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Fwd: Announcing: New release of the Ruby Freebase API (0.0.1)
289699 [chris@ep st ] ...

Re: installing fruit
289702 [hangfei@gm i] Gerry,

Resizing pictures for file size
289703 [pupeno@pu en] I'm using rmagick but I'm open to other libraries if needed. I want to
289706 [TimHunter@nc] I can't speak for other libraries, but this is not possible with
289725 [david@es ir ] What exactly is not possible? Resize according to the certain amount of
289730 [TimHunter@nc] There is no method in RMagick that takes an image and a file size in
289734 [mailing.mr@g] There are tools that can estaminate size of file after compresion - but
289735 [TimHunter@nc] Sounds like a plan. Maybe the OP will adopt it if he can't find a

mechanize get methods returns both ::File and ::Page
289704 [carlbernardi] I am having some problems with WWW::Mechanize.  When I use the get(url)
+ 289707 [bbxx789_05ss] Presumably that means if the content type is not text/*html*, then a
| + 289708 [carlbernardi] The page is html.  Below, I included the log.  It shows the page's
| | 289716 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm not sure how showing me the log files is evidence that even though
| | 289721 [mailing.mr@g] or - instead of doing that idiotic hack - you could use pluggable
| + 289711 [mailing.mr@g] yes you can - use plugable parasers
|   289717 [bbxx789_05ss] My name is Sally.
|   289719 [mailing.mr@g] Did mama hit you in a head when you were young?
+ 289710 [mailing.mr@g] You have to set plugable paraser for text/plain to html parser

HTML to PDF converter
289727 [weppos@gm il] does someone know an HTML to PDF converter for Ruby with a behavior
289732 [mailing.mr@g] yes, and it's just one good google search away

shorter form of concat
289728 [summercoolne] the following line will concat "1" all the way to "10"...  but is there
289731 [TimHunter@nc] (1..10).to_a.join
289745 [summercoolne] what i mean is, any shorter way to concat two numbers?  something
+ 289746 [iamday@gm il] This is not pretty, but...
+ 289751 [bbxx789_05ss] class Fixnum
  289765 [summercoolne] p (1..10).inject{|x,y| "#{x}#{y}"}
  + 289825 [moises.trovo] ...
  + 289831 [shortcutter@] If you use #inject, then you should rather do
  + 289844 [doodpants@ma] On Feb 4, 4:53 am, SpringFlowers AutumnMoon <summercooln...@gmail.com>
    289854 [caduceass@gm] Yes :)  I use #map on ranges frequently.

Processing midifiles with Ruby
289737 [neverland@jw] If anyone else has a need to handle standard midifiles with Ruby

Re: Ruby from source on Leopard excruciatingly slow internet
289750 [rogerpack200] could try
289753 [brycer22@gm ] from
289813 [rogerpack200] require 'resolv-replace'
290037 [rogerpack200] somehow my editing /etc/hosts once (took some hosts out), worked faster,
290041 [rogerpack200] laughably, the following script (which overwrites your /etc/hosts file

[ANN] Gerbil 2.0.0
289754 [ snk@gn .o g] Gerbil
289875 [pluskid@gm i] Cool!

Storing structures in memory
289755 [robmnl@gm il] I want to write a webserver, that stores a hash in RAM, and allows me to

xml/xslt external function
289759 [unbewusst.se] i want to use an external ruby function "w3ready " within an xsl ssheet
290085 [hello@ti pe ] What XSLT parser are you using?

converting from iso-8559-1 to utf-8
289762 [raasdnil@gm ] Hey all,
289795 [raasdnil@gm ] Never mind.. the way you do it is SPELL THE CHARACTER ENCODING CORRECTLY.

Help for Unicode char and Unicode char based string in Ruby
289763 [chirag80bece] I want to use Unicode character and Unicode character based string in
289914 [robertzhang1] I'm puzzled with the same question. It seemed that the later version
289917 [chirag80bece] Is there any library or Ruby extension which can provide Unicode
289941 [roberto@RE O] Either you go the Ruby 1.9 way or you look at iconv & icu4r (more or less dead
290101 [chirag80bece] You mean to say string in Ruby 1.9 supports Unicode character?
290335 [chirag80bece] Can anyone give me more details for the same?
290369 [roberto@RE O] Have you looked at the following?

Help - multithreading, systemcall..
289764 [shekarls@gm ] I am newbie to ruby,
289788 [shortcutter@] Ruby's threads are green threads and hence are blocked during blocking
289885 [shekarls@gm ] ********************************************************************************
289901 [shortcutter@] I have no idea what a selenium server is nor how one "invokes methods

MarkMail: now archiving the Ruby lists
289771 [jhunter@ma k] I'm happy to let you all know that MarkMail (a free email archive site,

Subject: Re: Learn how to program
289776 [joerg.hagman] I use ruby for simple tasks and because I find it fascinating. Ruby is

how to handle java script pop ups ??
289777 [pradeepta.sw] How can I access java script pop ups using ruby ? I want to access the
+ 289846 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't think you can.  javascript is part of a software program
| 289853 [bweeks@gm il] If you want to do a fair amount of hacking you could try playing
+ 289872 [manish@gs ab] I assume you are trying to automate IE or FF browser, if not

Newbie parse data to create an array
289785 [john.doe@an ] I would like to discover ruby and to do so I would like to do the

Hobix Dead??
289789 [leslieviljoe] ruby -ropen-uri -e 'eval(open("http://go.hobix.com/").read)'
289790 [cdcarter@gm ] you can 'svn co http://code.whytheluckystiff.net/svn/hobix/'.  But it
289791 [leslieviljoe] I had a Junebug wiki, which I used much like a blog. I put all sorts
289801 [tim.pease@gm] Take a look at Webby

Does anyone know how to open a excel file in read only?
289798 [dduphorn@re ] $Test_suite_workbook = excel.workbooks.open(FileName,ReadOnly:=True)
+ 289802 [brainychip@g] ...
+ 289803 [williams.jay] Have a look at the parseexcel gem
+ 289819 [ghalsey@ya o] try giving open() parameters as block...
  289824 [dduphorn@re ] Thanks Greg that worked.

Re: convert array to array-of-arrays?
289799 [chris.hulan@] have a look at enum.partition (http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/
+ 289806 [shortcutter@] Not sure what the OP wants, but AFAIK #partition only ever returns two
| + 289811 [chris.hulan@] Ruby-docs.org indicates Object.to_enum exists in latest 1.8.6, can you
| + 289821 [shortcutter@] AFAIK it is in *all* Ruby 1.8.* versions.  You just need an extra
|   289822 [shortcutter@] $ irb
+ 289807 [brandon.g.jo] ]]?
| 289823 [shortcutter@] "Excessive moduli"?
+ 289809 [chris.hulan@] Have a look at Facets.Enumerable.group_by (http://facets.rubyforge.org/

Extensions: Init_extension exists, looking for Deinit_extension
289815 [daniel.akeru] ...
289828 [jameskilton@] As you cannot explicitly unload a require, no there's nothing like
289843 [jan.dvorak@k] And if you have any resources you need to clean up at ruby exit, you can do so
290223 [daniel.akeru] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
289826 [james@gr yp ] ...

String to Class
289829 [decurnex.rob] ...
289830 [ed.odanow@wo] Object.const_get("Array").new
289839 [Rob@Ag le on] ...

eval vs. class_eval
289835 [youngblood.c] Howdy everyone,
+ 289847 [wieczo.yo@go] Heya
| 289852 [iamday@gm il] ...
| 289934 [youngblood.c] Right.
| 289962 [jan.h.xie@gm] ...
| + 289971 [iamday@gm il] ...
| + 289972 [youngblood.c] When I work with the following code -
+ 289976 [ryand-ruby@z] class Fil
  290029 [iamday@gm il] Yes, but that doesn't answer the question, really, about why the scope
  290047 [dan-ml@da 42] I don't have a clear answer but I think it has something to do with the

ruby syntax question
289838 [grz01@sp ay ] While debugging some ruby-code, I found a mis-typed construct like the
+ 289840 [doodpants@ma] I believe that it is being interpreted as defining an empty method
| + 289913 [ryand-ruby@z] 504 % echo "x = def
| + 289920 [grz01@sp ay ] On Feb 4, 10:18 pm, Karl von Laudermann <doodpa...@mailinator.com>
+ 289841 [stefano.croc] I'm not sure, but I think ruby, seeing a newline after a def, expects the

Webby, Gems and Paths
289845 [leslieviljoe] I am running an Ubuntu box, and it seems that whenever I "gem install" something
+ 289849 [leslieviljoe] On the webby create:page problem I was having, I can get a page
+ 289850 [tim.pease@gm] What version of "gem" do you have installed?
  289902 [leslieviljoe] 0.9, I have just updated to 1.01, so perhaps that will work better.
  289903 [leslieviljoe] Ok, everything seems to be working right now, although I had to

Treetop problem
289851 [kreatix@gm i] It seems to appear when the first character of the string parsed is a
289856 [no@sp m. le ] Packrat parsers are greedy. When a rule succeeds, or when a repeated
289874 [kreatix@gm i] Thanks for your reply - I had a sneaking suspicion this was a problem
289878 [iamday@gm il] ...
289883 [no@sp m. le ] There's no \D in Treetop character classes, unlike Ruby regexps.

how to say # in ruby
289859 [wade@za fu q] I'm accustomed to usenet as opposed to whatever this is.
+ 289861 [TimHunter@nc] Welcome to Ruby!
| 289865 [wade@za fu q] Well, you sound friendly enough.  I looked with my news client at
| + 289948 [shortcutter@] Welcome!
| + 289952 [ben@bl yt in] Ah, okay.  You're looking for C-style precompiler directives, yeah?  No
| + 289959 [chris.hulan@] I don't think it does matter on windows.
| | 289989 [wade@za fu q] Thanks all for responses.
| | 290132 [chris.hulan@] env is a standard *nix command, it is not specific to ruby
| + 290137 [rmagick@gm i] I'm very friendly. Just ask anybody.
|   290220 [chris.hulan@] Thanks, that is interesting
|   290466 [wade@za fu q] It is!  I had done the same test he did and was surprised at the result.
|   290517 [ben@bl yt in] Yup!  And technically #! is a comment as well, it's just a magical
|   290661 [wade@za fu q] I'm not sure that I can agree with you, Ben.
|   290666 [shortcutter@] <snip/>
|   + 290675 [rmagick@gm i] Bear in mind that if the shell started the program and the program
|   | + 290694 [shortcutter@] Sure, but from the thread it's not clear whether Ben did mean that bit
|   | + 290755 [wade@za fu q] Thanks for your continued interest.
|   | + 290797 [rick.denatal] If the first line is a shebang
|   + 290751 [wade@za fu q] Thanks for your continued attention, robert.  That link was very
|     + 290763 [tsuraan@gm i] That's kernel driver code, not ruby, right?  In that context, I'm
|     + 290799 [rick.denatal] Well the link that Robert posted was to some C code, so it shouldn't
+ 289862 [tim.pease@gm] octothorpe

String scanning woes :(
289863 [lovell.mcilw] I am trying to get a file into an array using .scan and I can't seem
+ 289866 [brandon.g.jo] File.open("/users/lem/desktop/test/POCs_DNB.txt", "r").each_line do |
+ 289869 [botpena@gm i] to avoid doubt, try slowly.
+ 289870 [bbxx789_05ss] scan() returns an array.  You don't assign the array to any variable, so
| 289889 [lovell.mcilw] Very first line of my code is what I thought to be a variable...
| 289897 [bbxx789_05ss] emails = File.open("data.txt").readlines.map! {|x| x.chomp}
| 289912 [shortcutter@] Though shalt use the block form of File.open to ensure proper cleanup!
| 289923 [w_a_x_man@ya] h = {}
| 289947 [lovell.mcilw] Thanks guys for all the helpful hints.
+ 289918 [w_a_x_man@ya] First you say "emails"; then you say "email".
  289946 [lovell.mcilw] I'm a beginner, lighten up James.

Using poll/kqueue/etc. instead of select
289864 [cjs@cy ic ne] For a testing project, I've built a little SIP library that emulates SIP
289867 [garbagecat10] ...

Having problems with my instance variable
289871 [macacoangel@] ...
+ 289876 [iamday@gm il] ...
+ 289882 [stonelists@g] ...
  289954 [macacoangel@] ...
  289970 [iamday@gm il] ...

[ANN] Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference, March 26-27: Registration is Open
289884 [aok@ch ri ts] ...

SOAP, enumeration + token, and error in base2soap
289888 [  mg@fo k. l] I have soap server that has WSDL with request containing
289942 [ruby@th ma z] undefined method `<=3D' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
289950 [  mg@fo k. l] ok, right, 1.5.8 works well, thanks

Adding extra fields to request headers
289891 [pradeepta.sw] how can i add extra fields to request headers ?
289892 [no@sp m. le ] Please ask this in a Rails forum - this is Ruby here, not Rails.
289904 [rha7_@ho ma ] If you don't know the answer, it is absurd and ignorant to answer with
289910 [no@sp m. le ] No. The OP is almost certainly using Rails - or they would have

Invoke .NET objects from Ruby
289893 [batkins57@gm] like to be able to use these objects from a Ruby script (not from
+ 289915 [huw@da kn on] I'm not sure if this is of any use to you, but we have a free control,
+ 289919 [dan@fl en ra] Dan
| + 289922 [batkins57@gm] Thanks, that's perfect.
| + 289924 [manish@gs ab] Can I use rubyclr to automate .NET GUI application. We are currently
|   289933 [kyleaschmitt] Bill,
+ 289988 [no@sp m. le ] I believe that DotNET provides a COM interface for any DotNET class.
  290106 [kyleaschmitt] Cliff,

[ANN] Rumai 2.0.0
289894 [ snk@gn .o g] Rumai

Handling data in games done in Ruby
289895 [nefigah@gm i] For those of you who write games in Ruby, what is your preferred method
289931 [skoren@co ca] I'm playing with sqlite3-ruby.   Also  XML might be good.
289932 [jameskilton@] To start, definitely go with YAML. Any actual database really is

How to add string objects to hash?
289898 [martin@an le] Dear friends,
+ 289905 [bbxx789_05ss] h = {"a"=>"circle", "b"=>"square", "c"=>"triangle"}
| 289909 [martin@an le] Thank you very much for your information. what you said is right. I want
| 290151 [caduceass@gm] The big question is "why?"  It would be helpful if you could describe
| 290153 [bbxx789_05ss] h = {'hello'=>'hello', 'goodbye'=>'goodbye'}
| 290154 [bbxx789_05ss] x = 'hello'
+ 290150 [caduceass@gm] Just out of curiosity, what are your keys for the values?  In other
+ 290157 [shortcutter@] What exactly do you mean by that?  There is String and StringIO - why
  290334 [martin@an le] Dear every one,

[ANN] Introducing Waves - Web App Framework
289900 [dan@ze aw b.] I am pleased to announce the first beta release of Waves, an open-
+ 289940 [chiology@gm ] I must say that I like the looks of Wave thus far and the
| 289953 [dan@ze aw b.] Thanks!
+ 289981 [mg@ha el of ] =20
| 289993 [jeremymcanal] It looks like the gem requirement should be RedCloth not redcloth.
| 290118 [dan@ze aw b.] Thanks for catching this. Should be fixed in the latest gem (0.7.2). -
+ 290017 [dan-ml@da 42] It's a very nice effort and all that, but it seems to me that this is
  290021 [deanwampler@] ...
  + 290055 [yudi.xue@gm ] ...
  | 290120 [dan@ze aw b.] The advantage, IMHO, of this approach is that the mapping are more
  + 290116 [dan@ze aw b.] It's not a rude question at all and you're not the first person to
    + 290133 [cwdinfo@gm i] The walk-through looked promising, although I haven't had a chance to
    | 290139 [dan@ze aw b.] really easy. the only reason i didn't go with haml out of the gate is
    | 290159 [macournoyer@] just out of curiosity, how do you test your framework?
    | 290222 [dan@ze aw b.] for functional testing, i have several apps running on it, and i test
    + 290227 [se@di it le ] Oh, this one is really interesting. I remember asking David H. back at 0.5

mssql image field: ado returns an array
289911 [ictodavid@gm] Im trying to get an image out a mssql image type datafield thru DBI:ADO.
291382 [simon.vetter] Did You get any result? I have the same problem and don't know how to
291767 [ictodavid@gm] No, sadly enough i still have the problem and no time to digg deeper in
291845 [simon.vetter] I try this week or in start of next how to do it. I made it with MySQL

ANN: Sequel 1.1 Released
289921 [ciconia@gm i] Sequel version 1.1 has just been released. Sequel is a lightweight