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Re: Parsing JSON (#155)
290490 [micathom@gm ] I personally found it quite interesting to see how well a hand-crafted
+ 290496 [no@sp m. le ] Yes, it was interesting. I just thought that a few other things
+ 290512 [eric.mahurin] ...

Inheriting from / Delegating to Integer - Currency class implementation
290499 [pascal.ehler] Howdy folks.
290506 [rick.denatal] class Currency
290509 [pascal.ehler] Whoa, that looks really interesting.
+ 290520 [shortcutter@] There might be but you will have to handle type differences anyway.  You
+ 290577 [alex.shulgin] Huh?..  And what is the result for $5 divided by $1? ;)
  290619 [rick.denatal] What, do you want me to do all of the OP's work for him for free?
  290621 [rick.denatal] they are exactly the same as in the Integer class.

ruby1.9 on windows
290507 [antoniolo@gm] Here, ruby1.8 runs great on Windows. I'm able to compile & develop
290524 [antoniolo@gm] After a while I decided to give it another try.

Re: Im trying to make Thumbnail pics -- any suggestions?
290508 [cleverleap@g] I have just finished simple script which will generate thumbnail of

[ANN] configuration.rb
290513 [ara.t.howard] NAME

[ANN] Gemify 0.2
290522 [judofyr@gm i] = Gemify =
290561 [dangerwillro] COOL

TreeTop help?
290533 [iamday@gm il] So I'm building a parser, and I thought I'd give TreeTop a go. I
290571 [devi.webmast] It looks like a simple typo to me
290574 [iamday@gm il] On Feb 9, 2008 8:27 PM, Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney
290575 [no@sp m. le ] The ordering of rules in a grammar doesn't matter at all.
290578 [devi.webmast] There's been quite a bit of talk about Treetop on this list lately,

290543 [adamtemporar] If you have an array which contains a mixture of say intergers and
+ 290544 [adamtemporar] in the above array = [1,2,3,[34,56,43,7],6,7] etc
| 290547 [charlie@pu l] ...
+ 290548 [stefano.croc] if x.is_a? Array
+ 290549 [farrel.lifso] array.each do |x|
| 290551 [adamtemporar] is
| + 290552 [TimHunter@nc] is valid in the context of a case expression.
| + 290554 [cmdicely@gm ] Yes. "when" uses the === method of the object given, and Array is a
|   290580 [adamtemporar] thats brilliant. ive never seen === before. I thought it was a typo at
+ 290553 [cmdicely@gm ] Depending on exactly what you want there are two main ways (with

ssleay32.dll, postgresql, extension problem
290550 [djberg96@gm ] The PostgreSQL 8.3 release ships with its own ssleay32.dll. However,
+ 290568 [jftucker@gm ] I've been fighting this problem on Vista with EventMachine, although
+ 290572 [nobu@ru y- a] Maybe, INCLUDE and LIB environment variables are set for
  + 290596 [jftucker@gm ] If rubygems is already loaded then aren't the symbols for openssl
  + 290775 [djberg96@gm ] Explicitly setting ENV in the extconf.rb script didn't seem to help.
  + 292260 [djberg96@gm ] I tried setting both LIB and LIBDIR to C:\ruby\bin, both in the shell
    329789 [sethupathia@] I have done a work-around by renaming the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll
    364044 [krystyna.wis] My work-around worked in just the opposite way. Having boy files
    364078 [luislavena@g] On Jun 8, 12:58=A0pm, Krystyna Wisnaskas <krystyna.wisnas...@gmail.com>

Recursive array bug?
290556 [s.korteling@] I've just reinvented the recursive array.
290558 [justincollin] Does this help?
290564 [s.korteling@] Yes it does. I had to think real hard about it. With a[0][0] I expected
+ 290565 [cmdicely@gm ] It gets 97 because "a rose is"[0] is 97; that is, 97 is the ASCII
+ 290567 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> "a"[0]

[ANN] Better relative requires with Need
290559 [olsonas@gm i] Need makes ruby relative requires just work. Simply need a file with a
290563 [ara.t.howard] nice idea!

Getting and Passing Bindings
290560 [me@mi ha lb ] the code, expected output, and actual output at

Gruff and SVG
290562 [dfl_maradent] I'm newbie in this graphic stuff. I've seen you can create an SVG image

Right way to access an array passed as an argument?
290569 [laredotornad] class User < ActiveRecord::Base
290570 [charlie@pu l] ...

290573 [ravichandra.] ...

getting human-readable results
290579 [hawat.thufir] #<Call:0xb714cc94> #<Call:0xb714cc58> #<Call:0xb714cc30>
+ 290626 [hawat.thufir] Yes, I keep going to the library looking for books to answer this sort
| + 290630 [andrei@an re] If you want to store the output to a log file or something similar,
| | 290642 [hawat.thufir] Oh, I should've written HTML output for a user.
| + 290649 [hawat.thufir] le
+ 290636 [bbxx789_05ss] Try posting your questions on a  forum entitled: C++ or C#.
+ 290639 [howardrobert] You'd probably get much better results posting this to the Ruby on Rails
  290641 [hawat.thufir] Parts of this thread are showing up in ruby-talk-google which is a two-
  290650 [hawat.thufir] Rails

Private encapsulation question
290584 [myemail@fa t] I am trying to improve my understanding of encapsulation but I can't
+ 290585 [stefano.croc] Ruby implements private methods forbidding to call them with an explicit
| 290628 [myemail@fa t] I don't know if I understand correctly your last sentence, but also less
| 290633 [stefano.croc] my_method(1,2,3)
| 290638 [myemail@fa t] [cut]
+ 290586 [micathom@gm ] Only a partial answer: protected instead of private should work.
+ 290594 [ruurd@ti ca ] private method `n' called

[SOLUTION][QUIZ] Internal Rate of Return (#156)
290590 [jesse.d.merr] ...
+ 290593 [sander.land@] Here is my golfed solution, using Newton's method.
| 290681 [james@gr yp ] Thank you for being a regular.
+ 290597 [jesse.d.merr] I've taken out the net-negative check, since it was throwing out cases where
  290599 [jesse.d.merr] Agh, hate to keep replying to myself, but I've made one more tweak (in the
  290622 [jesse.d.merr] [SOLUTION][QUIZ] Internal Rate of Return (#156)

Re: Better relative requires with Need
290591 [vinbarnes@gm] Kudos! I had worked on something similar although I didn't use the
+ 290604 [olsonas@gm i] Kevin -
| + 290676 [hutch@re ur ] You can avoid the problem (leaving it entirely in the hands of your
| + 290689 [ara.t.howard] i always expand and join the path because otherwise doing
|   290698 [rsanheim@gm ] I believe this should be handled by ruby's require in 1.9...so no more
+ 290701 [olsonas@gm i] Kevin -

Ruby and MQSeries
290595 [victor.reyes] ...

lost in "=", forest searching for methods of abstraction (bad habits die hard)
290609 [vk@ds .p pe ] I have done few years of programming in Clipper and few more in MS
290673 [shortcutter@] There are some fundamental principles in software engineering that
290964 [shortcutter@] Kind regards
291002 [cmdicely@gm ] The full text of SICP is available for free on the Web. Not as

Re: lost in "=", forest searching for methods of abstraction
290611 [olsonas@gm i] Some of the most interesting things about projects like rspec are their
290613 [fedzor@gm il] Try writing Ruby code to look like english. If you focus on making

Euruko 2008 in March?
290617 [james.britt@] Was there an announcement  about a final date selection for Euruko 2008?

Rails: Problem with has_and_belongs_to_many
290618 [felix.natter] I have an m:n relationsship (has_and_belongs_to_many) between the models
+ 290629 [no@sp m. le ] It's available as an NNTP feed on news.gmane.org as gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails
| 290631 [no@sp m. le ] Yes, it bounces back a verification email the first time,
+ 290634 [TimHunter@nc] There's a whole mailing list dedicated to Ruby on Rails and populated

Re: Inheriting from / Delegating to Integer - Currency class
290635 [apeiros@gm .] Hrm, I don't know why my answer via google didn't show up. Maybe a

ruby api for Interactive brokers
290643 [junkone1@gm ] I tried the ib-ruby-0.2 and could not find much details except extract

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
290648 [james@gr yp ] ...

Problems with Rubygems
290651 [gethemant@gm] I am facing some issues with Rubygems on my ubuntu gutsy machine,
+ 290653 [alipanick@gm] this is a simple and maybe stupid reply. I encountered the same problem
| 290686 [kbloom@gm il] If logging out fixed it, the problem probably wasn't fixed. What probably
| 290692 [gethemant@gm] Well for me, logging out doesn't resolve the problem and the problem
| 332347 [flo@an er gr] Rubygems updating is somewhat broken for old versions (and 0.9.5 is
+ 332356 [pedrolito@la] /usr/local/ruby, then update your $PATH accordingly, otherwise

[ANN] SuperRewards 0.5.2 released
290652 [shanev@gm il] DESCRIPTION

[ANN] Spacer v0.5.0, yes with an 'e', released
290654 [shanev@gm il] DESCRIPTION

[ANN]  February Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
290655 [james.britt@] [ANN]  February Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

New user - correct way to think and write code
290656 [ashleywnj@gm] ...
290671 [shortcutter@] As far as I can see you logic is: read user input until it is valid
290745 [m_goldberg@a] <code>
+ 290754 [ashleywnj@gm] ...
+ 290777 [shortcutter@] Actually I would have formulated it a bit different, i.e. applied the

IO::write() throws Invalid Argument with HTTP::get()
290657 [chris@ce a. ] I have a <15 line snippet below that fails when downloading a particular

[ANN] Halcyon 0.4.0
290658 [chiology@gm ] = Halcyon

[ANN] rabal 0.2.3 Released
290659 [jeremy@hi eg] rabal version 0.2.3 has been released.

[ANN] youtube-g 0.4.1 Released
290660 [shanev@gm il] youtube-g version 0.4.1 has been released!
290662 [botpena@gm i] nice.
290663 [shanev@gm il] I just released it so it probably needs some time to propagate through
290667 [botp@de mo t] # I just released it so it probably needs some time to propagate through

3rd Cape Town Ruby Brigade Meeting
290664 [farrel.lifso] Town
290665 [farrel.lifso] ...

Hpricot - How to walk the tree
290670 [paulf@re ax ] What methods can be used to walk a Hpricot::XML tree from the root all

[ANN] Rice 1.0.0 - Ruby Interface for C++ Extensions
290672 [jameskilton@] ========================================
290707 [radek.bulat@] SSBoYXZlIGVycm9yIGR1cmluZyBpbnN0YWxsYXRpb24gcHJvY2VzczoKL3Vzci9iaW4vbGQ6IC4u
+ 290710 [jameskilton@] MjAwOC8yLzExIFJhZG9zs2F3IEJ1s2F0IDxyYWRlay5idWxhdEBnbWFpbC5jb20+Ogo+IEkgaGF2
+ 290718 [pbrannan@at ] I can reproduce this on SuSE 10.1 x86_x64.  I'll see what I can do about
  290726 [pbrannan@at ] ===================================================================

Scruffy and bars
290674 [dfl_maradent] I'm working with Scruffy and bar graphs. Now, every bar appears over the

Re: Watir Javascript popup handler: works with popups from links
290677 [dduphorn@re ] Jeff,
342819 [checktesting] ???The form was not submitted because of the following error(s).
342821 [checktesting] Attached is the screen shot.

Return number of matches
290678 [chy.causer@g] This seems like an easy question but I cannot find any documentation on
290680 [jan.svitok@g] Easy solution: count $ and subtract \$ ;-)
+ 290682 [chy.causer@g] I was so psyched in doing it in one regexp that I completely missed the
| 290695 [shortcutter@] With 1.9 you can use negative lookbehind.  If that's not available then
+ 290725 [w_a_x_man@ya] That fails when the backslash preceding a $
  290786 [chy.causer@g] Erm, not sure what you're trying to say. One is the answer I would have
  + 290792 [micathom@gm ] This fails on input like "$$$$", since the string will be split into "$
  + 290793 [jan.svitok@g] William's tring to say that you have three interesting items in your
  + 290817 [w_a_x_man@ya] You said that you wanted to count all dollar signs except the
    290833 [chy.causer@g] Yes, thanks, I realize now. 1 was the answer I would have wanted because

Adding local files to the ruby path $:
290683 [grayswandir@] Ruby/Rails experience. I'm competent with the syntax and have written a
+ 290685 [grayswandir@] File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'some_file.rb')
+ 290687 [doodpants@ma] I don't understand this; if somefile.rb is in the same directory as
  290688 [grayswandir@] Sorry; I forgot to specify that the context I'm discussing is irb. For

Array#sort unexpected behaviour
290690 [daniel.akeru] ...
290691 [dave@pr gp o] Your block parameter is also called 'a'.

Deleting values of array elements
290693 [JS.Sokrates@] Heya,
290696 [shortcutter@] That is not an attribute but a hash key.
290713 [JS.Sokrates@] yay, works great =)
+ 290717 [rick.denatal] Not as far as I know in Ruby < 1.9
+ 290720 [shortcutter@] So the code you showed is not the original code?
  290816 [JS.Sokrates@] Nah, I simplified it =)

[ANN] Packet 0.1.3 - Library for Event Driven Network Programming
290697 [gethemant@gm] I am pleased to announce new release of "Packet", A pure ruby library for Event

290700 [rule.brittan] it though.
+ 290702 [diegoslice@g] Check out Ruby's CGI library at
+ 290729 [david@es ir ] ...

RDoc .document
290703 [transfire@gm] Is there any way to configure rdoc via a hidden config file? I recall
290704 [phrogz@ma .c] ./.document
290828 [transfire@gm] Thanks. So it looks like it's solely a list of globs to decide which

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
290705 [james@gr yp ] ...

Hash keys
290706 [nefigah@gm i] I ran into something I hadn't realized (common occurrence). Keying a
+ 290712 [rick.denatal] Symbol keys
| + 290715 [robert.dober] Hmm very interesting but is this not rather an implementation choice?
| + 290728 [justincollin] Another thing to look at is symbols are unique, whereas each time you
+ 290714 [robert.dober] Symbols, look at this code
+ 290721 [shortcutter@] It depends: my personal convention is this: use symbols if the set of
  + 290727 [nefigah@gm i] Alright, so in general if the hash is going to interact with the outside
  | 290864 [shortcutter@] I am not sure what you mean by "handling mismatch".  If by mismatch you
  + 290731 [phrogz@ma .c] (Neither are a refutation of your statements, just throwing a few data

trying to get drb to work ...
290709 [wbsurfver@ya] I'm playing around with drb, I started up this simple server

Partial index hash search?
290711 [skoren@co ca] What's the best way to find all occurances of a string in a hash's
290730 [rubytraining] x =3D { 'Hello' =3D> 1, 'Goodbye' =3D> 2, 'Hello there' =3D> 3}
+ 290736 [skoren@co ca] oops i took the easy way and replied. sorry.
| 290919 [shortcutter@] Nested Hashes would only help if you would know beforehand according
+ 290876 [caduceass@gm] I could only come up with an iterative solution also...
  290917 [caduceass@gm] Another one just for fun...

non case sensitive searching
290716 [adamtemporar] If i want to see if a list contains a particular word how would i go
+ 290719 [stefano.croc] Use String#casecmp. According to ri documentation, it works as String#<=> but
+ 290722 [shortcutter@] search_key = something.downcase
+ 290723 [bbxx789_05ss] data = ['ShEll', 'heLLO']
+ 290724 [w_a_x_man@ya] %w(hello HELLO Hello hellO hell).grep( /hello/i )
  290732 [adamtemporar] the reg exp. looks good but when i try to apply it to help me romove
  + 290734 [alex@de et m] here you're literally searching for the text "list[x]", not the value of
  | 290741 [adamtemporar] excellent thanks very much alex for that.
  + 290779 [shortcutter@] The line above is ineffective because you do not sort the original list.
    + 290783 [w_a_x_man@ya] We don't need sets for this.
    | 290789 [shortcutter@] As far as I can see the requirement was to remove duplicates and not
    | 290794 [w_a_x_man@ya] 1. My solution removed duplicates.
    | 290805 [james@gr yp ] Or manners, it would seem.
    + 290785 [bbxx789_05ss] You should never consider a regex good looking.  regexes should be
      290791 [shortcutter@] I would not subscribe to that rule.  Often regular expressions are

Actors and Concurrency
290733 [fedzor@gm il] So I was messing with actors today, and I found that I couldn't get
+ 290739 [mental@ry ia] To a point.  However, note that if you want an actor to sleep for one second
| 290758 [fedzor@gm il] Can you give me some example code of working with receive? I kind of
+ 290740 [jameskilton@] (others can get more specific here, but here's the general idea)
  + 290743 [mental@ry ia] Not necessarily true.  Different actor implementations may have different
  + 290759 [fedzor@gm il] I understand that there isn't really *true* concurrency, but is there
  + 290963 [lcuff@va ue ] I'm a newbie, so please set me straight. I've seen several people make the
    + 290966 [jameskilton@] Yeah, sorry, it can be confusing.
    + 290967 [mental@ry ia] Unfortunately, people are confusing concurrency with simultaneity.  Most

Rev/actor TCP monkey patching
290735 [fedzor@gm il] Short and sweet -
+ 290762 [tony@cl ck a] ...
+ 290766 [tony@cl ck a] ...
  290852 [fedzor@gm il] Thank you so much!
  290872 [tony@cl ck a] ...
  290888 [fedzor@gm il] Here is where I've found a problemo will occur. In my *ahem*
  + 290890 [fedzor@gm il] As a follow up, I realized why it wasn't working: bug in filters. I'm
  | 290892 [tony@cl ck a] ...
  | 290893 [fedzor@gm il] BTW, do you hang on IRC? #ruby-lang, seydar.
  | 290907 [tony@cl ck a] ...
  | 290908 [tony@cl ck a] ...
  + 290891 [tony@cl ck a] ...
    290894 [fedzor@gm il] Next release or next svn update? I'm running the svn version.