache using ruby code?
302286 [sunny_bogawa] I need some help for clearing browser cache through ruby code how it is
+ 302291 [phasis gmail] If you are using Internet Explorer,
+ 302299 [konstantin.m] On 19 Mai, 10:54, Sunny Bogawat <sunny_boga...@neovasolutions.com>

^ Captcha in Ruby
302287 [1shweta2 gma] I am trying to implement captcha in ruby by using pliugin called

^ Captcha in Ruby
302288 [1shweta2 gma] I am trying to implement captcha in ruby by using pliugin called

^ Is there any net framework like ACE or Twisted implemented by ruby?
302289 [cayson.z gma] ...
+ 302296 [jwillemsen r] ...
| + 302308 [cayson.z gma] ...
| + 302315 [avdi avdi.or] I'll be darned, ACE and Ruby, two of my favorite things together.  Of
+ 302311 [jan.svitok g] When looking for networking library look at evenmachine. When looking
| 302327 [cremes.devli] That should be "eventmachine" and not "evenmachine." It's similar to
+ 302350 [kevwil gmail] Scala actor models, which is very cool, but it's Ruby 1.9 only so far.

^ problems with error output interpretation
302293 [tomcloyd com] I hope this is an OK place to post this. I've been able to find another
302306 [yermej gmail] Try running it without the --debug argument and see what happens. I'm
302410 [tomcloyd com] Thank you very much. You were right. No "--debug" = no error messages.

^ using Xpath in Ruby
302295 [martin angle] Dear friends,
+ 302305 [JAMES.T.MCLA] ...
+ 302309 [shortcutter ] There is pretty good documentation at

^ Using a @@class_variable into a Module
302297 [ibc aliax.ne] Class A includes a Module M and I want some methods in M using the
302367 [m.fellinger ] So why not making it a constant? Try to stay away from class
302404 [ibc aliax.ne] Yeah, it works!

^ Using a @@class_variable into a Module
302298 [ibc aliax.ne] I resend this mail because it was considered SPAM, I hope it doesn't

^ Webservice Problem?
302300 [varun.rajesh] I am creating one web service in ror.It's working fine but now i

^ How to use a class_variable into a Module
302304 [ibc aliax.ne] Class A includes a Module M and I want some methods in M using the
302310 [phasis gmail] module M
+ 302320 [ibc aliax.ne] It's great!
+ 302323 [ibc aliax.ne] M module in more clases, each one with its own @@class_var, then

^ RMagick
302307 [1shweta2 gma] Can anybody tell me how to install rmagick on Ws(ruby version 1.8.6)?
302314 [vriffier adi] GIYF : http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/install-faq.html#win

^ unsuscribe
302312 [maxipelay ya] Demotores y Yahoo!

^ inserting hash data into email
302316 [tim.wolak gm] Morning all,

^ n00b question
302317 [miles mama.i] somewhat new to ruby, and im trying to write a simple program to print
+ 302319 [phasis gmail] num.times { puts "[img]#{url}#{file}#{bnum=bnum.succ}.jpg[/img]" }
| 302321 [miles mama.i] Excellent, Thanks a lot.
+ 302322 [AEtzold gmx.] res='5'
  302325 [miles mama.i] Thanks for the help and the quick replys, that helped out a lot and
  302423 [davebass mus] Or you could use a regexp on the string to separate out the number, then

^ Select items in a VBOX?
302318 [eloi.plans c] I would like to know how can I select items in a VBOX.
+ 302326 [eloi.plans c] OR....... I've just thought something else: maybe there's no way to
+ 302329 [cmdjackryan ] Maybe, maybe not. Which GUI toolkit are you using?
  302330 [eloi.plans c] Hey!
  302332 [cmdjackryan ] This should have anything you need.

^ Q: IDE and FAQ?
302331 [mcpierce gma] I'm sure this question's been asked before, so I'll just ask if there's a
+ 302333 [cmdjackryan ] NetBeans has good Ruby support (even comes with a recent-ish JRuby), and
+ 302343 [kyleaschmitt] I'm going to put in another plug for NetBeans.  I've been using it for
| + 302345 [mcpierce gma] For me, on Linux, this last part is easy: CVS support comes with Eclipse
| + 302347 [mcpierce gma] For me, on Linux, this last part is easy: CVS support comes with Eclipse
|   302351 [kyleaschmitt] Darryl, I'm glad to hear they got a little better with the SVN
|   302353 [jontyjont bt] Just a little note to say don't forget SciTe - I am still fond of this
+ 302374 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I use Komodo and love it.
| 302375 [martin angle] iam using SciTe and komodo. I love using both but whats the problem with
+ 303929 [mcpierce gma] <http://geany.uvena.de/> and it's pretty decent. No grande features, but