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^ M'I`5'Persecu tion ' M I5 W aste Tax payer Mill ions on P ointless Hate-Campai gn
284825 [fvfevfvmv ya] MI5. Persecution Update: Friday 30 April, 1999

^ M-I,5-Persecutio n - Fo ur Yea rs of M I5 Pers ecution Pos ts on Int ernet Newsgroups
284827 [emvef yahoo.] Four. Years of "MI5 Persecution" Posts on Internet Newsgroups

^ M`I'5`Persecuti on ` BBC  Newscaste rs L ie & D eny Theyre  Watchin g Me
284830 [vifif yahoo.] MI5 Persecution: BBC Newscasters. Lie & Deny They're Watching Me

^ M-I'5`Persec ution ` Mole station d uring Tr avel
284832 [evivmf yahoo] MI5 Persecution: Molestation. during Travel

^ using a module to create an object
284835 [hawat.thufir] The following runs, which is good.  But, I get these "nil" outputs for
284849 [frederick.ch] You known that this produces a floating point number between 0 & 1
284885 [hawat.thufir] 1.)  Frederick, you're always helping me out :)
284887 [frederick.ch] rand(n) with n integer gives you random integers less than n
284947 [hawat.thufir] Ok, it works.  I would've sworn that the other way worked, but apparently

^ Temporary hacked gem for Hpricot to work on 1.9
284839 [m.fellinger ] I just spent a while to port Hpricot to ruby 1.9 and finally had
284878 [why ruby-lan] Oh, hey, that's great!  Just checked changes into Hpricot trunk to
+ 284891 [znmeb cesmai] Thanks!! Now all I need is "rcov" and I can start testing BDD with Ruby
+ 285596 [ruby-forum t] And another.. http://p.ramaze.net/60

^ gem install can not work in Cygwin Ruby1.9?
284850 [wujunchen gm] $ ruby -v

^ File path
284852 [advait.bellu] I needed to know how to find the path of a file at a particulat
284977 [shortcutter ] The usual solution is to put the path into a variable or constant and
284979 [advait.bellu] Thank you very much the method of assigning to a variable and then using

^ Destroying an Object
284867 [ken.awamura ] p = new Object
+ 284869 [TimHunter nc] First, it's
| 284871 [ken.awamura ] Does ruby's garbage collector really work, or it's as lame as .NET
| 284877 [TimHunter nc] It really works.
| + 284883 [tom accident] it won't be gc'd until all references to the object are gone... if you
| | 284889 [ssmoot gmail] Eh... I'm less a fan of Ruby's GC. As a former c# developer, I'm
| | + 284893 [ken.awamura ] I'm doing .NET since 2002 (web stuff) and although it really improved
| | + 284969 [ryand-ruby z] That's conservative GC for ya... *shrug* It has never been much of an
| |   285006 [rick.denatal] It's a general feature of most GC algorithms, not just conservative*
| |   285057 [ryand-ruby z] It isn't a (usually) failure of GC algorithms, it is (usually) a
| |   285356 [ssmoot gmail] Neither does .NET's GC IIRC. Which is why the posts interested me. ;)
| |   285397 [rick.denatal] So both of these GC implementations return the space used by every
| |   285441 [ryand-ruby z] attribute of conservative GCs (or any GC I know of). Instantaneous
| |   285466 [rick.denatal] Well NEVER is a long time.
| + 284890 [twarlick gma] That's not entirely correct.  The newest .NET GC uses an algorithm
|   284892 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I think some universities still give degrees for garbage
+ 285472 [djberg96 gma] Take off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  + 285507 [sohdubom yah] See, it's the same in .NET world ... they have CG.collect, obj.dispose,
  + 285549 [lojicdotcom ] Awesome :)

^ [ANN] charlie 0.6.0 Released - A genetic algorithms library.
284872 [sander.land ] I'm pleased to announce the second public release of charlie, a

^ OT: Who was that guy?  (was: OT: Polyglot programming article?)
284874 [ news jay.fm] Now you're REALLY dating yourself... for me, the guy with the shirt in that
284976 [martindemell] All I know is it wasn't Hugh Jackman :)

^ ruby and dde
284875 [junkone1 gma] is there any ruby libraries or ole libriries for dde. am looking high

^ RMagick src install on Cygwin?
284880 [mmpeters gma] Has anyone had success installing RMagick on Cygwin? I'm having an issue
284895 [TimHunter nc] convert label:abcdef test.gif

^ fastest way to remove this strange character
284881 [junkone1 gma] I was trying out the roo gem and encountered this issue. when i do a
+ 284884 [bulliver bad] => [99, 117, 114, 114, 101, 110, 116, 84, 114, 97, 100, 101]
+ 284911 [jan.svitok g] It's unicode - so you may use iconv to convert to whatever 8-bit

^ Purpose of Ruby 1.9?
284894 [radek.bulat ] First of all I want to thank Matz and Ko1 for yours great work! I
+ 284896 [grabber gmai] WW91IGFyZSBhc2tpbmcgdmVyeSB1c2VmdWxsIHF1ZXN0aW9ucyEgV2VsbC4uLiB3ZSBuZWVkIHdh
| 284905 [kriswindham ] in the Desktop reference by Matz, printed in 2002,
| 284906 [rick.denatal] Matz announced a change to this versioning policy a few months ago on
| 284908 [dave pragpro] Dave
| + 284910 [rick.denatal] I just answered a post from someone on the Textmate forum who
| | 284915 [radek.bulat ] Matz and others - thanks for answers. It's great news for me. I'm
| + 284952 [botpena gmai] will it be "safe" to say that the baptism of fire for ruby1.9 is
|   + 284953 [fxn hashref.] Wouldn't that be a Rails goal?
|   | 284959 [frederick.ch] I know of at least one bug in 1.9 that breaks certain bits of rails (http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-core/14379
|   + 284955 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... *after* it works on RSpec, rcov, flog, heckle, ZenTest, and all
|     285000 [rick.denatal] Keep in mind that Ruby 1.9 is really a new language,  Matz and co
|     + 285005 [kriswindham ] I don't believe that can happen..
|     + 285025 [luislavena g] Exactly, 1.9.0 was labeled a "development" release, not a stable, not
|     + 285045 [ed.odanow wo] I don't think so. Add a YOU-SHOULD-REALLY.README file which strongly
|     + 285073 [znmeb cesmai] Or Perl 6, which apparently will *never* be adopted. :)
|       285093 [shevegen lin] I dont think that is a huge problem. Just point them to the URL of this
+ 284898 [micathom gma] IIRC this was true for 1.7. I think the "stable" version after 1.6 was
| 284903 [ed.odanow wo] I'm somehow surprised, because it was named since a long time what is
| 284909 [matz ruby-la] Yes, it's complete and correct.
+ 285128 [l.g.chin gma] SGkKCk9uIERlYyAyNywgMjAwNyA1OjUwIEFNLCBSYWRvc7NhdyBCdbNhdCA8cmFkZWsuYnVsYXRA
  + 285185 [rick.denatal] So I guess this means that version 1.9.0 will change at the end of
  | 285248 [matz ruby-la] They will be bug fix versions.  The spec will not be changed.  If
  | 285262 [rick.denatal] But will they all be version 1.9.0?  What's the meaning of version if
  | 285269 [matz ruby-la] Note that the last version was 1.9.0-0.  The forthcoming versions will
  + 285238 [ed.odanow wo] This may produce more confusion than help. There are a lot of things to

^ Speed up ado updates
284904 [lrlebron gma] I have a script that uses ado to update a database. The script works

^ Re: RDocTask and SVN
284913 [benjamin.d.o] I agree with what you say, but this doesn't solve the issue.  This is
284940 [benjamin.d.o] I solved my own problem.  I had tried both the above mentioned command

^ convert excel spreadsheet to csv
284918 [junkone1 gma] is there any library to convert excel file to csv.
+ 284939 [znmeb cesmai] Just use the OLE interface to open the spreadsheet, then do a "save as" CSV.
| 284943 [ratnavelps g] Try ruport.......
| 284946 [renard nc.rr] On Dec 27, 1:29=A0am, Ratnavel Sundaramurthi <ratnave...@gmail.com>
| 284958 [znmeb cesmai] That's what I said ... you have to code it in Ruby, though ... doing it
| + 284967 [shevegen lin] lol
| + 284984 [shortcutter ] ... but very _pragmatic_! ;-)
+ 284968 [thopre gmail] try the gem 'roo'!
  284982 [junkone1 gma] roo does not export ms excel spreadsheets. it only does open office
  + 284989 [doodpants ma] The web site at http://roo.rubyforge.org/ claims that it works with
  + 285008 [thopre gmail] I will fix this in the next release.
  + 285165 [thopre gmail] Excel#to_csv is  now available again in release 0.8.2

^ ruby libraries  dde
284919 [junkone1 gma] is there any ruby libraries or ole libriries for dde. am looking high

^ Re: array.index(obj, start)?
284922 [MonkeeSage g] s = "stuff<more stuff<this is sure alot of stuff"

^ Re: using reg expr with array.index
284923 [MonkeeSage g] ['aaaa', '>bbbb', 'cccc'].find { | e | e =~ /^>/ }
284934 [MonkeeSage g] There's no built-in way that I'm aware of. You have to iterate over
+ 284991 [shortcutter ] How about this one - kind of pseudo built in. :-)
+ 284998 [MonkeeSage g] - It's not very efficient to do all that iteration and slicing.
  + 285342 [MonkeeSage g] No problem. What is really cool about the ruby community is that
  | 285434 [MonkeeSage g] For me, one of the greatest things about the ruby community is that
  | + 285449 [shortcutter ] ... in which case I'd rather use the block form because then the FH is
  | + 285638 [shortcutter ] I'm sorry, but this is wrong.  You either need to do
  |   285669 [shortcutter ] Note that this page does not claim automated closing of the IO object
  + 285368 [shortcutter ] Esmail (btw, is that a real name?), since you are dealing with files I
    285639 [shortcutter ] Ah, ok.  I knew "Ismael" but did not know that it could also be spelled
    285671 [shortcutter ] I thought you needed the whole sequence to detect duplicates.  If you

^ Capturing error msgs from output = `cmd`
284925 [victor.reyes] works fine.
284927 [TimHunter nc] When you use backticks to capture the output from a command, what you
284933 [james graypr] Well, you could fold STDERR into STDOUT.  In my Unix shell that's done
+ 284935 [tom accident] it does make it a bit easier to do error checking/handling (by
+ 284936 [tom accident] just saw that i duplicated a response.  sorry.
  284995 [victor.reyes] Team,
  284999 [stefano.croc] Are you trying it in IRB? in this case, maybe what you see is the return=20
  285020 [victor.reyes] Well I have partial success at last!

^ Help needed with CGI Sessions
284942 [lordmyth gma] I'm having lots of trouble figuring out how CGI sessions work...

^ Saving files to harddrive
284944 [brinco.cs gm] I'm wondering if it's possible to save a file to a harddrive with Ruby.
284949 [raasdnil gma] Of course

^ Re: calling a ruby program from java script
284945 [ratnavelps g] This is how i used once....
284948 [troydowling ] I'd really like to see the implementation of ruby in your JScript. If it=
284951 [raulparolari] Pradeepta,
284962 [pradeepta.sw] Thanx 4 ur suggestion . Actually i m  a newbie to ruby and
285068 [raulparolari] Pradeepta,

^ Ruby 1.9.0: Gnome bindings broken
284954 [fluido fluid] I am glad to see that ruby 1.9 is a reality, with great work done in
+ 284965 [shevegen lin] I think we have to wait for the ruby-gnome maintainers on that.
+ 284966 [frederick.ch] I know nothing about gnome, but this looks like it might hit a known

^ Add Array#first= and Array#last= to std lib
284960 [shortcutter ] just today I came across a situation where I needed Array#last=
+ 284993 [qbproger gma] an_array[-1] += 1
+ 285015 [george.ogata] I'll bite... ;-)
| 285019 [sepp2k googl] The same thing as "[][-1] =3D 1", I'd imagine.
| 285042 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 27, 9:55 am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
| + 285056 [transfire gm] I don't see what you are getting at here. #pop is destructive, #last
| | 285062 [MonkeeSage g] IOW, #pop returns a value, and this is just what #last does. One could
| | + 285064 [sepp2k googl] How is [] different in that regard? That only returns a value, too.
| | | 285066 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 27, 1:38 pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
| | | 285067 [sepp2k googl] That [] there is an emtpy array. That's not the [] I was talking about.
| | | 285331 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 27, 1:58 pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
| | | 285335 [gwtmp01 mac.] Why do you shift your terminology when talking about last?  Using
| | | 285345 [MonkeeSage g] class Array
| | | 285365 [shortcutter ] I do not understand your talking of "removing a level of abstraction".
| | | + 285370 [shevegen lin] ewww. what is this :(
| | | + 285377 [george.ogata] I think I'm sold on the idea.  I don't see the extra semantics of
| | | + 285436 [MonkeeSage g] I guess I still wasn't being clear (hey, I'm trying!). I understand
| | |   285450 [shortcutter ] Oh no, please don't do that!  Now I will be wandering about for the rest
| | + 285084 [renard nc.rr] ou'd also
| | | 285088 [sepp2k googl] There is no need for Array#last or Array#first
| | | + 285095 [shortcutter ] With the same argument you can throw out a lot of library methods
| | | | 285149 [sepp2k googl] I'm not quite sure whether you're talking to bbiker or me, but if you're
| | | + 285098 [shevegen lin] I think if you combine this with that here (about .last and .first)
| | + 285094 [shortcutter ] This is getting weirder and weirder.  I do not follow your argument here
| + 285069 [sepp2k googl] Ok, I'm confused. You seem to be saying that first and last are different than
| + 285096 [shortcutter ] I do not see why allowing last= would make lasts(n)= necessary.
|   285151 [sepp2k googl] For consistency. I believe that any method foo= should be equivalent to the
|   285164 [shortcutter ] You're right. Actually I was not aware that you could actually use an
|   + 285219 [transfire gm] On Dec 28, 6:39 am, "Robert Klemme" <shortcut...@googlemail.com>
|   + 285326 [renard nc.rr] o the
+ 285081 [renard nc.rr] There's already array#last and array#first
  285099 [shortcutter ] Well, yes.  But I don't want to.  Instead I'd rather use last= and
  + 285108 [yu_raku_an y] In this case, I think the best way for you is to do it by yourself.
  | 285146 [shortcutter ] I am aware of that, thanks.  The whole point of this discussion was to
  + 285152 [sepp2k googl] it.

^ [ANN] ZenTest 3.7.1 Released
284961 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 3.7.1 has been released!

^ [BUG] Ruby 1.9.0: possible bug when subclassing BasicObject
284963 [m.fellinger ] I noticed a problem with constant lookup in Ruby 1.9.0 when
285002 [rick.denatal] It seems to me that this is the way it should work.
285018 [fxn hashref.] I think it is a mere consequence of BasicObject not being an Object
285022 [m.fellinger ] Thank you very much, that's what i suspected. Quite useful actually.

^ Need urgent help !
284964 [pradeepta.sw] I m  a newbie to ruby and

^ where can i find mysql gem to download for windows
284972 [pradeepta.sw] where can i find mysql gem to download for windows
284974 [luislavena g] gem install mysql

^ about method docs
284980 [thisissantan] I started learning ruby recently (yesterday). I am using the
284988 [jeremymcanal] I believe you can use `help`.  For example:  help puts
284992 [thisissantan] First of all, thanks for your response.
+ 284994 [jeremymcanal] Oops.  The `puts` keyword is a bad example. :)
| 285021 [george.ogata] There are no keywords here; #help is just a method that expects a
| 285028 [thisissantan] Thanks. That solved my last problem with irb. After I compiled
+ 285001 [MonkeeSage g] Maybe there are ri / ruby-doc / ruby-dev packages that provide the
  + 285024 [thisissantan] Thanks. Just now I compiled ruby-1.9 and installed it with docs. Now,
  | + 285026 [stephen.dunc] -Stephen
  | | 285029 [thisissantan] Thanks. That works. By the way, "help 'Array.collect'" works too.
  | | 285034 [MonkeeSage g] "#" and "." are equivalent, "::" is for class methods (and other
  | | 285046 [thisissantan] I know what you mean. I have a puppy.  :-)
  | | 285337 [dangerwillro] you might also just consider having another terminal window open and
  | + 285032 [MonkeeSage g] Sure, be glad to. :)
  |   285036 [MonkeeSage g] # help about the instance method "reverse_each"
  + 285503 [devi.webmast] I'm not sure which package they're in, but for the record, the

^ Bloki
284981 [pikEISPAMMMs] ...

^ change string to date error
284983 [junkone1 gma] i get the following error. wonder why
284990 [fwmailinglis] $ irb
285047 [junkone1 gma] cal'
285053 [MonkeeSage g] Here ya go, eh. ;)

^ vala and ruby
284987 [flashdog gmx] it possible create Vala's c-code compatible to Swig.

^ Port Ruby on Rails Application
285003 [snoopy1990 g] I have to leave my old server, so I did a backup and saved my ruby on
+ 285011 [frederick.ch] Hard to say without something more descriptive than 'an Error'.
+ 285012 [mgreenly gma] Yes Rails applications can be sensitive to the version of Ruby, Rails or
  285016 [snoopy1990 g] Ok, I use my first one, this application run on Freebsd without any
  + 285017 [snoopy1990 g] %./script/server
  + 285027 [luislavena g] On Dec 27, 12:48 pm, Snoop1990 Snoop1990 <snoopy1...@googlemail.com>
  | 285030 [snoopy1990 g] Sorry I do not get this!
  | 285033 [snoopy1990 g] $ ./script/server
  | 285035 [frederick.ch] This app has gems frozen in vendor
  | 285038 [snoopy1990 g] As you see in the posts above the Application created on Linux works on
  | 285041 [luislavena g] On Dec 27, 2:29 pm, Snoop1990 Snoop1990 <snoopy1...@googlemail.com>
  + 285037 [mgreenly gma] It sounds like gems are not available?
    285039 [snoopy1990 g] As you see above on both server's we have WEBrick 1.3.1 and  ruby 1.8.6
    285082 [mgreenly gma] It looks like your problem is that rubygems is not installed and the
    285089 [snoopy1990 g] Ok I am going to do that ! thank you all for your support !

^ How do I get the hostname or IP address during a TCPServer "conversation"
285004 [victor.reyes] I have a client which connects to the simple server listed below.
285023 [MonkeeSage g] TCPSocket#peeraddr. E.g.,