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^ Is there any way to redefine the `new' method?
283351 [pluskid gmai] class to represent scheme Symbol.
+ 283352 [binary42 gma] Symbol.all_symbols
+ 283385 [rick.denatal] Well.
  283506 [shortcutter ] Good point.
  283510 [shortcutter ] module Scheme
  283513 [pluskid gmai] Thank you, Robert! I think that's really what I want! :)
  283536 [chromatophor] module Scheme

^ Search Array
283354 [rubyror goog] I am trying to convert the folowing code into a class method.  which

^ pulling out a specfic feild from a line
283363 [loftuz gmail] Hey guys
+ 283364 [loftuz gmail] Sorry about the spelling btw
+ 283368 [sepp2k googl] "example 1\texample 2\texample 3".split("\t")[2]
  283377 [loftuz gmail] ok but lets say im looping through an array full of different lengths
  + 283379 [sepp2k googl] arr =3D File.readlines("example.txt")
  | 283511 [loftuz gmail] thanks alot!
  | 283514 [loftuz gmail] I got it
  + 283508 [shortcutter ] You have an assignment here which is not what you want here.

^ Instant Rails Update Plans
283367 [rbazinet gma] I just wanted to give a link to some information I posted regarding what I
283370 [mo_mail ongh] Rob,
283430 [rbazinet gma] Thanks, I am looking forward to the challenge and continuing a great

^ Refactor into a class method.
283371 [rubyror goog] objects = [bsn0, bsn1, bsn2, bsn3, bsn4]
283373 [shortcutter ] I suggest you use Enumerable#any? instead of #each here and throw away

^ Test::Unit messages
283372 [aidy.lewis g] I would like to add additional comments to the ouput of my unit
283391 [tim.pease gm] I know most of the assertions support adding a comment after the

^ How do I convert string/text from column to hash ???
283378 [homebeautypi] I am newb in RoR, i have problem to convert data from database to hash.

^ [Call for Papers] Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems (S3) 2008
283380 [Schmidtwisse] I know, this is slightly uncommmon in the Ruby community, but there

^ New developer looking for 101 projects
283384 [earthandalls] I have a background in C++ and VB from a few years back, but I'm
+ 283386 [james graypr] How about Ruby Quiz?
| 283403 [earthandalls] Thanks! That is a great site and I will definitely take a look at it.
+ 283389 [tim.pease gm] Try the Ruby Quiz page <http://www.rubyquiz.com/>.  These are two
| 283393 [james graypr] Actually, we are seven quizzes short of three years of weekly quizzes.
+ 283399 [phrogz mac.c] You might want to look through the simpler problems on http://rubyquiz.com

^ Showing Running Processes in variable
283396 [contact thir] I want to capture the list of running processes on my computer. I am to
+ 283404 [bulliver bad] x.split("\n").each do |line|
| 283413 [contact thir] Thanks for the help Darren....what you proposed works but it doesn't
| 283418 [adam.shelly ] I'm not a web guy, but... You need a <br> to generate a newline in html, right?
+ 283426 [djberg96 gma] I recommend sys-proctable instead.
| 283436 [contact thir] Thanks for the replies but they don't seem to work in Rails.
| + 283443 [joon rubyhea] def view
| + 283453 [djberg96 gma] gem install sys-proctable
|   283470 [contact thir] Thanks for all the help everyone. Someone from the rails forum gave me
|   284406 [dangerwillro] While using <pre> elements to preserve whitespace is simple it also
+ 283428 [joon rubyhea] def view
+ 283662 [znmeb cesmai] You haven't specified what operating system you're using. On *Linux*,
  284413 [djberg96 gma] On Dec 14, 9:41=A0pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@cesmail.net>

^ persistent tuplespace
283405 [chromatophor] just trawling google a bit i've found a few references to
283417 [ara.t.howard] i hacked tuplespace to be backed by sqlite and hit a few
283552 [chromatophor] yeah i stumbled upon rq a year or so ago, and forgot all about it.
283575 [ara.t.howard] 99% of the work has been done for you.  check out fsdb.
283596 [vjoel path.b] Also, fsdb[1] does its own mutual exclusion, both for ruby threads and
283631 [chromatophor] will have a close look.

^ Regexp Matching Not Blank And Not A Specific Word?
283406 [boss airblad] Please could somebody show me how to write a regular expression that
+ 283411 [sepp2k googl] It's not you. The ruby 1.8 regexen don't support negative lookahead. You'll
| 283414 [phrogz mac.c] On Dec 13, 11:47 am, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
+ 283415 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):006:0> tests = [ "", "dog", "cat", "doggone it" ]
  + 283421 [nyarly gmail] Hope it's useful.
  | 283528 [boss airblad] That looks very useful.  I'm often twiddling regexps (time-
  + 283526 [boss airblad] That's fantastic, thank you!

^ Using print and puts for output
283416 [info jayeola] # just play with an array and see what you can do with it
+ 283419 [sepp2k googl] puts adds a newline at the end if there isn't one already. print doesn't.
+ 283424 [rick.denatal] Puts is defined in terms of print, and handles multiple arguments and

^ Newbie Question: What is a class for?
283432 [hibridmattha] I am a newbie to Ruby and have just recently gotten the hang of using
+ 283442 [kyleaschmitt] This is more than a ruby question, it's a basic OOP (Object Oriented
+ 283445 [mental rydia] Very loosely speaking, classes are a way of grouping together
+ 283448 [rick.denatal] Classes do several things.
+ 283479 [m_goldberg a] Expanding on this analogy, classes are tools for building more tools,
| 283485 [shevegen lin] They are a way to specifically shape your objects.
+ 283507 [sepp2k googl] In your code you use a lot of objects, right? Like 1 is an Integer object,
+ 283523 [lloyd 2live4] All the other guys said lots of cool and useful technical stuff.  Let me
| 283535 [rick.denatal] I feel that I have to caution about trying to import concepts from
+ 283991 [fox nscl.msu] One way to think of a class (a restricted definition to get you started)
+ 283996 [jbrains762 g] I think of classes as a way to organize code that wants to share data,

^ telnet class - proxy option
283435 [heath.novak ] Does anyone know where I could find examples on the use of the proxy

^ Reinstalling Gems after updating Ruby
283438 [alex.decaria] If I update to a newer version of Ruby using the 1-click installer, do I
283491 [luislavena g] On Dec 13, 7:12 pm, Alex DeCaria <alex.deca...@millersville.edu>
283718 [renard nc.rr] I make a make a copy of folder ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8

^ declaration for module  methods which need to be implemented
283440 [pdavidow gma] module Parenting
283489 [transfire gm] You general just make a comment in the module docs. Ie.

^ declaration for module  methods which need to be implemented
283441 [pdavidow gma] module Parenting
283515 [eeklund gmai] There are ways (you can play around with Parenting.inherited and do

^ Enforce implementation of Module method
283444 [pdavidow gma] module Parenting
+ 283467 [kbloom gmail] It may be the more ruby way to rely on the commenting convention (there's
+ 283468 [phrogz mac.c] module Parenting
  283537 [gareth.adams] And of course, there's a rather handy NotImplementedError class just sat there
  283541 [Rob AgileCon] If you simply don't define Parenting#children, you'll get a

^ [ANN] Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta
283446 [dave pragpro] Ruby 1.9 is just around the corner, so it looks like a good time to =20
+ 283447 [ben benmabey] and not
| 283452 [dave pragpro] Yes.
| 283458 [markonlinux ] The discount only appeared once the item was added to the cart.
| 283465 [satish.talim] Mark, I did try that but it did not appear. Dave clarified, that the
+ 283450 [rick.denatal] Ahem.. Is this a Freudian typo?  That URL just redirects to
| 283459 [kbloom gmail] I think you just fell down a Freudian staircase. That just corrected an
| 283473 [rick.denatal] Probably because I've been re-reading "Goedel, Escher, Bach" lately.
+ 285142 [john jayeola] Does this book continue with the jukebox example?=20
  285190 [rick.denatal] Yes

^ Unit tests with Authorize.net and ARB
283449 [jake janovet] Hey folks--

^ [Corrected][ANN] Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta
283451 [dave pragpro] Ruby 1.9 is just around the corner, so it looks like a good time to =20
283457 [satish.talim] Dave, I am an existing customer of Pragmatic and my a/c does show all the

^ Some questions about Ruby 1.9
283455 [ihatespam ho] I fear many of my questions will belong to the "often asked" category
+ 283460 [grabber gmai] On Dec 13, 2007 9:25 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality <
+ 283462 [mental rydia] Ruby will no longer have green threads, as such.

^ Executing Files (without shell)
283456 [fedzor gmail] Is it possible  (without syscall ) to execute a file without using a
283466 [kbloom gmail] Calling Kernel#system will sometimes fork a shell if you pass it
283471 [fedzor gmail] Guarenteed? Are you certain? I just want to be sure....

^ Re: Gosu 0.7.8, also: Ludum Dare timed gamedev compo this weekend!
283463 [julianraschk] Version just followed. Should be available on gem real soon.

^ Re: leopard update - any Ruby hassles?
283464 [phrogz mac.c] Do you have your own home-built ruby install in /usr/local/bin, or
283474 [timocratic g] Ah, so you were complaining about the install set-up without using it
283480 [dangerwillro] the stock install on Leopard seems pretty darn good.
283482 [rgkaufman gm] Everything went pretty smooth for me too... with the exception of
283549 [dangerwillro] Main thing I recommend, make sure your Mac is recent or powerful

^ Re: Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta
283483 [shevegen lin] Hopefully you guys can add some extra helpful pages especially about the

^ C extension: can rb_ivar_set be used to set class variable?
283492 [lianliming g] This is a question on Ruby C extension.
283494 [nobu ruby-la] No, use rb_cvar_set to set class variables.  rb_ivar_set sets
+ 283498 [lianliming g] Thanks for your reply!
| 283527 [rick.denatal] rb_ivar_set takes an object as the first parameter.  Classes are
+ 283546 [heath.novak ] unsubscribe

^ How to set a SOAP object to nil
283495 [stevev ibsgl] we are using SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory and creating an rpc driver based on

^ [ANN] RSpec-1.1.0 is released
283496 [dchelimsky g] The RSpec Development Team is pleased as glug (that's kind of like
283501 [pergesu gmai] Congratulations!!  Very cool.
285829 [dante.regis ] Does anyone knows how to use stories with Rails? Maybe a rake task, or even
285874 [dchelimsky g] with_steps_for :foo do

^ unsubscribe
283497 [amaurya bric] unsubscribe

^ How to pass values to form action
283499 [malugu.satya] I have some ERB which has two lists
283555 [cjsiam msn.c] I ended up dealing with the same thing...

^ instance variable of class instance (Re: C extension: can rb_ivar_set be used to set class variable?)
283500 [nobu ruby-la] No, two different objects's instance variables.

^ [ANN] Gerbil 0.0.1
283503 [ snk gna.org] Gerbil is an extensible document generator based on eRuby

^ Is the gems-repository down at the moment?
283512 [kazaam oleco] Bulk updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org
283654 [no spam.plea] According to Tom, one of the mirrors was/is failing to replicate.

^ Hot to access the text file and delete it.
283516 [ankush.r1 gm] How do i access the text file and delete the file. This file gets
+ 283517 [ankush.r1 gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 283522 [lloyd 2live4] Are you looking for something like

^ Gem Build Flags
283519 [jensthiede g] I'm trying to build the rubysdl gem on my x86 iMac. Everything seems
283954 [drbrain segm] a) build libsdl with -arch ppc
283955 [laurent.sans] d) set ARCHFLAGS to "-arch i386" before starting the gem command.

^ [QUIZ] Programmer Ping-Pong (#150)
283530 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 283532 [rick.denatal] We're doing this in the true tdd spirit of making very small steps right.
| 283539 [bulibuta fak] Hmm, when I posted no one answered, but I guess you got there first.
| + 283542 [Rob AgileCon] I'll settle that.  Since your tests were equivalent, I went with
| | + 283558 [kbloom gmail] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU
| | | 283562 [bulibuta fak] I think that the second assert against 1 was a typo, instead of 2 he
| | | 283613 [james graypr] You are.  Vote with your reply feature.
| | + 283569 [rick.denatal] avl_tree.rb
| |   283583 [adam.shelly ] I'm pinging Rick's last pong. But I am changing one of Ken's tests to
| |   + 283597 [bulibuta fak] Then its settled.
| |   | 283626 [donald.ball ] Shoot, I'll give it a whirl, it beats the meta discussion. I added a
| |   | 283635 [adam.shelly ] So I made it a simple tree.
| |   + 283603 [Rob AgileCon] def test_tree_height_of_one_or_two_nodes_is_N
| |     283653 [james graypr] Yes, I think we should keep testing the concrete features.  A height
| + 283544 [dangerwillro] How do you prevent or at least reign in the splintering/forking of
| | + 283611 [james graypr] I spent a great deal of time considering this issue and discussed the
| | + 283642 [hramrach cen] There's nothing difficult about trees. There is a root at the top, and
| + 283612 [james graypr] The official response is that it is settled by anyone who responds.
+ 283538 [bulibuta fak] [--snip--]
| 283547 [eeklund gmai] I ended up responding to Paul because it looked like a later
| 283633 [hramrach cen] This one is really a tree for once.
| + 283710 [justin.ethie] Here is a modification that joins both of the latest forks. It answers both
| + 283739 [Rob AgileCon] This was quite close to what I had at the time, so that' why the reply
|   283951 [adam.shelly ] I had a little time, so I've added the other two types of rebalancing, and
|   283962 [Rob AgileCon] An easy lob, Enumerable is a simple volley since AVLTree#each already
|   283981 [adam.shelly ] I don't know how to test timing with the unit tests either.
|   284024 [james graypr] I don't either, but I think I made each() smarter.
|   284074 [adam.shelly ] I added test_remove_multiple_nodes - there are definitely a few
|   284116 [jamesbkoppel] Seems the only mistake was that remove was expecting AVLTree#each to return the node traversed, but it was instead returning the node's data. I modified each to accept the name of a function to be passed to itself, which defaults to data. I made an "identity" method called node, and the passed it in when each is called within remove.
|   284120 [jamesbkoppel] I just realized that it might be a good idea to change my test to make each accept an options hash rather than ordered arguments, since my change and my new test will cause each to accept two keyword arguments. That is, rather than having calls like
|   284244 [adam.shelly ] Ok, I did the each and the to_a.   I did not add the hash as suggested
|   284289 [james graypr] Maybe it should be a singleton.  As it is, we could switch it to a
+ 283615 [james graypr] (redirecting to Ruby Talk so we can all discuss)

^ Re: Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta (Tk/Tile chapter)
283531 [Maurice.Diam] And I also hope that the Tk chapter has been updated with new ttk

^ String splitting problem
283534 [saladin.mund] hey guys
+ 283643 [qbproger gma] hey,
| 283646 [qbproger gma] I made a small mistake
+ 283663 [phrogz mac.c] Wow, that was harder than I expected. The big issue was parsing nested
  283880 [saladin.mund] thank you for all of your great code. I'll have a close look on it and

^ method use ?
283540 [rubyror goog] I have this class method which takes 2 parameter and how can I use it to
283548 [rubyror goog] bsn4 = Business.new("Laura", "02078982323", "100 Abbey Road     ")

^ each with previous?
283543 [jari.william] I'm going through lots of data where the result of the current is
+ 283550 [eeklund gmai] On Dec 14, 2007 4:28 PM, Jari Williamsson
+ 283551 [ruby anthrop] 1, 2
| 283576 [shortcutter ] There is a subtlety: with your code there will be no previous for the
| 283640 [jari.william] I'll use different approaches for different situations. Starting inject
+ 283553 [Rob AgileCon] require 'enumerator'
+ 283559 [phrogz mac.c] On Dec 14, 8:28 am, Jari Williamsson

^ Good Ruby IDE for Debian Linux?
283545 [rsteckly wha] charset="us-ascii"
+ 283554 [ccable99 gma] Aptana Studio is a great IDE!
+ 283556 [joshua.schai] Ron,
| 283557 [steffen_kory] There is also ActiveState's Komodo
| 283561 [gemblon yaho] I was using Aptana, an Eclipse flavor, and it is nice.
| + 283594 [MonkeeSage g] G/VIM is great, if you can learn its "strange" key-mappings and
| + 283595 [dejan.dimic ] I use Aptana on my XP and Ubuntu.
|   283608 [d_rems yahoo] I use kdevelop on my home KUbuntu system. I have only 512MB of RAM and
|   283705 [dejan.dimic ] Sorry for my typo error.
+ 283706 [MonkeeSage g] I used to use gedit w/ some home-brewed python (blasphemy!)
  283738 [bjorn.maelan] I use Scribes when developing on Linux, since it was pretty much the
  284293 [dejan.dimic ] After playing with NetBeans for some time developing some rails
  284340 [shevegen lin] I think you might well survive without any IDE for Ruby. It's not as if
  + 284345 [praveen pers] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  + 284365 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I like Komodo. In general, I don't think single-person projects
    284368 [mailxiening ] I, too, don't think it's important to use IDE to edit/input ruby code,
    284369 [beholdthepan] ruby-debug (http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-debug/) does the bulk of what
    + 284380 [dejan.dimic ] One thing that is done marvelously in Ruby and Ruby on Rails is that
    + 284447 [jontyjont bt] I have just started using Netbeans Ide 6.0