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^ undefined method `create'
284472 [hawat.thufir] I want to create one creature and write it to the dwemthys.db, and I'm
284474 [hawat.thufir] Got it with some help!  :)

^ inheritance with ORM (ActiveRecord)
284476 [hawat.thufir] Maybe this is for the rails group since it involves ActiveRecord?  In any

^ Uninstall
284489 [jocke gnu.or] How do you uninstall a compiled version of Ruby in GNU/Linux?
+ 284513 [rogerpack200] rpm's might come with an uninstall feature.  If not that then you maybe
+ 284516 [subscription] What distribution? When you say compiled, do you mean you built from source

^ Ruby bug reading from /dev/urandom after failed require?
284492 [boonedocks g] I've been trying to track down a bug that surfaced when trying to
284495 [matz ruby-la] Could you describe how it fails for those who don't use Cygwin
285706 [boonedocks g] On Dec 22 2007, 10:47=A0am, Yukihiro Matsumoto <m...@ruby-lang.org>
285739 [nobu ruby-la] Sorry that I missed your post.  Fixed it just now.
285752 [boonedocks g] Excellent! Thank you.

^ [ANN] bj-0.0.3
284496 [ara.t.howard] NAME

^ no method error (because of unknown variable type)
284499 [fbogdanovic ] #---------------------
+ 284500 [TimHunter nc] Spell it "eof?", not "eof".
+ 284501 [decurnex.rob] used with files open as readeble like file_1( 'bla.txt', 'w' ).
+ 284502 [sepp2k googl] You assume you get the error message when the method is defined. This is not
| 284503 [decurnex.rob] I insist, is not a problem of eof or eof?, they are both defined. The
| 284504 [sepp2k googl] Okay, I was wrong that the eof method doesn't exist. But if you have a File
+ 284508 [fbogdanovic ] Problem solved !
  284668 [MonkeeSage g] You can use 'r+' as the open mode if you want reading and writing

^ merry xmas tunes for rubyists
284505 [ara.t.howard] a @ http://codeforpeople.com/

^ Diagnosing error in command line input
284510 [dthacker blu] I'm working on a program (my first) that will need to read user input (a file
284512 [shugotenshi ] The object pointed to by Readline::HISTORY is not an object that can be

^ Ruby on Rails Development Assistance
284515 [brett custom] We have a 3 month Ruby on Rails project that we need assistance with. We

^ Any lalr parser generator for ruby?
284521 [tommy.nordgr] Are there any well tested lalr parser generators available for ruby?
284526 [ryand-ruby z] racc ships with a runtime in ruby stdlib. to compile you need to

^ [ANN] hoe 1.4.0 Released
284523 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.4.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ParseTree 2.1.0 Released
284524 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.8 Released
284525 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.8 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby_parser 1.0.0 Released
284528 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ZenTest 3.7.0 Released
284529 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 3.7.0 has been released!
284530 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"
284531 [ryand-ruby z] it won't last long...
284534 [konrad tyler] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Tcl/Tk 8.5
284533 [rugowski nhw] I would like to know what are plans related to Tcl/Tk 8.5 release. Will
284970 [nagai ai.kyu] Ruby/Tk on ruby-1.9.0 includes partial support for Tcl/Tk8.5.

^ [ANN] ParseTree 2.1.1 Released
284537 [ryand-ruby z] (oops)

^ system function respond
284538 [pavel989 gma] i understand that using system returns a boolean. but how can i get the
284541 [TimHunter nc] Use backticks.
284545 [pavel989 gma] well the thing is that when using system, the output is a boolean bc it
+ 284548 [ara.t.howard] stdout = `#{ command }`
| 284553 [pavel989 gma] other way around (unless im wrong). i want the output rather then the
+ 284558 [sepp2k googl] DON'T use system. Use backticks.
  284578 [pavel989 gma] i finally realized that a backtick is  a `. sorry amd thank you very

^ Simple Captcha : Zero Dependecy Captcha for Rails
284539 [sur.max gmai] Finally after long wait, the next stable release of the fun-du, simple

^ using a variable to build a regex
284540 [dthacker blu] I need to search a roster file (plain text) to match for a player name.   I
+ 284542 [TimHunter nc] /#{player}/
+ 284543 [phrogz mac.c] In a string literal, "player" would also be the actual string "player"
+ 284551 [kbloom gmail] You can use #{} substitution in a Regexp, the same way you can in a

^ unsubscribe
284546 [perfect.outs] ...

^ unsubscribe
284547 [juapdiaz gma] unsubscribe
284554 [khebin yahoo] unsubscribe

^ (none)
284549 [perfect.outs] unsubscribe

^ Re:
284552 [ryand-ruby z] ...

^ Fairly elementary UNIX question
284555 [rsteckly wha] charset="us-ascii"
+ 284557 [sepp2k googl] "script to a terminal" is maybe the wrong term, because there is no termina=
+ 284572 [kbloom gmail] like files) by default, the standard input, standard output, and
| 284574 [shortcutter ] Sorry to nitpick, but if you start a program from the shell without a
+ 284576 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... not so much on the wrong track as on the wrong mailing list. :)
  284577 [znmeb cesmai] P.S.: I just did this on my system and there's a dependency on

^ [PATCH] more 1.9 warning fixes
284556 [drbrain segm] May I apply these patches?
284582 [matz ruby-la] Yes.

^ unsubscribe
284559 [marwa.abdelm] unsubscribe plz

^ Problem building Ruby addon with Vista
284561 [julian.harna] I'm currently looking into developing Ruby addons. I'd like to use Windows
284564 [luislavena g] On 23 dic, 11:11, "Julian Harnath" <julian.harn...@rwth-aachen.de>
284566 [julian.harna] Ok, I will look into that.

^ module_eval differences between 1.8 & 1.9
284562 [frederick.ch] module Foo
+ 284563 [frederick.ch] That should of course say
+ 284666 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 23, 8:40 am, Frederick Cheung <frederick.che...@gmail.com>
+ 284759 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 23, 8:40 am, Frederick Cheung <frederick.che...@gmail.com>
  284760 [frederick.ch] The private method stuff is a red herring - that's how things get
  284764 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 25, 3:49 pm, Frederick Cheung <frederick.che...@gmail.com>

^ strange issue iwth sending smtp with gmail
284567 [junkone1 gma] When i use this class and execute it, it works fine. i am able to send
284569 [junkone1 gma] _name),
284592 [hawat.thufir] Not at all, it was quite interesting and gives food for thought :)

^ [ANN] Scoped Proxy 1.0
284568 [eule space.c] == What?

^ std out message from threads
284570 [junkone1 gma] thread1=Thread.new do

^ Ruby multimedia player
284571 [tim njoyscie] I hope this is the right place to put this--if it's not, could someone
284611 [alex pressur] I don't know how it's done in KDE, but in wxRuby you can use the

^ Java-Annotations in Ruby?
284573 [shevegen lin] @AjaxCallable public static void deleteImage(int imageId) { .. }
+ 284789 [wieczo.yo go] I am just reading Matz's Ruby plans for the
| 284797 [shevegen lin] I am totally "neutral" on this - right now I try to understand if, and
| 284844 [shortcutter ] You could search the archives for "method metadata" or "metadata" in
+ 285051 [transfire gm] Facets has an annotations system

^ eval a file
284579 [devi.webmast] Basically, I was wondering if it is possible in Ruby to eval a file
+ 284581 [vjoel path.b] Can't help with the first part (it may not be possible, AFAIK). But the
+ 284583 [jeremymcanal] Probably not the best solution, but you could load the code into an

^ Regexp to extra a all numbers
284584 [truegrundler] I'm trying to get an array of every number in a string that is grouped
284586 [TimHunter nc] You're very close. Try this
284588 [truegrundler] Excellent. Thanks so much Tim.

^ unsubscribe
284585 [malugu.satya] unsubscribe

^ faster csv locking file
284587 [junkone1 gma] I run this in a loop and the fastercsv locks up the file. how do i
284603 [jan.svitok g] -                   rows=FasterCSV.open("c:\\temp\\report.txt",

^ RubyWget / "Axel"
284589 [shevegen lin] "Axel does the same thing any other accelerator does: it opens more than
284591 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"

^ [HighLine] stty: stdin isn't a terminal
284590 [fedzor gmail] Hey
284593 [james graypr] I can't seem to see this paste at the moment.  :/

^ Unable to run the code
284594 [pradeepta.sw] I am trying to get  a webpage using this code
+ 284595 [cwdinfo gmai] req = http.get('/test.txt')
+ 284610 [stefan mahli] Do you have a firewall or proxy between your PC and the internet? I

^ still getting error
284596 [pradeepta.sw] Still getting the same errors ,i am using ruby 1.8.4 in windows XP
+ 284598 [dzwell gmail] It works for me, as written, and I'm using ruby 1.8.6. I believe the API
| 284600 [pradeepta.sw] Thanx for ur reply ,but i just cannot run the code . Do i need ruby
| 284602 [dzwell gmail] If nobody can reply that knows how to do this with ruby-1.8.5, then the
+ 284605 [shugotenshi ] I've run your code on Ruby 1.8.6 on OS X, so this could either be a

^ Still cannot connect to http
284597 [pradeepta.sw] I m still getting the error . I am new to ruby . I am using ruby 1.8.4

^ Unable to connect to http
284601 [pradeepta.sw] I am trying to get  a webpage using this code

^ zsh and ruby functions
284604 [lister pikkl] i am trying to get zshell to use some ruby scripts transparently but
+ 284676 [dzwell gmail] Well, I've never used zsh, but you can just call "ruby
| 284677 [thomas.adam2] This is what the "command" builtin is useful for.
+ 284678 [ben.lipton g] These are shots in the dark, as I haven't used zsh, but just maybe one of

^ access contents of the output windows
284606 [junkone1 gma] I am running this as a separate thread.
+ 284609 [shugotenshi ] You can try using IO.popen (`ri IO.popen` from the command line) or try
+ 284612 [s.korteling ] output = `start

^ What happened when i invoke Thread.current.stop
284607 [jiesong.yuan] th1 = Thread.new {
284608 [gethemant gm] put Thread.abort_on_exception = true at top and get more enlightening
284617 [jiesong.yuan] Thanks for the help!

^ Loading .rb files in IRb
284616 [gudnihilmars] I am trying to get IRb to load a file. I am running a fresh install of
284620 [fred lacave.] It really should work.  Note that path and file names are probably
284622 [gudnihilmars] Thanks for the Reply Fred...

^ [RAILS] Salesforce integration with Rails app
284618 [arjun4ruby g] I have problem here and have searched a lot on net but did not get any
284645 [ryand-ruby z] please direct these sorts of questions to the rubyonrails mailing list

^ notify a web-service: sending non-blocking http requests
284619 [lister pikkl] i want to notify a webservice of something, but not wait for the
+ 284621 [cjs cynic.ne] HTTP doesn't let you do this reliably. The best thing to do is change
+ 284634 [garbagecat10] If you're able to use the Ruby/EventMachine library, it solves this problem

^ Can't compile
284623 [christian su] /home/cpet2308/privat/DivRubyTing/ruby-clean/tool/instruction.rb:1318:in `encode': transcoding not supported (from ASCII-8BIT to ISO-8859-1) (ArgumentError)

^ Ruby DBI
284624 [praveen pers] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+ 284648 [diegoslice g] I think you'll find that Ruby's DBI works very well and you should give
+ 284654 [grzm seespot] I've been happily using Ruby DBI as is. Of course, test it to make
| 284873 [joey joeygib] I've also been using Ruby DBI for years without issue. I've written hundreds
| 285502 [timuckun gma] If you using SQL server don't rely on prepare statements to protect
+ 284664 [ciconia gmai] You can give Sequel a try. it provides a simple way to connect to
+ 284809 [gerardo.sant] Same problem I have. Ruby DBI doesn't _look_ finished so I'm trying some O/RMs.

^ Problem with copying array
284625 [jbieger gmai] function that would get a (multidimensional) array, make a copy, make
+ 284627 [bryan raplea] What's your array an array of? Array.dup will copy the array to a new
| + 284629 [jbieger gmai] Thanks for your reply!
| | + 284630 [frederick.ch] You need to do it yourself. It may be pretty common, but the exact
| | + 284631 [shugotenshi ] Your methods of copying the array are correct (though, you should remove
| |   284709 [sepp2k googl] Strings can be copied with the dup method, yes. But if you mean to imply that
| + 284710 [sepp2k googl] a) There are no primitives in ruby. Everything is an object.
+ 284649 [ryand-ruby z] `ri Enumerable#map`
+ 284715 [jan.dvorak k] Another possibility is serialization - it's still your job to make your

^ [ANN] ruby-hbase gem
284626 [bryan raplea] I've released ruby-hbase, a library for connecting Ruby to HBase, the

^ File handling
284628 [advait.bellu] I have to make use of a single associative array to hold two files and I
284660 [shortcutter ] From what you've written it's unclear to me
284688 [caduceass gm] I agree with robert.  I think I know what you want to do, but just am not sure.
284820 [advait.bellu] I am really sorry for not describing by dought properly.
284843 [shortcutter ] What is a "group name"?  I can guess on the student name but am at a
+ 284848 [MonkeeSage g] That was my thought. It seems the OP wants treat two different streams
+ 284917 [caduceass gm] I'm still not sure, but I think Advait wants to search for a line in a
  285007 [advait.bellu] Ya thats right I want to search a line in the file

^ install rubygems on Vista
284632 [chen_li3 yah] Sorry if this quesione is posted.
284637 [luislavena g] Li,
284639 [chen_li3 yah] Here is what I get from the prompt window.
284643 [luislavena g] Can you list the contents of c:\ruby\bin\ ?
284647 [chen_li3 yah] 12/24/2007  12:16 PM    <DIR>          .
284679 [luislavena g] The gem.bat file size is correct, latest One-Click Installer ships
285408 [chen_li3 yah] Sorry for the late response. I am off line for several days.
285418 [luislavena g] Please, look at the first item in your path.... jRuby! :-P
+ 285446 [charles.nutt] Or update JRuby to something more recent. 1.0.1 is pretty old...
+ 285453 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much. I remove the jruby and it works.

^ Sorting Titles in Ruby
284633 [rick.denatal] Before I start writing this, I thought I'd see if something already
+ 284636 [wieczo.yo go] You can use the Linguistics
| 284837 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 24, 12:01 pm, Thomas Wieczorek <wieczo...@googlemail.com>
| 284838 [MonkeeSage g] Err...that's silly. I meant...
| 284841 [MonkeeSage g] What the heck...again...I meant this...
+ 284957 [martindemell] martin
  284997 [rick.denatal] I think that capitalizing a title "properly," whatever that means, is

^ upper arrow key is not worked in irb.  is it bug?
284638 [bad_good_lio] i manually download ruby-1.8.6.tar.gz
284641 [vjoel path.b] Do you have the readline and readline-devel packages installed? If you
284652 [bad_good_lio] thank you Joel VanderWerf  ..now irb working well .but
284653 [bad_good_lio] i tried to install 'stringio' and some related package
+ 284655 [bad_good_lio] actually when i install
+ 284656 [ryand-ruby z] this is _precisely_ why I won't use ubuntu for ruby development.
  284657 [vjoel path.b] There's no need to reference unspeakable acts with middle-eastern

^ C++ Functors and Ruby extensions
284644 [jameskilton ] I wonder if anyone has tried to do what I'm doing and if they've come up
+ 284698 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Jason,
| 284740 [jameskilton ] I'm doing this because I SWIG doesn't work for my current wrapping project.
+ 284790 [GGarramuno a] Your assumption is correct.  You can't do it.  The functor needs to
  284907 [jameskilton ] SWIG does not handle nested classes, a *serious* defect to what I'm trying
  + 284975 [shortcutter ] I'm not too familiar with Boost.  So could you quickly summarize what
  | 284996 [jameskilton ] Boost.Python and luabind are libraries built to make it extremely easy to
  | + 285013 [pbrannan atd] extern "C"
  | + 285090 [shortcutter ] Thanks for taking the time to explain!  I was not aware that something
  + 285009 [pbrannan atd] Your code doesn't use dynamically-generated function pointers; it uses

^ REXML/Amrita2 closing tag
284650 [vasyl.smirno] I've noticed that Amrita2 (which uses REXML), automagically compresses
284658 [phrogz mac.c] ...
284659 [vasyl.smirno] It's sad. REXML looks like an almost abandoned project.
284680 [m.fellinger ] Not perfect, but it fixes your problem (ruby ftw :)
284707 [vasyl.smirno] Thanks a lot, Michael!

^ Trouble with Readline and Building Ruby 1.9
284651 [james.herdma] I'm having a little trouble building Ruby 1.9.  I'm building on
+ 284674 [gmurray clou] grep for the functions showed they were declared in /usr/include/
+ 284689 [han.kessels ] ast
  284813 [yudi.xue gma] I had exactly the same problem.installing readline with ./configure
  284840 [han.kessels ] www.weblogs.uhi.ac.uk/sm00sm/?p=3D291
  284921 [tadatoshi gm] I'm having the same problem.
  284924 [raulparolari] 1) generate readline in the way indicated by Yudi (..make
  284926 [tadatoshi gm] Thank you for your reply, Raul.
  284956 [han.kessels ] Once you succeeded in installing readline in /usr/local, did you point
  285014 [yudi.xue gma] I did, quite a few times.
  285091 [tadatoshi gm] Thank you for your reply, Han.
  288854 [joepeck02 gm] I really, really, really want to thank Han Kessels for this.  Your