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^ Ajax Response events do not fire , using Mongrel with Ruby and  Prototype.
282892 [maildmz gmai] Goodafternoon,

^ Re: [QUIZ] Word Loop (#149) [SOLUTION]
282893 [yamess gmail] My solution...

^ Pure Ruby zlib?
282896 [djberg96 gma] I want a pure Ruby version of zlib 1.2.x. This will put an end to at
282898 [garbagecat10] re SSH, are you looking for a ruby implementation of the command-line
282900 [james graypr] I believe he actually meant OpenSSL.
+ 282903 [garbagecat10] Makes sense. Must have been the pony that threw me.
+ 282905 [djberg96 gma] Oops, yes, OpenSSL.

^ gem built with 0.9.5 cannot be installed with 0.9.4
282897 [daniel.mange] Has anybody released a gem built with rubygems 0.9.5?  I built the
+ 283000 [daniel.mange] s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
+ 283045 [wpdavenport ] Dan,

^ Zero-copy String Handling
282904 [cjs cynic.ne] I'm writing a C extension that involves fast scanning through and
+ 282911 [rubytraining] I've read (although I've never verified this by looking at the source
+ 282930 [shortcutter ] This is what I'd do: create a single string per line and use substring
| 282976 [cjs cynic.ne] This was attractive for a couple of seconds, until I realized that not
| 282978 [TimHunter nc] For a problem of this scale, it seems like it would make sense to use a
| + 282991 [cjs cynic.ne] That's a good idea. In fact, I could use a struct of the same shape as
| | 282996 [TimHunter nc] Works for me. RMagick 2 has the ability to "destroy" an image. A
| + 283018 [shortcutter ] But you still have the GC overhead - regardless whether you create
|   283057 [cjs cynic.ne] Not necessarially. If you set the contract, as I have, that the object
|   283084 [adam.shelly ] Would the immutable Rope implementation from RubyQuiz 137 help here?
+ 282948 [ara.t.howard] this code shares memory between an mmap and narray

^ Is there a Ruby utility for graphing?
282909 [victor.reyes] I was looking for an existent Ruby utility to plot a graph with given input.
+ 282913 [mike.s.mckin] ...
+ 282914 [sunrayson gm] If you are not looking for interactive graphs then you could try graphviz or
+ 282950 [ snk gna.org] Looks like a standard time-series graph to me.
  + 282954 [stas FreeBSD] Tioga?
  | 282998 [botp delmont] # Tioga?
  + 282955 [Ara.T.Howard] tioga
  | 282982 [danielsson.l] Looks like you are missing the readline header files.
  + 282956 [edder tkwspi] Tioga
  | 282959 [ snk gna.org] Thank you!  Tioga was exactly the project I was thinking of. :-)
  + 282966 [vjoel path.b] There's also RRD tool (and the ruby bindings, which are on rubyforge

^ OCD, end statements, and vertical space
282915 [ news jay.fm] I spent too many years in PL/I, where nested functions and subroutines look
+ 282953 [ara.t.howard] - in vim, with ruby.vim and matchit, i can simply bounce on % to
| 283086 [ news jay.fm] These are really interesting points.  In PL/I I'm using a rudimentary
+ 282968 [furtive.clow] Remember you can reduce nesting if you wish,
| 282969 [fedzor gmail] Wow. I really really like that. Do you actually use that or are you
| 283004 [furtive.clow] Mod = toplevel = Module.new
+ 282988 [shevegen lin] I can understand you somewhat. I am one of the few here (obviously) who
+ 283085 [ news jay.fm] OK, I'm intrigued - why do the zeros speed up printing?

^ Comments in Redcloth
282920 [transfire gm] Is there syntax for multi-line comments in Redcloth/Textile documents?
282939 [tim.pease gm] To the best of my knowledge, no.  I've looked around in the past, but
+ 283008 [justincollin] Since you can simply use HTML in RedCloth, you should be able to do
| 283034 [transfire gm] Guess that's why they call it "Super" ;)
+ 283033 [transfire gm] Thank You! That did the trick.

^ How can i get rubys on rails on my computer(fast and ez)?
282932 [wiz_pendases] How can i get rubys on rails on my computer(fast and ez)?
+ 283053 [fox nscl.msu] Instant rails
+ 283066 [johnwilger g] Buy a Mac with Leopard installed. ;-)
| 283181 [fox nscl.msu] Install e.g. ubuntu linux and use apt-get install rails :-D
+ 283077 [cloudernew g] in cmd.exe > gems install rails (I always get a timeout or something
  286910 [Misc your-pa] <585aa59a-c1b0-4076-a646-65abda0c60b2@e25g2000prg.googlegroups.com>,

^ Is there neway i can edit my code...to??
282933 [wiz_pendases] -I want to save tags into an array, then go back and read each
282934 [wiz_pendases] oppps....here is the code...i got so far...

^ Hex to decimals
282935 [shandybleu y] Any suggestions on how to convert a Hex value to its decimal equivalent?
+ 282938 [billk cts.co] => 255
+ 282940 [shortcutter ] $ ruby -e 'puts "deaf".to_i(16)'
+ 282941 [coder68 yaho] '0xf'.hex
| 282946 [shandybleu y] what about a base64 to a decimal? I have seen some examples using pack
+ 283030 [lloyd 2live4] p 10.to_s(16)

^ Gem 0.9.5, gempath, .gemrc, require on OS X, Works, but my goodness, what a mess
282967 [hutch recurs] I'm running OS X 10.5.1, have been running Ruby for years, Rails for

^ So many languages/tools, so very confusing!
282970 [benn686 hotm] Ruby, Ajax, Flex, CSS/HTML/PHP/ASP...
+ 282972 [phrogz mac.c] Your understanding is, unfortunately, incorrect.
+ 282973 [jari.william] No, but a few of them are.

^ printing
282977 [stu_09 hotma] # open a .txt file and read all the lines in the file
282985 [phrogz mac.c] File.open('testnew.txt').each do |line|

^ [ANN] rutema 0.4.2 Released
282983 [damphyr free] rutema version 0.4.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] RegexpBench 0.5.1 Released
282990 [nyarly gmail] RegexpBench version 0.5.1 has been released!

^ Re: Getting started problem -- Ruby and SciTE
282992 [luislavena g] If the syntax highlight is broken, please report a ticket in the

^ [ANN] RegexpBench 0.5.1 Released
282993 [nyarly gmail] RegexpBench version 0.5.1 has been released!

^ REXml help - Insert newlines into large xml file
282995 [seannakasone] someone please provide some code to use REXML to simply read in an xml,
+ 282997 [raasdnil gma] You could use HTML tidy for this I think.
+ 283005 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):001:0> require 'rexml/document'
+ 283006 [phrogz mac.c] For more information on REXML, see the official tutorial. It covers
+ 283007 [m.fellinger ] Step 1) Install tidy
  + 283010 [phrogz mac.c] For the record, would you care to clarify and justify that statement?
  | 283032 [m.fellinger ] Sure, i've tried for quite some time to get REXML to a point where it
  | 283038 [jari.william] Don'tunderstand what you mean by "new REXML", since you seem to be using
  | 283149 [m.fellinger ] On Dec 11, 2007 10:50 PM, Jari Williamsson
  + 283019 [jari.william] Not at all. If you're using an an older version of the standard library,

^ Find the first non-nil element in an array
283020 [lianliming g] Is there any build-in method of class Array which can be used to find
283022 [stefano.croc] You can use Enumerable#find, which will return the first item in the array =
+ 283023 [lianliming g] Really helpful, thx!
+ 283046 [phrogz mac.c] for
  283095 [cloudernew g] I had some time wrapping my head around this one messing with irb
  + 283116 [no spam.plea] I can't work out why you want to build a new (compacted) array in
  | 283190 [lojicdotcom ] Depending on the nature of the array (in particular, the number of
  | 283197 [phrogz mac.c] For the curious, here are the results of Brian's test on my computer
  + 283119 [phrogz mac.c] You've got it! Assigning to a variable is like moving a sticky note
  + 283309 [ljjarvis gma] Yes :-)

^ rpdf2txt
283021 [andreacamp h] i'm trying to make a pdf parser. This is my code and the script seems to
283024 [hannes.wyss ] Ciao Andrea
+ 283317 [andreacamp84] Ciao Hannes,
| 283326 [hannes.wyss ] Good Morning!
+ 283318 [andreacamp84] Ciao Hannes,
+ 283323 [andreacamp84] Ciao Hannes,
+ 283325 [andreacamp84] Ciao Hannes,

^ Dynamically generate a symbol name
283027 [toastkid.wil] I'm sure this is simple but i can't work out the syntax - if i want to
+ 283028 [ssmoot gmail] I would avoid doing this though. Symbols aren't meant to represent
| 283058 [gwtmp01 mac.] Hash table performance shouldn't be affected by size, that is the
| + 283070 [ssmoot gmail] Ahh, thanks Gary. Guess that's my lack of a CompSci degree showing
| + 283111 [no spam.plea] Besides which any literal symbol references will probably be substituted
| + 283163 [eeklund gmai] The memory footprint will increase.  Unless you're already past the
| | 283170 [gwtmp01 mac.] Yes. I said that.
| | 283180 [eeklund gmai] And I repeated it with information about what that memory size
| + 283247 [toastkid.wil] cool, thanks guys.
+ 283029 [transfire gm] 10.times do |n|

^ RFC: Emacs rdebug key bindings
283031 [rocky.bernst] Anders Lindgren and I (but mostly Anders) has been revamping debugging

^ RubyConf Videos  Baked and Ready =-)
283037 [wpdavenport ] 90% of the videos are up.

^ [ANN] CGIAlt 0.0.2 released - FastCGI supported
283042 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released CGIAlt 0.0.2

^ Re: CGIAlt 0.0.2 released - FastCGI supported
283043 [kwa kuwata-l] Sorry, the following is the correct url.

^ Re: CGIAlt 0.0.1 released - an alternative library of 'cgi.rb'
283044 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released new version of CGIAlt (0.0.2).
+ 283099 [ara.t.howard] sure.
+ 283102 [ara.t.howard] #! /opt/local/bin/ruby
  283321 [kwa kuwata-l] CGIAlt and CGIExt are not the silver bullet for performance.

^ Set and Object equivilence
283047 [andrew.oxenb] I've just started with Ruby from Java, and am having trouble getting a
+ 283049 [gwtmp01 mac.] You've got the name wrong, it should be eql?(thing).
+ 283050 [shortcutter ] Spelling error: this method needs to read "eql?". This is likely the
+ 283054 [rubytraining] First, change your .eqls? method to .eql? and that will fix your code.
  283055 [andrew.oxenb] Thanks. Bit embarrassed with a simple spelling error. I looked at it

^ mysql gem: version specification and update problem
283059 [stephen.bann] The mysql gem has unfortunate interaction between gem versions,
283098 [drbrain segm] The correct place to report a bug on RubyGems is on the tracker.
283103 [stephen.bann] Thanks for responding Eric,

^ Authentication using PAM
283061 [guilhermevca] I've been trying to use the Ruby/PAM library to authenticate users but I

^ Issue with threads and socket accept
283062 [vasyl.smirno] I'm writing a multi-threaded server, and would like to stop it on a
+ 283068 [cjs cynic.ne] Errr..."not investigating deep and strange mysteries of the Ruby interpreter
| 283076 [vasyl.smirno] You probably do :)
+ 283071 [garbagecat10] Without addressing your specific question, let me suggest that you
  283075 [vasyl.smirno] On Dec 11, 7:53 pm, "Francis Cianfrocca" <garbageca...@gmail.com>

^ While statements in ruby
283063 [pimea.mark g] iteration loops in ruby that reference more than one item of an array or
+ 283064 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):001:0> a = %w| a b c d e f |
+ 283067 [phrogz mac.c] irb(main):019:0> i=0
+ 283069 [cmshea gmail] If you are really just working with two arrays that map one-to-one and
| 283219 [pimea.mark g] Yeah I wanted to do this as well but didn't know how in ruby :) Could
+ 283072 [jl235 kent.a] To make a similar loop to yours above you can use the times method.
+ 283112 [shortcutter ] irb(main):006:0> (1..6).each_slice(2) {|a,b| print a,",",b,"\n"}
| 283358 [kbloom gmail] Because someone did mention #each_cons
| 283388 [phrogz mac.c] Exactly why I didn't mention it. :) Glad Robert was there to pick up
+ 283208 [phrogz mac.c] Suggest you stop using ruby-forum until it stops hiding the answers
  283213 [pimea.mark g] Hm how did my question get there? I'm a little confused :P Anyway thanks
  283221 [phrogz mac.c] When you post to ruby-forum, you will see the following right above
  283225 [pimea.mark g] oh ok well thanks for the tip. I tried replying via the google group

^ Convert 体中文 in Chinese to &#31616;&#20307;&#20013;&#25991;&
283065 [philip.broco] 体中文

^ Class variables per subclasses, defined in the superclass
283073 [gareth.adams] First the pastie, I got class_eval from #ruby-lang on freenode -
+ 283091 [stefano.croc] orename=3D>1}
+ 283106 [phrogz mac.c] class Base

^ Creating multiple objects in loops
283074 [richardh06 h] I was wondering if it is possible to create multiple objects within
+ 283078 [kyleaschmitt] Maybe it'll help if you tell us what you're trying to do...
| 283234 [richardh06 h] Basically it's what I mentioned in my second post (3rd one down).
+ 283081 [m_goldberg a] Of course it's possible to create multiple objects in a loop. What
+ 283140 [ snk gna.org] Yes, the problem you pose is very well solvable (see below), but ...
  + 283185 [richardh06 h] Thanks for that but having looked at your solution, it may not be the
  | 283207 [shortcutter ] Are ids always showing up in order without holes?  If so, you can
  + 283268 [adam.shelly ] array = %w[a b c]

^ opposite .nil?
283079 [stonelists g] I've looked around, but could not find a method that is the opposite of
283080 [justincollin] if not my_var.nil?
283082 [stonelists g] if not my_var.nil?
+ 283083 [stonelists g] Ooops... meant
| 283113 [shortcutter ] Well, you could do
+ 283087 [ymendel pobo] There's no reason to say  myobject.var && !my.object.var.nil?  Any
| 283089 [stonelists g] Please see the followup email I sent.
+ 283090 [phrogz mac.c] 1) No such opposite-of-nil? method exists. If you want it, add it.
  283094 [stonelists g] Thanks for actually answering my question.  Much appreciated.
  + 283121 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'd suggest not_nil?
  | 283134 [stonelists g] I definitely wanted a true opposite of .nil? and I do agree the term exists?
  | 283143 [transfire gm] Facets has #non_nil? and #not_nil?. It also has #val? for not nil or
  + 283127 [kbloom gmail] def should_this_be_done?
  | + 283139 [stonelists g] hard.
  | + 283191 [lojicdotcom ] Hmm... maybe 'readable' is in the eye of the beholder ;)
  + 283162 [renard nc.rr] what about

^ =?GB2312?B?UmU6IENvbnZlcnQgvPLM5dbQzsQgaW4gQ2hpbmVzZSB0byAmIzMxNjE2OyYjMjAz?= 07;&#20013;&#25991;&
283088 [djberg96 gma] .php

^ New to ruby
283092 [chrisd27 hot] thing first, whats the best version of ruby to download and where from?
+ 283101 [jari.william] As a beginner on Windows, I guess you first want the one-click installer.
| 283114 [shortcutter ] Not necessarily.  I make good use of cygwin's Ruby package.
+ 283104 [jl235 kent.a] Ruby is interpreted not compiled and you just run the scripts directly.

^ so pty is no longer supported?
283097 [rubyoncrack ] it would make sense, since it's a POS.

^ Using unicode in YAML
283105 [baumanj gmai] I've done my research, and it appears that the current ruby YAML
285407 [wolf.rainer ] \xEF\xBB\xBF from your example above is the byte order mark (BOM)

^ Re: Convert 体中文 in Chinese to 体中文&
283109 [ snk gna.org] => "\347\256\200\344\275\223\344\270\255\346\226\207"
283110 [philip.broco] wow, thanks!

^ reading in a file
283115 [chrisd27 hot] i want to create a ruby program that uses a "database" of reference
+ 283123 [TimHunter nc] Look at the doc for the File class and the IO class. File inherits from
+ 283200 [phrogz mac.c] I suggest you stop using ruby-forum until it is fixed, and instead use

^ meta: who is the reciever?
283117 [gabpugliese ] first sorry my poor english. I'm a spanish speaker from argentina
283151 [bermonruf gm] class Object
283152 [bermonruf gm] Foo.c  #=> Class method
283261 [gabpugliese ] Thanks Bernardo

^ encrypt using ruby depcrypt using VB
283120 [shandybleu y] Anyone ever try and encrypt something using and decrypt it using
283174 [jan.svitok g] Can you post your code so far, and tell the problems you are having?
283639 [khaines enig] I'm using crypt/rijndael, base64 encoding the result, and then CGI

^ Recursing XML data using REXML
283125 [carl.bourne ] I would like to process an XML file using REXML and recurse down through
+ 283126 [phrogz mac.c] def show_element( element, level=0 )
+ 283199 [phrogz mac.c] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  283218 [carl.bourne ] Thanks for this Gavin, however the link to this seems to be broken.
  + 283223 [phrogz mac.c] and find the message titled "Recursing XML data using REXML".
  + 283224 [carl.bourne ] Thanks Gavin,

^ How To Avoid Ugly Declerations
283128 [me michaelbo] def some_method(foo)
+ 283132 [justincollin] In this specific case...
| 283241 [me michaelbo] Thanks so much for all the replies :) So, what I've gathered is that map
| + 283248 [Rob AgileCon] map creates a new array
| + 283476 [perrin apoth] If I understand your sentence correctly -- no, that's incorrect.
+ 283135 [aledonne.lis] foo.map {|f| f.reverse}
+ 283136 [yermej gmail] def some_method(foo)
+ 283137 [andrei andre] You don't need to define a method for that.
+ 283138 [ snk gna.org] def some_method foo
  283145 [me michaelbo] Thanks for that, I'll be using that more often now :) However, I'm
  + 283147 [bermonruf gm] def get_text(*elements)
  + 283150 [phrogz mac.c] def get_text( *elements )
  + 283178 [sascha.abel ] def get_text(*elements)