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Wordnet and Ruby
297168 [glenn_ritz@y] ...
+ 297317 [jan.svitok@g] Their trac says last change in sources 8 months ago.
+ 297320 [h.wickham@gm] Have a look at http://www.deveiate.org/projects/Linguistics/
+ 297678 [ged@Fa ri MU] I might have some insight (I'm the author of the Ruby-WordNet
  306545 [davebass@mu ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

Is there any Ruby parser for command inline parameters (ARGV[])?
297169 [ibc@al ax ne] ./script1.rb -n -vv -o file.out filein
+ 297170 [stefano.croc] There's OptionParser which is included in ruby standard library. Use ri
| 297179 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks a lot, I'll try it.
+ 297175 [nixikanius@g] You can also try "getoptlog" library.

Does YAML allow TAB for indentation?
297172 [ibc@al ax ne] that it shouldn't be allowed (at least Wikipedia says that).
+ 297173 [shevegen@li ] "Is then TAB allowed or not for indentation in YAML format?
+ 297174 [nixikanius@g] eems

Re: Does YAML allow TAB for indentation? [SOLVED]
297178 [ibc@al ax ne] Sorry, my mistake. Ruby YAML doesn't allow TAB for indentation.

[ANN] wc-lib 0.8.6 Released
297182 [detlef.reich] Today i've released a new version of wc-lib.

ruby imap sync script error with attachments
297183 [xscousr@gm i] I have found a ruby imap script online that i'm having some trouble
297193 [ryand-ruby@z] I'd still use imapsync. It is the only thing out there I've found that
297249 [xscousr@gm i] Fair enough, thought I could get away with an easy loop ;-), i'll look

297184 [transfire@gm] I've just finished restoring paramix.rb to Facets library. You can

memory allocation failure: heavy files
297188 [globyy3000@h] Seems like any combo I try, eventually it lands me in a NoMemory error.
297190 [jftucker@gm ] You'll want to buffer data reads, and do the splits on data that's
297201 [globyy3000@h] @store = []
297224 [shortcutter@] If format is a regular expression why then don't you do "...grep(format)"?
297250 [globyy3000@h] Just a habit, both ways work.

ActionMailer Message-Id field
297191 [nixikanius@g] I am attempting to set my own value for the message-id header in
297192 [rick.denatal] I'm wondering if there's a legitimate use case for this.  The one
+ 297195 [nixikanius@g] I want that all letters from my SMTP server will be with message-id,
+ 297206 [raasdnil@gm ] It is a good default action as you want every email to have a unique
  297238 [rick.denatal] If you are trying to follow the RFCs you need to ensuer that the

SNMP support
297196 [peter.hicks@] I am the author of NetHorus, a Network Management System written in Ruby, using

SQL Database to MS Excel sheet.
297197 [emailtej@gm ] ...
297253 [bobgus@rc .c] What goes wrong when you try to run the code?

297199 [cmdjackryan@] The Gondor Library enables users of the Ruby language (on the MRI, JRuby or IronRuby)

Re: ANN Gongor Library 0.1.0
297200 [cmdjackryan@] My apologies for not catching the syntax error in my Rakefile. :(

[ANN]  April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
297202 [james.britt@] April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

ruby socket support
297208 [mike.rosset@] I'm getting this error trying to use use gems
297211 [vjoel@pa h. ] A few years ago, I did some network programming on gumstix (uclibc) with
297212 [mike.rosset@] Joel,
297216 [vjoel@pa h. ] Great! Mind if I ask which platform...?
297219 [mike.rosset@] Oddly enough right now i386. you can find the project here

Lisper says to rubyist: gimmie your syntax tree
297210 [jeff.sykes.r] module Tracer
+ 297231 [jean-christo] I am also looking for something similar in Ruby (programNodeEnumerator
+ 297315 [pbrannan@at ] Tracer doesn't inject "trace statements" into the AST.  It calls
  297321 [ryand-ruby@z] Yup yup.
  297438 [pbrannan@at ] Nifty!

I use exerb to generate exe file,but it doesnt work
297213 [oztoto1@gm i] my program is just
297217 [mo_mail@on h] I haven't used exerb but I think you may need to run a.exe from the
+ 297218 [tomcloyd@co ] Yes - and if this is happening, simply open a command window first, then
+ 297221 [oztoto1@gm i] It works.

augmented exceptions
297215 [vjoel@pa h. ] I was working with exceptions bubbling up out of some C code, and having
297220 [robert.dober] I guess this will simply save me hours of debugging, thx for sharing.

About exerb--when i use other gem
297225 [oztoto1@gm i] I want to generate .rb file to .exe file in windows by using exerb.
297226 [oztoto1@gm i] watir.rb:129:in `initialize': LoadLibrary: D:\My Ruby
297247 [luislavena@g] Exerb will only package extensions (.so) and .rb files used by your

[ANN] Thin 0.8.0 Dodgy Dentist release
297227 [macournoyer@] Hey all,

Is posible to get the Module(s), Class and Method names in which we are?
297228 [ibc@al ax ne] module App
297230 [ibc@al ax ne] => "App::Transport::Server::TCP"
+ 297232 [TimHunter@nc] In 1.9 there is Method#name, but in 1.8.6 I think your best bet is to
| 297233 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks, I'll try it.
| 297244 [transfire@gm] Look at Facets: facets/ruby.rb. There is 1.8 implementation of
| 297257 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks ;)
+ 297248 [shortcutter@] rent

[Ann] Ruby meeting in Munich, Germany
297229 [SK@st ph nk ] this Wednesday, 9. April 2008 we'll join for the next Ruby (and Rails)
297246 [james.britt@] Sure, but please please please:  When new dates are decided, please

Is possible to define various methods at same time?
297234 [ibc@al ax ne] def method1, method2 (args)
+ 297236 [cmdjackryan@] something
| 297237 [ibc@al ax ne] def method1, method2 (args)
| 297240 [james@gr yp ] class Parent
| 297258 [ibc@al ax ne] Sure, thanks :)
| 297288 [shortcutter@] Can you explain why you need this?  Maybe there is a different
| 297339 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks a lot. Finally it was not so important for me as I thought initially=
| + 297399 [shortcutter@] ly,
| | 297400 [shortcutter@] ve
| + 297521 [julian@co et] class CustomLogger < Logger
+ 297326 [nobu@ru y- a] ing=20
  297340 [ibc@al ax ne] I don't think aliases are valid for me since I want each method call "super=
  297348 [Gennady.Byst] How about something like this?

[ANN] Gondor Library 0.1.1
297235 [cmdjackryan@] The Gondor Library enables users of the Ruby language (on the MRI, JRuby or IronRuby)

Problem while printing the content of an array, which is pointed by a variable
297243 [victor.reyes] ...
297245 [stefano.croc] Well, it's doing what you're asking it to do. arr is not an array, it's a
297265 [victor.reyes] ...

sending a file via XML RPC
297259 [edeleflie@gm] I'm trying to send a file via XML RPC ..... the below code doesn't
297260 [cmdjackryan@] And what would that error be?
297270 [edeleflie@gm] HTTP-Error: 500 Internal Server Error
297297 [cmdjackryan@] This is somewhat of a generic, catch-all error. Usually means that the

[ANN] Lone Star Rubyconf 2008 - Now Accepting Speaker Proposals
297261 [jimfreeze@gm] Greetings from LSRC 2008

Regex and non-greedy matching?
297262 [shevegen@li ] I have a slight problem. I have strings with some tags such as
+ 297267 [nobu@ru y- a] /<([a-zA-Z]+)>.*?([^<>]+)<\/>/ =~ "<b><lightblue>name:</></b>"
+ 297269 [cwdinfo@gm i] You might want to look into hpricot (http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/hpricot/
+ 297273 [bbxx789_05ss] '<b><lightblue>name:</></b>'
+ 297280 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> s='<b><lightblue>name:</></b>'

Arbitrary mathematical relations, not just hashes
297263 [kelly.terry.] $color['apple'] = 'red';
+ 297264 [dan@da fi ni] type.find {|k,v| v == "red"} (will find one match)
+ 297266 [eric.mahurin] ...
| 297271 [znmeb@ce ma ] Prolog?
+ 297272 [julian@co et] You could use ActiveRecord.
  297274 [znmeb@ce ma ] With SQLite as the database, it might be pretty fast unless the

Do arrays use up alot of memory space?
297268 [clement.ow@a] I just started ruby not too long ago and I'm really new to the language.
+ 297275 [bbxx789_05ss] You have 3 arrays with 5 short strings in them.  A character in a string
| 297327 [robert.dober] A well judged statement again....
| 297362 [clement.ow@a] Thanks for the prompt reply, 7student and Robert =) But while
| + 297367 [cmdjackryan@] It probably isn't the array. You probably are IO bound (i.e. speed of
| + 297559 [caduceass@gm] Yes, that's correct.
|   297571 [clement.ow@a] This is just for testing purposes.
+ 297370 [botp@de mo t] # $options=
  297536 [clement.ow@a] Thanks Botp and Philip for the help! ;) anyway, ans philip, the network
  297537 [botp@de mo t] # > # here i combine those 3 arrays into 1 multi-dim array
  297540 [clement.ow@a] it works ;)
  297541 [cmdjackryan@] Yeah, contact your sysadmin, if you have write permission. :P
  297544 [clement.ow@a] Im running the script with admin rights.
  297547 [cmdjackryan@] If there are no file handles shown, check if you can move the
  297552 [clement.ow@a] Hmmm, i dont quite understand about the open file handles..
  297554 [cmdjackryan@] There still could be something using the folder or files, without your

how to create a product instance?
297277 [martin@an le] Dear all,
297305 [shortcutter@] You can as well use "" instead of String.new
297373 [martin@an le] product = Product.new(:name => 'aaaa aaa', :foo => 'uuuu')
297380 [julian@co et] Why do you need to pass arguments as an array?
297384 [martin@an le] Thank you very much julian and robert its working well now. Thank you

funzy.com http://geocities.com/it_super_manager/
297278 [it_super_man] funzy.com http://geocities.com/it_super_manager/

Is it possible to stop SPAM?
297279 [evtuhovich@g] Last month i get too much spam-messages in this list. Now it is
297299 [ruby@an hr p] Spam is a global problem. If it were easy to stop, it would already be
297301 [doodpants@ma] On Apr 7, 8:37 am, Gregory Seidman <gsslist+r...@anthropohedron.net>
+ 297302 [cmdjackryan@] So, where should the filter work? The news <> mail gateway? How about
| 297306 [transfire@gm] I'm pretty sure the mailing list does have a spam filter. But of
+ 297304 [ruby@an hr p] The problem with a global filter that is forced on everyone is false
  297307 [pjb@in or at] Actually, this would have a very positive effect.  We could just cut
  297309 [cmdjackryan@] Get rid of French know-it-alls? :P
  297364 [john.carter@] ...
  297569 [shevegen@li ] That would not only reduce spam(mers) but also legit users ;-)
  + 297593 [cmdjackryan@] There is talk about a sort of "reversed CAPTCHA".
  + 297757 [tommy.nordgr] Captchas are very easy to handle. You just enters the distorted text
    297761 [cmdjackryan@] Except when the CAPTCHAs are widely distorted, or have been made so

Calling class method from instance method
297281 [ambivalence@] Pretty dumb question -- how do I call a class method from inside an
+ 297282 [stefano.croc] class C
+ 297283 [dblack@ru yp] You need the 'self.' part because class is a keyword. It's a bit
+ 378847 [marcofognog@] Is it possible to do the opposite? call a instance method from a class
| + 378852 [ryand-ruby@z] When you have an instance "call a class method" you're really having the =
| + 378855 [anurag08priy] Create an instance and call the instance method; very weird usage
+ 378870 [marcofognog@] Ryan Davis ,
| + 378872 [johnf@bi sb ] ==== begin snippet ====
| + 378874 [anurag08priy] he
+ 379428 [marcofognog@] Thanks for the replies.

How to override a method defined in Ruby module
297284 [buistov@so t] Greetings,
+ 297287 [shortcutter@] You simply define it in the class that includes this module.  Or you
| 297290 [buistov@so t] Ok thanks!
| 297294 [rick.denatal] No, and yes.
| 297361 [robert.dober] It does indeed look like that if you ask ruby itself, very much to my
+ 299597 [gnanaruby@gm] ...

strange, non-repetitious error
297285 [flisak_kf@o2] I have that exception sometimes: "can't convert false into Integer"
297286 [shortcutter@] Most likely not.  We can't say without seeing more code.  What type of
297289 [flisak_kf@o2] I don't use "lines.each do |line|" because I need number of line.
+ 297292 [stefano.croc] ['a', 'b', 'c'].each_index{|i| puts i}
+ 297293 [rick.denatal] lines.each_with_index do | line, z|
  297295 [flisak_kf@o2] I will try with
  297296 [shortcutter@] You should change a lot more.  For example, you have nested
  297298 [jan.svitok@g] I agree with Robert. Maybe if you describe what you are trying to

AWS/S3 and subclassing
297291 [adam.groves@] How can I make this class return instances of Page instead of instances
297300 [adam.groves@] OK. I've realised why this is happening. S3Object.find delegates to

This Week in Ruby (April 7, 2008)
297318 [acangiano@gm] Cheers,

Build error.  SSL
297323 [maiku41@sb g] The following error occurs when trying to build ruby on two of my systems.  They are both older RedHat systems.  Ruby seems to build fine on the z/Linux system I have.  Any hints?

weighted average summary of file size + age
297329 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Do any system admins have a utility lying around to

Method parameters Type
297330 [kesanasetti.] Unlike Java why does not ruby specify the method parameter types.
+ 297334 [gwtmp01@ma .] Ultimately it depends on the availability of good class/method
| 297335 [maiku41@sb g] Because, unlike Java, Ruby is not a strongly typed language.
| 297341 [avdi@av i. r] To be pedantic, both Java and Ruby are strongly typed.   However, Java
| + 297347 [cmdjackryan@] Ruby is?
| | + 297351 [ibc@al ax ne] irb(main):001:0> text =3D "The number is: "
| | + 297352 [avdi@av i. r] You're confusing static typing and strong typing.
| |   297359 [cmdjackryan@] Thanks for the enlightenment. :)
| |   297491 [shortcutter@] Another way to put it would be that Ruby's variables are type-less,
| + 297496 [maiku41@sb g] Indeed.  I stand linguistically admonished. ^_^
+ 297344 [ibc@al ax ne] Because Ruby use dynamic dispatch, not static as Java.
  297349 [jameskilton@] No, dynamic dispatch is not the correct term here. Just dynamic (but
  297353 [avdi@av i. r] Dynamic dispatch is correct.  Methods are dispatched dynamically on

Controlling non-IE based application
297331 [seannakasone] application.  The application has been rewritten so that it doesn't use IE
297345 [kyleaschmitt] I've been in that situation before: web app is converted to psudo
297523 [seannakasone] Yes, you are correct, the vendor said they are using Microsoft Cassini to
297525 [cmdjackryan@] If the application listens on the port (like a webserver),
297597 [kyleaschmitt] Sean,
297741 [seannakasone] Folks, I tried to use an IE to browse to http://localhost:port , port
297748 [kyleaschmitt] Watir currently only controls IE, but development for watir
+ 297766 [w_a_x_man@ya] intents and purposes
+ 297789 [bpettichord@] Actually Watir wraps the IE automation object. If you can find an
  297980 [seannakasone] Assuming I can get the handle to an IE automation object.  How do I

Extract youtube video id with eval?
297332 [granadojose@] I'm just doing the research but maybe someone already knows...
+ 297333 [granadojose@] Hmm. Just read some stuff about eval. The video url is initially
| + 297336 [jan.svitok@g] Try using Regexps. BTW, somebody asked very similar question not too
| + 297337 [granadojose@] Looks like what I'm looking for is an equivalent to javascripts
+ 297338 [stefano.croc] If you only need to extract the part of the url between watch?v= and either
| 297343 [granadojose@] Thank you so much guys!
+ 297342 [marcel@ve ni] irb(main):001:0> require 'uri'

[ANN] Mr Bones 2.0.0 (Pygmy Orchestra)
297346 [tim.pease@gm] Mr Bones version 2.0.0

Re: Is possible to define various methods at same time? [Correction]
297350 [Gennady.Byst] class CustomLogger
297354 [ibc@al ax ne] But is "method_missing" a especial keyword? If it's a normal method name th=
297355 [Gennady.Byst] method_missing(), if present, is automatically invoked by Ruby on an attemp=
297356 [ibc@al ax ne] Ops, thanks, very interesting ;)

Saving UTF-8 characters to YAML problem
297357 [pawel.j.rade] I'm trying to save multinational data to YAML with following simple
+ 297360 [cmdjackryan@] With an editor that understand UTF-8, I guess (considering that you use
+ 297409 [m.fellinger@] install the ya2yaml gem and use "ըˮ007Ƿ".ya2yaml instead of .to_yaml
  297495 [pawel.j.rade] =E4=DE=E5=A8=F1=FD=FB=FD".ya2yaml instead of .to_yaml
  297501 [justincollin] Use
  297524 [pawel.j.rade] It worked. Thanks, guys! You saved me hours!
  314362 [rubyforum@th] Saving YAML as UTF-8 should really be default behavior. UnicodeDammit!