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^ WSO2 WSF/Ruby 1.0.0 - RC2 Released
282675 [janapriya gm] WSF/Ruby - 1.0.0-RC

^ Looking for a new web framework.
282684 [timuckun gma] I am looking for a web framework designed to handle multiple domains
282752 [raasdnil gma] Go get Mephisto and put it on rails.  Can handle multiple domains, with
+ 282766 [timuckun gma] Thanks. I will check it out.
| 282808 [gaspard teti] There is also "zena", the tool I am writing. Compared to mephisto, it
| 282809 [gaspard teti] Forgot the link: http://zenadmin.org
+ 282831 [ben bleythin] Mephisto is a blogging/CMS engine, not a web framework.  I doubt that it
  283469 [timuckun gma] Thanks for the tip. I was thinking about using mod_ruby and erb-like-things.
  + 283472 [cohen.jeff g] Maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds like Rails would work great
  | + 283478 [ben bleythin] That's true.  I assumed from his first post that he meant "a new
  | | 283484 [shevegen lin] One day the ultimate web framework will be - ruby itself ;)
  | + 283667 [timuckun gma] If rails can work for me I don't quite know how to do it.  Let me explain.
  |   + 283668 [lister pikkl] I've had problems with code re-use on view-level across rails apps.
  |   | 284864 [cjs cynic.ne] Indeed, it is, IMHO. At least, that's what our (Starling Software's)
  |   + 283701 [dangerwillro] It should be doable, but you'll have to brew up some way to negotiate
  + 283477 [ben bleythin] I think it's pretty robust.  I think it always has been :)  I think that
    284862 [cjs cynic.ne] FCGI has persistent state between requests as well.

^ man page from rdoc source
282698 [andrea.fazzi] is there a way to create an unix man page from an rdoc formatted source?
282778 [andrea.fazzi] Ok, it seems that there is not a way to produce an unix man page from an

^ Regexp: str1-anything but str2-str2 => str1-str2
282701 [wimxa yahoo.] A simple question about whether this can be done with regular
282722 [yermej gmail] str.gsub(/<script>.*?<\/script>/m, '').gsub(/\n+/, "\n")
282724 [wimxa yahoo.] yermej,

^ Putting value in sorted array
282714 [jari.william] I have an array that's sorted from highest value to lowest. I also want
282721 [yermej gmail] On Dec 8, 11:48 am, Jari Williamsson
282728 [jari.william] arr = [5, 3, 1]
+ 282736 [gwtmp01 mac.] That is a lot of work to insert an item into a sorted array.
+ 282738 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm not sure why you are looking for a hash.

^ Getting Access to a Row just Created
282717 [kvnsmnsn hot] I've got a Ruby file where I take a table from my database named "Poc"
282735 [Rob AgileCon] new_one = Poc.create()

^ [ANN] Rucola 0.0.3 released.
282718 [eloy.de.enig] charset=WINDOWS-1252;
282742 [benjohn fysh] This sounds jolly sweet, thanks for the work. However, I'm just =20
282743 [rsanheim gma] This usually means the gem is just propagating thru the mirrors..try

^ .max a Block of code with yield?
282723 [wes.rishel g] For a suitable value of pth, this works
+ 282732 [stefano.croc] The second piece of code raises an error because you can only use yield to
+ 282733 [sepp2k googl] yield(x) means: "Execute the block that has been given to this method with the

^ Rubinius mailing list
282727 [brixen gmail] Cheers,

^ sorting by timestamp with uneven arrays
282734 [michael.ders] Ok, this one is a little complicated and I'm sure there's a better way
+ 282737 [cmshea gmail] On Dec 8, 3:03 pm, Mike Dershowitz <michael.dershow...@jpmchase.com>
+ 282740 [dblack rubyp] I'm not sure what you mean about #sort_by and being a hash. You can
+ 282741 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm not sure why you are looking for a hash.
  282802 [michael.ders] thanks everybody, it worked!

^ How much would variable declarations in Ruby make you wince?
282748 [ihatespam ho] So, I had a conversation with a colleague of mine and he brought up a
+ 282750 [konrad tyler] charset="utf-8"
+ 282755 [james.britt ] How are you testing your code?
| 282907 [ihatespam ho] The usual way: by running it?
| 282922 [ news jay.fm] That'd be the wrong way, then.
+ 282756 [transfire gm] On Dec 8, 7:55 pm, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
| 282912 [ihatespam ho] This is interesting but kind of overkill.  Checking for a contract is a
| 282923 [transfire gm] On Dec 10, 11:15 am, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
| 282925 [billk cts.co] Whoa... just out of curiosity... what editor do you use?  :)
| 282929 [transfire gm] Oh, don't read that the wrong way, it supports highlighting, just not
+ 282765 [timuckun gma] I think it would be useful especially for people coming to ruby from
| 282773 [djberg96 gma] Once you make something like that optional it has a way of becoming
| 282780 [Dymaio gmail] For Perl that may not be a bad thing.  And there's a lot loaded into
| 282786 [billk cts.co] No.  Optimizing almost invariably makes code more obscure and more
| 282792 [Dymaio gmail] Perhaps I should avoid buzzwords.  I admit that, having never
| 282848 [billk cts.co] For what it's worth, I'd suggest that the phrase "premature
| 282999 [Dymaio gmail] I've had a chance to think some more.  First, is the word 'canon'
+ 282777 [Dymaio gmail] On Dec 8, 7:51 pm, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
| + 282781 [shortcutter ] Item 2 above was about declared variables, not necessarily typed ones.
| | + 282788 [Dymaio gmail] Sorry, that was intended as a pr=E9cis.  I probably should have
| | + 282795 [gwtmp01 mac.] This comment caught my eye.  I think good contracts are based on
| | + 282917 [ihatespam ho] Typed variables would be a huge change to Ruby but I disagree that
| + 282916 [ihatespam ho] I actually don't think this is the case.  Statically typed languages
|   282961 [Dymaio gmail] On Dec 10, 11:21 am, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
+ 282783 [jari.william] Do you mean object or type here? Checking the type is easy if you need to.
| + 282787 [caduceass gm] On Dec 9, 2007 10:40 AM, Jari Williamsson
| | 282790 [Dymaio gmail] <snippy>
| | 282791 [caduceass gm] Hmm.  Maybe, but I kind of doubt it.  var temp is no more or less
| | + 282794 [Dymaio gmail] Do you really, truly believe this?  I'm going to argue this point.
| | + 282918 [ihatespam ho] You're really not thinking this through.
| |   + 282921 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 10, 10:30 am, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
| |   + 282931 [eeklund gmai] On Dec 10, 2007 5:34 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| |     282952 [ihatespam ho] I'm not exactly sure what you're describing, here.  Are you describing
| |     + 282958 [ news jay.fm] [Horb-dee-dorb-dee-dorb, I need a new function to say hello.]
| |     | 282964 [Dymaio gmail] In languages that support this, isn't it normal for the compiler to
| |     | 282974 [ news jay.fm] Sure, but again, if you mistyped the chronologically-second,
| |     | 282984 [Dymaio gmail] Boy, I know that if I were implementing this 'var' stuff, I would
| |     + 282975 [eeklund gmai] On Dec 10, 2007 8:50 PM, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
| |       283001 [ihatespam ho] I disagree that "succinctness" is an important part of Ruby's strength.
| + 282789 [Dymaio gmail] On Dec 9, 11:40 am, Jari Williamsson
+ 282832 [ news jay.fm] I suspect that both #1 and #2 are because you're not doing TDD/BDD.
+ 282878 [MonkeeSage g] On Dec 8, 6:51 pm, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
| + 282880 [eeklund gmai] This happens to me in perl, possibly about as often as the typo
| | 282963 [Dymaio gmail] Thank you.  That's a good suggestion.
| + 282919 [ihatespam ho] It wouldn't help at all and no one claimed that it would.  Did you read
|   + 282924 [ news jay.fm] That's just silly...
|   + 282987 [Dymaio gmail] On Dec 10, 11:38 am, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"
+ 283012 [gerardo.sant] On 12/8/07, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
  + 283035 [transfire gm] On Dec 11, 12:44 am, "Gerardo Santana G=F3mez Garrido"
  | 283041 [Dymaio gmail] Although I don't think it is the case, if what Mr. Santana G=F3mez
  + 283060 [ihatespam ho] First of all, if you don't think the subject deserves any attention, why
    283096 [rick.denatal] On 12/11/07, Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
    283100 [caduceass gm] Yeah, me too.  I love elitism.  That's being sarcastic for the unwary.

^ FXRuby Segmentation fault
282749 [ernst tanaka] I am getting this error.
282775 [ernst tanaka] In addition to the above post;
282776 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ernst,
282835 [ernst tanaka] Thanks Axel for your reply.
282838 [vjoel path.b] Symptoms like this sometimes mean there is a memory management problem
282884 [ernst tanaka] Thanks Joel (dankjewel)
282901 [ernst tanaka] Found another little clue
282910 [fxrubyguy gm] What is @bs_tab? It should be an array of strings. See what happens if
282943 [ernst tanaka] @bs_tab is an array filled with two elements. ["Buy", "Sell"]

^ 5 threads didn't exit
282751 [junkone1 gma] I get this mesg whenever an i interrupt a  Ruby program. How do i
282767 [shortcutter ] If your program is to handle interrupts gracefully, I'd set up a signal

^ Hot Adult Entertainment
282757 [freesexfgqp ] Hot site for sex!Also visit http://www.24hoursofporn.com that features

^ Problems building ruby1.9 on Blue Gene/L
282763 [crb002 gmail] Trying to cross-compile a compute node binary of Ruby1.9.
+ 282772 [nobu ruby-la] How did it fail?
| 283107 [crb002 gmail] On Blue Gene/L the compute nodes are different from the login node, so
+ 283129 [crb002 gmail] Using pthread (or Windows thread) and Ruby threads run > concurrent.
  283148 [crb002 gmail] Well, according to Matz's keynote I guess not :(

^ How to get date out of datetime field?
282764 [vaqas.ashraf] I have a field in db with datetime format and it contains more than just
282798 [phrogz mac.c] What does your format look like?
282853 [vaqas.ashraf] oh well
282857 [d_rems yahoo] myDate.strftime('%Y%m%d')

^ [Mac OS X 10.4.11] ruby1.9-trunk make failed
282769 [unbewusst.se] ~/work/Ruby/ruby1.9-trunk%> make
+ 282770 [gethemant gm] Probably should be reported to ruby-core since development of ruby1.9 is
| 282771 [unbewusst.se] OK, done, thanks !
+ 282863 [ollivier.rob] Ruby 1.9/trunk requires you to have bison2, it is not compatible with previous
  282864 [unbewusst.se] yes, thanks, i've updated bison in the meantime, Ruby 1.9 is running

^ [ANN] CGIAlt 0.0.1 released - an alternative library of 'cgi.rb'
282782 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released CGIAlt 0.0.1.
282799 [ara.t.howard] #! /opt/local/bin/ruby

^ [ANN/ADV] Rails training from Ruby Power and Light in NYC, Feb. 2008!
282784 [dblack rubyp] I'm happy to announce that Ruby Power and Light is offering the

^ EXE in windows
282793 [danpeikes ho] I am new to Ruby (not to programming) and am trying to make executable
+ 282796 [ben bleythin] You're almost certainly looking for rubyscript2exe
+ 282797 [micathom gma] associate

^ Re: Word Loop (#149) [SOLUTION]
282804 [rubytraining] Here is my solution that tries to make all possible arrangements and
+ 282806 [qbproger gma] Here is my solution.  It finds the longest cycle possible.
+ 282810 [micathom gma] Here is my first solution. By default, it finds the smallest circle.
+ 282811 [micathom gma] My second solution uses a recursive algorithm and provides a curses
+ 282819 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU

^ handle a special foramt error when importing csv
282805 [coder montx.] I have to import lots of csv files, and sometimes, there's one with the
282823 [mguterl gmai] try this,
282828 [coder montx.] thanks, I'll try that ...

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
282818 [james graypr] ...

^ Gem trouble
282821 [benjohn fysh] I've been trying to use gems to instal rucola, and things aren't
+ 282856 [benjohn fysh] *snip*
+ 282980 [drbrain segm] gem --debug install ...
  283017 [benjohn fysh] Thanks Eric!

^ Confirm My Ruby/GUI investigation?
282822 [wes.rishel g] I have been reviewing the copious old threads (and the various cited web
+ 282825 [thomas.adam2] This has been discussed so many times before.
| + 282829 [wes.rishel g] Thanks for the reminder ... this is why I made a point of reviewing the
| + 282833 [ news jay.fm] I would like to take this opportunity to coin Levitt's Inevitable
|   282847 [shevegen lin] To be honest... your requirements are too hard to meet.
|   282851 [botpena gmai] well, maybe we can start using/supporting arcadia http://arcadia.rubyforge.org/
+ 282826 [qbproger gma] If you really want to use Qt and don't mind giving your software away
+ 282827 [jari.william] Not at all. wxRuby is a platform-independent GUI based on wxWidgets.
+ 282830 [kidkog gmail] *snip*
+ 284034 [mo_mail ongh] If direct support (specifically from _this_ forum) is less of an issue,
  284036 [joshua.schai] You might want to investigate _why's Shoes libraries.
  284053 [wes.rishel g] Thanks, I looked at Shoes and had the impression that it is "not soup
  284057 [joshua.schai] I don't work for _why :), but if you purchase the "Nobody Knows
  284058 [wes.rishel g] Thanks. If you have tried Shoes, could you contact me off line for a

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 9.0.1
282836 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog

^ Database to xml for data migration
282837 [cs.subscribe] I have searched google for answers and have gone down a few paths of
+ 282839 [dvohra09 yah] A rails application would be the most suitable to generate an XML from database.
+ 282840 [paradisaeida] require "rexml/document"   ;include REXML
+ 282841 [dvohra09 yah] XML output may be generated from database query using DBI::Utils::XMLFormatter module.
+ 282858 [cs.subscribe] Great - thanks for the responses!
  282869 [shortcutter ] Well, if it is just a single and static template you could even use

^ RubyGems 0.9.5 ignoring spec.bindir
282843 [ snk gna.org] I want to make a gem for a small (< 200 lines) project of mine.  The
282945 [ snk gna.org] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] PDF::Writer 1.1.4 released
282845 [gregory.t.br] I'm happy to announce we have our first PDF::Writer maintenance
283232 [chris postal] Great stuff Greg, I'm very pleased to see this project taken over

^ Re: How much would variable declarations in Ruby make you wi
282846 [shevegen lin] I too often complain about missing end's.
+ 282870 [shortcutter ] There are actually at least two measures that help preventing this: 1.
| 282986 [shevegen lin] What makes you believe I do not already? ;)
| 282989 [Dymaio gmail] ...or receive the "death of a thousand 'cdr's."  Can't resist.
+ 283171 [ljjarvis gma] I disagree, If you indent your code in the first place I find the

^ [Ann] Monday, 12/8 December Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
282849 [james.britt ] December Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ Arcadia IDE (was: Re: Confirm My Ruby/GUI investigation?)
282852 [wes.rishel g] Arcadia looks very nice on its Web site. I wonder if anyone on this

^ Module#include (no need for ClassMethods)
282854 [transfire gm] class Module
282881 [MonkeeSage g] Clever. :) It doesn't seem to grok class vars inside of ::Self (?),

^ [ANN] Gerbil 0.0.0 - a document generator
282859 [ snk gna.org] Dear developers, technical writers, and documentation gurus,
+ 282949 [ara.t.howard] just guessing - but maybe that's because it's a insanely complete and
| 283052 [dodecaphonic] I second that, it looks so nice! I actually felt like printing it, because
+ 283304 [martindemell] Very nice work indeed!

^ [Mac OS X 10.4.x] how to get Ruby Tk (aqua) installed
282862 [unbewusst.se] ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [powerpc-darwin8.9.0]

^ Emulating Netcat and connecting to bind shells
282866 [propolice gm] I am creating some exploits written in Ruby. Most of my payloads are
+ 282889 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not at all familiar with "netcat", but if it's like most open-source
+ 282944 [see signatur] Hopefully those exploits are for good purposes, not bad.  In any
  283337 [propolice gm] My exploits are only for 'educational' purposes. I will look into

^ new to ruby
282867 [imoolla gmai] why does my while loop never end?
+ 282871 [botp delmont] RnJvbTogSW1yYWFuIE1vb2xsYSBbbWFpbHRvOmltb29sbGFAZ21haWwuY29tXSANCiMgd2h5IGRv
+ 282873 [codeblogger ] Because gets.chomp.to_i will never be an empty string ('').
+ 282874 [markonlinux ] casting to an integer
  282875 [imoolla gmai] Thank you all. I understand now! :)

^ Unexplainable array phenomenon
282868 [saladin.mund] hey folks, perhaps I'm too overtired, but I've got an array problem
282876 [shortcutter ] This is a typical aliasing issue.  You insert the same tmp array two
282877 [saladin.mund] thank you very much, I should have some more hours of sleep :)

^ http://gems.rubyonrails.org/ down? Alternative download site for activerecord-sybase-adapter please.
282872 [aman.thind l] Is there any other source where I could download the gem

^ An advice for Christmas' gift: book about Ruby for experienced user
282879 [FalselinKsim] I'd like to buy (for a gift) 1 or 2 books about Ruby for a non-novice
+ 282882 [devi.webmast] Everyone has their own choice in books, both books you listed are
+ 282888 [znmeb cesmai] Both are good books, but I'd check to see if the person has them

^ method problem
282883 [stu_09 hotma] im writing a class which produces refrences in a hash
282885 [shortcutter ] The easiest and probably most appropriate idiom is to use the block
282906 [stu_09 hotma] i would really prefer if i got this working inside the class however.
+ 282928 [shortcutter ] What do you mean?  The solution works inside and outside of classes.
+ 283173 [ljjarvis gma] class Foo

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
282890 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;