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^ RE:  Ruby multi-dimensional Hash question?---Any one out there willing to give this questions a try?
29887 [jeff.w.crand] Anyone?  Is this the correct mailing list to try and get
29934 [matz ruby-la] You've got [ruby-talk:29787].  Alternative solution is fetch Ruby
29937 [akr m17n.org] irb(main):001:0> RUBY_VERSION
+ 29941 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, things are not that easy, sigh.
| 29990 [mrchameleon ] I asked a similar question about multi-dimensional arrays and received
+ 29952 [chr_news gmx] class MyHash < Hash
  29953 [decoux moulo] t[1][0] = 4
  29957 [chr_news gmx] Also
  29961 [decoux moulo] Why not ?
  29963 [chr_news gmx] You are right ...

^ string variables within strings
29888 [paulvallance] Dear Ruby experts,
29892 [paul atdesk.] Are you sure that the server is handling the extra spaces correctly?

^ How to check free diskspace?
29895 [Le Wang  I've checked "Programming Ruby", and searched the ML to no avail.  So
+ 29900 [matju sympat] Mount = Struct.new(
| 29908 [daniel zeped] What does the '*' mean in this context? I've seen this idiom a couple of times
| 29911 [ptkwt shell1] I'm sure it's in the Pickaxe book.
+ 29902 [mchahn facel] In both Ruby and Java, space-checking in volumes is missing.  For Java I had
| 29919 [Le Wang  aargh,
| 29921 [ rik kde.org] #if Le Wang
| + 29951 [martin v.loe] What's wrong with statvfs(2)?
| | 29976 [ rik kde.org] #if Martin v. Loewis
| | 30083 [martin v.loe] What are you trying to say? That statvfs does not have a man page?
| | + 30084 [vjoel PATH.B] On my linux box, 'man 2 statfs' works. Is that the same thing?
| | + 30125 [ rik kde.org] #if Martin v. Loewis
| |   + 30126 [Ephaeton gmx] And NetBSD's, because I can't find it in NetBSD's includes either :)
| |   + 30176 [martin v.loe] It is a POSIX standard function; and yes, it is a well-known problem
| |     30241 [mkelly2002NO] btw-just to follow up, I took a look at the
| + 29983 [mkelly2002NO] Seems like it would be a good area for a library module
|   29993 [ptkwt shell1] Sounds like a good candidate for a module to convert to Ruby.
|   + 29995 [mchahn facel] when we start distributing Ruby binaries compiled with MSVC++ will we lose
|   | 30003 [ptkwt shell1] Are you running on WinNT|Win2k?  I think they might accept '/' in place
|   | + 30006 [mchahn facel] Windows does not allow this since they use / for options.  The only place
|   | + 30008 [nobu.nokada ] Not only Windows, DOS also have accepted '/' as directory
|   + 30024 [mkelly2002NO] That's still a weak point AFAIK.  From what I've seen the
+ 29923 [ttate kt.jai] If we use quota file system, we can check current usage of

^ catch/throw (was  Proc.class vs yield)
29912 [mchahn facel] I'm curious.  What do you use to "break/retry/continue" inside a block?  It
31101 [matju sympat] I don't do that, or I don't know what you mean. Would you please expose

^ Re: How to check free diskspace? (fwd)
29915 [matju sympat] Er... I forgot to finish the code. This only tells what's mounted and
29916 [mchahn facel] Why is there no support for a platform-independent df in Ruby (or Java for
29922 [nhodgson big] You still have to deal with disk full exceptions if another process is

^ Happy 2002!
29932 [rich infoeth] Happy New Year from Washington DC!
+ 29938 [james rubyxm] Happy New Year from Scottsdale, Arizona!
| + 29944 [phlip_cpp ya] The year in which Ruby will overtake quite a few poseur languages for
| | 29945 [ronjeffries ] By becoming 10x faster than it is now.
| | + 29946 [curt hibbs.c] Keep good company  :-)
| | + 29969 [phlip_cpp ya] That's a joke. (You live 2 timezones East of me.)
| |   29974 [phlip_cpp ya] Forgot to mention - this is Carlsbad, California, Aztlan.
| + 29949 [gehlker fast] And from Phoenix
| + 29954 [Desai.Dinaka] Happy new  year from Rochester Minnesota
+ 29959 [Tom.Karas ht] and Happy New Year from Hannover, Germany, Central Europe
  + 29966 [jose oxigeno] Happy 2002 from Murcia, Spain
  | 29968 [baasad quali] Happy new 2002 from Kuwait
  | 29970 [jan vermeer.] Happy new year (a bit late, I know...) from Zurich, Switzerland!
  + 29973 [alwagner tca] And ditto from Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
    29986 [mrcode media] Happy New Year from Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA!!!
    29988 [dblack candl] And Happy New Year from New Jersey, USA.

^ Ruby News Proxy?
29933 [roymilican h] I'm a Ruby Newbie as it were and am just now getting really interested in

^ Re: REPOST: Re: Python and Ruby: a comparison
29942 [aleax aleax.] Your assertions are seriously counterfactual.
29989 [eldiener ear] I stand corrected.
30036 [aleax aleax.] imply
+ 30057 [bmcyitz free] See http://www.activestate.com/Initiatives/NET/Research.html for
| 30132 [aleax aleax.] It is a finished experimental project, not something anybody would
+ 30082 [eldiener ear] You make a cogent argument and I generally agree that many programmers

^ Parrot (was re, Python and Ruby: a comparison)
29948 [erik bagfors] I've looked through the "how to program in parrot assembler" or whatever
29984 [dan sidhe.or] Someone's occasionally poking at it, but that's about it. I'd like there to
30075 [erik bagfors] Well.  The way blocks and iterators are used in ruby is not like it is
+ 30078 [pixel mandra] sub myeach(&@) {
+ 30087 [dan sidhe.or] An interesting question, but from the interpreter's standpoint not an
  + 30093 [rich infoeth] One issue is that Ruby's blocks carry with them the context of where they
  | + 30097 [dan sidhe.or] Sure. Parrot's got full closure support slated for inclusion. The block
  | + 30104 [matju sympat] It's been possible with Perl5 since the beginning (~1995).
  + 30099 [avi beta4.co] It's somewhat more complicated than that, unfortunately - in Ruby, a
    30102 [dan sidhe.or] Fair enough. If there's nothing special in the behaviour of the block then

^ Threading this mailing list in Entourage
29950 [gehlker fast] Well, it's not quite done in Ruby yet, but below is some code that will let
29965 [gehlker fast] set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "] "

^ Problem compiling Ruby on Solaris
29955 [n.gilbert so] {josef:20} uname -a
+ 30020 [yu_jaemin so] IMHO, I think you should install ncurses(compile it using gcc)
+ 30025 [ttate kt.jai] How about adding have_library("termlib") after
  30116 [n.gilbert so] Thank you for this advice, but it changes, but does not cure the problem.
  + 30118 [ttate kt.jai] Would you add have_library("termlib") *before* the last
  | 30128 [n.gilbert so] {josef:13} make
  + 30119 [decoux moulo] One question : do you have /usr/lib/libcurses.so on your system ?
    30129 [n.gilbert so] No.  lots of other libxxxx.so files there, but not that one.
    30130 [decoux moulo] You have in the README
    30137 [n.gilbert so] Wonderful.  It works!
    30138 [decoux moulo] Your system is special

^ Announcing Ruby.APP
29956 [stephan.schm] I'm anouncing the beginning of a standalone ruby application server called
+ 29962 [tom.hurst cl] Did you hit <reply> when you meant <mail>? :)
+ 30030 [stephan.schm] You can use apache for static pages, css, images, etc. But a standalone
+ 30031 [dsafari xtra] <snip many great points>
  30032 [stephan.schm] You mean XML in Apache Cocoon ? I'm deep in a java XML project right
  + 30033 [dsafari xtra] Hmm...perhaps in the area of caching. For example we do a site that
  + 30055 [bryan terral] I'm working on a Ruby project right now that is very similar to Cocoon.
    30079 [dsafari xtra] Sounds good. Perhaps getting in touch with Sean Russel in RE to REXML

^ help with Tk setup for windows
29975 [ronjeffries ] I'm just starting to do some window stuff on my new Ruby/Win2000
29978 [armin approx] Thx,
29992 [ronjeffries ] Thanks!

^ Extending Ruby on Windows (New Post)
29979 [moyer4 media] This is actually a continuation of the thread I stared on 12/28. I tightened
+ 29981 [maverick cs.] ^^^^^^^ This worries me. Perhaps
| 30007 [nobu.nokada ] Also NT.
+ 30004 [jisraelson c] I successfully built and ran a slightly modified version of your code using
  30048 [moyer4 media] Jon,

^ Project Proposal: Cardinal: Ruby frontend for Parrot
29980 [ptkwt shell1] We've had a couple of different threads flowing here the last few days
+ 29982 [pate network] In October, I started working on rabbit a ruby-like language for parrot
| 30089 [ptkwt shell1] Got any code?
+ 29987 [dan sidhe.or] Need is an awfully strong word. It'd make some things easier, but I don't
+ 31146 [erik bagfors] Anything new about this?  I'd love to have this working.  I've been
  + 31160 [dan sidhe.or] If you do, please pop me a note so I can get on. (I'm a bit dodgy with
  + 31168 [ptkwt shell1] Nothing really new.  I just _PROPOSED_ a project.  It's not officially

^ Execing command with backquotes
29991 [mail02 frank] I tried to do something like
+ 29994 [mchahn facel] cmd = "cmd.exe /c xcopy /s /e c:\\A\\*.* c:\\B"
| 29999 [mail02 frank] sourcedir = "c:\\temp\\from\\"
| + 30000 [mchahn facel] What happened when you tried
| | 30002 [mail02 frank] Meanwhile I tried a lot. Now I think it is something with the
| | 30005 [mchahn facel] Try \\\\ instead of \\.
| + 30009 [mail02 frank] now I have a workaround, but it ist ugly!!! Because now I have an
|   + 30012 [mchahn facel] Did you try \\\\ ?  I do that kind of thing on windows all the time.
|   | 30017 [Le Wang  This appears to work for me as well. ; )
|   + 30014 [Le Wang  Frank,
|     30061 [mail02 frank] That's it. Now all works fine.
+ 29996 [Le Wang  To insert expressions within back ticks, you need to use #{var}.  Now
  29998 [mail02 frank] Thanks, this was really a stupid fault. :)

^ on the occasion of message 30K
30011 [dblack candl] As the previous 10K milestone poster, I'd like to congratulate Mark
30013 [mchahn facel] What did I win?
+ 30016 [dblack candl] A message from the #20000 person :-)
| 30021 [mchahn facel] So I actually aquired an obligation to send a msg to #40,000.  Lucky me.
+ 30019 [Le Wang  How do you tell?  I think I posted pretty close to Mark.  I demand a
  30022 [dblack candl] 3102 Jan  2 Mark Hahn           (3,654) [ruby-talk:30000] Re: ...
  30026 [nobu.nokada ] Don't worry, you can get 32768!

^ Should the windows installation package be mswin32, instead of cygwin?
30015 [Le Wang  I just spent about 20 min trying to troubleshoot Benoit Cerrina's
+ 30018 [Le Wang  oops, in light of the quadruple backslashes solution, maybe cygwin is
| 30190 [benoit.cerri] to avoid too much \ try to use single quote when building the
+ 30023 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, I think that's the plan for Windows releases in the future (not
| 30077 [moyer4 media] I would vote for that. I'm a newbee and I started out with cygwin and ended
+ 30188 [benoit.cerri] Thanks a lot I had just given up on that and used perl for the

^ Re: Physical concepts lead to Abstract concepts
30027 [mentifex scn] Upon careful inspection, the Ruby code, although praiseworthy and

^ string variable within a string
30034 [paulvallance] @data2 = "/gettext(#{v},#{v1},0)\n"
+ 30035 [decoux moulo] No, not really. The variable `v' and `v1' was probably read with #gets and
| 30047 [paulvallance] My fault, the numbers 720 and 735 are returned from the TCP Server as
+ 30037 [Stephan.Kaem] On my system (Win2K running the Win installer version 165-2 (from Dave &
+ 30042 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, my ruby 1.6.6 (2001-12-26) prints
+ 30072 [cmbchris mac] maybe...

^ Build question: options for configure?
30066 [ptkwt shell1] I'm going to be helping someone build/install Ruby 1.6.6 on Solaris and
+ 30067 [paul atdesk.] I haven't tried it, but the usual configure option is --prefix.
| + 30071 [vjoel PATH.B] That worked for me on Solaris 7.
| + 30091 [ptkwt shell1] That works.  Thanks.
+ 30070 [ jimm io.com] Absolutely. For example, I installed ruby in my home directory one time. I

^ Problem with puts and friends
30080 [Dave Pragmat] def puts(*args)
30095 [matz ruby-la] <complain about puts NameError with -d>

^ [Ann] Ruby Weekly News
30081 [dsafari xtra] Just a quick notice to say there is another copy of the 'Ruby Weekly

^ mathn questions
30085 [vjoel PATH.B] I'm writing some numerical stuff in Ruby and C, and I'd like to use
30088 [taw users.so] One more advertisement: I made incomplete Ruby bindings to libGMP.

^ Ruby Weekly News rdf feed now available
30101 [Dave Pragmat] You can get an RDF summary of the latest Ruby Weekly news at
+ 30106 [vruz cybermi] "Dave Thomas" <Dave@PragmaticProgrammer.com> escribien el mensaje
| 30108 [harryo zipwo] I'm guessing the answer is "If you don't know, you don't care" :-),
| + 30109 [vruz cybermi] "HarryO" <harryo@zipworld.com.au> escribien el mensaje
| | 30111 [harryo zipwo] Thanks for that info.  I have Nautilus and Mozilla, so I'll give them a
| + 30156 [chadfowler c] If you'd like to read RSS 0.9 (which is what this RDF file is), you
|   30167 [harryo zipwo] Thanks Chad.  If I can understand enough about RSS to add in the
|   30180 [chadfowler c] Rest assured....if I'm capable of making the first version, you're
+ 30174 [james rubyxm] Uh-oh, now you're in *big* trouble!
  + 30175 [vruz cybermi] "James Britt (rubydev)" <james@rubyxml.com> escribien el mensaje
  | 30177 [sholden pgra] Patents cover use of the 'invention'. You need a license to use RDF, if
  + 30178 [Dave Pragmat] No problems: I'll just encode the .rdf inside a .gif.

^ Brainstorming on project synch, internationalization, etc.
30105 [vruz cybermi] very excited about Ruby, and with many projects in mind.

30112 [jkaurin home] Being unfamiliar with OLE functions, how might one print a HTML file
30120 [chris.morris] [http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&selm=82jhd2%248qn%241%40nx6.HRZ.Uni-D

^ Ruby for Sharp Zaurus?
30113 [ptkwt shell1] The Sharp Zaurus looks pretty nice.
30123 [erik bagfors] Don't know but I'm running it on an IPAQ with linux.  It's almost 100%

^ FastCGI - no go.
30114 [dsafari xtra] I have no idea how to get this FastCGI module to work. More then
30310 [neumann s-di] test.frb probably resides in directory /var/www/fcgi-bin. Your

^ subsetting and .NET (was Re: Python and Ruby: a comparison)
30117 [aleax aleax.] But, not using *PART* of a module or package, or not using a subset of
+ 30131 [eldiener ear] Good for you !
| + 30136 [sholden hold] [ ... ]
| + 30141 [aleax aleax.] If you need to ensure that A is never destroyed before B, you just
+ 30135 [skip pobox.c] D) "I don't ever write 'print >> sys.stderr, "divide by zero!"' -- I
  30140 [aleax aleax.] and that's

^ more parrot-questions..
30121 [erik bagfors] Maybe I should join perl6-internals for this but here we go.
30160 [dan sidhe.or] It's generally going to be left to the various classes. Variables all have
+ 30991 [comp.lang.ru] - - YEAH! Do you have anything that says what will be supported for
| 31157 [dan sidhe.or] At the moment, no. Mainly for scheduling reasons--it's not quite made it up
+ 31396 [Erik.Bagfors] And here I can show my ignorance again by not knowing what the "seventh

^ How to get top-level object from C?
30124 [melis cs.utw] I have a ruby script that is loaded up from a C program using
30127 [decoux moulo] rb_load_file() compile the file but don't execute the parsed nodes. It's
30139 [nobu.nokada ] The top-level object is an instance of Object, but not itself.
30181 [decoux moulo] Well not really, top_level methods are private methods of Object.
30182 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I was wrong and correct it.
30183 [decoux moulo] No, you were right except for top-level method which are not really module
30185 [nobu.nokada ] Sure, I missed that Object itself is also an instance of
30186 [decoux moulo] yes,
30208 [melis cs.utw] Thanks both of you :-)
30210 [decoux moulo] The top-level is written in such a way to give you the possibility to

^ Ruby Style Guide?
30142 [bobx linuxma] All the talk of indentation and stuff has made me wonder. Is there a
30162 [mike lepton.] An article on Ruby Garden mentioned a Coding Convention by Takahashi
30192 [Stephan.Kaem] Stephan

^ Rubydoc ?
30143 [bernat scien] I am a bit disappointed with the documentation tool "rdtool". The
+ 30145 [Dave Pragmat] You might want to look at RDoc (rdoc.sourceforge.net). There's a
+ 30146 [vjoel PATH.B] RD documentation can be included directly in a Ruby source
+ 30148 [mkelly2002NO] Speaking of which I'm a new user of Ruby, right now just
  + 30152 [bernat scien] OoO Pendant le repas du jeudi 03 janvier 2002, vers 19:07, Michael
  + 30154 [nobu.nokada ] You can read them with any text editors can handle LF only
  | + 30157 [mkelly2002NO] Thank you.
  | + 30159 [mkelly2002NO] I have ms installer update 1.2 on Win98 2nd Ed. and when I click on
  |   30161 [mkelly2002NO] btw-as update, I tried it also in Win2000 Server and
  |   30166 [mkelly2002NO] btw-ActiveRuby. does the same thing too.
  + 30179 [jbrunjes ctr] Are you using the latest self-installer distribution from
    30234 [mkelly2002NO] Thanks Jim.  Dowloading now. :)