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Fwd: Ruby Quiz #148
281787 [dave.pederso] ...
+ 281790 [me@mi ha lb ] I've looked at a lot of solutions for this quiz today and I have to say
+ 281804 [kbloom@gm il] postfix = 3 5 * 5 8 * /
  281817 [dave.pederso] ...

Problem with Rails Installation
281794 [Gowrisankar.] I have downloaded Rails-1.2.6.zip manually as my proxy settings are

[ADV] Ruport Book Pre-orders now open
281796 [gregory.t.br] Though we've not quite hit the finish line yet, we're far enough along

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
281799 [james@gr yp ] ...

Strange errors on Mac OS X.
281800 [gabrielbn@ho] I was wondering if anyone could help out a newbie in need. So I've just
+ 281835 [has.temp3@vi] Might be that your code is using carriage returns instead of linefeeds
| 281932 [dangerwillro] No mac apps use CR as line endings now. That went away with OS9's
| 282027 [has.temp3@vi] On 4 Dec, 00:36, John Joyce <dangerwillrobinsondan...@gmail.com>
+ 281853 [phrogz@ma .c] If you copy and paste text from a website, particularly when is has
  + 281918 [gabrielbn@ho] Yes, yes I did. After seeing this, I tried copy-pasting a non-break
  | 281921 [florian.assm] Just replace
  | 281943 [gabrielbn@ho] Just tried it, it's still giving me the error message.
  + 282726 [gabrielbn@ho] Alright, thanks for helping me narrow it down. I managed to make it work
    282753 [m_goldberg@a] You shouldn't have had to retype by hand. Your code editor should be
    282824 [gabrielbn@ho] Textedit, in plain text mode, which isn't really a code editor, but has

Re: Ruby Quiz #148
281801 [james@gr yp ] Since there was no name specified, I think all solvers should assume

"shoes" issues
281806 [schmode93@ya] So, i have been looking around for easy GUI's. I tried DL'ing TK but I
281862 [schmode93@ya] Ok i have messed around a bit more with this, and now its more
281872 [why@ru y- an] So, it sounds like you used the Shoes installer, right?  If you look
281873 [schmode93@ya] Yes, i used shoes installer, yes i have v. r315 ( and have tried other
281881 [why@ru y- an] Sure.
+ 281887 [mental@ry ia] Have you considered registering a .shoes extension?  "follow.shoes" and so on?
+ 281891 [schmode93@ya] Alright I think the 1st part works, but not the second part, take a look
  281892 [mental@ry ia] Try it all on one line (with spaces in place of line breaks).
  281894 [schmode93@ya] Ahha, thanks, i tried just combining the 2 that didn't work XD. Thanks a

Everyone's favorite flow control: retry
281810 [charles.nutt] Today I was thinking about retry support in JRuby, and figured we've
+ 281855 [ruby@an hr p] Okay, I disagree with that last point. Retry is very handy when
| + 281949 [MonkeeSage@g] On Dec 3, 9:06 am, Gregory Seidman <gsslist+r...@anthropohedron.net>
| | 281952 [charles.nutt] void foo() { goto retry; }
| | 281955 [MonkeeSage@g] On Dec 3, 8:22 pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
| | 281963 [charles.nutt] It raises an exception, a LocalJumpError (which is how all non-local
| | + 281969 [MonkeeSage@g] On Dec 3, 10:40 pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
| | + 282071 [MonkeeSage@g] On Dec 3, 10:40 pm, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
| |   + 282080 [Thomas.Enebo] If Charlie did not mention this earlier in the thread we have in fact
| |   + 282332 [matz@ru y- a] To share implementation with CALL.  We push the block stack then moves
| + 281967 [alexg@ku cr ] I'm pretty sure Charles meant that nobody uses or understands retry
|   281971 [alexg@ku cr ] [alexg@powerbook]/Users/alexg/Desktop(33): ruby retry2.rb
|   281973 [alexg@ku cr ] Ignore that last message, I see now it's not even getting through one
|   281977 [charles.nutt] It's not callable because it's at the top level. It works if it's in a
+ 282333 [matz@ru y- a] OK, even though I am not fully agreed with you in some edge corner, we
  + 282355 [ruby@an hr p] Thank you, Matz! Even without it being an issue for JRuby, I would be in
  + 282433 [charles.nutt] I think removing a feature when there's no benefit to keeping it is
    282465 [matz@ru y- a] I think it's just a matter of discussion focus, i.e. problems,

got problem in installing fedora
281811 [durezauberit] fedora core, i cannot open my monitor...is there a problem in my
281847 [rsteckly@wh ] When you say your monitor won't open, what does that mean?  Do you get a blank screen?  Are there lines?  How committed are you to the Fedora distro?  Can you tell me more about your machine?
282111 [durezauberit] Good day!

Everyone's favorite flow control: retry
281812 [charles.nutt] Today I was thinking about retry support in JRuby, and figured we've

program behavior differs when tracing function is set
281820 [timur@xo ed ] I've been working on simple ruby debugger that is using

ruby source code
281821 [mzalendo90@y] greetings  to  all,
283311 [shawn42@gm i] ...

Re: Ruport Book Pre-orders now open
281823 [come.news@fr] It seems ok to get from outside the US the PDF only version, right ?
281857 [gregory.t.br] Yes, absolutely.  You'd need to pay in USD, but other than that, it's

281829 [inuyasha.aka] ...

Postfix to Infix (#148)
281831 [inuyasha.aka] ...

how to use render & redirect_to together
281836 [advait.bellu] I needed to know a way or method of using render and reditect_to

Re: how to use render & redirect_to togethe
281837 [jameskilton@] ...
281838 [jameskilton@] ...

string to substring??
281841 [l3litzer@ho ] I have one string name
+ 281842 [coder68@ya o] irb(main):001:0> mesArray = "5x-2=18".split ""
+ 281844 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0> message = "5x-2=18"
  281851 [l3litzer@ho ] thank you robert :D

read file and print contents - beginner
281859 [stu_09@ho ma] im new to ruby and i have a text file and want to read in the file
281860 [cvonkleist@g] I would change
281861 [stu_09@ho ma] I've changed my approach as i dont actually want to count the lines
+ 281865 [cvonkleist@g] ARGV.each do |fn|
+ 281869 [andrei@an re] ARGV.each will iterate through every parameter you pass. Since your

Re: NTLM authentication with httpclient - SOLVED
281868 [yermej@gm il] It works now! I just made a stupid mistake in my testing. This is an
281882 [diegoslice@g] Very cool and thank you!

help with  ? yield :
281874 [coder@mo tx ] I'm new to Ruby and Rails, and I'm learning at the same time I'm reading
+ 281877 [ljjarvis@gm ] ? is the equivalent to 'if' kinda.. For example
+ 281878 [sepp2k@go gl] foo ? bar : baz
+ 281879 [noah.easterl] so ? : is normally called the trinary operator, and is common to a
  281880 [coder@mo tx ] thanks to all !!

Redcloth ignore YouTube embeds?
281876 [dougal.s@gm ] I'm trying to process blog posts using RedCloth, stripping any html
281895 [dougal.s@gm ] t = t.gsub( /(<object(.|\n)+?<\/object>)/ ,
281957 [chiology@gm ] You could use that regexp to pull out the object/embed tags into a

Any success compiling ruby-odbc for Mac OS X Leopard?
281883 [carpeaqua@gm] Has anyone had any luck compiling the ruby-odbc library on Mac OS X
281926 [nerdrew@gm i] I installed ruby-odbc using MacPorts and it installed without any

Slightly odd Integer() behavior
281890 [danielsson.l] Integer(gets), works well if you enter any integer apart from 0, which
281893 [ed.odanow@wo] For me (Windows2000) it works well for Ruby 1.8.6, but not for nightly

The Great Ruby Shootout
281897 [acangiano@gm] I hope that you'll find it useful or interesting. :)
281931 [charles.nutt] Looks great Antonio :)

overriding SCITE warning
281902 [surjit.meite] I am using SCITE to run my ruby code. The output pane also displays all
281924 [raasdnil@gm ] ...
282024 [surjit.meite] Good Joke !!!!!!!!!!

Screen Scraping an Image
281904 [skenney26@gm] How do you screen scrape an image off of a web page?
281907 [phrogz@ma .c] You find the URL of the image (possibly resolving a relative URL
281915 [robert.citek] I suspect Sean is asking, what's the ruby way of doing a wget?
281916 [skenney26@gm] Here's a script I found at http://www.rubynoob.com/articles/2006/8/21/how-to-download-files-with-a-ruby-script
282233 [dodecaphonic] ...

Starting ruby on rails with multiple applications
281911 [laredotornad] I'm using Fedora Core 5 Linux with the latest version of Ruby on
281925 [raasdnil@gm ] ...

Getting input
281912 [schmode93@ya] I have been trying to get find a way to get input from the user, and be
281913 [justincollin] Shoes.app do

What is the best way to interact with a JDBC database
281917 [venkatesh.ma] ...
+ 281922 [dvohra09@ya ] ...
| 281936 [venkatesh.ma] ...
| + 281941 [dvohra09@ya ] ...
| + 281945 [reid.thompso] from the website...There are application bindings for MonetDB/SQL using JDBC,
+ 281923 [ruby@gm il c] ...
| 281939 [venkatesh.ma] ...
| + 281950 [dvohra09@ya ] ...
| + 282038 [Thomas.Enebo] Out of personal interest...Which classes are missing for you in JRuby?
|   282085 [venkatesh.ma] ...
|   282089 [Thomas.Enebo] My main comment is that JRuby "is" Ruby in the sense that you can write
|   282101 [venkatesh.ma] ...
|   282224 [Thomas.Enebo] Well the issue with using the MySQL Driver is that it requires a native
+ 282206 [kbloom@gm il] Well, if you're going to have Ruby call a Java program and you can't port

Ruby regexp Match
281951 [contact@th r] I am trying to convert some old Perl scripts to Ruby and am stuck at a
+ 281953 [botpena@gm i] ruby gives more (objects), see http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/MatchData.html
+ 281954 [justincollin] Yes.
  281956 [contact@th r] I got it!
  281959 [MonkeeSage@g] You can also do like you would in perl...

converting Net::HTTPOK to String or ? to use with REXML::Document ?
281960 [elle.on.rail] (was Re: constructing an (xml) request properly for http post to an
344488 [rilindo@me c] Didn't see this ever answered, so for posterity's sake - Assuming that

Rubyisms wanted to shorten code in search program
281965 [RichardDummy] Search on WindowsXP/SP2 didn't seem to locate a file is looking for.
+ 281972 [phrogz@ma .c] On Dec 3, 10:03 pm, RichardOnRails
| 282133 [RichardDummy] It's of course very much related.  It incorporates a number of nice
+ 282037 [shortcutter@] Just a quick hack without command line processing.
| 282136 [RichardDummy] Your algorithm's concept is excellent ... just what I hoped to learn
| 282149 [shortcutter@] Oh, yes.  Sorry for that. But then again, you should probably globally
| 282247 [RichardDummy] Please, no apologies.  Your few words of insight were worth
+ 282147 [m.fellinger@] On Dec 4, 2007 2:05 PM, RichardOnRails
  282459 [RichardDummy] Great code!  You interpreted my intent perfectly.  And your code
  282472 [m.fellinger@] On Dec 7, 2007 10:15 AM, RichardOnRails

captach data enty
281966 [ranjit_karma] i am work you captch. can you help me.
281974 [MonkeeSage@g] Regards,

test_readline.rb hang in mingw32
281968 [luislavena@g] I've tried running the tests for readline (make check) under mingw32.

IRB.load_modules Bug?
281970 [cjs@cy ic ne] def IRB.load_modules
281976 [MonkeeSage@g] I'm not sure of the intended behavior, but in 1.9 it has...

Re: Ruby idiom equivalent to Perl "$asdf = $ARGV[0] || die 'arg required'"?
281980 [justincollin] Are you saying you _do_ want something like the example you gave?
+ 281983 [justincollin] I guess you can get rid of the parentheses, too.
| 281993 [ryand-ruby@z] abort "arguments are required" if ARGV.empty?
+ 282055 [james@gr yp ] $ qri Kernel#abort
| 282056 [MonkeeSage@g] On Dec 4, 11:30 am, James Edward Gray II <ja...@grayproductions.net>
+ 282060 [justincollin] Yeah, I just wasn't sure what you wanted. Like a more object-oriented
  282124 [botpena@gm i] Ah, may i suggest Ara's main gem ...

Re: Ruby idiom equivalent to Perl "$asdf = $ARGV[0] || die 'arg required'"?]
281985 [cjs@cy ic ne] Something like this, perhaps?
281987 [shortcutter@] Here's some more

changing a files' content
281992 [olifoxpaul@g] i have a text file with various lines, and i want to alter some of these
+ 281997 [olifoxpaul@g] thanks for the reply the -i flag looks like it'll be useful, but in my
+ 282028 [MonkeeSage@g] patterns = { /some_pattern/ => "replacement text" }
+ 282617 [lrlebron@gm ] I did something similar using the rio library. Cleaned up some vb

How to make file_field tag readonly?
281994 [anilbhat21@g] I have provided the file upload option in a form and have to make the

printing from a file - beginner
281999 [stu_09@ho ma] im new to ruby and ive got a bit of a problem
282003 [markonlinux@] new to this myself so take that into consideration ;-)

Eliminar envio de correo a mi direccion
282000 [jfmorales@ho] ...
282008 [fxn@ha hr f.] Esta es una lista de discusion cuyo proposito es conversar acerca del
282357 [rbarrile@b- ] Hola Xavier, me dir=EDas por favor a donde tengo que entrar para

Eliminar / Unsubscribe
282002 [rbarrile@b- ] ...
282010 [fmvsoma@gm i] ...

web service client
282015 [ochomoz@gm i] I have a simple web-service that i quickly generated using netbeans java
282073 [s.korteling@] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
282162 [ochomoz@gm i] I have done a small ruby app to consume a web service on SUN App Server.

how to get the root of a web application with watir/firewati
282016 [mario@be wa ] Somebody knows how to get the root of the web application.
282152 [mario@be wa ] I'm going to give you more information that can be useful for the

[ANN] CGIExt 0.0.3 released - re-implementation of cgi.rb in C  extension
282017 [kwa@ku at -l] I have released CGIExt 0.0.3.
282125 [ara.t.howard] creating Makefile

Queries regarding signal usage in Ruby 1.9 implementation
282021 [chirag80bece] We have gone through the code of Ruby 1.9 implementation. I have some

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission (#148)
282023 [james@gr yp ] ...

Ruby App Distribution
282025 [superist_joe] ...
+ 282031 [rubytraining] Take a look at: http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/ruby.html .
+ 282063 [james.britt@] Using JRuby you can package up a Ruby app and distribute it as a
  + 282072 [jari.william] Is that feature available inside JRuby? How do you do it? I was under
  | 282099 [superist_joe] ...
  | 282102 [adam.shelly@] I don't know all the internals, but essentially, yes.  It collects
  | 282107 [superist_joe] ...
  | 282188 [jari.william] If you want one single distribution that works on all platforms without
  | 282290 [superist_joe] ...
  | + 282300 [dangerwillro] If you want it to be available to those who don't already have
  | + 282310 [ara.t.howard] gems ships with ruby now.  might as well join the fun.
  | + 282316 [charles.nutt] JRuby is Ruby. It's just implemented in a different language and runs on
  |   282386 [hramrach@ce ] It is ruby running on top of JVM. And the JVM is pretty good, I have
  |   282401 [charles.nutt] OS X is one version behind, and will probably have a full Java 6 release
  |   282473 [hramrach@ce ] Free if you happen to have the right platform ..
  |   282482 [charles.nutt] Yeah, if your platform is Linux, Windows, or Solaris...that's a pretty
  + 282103 [superist_joe] ...
    + 282314 [charles.nutt] That's old, thanks for calling my attention to it. The JRuby compiler
    | 282403 [superist_joe] ...
    | + 282405 [charles.nutt] There's no JRuby-compatible version of the gem, but there is a wxWidgets
    | + 282408 [jari.william] No, both these are platform-specific, C-based implementations.
    + 282315 [charles.nutt] Actually, it's also worth mentioning that JRuby's had an interpreted

282026 [stu_09@ho ma] iv started writing a class which reads the data from a text file and
+ 282029 [coder68@ya o] linecount = 0
+ 282030 [phrogz@ma .c] info = {}
  282032 [phrogz@ma .c] # Could be IO.read
  282046 [stu_09@ho ma] thanks for the awesome response I appreciate it
  282048 [phrogz@ma .c] Unless I'm misunderstanding you, both of the solutions I provided do
  282053 [stu_09@ho ma] im just expecting an output of every time it encounters a tag to create

How to calculate variance
282033 [surjit.meite] How to calculate variance on the elements of an Array
+ 282049 [tim.pease@gm] Implement this algorithm <http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Variance.html>.
| 282172 [sgilperez@gm] You can also write this, if you are going to need it in more places,
| 282219 [rakrok@gm il] def variance( arr )
+ 282112 [alexg@ku cr ] *Shameless plug and probably overkill if you just want the variance*

282034 [ernst@ta ak ] I have a big favor to ask. I am new to ruby and have managed to build an
282113 [fxrubyguy@gm] What "forum" are you talking about?
+ 282200 [ernst@ta ak ] Thank you  Lyle for you help.
+ 282768 [meinrad.rech] Yes, it can be assumed. FoxGUIb has subclassed most of the FXRuby