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Re: Yet another Windows installer
294583 [rogerpack200] Sounds like it might be useful for those that want a "smaller install"
+ 294587 [cmdjackryan@] Good point. And one which I didn't consider. D'oh.
| 294590 [rogerpack200] Yeah it works and produces (in my opinion) a better ruby...it's just so
| 294598 [cmdjackryan@] Hm, I'll have to look deeper into GCC than I'd like to find out if that
| 294600 [rogerpack200] has some links to an "almost auto" mingw download+compile (basically
| 294613 [cmdjackryan@] Ah, that's sure to come in handy. Thanks.
+ 294695 [why@ru y- an] Oh oh. (Hand.) A suggestion for doing minimal iconv: use the tml's
  + 294696 [cmdjackryan@] Great find. :)
  + 294771 [jftucker@gm ] ooooh, thanks! :D
    294852 [shevegen@li ] To be honest i think it would be better if all those smart Windows guys
    294870 [znmeb@ce ma ] Well ... right now there are quite a few ways to run Ruby on the Windows
    + 294874 [cmdjackryan@] Well, that's less than the Linux distributions in the world. :P
    + 294915 [vjoel@pa h. ] 8. msys/mingw32. Kind of a pain to set up. I hope Luis Lavena's project
      294978 [luislavena@g] On Mar 16, 2:12 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
      + 294983 [cmdjackryan@] I know. I've looked into that, and as you predicted, I lost my brain. :|
      | 294996 [luislavena@g] On Mar 18, 5:38 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
      | 294998 [cmdjackryan@] Well, I haven't yet noticed its loss yet, so.. :P
      | 295000 [luislavena@g] On Mar 18, 8:32 pm, Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackr...@googlemail.com>
      | 295006 [cmdjackryan@] I'll have to check with my build. I think it went seamlessly, but irb
      + 295075 [hramrach@ce ] That would be great. Both because of the possibility to make patches
      + 295163 [hramrach@ce ] As Mailman does not like my email address ( I don't know why but
        295172 [luislavena@g] Weird, are you already registered to other mailing lists in rubyforge?
        295201 [hramrach@ce ] Probably not. But I cannot subscribe to Debian lists either. And they
        + 295218 [hramrach@ce ] So at least this Mailman instance works. I did not exhaust all
        + 295225 [luislavena@g] I'm just used to do every repetitive task with Rake and I think other

installing C + Ruby extensions
294584 [gerardo.sant] I'm using mkmf for building and installing a C extension. I'm also
294593 [TimHunter@nc] I use Minero Aoki's setup.rb (you can find it on the RAA) for RMagick.
294638 [gerardo.sant] Thanks Tim for your reply, it has been very helpful.
294640 [TimHunter@nc] I think so. Ruby code is portable (that is, you know it will run because

294585 [wujciol@gm i] ...

will_paginate for a search
294594 [jim7magnus@h] I have been trying to use will_paginate with acts_as_ferret and it works
294608 [rodrigo.berm] This is a rails question.

How to pass cookies to any website url?
294595 [varun.rajesh] I wanna pass cookies with url.Suppose i have two website and both

[OOT] Gem usage on Fedora
294596 [rubylearner@] ...
294719 [dan@da fi ni] I think it is -rrubygems, the -r for require and rubygems for the name
294728 [Joerg.Mittag] Actually, RubyGems ships with a wrapper library called 'ubygems' (note

How to separate stdout & stderr from executed shell command
294601 [jqwoods@gm i] I would like to create a method which executes a given shell command
294602 [jqwoods@gm i] API that provides stdout and stderr of sub-processes as IO objects, I
294626 [celtic@sa ry] ...

Transparent Lazy execution
294605 [eric@pi el a] I have often wanted to execute a bit of code only if the result of
+ 294627 [transfire@gm] Have you looked at lazy.rb?
| 294698 [eric@pi el a] Yes, I saw that but I didn't notice until now that it had transparent
+ 294637 [ara.t.howard] gem install fattr

Re: How to separate stdout & stderr from executed shell comm
294607 [rodrigo.berm] Take a look at the IO class.
294615 [jqwoods@gm i] On Mar 14, 12:16 pm, Rodrigo Bermejo <rodrigo.berm...@ps.ge.com>
294616 [james@gr yp ] Yes, Ruby comes with a standard library for this, called open3.  Here
294620 [jqwoods@gm i] Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

need for singleton_methods
294609 [chinnakarupp] I have trying to learn about this class<<self;self;end and the
+ 294614 [transfire@gm] If you want to use a helper method, like #attr_accessor, for instance,
| 294618 [chinnakarupp] This cannot be a reason since if you make change to Module then you have
+ 294617 [dblack@ru yp] The main thing that's going on here is that objects are getting the

Newbie working with fluid table
294610 [pizzazjoe@ya] I'm slowly and excitedly learning to do automated testing via Ruby. I
294883 [pizzazjoe@ya] Reposting  - hoping to get some helpful ideas.

Help with IMAP and mime
294619 [cparticle@gm] I'm trying to create a new mime message via imap but I'm having some
294625 [raasdnil@gm ] I don't know if this is exactly what you need, but you can do that

RubyGems updating metadata
294622 [keletmaster@] I have Ruby on a shared host with gems installing to somewhere in my
294630 [keletmaster@] The file was source_cache for anybody wondering.

hide and unhide
294641 [junkone1@gm ] is there a way i can hide or unhide a window on the computer. let us
294670 [s.korteling@] require 'win32ole'

Autodetect new RubyGem installs
294642 [jed.hurt@gm ] I'm using launchd on Leopard to run gem server. I can have launchd
294892 [ryand-ruby@z] the gem directory itself. I believe you can detect changes on that

Who's tending the RubyGarden?
294643 [chasonr@ne s] Whoever's running wiki.rubygarden.org -- It's getting hammered by spammers!

how to abruptly end a program?
294645 [tomcloyd@co ] I read in <Programming Ruby 2nd ed.> (p. 303) - ""If Ruby comes across a
+ 294646 [celtic@sa ry] ...
+ 294647 [vjoel@pa h. ] What the quote (a bit ambiguous perhaps) means is that the __END__ line
  294649 [tomcloyd@co ] OK, but couldn't ANY uninitialized variable achieve the same messy
  294650 [vjoel@pa h. ] __END__ by itself on a line shouldn't exit the program. If you're
  294654 [tomcloyd@co ] Yes, that would explain it, but I made sure this problem didn't occur
  + 294655 [vjoel@pa h. ] Looks correct. The __END__ line and everything after it is ignored.
  + 294656 [stefano.croc] As others said, when ruby sees the __END__ identifier on a line by itself
    294659 [tomcloyd@co ] Stefano,

standard library documentation
294648 [tomcloyd@co ] An example of a puzzle I've run into many times before -
+ 294651 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm with you.  Totally pathetic.
+ 294652 [tomcloyd@co ] OK, looking here -
| + 294657 [botp@de mo t] # I'm playing with various ways of using readline, like
| | 294660 [tomcloyd@co ] Pena,
| | 294663 [botp@de mo t] # Whoever designed this corner of the universe might consider=20
| | 294665 [tomcloyd@co ] AHA! That explains my penchant for documentation. I actually want to
| | 294666 [botp@de mo t] # I actually want to accomplish work.=20
| | 294667 [tomcloyd@co ] I'm finding that out. This is an incredible resource. It's already saved
| + 294661 [botp@de mo t] # I'm playing with various ways of using readline, like
|   294662 [tomcloyd@co ] Thanks. This is good. I now know more about "readline" than I thought it
|   + 294664 [botp@de mo t] # Thank for you patience with my great ignorance!
|   + 294714 [james.britt@] Can you write something up and post it someplace for others?
|     294926 [tomcloyd@co ] Well, James, I know a fair challenge when I see one. I keep decent notes
|     294927 [jan.svitok@g] It's easy: http://ruby-doc.org/documentation-guidelines.html
|     294939 [tomcloyd@co ] Ah. thank you. I figured something like this existed, and made a note to
+ 294653 [botp@de mo t] # I don't see where else to go to find out how to use this=20
+ 294658 [vjoel@pa h. ] require "readline"

294668 [xyz@ma l. et] i'm new to ruby and tried some code to get a small application.
294669 [eleanor@ga e] <snip />
304953 [randy11@fr e] I use WEBrick and Erb too and I want get all data (a array whith 3

Error using FasterCSV
294671 [glenn_ritz@y] ...
294684 [james@gr yp ] Sorry to hear that.  I'll try to provide some guesses=85
+ 294697 [glenn_ritz@y] ...
+ 294739 [celtic@sa ry] ...
  294755 [james@gr yp ] I got lucky.  ;)
  295149 [alex@bl ck e] I've seen this problem come up before, a couple of times - hell, I've

baffling undefined method error
294672 [tomcloyd@co ] I'm getting an error I can't account for. In a method I've written I
+ 294673 [dblack@ru yp] When you use a block with File.open, the filehandle is closed
+ 294677 [dave@pr gp o] The block form of IO.open returns the value of the block. So, what is
  294679 [dblack@ru yp] Yeah, that :-) (I said nil, which was an over-generalization from a
  294681 [tomcloyd@co ] OK, thanks, that's very clarifying. I utterly missed the fact that I was
  294683 [cmdjackryan@] Close the editor reading it? Something is blocking your write access,
  294875 [tomcloyd@co ] Thanks Phillip - that redirected my attention. It turns out, amazingly

Re: baffling undefined method error - addendum
294674 [tomcloyd@co ] If I do NOT try to close the file (and in all the examples I've found,
+ 294680 [hutch@re ur ] Don't count on it from me, but do you have write permission on the file?
| 294682 [tomcloyd@co ] Yes I sure do.
| 294690 [hutch@re ur ] Can post the write code?
+ 294716 [caduceass@gm] The File.open block version automagically closes the file.

Newbie with Ruby and RoR
294676 [rperezm@uc .] As the title of the message said I'm newbie with Ruby and RoR. I passed =
294738 [ansuga@gm il] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
294747 [wujciol@gm i] ...

Store a XML schema in a database
294678 [todd.chamber] I have an XML schema (actually a class diagram exported to .xsd) that

How to make net-ping thread safe?
294693 [laurent@mo d] I'm using the excellent net-ping gem (v 1.2.2 on Ruby 1.8.6 Linux box)
+ 294705 [vjoel@pa h. ] In icmp.rb, the problem seems to be that it uses process ID as the ICMP
| 294708 [vjoel@pa h. ] On second thought, the problem could be solved in icmp.rb by using the
| + 294709 [vjoel@pa h. ] @@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
| | 350461 [lsternlicht@] This does not work.
| | 350463 [lsternlicht@] => #<PingerController:0x10232dc20>
| | 350537 [lsternlicht@] The gem is not thread-safe. I am using ruby 1.8 and Mac os X 10.6. I
| + 294737 [laurent@mo d] Joel,
|   294776 [jftran@ru yf] If I am correct, Joel is using a ICMP class instance variable instead
|   352027 [lsternlicht@] Why?
|   352033 [shortcutter@] Because @@class variables are broken.  You can find numerous threads
+ 294712 [djberg96@gm ] Please apply Joel's patches and let me know how it works. If all is
+ 343806 [djberg96@gm ] Very late reply here.
  343868 [vjoel@pa h. ] Found the original and dusted it off...
  343875 [djberg96@gm ] Yeah, I just ran it against (exists),

Time vs Datetime vs Date
294694 [dmendler@wu ] why are there three different classes representing time? I think that is
294721 [apeiros@gm .] IMO they all suck. I invite everybody with spare time and some ruby/C
294724 [transfire@gm] I would recommend finishing in Ruby first. Worry about C optimizations
294725 [apeiros@gm .] (prototyping)

win32ole and autofilling
294700 [thebusyant@g] Does anyone know how to perform an autofill within an Excel workbook
294713 [s.korteling@] This more of a VBA question then a ruby problem.

How to iterate through instance attribute names (attr_accessor)
294701 [broohaha@gm ] class Event
+ 294702 [stefano.croc] a setter and a getter. For example
| + 294706 [broohaha@gm ] Yes, it does greatly!  Thanks!
| + 294710 [fred@la av .] You can metaprogram your way around it too.  Full example (that can
+ 294720 [ara.t.howard] # gem install fattr

Re: How to iterate through instance attribute names (attr_ac
294703 [mark@bu hn t] If you just want to run the validates for the variables specified in the
+ 294707 [broohaha@gm ] This is also very helpful.  Thanks for the swift responses!
+ 294733 [yermej@gm il] attr_accessor *@@attributes

WWW::Mechanize and basic_auth
294711 [tjacobs-sndr] I'm trying to get basic authentication to work with Ruby 1.8 and
+ 294729 [js43pa@bm .b] ...
| 294754 [tjacobs-sndr] I get exactly the same result with this method as well.
| 294780 [jfs.world@gm] ...
| 294815 [tjacobs-sndr] Nope.
+ 294891 [tjacobs-sndr] It occurs to me that there is no documented interface for selecting a
| + 294905 [aaron@te de ] For basic authentication, mechanize just delegates to net/http.  Can you
| + 295011 [jfs.world@gm] ...
+ 369654 [yiling.cao@g] Is it solved? Im having the exactly same problem as well. I have tried
  369662 [b.candler@po] Check the whole thread at http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/146128
  369671 [yiling.cao@g] I did have tried basic_auth() as i did read the whole thread.
  369675 [mike.dalessi] If you've got a reproducible case that you can either put into executable

Looking for an appropiate parser generator
294718 [ibc@al ax ne] I want to do a SIP protocol parser in Ruby (SIP protocol is very similar to
+ 294723 [eleanor@ga e] The SIP protocol is in principle simple enough that you could probably =20=
| 294727 [ibc@al ax ne] opss, sure it's not simple at all, a lot of amiguations, each header has it=
| 294783 [eleanor@ga e] I've probably spent too much time hanging around SIP obsessives ;)
+ 294816 [devi.webmast] If you want easy, Treetop wins in that regard by a long shot versus
  294834 [micathom@gm ] In rubyquiz 155 (http://rubyquiz.com/quiz155.html), Grammar performed

how to run ruby inside jedit
294722 [joey_eisma@y] im following this

Running a rake task from a controller (pass/return values)
294726 [harpoon45@ho] I'm a RoR noob.
296397 [julian@co et] Wow...

Rake Task: passing params and return values
294731 [harpoon45@ho] 1. Is there a way to pass params to a rake task and have it return
+ 294736 [harpoon45@ho] task :my_script => :environment do
+ 296399 [julian@co et] Why use rake to update the database? You're better off using the

ruby-mode.el and tabbing
294740 [fajwilson@gm] I'm starting to learn RoR on emacs with the ecb and rails plugins.
+ 294741 [sepp2k@go gl] I'm sorry, but those two snippets look exactly the same to me.
+ 294742 [fajwilson@gm] Sorry I activated the send keyboard shortcut in gmail by accident.... grrr.
  + 294743 [fajwilson@gm] These are the snippets I meant to write, I hope gmail doesn't mess
  + 294839 [nobu@ru y- a] It is (?( ?[ ?] t).

Design patterns
294744 [dmendler@wu ] are there some good tutorials or references about design patterns in
294757 [james@gr yp ] James Edward Gray II
+ 294788 [mikkel@he en] did you enjoy writing or reading it??? :-)
| + 294790 [funkaster@gm] the writer of the book is Russ Oslen, James is the writer of the
| | 294807 [james@gr yp ] Sorry if I didn't make that clear.  I linked to my review in the hope
| | 294835 [pat.eyler@gm] I also enjoyed the book, I've reviewed it too, I also interviewed
| + 294820 [wieczo.yo@go] It's a great book. I bought it and read it in about two days.
+ 294789 [jari.william] +1 for this book (and I agree with the blog review). A great read and
+ 296402 [julian@co et] Yeah, the book is okay, but it doesn't have all the patterns of the
  296500 [sgwong513@ho] Can you point out which pattern in the book is wrong with Ruby? I never
  + 296504 [caduceass@gm] From the horse's mouth...
  + 296534 [cremes.devli] I bought this book about a week ago and absolutely love it. I have the

argh! more undocumented mysteries: to_yaml
294746 [tomcloyd@co ] Beginner woes, here, no doubt, but woes nevertheless.
+ 294748 [wujciol@gm i] ...
| 294751 [tomcloyd@co ] Documentation? WHAT documentation? Please read my email.
| + 294752 [cmdjackryan@] => ["<", "<=", "<=>", "==", "===", "=~", ">", ">=", "__id__",
| | 294761 [tomcloyd@co ] Phillip, good research begins with careful observation - in this case,
| | 294766 [cmdjackryan@] You do know, however, that the state of Ruby's documentation on the web
| | 294769 [tomcloyd@co ] Agreed - with all. And I own a copy of Pickaxe 2nd ed., in marvelous
| | 294774 [dave@pr gp o] (page numbers below are for the printed copy)
| | 294778 [tomcloyd@co ] OK, but consider my situation: Using the online documentation (links to
| | 294782 [dave@pr gp o] The current ruby-doc.org core documentation has been built to include
| | 294791 [dangerwillro] One last tip...
| + 294760 [dave@pr gp o] Just to follow up on my previous email...
|   294764 [tomcloyd@co ] Well, Dave, looks like we've found our culprit (heh heh). However, I
|   294833 [onepoint@st ] /me applauds  Tom Cloyd's graciousness.   Seriously, it's good  to see
+ 294749 [stefano.croc] Yes. to_yaml is defined in the yaml.rb file, so you need to require it before
| + 294758 [TimHunter@nc] The ri command shows the documentation for the merged core and standard
| | 294762 [stefano.croc] As far as I can see, the links to the 'Core documentation' on both www.ruby-
| | 294773 [TimHunter@nc] So it does. Thanks for pointing this out. It would be nice if some
| + 294763 [tomcloyd@co ] Interesting. I have NO idea how I might have found this out, but I will
| + 294772 [james.britt@] Yes; it is a good question.
|   294775 [dave@pr gp o] When you use all this stuff to build ruby-doc, why not override the
|   294812 [james.britt@] I am looking into that.
|   294826 [james@gr yp ] The main issue though is just that ruby-doc.org should only show core
|   294829 [tomcloyd@co ] James,
|   294832 [james.britt@] And then what's left shows correctly under std-lib.
|   294885 [james@gr yp ] Right.
+ 294750 [cmdjackryan@] irb(main):005:0> [2,3,4].to_yaml
+ 294759 [dave@pr gp o] Could you tell us just where you found the description of
  294767 [tomcloyd@co ] OK...now THIS is the reaction I was really looking for, which is why I