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^ comma-delimited to an array
29668 [dazh_ribrogg] I'm quite new to Ruby, so please be gentle.
+ 29669 [hal9000 hype] Here's a quick and dirty way. It assumes 1) everything is a string
+ 29671 [taw users.so] array=line.split(",")
| + 29672 [hal9000 hype] Another of those posts I wish I could retract.
| | 29753 [Stephan.Kaem] ....unless something like
| + 29676 [angus quovad] And remember to #chomp the line before, or your last field will end in "\n".
+ 29684 [nobu.nokada ] Possibly, you may want to access each elements by names in the
| + 29702 [harryo zipwo] What an excellent example of using Struct!  I would have used
| + 29704 [dazh_ribrogg] The "line.chomp.split" idiom, which several people were kind enough
+ 29715 [neumann s-di] Either use the CSV library (you'll find that at Ruby's Application

^ http timeout?
29678 [mchahn facel] If I try to connect to an http server with Net::HTTP.new().get and the
29714 [aamine mx.ed] http = Net::HTTP.new(host,port)
29729 [mchahn facel] Yes.  A call that never returns is a bad thing.  The timeouts you suggested
29731 [aamine mx.ed] OK. I set it.

^ Ruby libGMP bindings
29685 [taw users.so] Does such thing already exist ?
29707 [taw users.so] I made such thing during learning how to extend Ruby, but it's quite useful.

^ Re: PythonCard, ease of use, and the GUI problem/opportunity/niche
29689 [schneiker ju] Found in a neighboring newsgroup....

^ Streaming data class?
29694 [hubert cs.ny] Are there a Ruby Class handling streaming data?

^ [ANN] RubyGems 0.4 Addendum
29699 [mrcode media] Sorry for the lack of information in the earlier announcement.  For those
29725 [list chromat] Given that I use apt every day, I have only one single short comment
29786 [curt hibbs.c] I know this is a little off topic for the Ruby ML, but given that there are
29790 [dsafari xtra] distribution so if you want to get Debian, you just get it. There are

^ Ruby parsers in Ruby
29713 [ptkwt shell1] Wouldn't it be cool to have Ruby playing with Parrot before Python or even
+ 29718 [benoit.cerri] Wrong, this wouldn't work well since it would need ruby first and in any
| + 29732 [ptkwt shell1] Sorry, my misunderstanding.  So you parse Ruby in Java and emit Java
| + 29742 [dan sidhe.or] Hmmm. I suppose we could run the java version of the ruby parser through
|   29838 [benoit.cerri] In any case for now the ruby to java bytecode is a little bit of wishfull
|   + 29839 [curt hibbs.c] Curt
|   | + 29882 [ptkwt shell1] Is it the same as the ruby parser example that comes with Rockit?
|   | + 30028 [Dave Pragmat] For what it's worth, RDoc contains a full Ruby lexer and a fair amount
|   + 29859 [dan sidhe.or] Oh, we don't have to use it as an endpoint, just as a starting point.
|     29881 [ptkwt shell1] I don't think we need to do that.  Hopefully we can get either the
+ 30040 [mikkelj-anti] What I would like more than a joint parser project is a clear Ruby
  + 30044 [Dave Pragmat] Imagine... that the C source of the built-in libraries in Rite
  | + 30052 [Pierre-Charl] Do you mean something like Emacs Lisp documentation strings?
  | | 30053 [Dave Pragmat] Initially no - I mean more like JavaDoc or Doxygen style
  | | 30086 [curt hibbs.c] There could always be two versions of the interpreter -- a developer's
  | + 30062 [hal9000 hype] But you're not the only one...
  + 30049 [matz ruby-la] The "ruby" source?  parse.y is compilable unambiguous grammer
    + 30051 [feldt ce.cha] This has been a long-term goal for me but I keep postponing it since my
    + 30187 [benoit.cerri] Matz,
      30207 [matz ruby-la] Agreed.  That's why I put smiley.

^ Call for a small program - willing to give a bonus
29722 [Tom.Karas ht] Because of several mails, that my original posting and even the second
29758 [alwagner tca] I have never written such a program before, so I wouldn't be much use.  But I
29960 [Tom.Karas ht] did you receive my email?
29972 [alwagner tca] cable and am trying to get my machine reconfigured.

^ Communicating with C/C++ program
29723 [hubert cs.ny] If I am using Microsoft Window OS(95+) and want to communicate with
+ 29727 [neumann s-di] You could embed the Ruby interpreter into your C/C++ application, if
+ 29734 [mkelly2002NO] That depends if you want the mechanism to be portable
| 29738 [mkelly2002NO] Whoops!  Please ignore this reply as I missed
+ 29735 [mkelly2002NO] On Win32 the most common communication techniques between

^ ruby-mode and xemacs
29737 [bernat scien] When I try ruby-mode with xemacs, the buffer is not fully fontified
29740 [nobu.nokada ] The latest ruby-mode.el is 1.39.
29749 [bernat scien] OoO Pendant le repas du dimanche 30 dŮńembre 2001, vers 19:44,
29757 [nobu.nokada ] Possibly, is it same as the second issue in [ruby-talk:29296]?
29761 [bernat scien] OoO En ce dŮ√ut de soirŮ∆ du dimanche 30 dŮńembre 2001, vers 21:04,

^ Script (Net module) broken in 1.6.6
29747 [kpj kki.net.] Please help script the was OK in 1.6.4
29754 [aamine mx.ed] It seems that Net::HTTP object is reading content body instead

^ subclassing IO
29755 [thomass delt] I would like to subclass IO or create a class whose objects can be

^ HOWTO compile MySQL/Ruby under Cygwin
29769 [DEL_THIS pob] I know this is becoming the thread that will not die, but hopefully at the end

^ Compiling 1.7 with MSVC
29770 [martin optus] I'm trying to compile the latest stable snapshot using MSVC but I'm
29785 [nobu.nokada ] Since stable snapshot is an archive of CVS snapshot, it doesn't
29807 [martin optus] Thanks nobu,
29812 [nobu.nokada ] All of unresolved symbols are defined in parse.y.  You might

^ Proc.class vs yield
29773 [s3225202 stu] I'm a Smalltalk programmer and I have to say, of what I've seen of Ruby
+ 29778 [nobu.nokada ] Block is a Proc.
+ 29782 [dblack candl] Welcome to Ruby!
| + 29792 [s3225202 stu] Aha! Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. Except it's not
| + 29795 [s3225202 stu] def someThing (&a, &b)
|   29796 [dblack candl] The & variable has a special status: there can only be one, it has to
|   29797 [s3225202 stu] Two proc's. It seems that I can't pass two procs to a method unless the
|   + 29802 [dblack candl] Passing Proc objects is inherently no uglier than passing any other
|   | 29809 [s3225202 stu] The reason I'm bringing this up is because having a criteria block of
|   | + 29815 [harryo zipwo] I wonder whether your failure block could be replaced by the
|   | | 29813 [s3225202 stu] I may be mistaken, but it appears as though the exception throwing and
|   | | + 29816 [s3225202 stu] ...
|   | | + 29817 [jweirich one] How about ... ?
|   | |   29818 [s3225202 stu] There's another branch in this thread where I went through that example
|   | + 29820 [vjoel PATH.B] Someone just mentioned that you could use Enumerable#detect, but if you
|   | | 29849 [s3225202 stu] That's a good solution, thanks.
|   | | + 29855 [hutch xampl.] On 12/31/01 8:42 AM, "Michael Lucas-Smith" <s3225202@student.anu.edu.au>
|   | | + 29867 [dblack candl] Hmmm... I wonder whether part of what you're not liking is the fact
|   | |   + 29870 [dblack candl] Whoops, stupid example, since we can already do that and it has a
|   | |   + 29874 [vjoel PATH.B] There is still some room to overload {} a bit more. The syntax
|   | |     + 29877 [dblack candl] What would yield do?
|   | |     | + 29879 [vjoel PATH.B] Since you're explicitly converting each block to a proc, you don't need
|   | |     | | + 29890 [dblack candl] It's not that one *needs* yield, but that one *wants* it :-)
|   | |     | | + 29898 [s3225202 stu] That'd be the behaviour I'd expect. yield would still handle the
|   | |     | |   29925 [dblack candl] But the notion of "the anonymous block" has been eliminated in this
|   | |     | |   29927 [s3225202 stu] Not at all. The block technique still works exactly as before. If you
|   | |     | |   29964 [dblack candl] OK, I think I see now that you're talking about perhaps having the
|   | |     | + 30287 [matju sympat] In Tcl, {} is the list literal, and uplevel is a command to eval a list
|   | |     + 29897 [s3225202 stu] Surely you'd need "some_method {|x| x+1}, {|y| y-1}" a comma in there?
|   | |       29905 [vjoel PATH.B] Well, this is all fantasy land anyway, but I was generalizing
|   | |       29917 [s3225202 stu] What is the process in which fantasy becomes reality?
|   | |       31600 [pcs3 njit.ed] Sorry if I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I've been away for a
|   | |       31612 [s3225202 stu] I like yield, and the anonymous block. I see nothing wrong with it at
|   | |       31625 [dblack candl] (I think you mean hash, not array.)  The thing is, syntactically, the
|   | |       + 31648 [theschof cs.] The lambda symbol was no longer required in ANSI CL since functions are not
|   | |       + 31678 [s3225202 stu] I see what you're saying. I suggest that perhaps it was a mistake to
|   | |         31682 [theschof cs.] That's a slippery slope to smalltalk ;-).  I suppose you could if you were
|   | |         31707 [s3225202 stu] writing lambda instead of proc makes it two characters uglier :) Yes..
|   | |         31731 [matju sympat] I think any sufficiently pious member of the Church of Lambda will
|   | |         31775 [s3225202 stu] interesting.
|   | + 29843 [dblack candl] I think you're adding an extra level of complexity by trying to turn
|   + 29803 [hal9000 hype] You can pass a proc just like any other object
+ 29784 [vjoel PATH.B] Actually, I don't think that blocks are objects at all, until you use
| 29793 [s3225202 stu] I suspect you're right. In Smalltalk, every bit of code inside the [] is
+ 29907 [matju sympat] Blocks are not the same thing. "block" is mostly a special (out-of-band)

^ ruby in Chinese
29775 [sunbn edge-c] I am a newbie of Ruby. In my MotherLand, there are few people know Ruby,
+ 29814 [jobeicus hot] Yes!
+ 29830 [Le Wang  Right on!

^ Ruby multi-dimensional Hash question?
29776 [jeff.w.crand] I want to dynamically(while reading data in from a file) create a
29787 [vjoel PATH.B] One way (

^ Fetch a character from keyboard buffer
29789 [spanton7 att] What is the win32api call in ruby to fetch the next character from the
29791 [    s xss.de] require 'Win32API'

^ FXRuby FreeRIDE Spike uploaded.
29798 [phlip_cpp ya] When you write potential Ruby code into the editor, select it, and hit
+ 29799 [james rubyxm] Er, what's a Spike?
| + 29800 [rich infoeth] Brainstorm?
| + 29801 [dsafari xtra] Spike is like a quick proof of concept. Something done to find out
| | 29805 [phlip_cpp ya] A "SpikeSolution" means a scrap of disposable code that proves a concept.
| + 29808 [martin optus] Best regards,
+ 29806 [curt hibbs.c] This is great! I'll give it a try as soon as I get my end-of-year tax stuff
  29811 [phlip_cpp ya] Use newsgroups for temporary question-and-answer and Wikis for permanent
  29822 [curt hibbs.c] I really like this. It truly enables rapid incremental development. There
  + 29823 [rich infoeth] I like this as well...I've always thought that the power of a pure-Ruby IDE
  | 29826 [curt hibbs.c] I agree with this as well. I believe that editing responsiveness is crucial.
  | 29831 [hal9000 hype] crucial.
  | 29835 [curt hibbs.c] Absolutely! The whole concept of pair programming hinges on high-bandwidth
  | 29851 [rcalco minds] I dislike overambitious editors, especially in the color coding area. I like reserved words and operators being blue, comments being green, strings in purple, directives in dark gray, and everything in some monospace font, preferably lucida console. I don't like color coding everything from identifiers to module names to constants and so on... That loops more like Fruit Loops on my screen than code.
  | 29885 [curt hibbs.c] Your short-list of preferred color-coding precisely matches my own.
  + 29853 [phlip_cpp ya] UEdit supported sharing individual keystrokes, as source, and replacing

^ Newbie Q: Callbacks under Win32?
29804 [foobarickkno] question that is currently stumping me though... how would one setup a

^ Re: [ANN] RubyGems 0.4 Addendum (Linux advice)
29821 [ptkwt shell1] I would think it's better to go the other way: Run Windows in a VMware

^ Re: Ruby in spanish
29825 [sol123 msn.c] Hola, me llamo Andres Hidalgo, yo vivo en EU. Quiero ayudar

^ && vs. and
29829 [Le Wang  In "Programming Ruby", it was explained that the only difference
+ 29842 [    s xss.de] Can't help you on the why, but thanks for pointing this out
| 29845 [    s xss.de] seems like you have to put parentheses around the second 'test',
+ 29844 [dblack candl] (true && puts) 'test'
  + 29846 [    s xss.de] well, "true and iDontKnow" gives "iDontKnow" and not "false".
  | 29847 [dblack candl] irb(main):031:0> true && iDontKnow
  + 29918 [Le Wang  That explains it.  I never took precedence that way.

^ Unbuffered print
29832 [n.gilbert so] I have a program that takes about a second to go round a loop.  Every
+ 29834 [harryo zipwo] You could either write to $stderr, which is unbuffered. Eg,
+ 29836 [lucsky mac.c] You can add this...

^ ruby-mode.el indentation issue #2
29837 [Le Wang  <code>
29928 [Le Wang  <code>
30171 [nobu.nokada ] Indentation may be fixed by this additional patch to 29370,
30184 [nobu.nokada ] An addition for /#{}/.
30218 [mulperi iki.] Could you please send a diff that includes all your the recent fixes
30220 [nobu.nokada ] A patch to version 1.40.
30244 [matz ruby-la] Could you commit this patch?
30691 [nobu.nokada ] I found another bug.
30699 [matz ruby-la] No.  Feel free to commit to CVS.

^ Loading file in context of a class instance
29840 [vardhanvarma] I want to 'load' and 'eval' a file, in the context of class instance.
29876 [vjoel PATH.B] x = MyClass.new

^ OT: Re:  Re: [ANN] RubyGems 0.4 Addendum (Linux advice)
29841 [    s xss.de] Seconded. And set up samba so that you can store your windows files
29884 [curt hibbs.c] Because Linux

^ A Bug or something else?
29856 [mengx nielse] Normally
29857 [decoux moulo] undef the methods rather than make it private
29860 [mengx nielse] It works. Thanks.  But would it have any side effects? I wonder why "private"
29947 [decoux moulo] Well, in ruby a private method is a method that can be called only in a
30041 [mengx nielse] Thanks. I guess this is a special case when nil is used in something like string
30045 [decoux moulo] No, this is not a special case for nil
30046 [mengx nielse] Looks like it only happens in string evaluation? apparently, Ruby's
30050 [decoux moulo] no, each time ruby want to make a conversion for example
30054 [mengx nielse] But implicit conversion should also be a method call, correct?
30058 [decoux moulo] it will evaluated
30059 [mengx nielse] So at least for "#{a}", Ruby interpreter directly calls "to_s" without
30060 [decoux moulo] All objects in ruby can have a string representation.
30063 [mengx nielse] They do need to have to string representation when needed.
30064 [ferreira tri] What about "nil"? This is how Smalltalk handles the conversion
30068 [mengx nielse] It is a singleton class, according to doc.

^ Interesting Bug in RDoc
29864 [jweirich one] Using rdoc-alpha-5c.tgz (and Ruby 1.6.5) on the following bit of code
29868 [dblack candl] There are a couple of #squeeze's in html_generator.rb, which are
+ 29873 [jweirich one] What?!?  Look at the source and correct it myself?  What a radical
| 30029 [Dave Pragmat] And send a diff :)
+ 29891 [paul atdesk.] Or squeeze(" \t"), since tabs are whitespace too.  No need to

^ Ruby/Tk:  debugging
29866 [alwagner tca] I am really enamored with Tk, but...
30115 [Jean-Francoi] I found that when running ruby with "-rdebug" I see the stack trace that
30122 [alwagner uar] Thank you.  I'll give that a try.

^ ug in Ruby Gtk?
29875 [jacekpodkans] Can anybody help me? When I execute following piece of code information
+ 29883 [info less.de] Can anybody help me? When I execute following piece of code information
+ 29906 [aaron munge.] The suggested workaround is to connect to the 'hide' method of the

^ Ruby/Python: Software Engineering
29886 [nanotech eur] There are many things I like about Python, but the one that seems to keep me w/ Python is (IMHO) its commitment to "software engineering practices/methodologies".
+ 29889 [taw users.so] Ruby doesn't do things you want and we should thank Matz it doesn't.
| 29904 [nanotech eur] Is there any resource which explains how Ruby helps me write better code from the software engineering / methodology perspective?
| + 29913 [taw users.so] Things you listed.
| | 29929 [nanotech eur] I am unclear: Does this mean Ruby does/might do some of the "software
| + 29914 [james rubyxm] The use of the word "classic" suggests that software development is a mature field, with
| | 29930 [nanotech eur] Umm ... my interpretation of the above is that you did understand my
| | 29939 [james rubyxm] I should have been more specific: software development is not old enough to have
| + 29924 [matju sympat] That perspective doesn't exist, because there are many of them. AFAIK,
| | 29931 [nanotech eur] Code must be formatted to agreed coding standards.
| | 29940 [matju sympat] Those three documents agree on one thing: it's a good thing to have an
| + 29935 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure how languages can help you write better code "from the
| | 30001 [nanotech eur] The style/formatting of one's code plays no/little part in its quality.
| | + 30010 [james rubyxm] The syllogism is confusing.  Style and formatting clearly affect readability.
| | + 30038 [list chromat] Software Engineering Practices/Methodologies are defined as a set of
| |   + 30043 [BPettersen N] Yes, and you can e.g. return it as a class-instance from that body (i.e.
| |   + 30056 [nanotech eur] I hope I have not suggested that coding, thinking, software engineering is
| |     + 30065 [matz ruby-la] This statement is misleading.
| |     | 30073 [nanotech eur] Ah! So I am misunderstanding, to some degree ... thanks for helping to clear this up ....
| |     | 30096 [matz ruby-la] I guess it's easy for you to distinguish a "kitchen knife" and "how to
| |     | 30107 [nanotech eur] And would changing the design of the knife change the "how-to"?
| |     | 30133 [matz ruby-la] Sometimes do, sometimes don't.  It depends on "changes".
| |     | 30134 [Dave Pragmat] And (just to make this even fuzzier) you often don't understand the
| |     + 30069 [Dave Pragmat] I agree there is a linkage. For example, many of the XP practices are
| |       30074 [nanotech eur] Excellent! Thanks!
| |       30076 [Dave Pragmat] The reality is that some things are fixed and some can be
| + 29936 [boognish23 y] As I've heard in the python community, "It fits into my head."  I have similar
+ 29896 [matju sympat] The most readability comes from people who understand what they write, and
| + 29903 [mchahn facel] If you want readability, use Cobol.
| + 29909 [kyle kylecor] having
|   29910 [BPettersen N] You need some way of disambiguating nested classes (how does Ruby do
|   29926 [rich infoeth] In this example is class Inner defined in the method2 body?
+ 29943 [mrcode media] me
+ 29967 [webmaster ma] Hmmm ... another year, another language discussion .. how boring ;-)
+ 29971 [list chromat] *Whose* Software Engineering Practices/Methodologies?
+ 29977 [ rik kde.org] #if noone
+ 30090 [ ser efn.org] The day Ruby adopts this is the day I go looking for another programming
  + 30094 [matz ruby-la] Don't worry.  It never will.
  | + 30100 [vjoel PATH.B] ." please don't scare me like that" ;
  | + 30103 [matju sympat] (def future ()
  | + 30259 [ser germane-] Many language *designers* may be smarter than I am, but it'll be a while
  |   30260 [rich infoeth] Well, I have used your cat's Perl XML parser (PerML) and its quite good,
  + 30098 [james rubyxm] "Go To Statement Considered Harmful" (http://www.acm.org/classics/oct95/)