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^ Memory leak?
283803 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Does anyone see anything here,
283804 [Bil.Kleb NAS] (@fields[tag] ||= []) << sample

^ MI5-Persecution: No Justice for the Victims of MI5 (29014)
283805 [MI5-Victim m] MI5 Persecution Update: Friday 11 June, 1999

^ Net::Telnet won't close properly
283808 [contact thir] I'm hoping you can help my code to close properly.

^ [OT] Chunky bacon for vegetarians!
283810 [ruby anthrop] I apologize for the offtopic post, but this was just too funny. It's a

^ teams -> members -> users
283811 [indiehead gm] trying to work this out, giving me a headache,
283812 [anthonyeden ] In the future you should post Rails questions to the Rails mailing
283813 [indiehead gm] thanks, sort of works.
+ 283824 [caduceass gm] I don't know your model, but is there a reason why a member and a user
| 283826 [caduceass gm] Well, I certainly must apologize for that rant.  I think I misread
+ 283825 [indiehead gm] nehah!!!
+ 283829 [caduceass gm] Well, if your model is what I think it is, a team doesn't have one
  283831 [indiehead gm] ordinarily you'd be spot on, but in this case each user can only be
  283887 [chiology gma] I think with the unusual model you have (most users often are part of
  283894 [indiehead gm] Totally, I could have done it simpler.
  283913 [caduceass gm] Just be careful.  Deciding to go the route of users in more than one

^ Re: magic / counter-magic? (detect loading file?)
283816 [james graypr] I realize this isn't what you asked, but I don't consider it a bug
+ 283823 [shortcutter ] That sounds strange.  Why would a rails app need IRB?
+ 283844 [james graypr] Ah, I misunderstood.  My apologies.
  283847 [shevegen lin] Heh I once wondered why anything rails related needs my .irbrc (and then
  283848 [rsanheim gma] I have utility_belt 1.0.5, rails 2.0.1, and an app with controllers

^ Curve fitting to data
283833 [phil pricom.] People,
283834 [thomas.adam2] This looks like a prime candidate for GNUPlot -- which ruby has bindings for.
283835 [phil pricom.] Thomas,
+ 283846 [shevegen lin] Whoa, that looks interesting... cant say I know anything to help you,
+ 283850 [alex deletem] You can access the "R" statistical package via Ruby, which seems to have
| + 283853 [znmeb cesmai] 1. There's no such thing as a "universal curve fitting algorithm", in
| + 283855 [phil pricom.] Alex,
+ 283867 [jwmerrill gm] Isn't the result zunzun spit out "wrong"?  The data is most simply
  + 283868 [phil pricom.] JM,
  | 283891 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Phil,
  + 283987 [zunzun.com g] A quadratic indeed fits this function very well.  The

^ Plugin if statement not working :(
283836 [jordon envyg] I'm having a bit of trouble with a Mephisto plugin that doesn't seem to

^ Ruby-GNOME2
283837 [nathanv roge] Getting error during testing the install of Ruby-GNOME2.
283845 [shevegen lin] Sorry if this comes off harsh, but you should not cross-post/write.
283852 [nathanv roge] Sorry, I did not realize that gnome had its own forum.

^ text file to code?
283843 [pavel989 gma] earlier i asked if its possible to load a string as code. but now, lets
283849 [vjoel path.b] You can do that by wrapping the loaded code in a module, and then using
283858 [pavel989 gma] thank you so much

^ Mechanize
283851 [ramirodt gma] I need to parse the contents of a weird web site, that uses a
283856 [aaron tender] Hpricot.buffer_size = 2621444
283857 [ramirodt gma] Thank you !

^ [ANN] Halcyon 0.3.7
283865 [chiology gma] = Halcyon
284208 [gmane auxbus] Matt Todd said...
284245 [chiology gma] It's probably the requirement of JSON that barfed. I need to make the

^ Re: [ANN] Utility Belt 1.0.6 - Rails bug workaround
283869 [fxn hashref.] CONSTANT_FROM_IRBRC = 7
283883 [hutch recurs] I'm not seeing this problem either. I'm using Rails 2.0.1 and dozens
283910 [hutch recurs] I'd be curious to see what's in that sv script.

^ Is there any way to pass further the "hidden" block?
283870 [pluskid gmai] def foo
+ 283874 [ljjarvis gma] Im not sure I fully understand..
+ 283878 [MonkeeSage g] The article you mention is not loading for me (nor is googles cached
+ 283882 [transfire gm] Do you mean, is there a keyword #block to go along with #block_given?
| 283885 [MonkeeSage g] On further testing it appears that in situations where can create a
| 283958 [MonkeeSage g] Hmmm...another thing...passing prc to #explicit_blk as an lval rather
| + 284399 [MonkeeSage g] Bump
| | 284670 [MonkeeSage g] Bump...anyone have any idea about the two questions I asked?
| | 287327 [MonkeeSage g] Bump again...
| + 287366 [rick.denatal] because you've moved the expensive proc creation outside of the benchmark loop.
|   288333 [MonkeeSage g] But that didn't seem to make very much difference with the implicit
+ 283964 [gwtmp01 mac.] This is the only technique I'm aware of.  I it
  283978 [pluskid gmai] Hmm... what i'm looking for is just like super. As all you mentioned

^ domain check
283871 [ady pixelstu] I wan't to make an domain check tools in ruby on rails.

^ Partial Search
283872 [rubyror goog] Can someone please help me to adjust the folowing method into

^ Ruport 1.4 Preview Release
283873 [gregory.t.br] We've decided to do a preview release as Ruport 1.4 will be coming out

^ ruby, RoR, and NLS (= national language support)
283876 [nntp-2007121] If you want to write or adapt code,

^ [ANN] BackgrounDRb release 1.0 available now
283879 [gethemant gm] I am glad to announce 1.0 release of BackgrounDRb.

^ at_exit in C extension
283881 [jan.dvorak k] For ruby 1.8 i used registering at_exit in C via eval (quite hackish i know)
283904 [pbrannan atd] Usually I use rb_set_end_proc().
283940 [jan.dvorak k] That worked fine, thanks.

^ help using ruby/dl to pass LPDWORD
283884 [manish gslab] I want to get the process ID by supplying the window handle to

^ Markaby Problem
283886 [christian.ke] Hey!
283893 [jeremymcanal] markaby.ul :id =>'mainnavigation' do

^ Gem path problem in MAC OS
283889 [energinen gm] I have installed ruby and gems long time ago using the tutorial in the

^ Using sql compact from ruby
283890 [lrlebron gma] Does anyone have any experience using Sql Compact with Ruby. I tried

^ Re: [Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] BackgrounDRb release 1.0 available now
283892 [gethemant gm] Yes, John,

^ [trunk/r14273] File.mkdir() -> Dir.mkdir() in enc/make_encma
283895 [keltia gmail] There is a typo in enc/make_encmake.rb where File.mkdir is used instead

^ Difference between alias and alias_method
283908 [csammy gmail] In the example below, I really can't sort out why using alias_method
+ 283941 [jwmerrill gm] Don't know exactly why, but wrapping alias in a class_eval seems to
| 284011 [paolo.nusco.] On Dec 17, 11:12 pm, "jwmerr...@gmail.com" <jwmerr...@gmail.com>
| 284135 [csammy gmail] Agree with Brian. I think the difference is that for alias, how the
+ 284003 [lojicdotcom ] I believe it's a scoping issue. Move the alias statement so that it's

^ Hot Job Search
283909 [donatecarcha] Nice site with tons of resources available.I found the Hot Job

^ Constant Resolution Confusion
283912 [phrogz mac.c] module Foo
+ 283914 [gethemant gm] Yuck..
+ 283918 [MonkeeSage g] Maybe it's because (I assume) this is a paired-down example, but in
  283926 [phrogz mac.c] The actual situation was that I started writing code all nested as in

^ dividing by two and rounding up
283917 [tomnorian ya] Hey all...I am hoping for a tip
+ 283919 [lionel-subsc] Something like this ?
| 283927 [jan.svitok g] (num_periods / 2.0).ceil
+ 283922 [ml synthetic] (5/2.0).ceil
| 283932 [martin_luedt] (5+1) / 2
+ 283923 [cmshea gmail] Here's another way
| 283930 [tomnorian ya] Thanks guys.
+ 283924 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):012:0> 1.upto(5){ |i|
+ 283925 [sepp2k googl] =3D> 3
+ 283928 [cmshea gmail] require "test/unit"
+ 283929 [MonkeeSage g] Use floats and #round.
+ 283931 [martindemell] (n+1)/2
+ 283934 [jfmiller28 y] This is Ruby so fast is not what you are going for, but I can't help
+ 283938 [jari.william] a = 5.divmod(2)
  283943 [coreyhaines ] irb(main):022:0> a
  283944 [coreyhaines ] Or, better yet

^ i need a list of advantages
283933 [brinleystaxs] does anyone have a list of advantages this language provides ?
+ 283935 [gemblon yaho] you get more dates.  the girls love it.
| 283937 [TimHunter nc] That certainly has been my experience.
+ 283939 [joshua.schai] terse
| 283942 [coreyhaines ] try and see for yourself?
+ 283945 [AEtzold gmx.] Best regards,
+ 284062 [eliotm pacbe] What's your audience?  If you're touting Ruby advantages to other

^ Lets See Your Best Human Readable Ruby Script
283936 [pikselNOSPAM] from (irb):1 etc.
283950 [caduceass gm] There are better ways to ask for help.  Dude, just look at rubyquiz
+ 283961 [chiology gma] This is OT, but I agree, I like some of the artwork on there.
+ 283998 [pikEISPAMMMs] I am not asking for help. I already get paid to ruby.
  284029 [funkaster gm] I'm starting to get bored with this thread, so, in an effort to stop
  + 284059 [caduceass gm] Yeah, I'm pretty much done with it too, but will chime in for kicks.
  | 284063 [caduceass gm] Oops, forgot the "Help end poverty part!", but I think it's alright to
  + 284136 [pikEISPAMMMs] Its a tough crowd.
    284142 [shevegen lin] Please avoid horribly ugly globals such as $doingNext when there are

^ gem update --system, now my local gems are missing
283947 [andy.koch pc] I just did a "gem update --system" to 0.9.5, but now when I do "gem
283948 [andy.koch pc] I think I see my problem,
283952 [drbrain segm] Yup.  Don't do that.  If you didn't install RubyGems yourself, don't

^ self and private setter
283953 [pdavidow gma] A private method cannot be called with an explicit receiver -- even
283956 [MonkeeSage g] I'm pretty sure that's the difference between protected and private
+ 283957 [MonkeeSage g] Found the article I was thinking of from Jamis Buck, where he talks
+ 283959 [phrogz mac.c] I think you may be missing Paul's point. As shown in his sample code
  283963 [MonkeeSage g] NP. I understand the question, I just answered it indirectly. Viz., it
  283967 [phrogz mac.c] class Foo
  + 284085 [MonkeeSage g] Not trying to be contrary, but I think calling #call_priv with f1 as
  + 284108 [rick.denatal] No, it only has to do this for protected methods not private methods.

^ [TRAC] WikiInclude on 0.11 - Noah Kantrowitz blocks bug-fix
283960 [ilias lazari] * Deletion of valid defect reports on trac community resources

^ trying to install rails 2.0.2 via gem
283965 [crichey gmai] Host is Debian Sid (sidux)
+ 283972 [tom infoethe] We're having some gem mirroring issues currently... so we've just
| 283974 [yudi.xue gma] actionmailer is good to go.
| 284012 [rsanheim gma] - Rob
| 284050 [crichey gmai] Thanks, activesupport-2.0.2 foundf now. But more weirdness. Now
+ 283973 [yudi.xue gma] Same thing happened to me.

^ Re: WikiInclude on 0.11 - Noah Kantrowitz blocks bug-fix
283966 [ilias lazari] Instead of fixing the "WikiInclude" in the repo (or at least leave the

^ Is Ruby suitable to develop a large dynamic web site with a heavy  database usage?
283968 [mailtumengyu] How about its running speed?
+ 283969 [luislavena g] I don't want to sounds harsh, but if you research a bit (I mean,
+ 284565 [khaines enig] The short answer to the question in the subject is:  Absolutely.
+ 284580 [lists bertra] I never did measure it in any way but at least I can say that

^ Best compiled language for extending Ruby
283970 [shark.fin.so] I want to write my core logics in a compiled language for 1) performance
+ 283975 [znmeb cesmai] The only one of these for which a well-documented interface exists is C.
| + 283976 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
| + 283977 [shark.fin.so] I am thinking of Stalin Scheme, and that is because I hear it is fast.
|   + 283979 [znmeb cesmai] There are several Scheme-to-C processors that I know of, and there are
|   + 283980 [micathom gma] You can also compile ruby to C. Does this mean the code is in general
|   | 283985 [perrin apoth] (perhaps slightly off-topic)
|   | 283995 [micathom gma] The full sentence probably should have been: There are a few scripts
|   | 284000 [dangerwillro] There is a backward way of using Objective-C
|   + 284027 [dodecaphonic] Stalin is great, and all, but it isn't a full Scheme implementation (AFAIK
|     284033 [jftran rubyf] I would never imagine to read such a sentence in this mailing-list.
|     284035 [dodecaphonic] T24gRGVjIDE4LCAyMDA3IDI6NDMgUE0sIEplYW4tRnJhbsOnb2lzIFRyw6JuIDxqZnRyYW5AcnVi
|     284068 [grabber gmai] You can write your libs in Ruby/Python/Perl and use SWIG to convert this to
|     284178 [znmeb cesmai] I was not aware that SWIG could do this -- I thought the *called*
+ 284018 [jwmerrill gm] There's rocaml: http://eigenclass.org/hiki/rocaml .  Never used it,
  + 284031 [sunrayson gm] I had developed some applications using smalltalk but they are small utility
  + 284100 [MonkeeSage g] I've been using rocaml lately, and I like it. OCaml isn't Haskell, but
    284151 [ mfp acm.org] =========================================================
    + 284156 [micathom gma] May I ask if somebody has succeeded in building rocaml on cygwin?
    | + 284168 [shark.fin.so] Since Haskell creates stubs for C, how difficult would it be to write a
    | + 284236 [ mfp acm.org] Well, you don't actually build rocaml itself, but rather use it to build Ruby
    |   + 284262 [micathom gma] I see. Thanks.
    |   + 284272 [MonkeeSage g] I think it's safe to say that it can (and does) bite everyone, since
    |     284292 [znmeb cesmai] The same could be said for many lower-level language features that are
    |     284321 [perrin apoth] A while loop should not make it nearly as difficult to reason about
    + 284197 [MonkeeSage g] Heh. Just don't let it get to 100%. I enjoy reading your blog.

^ Re: Is Ruby suitable to develop a large dynamic web site wit
283971 [gemblon yaho] well, there are sites talking about speeding it up.

^ creation string depends of variables
283982 [enjo20 gmail] I wanna create a full string depends on some variables.
283988 [d_rems yahoo] def sayOddOrNot(aNum)

^ C Extension:  mirco RUBY_VM
283983 [lianliming g] I am hacking some existing Ruby c extension, and found code like
284006 [kubo jiubao.] This will be code in ruby-oci8 trunk.
+ 284072 [pbrannan atd] #define RUBY_VERSION_CODE 190
| 284097 [kubo jiubao.] Thanks. I grepped sub directories under 'include' in ruby 1.9
+ 284118 [lianliming g] Thanks for your reply. I didn't realize this macro is ruby-oci8
+ 284560 [nobu ruby-la] They should be `code for ruby with VM' and `code for ruby

^ string question
283984 [mihai.bulhac] try_dir="program files/tbla/bla1"
+ 283986 [ljjarvis gma] => "program files/tbla/bla1"
+ 284115 [lloyd 2live4] ar = Array.new
  284176 [sepp2k googl] The array created by Array.new will be replaced by the array created by split

^ how to pass unkown length of parameters into a class method
283989 [loftuz gmail] #!/usr/bin/ruby
283992 [jameskilton ] def Example(*args)
284052 [dan zeraweb.] Just to elaborate a little on Jason's point, for those who are

^ DSN-less connection
283990 [mario betwar] I want to connect to a SQL Server or Orcale without a DSN configuration,
284295 [mario betwar] Any idea?

^ Deleting files with Net/ftp
283997 [pbailey bna.] I'm having to go to a website every day to pull files for editors at my
284044 [pbailey bna.] Never mind. I figured it out. For some reason, when files are listed

^ Networked Marshal Questions
283999 [chromatophor] what are the security implications of dumping/loading marshalled objects
284023 [shortcutter ] If the connection is not encrypted anybody can sniff the traffic and
284026 [chromatophor] thanks for the reply. i was thinking more along the lines of execution
284032 [tim.pease gm] You can set the $SAFE level of a ruby script.

^ String#[] behaviour
284001 [6aLLIaPuMoB ] 'asd'[0...10] returns 'asd' while 'asd'[-10..-1] returns nil.
+ 284014 [yermej gmail] ...
| 284025 [yermej gmail] Nevermind what I said. Some days I don't read so good and stuff.
+ 284021 [shortcutter ] On one hand you are right. On the other hand, begin and end indexes
  284030 [6aLLIaPuMoB ] you know that the ending index is always -1 but the starting index can
  + 284070 [hramrach cen] T24gMTgvMTIvMjAwNywgRE5OWCA8NmFMTElhUHVNb0JAZ21haWwuY29tPiB3cm90ZToKPiBPbiAx
  | 284158 [reedsol tut.] So we must become clear with range indexing: I think it's perfectly
  | 284161 [hramrach cen] You can still test the lower bound is inside the string. It's just
  + 284103 [MonkeeSage g] No, because "-1" is a special value...it's got magic in it. It can
    + 284134 [6aLLIaPuMoB ] -1 is more special and magic than 0? Hm... 0 also can magically mean
    | 284181 [MonkeeSage g] I think you (and Michal) missed my point. And yes, I should have said
    | 284184 [reedsol tut.] IMHO, the main goal of such a construct (some_string[-10..-1]) - to
    | 284277 [MonkeeSage g] In thinking about it, I guess that does make some sense. Unless one
    + 284147 [hramrach cen] -1 is as constant as 0. And because of its magic when used as