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28822 [frios@ud a. ] En el 2003 vamos a celebrar los 200 a?os de la Universidad.

what is wrong with this code
28827 [Desai.Dinaka] I am new to Ruby. I am just playing around and trying to write code from C into

Re: what is wrong with this code- never Mind figured out
28829 [Desai.Dinaka] I figured it out.

Re: Ruby news weekly
28832 [michael.cook] ruby-crystals ?
28834 [mps@di co sy] Michael P. Sullivan
+ 28835 [rich@in oe h] OK...so I am from California.
| 28837 [huber@al m. ] Heh, I second this one! ;)
+ 28843 [lists@he en ] rubydotnew.org

English Ruby Documentation Project status?
28833 [msassak@sp a] It doesn't look as if the English RDP has been updated in quite a while.

so close and yet so far
28845 [vjoel@PA H. ] Anybody checked out Python 2.2? Type/class unification, subclassing
29478 [schneiker@ju] properties

ANN: rdoc-alpha-3
28847 [Dave@Pr gm t] Many thanks to the courageous souls who tried the initial alpha
28857 [a.bokovoy@sa] /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/rdoc/code_objects.rb:215:in `<=>': undefined method `<=>' for nil (NameError)
+ 28863 [ballabio@ma ] I lost 99% of the thread, so apologies if this was already discussed.
| 28866 [Dave@Pr gm t] 'fraid not.
+ 28868 [Dave@Pr gm t] Hmm... I seems to work with the current version.
  28869 [a.bokovoy@sa] ...

[Announce] RIDE (Ruby IDE) and FreeRIDE merge -- a call for ideas and help
28849 [curt@hi bs c] My Ruby IDE project (RIDE) is merging with Rich Kilmer's FreeRIDE project.
28919 [nhodgson@bi ] One of the cooler refactoring tools possible in an IDE is to take a

[IDEA] creating stand-alone versions for easy distribution etc
28855 [ps@ra ia .m ] I was looking around for a way to package a ruby-app of mine for easy
28856 [feldt@ce ch ] I think better methods for this are needed so would be great if you have
28858 [ps@ra ia .m ] we'll have to see about the time left to work on this :) but i agree that this
28859 [feldt@ce ch ] rbwrap is windows-specific but not very much. The README mentions what you
28861 [ps@ra ia .m ] probably. but for finding dependencies i don't know how much help their
28864 [feldt@ce ch ] Make this as stand-alone as possible since other projects will need
28865 [ps@ra ia .m ] yes, to my mind also.
28867 [feldt@ce ch ] Oh one thing you might want to check how the Python folks solve it is how
28880 [ps@ra ia .m ] they claim that they do this from what i read, so probably the trick is in
28884 [feldt@ce ch ] I can help out with the windows part once you get up and running with some

Web Development Services
28862 [jross@vi al ] ...

[Announce] Roach - Web Application Framework
28871 [aaron.barnet] Roach 0.1 is the beginnings of what will become a stand alone application
+ 28872 [rich@in oe h] Aaron,
+ 28942 [mjais@we .d ] this looks very cool. seems to be something similar to pythons Webware

Perl features missing in Ruby
28873 [matju@sy pa ] (just done with the final exams)

compile issues on Win2k using cygwin
28874 [mdavis@se ai] compiling Win32API
28950 [melis@cs ut ] Can you list a little more of your system's details (especially

C++ preincrement operator
28875 [paul@at es .] x++
28876 [peter@se an ] However...
28878 [paul@at es .] The problem is not that I want to know how to increment/decrement x, but
+ 28879 [dempsejn@ge ] so basically you're suggesting that any amount of stacking -'s or +'s past
| 28881 [michael.cook] i think ruby should at least reserve ++ and -- for future use.
| 28882 [dempsejn@ge ] yeah i agree, to be honest i was kinda surprised they didn't operate under
| 28888 [hal9000@hy e] There are good and interesting reasons these operators
| 28889 [dblack@ca dl] I think you mean [ruby-talk:5961].
| 28892 [hal9000@hy e] That's exactly the one, thank you.
| + 28893 [mchahn@fa el] It sure would be nice if a reference like [ruby-talk:5961] could be clicked
| | + 28894 [matz@ru y- a] It does on <http://www.ruby-talk.com/>.  That's the reason I wanted to
| | + 28895 [gnhurst@hu s] You can at least type http://ruby-talk.com/5961
| | | 28896 [hal9000@hy e] clicked
| | + 28897 [Dave@Pr gm t] It does in my gnus buffer.
| |   28898 [hal9000@hy e] clicked
| + 28929 [mikkelj-anti] I still think it would be worthwile to reserve the ++, -- operators. The
+ 28883 [peter@se an ] But this isn't an error. Unless you are expecting something else like

Those [ruby-talk:xxxxxx] headers
28890 [gehlker@fa t] Is there a way to turn them off at the server. They keep my mail program
+ 28900 [paul@at es .] If you use procmail, then see [ruby-talk:27550] and [ruby-talk:27811].
+ 28938 [max@ma va co] subscribe to comp.lang.ruby ;-)
  28975 [ rik@kd .o g] This is what I use with 'maildrop'

ANN: RDoc now (attempts to) support blocks
28891 [Dave@Pr gm t] Following some sourceforge discussions with Matt Armstrong, RDoc now

News Gateway Broken?
28901 [jason@jv eg ] I've noticed that many messages posted to comp.lang.ruby aren't showing up
28925 [Dave@Pr gm t] Sorry about that - my three-year-old stopped it while bringing up Mr

Matching file patterns
28902 [gilles.filip] There must be a way to check if a string matches a file pattern.
29248 [ale@cr ms n.] I'm not sure what you mean, but if you try to check things like
29278 [kjana@dm la ] ....And near future, 1.8 released, we have File.fnmatch? which does

memory management
28908 [petr.fischer] I am new in ruby language (I am new in languages based on garbage
+ 28906 [ptkwt@sh ll ] a = nil
| 29098 [kjana@dm la ] Additionally, it may be an item of the C FAQ: free()ing a malloc()ed
| 29212 [daniel@ze ed] I've heard this before as well. It does not bear up using irb. I allocated
| + 29249 [matju@sy pa ] in glibc, malloc(n) with n>=32k are allocated separately using mmap().
| + 29317 [benoit.cerri] thrash
+ 28909 [info@mj is d] try calling

A Ruby programmer walked into a bar ...
28911 [harryo@zi .c] Now that I have your attention :-) ...
+ 28956 [Dave@Pr gm t] You're absolutely right. Threading does not work properly under
| 28971 [ale@cr ms n.] when the organization around Ruby communities is being well and kicking
+ 28959 [    s@xs .d ] Since we are talking about a Japanese language, it should

clone objects
28913 [Le Wang <>] This has been discussed in other threads, but I still need one
28912 [ptkwt@sh ll ] class Object

Backslash Sequence Bug?
28916 [jesjones@mi ] text = "fred:smith"
+ 28932 [frodo.hobbit] "Jesse Jones" <jesjones@mindspring.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 28949 [jesjones@mi ] Damn, I could have sworn I had tried that. Thanks for the help. :-)
+ 28955 [matz@ru y- a] puts text.sub(/(\w+):(\w+)/, '\2, \1')
+ 28957 [Pierre-Charl] Look closer. The pickaxe book example uses single quotes: '\2, \1'.

Can't  obtain data from Serial Port.
28921 [vladare@ya o] I try to write the simple program allowing exchanging packages through
28964 [ned@bi e- om] require 'termios'
29206 [vladare@ya o] nomad.com says...

28926 [ronjeffries@] Is there a memory stream object in Ruby, analogous to Smalltalk's
+ 28934 [kentda@st d.] Not in the standard library per se, AFAIK. However, for most of my
| 29051 [ronjeffries@] For example, to test code that works on files by setting up a string
+ 28958 [Pierre-Charl] I don't how how ReadStream works, but isn't String#each_byte what
| 29056 [ronjeffries@] Well, the idea is to set up a stream on a string and then pass it to a
| + 29058 [chadfowler@y] You can just define the extra methods that you'd be
| | 29099 [ronjeffries@] Yes, thanks. It's not too hard to do. We just wanted to be sure we
| + 29097 [billk@ct .c ] require 'tempfile'
+ 28961 [paul@at es .] I'm not entirely sure what a "ReadStream" is, but would a Pipe be able
+ 29059 [matju@sy pa ] I suppose you wish to treat a String object as an IO object? If so, I'll
  29100 [ronjeffries@] Replied offline. MetaRuby is cool. Will that approach become part of

[ANN] JTTui 0.10.2 - textmode user interface
28927 [j.travnik@sh] new version of JTTui has been released.
+ 28933 [j.travnik@sh] I have got report from that jttui can be compiled with
| 28952 [j.travnik@sh] I have got report from Petr Fischer that jttui can be compiled with
+ 28963 [paul@at es .] Sounds like a nifty idea!
  28968 [paul@at es .] Oops, I see them now. :)

What's the Ruby way of doing:
28928 [nightblade@n] I'm new to Ruby, so please don't shout.  :-)  I used to really like doing
+ 28931 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Phil
| + 28930 [nightblade@n] Oh.  So it does :-)  Though apparently it doesn't work if $debug is
| | 29025 [furufuru@cc ] What about this then?
| | 29039 [Dave@Pr gm t] for the cases where I need to control conditional debugging for more
| + 29148 [neumann@s- i] either
|   29180 [feldt@ce ch ] Maybe this has already been mentioned but what about
+ 28939 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Don't worry there's very little shouting in here...  Most of us are still

problem with compilation of ext/tcltklib
28937 [coquelle@en ] I would like to install ruby on a linux Mandrake8.1 pentium PC.

Question on String Handling in Ruby 1.6.6.
28940 [frodo.hobbit] I'm using ruby 1.6.6 (2001-12-13) [i586-mswin32]. (1.6.5 does not have the

Ruby for Epoc (Psion)?
28941 [joon-ki.choi] I would like to install ruby on my Psion Series5mx.
30039 [neil@se ti e] Re. the message below, does anybody have any idea either whether a port is

Stream? is there a memory stream?
28943 [ronjeffries@] .... he repeated hopefully
28965 [feldt@ce ch ] I'm not sure he has implemented a String#createStream method but you can
29053 [ronjeffries@] Interesting indeed. Not quite a match for file operations, but still

ANN: ByteCodeRuby 0.0.1
28953 [george.marro] Just in time for Christmas, here's another bit of Ruby virtual machine

bug report in stable snapshot
28954 [Jean-Francoi] I just compiled the last stable snapshot under sparc-linux and I get
28972 [matz@ru y- a] When you're using stable snapshot, include the output from "ruby -v"

RE:  Ruby 'make' replacement (Re: stderr from external process?)
28960 [cboos@bc -t ] I am planning to work on a 'make' replacement tool (written in Ruby of
+ 28967 [    s@xs .d ] take a look at the Ant projekt, originating from apache.
| + 29002 [mikkelj-anti] I did look at Ant.
| | + 29057 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Why does it's being under GPL limit it's use?  Unless you are planning for
| | | + 29064 [tom.hurst@cl] What about coders who want to release their code under, say, a BSD style
| | | + 29090 [mikkelj-anti] positive
| | | | 29117 [Dave@Pr gm t] Surely not true. People are using GNU tools every day on commercial
| | | + 29094 [jason@jh rm ] GPL. I can pick something different if it makes things easier. My intent was
| | | | + 29096 [feldt@ce ch ] Just a thought on this thread (it might be obvious, I just want it to be
| | | | | 29138 [holmberg@ia ] "SCons began life as the ScCons build tool design which won
| | | | | 29178 [mikkelj-anti] And so I did.
| | | | | + 29179 [feldt@ce ch ] Because we know Ruby but don't know Python. ;-)
| | | | | + 29233 [holmberg@ia ] Since SCons is a descendant of Cons (written in Perl), and since
| | | | | | + 29241 [cboos@bc -t ] ;) Yeah, but I also want to write my own compiler, so I need first
| | | | | | + 29312 [mikkelj-anti] will
| | | | | + 29244 [tony@pe fo c] Can I also suggest you look at Jam ( http://www.perforce.com/jam/jam.html ).
| | | | | + 29252 [lucsky@ma .c] I did too, and wow, I was pretty happy because my crude little stuff has a
| | | | + 29109 [cboos@bc -t ] Thanks for changing your license to the Ruby license.
| | | | | 29110 [jason@jh rm ] Each of the individual tasks of a build (compile, test, copy, move, gendocs)
| | | | + 29155 [mchahn@fa el] I thought it is impossible to change gpl back to lgpl.
| | | |   + 29157 [BPettersen@N] No, the copyright holder can release the code as many times as he
| | | |   + 29187 [gehlker@fa t] Since Jason is the actual author, he can do anything he wants. He can change
| | | + 29106 [cboos@bc -t ] On licensing issues...
| | |   29112 [in6x059@pu l] As long as you are the only author of a software, you are always able
| | |   29114 [cboos@bc -t ] external process?)
| | |   29315 [in6x059@pu l] It is not fully theoretical. Some Companies actually develop free
| | |   29326 [in6x059@pu l] Just to give an example in real life I stumbled over, which is qute
| | + 29065 [ser@ge ma e-] I'm a Java developer, by profession, and I really like Ant.  Since I'm also
| | | + 29067 [akr@m1 n. rg] I suspect that simple Ant like tool can be easily implemented using
| | | | 29108 [cboos@bc -t ] Thanks!
| | | + 29092 [mikkelj-anti] also
| | |   29168 [ser@ge ma e-] It is distributed under the Ruby license, or under GPL.
| | + 29069 [dsafari@xt a] Ant 1.4 does handle dependencies and does not do a full rebuild
| | | 29091 [mikkelj-anti] Yes it does support the depend tag. But not _generation_ as in scanning
| | | 29205 [akr@m1 n. rg] I think the depend tag is very interesting.  Because it is very
| | | 29215 [mikkelj-anti] I many not understand the tag correctly.
| | + 29105 [cboos@bc -t ] Me again...
| + 29047 [james@ru yx ] Ant is worth a look, but I find its quirks annoying. I'd prefer that any Ruby-based make
+ 28973 [curt@hi bs c] Why not do a Ruby implementation of ANT (http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/)?
| + 29103 [cboos@bc -t ] external process?)
| + 29208 [max@ma va co] Please take a look at bras.
+ 28988 [lucsky@ma .c] I am working on something just like that and already using it for some Cocoa
  29104 [cboos@bc -t ] external process?)

ruby bug ?
28969 [Jean-Francoi] /home/jef/lib/ruby/1.6/tk.rb:204: `undefined method `to_str' for

Re: Ruby 'make' replacement (stderr from external process?)
28970 [michael.cook] see also cons, which is a make alternative written in perl.
+ 29102 [cboos@bc -t ] ...
+ 29113 [cboos@bc -t ] (Sorry if this appears twice on the list, I posted it again since all my

[SUGGESTION] NULL check in string.c
28974 [ps@ra ia .m ] I have been fiddling around with some extension-building using SWIG and have
29074 [matz@ru y- a] rb_str_new2() should return String object only, otherwise you have to
30224 [ps@ra ia .m ] seems like a good idea. (sorry for late reply..)
30230 [matz@ru y- a] OK, I will.

[patch] mkmf.rb in 1.6.5
28976 [a.bokovoy@sa] Don't know how this escaped from mkmf.rb but it misses several DESTDIR
28981 [nobu.nokada@] Since exec_prefix is defaulted to $(prefix), $(exec_prefix)
29088 [a.bokovoy@sa] Great! Is this will be added to 1.8?
29093 [nobu.nokada@] Unless better ideas come out, I'll commit it as soon as matz
29127 [matz@ru y- a] Agreed.

overriding methods: (almost) a replacement for alias_method
28977 [paul@at es .] class Foo
+ 29085 [benoit.cerri] what is instance_method, I can't find the doc for it in programming ruby?
| 29120 [paul@at es .] It takes a symbol representing a method in a class or module, and
+ 29122 [paul@at es .] I think I may have found a solution, using two modules (one containing
+ 29166 [avi@be a4 co] Paul,
  29169 [paul@at es .] Hmm, with 1.6.5, self inside the Proc is Foo, so the call to bind() will
  29184 [chr_news@gm ] This seems to work already
  29230 [paul@at es .] foo.rb:6:in `bind': bind argument must be an instance of Foo (TypeError)
  29240 [decoux@mo lo] * eval.c (rb_call0): self in a block given to define_method now be

28978 [hal9000@hy e] Ruby.toilet_seat.down?  #=> true
28979 [hal9000@hy e] OK, I award myself the Idiot of the Year Prize...

Re: A Ruby programmer walked into a bar and ordered a Ruby-Thread
28985 [lucsky@ma .c] (http://www.rubycentral.com/book/tut_threads.html and page 113 of the
28987 [Dave@Pr gm t] Well, not really. Under Windows, there doesn't seem to be any
+ 28997 [lucsky@ma .c] A pretty complex problem, indedd.
| 28998 [wknaka@po ox] Is it possible to make C extensions that require native threads and have
+ 29010 [mikkelj-anti] I think there should be a main extension thread and additional extension
+ 29036 [harryo@zi wo] In which case, the concept that the threading is done in the interpreter
  + 29037 [Dave@Pr gm t] It's a bug, not expected behavior. It just needs to get fixed.
  | 29072 [harryo@zi wo] True.  As I say, it doesn't affect me directly.  It's just hard to
  + 29038 [mchahn@fa el] Thread.new {loop{print 'a';sleep(0.1)}}
    29046 [Dave@Pr gm t] Try it without the sleeps, but with priorities set differently. Under
    + 29050 [mchahn@fa el] In this situation, correct behaviour if for the higher priority thread to
    | 29071 [Dave@Pr gm t] Thread.current.priority = 10
    | + 29075 [mchahn@fa el] I agree that behaviour is just plain wrong and is a bug as you stated.
    | + 29078 [mchahn@fa el] How do you know it hangs up in the sleep statement?  The "Thread.critical =
    | | 29079 [mchahn@fa el] Never mind.  I verified your result in my own Cygwin.
    | | 29115 [Dave@Pr gm t] There are other issues under Mswin32. I simply posted one of the
    | + 29084 [ptkwt@sh ll ] So, from what you're saying this is a cygwin problem.  If we go to
    + 29052 [ptkwt@sh ll ] So the workaround is to make sure that you don't set any thread priorities
      29054 [mchahn@fa el] Of course you do.  Any good GUI code needs priorities to be properly