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^ Ruby GTK Fortune Cookies (gtk-fortune-0.1.1)
280007 [alex.shulgin] A new project has been registered at RubyForge: http://gtk-fortune.rubyforge.org/
280039 [fedzor gmail] Has someone ported KTeaCooker to GNOME yet? I must say, it is the

^ unsubscribe
280009 [owlmanatt ow] ...

^ Installing activerecord sans gems.
280021 [kyleaschmitt] Hopefully this won't sound too odd, but I want to install activerecord

^ How do I register a custom runner for Test::Unit?
280022 [eric.promisl] Three years ago in http://tinyurl.com/2xkvrl

^ Re: heel 0.5.0 Released
280048 [transfire gm] Launchy.
280238 [jeremy hineg] Searching for the time to rewrite the guts so that it can support more

^ How to copy arrays?
280050 [martin angle] I came accross another problem, how to copy arrays? Actually i need to
280051 [has.sox gmai] ...
280054 [martin angle] Thank you daniel, but my functionality is not return as a array.
+ 280055 [ruby anthrop] def java_inspired_method_sans_idiomatic_ruby(destination_array)
+ 280056 [has.sox gmai] ...
+ 280058 [botp delmont] # Thank you daniel, but my functionality is not return as a array.
+ 280074 [shortcutter ] Maybe before we go off guessing you can show a bit more of your code.
  280075 [shortcutter ] I meant to include this

^ for loop
280057 [martin angle] Consider the following for loop in 'C' or 'c++' or 'java'
+ 280059 [c.groner gma] (namespace_end - 1).downto(0) { |x| puts x }
| 280062 [martin angle] Thank you carl, iam very new to this language
| + 280064 [promos burch] (namespace_end - 1).downto(0) { |x|
| | 280068 [c.groner gma] I'm getting a 'LocalJumpError: unexpected return' error when
| | 280072 [martin angle] Sorry the code is running well in my system. I didnt got any error. I
| + 280066 [c.groner gma] I suspect you're looking for the element in the namespaceUri
| + 280069 [ pm ubit.com] You might consider using an array of namespace objects instead of parallel  arrays
|   280070 [c.groner gma] Good point.
+ 280067 [lloyd 2live4] ruby does not really have a for loop as such but there are various ways
+ 280076 [shortcutter ] Did you actually read a tutorial or book about the language?  If not,
+ 280162 [ihatespam ho] ...

^ Re: ruby incredibly slow (update 2) - come from statements.
280060 [john.carter ] Not on your nelephant. Never has fragmentation slowed the many linux

^ problems with TCPSocket
280061 [Chris.Killim] I am trying out a little code for a client/server and I was testing to

^ Best library to work Google API?
280063 [pood.forums ] I'm going to build a google search tool (no it's not for spam).
280080 [peter rubyra] you could also look into
280599 [pood.forums ] Hmm, since they deprecated the SOAP api, wouldn't ruby-google be

^ [ANN] Rubygame 2.1.0 released
280077 [jacius gmail] Rubygame is a Ruby-C interface to SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) with

^ STDOUT to StringIO
280088 [fredjoha gma] STDOUT.reopen(File.open(filename,'w'))
280094 [ryand-ruby z] => #<StringIO:0x404e8>
280180 [drbrain segm] Poor workers blame their tools. Good workers build better tools. The

^ Mumbling about basic file operations (was Re: Libs for high-level file processing?)
280090 [pikEISPAMMMs] Yes. I was oblivious to File.basename which was exactly what I was

^ porting java methods to ruby
280091 [martin angle] could any one help me out to solve this.
+ 280092 [peter rubyra] Oh sure!
| 280093 [shortcutter ] This won't even compile because there is no "return" statement.  Also,
| + 280095 [peter rubyra] Ah, thanks Robert :-) The most trivial tasks are the easiest to screw
| + 280097 [martin angle] i have attached my java code which i have to port to ruby. could you
| | + 280099 [shortcutter ] First of all I would create a class for the return values, like
| | | 280100 [martin angle] Thank you robert,
| | | 280113 [shortcutter ] Sorry, you'll have to do the typing yourself.  If you insist on an
| | + 280103 [peter semant] def getTextCharacters(holholderForStartAndLength)
| | | 280118 [jari.william] holder_for_start_and_length = [@pcStart, @pcEnd - @pcStart]
| | + 280111 [richard.conr] <code snipped>
| + 280116 [jari.william] Is it actually more rubyish to omit the parenthesis? I often find it
|   + 280138 [shortcutter ] I left that to optimize for someone else. ;-)
|   + 280156 [shortcutter ] No, but I can ask you nicely. :-)
|   | 280209 [botp delmont] # Seriously: it just occurs to me that the topic of using or not using=20
|   + 280200 [jari.william] I would say my brain is scanning for some kind of separator, and the
|     280208 [botp delmont] # > Consider this, your brain has not yet used to missing parens, and it
+ 280096 [ryand-ruby z] Having done far too much of this recently, my guess is it'll look
  280175 [ryand-ruby z] nonsense... you can port it just fine if you allow for design changes.
  280190 [mental rydia] IMO, Ryan's example was farthest from writing Java in Ruby of all the

^ return type
280101 [martin angle] Actually the following code is a java return type. could any one help to
280123 [phrogz mac.c] I don't understand your question.
280251 [martin angle] Iam in a task of porting java class into ruby. so how to port the
280373 [phrogz mac.c] It seems that you don't know what the Java code is doing, and you
298494 [juanayup gma] def getNamespace

^ Ruby Weekly News?
280102 [chiology gma] So, I don't know much about you folks, but I enjoyed Ruby Weekly News

^ Ruby\Watir Hangs if the browser is not loaded completely
280106 [vishwanath.u] The watir just hangs up looking for page to download completely.
280108 [jarvo88 gmai] I haven't used that module before. But you could just use a Timeout or
280109 [vishwanath.u] Can U explain a bit more with a sample script or so

^ Re: eigenvalues, eigenvectors in Ruby ???
280114 [edder tkwspi] You can talk to maxima quite easily, because maxima can start as a

^ ruby function calling c
280130 [jturney ccqc] In this simple example, if I assign two Ruby functions to call the same
+ 280181 [drbrain segm] def my_caller
+ 280185 [laurent.sans] See rb_frame_last_func().
  280191 [jturney ccqc] Thanks for your help. This is exactly what I needed.

^ File fun! How would you...
280132 [pikEISPAMMMs] ...index in a hash...
+ 280136 [yermej gmail] require 'find'
| 280249 [pikEISPAMMMs] Thanks for replies yermej and Robert! I learn some new agin! IT's easy! 8)
| 280305 [yermej gmail] require 'find'
+ 280164 [shortcutter ] EXTENSIONS = %w{jpg png gif bmp}

^ Problem with htaccess - cgi e fast cgi
280142 [luigi.maresc] My ROR web application on my webhosting needs to have the .htaccess with

^ ruby scripting spreadsheets
280146 [gary.england] I currently use the following within my test scripts to output results
280171 [chris.worral] ...

^ List of Eror Messages
280150 [neoanderson1] I wanted to know if there is someplace where I can get a list of  all
+ 280184 [drbrain segm] I know of no list of error messages that exceptions can contain
+ 280189 [m_goldberg a] Not really -- for a variety of reasons.

^ Re: add binary to gem spec?
280166 [luislavena g] ...
280267 [luislavena g] Because at the end of the day, you outsource all the core of getting

^ get constant value by using string?
280173 [jamal soueid] My question is really simple :)
+ 280176 [sepp2k googl] MyClass.const_get("anything".upcase)
+ 280177 [fxn hashref.] MyClass.module_eval("ANYTHING")
  280183 [jamal soueid] Thanks :)

^ Forcing file operations under a directory
280194 [michael schu] I'm looking for a way to force file operations under a given root
+ 280202 [ara.t.howard] Dir.chdir '/var/tmp/safe_place' do
| 280204 [fxn hashref.] That changes the cwd, the OP wants the block to believe that /var/tmp/
+ 280205 [fxn hashref.] To accomplish this you sanitize the filename, then compute
  280357 [michael schu] Yes, thanks, that's more or less what I'm doing now and relative

^ help with regex
280196 [junkone1 gma] i have this string
+ 280198 [yermej gmail] ...
+ 280199 [c.groner gma] Actually, there was a match and a MatchData object was returned (which
+ 280215 [botp delmont] # From: Junkone [mailto:junkone1@gmail.com]=20

^ soap4r over Apache
280212 [mikisvaz yah] Ok, this might be a dumb question, but I've been on google all day and
280213 [mikisvaz yah] Miki
280218 [yermej gmail] and related files.
280220 [mikisvaz yah] Yes, that makes sense, I'll check it out.

^ Interpreting "(.*?)" and "(?:\d+ [.]?)" in REs
280217 [RichardDummy] I want to extract numbers from records with a leading string of period-
+ 280223 [botp delmont] # 1. "(.*?)", or specifically, the "?" in that expression.
+ 280226 [phrogz mac.c] On Nov 21, 7:32 pm, RichardOnRails

^ Problem printing variable with $stdout.print
280225 [bostonantifa] I'm a newbie to Ruby & OO programming, so please bear with me.  I
+ 280233 [alexg kuicr.] $stdout.print "Invalid filename entered: #{argv[0]}\n"
| 280241 [bostonantifa] Alex,
| + 280243 [alexg kuicr.] It's shorter (laziness is a virtue) and more idiomatic, which may or
| + 280291 [sepp2k googl] Using puts or print is better than using $stdout.puts or $stdout.print simply
+ 280234 [m_goldberg a] puts "Invalid filename entered: #{ARGV[0]}"

^ How to give depth to arrays?
280232 [primo.tertio] I'm trying to convert an array like [2,3,3,5,4,4] in
+ 280237 [shuaib.zahda] I once asked a question about multidimensional arrays and I received a
+ 280242 [peter rubyra] I don't really get the question... do you want to do this automatically?
  280245 [primo.tertio] Sorry, my question was missing some important details.
  280254 [primo.tertio] Okay, I made it kinda works, clunky and ugly though...
  280284 [jgabrielygal] [2,3,5,3].depthen # => [2, [3, [[5], 3]]]
  280311 [jgabrielygal] On Nov 22, 2007 3:03 PM, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.co=
  280328 [rubytraining] But that doesn't seem right to me, since the element 2 is at a depth
  280330 [sepp2k googl] ...
  + 280332 [rubytraining] On Nov 22, 1:39 pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
  | 280721 [primo.tertio] Wow!
  + 280334 [jgabrielygal] Yes, that's what I based my solution on. Afterwards I saw in his

^ [ANN] heel 0.6.0 Released
280235 [jeremy hineg] heel version 0.6.0 has been released.

^ unscribe
280236 [jim.zhang.ch] ...

^ range checking or seek method
280240 [martin angle] read, write methods for it. i need seek methods which does range

^ eigenvector discrepency was (Re: [Matrix] eigenvalues, eigenvectors in Ruby ???)
280244 [unbewusst.se] I don't know, however i found a discreapency between GSL and
+ 280253 [AEtzold gmx.] Eigenvectors form an orthogonal basis of a vector space. As a basis
| 280255 [unbewusst.se] eigenvalues are the same between ExtendedMatrix and GSL.
| 280257 [AEtzold gmx.] Yes, but that's not what I meant, as you can have different vectors
| + 280281 [unbewusst.se] OK, presently it's what i'm doing.
| | 280325 [znmeb cesmai] RSpec has an "approximately equal" operator that allows you to specify
| | 280343 [unbewusst.se] I'll have a look upon RSpec, thanks !
| + 280315 [unbewusst.se] i did verify that, that' OK for two different matrices (a and b).
|   280326 [AEtzold gmx.] What is the problem that you are actually trying to solve ?
|   280342 [unbewusst.se] a = Mol.new( [  [ 0, 1, 1, 0 ],
|   280354 [AEtzold gmx.] The permutation matrices are rotation matrices (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_matrix), if and only if the permutation is even (the number of elements exchanged is even). Then, they can be decomposed into rotations of 45 degrees (i.e. exchanges of coordinates x,y different planes).
|   280395 [unbewusst.se] fine thanks a lot for all your references, i think as the name implies
|   + 280467 [znmeb cesmai] Interesting ... the Jacobi method was for many years the most commonly
|   | 280476 [unbewusst.se] yes the ExtendMatrix is roughly two times slower than GSL...
|   + 280486 [AEtzold gmx.] Glad to help  :) My numerics textbook gives some references for the
|     280491 [unbewusst.se] i'll not compute for DNA, a basic molecule is taxane involving 20
|     280494 [AEtzold gmx.] I think you can choose whichever you like and let GSL (or rb-gsl)
|     280499 [unbewusst.se] a rough estimate is about 1000 computations over 20X20 to 25X25
+ 280259 [znmeb cesmai] An eigenvector represents a direction in N-dimensional space. Two
  280279 [unbewusst.se] OK, thanks, i'll check for because i'm using eigenvectors ony to build a

^ syntax Float equality within epsilon
280250 [unbewusst.se] i need to test float numbers within an epsilon, then i've extended the
280375 [phrogz mac.c] On Nov 22, 1:38 am, unbewusst.s...@weltanschauung.com.invalid (Une
+ 280376 [konrad tyler] ...
+ 280379 [yermej gmail] It can still be called without send. In place of a.send... in the
  280394 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks this works great to me !

^ Create method using define_method with all sort of args?
280256 [forum josh.c] I know that one can create new methods using define_method...
+ 280273 [forum josh.c] Oh yeah, forgot one...
| 280381 [MonkeeSage g] You have to use a predefined function if you want to pass a block,
+ 280485 [ara.t.howard] define_method 'new_method' do |some_param, *argv|
  280511 [MonkeeSage g] Ara,
  280518 [phrogz mac.c] Your question implies to me that you think that if I define a method
  280520 [MonkeeSage g] Err...my brain broke for a minute there (bad brain!), heh.  Thanks for

^ Installation of tioga
280258 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear all,
280335 [ryand-ruby z] wouldn't it make more sense to write on the tioga user's mailing list
280351 [AEtzold gmx.] Dear Ryan,

^ exceptions in ruby
280260 [martin angle] Could any  one tell me the related exception in ruby. I am in process of
280288 [m_goldberg a] Are you sure you didn't mean to write "ArgumentError"?

^ Modifying A Remote Zip File
280263 [boss airblad] Is it possible to modify a zip file over HTTP?
280510 [bryan raplea] HTTP does not specify a MODIFY verb. You have to upload an updated
280805 [boss airblad] Of course, silly me.  Thank you for pointing out the obvious fact I

^ XML to Ruby?
280272 [jari.william] Is there any Ruby package that will read a XML file and build Ruby
+ 280280 [pw_richards ] On 22 Nov, 12:39, Jari Williamsson
| 280286 [jari.william] How do you get REXML to generate Ruby classes?
| 280292 [mailing.mr g] try xml-mapper it builds classes from XML files
+ 280283 [funkaster gm] Regards,
  280285 [jari.william] Thanks, but this seems to only make XML data accessible to an existing
  + 280312 [funkaster gm] well, that's exactly what my class do: convert from xml to ruby
  + 280367 [phrogz mac.c] On Nov 22, 7:06 am, Jari Williamsson
    280420 [hutch recurs] I think Jari might be confusing things with the test case he provided.
    280434 [jari.william] Thanks, Bob! You understood despite my bad sample code.
    280438 [hutch recurs] Great! If you need any help, let me know and I'll do what I can. An

^ mongrel_simple_service
280275 [tad.bochan b] This must be a newbie problem. I'm running XP SP2.

^ Developing Rails plugin: need some metaprog. help
280276 [forum josh.c] I'm developing an authorization plugin that looks like the following so
+ 280277 [forum josh.c] Maybe I can pass arguments to include() somehow?
+ 280484 [jftran rubyf] A simple way consists in storing the options hash as a class
  280776 [forum josh.c] Thank you, Jean-Fran├žois! But is this good style? I'm always looking for

^ calling my framework
280278 [mario betwar] I'm developing a framework but I would like to call the classes as I was
280386 [eeklund gmai] Note that true class names has to start with an uppercase letter; I've
280391 [mario betwar] The first seems to be the solution to my problem, I didn't realize

^ help needed using a regex .sub
280282 [bostonantifa] I'm trying to insert a NULL between the first pair of commas in the line
280296 [aledonne.lis] You might want to use a CSV library, like FasterCSV. But if you don't
280402 [bostonantifa] Alex,
280477 [bbxx789_05ss] On my system, this solution is 80% faster, and if your strings get
280481 [bbxx789_05ss] first_comma_pos = str.index(?,)

^ Getting Ruby to work with Postgres on Windows XP
280293 [draithatha g] I have postgres 8.2 installed (not from the source, just the installer)
+ 280306 [draithatha g] I know that I should be using windows. But got no choice. :-(
+ 280321 [znmeb cesmai] If you've got Ruby from the one-click installer, you should be able to
  280350 [d_rems yahoo] I use postgres-pr gem and it works fine with rails. As I remember
  280387 [draithatha g] Thank you both. Works great with postgres-pr.
  280507 [kevwil gmail] I use the "ruby-postgres-" gem all the time, no

^ ruby win32-process
280294 [zemariamm gm] I've being using win32-utils package, more specifically win32-process.
280297 [djberg96 gma] You'll want to upgrade your windows-pr library. :)
280298 [zemariamm gm] But how ?
280300 [djberg96 gma] windows-pr and win32-process are two separate libraries.
280302 [zemariamm gm] Thanks it worked fine.