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^ calling a javascript function with Mechanize
285772 [rita.sinkar ] I am using Mechanize. I can get the particular contents but I
285775 [kamal ror.co] Mechanize can't evaluate javascript. The creator of Mechanize, Aaron
285797 [jan.svitok g] IIRC scrubyt uses firewatir for similar cases, so you may have better
285990 [ilpuccio.feb] would be very interesting binding javascript engine directely in ruby.

^ problems with flashplayerhelpe
285773 [saurabh.purn] i m having some problems with the video flv player as,

^ Ruby install on Kubuntu Linux - why so spread out
285784 [tc tomcloyd.] I've migrated from WinXP in recent days, and I'm having trouble getting
+ 285785 [peter semant] /usr/bin is where installed commands are placed. The ones that come with
+ 285786 [pikEISPAMMMs] Shuure, its a ship wreck, that why its used in most production servers
| 285792 [peter semant] Casimir I'm going to have to call you on this. As you may have just
| 285794 [pikEISPAMMMs] Shhuure. I am the most evil person on here after Giles.
| 285796 [caduceass gm] I can't put words into Peter's mouth, so I don't know what he thinks,
+ 285788 [caduceass gm] This is not exclusive to Ruby.  *nixes somewhat expect you to know
| 285790 [shevegen lin] They mostly follow historic reasons (everyone was and is doing it this
+ 285800 [tc tomcloyd.] Thanks, guys. Definitely helpful. I still think it's easier to put it
| 286058 [mgreenly gma] (bit off topic)
+ 285814 [Reid.Thompso] see Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
| 285885 [tc tomcloyd.] Thanks, Reid. I would not likely have found that stuff on my own, and it
+ 285818 [jan.dvorak k] In addition to what others have said, you can always go to Adept and display

^ has any one tried this?
285795 [ngloom gmail] My ruby version is 1.8.6
+ 285798 [frederick.ch] Array.new will insert the second argument you give into the array (3
+ 285799 [dan fluentra] After a = Array.new(3,Array.new()), a is an array containing three
| 285806 [ngloom gmail] Thanks,
+ 285803 [pikEISPAMMMs] I suppose you wanted to type

^ IRB doesn't like umlaut u (Re: Ruby install on Kubuntu Linux - why so spread out)
285801 [pikEISPAMMMs] I was just writing a reply to these two EVER SO RIGHTEUSLY HELPFUL
+ 285810 [tc tomcloyd.] Casimir,
+ 285823 [hramrach cen] T24gMDMvMDEvMjAwOCwgQ2FzaW1pciA8cGlrRUlTUEFNTU1zZWxpQHdlbGhvLmNvbT4gd3JvdGU6
  285994 [caduceass gm] 2nd
  285999 [hramrach cen] No, I'm referring to Casimir who is quoted in that email to which you
  286003 [caduceass gm] Oh, I got confused on the "unlike the person to which you responded" part.

^ Does anyone *really* use binary ranges
285802 [denis hennes] ...

^ Re: parse tree?
285805 [ryand-ruby z] why not?
+ 285903 [flori nixe.p] Maybe you can use the ruby_parser gem?
+ 285909 [ryand-ruby z] does that help?
  + 285923 [ara.t.howard] ryan.  even though i've seen that before i thought i'd add: that is
  | 285936 [nyarly gmail] It is really cool.  I've been using R2R to build an auto-rspec thing
  + 285972 [ryand-ruby z] It depends on what sort of '1 * 2' you want... Do you want the last
    + 285992 [ryand-ruby z] Does this help?
    | 286103 [ryand-ruby z] What is your 1-liner requirement for?
    + 286000 [eeklund gmai] From the description you give, it sounds like you could just create a

^ [OT] Help Request: Dialup, CardBus Cell Phone, etc. Modem IP Loopback Test
285807 [billk cts.co] Rubyists,
+ 285864 [jftucker gma] Maybe the apps are selecting the wrong 'local address', i.e. using the
| 285895 [billk cts.co] The original code (in Java) is now lost to the mists of time
| 285900 [jftucker gma] Although I haven't spent any time looking at it professionally, some
+ 285875 [vjoel path.b] Did you rule out DNS lookups? Try setting Socket.do_not_reverse_lookup=true.

^ [ANN] mongrel_service 0.3.4 released.
285816 [luislavena g] A quick and not so dirty release of mongrel_service.

^ shift-click
285821 [SeaGeo3 gmai] i am currently trying watir features.

^ spatial search & search radius circumference with Geokit
285822 [crazygecko g] I am using Geokit to search for points within X miles of a location.
285824 [bill billeis] GeoKit uses either the Haversine or Pythagorean formulas depending upon
+ 285832 [crazygecko g] Thanks for the quick reply. It's fantastic you guys are so responsive.
| 285833 [bill billeis] I'm not sure I would put this under "find".  We will probably add it as
+ 286075 [andre earthc] examples out there too by googling around.
  287615 [crazygecko g] Thanks for the link Andre. This is a lot easier to understand than the
  + 287662 [andre earthc] Since we don't have to plot points, we don't use this algorithm. We use
  + 287693 [no spam.plea] The algorithm using 360 degrees of sin and cos is

^ [ANN] Ruby Culture T-shirts!
285826 [chiology gma] Hmmm, clearing out my drafts and found this announcement I never made,
285867 [hramrach cen] The shirts look nice in the pictures. However, I suspect this

^ Ruby-Debugger newbie problem
285835 [RichardDummy] Following is a Command window session trying to run Ruby Debugger on a
285975 [RichardDummy] On Jan 3, 10:07 am, RichardOnRails
285978 [cwdinfo gmai] I'll take a guess.
285983 [RichardDummy] Thanks for responding!
286061 [cwdinfo gmai] I don't know if there's even code at ubygems.rb#3
287165 [RichardDummy] Sorry for not posting back sooner.  I got distracted by some other

^ "wrong number of arguments" What? I must be thick or somethi
285838 [oliver.saund] class PermutationIterator
+ 285839 [steffen_kory] I think there is a typo: "def initalize"
+ 285840 [frederick.ch] You've typoed initalize
+ 285841 [tmacedo stud] You mistyped initialize.
+ 285849 [mchughson gm] NilObject does not have a method called new.
  285858 [rick.denatal] Yes, but he hadn't gotten to that point yet.
  285947 [oliver.saund] Right. And I only posted a cut down version of the code. NilObject is

^ Re: "wrong number of arguments" What? I must be thick or som
285842 [oliver.saund] Ahh right. I needed somebody else's eyes to see that.

^ same Methode name but different Parameter
285843 [sayakyi gmai] Dear all,
+ 285848 [transfire gm] def new(*args)
| + 285853 [Rob AgileCon] def initialize(*args)
| + 285856 [rick.denatal] Well, this didn't really answer the OPs question, and is a bit misleading.
|   285883 [sayakyi gmai] Dear all,
|   285889 [fla synapps.] Aloha!
+ 285854 [fla synapps.] I'm afraid you can't. The usual way for overloading a method in this

^ questions from a java programmer
285857 [ridder.ben g] I currently work as a freelance Java programmer doing contracts in
+ 285861 [james graypr] Great.  Glad to have you.
| 285869 [rick.denatal] For those familiar with Eclipse, there's an Eclipse based Ruby IDE
+ 285887 [khaines enig] Just an FYI.  EventMachine has Erlang inspired lightweight concurrency.
+ 285986 [ridder.ben g] I believe that tooling is one of the important factors in what makes a
| + 286034 [jari.william] Well, debugging is a completely different thing on Ruby than many other
| + 286628 [richard.conr] Often to a point of fault. Look at the huge number of Java Web Frameworks.
+ 286622 [richard.conr] Well yes, Ruby on Rails is being heavily used in commercial projects,

^ fckeditor on ruby on rails
285860 [proftoglimip] Where can i find a guide to use the fckeditor gem with a ruby on rails
285998 [ehamon free.] Go to http://www.joshuamcharles.com/xhtml/fckrails.php
286001 [proftoglimip] **************************
293800 [ishratsami g] I followed this instruction.

^ Best solution for windows server?
285863 [proftoglimip] I have a windows server with 2 ip.
285865 [jftucker gma] We're setting up mongrel behind apache, and I've been thinking about

^ Time.gm(1969) chokes on Windows
285873 [s0nspark gma] I was trying to sort out a YAML parsing issue on Windows XP SP 2 and
+ 285876 [jftucker gma] Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Regional Options ->
| 285877 [Rob AgileCon] If you want a date, use Date.  (require 'date')
| 285893 [s0nspark gma] Thanks Rob, but unfortunately I am not the one doing the parsing - YAML
| + 285901 [Rob AgileCon] => Time
| + 285905 [jcribbs netp] Nope.  It's not going to work on windows.  You can always force the value in
|   286011 [s0nspark gma] Well, in this case I have no control over how the yaml file gets
|   286014 [Rob AgileCon] You still haven't shown the exact format of the string that YAML
|   286030 [s0nspark gma] Obviously the string in question is a timestamp - YAML/Syck handles
|   + 286323 [thibaut.barr] I find it unfortunate to still see a difference of behaviour for the
|   | 286361 [jftucker gma] Well, the bug tracker would be a good place to start ;-)
|   + 286369 [ryand-ruby z] I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this one, given that you were asked
|     + 286370 [jcribbs netp] Ryan, was this on a non-Windows device?  IIRC, it is not Ruby or YAML that
|     + 286384 [s0nspark gma] Ryan, you obviously didn't follow closely enough... :-) That code simply
|       286393 [s0nspark gma] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 285879 [mortonda dgr] I'd expect it to be the other way around, when using Time as opposed
+ 286401 [matz ruby-la] As many pointed out, Windows time library (probably intentionally)
  286404 [s0nspark gma] this respect and working around it is (pardon the pun) time consuming...

^ Way of handling CLI interface for chat program.
285886 [misha onet.r] I'm trying to write simple CLI program which will be some kind of
285891 [tim.pease gm] STDOUT.write "\rThis will overwrite the current line"
285929 [misha onet.r] You can issue STDOUT.write("\e[K"), it will erase whole line and you
285937 [james graypr] This doesn't clear the lines as you were asking for, but hopefully it

^ Why doesn't this file read work for me?
285892 [pbailey bna.] I need to open files, just the first 75 bytes of them, and determine if
+ 285896 [mguterl gmai] String#scan returns an array.  So you can check the size.
| 285904 [pbailey bna.] Thank you very much, Michael. I used .match and it works fine now.
+ 285897 [stefano.croc] Because String#scan always returns an array, which is empty if there were n=
  285906 [pbailey bna.] Yup. This helps a lot. I used .match and it worked beautifully.

^ some threads are not starting
285908 [junkone1 gma] I have this code to start 4 prog in 4 separate threads. however 2 of
285927 [ara.t.howard] unless you have a *very* good reason not too always put
285933 [junkone1 gma] you mean like

^ Get your hands dirty: Help bootstrap Ruby on Windows.
285910 [luislavena g] This was asked, and asked, and asked too many times, so here we go.
+ 285912 [billk cts.co] Just to clarify... What does "bootstrapped from scratch" mean
| + 285915 [jftucker gma] As low as he (we) can go. At the moment, it's in ruby (as per the code
| | 285918 [luislavena g] The idea is Bootstrap Ruby with Ruby, like Rubinius guys are doing.
| | 285931 [jftucker gma] Right, shame one can't do the whole implement Jump, branch and then
| + 285916 [luislavena g] Don't know if that is the right terminology (since I'm not a native
+ 285969 [nobu ruby-la] Seems manifest task in ruby18.rake doesn't close the target
| 285971 [luislavena g] Thank you Nobu, I didn't give attention to manifest since I was using
+ 285976 [znmeb cesmai] Aren't they in MSys?
  285991 [luislavena g] They are inside the compressed tar.gz and tar.bz2 files... how I'm
  + 285995 [hramrach cen] If youcan afford relying on ruby stdlib, there is zlib which can do
  | + 285997 [hramrach cen] And you can get bzip2 at
  | | 286007 [luislavena g] Thank you again.
  | + 286006 [luislavena g] Thank you Michal,
  |   286017 [hramrach cen] The decompression is handled by zlib so this should not be that much
  + 286009 [halostatue g] .gz and .tar.gz files aren't hard to deal with since a working Ruby
    286018 [hramrach cen] Yes, it just does not handle bzip2 which is used to compress the mingw
    286019 [jftucker gma] 7za.exe from the 7z distribution is both open source, and really small.
    286029 [luislavena g] Until 'we' switch to other alternatives, either pure-ruby or externals
    286668 [luislavena g] No more!

^ Please forward to RoR crowd ( my news-server doesn't carry, and I'm not getting Goog Account :)
285914 [bogodress An] Article on Cross Site Request forgery, saying that only a solution internal-to-the-server can break the technique, and only if
+ 286145 [mick hollins] I use news.gmane.org for viewing/posting to comp.lang.ruby.rails. No
+ 286149 [pstickne gma] I haven't been keeping up on RoR, but different frameworks such as

^ Why does this code not return what I expect it to?
285919 [dominicjeffe] Heres the code. Why does it miss out the "a" character?
+ 285920 [stefano.croc] I guess because the space before the 'a' is not a word character, so ' a'=20
| 285924 [stefano.croc] Actually, the situation is a little more complex than I first thought, beca=
+ 285921 [mortonda dgr] your regex mataches 2 letter word characters.  "a" is only one.
| 285926 [dominicjeffe] Thanks
+ 285922 [mike stok.ca] Have you researched what the \w matches in a regular expression, and

^ Troubles with blocks
285940 [pyarnau gmai] I am a Python programmer and I've just started learning Ruby. Until now,
+ 285943 [jameskilton ] Hmm, I can't find a shorter way than what you've got. Why are you trying to
+ 285944 [gwtmp01 mac.] require 'enumerator'
| 285949 [pyarnau gmai] Thanks! that's exactly what I was looking for. I had already tried the
+ 285945 [denis hennes] ...
+ 285946 [mental rydia] ['a','b','c'].enum_with_index.to_a
  285948 [jameskilton ] Ah, that's where enum_with_index is. I was wondering why it wasn't working

^ Finding if an array contains a data type
285951 [dominicjeffe] Say I wanted to see if an array contained a number or not. Would I use
+ 285952 [dchelimsky g] Not sure if this is the simplest way, but if you're looking for actual
| 285955 [dominicjeffe] Spot on, thanks.
+ 285958 [TimHunter nc] Nice try, but match matches strings and you're wanting numbers.
| 285961 [dchelimsky g] Sam - I'd go with Tim's suggestion (.any?) rather than what I proposed (.find).
| 285962 [dchelimsky g] Although I wonder what your opinion (Tim) is on is_a? vs ===.
| 285964 [TimHunter nc] My opinion carries no weight whatsoever, but fwiw, I always use is_a? or
| 285982 [sepp2k googl] Try to remember it like this: The one that defines the behaviour of === (i.e.
| 286078 [dan zeraweb.] On Jan 3, 11:58=A0pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
+ 285960 [carlosjhr64 ] Several ways to test, but probably I'd like best
+ 285968 [vjoel path.b] x=["a","b",2, "c"]

^ The great Ruby web framework multi-app challenge
285954 [ben ducktype] I've been thinking a lot about multi-app web projects, and how none of
+ 285956 [james graypr] Camping has some support for this built-in.  Like most things Camping
+ 285970 [khaines enig] (*shrug*)  I do it in IOWA all the time.  Core site.  Forum.  Tools for
  + 286168 [blinketje gm] T24gSmFuIDMsIDIwMDggNjozMSBQTSwgPGtoYWluZXNAZW5pZ28uY29tPiB3cm90ZToKCj4gT24g
  | 286170 [pstickne gma] I think part of the problem is the MVC approach taken by Rails.
  + 286281 [ben ducktype] Kirk,

^ mkmf and quoting -L and -I paths
285959 [ruby j-davis] It seems that there are multiple versions of mkmf around, and they have

^ Don't write your own X (was: Zed Shaw - Ruby has dodged a bullet)
285963 [michael schu] I'd consider it bad advice to tell people to "write your own X so you
+ 285974 [znmeb cesmai] Well, except for Forth. The traditional way of learning Forth is to
| 286316 [pstickne gma] Research. Research. Research.
+ 286016 [eeklund gmai] My opinion: You often cannot do this evaluation until you have written
  286024 [garbagecat10] There's a great deal of merit in both points of view. But there may be a
  286025 [jeremymcanal] Maintaining third party libraries becomes exponentially easier when
  286057 [michael schu] I think both points of view -- use existings libs and write your own --

^ Gem Trouble on OS X - resolved
285966 [benjohn fysh] A while ago I posted that I was having trouble with Ruby Gems on OS X.

^ how to lock a ruby definition ?
285979 [bad_good_lio] def self.def1
286315 [pstickne gma] x = []

^ http post is async or sync?
285980 [renu 2cast.n] I am using
286314 [pstickne gma] Synchronous. But of course you could test this in IRB.
286354 [renu 2cast.n] Thanks.How can I make an asynchronus call?
286355 [garbagecat10] If you're willing to rearrange your application, you can use
286411 [pstickne gma] I don't see any particular reason why threads wouldn't work either.

^ How to put a Ruby website online without rails
285981 [softmindtech] I would like to develop a website totally in Ruby.
+ 285987 [mailing.mr g] there is mod_ruby just like mod_php.
+ 285989 [vasyl.smirno] You may want to try FastCGI, specifically, fcgi library for Ruby (gem
| 285996 [chiology gma] If what you want is PHP-like, why don't you use PHP? You certainly
| + 286123 [dangerwillro] as far as the language you choose, it all depends on what you want to
| + 286230 [james.britt ] There are a good number of well-designed tools, each opinionated in
|   286252 [yudi.xue gma] Ramaze looks good, gotta take a look. Thanks :-)
|   286449 [jdinkel buco] Here is a forum post that tells you how to embed ruby script into
|   286453 [hramrach cen] I suggest you stay away from mod_ruby because it is not as clean as it
|   291231 [ged FaerieMU] This statement is completely fallacious. If you exercise just the
|   291238 [cwdinfo gmai] Yes, I am interested. There is a widely-held perception based on
|   + 291264 [softmindtech] Sorry for jumping in.
|   | + 291267 [ben bleythin] What?  It's written fine.  What makes you say it's not?
|   | + 291276 [ged FaerieMU] It's not? Shugo-san will be very surprised, I think, to learn that
|   | + 291277 [chris avonda] Just my own opinion but I think that anyone who is "demanding and
|   + 291273 [ged faeriemu] mod_ruby, at its core, is two things: a Ruby interpreter embedded into
|     291321 [cwdinfo gmai] I don't think that the issue is of mod_ruby, but rather of people's
|     + 291352 [shevegen lin] I totally understand your point. I also have not had much luck on
|     + 291542 [ged FaerieMU] I'm not sure what different behavior you're referring to. mod_ruby
+ 286035 [  hu x0r.org] I had a very nice experience with ERUBY. Eruby was easy to install on a
+ 286166 [jdinkel buco] I have wondered this same thing.  Sometimes a web framework isn't the
| 286169 [pstickne gma] And the good news is ... FRAMEWORKS DON'T HAVE TO EAT YOUR SOUL! :)
| 286173 [softmindtech] Let me come out clear. I do not know PHP, neither i am a Php guy.
| + 286174 [mailing.mr g] You can just use Erubis + Ruby + Apache with mod_fcgi or Mongrel
| | 286175 [softmindtech] @Marcin,
| | 286177 [mailing.mr g] You have technology in name, you should be able to read technical
| + 286209 [fedzor gmail] I know EXACTLY what you're looking for :-)
+ 286220 [jeremymcanal] Just FYI, I released a framework called Vintage last night that's