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^ Re: Ruby & Artificial Intelligence
299800 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... programming in "natural" languages has been a dream for
299821 [cmdjackryan ] How do you see code like 'a = b unless c' in Ruby, then? Ruby's pretty
299849 [codeblogger ] Cheers
299869 [stiv.thomas ] Neither is the 'processing' unit of the brain performant enough to be
299872 [caduceass gm] This is why there exists reliance upon language convention and unit

^ Re: how to match any character with ruby regexp?
299801 [sxain hotmai] Thank you for your help.

^ Re: Ruby For Hackers
299802 [shortcutter ] Even if I would, I would not tell you - for obvious reasons.
299803 [znmeb cesmai] Ruby is a terrible language for writing malware ... go learn Forth. ;)
299804 [       z q.w] or visual basic 6 :)
+ 299805 [TimHunter nc] Well, I don't know much about that field of programming, but if I had to
| + 299808 [dezertir pos] Thanks you Tim! I think too, for hacking, is perl, python, C++ etc.. but
| | + 299809 [lionel-subsc] For flamewars. You can build high power lasers with one ruby. Then you
| | | 299857 [eleanor game] That should so be on the language FAQ :)
| | | 299858 [eleanor game] Yes. But if you want to be a 7337 hzx0r and pw0n the net you have to
| | + 299811 [TimHunter nc] That is a deep metaphysical question that I am unworthy to answer. But
| | | 299813 [dezertir pos] Mdaa... It's good answer but not fully :(
| | | + 299814 [shevegen lin] Only you can answer that question.
| | | + 299818 [TimHunter nc] Okay, that's a serious question and deserves a serious answer.
| | |   299828 [dezertir pos] Thanks! I just reading and like it. This book is a demo version?
| | |   299830 [cmdjackryan ] Yes.
| | + 299812 [bulliver bad] ...because Perl exists.
| | + 299816 [cmdjackryan ] Because it's fun.
| + 299817 [jeremy hineg] Actually, one of the best tools for security research, penetration testing,
|   + 299831 [celtic sairy] *whoooosh*
|   | 299850 [glennswest y] For me, I find generally ruby is "nice".=0A=0A1. Easy to do a gui (Either l=
|   + 299859 [eleanor game] People thought we were weird at the first RailsConf Europe for talking
+ 299806 [slarbi gmail] Isn't there a requirement that malware be intentional?

^ (none)
299807 [noobprog gma] I'm trying to use win32/file to set permission on a file, but I can't seem

^ ruby net/ldap
299810 [noobprog gma] I need to move some user objects from one OU to another.  Is there a way to
299875 [damnbigman g] I was wanting to do the same thing recently.  However it looks like all you
301523 [callmervd gm] I also need to do the same thing like adding new groups and assigning
301540 [kou cozmixng] In <09099394-4c41-4c7a-b4c2-11d9c7f4622a@y22g2000prd.googlegroups.com>
301549 [callmervd gm] Thank you for your reply.
301552 [damnbigman g] Assigning users to existing groups is not a problem at all with
301596 [callmervd gm] Could you show me a code snippet on how to assign a member to an
301598 [callmervd gm] One more thing, when I try to establish connection to
301600 [kou cozmixng] No.
301624 [damnbigman g] for course in self.courses
301627 [kou cozmixng] courses.each do |course|

^ Getting Mac file paths from disk...
299815 [nospam7272 m] As part of my "training" with Ruby, I decided to try and get a list
+ 299822 [bbxx789_05ss] Do you expect anyone to be able to read that code?
+ 299824 [matt tidbits] The Finder uses a number of different criteria to determine whether a
  299827 [matt tidbits] Sorry - I should have added that the obvious implementation here would
  299832 [nospam7272 m] Thanks Matt. That will work to test individual files. Since
  299865 [nospam7272 m] oops

^ linux starting
299819 [mailer76 gma] I'm starting to program in linux more often now and I'm starting on linux
+ 299820 [poppopreturn] Please post your source code and I wil take a stab at why you cant get it to
+ 299823 [shevegen lin] You could try it simpler, just any editor that does not annoy you,

^ Re: Free disk space with VMI in megabyte
299825 [toki84 gmail] Thanks a lot for the help and the explanation, I didn't know that

^ Re: Language code list? (ISO 639-1?)
299826 [s.korteling ] Regards,
299842 [ged FaerieMU] The locale module looks great! It seems like a pretty comprehensive

^ Re: Typed ruby
299829 [no spam.plea] Not that I know of, but you might find my "chattr" gem useful.
299847 [eeklund gmai] Or, if you want to play with the ability to do complex yet structured

^ Re: (no subject)
299833 [phasis gmail] In the current version, it means the given account do not exist.

^ Re: Permission denied - (Errno::EACCES)- Help!
299834 [clement.ow a] I cant use force => true because it handles the error but still does not
299882 [rogerpack200] double check the directory exists ?
299921 [clement.ow a] The directory exists actually. When I try to move it manually myself it
299926 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogQ2xlbWVudCBPdyBbbWFpbHRvOmNsZW1lbnQub3dAYXNpYS5ibnBwYXJpYmFzLmNvbV0g
340813 [nickromney h] I've read elsewhere that on XP, if you have a filehandle open, the move

^ Re: Counting Program
299835 [dana.merrick] p "Upto what number?"; p *1..gets.to_i
299836 [dana.merrick] I didn't know that! That's awesome.

^ Re: [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.1
299837 [yizhih gmail] Thanks Kubo.
299839 [kubo jiubao.] No. I don't know how to make binary gems for mswin32.
+ 299854 [kubo jiubao.] I misread 'rpms' as 'gems'. But same answer.
+ 299990 [gerardo.sant] Here it is what I do. If anyone have a better procedure, I'd like to know.

^ Re: multi-dimensional arrays to 2-dimensional arrays
299838 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogV2lyaWFudG8gRGp1bmFpZGkgW21haWx0bzp3aXJpYW50by5kanVuYWlkaUBnbWFpbC5j
299944 [wirianto.dju] Yeah, I figure out my problem. The reason I got nested multi-dimension array

^ [ANN] Lone Star Rubyconf 2008 - 6 Days Left to Submit a Proposal
299840 [jimfreeze gm] Time is almost up! The second annual Lone Star Ruby Conference

^ Certification in ruby ....
299841 [vamsikrishna] is there any certification courses in ruby on rails?

^ Re: help re recording/replaying (i.e. automating) HTTP interactions to a web-site???
299843 [peter rubyra] Yes, scRUBYt! supports all these things... In the current =20
299853 [greg.hauptma] thanks Peter - I was starting to look at Mechanize but will focus in
299856 [peter rubyra] charset=US-ASCII;
299860 [greg.hauptma] I must admit you're managing to overwhelm me slightly with the number of
299864 [peter rubyra] charset=US-ASCII;

^ This Week in Ruby (April 28, 2008)
299844 [acangiano gm] Cheers,

^ Interprocess Communication Windows?
299845 [christian.ke] What is the best way to do interprocess communication under windows?
+ 299884 [rogerpack200] there's always the old hack of binding and connecting to localhost :)
+ 299902 [luislavena g] On Apr 28, 4:38 am, Christian Kerth <christian.ke...@dynamicmedia.at>
  300107 [christian.ke] Using DRb now, seems to fit my purpose. Thanks!

^ Re: Help getting ruby-serialport to run in Windows XP
299846 [eduardo alda] Thanks for the tip

^ RMagick installation problems
299848 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
299862 [TimHunter nc] It looks like you've got a mismatch between RMagick and whichever of
299910 [zundra.danie] When I set my vps up with Ruby, Rails, and Mysql I followed this article

^ Re: undefined local variable
299851 [johan johane] This is what I've got now.
299855 [decoux moulo] First, you don't need the evil eval
300138 [overlord gmx] Why not       attr, value = *obj.to_a

^ Re: DBI:ibm_db connection for IBM DB2 database
299852 [nquaine2 gma] firstly - a big thank you for your help - my connection to DB2 from Ruby
299996 [gerardo.sant] Hey Nicholas,

^ Count uniques ?
299861 [adrianod gma] I need to know how I use the count function to have a sum of days
299885 [rogerpack200] You can substract datetimes to get the difference between them in seconds.

^ Apache2 conf and mod_ruby (mac os x 10.4.11)
299863 [unbewusst.se] LoadModule ruby_module       libexec/httpd/mod_ruby.so
299886 [rogerpack200] SSdtIG5vdCB0b28gZmFtaWxpYXIgd2l0aCBpdCwgYnV0IGl0IG1heSBiZSBhbiBhZGRpdGlvbmFs
299901 [unbewusst.se] thanks for your answer, i discovered, in the mean time, Apache 2, is
299987 [tmacedo stud] I'm using mod_ruby with apache 2.2.6 without any issues. I manually
+ 299995 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks, i'l re-install, manually everything...
+ 300433 [unbewusst.se] right now, *.rbx files are working but not *.rhtml.
  300442 [tmacedo stud] Tiago Macedo
  300541 [unbewusst.se] ok, thanks, i'll read this wiki.
  300543 [unbewusst.se] $ eruby --version
  300681 [tmacedo stud] Do you have anything similar to this?
  300696 [unbewusst.se] /opt/local/bin/eruby  (*)
  300709 [tmacedo stud] I don't, I use linux but you need the library and for some reason you
  300713 [unbewusst.se] no, no, i have it, i'm sure about that.
  300717 [tmacedo stud] Honestly I don't know what's wrong, there is already a thread in
  300722 [unbewusst.se] something in erubis is tainted, and i'm unable to untaint it, the reason

^ net/ssh debug errors
299866 [jayeola gmai] =begin
299971 [jan.svitok g] I guess that's because in debug mode you even the caught exceptions.

^ Re: treemaps
299867 [peter.marx k] I have also the missing method "font_size" problem. I exactly used the
299906 [jim7magnus h] I found the lines where font_size was called on the gem code and just
300804 [peter.marx k] It worked. But I agree, the result doesn't have a "commercial look". If

^ How to download a list of PDF files?
299868 [shayaan.sidd] I have a site with many PDF files. I could right click and save each
299871 [jan.svitok g] wget -r -np http://jeepgarage.free.fr/OWN/
299874 [mo_mail ongh] And another easy solution would be the Firefox plugin: DownThemAll

^ Not Allowing Input
299870 [aslambilal g] Well i'm trying to make a program for newbie practice and, in the while
299873 [praveen pers] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+ 299888 [aslambilal g] Thanks a bunch :) That fixed my problem :).
+ 299905 [cmdjackryan ] Or it *could* be script_name = script_name.chomp, since #chomp is

^ creating and naming variables dynamic
299876 [tarscher gma] I want to create a variable dynamic. I have defined some classes and
+ 299877 [dblack rubyp] Fred Cheung has answered this post for you on the Rails mailing list.
+ 299893 [peter rubyra] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 299897 [shortcutter ] More options
  299929 [bermonruf gm] You can try methods instead of dynamic variables, but the best option is the

^ make .exe file by rubyscript2exe with no DOS???
299878 [hb.pat87 hot] I have fallow this
299909 [dezertir pos] test.rb  - It's your file.
299919 [hb.pat87 hot] my file is many picture and I want to make to exe for run in other
299922 [cmdjackryan ] As Luka pointed out, you want the --rubyscript2exe-rubyw switch.
299939 [hb.pat87 hot] I try
299945 [alex deletem] Try creating it with --rubyscript2exe-ruby and running in it a DOS box
299961 [hb.pat87 hot] my code has some "puts" in other files that I require it. I will delete

^ Re: Cookies - sessions- Ruby
299879 [rogerpack200] could ask this on the rails list.  I think the answer might be Restful
+ 299887 [nospam gmail] I can't get this too work.
| 299890 [rogerpack200] curl allows you to save cookies to a file then reload them, if that's useful.
| 299895 [nospam gmail] In the cookies file, i have my settings to connect to an site.
+ 299889 [nospam gmail] Which list is this?
  299891 [avdi avdi.or] Avdi
  299896 [nospam gmail] Thank you

^ Re: RadRails || EasyEclipse?
299880 [rogerpack200] Looks like they're about the same, with [I'd bet] radrails having

^ Re: Transpose a large file(>2GB)
299881 [rogerpack200] Save pieces of it to disk.
299883 [fxn hashref.] Since seeking and inserting naively in text files is expensive I
299892 [avdi avdi.or] fseek to the end of the file.  fseek backwards by a nice round number
299894 [avdi avdi.or] Of course, if you're transposing lines, that's trickier.
299899 [lionel-subsc] Here's an algorithm that should minimize the amount of seeks.
299900 [fxn hashref.] In what sense is it sequential? These approeaches require prepending/
299907 [lionel-subsc] It doesn't read or write one byte at a time :-) Which would be the
299991 [kbloom gmail] I assume all of the lines in the file are the same length, and the line
+ 299997 [kbloom gmail] (#rows = #columns) > 0.5 * disk block size.
+ 299998 [lionel-subsc] From the rest of the algorithm, you assume that the OP wants to
  300057 [kbloom gmail] The block size I used was just for illustration. I chose the blocksize
  300072 [lionel-subsc] Yes
  300076 [kbloom gmail] In that case, none of the rest of what I said is relevant anymore.

^ win32-file set_permissions
299898 [noobprog gma] Thanks for your help.  It looks like some strange things are happening.

^ irb weirdness
299903 [rogerpack200] Has anybody else had this happen to them in irb?
299904 [shortcutter ] I would assume that this is less an issue of IRB but rather of the
299908 [rogerpack200] Good call.
299912 [shortcutter ] Might be related to terminal type propagation via SSH (I am assuming you
299918 [rogerpack200] This is on Mac OS localhost.
300011 [rogerpack200] In Eterm + os x the 'right arrow' bug is there but not the new line

^ Sprintf: what does mean the percent symbol?
299911 [toki84 gmail] I'm testing the functionality of sprintf and I know that I can use it in
+ 299913 [jan.svitok g] % is a clever trick to define operator % (as in modulo, i.e. 7 % 3 ==
| 300062 [toki84 gmail] Thanks to all for the help and fast answers.
+ 299914 [shortcutter ] Although it works the way you did it, that should have read
| + 299940 [bbxx789_05ss] According to pickaxe2, p. 606,  "%" is the name of an instance method in
| | 299958 [shortcutter ] I'm not sure I get your point.  Can you elaborate?
| + 299975 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   300117 [shortcutter ] is
+ 299915 [dblack rubyp] You can define a % method, which will then be executed when you use

^ Re: inverse OOP
299916 [martin openg] Thanks all hehe

^ [ANN] doodle 0.1.1 Released
299917 [sean.ohalpin] doodle version 0.1.1 has been released!

^ converting strings in c extension
299920 [cathor.nikla] While trying to bind some old C code to ruby I ran into trouble
299931 [vjoel path.b] rb_p(s);
+ 299935 [andre digira] Argh. I've been doing
+ 299937 [cathor.nikla] Whow, that really gave me a hint!
  299938 [adam.shelly ] The first argument is always 'self' - the object that the method is

^ How to promote my site?
299923 [18270admin g] I have a site on insurance: http://www.carsinsuranceguide.com
+ 299924 [cmdjackryan ] Not by posting here, you won't.
| 300029 [Kevin.Brown ] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 300031 [Kevin.Brown ] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 300060 [cmdjackryan ] Short, concise, to the point with a hint of syntactic sugar. :P
| + 300093 [znmeb cesmai] A word of caution -- if you use scripts to artificially inflate your
+ 299927 [znmeb cesmai] My car insurance goes up if I spend too much time in traffic.
+ 299930 [vjoel path.b] Why don't you try posting to every newsgroup in the worl... oh.

^ hacking arrays
299925 [john.d.perki] Why isn't it doing them like nested folders? I'd like to get
+ 299928 [john.d.perki] That's a good question, a fair question, and I would love to anwser it.
| 299932 [john.d.perki] The anwser to Phlips question is 'I don't know how to write unit
| 299934 [cmdjackryan ] And I guess you'd like to know how to do that?
+ 299936 [dblack rubyp] It probably just a matter of counting the divs. I've sort of hacked
| 300032 [john.d.perki] That works, perfect. David, thanks. Looks like the num function was
+ 299943 [ara.t.howard] it looks like you are making it much harder than it needs to be...

^ Hey, try out Flock
299941 [leiyangyou g] ...
300003 [shortcutter ] Another spam which has been reported to Google.
300068 [cmdjackryan ] Not spam, but PBKAC.
300088 [luislavena g] On Apr 29, 8:06 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
300096 [cmdjackryan ] All services like that (Though I haven't used Flock, which is a browser,
300100 [patcito gmai] Unfortunately most people still think the internet is internet
300105 [cmdjackryan ] If any one is at fault, then us developers, writing applications where

^ How do I release ruby program without the source?
299942 [sgwong513 ho] Can I use ruby 1.9 and compile it to byte code and release the byte
299993 [kbloom gmail] You can do it in JRuby, using jrubyc. This creates a single class file

^ Array#first is not Array#[0]
299946 [fredjoha gma] class MyClass < Array
+ 299947 [cmdjackryan ] Here you go: 1
+ 299948 [fredjoha gma] I see that Array#each wont do what I want it to do either. I guess I
| 299949 [botp delmont] # include the same text in all my array elements. I just want to have
| + 299950 [botp delmont] #..
| + 299951 [fredjoha gma] But that doesn't work (though I don't understand why). I want it to
| + 299952 [sandro.pagan] Maybe is better using instance_methods instead
|   299954 [fredjoha gma] => "Here you go: 3"
|   299956 [botp delmont] # irb> g.size
|   + 299959 [botp delmont] # From: Fredrik [mailto:fredjoha@gmail.com]=20
|   + 299960 [fredjoha gma] I'm sorry, I think I am too vague about what I want to achieve. What I
|     + 299962 [botp delmont] # I'm sorry, I think I am too vague about what I want to achieve. What I
|     + 299972 [dblack rubyp] The real question is: why should it? They're completely separate
+ 300016 [lojicdotcom ] I can't think of a good reason to ever have: Array#first != Array#[](0)
  + 300017 [lojicdotcom ] Sorry about that. I'm having a bit of trouble with the Gnus news reader,
  + 300019 [dblack rubyp] That's not the question, though; the question is why #first doesn't
  + 300075 [celtic sairy] They're still separate methods. The point is, internally, Ruby saves another
    300095 [fredjoha gma] Ok, I got it. So Array#first is a matter of optimization. I thought it