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^ Loops should return a value - part II
2836 [Dave thomase] A discussion about expression languages and Algol68 led me to think
2840 [matz netlab.] Ruby parser is not trying hard to find `voild value expression'.

^ dev.rubycentral.com
2841 [Dave thomase] We're slowly working on stuff to add to rubycentral.com. However,
2844 [schneiker ju] (Posted to comp.lang.ruby and ruby-talk ML.)
2846 [schneiker ju] On "module Process" page, when following the link after "See" below (please
+ 2851 [aleksi.nieme] Good idea. I'm skipping the reference for a while (as long as there is no
| 2853 [Dave thomase] And I appreciate all the great comments. I'll be posting an updated
+ 2854 [Dave thomase] Yup - that's a bug in the actual book :-(
  2855 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
  2856 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
  2881 [schneik us.i] # We're slowly working on stuff to add to rubycentral.com. However,
  2883 [Dave thomase] which is what my Netscape uses as the bookmark name. (The older
  2905 [schneik us.i] # > #   http://dev.rubycentral.com/faq

^ Re: editors for ruby
2843 [schneiker ju] (Posted on comp.lang.ruby and ruby-talk ML.)
+ 2845 [hipster xs4a] I've written a functional (but still incomplete) syntax-file for vim.
| 2847 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This is of interest to me -- can it handle re-indenting of code?
| + 2848 [aleksi.nieme] Code indenting in ruby-mode for emacs works quite allright, but I can't
| + 2849 [hipster xs4a] no it cannot  :\
| + 2850 [Dave thomase] Well, the One True Editor will indent Ruby code.
+ 2852 [kikutani Gal] How about jed ?

^ wxWindows?
2857 [alwagner tca] Is anyone working on a ruby binding for wxWindows?

^ FAQ: Class variables
2858 [h.fulton att] Sorry if this gets posted more than once. This web
2860 [Dave thomase] It does now!

^ Ruby FAQ
2859 [Dave thomase] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article

^ Just one more wafer thin mint....
2861 [Dave thomase] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
+ 2863 [h.fulton att] Ahhh... as an old-time Pascal programmer, yes, I would
| 2864 [schneik us.i] # Now I'm normally the last person to want to add methods to the core,
+ 2865 [matz netlab.] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
  2866 [Dave thomase] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
  2867 [matz netlab.] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
  2868 [andy Toolshe] Am I the only one left out in the cold??  My ISP uses
  + 2869 [Dave thomase] And in fact given zero? and nonzero? are methods of number, there'd
  + 2872 [decoux moulo] Then you add positive?, negative?, like in scheme :-)
  | 2876 [excalibor de] (This message has been sent to comp.lang.ruby and is posted here just in case not everybody reaches it)
  | + 2886 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
  | | 2887 [hgs dmu.ac.u] the strip method of string removes whitespace from both ends.
  | + 2888 [gotoken math] For convenience, we often consider zero is an even number in
  + 2892 [alwagner tca] ================
    2894 [andy Toolshe] Hammer them.  I received an email from supernews asking if
    2896 [alwagner tca] For what it's worth, my ISP just told me that SuperNews has refused to

^ simple httpd for local use
2862 [hipster xs4a] I created a simple, lightweight httpd in ruby. It's a nice ruby
2874 [aleksi.nieme] I'm not comfortable to talk about work in progress (in very early phases
2875 [hipster xs4a] I have no experience with Ruby on win, so I'll leave this to someone
2877 [hideto-i rr.] I'd introduce the currently existing httpd in Ruby.
2879 [hipster xs4a] Hmm, I can't seem to find it... Exactly where is is located?
+ 2880 [aleksi.nieme] Use it a little, that is browse and *edit*, and then read especially
+ 2885 [hideto-i rr.] Oh, I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
  2900 [matz netlab.] Although the documents (readme.*) are in Japanese, I think you can

^ mod_ruby SEGV
2870 [Andy Toolshe] I've been trying to get mod_ruby to work with the latest version
+ 2871 [Dave thomase] I get sort of the same result. I tried it on Apache 1.3.9, mod_ruby
+ 2878 [shugo ruby-l] Can I see your script?
  2882 [Dave thomase] For me, any script that does output SEGVs. The one I showed the strace
  2884 [andy Toolshe] It seems to die with *any* script, just bringing up mod_ruby
  2899 [shugo ruby-l] Can you get a stacktrace with gdb?
  2901 [andy Toolshe] Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

^ /p is obsolete
2889 [Dave thomase] The /p change in the last CVS update has stopped a whole lot of stuff
+ 2902 [matz netlab.] Due to the size of flag bits, I had to choose either /p or /m.
+ 2904 [toshirok yb3] Thank you for your bug report.

^ Confused about '/o' in regexps
2890 [Dave thomase] The /o option to a regular expression says 'do any substitutions once
2891 [decoux moulo] Same than perl
2893 [Dave thomase] I get it now, the 'onceness' is associated with the node in the parse

^ Does anyone have any good examples
2895 [Dave thomase] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
2903 [decoux moulo] The best is perhaps to look at the documentation of perl.

^ Funny unexpected match....
2897 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
2898 [Dave thomase] The following message is a courtesy copy of an article

^ ANNOUNCE: gateway start working
2906 [nosuzuki e-m] I am pleased to announce the gateway system between ruby-talk and
2907 [alwagner tca] Thank you, Norio.  My news server has refused to add comp.lang.ruby and
2908 [schneiker ju] Thanks much for the great newsgroup news.
2921 [schneik us.i] Is this gateway only in the direction of ruby-talk to comp.lang.ruby?
2923 [nosuzuki e-m] No. This gateway exchanges messages in both directions, from ruby-talk

^ SuperNews doesn't/won't carry comp.lang.ruby
2909 [schneiker ju] sales and
2910 [andy Toolshe] Here's the latest on the SuperNews issue.  I just received this
2911 [maker emux.n] Your message from Supernews, stating that the group would be

^ [Fwd: Supernews has refused to update list]
2912 [alwagner tca] Small is Beautiful

^ [1.5] UDPSocket / SAFE
2913 [decoux moulo] With 1.5, I can open an UDP socket and send a message in non connected
2922 [matz netlab.] It's a bug.  Creating UDPSocket in untructed level (>4) should be

^ mutex mechanism?
2914 [Andy Toolshe] Can someone please educate me on the preffered method of handling
+ 2915 [gotoken math] For example, singlton.rb uses Thread.critical.  It seems to be the
+ 2916 [matz netlab.] I prefer Mutex in lib/thread.rb.
+ 2927 [kjana os.xax] That's depends on the situation where synchronization is needed.

^ Found another /p
2917 [Dave thomase] lib/net/http.rb: line 489
2929 [aamine dp.u-] I'll change it not to use both 'p' and 'm'.
2930 [matz netlab.] Thank you.

^ SWIG: virtual variable?
2920 [yashi yashi.] I just tried an example on swig.org
2924 [fukusima got] Yes!  You are right.
2967 [fukusima got] I released the new version including this fix.
2994 [yashi yashi.] just tested on new version.

^ Error on windows 2000
2925 [fenghou erol] I compile ruby 1.4.4 on windows 2000. The sample socket program svr.rb

^ Continuation causes Segmentation fault!
2926 [fenghou erol] Continuation class examples at
+ 2918 [matz netlab.] It's a bug in 1.4.4;  Already fixed in latest CVS.
+ 2919 [Dave Thomase] Yes - this was a bug fixed on May 8th - if you check out the latest
+ 2931 [jackfhou hot] Yeh! It works. Thank you very mush.
  + 2936 [matz netlab.] Uh, are you asking why Continuation is there?
  + 2946 [Dave Thomase] There are many creative answers to this, but to be honest I haven't

^ FYI: What our Python friends are up to.
2928 [schneiker ju] This is probably a borderline case, but I think it would be useful to

^ Iterators...
2932 [h.fulton att] I find myself wishing for something that
2934 [Dave thomase] I know it's not a direct answer to your question, but in this
2937 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
2938 [Dave thomase] Because {} is a Hash constructor, and hash elements must be
2939 [thucdat hotm] sep = "{"

^ What to document?
2933 [Dave thomase] OK folks, the book is getting down to the wire, and we're running into
2943 [schneik aust] If it comes down to triage, I recommend taking a poll of actual usage on

^ ruby and NT acl help!!
2935 [JustinWang n] Im trying to run ruby on IIS4 with sp6a.  Everytime I try and hit a .rb file, I get a password popup and no password is accepted, not even the admin password.

^ Re: What our Python friends are up to.
2940 [jubilation1 ] Right on the money.
+ 2941 [matz netlab.] You can avoid whitespace woe if you use Ruby.
| 2945 [matz netlab.] Here's the quote from my (yet unpublished) article.
| + 2950 [h.fulton att] Yes... the while loop returns the sound of one hand
| | 2951 [Dave thomase] Is someone who doesn't appreciate a functional programming style a
| | 2952 [h.fulton att] Hey, I have known plenty of those.
| + 2985 [jeremy alum.] Here are a few clarifications and explanations about current work
|   2992 [matz netlab.] Of course, of course.  I was talking to those who are not satisfied
+ 2942 [Dave thomase] - Ruby is more completely object-oriented, and includes many of the
  2944 [matz netlab.] Well, it's already returning value.  Just no way to retrieve the value ;-)

^ Thanks for comments (iterators)
2947 [h.fulton att] Thanks for everyone's comments about first/last

^ Things I am wondering...
2948 [h.fulton att] Just some more random questions. These are some
2953 [matz netlab.] `each' is reserved for default enumeration.
2954 [DDouthitt cu] What is "default enumeration"?
2957 [matz netlab.] Well, the name 'each' is used by for statement and Enumerable module

^ error in Ruby emacs-mode
2949 [neumann s-di] I am using emacs for coding in Ruby.

^ Messages: [BUG] Segmentation Fault
2955 [DDouthitt cu] What causes these?  I got several under HP-UX 10.20 first week I used Ruby; now I'm getting them under Linux Mandrake with kernel 2.2.9-27mdk.
2956 [matz netlab.] Could you show me detailed information?
2965 [DDouthitt cu] The script isn't too small.... but....

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Rough draft.
2958 [schneiker ju] Here's the previously proposed Ruby Newsgroup FAQ.
2960 [Dave thomase] ^^^ faq
2969 [schneiker ju] Oops!

^ Re: Japanese Supercomputer Rubymind
2959 [cwhizard icq] Well, actually, since they emigrated to america like 99% of the rest of the
+ 2961 [cwhizard icq] philosophers would marvel at for millenia to come -----
+ 2970 [schneiker ju] Since the original note was a then-unknowable assertion about the indefinite
  2972 [kseefried di] We could make "bubba" look like an ignorant pinhead all day.  Judging

^ an entertaining problem for ruby programmers [repost]
2962 [apter panix.] www.counterpane.com/solitaire.html

^ an entertaining problem for ruby programmers
2963 [apter panix.] www.counterpane.com/solitaire.html

^ Thank you
2964 [h.fulton att] Thanks, Matz (and others) for your replies to
2966 [matz netlab.] Oh ..<stunned>.. thank you!
3017 [hfulton aust] Sorry, Matz... I never replied to this.
3020 [matz netlab.] It's 4000 yen in Japan.

^ Socket.getnameinfo
2968 [Dave thomase] Does anyone know how to specify the port to Socket.getnameinfo?
2973 [decoux moulo] what is your version of libc ?
+ 2974 [Dave thomase] It's 2.1.1-4
+ 2975 [decoux moulo] No, ruby always call getaddrinfo with hints->ai_socktype == 0
  + 2976 [Dave thomase] So when I document the call, I should say that the only value allowed
  | 2979 [matz netlab.] I'll take time to survey this stuff (and others).  So could you put it
  | + 2982 [Dave thomase] Pending is what I do best!
  | + 2986 [matz netlab.] According to RFC2553, getaddrinfo() should accept any socktype if
  |   2993 [matz netlab.] A buy pointed out it's not a bug.  I guess I need to survey more.
  + 2977 [decoux moulo] Well actually you can't specify a service (at least for glibc), if I read
    2978 [matz netlab.] Me neither.  getnameinfo.c packaged with socket.c, which is written by

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- 2nd draft.
2971 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!

^ Ruby, moxilla & xpcom
2980 [ian_maclean7] I've just seen the following news about mozilla and scripting languages

^ Ruby, moxilla & xpcom
2981 [ian_maclean7] I've just seen the following news about mozilla and scripting languages
2983 [Dave thomase] Of course given Activestate's links with Microsoft, this could just be
+ 2984 [alwagner tca] No one hates MS more than me, but isn't Mozilla the rebel escapees from
+ 2988 [schneik aust] This sort of issue was a big concern with the Perl community a while back,
| 2991 [schneik aust] Conrad Schneiker
+ 2996 [decoux moulo] See the thread "Perl unusable as a programming language" on c.l.p.m
  2997 [schneiker ju] such. I

^ Winole install trouble
2987 [andy Toolshe] I'm trying to test out the latest win32ole, and I'm having a spot
+ 2989 [erngui acm.o] I recently tried to make tcltklib.dll work on Win32 and had a similar problem.
+ 3003 [CQN02273 nif] I tested with ruby 144 zip file, cygwin1-20000525.dll,

^ Problem with getc under UNIX with ruby 1.4.3
2990 [DDouthitt cu] I had an interesting (i.e., unexpected!) thing happen in Ruby today....
+ 2995 [kjana os.xax] That's caused by terminal driver.  Not ruby's bug.  In general unix
+ 2999 [matz netlab.] #!/usr/bin/ruby
  3040 [DDouthitt cu] #!/usr/bin/ruby
  + 3041 [Dave thomase] return str
  + 3042 [matz netlab.] Try `alias'.
    3045 [DDouthitt cu] Thank you one and all!  You are wonderful, and it is a pleasure and a joy to be able to get questions answered quickly from many experts.  Without resources like this, learning a new language would not be as quick or easy...
    3049 [matz netlab.] It makes `orig_getc' only callable from io itself.
    3055 [aleksi.nieme] I was thinking it does the other way round.

^ how to ...
2998 [apter panix.] scanning ruby-lang.org, i may have overlooked the section i most
3002 [Dave thomase] Well, in the interests of putting a stake in the ground, below is my
3037 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to

^ Another ruby core dump
3000 [DDouthitt cu] # ./ppp-time.rb | less
3004 [matz netlab.] I couldn't reproduce the problem, probably due to the input data.

^ FYI: Re: Python, Glade, & GTK
3001 [schneik aust] This comp.lang.python post might be of some interest to those working on

^ comp.lang.ruby now on SuperNews
3005 [alwagner tca] Just found comp.lang.ruby on SuperNews this morning.

^ mismatched quotation
3006 [apter panix.] ruby documentation uses a punctuation convention i've never seen
3007 [Dave Thomase] Opening and closing single and double quotes are the correct
3008 [hfulton aust] A word in Steven's defense.
3009 [Dave thomase] Except the documents _are_ being rendered typographically as well -
+ 3010 [hfulton aust] A few more comments on this non-issue. and
| + 3014 [Dave thomase] Well, one of the reasons for typesetting your own technical books is
| | 3018 [hfulton aust] Dave,
| | 3022 [Dave Thomase] To be fair, many are just a couple of lines (such as the ones we use
| + 3025 [rrt persepho] In summary, quotes and ticks on computers are just Another Dumb Thing,
+ 3011 [apter panix.] [:]
  + 3012 [hfulton aust] Steven,
  | 3013 [apter panix.] oh, of course.  duh!
  + 3015 [decoux moulo] Like an operator, in this case no ? in fname (def, undef, alias), or right

^ rbconfig.rb
3016 [Dave thomase] I'm probably just confused (again), but while trying to track down
3019 [matz netlab.] which is CONFIG in mkmf, contains unexpanded values.
3021 [Dave thomase] Run 'ruby Makefile.RB' in eruby (I used 0.0.7), and the resulting
3026 [matz netlab.] Thank you.  eRuby author Shugo told me that he's going to check it
3029 [Dave Thomase] You might let him know that the same thing happens with mod_ruby.

^ Final for World Series: Python vs Ruby
3023 [thucdat hotm] Perl and Tcl seem to eliminate themselves from the play-off round.
3024 [excalibor de] I'd take that notice with many grains of salt... I've looked for the original USENet post this was supposed to come from and deja.com found nothing...
3028 [thucdat hotm] Is he really doing that?
+ 3030 [excalibor de] "In a shock usenet post yesterday, Larry Wall announced a halt..." by MikeGTN <mike@traumatone.com> at the above address...
| 3031 [aleksi.nieme] Usually there's some stories ripped from segfault.org, it's so popular and
| 3032 [decoux moulo] There is undocumented feature in 5.6.0 but this is certainly not the
+ 3033 [gnhurst hurs] This is from clicking on the [Author Info] link, then clicking on the
  3034 [excalibor de] But they are cute names, aren't they? very perlish :)
  + 3038 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
  | 3039 [thucdat hotm] Almost throw all my Perl books away!
  + 3044 [matz netlab.] 1.6.0 will be out somewhere around the end of June.
    3054 [aleksi.nieme] class Array; alias append :push; end     # critical to be able to add new