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^ xslt gem?
301744 [aidy.lewis g] I have done a search on RubyForge for an XSLT gem, without success. Is
301762 [cmdjackryan ] - --

^ Problem in Action Web Service??
301746 [varun.rajesh] I created one webservice using ROR.It's working fine but now i

^ how to do the equivalent of PHP's "$_GET" in Ruby?
301747 [jmzorko mac.] I'm new to Ruby, but so far, I like it quite a lot.  I've a question,
+ 301748 [matthewrudyj] is this a Rails question?
| 301759 [jmzorko mac.] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 301760 [jan.svitok g] 1. Please bottom post (i.e. write your reply under the previous one).
| + 301818 [bbxx789_05ss] language.  The program does certain things.  Someone may be an expert in
+ 301749 [jan.svitok g] Please provide context - do you run your script under CGI, FastCGI, Mongrel,...?

^ Captcha
301750 [shweta_kadam] I'm trying to implement Captcha in my program.
301786 [globyy3000 h] Post the error...Are we supposed to be reading your mind here?

^ Any population geneticists out there? interested in a Ruby SIG?
301763 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 301781 [vjoel path.b] I'm very interested in simulation with ruby (and C), though probably
| 301855 [phil pricom.] DNA, specifically microsatellite replication, generations of organisms,
| 301867 [AEtzold gmx.] Philip,
+ 301846 [znmeb cesmai] "Simulation" is a pretty broad term, including discrete-event

^ 'requiring' a local module...
301765 [sergio villa] i know this is dirt simple, but i am totally not getting it..
301772 [albertschlef] Of course this is wrong. This 'require' loads a file
+ 301920 [sergio villa] just for the record, i found that the above was indeed the case!
+ 301963 [peter.bunyan] irb(main):001:0> $:[-1]
  302114 [stefan mahli] zaphy@servierer:~/temp/ruby-lang$ ls lib/

^ changing hash key
301767 [tim.wolak gm] I've been looking for a way to change a hash key.  In my code I'm trying
301768 [halostatue g] irb(main):001:0> "5" <= "40"
301769 [tim.wolak gm] I posted that code after I fixed an error.  It is getting initialized,
301780 [caduceass gm] Let me see.  You want to have a new hash called skty with keys skty
+ 301782 [caduceass gm] ...or maybe better...
+ 301783 [tim.wolak gm] Hmm ok then maybe changing the keys is not what I need to do then.
  + 301795 [caduceass gm] I'm not sure ruby automagically closes the file when the instance of
  + 301806 [adam.shelly ] You can still use readable variable names in the code.  (What if you
  | 301825 [caduceass gm] Just FYI to ruby nubies:  The #sum method for addition in enumerables
  + 301853 [bbxx789_05ss] #Create a hash so a non-existent key returns

^ string as optional parameter for method?
301770 [varun.rajesh] I have one method like def hello(int,string)
+ 301773 [Gennady.Byst] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiB2YXJ1bi5yYWplc2hrdW1hckBn
+ 301775 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Varun,

^ unsubscribe
301771 [AMACIEL bb.c] DQo=

^ Re: fckeditor on ruby on rails
301774 [paul pdeviss] Within the /vendor/plugin/fckeditor directory there is a README file
301776 [paul pdeviss] Oh, as for the error about plugin not found. I ignored that. Everything

^ Re: Any population geneticists out there? interested in a Ru
301787 [globyy3000 h] Lately I'm down for anything, let me know some details and I'll tell you

^ anding statements.
301789 [kyleaschmitt] This is odd, I was trying to use "and" to chain together some
+ 301790 [kyleaschmitt] And no, I don't have a strange affinity for odd numbers, it was just
| 301792 [globyy3000 h] x = 'word'
| 301793 [kyleaschmitt] Mac,
| + 301796 [ymendel pobo] The problem is that puts returns nil, which causes the boolean logic
| + 301797 [globyy3000 h] Alright I'm going to attempt to explain this without confusing you or
| | + 301799 [caduceass gm] No!  & is bitwise operator for Fixnum.
| | + 301800 [funkaster gm] 1 & 2 -> 0 because 0b01 & 0b10 == 0b00
| |   301804 [kyleaschmitt] Dohh!  Puts returns nil.
| |   301809 [adam.shelly ] This thread made me look up NilClass in the docs.  I learned something new.
| + 301815 [shortcutter ] No, because "and", "or", "&&" and "||" short circuit - for good reason!
+ 301798 [funkaster gm] the problem here is that "puts" returns nil, so the && (and 'and')

^ PDF::Writer and rubygems
301794 [wpwood gmail] Good morning,
301803 [lyle lylejoh] require 'rubygems'
301805 [wpwood gmail] Gotcha, thanks.  I was under the impression that 'gem' would also
301821 [lyle lylejoh] Yes. The 'gem' method just adds the gem's files to Ruby's LOAD_PATH,

^ gem install mysql
301802 [fbogdanovic ] Successfully installed mysql-2.7.3-x86-mswin32
301807 [fbogdanovic ] Successfully installed mysql-2.7.3-x86-mswin32
301816 [cmdjackryan ] Because the generation of the documentation only happens after a

^ [ANN] The RubySpec project at rubyspec.org
301808 [brixen gmail] The RubySpec project is now officially hosted at http://rubyspec.org.
301885 [meinrad.rech] this is very good news! the project will now probably receive the attention

^ Array assignment with multiple args
301810 [qbass69 hotm] being extremely difficult to find information on. When given a line of
+ 301811 [ara.t.howard] start reading left to right, say 'a equals everything to the right of
+ 301812 [gwtmp01 mac.] a = [ "this",  (b = "that"),  (c = "those") ]
| 301820 [qbass69 hotm] I know about parallel assignment, but the oddity of this statement's
| 301827 [albertschlef] The code of your program is parsed, by a "parser". The parser has rules
+ 301858 [matz ruby-la] More precisely,

^ eruby stuff with big arrays balloons apache memory use, and usage never gets let go...
301813 [xcampanoli g] Say, I've got an analysis application using eruby on an internal site,
301819 [xcampanoli g] I guess I should add that I created all this code, I have control over

^ REXML XPath bug?
301817 [andywatts ya] I'm having trouble with a particular XPATH in REXML and would greatly
302116 [pikseli welh] (rest of it quoted below)

^ Rio/CVS tells me: undefined method '>'
301824 [lispamateur ] Rio with CVS didn't work as expected on my data, so I tried the examples

^ Error while running ruby script
301826 [hp13nov hotm] require 'watir'
301831 [AEtzold gmx.] welcome to Ruby. You'll like it :)
301933 [hp13nov hotm] Thanks Axel it works.

^ Can platform agnosticism be achieved?
301828 [luislavena g] I've been asking myself this question for quite some time, as Windows
+ 301830 [albertschlef] IMO you're right. (When I used Fedora I didn't have 'sudo' at all.)
| + 301834 [tmacedo stud] tmacedo@bolos ~ $ uname -a
| + 301839 [ara.t.howard] no, you should *never* do this.  you should always do
|   + 301843 [albertschlef] (Yes, I didn't mean one should compile under root (except the exceptions
|   + 301845 [luislavena g] Hmmn, are you talking about MSYS?
+ 301837 [cmdjackryan ] In short: Merb is a security risk (as any other script that uses such a

^ [OT] Windows Vista Tablet PC, handwriting and Open Source Software
301829 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
301835 [cmdjackryan ] Nobody has implemented the necessary code for these programs to talk to
301865 [AEtzold gmx.] Philip,
301874 [cmdjackryan ] write a default response to a post :)

^ Re: Override methods from a module
301832 [dave rothlis] module Stuff
301840 [rick.denatal] alias_method_chain, nice as it is, is part of activesupport (i.e. part
301841 [rick.denatal] module Stuff

^ ORTHODOXY is the Only True Religion! Muhammad's Quran is a F
301836 [fdsgqd yahoo] [B][I]ORTHODOXY is the Only True Religion! Muhammad's Quran is a
301838 [cmdjackryan ] Abuse reports sent to YouTube, Yahoo, and Google.

^ 40 million levenshtein distances for two long strings
301842 [john.d.perki] I am trying to discover similar files to reduce redundancy on a large
+ 301849 [m.fellinger ] Take a look at the source of the Text gem, the algorithm for
+ 301859 [ara.t.howard] diff file|head -$max
+ 301878 [erikveen gma] 40 million or 400 million?... :}
| + 301879 [AEtzold gmx.] Could you post your implementation here ?
| | 301921 [john.d.perki] ...48,270,225 to be exact, which (without multithreading) would take a
| | 301966 [vidar.hoksta] The wikipedia article on Levenshtein distance has a reasonable C
| + 301988 [erikveen gma] I've requested a new RubyForge project. Until it's available,
|   301991 [erikveen gma] The Ruby version of Levenshtein#distance didn't pass the
|   302060 [john.d.perki] Let us know when your project is approved! Good work sir.
|   302808 [erikveen gma] I've released the Levenshtein module as a gem. The most
+ 302836 [davebass mus] Edit distance isn't the only way to describe (dis)similarity, you know!

^ Method lookup for modules included in modules
301847 [mark mwilden] My question has to do with the diagram on page 12 of "Advanced Rails".
+ 301852 [bbxx789_05ss] Then why wouldn't you post your question in a Rails forum??!
| 301876 [rick.denatal] Because, if you read past he first line, you'd realize that it is
+ 301854 [ara.t.howard] as each module in included in the target, it's entire lookup chain is
  301886 [mark mwilden] I do understand that that's how it works in practice. I was trying to
  301928 [rick.denatal] module A1; end;

^ 7 Ruby Programming ebook
301848 [surejaya gma] Found this on free ebook site.
+ 301866 [leslieviljoe] Most, if not all of these books are definitely not free. Any downloads for
| 301932 [paqs140482 g] www.pdfchm.com
| + 301934 [cmdjackryan ] But probably legal problems.
| | 301975 [paqs140482 g] I'm not in the "first world" (I'm from latino america), the infrastructure
| | + 301977 [dave pragpro] Indeed. According to the Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, this
| | | + 301979 [twscannell g] I am hoping that every @$$hole that attempts to download (AKA STEAL)
| | | | 301995 [paqs140482 g] I know why you are so angry.
| | | | + 302000 [cmdjackryan ] think
| | | | + 302015 [twscannell g] Pablo,
| | | |   302025 [lgbrenes gma] You keep pandering to the best corporate insterests, that sure is
| | | |   + 302026 [cmdjackryan ] It *is* a merchandise. TANSTAFL. People invested their time and effort
| | | |   | + 302027 [james graypr] Please folks.  This is Ruby Talk.
| | | |   | + 302031 [lgbrenes gma] Oh man, now this is just sad! To you a book is mere merchandise, to
| | | |   | + 303450 [patcito gmai] The problem is that here in Peru and most of South America, almost
| | | |   |   303452 [ttmrichter g] You are dealing with people, Patrick, who build up a huge head of
| | | |   + 302029 [dave pragpro] Knowledge is not merchandise. When you buy a book, you're paying the =20
| | | + 302001 [cmdjackryan ] The entertainment industry is slowly but surely learning that lesson.
| | | | 302005 [dave pragpro] It hurts countries internally, too. Without effective property rights,
| | | | 302009 [cmdjackryan ] Yep. And there is no easy way out of that vicious circle, either.
| | | + 303449 [patcito gmai] The non respect of copyrights is not what's limiting Latin America
| | + 302002 [cmdjackryan ] Yet. Even China is tightening up on intellectual property. And *that*
| + 301996 [avdi avdi.or] Thank you for being so up-front with the fact that you cannot be
|   302018 [doodpants ma] But how do you *know* he can't be trusted? You're just taking his word
|   + 302021 [cmdjackryan ] "Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be
|   + 302022 [flo andersgr] Oh, the "Dark Star"-Argument. For true John Carpenter-Fanboys only.
+ 301984 [avdi avdi.or] There are so many great and truly free Ruby ebooks available, there's
| 302003 [cmdjackryan ] Actually, that is not what it is about (free vs. paid). It's, well, no
+ 302032 [cmdjackryan ] "You shall not, shall not agree to, and shall not authorize or encourage
  302612 [camilor gmai] Pablo
  + 302617 [avdi avdi.or] I was under the impression that publishers priced differently in
  | + 302623 [michael schu] That may be true for academic textbooks where several publishers
  | | + 302626 [avdi avdi.or] I wouldn't expect the prices to be reduced for an advanced Western
  | | | 302631 [cmdjackryan ] <http://www.marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2008/05/why-are-books-s.html>
  | | + 302630 [cmdjackryan ] This may be an artifact of the German Buchpreisbindung.
  | | | 302656 [michael schu] As you explain yourself, it does not apply to non-german books.
  | | + 303439 [mcpierce gma] When I was in India last year I picked up a copy of _Design Patterns_ that
  | |   303502 [leslieviljoe] I really appreciate this, and other ways of getting the same books cheaper.
  | + 303506 [gdprasad gma] True here in India,for some books, although they may be published
  + 303448 [patcito gmai] Camillo,
    303451 [_mwryder wor] Where are you getting your $50 figure?  Sending a priority mail flat
    303454 [patcito gmai] I doubt 7 ruby books enters in an envelope but anyway...
    303456 [_mwryder wor] Its this attitude that prevents me and probably others from helping.

^ format.html {} and block
301857 [sijo maxxion] I have code like
301860 [sijo maxxion] I solved it

^ problem while connecting to the server
301861 [rizzwanabanu] I'm trying to take a rails project built on gem version 1.2.6 and

^ Webrick HTTP Errors?
301862 [christian.ke] Hey
301869 [gotoken gmai] Use raise to set status in WEBrick.  For example,

^ Watir: How to return a Watir::IE object for an existing IE?
301864 [anukul.singh] I just wanted to know what code would be used to return a Watir::IE

301868 [1shweta2 gma] I am using 'captcha gem' in my code to implement 'CAPTCHA' functionality
+ 301870 [AEtzold gmx.] do you require rubygems in your script, ie., do you have a line
| 301871 [1shweta2 gma] Thanks for your reply Butit is not making any change ,Still same
| 301875 [AEtzold gmx.] there is a dependency problem. The captcha gem wants to load
+ 301873 [damphyr free] Well, from what you posted, require 'rubygems' is done somewhere in the
  301954 [1shweta2 gma] thanks for this.Now its working for me.

^ ActionView::TemplateError (Input/output error)
301872 [dphansalkar ] my application was running fine till 2 days back and suddenly i'm

^ RmtObj release
301877 [takashi.noma] I released 'RmtObj' library on my web-site,which address shown below.

^ [ANN] The Book Of Ruby - Free eBook
301880 [huw darkneon] eBook called The Little Book Of Ruby. This has been downloaded many tens
301893 [shevegen lin] I wouldn't consider myself as an expert at all (even though I have spent
301897 [cmdjackryan ] Rubyists, please. Or Jewel Cutters if you are into obscure stuff. No

^ finding current drive
301881 [ghotrapa yah] Is there a way to find out under what drive my current/active file is?
301882 [larsch belun] Dir.pwd - if you want to find out what the "working directory" is,
301883 [ghotrapa yah] thanks!  i could work with these.

^ unsuscribe
301884 [scourtecuiss] unsuscribe

^ YARV Bytecode Documentation
301887 [christoph.an] does anybody know any (if possible up-to-date)
301888 [pluskid gmai] It is generated from the current Ruby 1.9 source code, I described
301889 [christoph.an] thanks, that was exactly what I was searching for:)

^ ssh to execute remote ruby script
301890 [blakeage hot] I'm using 'net/ssh' to ssh into a OS X server and run a ruby script,
+ 301891 [ara.t.howard] the remote machine has two rubys, one which has rubygems installed and
| 301895 [blakeage hot] shell.exec "/usr/local/bin/ruby /usr/local/pgsql/share/migrate.rb
+ 301894 [pluskid gmai] Maybe some environment variables is not set properly when logged in as

^ Re: openssl error - ubuntu
301892 [rodmclaughli] Thanks for all the help. The full story of how I installed Rails can be

^ Access Hash in the same order that was created
301896 [mario betwar] mh=Hash.new()
+ 301900 [bbxx789_05ss] No.
+ 301901 [ara.t.howard] gem install orderedhash
| 301907 [ tel jklm.no] Hash preserves insertion order in Ruby 1.9
+ 301902 [ara.t.howard] forgot to mention - 1.9 does this by default now.
+ 301905 [ruby anthrop] First off, this is not a hash. Hashes are inherently unordered. Hashes
+ 301906 [Gennady.Byst] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiBtYXJpb0BiZXR3YXJlLmNvbSBb
+ 301915 [overlord gmx] The Hash doesn't remember the order in which you put the values in.
  301965 [mario betwar] Thanks to everybody

^ What is the bes Ruby's book for beginners?
301898 [rveneroso gm] This is my first message to this forum.
+ 301903 [cmdjackryan ] Well, there is _why's Poignant Guide. Chris Pine's Learn to Program
| 301912 [victor.reyes] Although I have over a dozen Ruby books, I find myself using the following
+ 301904 [bbxx789_05ss] While I don't think it is a very good book, you should probably get
+ 301913 [rmagick gmai] Welcome to Ruby!
| 301922 [john.d.perki] You'll love Ruby.
+ 301924 [pat.eyler gm] I'm a fan of Peter Cooper's Beginning Ruby.
| + 301931 [ljjarvis goo] I personally don't think the pickaxe book is very good for learning
| | 301935 [rick.denatal] On the other hand, a lot of folks seem to like the tutorial parts of
| + 302007 [rveneroso gm] Thank you all for replying my message.
+ 301998 [dmerrick ics] There is a new book out co-authored by Matz, the man who created Ruby.=20
| 302004 [rick.denatal] It is a very good book, and might serve as an introduction to Ruby for
+ 302883 [markus.arike] I would like to also recommend The Ruby Programming Language by David